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For people who care about wildlife, the badger cull has highlighted some of the horrors inherent in animal and in particular, dairy farming. Indeed, people taking part in the nightly badger patrols report that many involved in the campaign (through, for example, leafleting, protests, or letter-writing), have made the transition to veganism or have reduced their dairy consumption. This has no doubt been helped by the great vegan food served daily at the badger camps in both cull zones. CEO Jasmijn de Boo blogged about this in the Huffington Post last year: huffingtonpost. Other vegans, such as Jay Tiernan, have recently commented in the mainstream media:

Join a vegan community? A group of people are looking for individuals and families who are interested in forming a vegan eco-community near the Dorset/SW England coast. Based on permaculture and co-housing principles, they'd like to forge a healthier way of life: grow most of their own food and fuel; generate their own energy; share skills; provide a place for courses, activities, holidays, retreats; and create an abundant biodiverse forest garden to share. They hope to find somewhere with a rural feeling but with good transport links and wider communities nearby. They are aiming to move quickly so are looking to purchase somewhere either with permission to build or with existing dwellings; co-purchasing will be more affordable than doing it alone, but this will need financial and personal commitment. More information at or contact


Being vegan can be challenging in today's society. Just imagine how difficult it would have been in 1944 for Donald Watson. We can only begin to understand the scrutiny applied to his views, or the condescending words that may have been said to him about being different. He was probably considered a “rebel” in his time. In some ways, we are lucky that being vegan is becoming “fashionable” and that we’ve got it easy in comparison. This is only a short post from us here at TeenVGN HQ today, but we are so thankful to Mr Watson and like-minded friends for setting up The Vegan Society 70 years ago, and for the team who is running the organisation today. We want to say a big “Happy Birthday!” and thank you, for we know that no matter what, veganism will live on forever. Take a page out of Donald Watson’s book today, be a rebel for the cause! Hang out with TeenVGN at

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