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Engelbert Humperdinck: The Height of Romance The international music legend returns to the Strip By Bobbie Katz

It’s more than just the 50-foot-tall beautifully lit Eiffel Tower on the Las Vegas Strip that signifies that love is in the air at Paris Las Vegas this summer.

It’s also the fact that the legendary international superstar who has remained at the top of his craft for the past 44 years, Engelbert Humperdinck, long known as the “King of Romance,” will be presenting his vocal stylings on the subject at the resort from July 21-24. And with his powerful 3 ½-octave voice, handsome countenance, and dynamic stage presence, romance won’t have time to rest – in fact, outdoor temperatures aside, it promises to be Paris when it sizzles.

“I’m always taking risks,” Engelbert, who will be receiving a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars in front of the hotel on July 20, acknowledges. “If you don’t take chances in life, you’re not going to succeed. My life is about updating and keeping things in the mode of today. Romance will always be a part of who I am – I’ve just given it a pulse.”

To that avail, over the last four decades, the perennially youthful artist has superbly passed the challenge of keeping himself contemporary and garnering cross-generational audiences without alienating his staunch legions of fans worldwide. To Engelbert, age is just a number -- in excess of 150 million records sold (he is reported to be the fifth top-selling recording artist in the world), 72 gold albums, 23 platinum albums, 1 Grammy and 4 Grammy nominations, 1 Golden Globe Award, 1 star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and 1 Honorary Doctorate of Music. Add to that his having toured the world several times, having played to royalty all over the globe, and having played golf with presidents, and you’ve got the equation for a career built solidly on a high note.

“To me, a song has to have good melody, lyrics and good vibes that people will listen to,” says the down-to-earth entertainer, whose well-paced well-rounded show presents everything from love songs of every era to standards, uptempo songs, country songs, new original songs, and his own legacy of classic hits. “The lyrics touch me personally and relate in some way to my own life, then I communicate that to the audience. I don’t think I could sing a song without feeling it, The honesty of a song’s story comes through the singer’s eyes and not his mouth.

55 listening to other artists’ music about what is commercial and what is not commercial. The music business is a whole new kettle of fish today; it’s a totally different music scene altogether. So you have to apply what you’ve learned to what’s happening now and change things around a little. ”

Having recently signed with Conehead Records out of his native England, the iconic singer, who cajoles that he is just in the middle stage of his life, is very excited about his upcoming recording project. At this writing, he cannot reveal the details so he will only say that it will be a musical collaboration.

His latest CD, RELEASED, is his first commercial studio album in years and was recorded in three continents during

2009-2010. Produced by award-winning producer Paul Wiltshire (Human Nature, “In the personal sense, I feel different now than I did in earlier days,” he continues. “I feel more comfortable on stage and feel like I’m in a more contemporary mode. I’ve learned so much from Shannon Noll, The Backstreet Boys, Delta Goodrem, Vanessa Amorosi, Marcia Hines and Guy Sebastian), RELEASED is a romantic journey consisting of Engelbert classics and original songs for which a collection of the world's finest songwriters were brought together. In addition, in 2010, the singer also had his first-ever song on iTunes, a contemporary ballad called “Tell Me Where It Hurts.”


Engelbert, who refers to himself as a “thespian of song” (“I feel that people can better relate by watching me as opposed to just listening,” he maintains) but describes himself offstage as “a regular guy with stars in his eyes,” has never been one to rest on his laurels. He is highly critical of himself and totally aware of his audiences’ reaction. That response is something that one has to see to believe - – besides the very audible cheers and applause after every song, by the end of his performance, the crowd is standing 10-deep at the foot of the stage in an effort to get closer to him. That magic between artist and audience is something Engelbert has also never taken for granted.

The same things are important to me now when I’m on stage as earlier in my career,” he continues. “I still have the hunger. I still get butterflies before I go on stage. And when I comes off stage, if something “has upset me during the show – like the sound is bad or I feel that I haven’t given 110 percent of myself – I get depressed. I feel that part of my legacy is the way I breather when I sing. I can sing several lines before taking a breath, which is just part of me.”

Stating that his tenacity is a result of his personal dreams, Engelbert was born Arnold George Dorsey and grew up in Leicester, England, where he still resides. He came from a large though tight-knit family– he has seven sisters and two brothers – and he wanted to stand out; he wanted to be somebody special.

A good friend of his named Gordon Mills was a member of a singing group called the Viscounts and Dorsey soon found himself on tour with the group, sharing a flat with Mills. Then things changed. When Mills discovered a young singer named Tom Jones and began to manage him. Mills also took charge of Dorsey’s career, changing his name to Engelbert Humperdinck (borrowing it from the 19thcentury Austrian composer who wrote Hansel and Gretel) as a gimmick to get the singer noticed.

In 1965, Engelbert had his first European hit, “Domage, Domage.” But it was in 1967 that Mills gave him the song that would be the turning point of his career – “Release Me.” After Engelbert sang the song on TV on “Sunday Night at the Palladium,” the record sold 2.5 million copies in two-and-a-half weeks in England alone, 80,000-95,000 copies a day for six weeks. Around the world, it sold 15 million copies, staying on the charts for 56 weeks and ending up in the Guinness Book of World Records. Hit after hit followed after that, his last big single being 1977’s “After the Loving.”

Four decades later, Engelbert is still selling out showrooms and major venues all over the globe. It goes to show that when it comes to romance, millions of people just can’t get over the Hump. Nor do they even want to try.

Rick Thomas Offers a Walk on the Wild Side The illusionist lets the cats out of the bag By Bobbie Katz

As I drove up to the home of Rick Thomas, I felt truly excited – in fact, I couldn’t have been more ready to take the tiger by the “tale.” Not only is Thomas one of the most talented illusionists in the business, but for the past 21 years, he has had a story to tell about raising a bevy of magnificent exotic felines and exhibiting them in his acclaimed show, “The Magic and Tigers of Rick Thomas,” now at

99 the Saxe Theater in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.. Oh, they may work for food and know how to claw their way to the top, but being one of the” cool cats” of the Las Vegas Strip is serious business, as I was about to find out.

Thomas answered the door to his beautiful self-designed house where he lives with his wife, five children, six tigers, five macaws, four cockatoos, twenty doves, and a domestic cat named Kitty (who, like the doves and a few of the other birds, is also in his show).

“Multiply by 1,000 times what your cat does and you’ll have a tiger,” Thomas told me as he introduced me to two

-year-old Kitty and then took me into the kitchen so that he could prepare the food for the tigers (each one eats 10-15 pounds of raw meat, chicken, and turkey a day; they’re fed once a day). “A cat is just a tiger, only smaller. You can’t figure out a feline. They love you as much as they want to love you/. They will come to greet you, then they want to be left alone. They want to be taken care of when they want to be taken care of.”

Thomas has raised 13 tigers from birth over the last two decades and currently has four of his six in his show. He began telling me his story by dismissing some of the myths that so many of us have heard about exotics – and believed.

“White tigers are not endangered and therefore are not on any list,” Thomas begins, as I watch him take pounds of meat out of one of his two huge freezers. “That’s because white tigers are manmade. They are not in the wild and have never been in the wild. All tigers are half white – they’re all white on the bottom. But what happened was that back in the 60s, there was a tiger found in the wild that had a lot of white and it was captured and bred by the Prince of India. It was bred for seven years – during which time all that was produced were orange Bengals – until they finally figured it out. The animal was finally inbred with its daughter, and the first pure white tiger was produced.”After some more conversation, it’s time for me to meet Thomas’ feline family. As we walk out his back door, I’m greeted by the sight of an aviary and a beautiful pool surrounded by rocks, in which Thomas swims with

the tigers (one at a time, unless they are cubs).It is all part of Phase 1 of the huge compound, currently a 10,000-squarefoot area where the tigers, weighing from 350-500 pounds, are resting in individual, spacious chain-link enclosures. Thomas is getting ready to build Phase 2 to give the tigers even more space to romp.

First, I meet Samson, a beautiful 16-year-old white tiger now retired from show business (tigers generally live 15-20 years). The magnificent creature, sleeping contentedly on his side, rolls over on his back like a kitten when Thomas gently nudges him to wake him up to say hello.

The other tigers are 7-year-old Mercury, 8-year-old Kaos, 10-year-old Max, (who is lying in his “bathtub” filled with water), 10-year-old Rocky, and 9-year-old Star, the only female. They are all beautiful, curious creatures and being that close to them – even though fencing separates us – couldn’t be more of a thrill.

Thomas reveals that each of the cats has his or her distinct personality.

“Rocky is like Scar from The Lion King,” he smiles. “Scar was the evil one who killed his own brother. Max, who is Rocky’s brother, is much more even-tempered. Kaos’ name says it all – he is aggressive for food; he loves to eat. Mercury is the first tiger I ever had that lets me do anything with him. Samson is fabulous. And Star is a female, meaning that she’s much more aggressive than the males because the females are the ones that raise the cubs.”

Kaos, Mercury, Max and Rocky are the ones currently performing in the show. Thomas, who has a huge training area in the center of the compound, says that one has to have a heightened sense of awareness to work with exotics.

“Still, I’d rather do this than jump out of an airplane,” he acknowledges. “There is also far more danger in a car than with a tiger. I have less fear because I work with them everyday. I’m not trying to downplay the danger but we all choose our lots in life.”

Thomas, who transports the tigers back and forth from the hotel every day for the show, admits that he doesn’t like pushing the tigers when it comes to their performing and that if one is a challenge on a particular day, he lets it go because he doesn’t want the animal to do anything that is uncomfortable for it. He will sometimes bring the tiger to the hotel anyway to see if it will snap out of what’s bothering it but if it doesn’t, Thomas will switch it with one of the other tigers to do the illusion. “Tigers can be trained but never tamed,” he informs. “You are able to obtain one when there is a need for one to be obtained and you get them as cubs. You have to be hands-on with them constantly – it takes a lot of dedication. They can put up with people when they are 6 months to a year old but after that, they separate from humans, although they will bond with one or two.”

Thomas notes that tigers and people don’t mix and that he has two handlers for the tigers who are with him at home and at the hotel but that the dancers in his show aren’t allowed within 10 feet of the tigers’ cages. His act is designed so that there are no dancers performing when the tigers are on stage.


“Tigers are mischievous and constantly need to be told what to do,” he adds. “They are stubborn learners and they don’t need humans to survive. I spend five hours of constant time with them everyday -- two hours before the show cleaning them up and loading them into the trailer, then the hour-and-a half of the show, and an hour after the show. When it comes to the stage, they all know their spots – they hear their music and they know what’s going on.”

Thomas notes that tigers and people don’t mix and that he has two handlers for the tigers who are with him at home and at the hotel but that the dancers in his show aren’t allowed within 10 feet of the tigers’ cages. His act is designed so that there are no dancers performing when the tigers are on stage.

“My show is my life,” Thomas sums up. “I’m always designing a new show. I’m always pursuing my dream non-stop and I’m looking forward to doing something grand for Vegas in the near future.”

Guaranteed his beautiful feline companions will give their roar of approval. That’s the magic of Rick Thomas.

Viper Vixens Debuts at O'Shea’s The sexy show throws some new curves By Judy Thorburn There is no shortage of topless shows in Las Vegas. Yet, a new one with the intriguing title Viper Vixens, featuring five sultry temptresses and one sexy guy, which recently opened in the intimate 99 -seat theatre at O'Shea’s, claims to be different than any other staged on the world famous Strip. Mr. G, otherwise known as Ottavio Gesmundo, is the producer, director, choreographer and the lone male performer in Viper Vixens and he has assembled some of Las Vegas' hottest, multi-talented dancers and specialty artists to perform as characters that were “inspired” from Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill movies with nicknames such as Cottonmouth, Diamondback and Black Mamba. The twist is that they employ -- get this -- dangerous weapons like swords and whips in their act. Another unique element of the production is the choreography that incorporates Gesmundo's knowledge of dance, martial arts and yoga. That's something audiences don't ordinarily expect to see in a topless revue. This one-of-aincludes the crossbow act of (otherwise known have appeared on Show with Conan worked with Britthe opening video tour. Mr. G was his stunt direction

kind production death defying Mr. and Mrs. G as Naomi), who The Tonight O’Brien and ney Spears on of her Circus celebrated for and choreogra-


phy for the 2002-2003 touring spectacular Spider-Man Live, which played to sold-out audiences at Radio City Music Hall. Also featured as "Mistress of Ceremonies" is Deena Cary, a talented singer/dancer who adds live vocals to her sexy moves. The dynamic performer's resume includes touring the country for two years as lead singer of Purrfect Angelz in which she opened for artists including Big & Rich, Trace Adkins, and Earth, Wind & Fire. She was also one of the top 20 women selected to be part of what is now the international pop sensation “The Pussycat Dolls.� For a surprising, entertaining and edgy evening of hot curves and dangerous weapons, go check out Viper Vixens. Viper Vixens is a topless show for guests 18 years or older. Tickets are $45 plus tax and fees. Performances are nightly at 9 p.m., dark Sundays. Courtesy of


By Barbara J. Nosek

Getting a “Head” and More in Las Vegas Beer and bites on the dining scene You may well already know her cooking - now discover her new restaurant . . . Carla Pellegrino, previously the acclaimed exec chef at Rao’s in Caesars, has now opened the delightful Bacio at the Tropicana. While the hotel is transforming into a vibrant new venue, the restaurant fits right in with its white and bright design, indoor patio, and many-windowed view of the hotel’s new Nikki Beach. But the real star of this show is the fresh and fabulous Italian cuisine that reflects Chef Pellegrino’s singular talent for coaxing the simple to be simply elegant.

What a great way to spend some tasty time in Las Vegas . . . Bellagio’s state-of- the-art show kitchen, the Tuscany, hosts [most of] the hotel’s quite awesome Epicurean Epicenter Series where guests “watch talented chefs prepare their masterpieces and then moments later savor the cuisine paired with wine from the world’s finest vintages.” Upcoming: “Beer and Barbecue with Bellagio Executive Chef Edmund Wong” on July 2, “Husic Vineyards and Prime’s Sean Griffin” on Sept 17, “Araujo Estate and Picasso’s Julian Serrano” on Nov. 5.

Cheers for beers . . . It will be suds galore when the year-long “Las Vegas World Beer Fest” and its 500 brews from around the globe come to town, on Oct 13. The international Oktoberfest-style showcase of

1515 micro brews, stouts, ales and more will pour every Thursday-Sunday, noon-11 p.m.. Also, there will be food, entertainment, even a pool and spa. At Flamingo & Koval, behind Bally’s. Adm $10, pkgs avail. Limit 5,000 entries per day.

What a cool place . . . Town Square is just a bit south of Mandalay Bay at Sunset Road and is unlike virtually any other shopping area in town, with its street parking [big parking lots, too], lamplit walkways, out-

standing selections of shops and restaurants, and – yes – a town square. Among the eateries is the islandvibed Tommy Bahama’s, which recently intro-ed Patio Thursdays, an outdoors party with the delectable Island Time small plate, specialty rum cocktails [the Zombie – yum!], and high energy live entertainment. 4 p.m.-7 p.m.. At Sunset & S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Third time’s a charm? . . . The Boca Park space that used to house Tre and Hannah’s (and another so short -lived we didn’t let it spoil our lead-in) has now been transformed into Hotel California Restaurant & Cantina. Highlights include purse-friendly Baja cuisine, two chef tables, a line of signature Mezcal liquor, live entertainment, party-ready patio, and “man cave” cigar lounge. Its commitment to nutritious dining reverberates not only in the menu but as well in a program that brings children up close and personal with nature’s bounty. At Rampart & Charleston. Opens 11 a.m. daily, till 11 p.m.weekdays, 2 a.m. Fri/Sat.

ARTVOICE William Carr: Reflections of a Golden Eye Shedding light on God’s artwork is his nature By Audrey Roberts President, ARTV


Picture this – you’re standing in front of a magnificent scene in the middle of a Tuscan village at dawn. Every colorful detail of the architecture, landscape and foliage jumps out at you. Then, slowly, the light begins to change, transporting you from early morning to late afternoon, and, within seconds, it becomes dusk in the village as moonlight mystically transforms the scene over which sunlight had previously reigned.

It is truly a magical sight – one captured by the camera lens of world master photographer William Carr,, whose Las Vegas .gallery resides in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. The world traveler, whose passion lies in old world antiquity, focuses on making people feel that they are actually inside the scenes he has photographed. In the process, he is allowing them to see the light – his pictures actually change with the time of day -- a unique technique that is the signature of his work.

It all began around 25 years ago when Carr picked up his wife’s camera, an Olympic OM1, and started shooting scenes in Lake Tahoe. With his photos of nature in all her glory gaining the approval of his friends and family, he continued experimenting with many different cameras and taking shots at various intervals. Soon people wanted to buy his photos, and his passion took on a force of its own. Today, Carr is the best-selling photographer in America.

Having no formal training in the arts or photography, Carr’s technique has evolved to create “plein air” photos (a French term for photographs taken outside in open air) in a way that majestically captures God’s artwork. The combination of timing – taking the shot at the precise moment -- and the use of the best equipment are the key components of his mastering a perfect picture. The first

step for Carr is finding the right canvas. He and his wife, Victoria, travel the world seeking out the most stunning locations. When he finds a scene or landscape he desires to share, he depicts its brilliance in the way it is meant to be seen, in all its natural beauty, which is the inspiration that propels his artistic and technical instincts. Camera, light, action!

“It is the intent of the artist to articulate the words that the subject cannot say in its own voice,” Carr says, expressing his greatest hope. “It is within nature that beauty lies, but it is the artist that stops time and interprets the beauty for all to enjoy.”

Carr sometimes has only minutes or even seconds to get the shot when the lighting dictates; therefore, the decisions and choices he has to make are instantaneous. On the other hand,, he will sometimes wait six to eight hours, to get the right light. He might be on a mountain top or on a beach with waves smashing against the rocks, or in a freezing cold blizzard in the Alps or in the heat of the Mohave desert. These are just a few of the locations that draw the eye of this artist.

When I first observed his photos, it was on his internet site. I thought they were beautiful but assumed that they had been digitally manipulated on a computer to get the changing light effects. This is not the case at all. I was amazed when I visited his Las Vegas Gallery.. Only then did I realize, that Carr uses no filters or special effects, just his eye, camera and gift of timing.

Once Carr captures the shot, he then utilizes a process called the Euroflex mounting system.The film is developed onto very sensitive paper to preserve the natural colors, then a clear laminating technique is used to preserve his work

This process seals out air, dirt and moisture, extending the life of the piece. Each one of his photos comes in very small limited editions. Most can be hung as is or framed with specially designed materials that he manufactures especially for each piece.


Born in Los Angeles, California, Carr now resides in Harmony, Utah, during the week and in Las Vegas on the weekends, in-between his travels.

A visit to his Gallery is well worth the trip while in Vegas. 3663 Las Vegas Blvd. South suite # 400 Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 702-888-

Green Lantern 3D Shines in Theaters

One critic has seen the light By Judy Thorburn

This year's sexiest man alive (according to People Magazine), gets to show off his hot, sculptured body and have a super time playing a comic book superhero in the newly released summer blockbuster Green Lantern, based on the DC comic book character. I admit, I enjoyed eyeing Ryan Reynolds' sexy, fine toned abs. Moreover, I found the movie to be an exhilarating and fun experience and one of the best superhero flicks since the original Spiderman. Ryan Reynolds plays Hal Jordan, a cocky test pilot following the career path of his late father (Jon Tenney, shown in flashbacks), who died in an accident after a test run. Hal was just a kid when he witnessed the explosion of his dad's plane. Since then, he has been obsessed with that memory and has had emotional issues, resulting in his disobeying orders that result in breaking the rules of engagement, destroying a plane and putting his life in danger. Hal also has a fear of commitment, which has affected his relationship with his pretty colleague/on-and-off girlfriend, Carol Ferris (Blake Lively, going from her usual blonde to brunette for this role), whose father (Jay O. Sanders) owns the aviation company for which Hal works. So why would an extraterrestrial force choose Hal, of all people in the world, to become the next and only human Green Lantern? We are informed that “it never makes a mistake� and sees something in Hal that he doesn't know he has. First, we are given a backstory of the Green Lantern. Thousands of years ago, a corps of 3,600 intergalactic peacekeepers known as the Green Lanterns was formed from all parts of the universe to keep order and justice. Each of the warriors has been given a green ring that grants them superpowers channeled from the green power of Will, the strongest source of energy in the universe, to be used for good. Headquartered on the Planet Oa are the guardians that oversee the Green Lanterns. One day, one of the guardians was seduced by the power of fear and, therefore, imprisoned on the Planet Ryut. Named Parallax (voiced by Clancy Brown), he looks like a gargantuan multi-legged spider engulfed in a gray cloud. Possessing the yellow power of fear, he has now escaped, killed four Lantern brothers, and is out for revenge, declaring war on the planets and headed for earth, feeding on the fear of his victims.

2121 Making it to our planet first is mortally wounded warrior Abin Sur (Teuera Morrison). He crash lands and is able to stay alive long enough to hand over his green ring to a new, very reluctant recruit, Hal Jordan, who, as I previously stated, has issues. He doesn't think he has the right stuff to take on the honor and responsibility that is required to be a Green Lantern. Like he has a choice! What he does like is the way he looks in his green, skintight suit that looks like it was painted on (actually it was...thanks to CGI effects) and showcases every muscle of his body. Before you know it, Hal is transported to the Planet Oa tory training sessions. There he is met by Tomar-re Geoffrey Rush), a tall, slender, fish- faced alien that to fly. That is followed by intense man-on-man combat the giant, rhino-like Kilowog (Michael Clarke DunCommander, Sinestro (Mark Strong), on the other hand, spect for Hal, since humans are considered inferior by evolved aliens.

for the obliga(voiced by shows him how training with can). Corps. has little rethe more highly

Central to the story is the idea of will versus fear, or to put in another way, good versus evil. In order for Hal to become the superhero he is meant to be, he must overcome his fears by focusing so that he can harness the green power of will and use the ring to create anything his mind imagines, such as a weapon or whatever else he deems necessary for his cause. Meanwhile, the enemy is taking form in the body of nerdy biologist/scientist, Dr. Hector Hammond (an almost unrecognizable Peter Sarsgaard), son of a U.S. Senator (a miscast Tim Robbins) who sees him as a major disappointment. Again, some daddy issues! Hector has also being carrying a torch for Carol and is jealous of her relationship with Hal. All this comes to a head after Hector is called in by a government agent (an underused Angela Bassett) to autopsy the body of Abin Sur. After touching the dead alien's skin, Hector becomes infected with Parallax's DNA and is transformed into a mind reading, grotesque, power-hungry tool for Parallax to accomplish his goal. It all leads up to the inevitable fight between the newly recruited Green Lantern and villain -- Superhero versus powerful adversary. There is nothing new about that or the unfolding formula. So what is it that kept me glued to the screen? The answer is many elements. Director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) moves the storyline at a steady pace, injecting just the right amount of humor and wit. The team of CGI artists have imagined and created an eye-dazzling spectacle and there are several thrilling action sequences. Ryan Reynolds would not have been my choice as Green Lantern. But, I must say he surprised me – he was convincing, and kept my interest. Okay, that hunky body surely helped. All things considered, I was entertained. It is as simple as that. Green Lantern has everything fans could want from a comic book to screen adaptation. As I was leaving my preview screening, I was surrounded by people who had only positive feedback. My advice is to ignore the negative reviews and check it out for yourself. At the end, there is a teaser for a sequel to perk interest. I await the green light, er, lantern, and look forward to another adventurous ride. Review Courtesy of

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