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Editor's Letter & Contents

Editor’s Letter


e all know that a vegan lifestyle goes far beyond following a vegan diet. But let’s face it, our food is so good that it needs shouting about. When I first went vegan, I thought I was waving goodbye to exciting meals. Could I have been more wrong? I'm sure there are many of you out there who, like me, now enjoy a greater variety of food than ever before.

of creativity. Featured recipes from blogger Aimee Ryan and new cookbook V is for Vegan (pages 13-17) illustrate this idea beautifully, and will have you raring to get into the kitchen. Alongside our regular features you can find an interview about Maria Dawson’s Lifelong passion (page 8) for exciting new ingredients, in her role at Clearspring. You can also learn all about Creating delicious health (page 10) from vegan cook and coach, Anna Freedman. I hope you enjoy my first magazine as much as I have loved producing it.

This issue is a celebration of vegan food – because we know that we can enjoy every culinary experience just by using a bit

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Find your local vegan group   Summer 2015 | The Vegan 1

From the CEO Editor Elena Orde Art Director Lia Cumming Contributors Emily Webster, Anna Freedman, Aimee Ryan, Kerstin Rodgers, Zelly Restorick, Penny Veitch Cover image: Aimee Ryan

From the CEO Celebrating vegan progress worldwide


Print kingsdown.uk.com

ummer came early to Birmingham this year. While we love the sunshine, signs of climate change are becoming increasingly serious. Severe droughts, flooding and melting glaciers are just a few examples of changes in weather patterns.

Submissions We welcome articles on a range of topics relating to veganism, as well as photographs, images, and illustrations. Please email editor@vegansociety.com for more information. Staff Chief Executive Officer Jasmijn de Boo Head of Communications & Programmes Peter Smith Head of Business Development George Gill Finance & Resources Manager Heather Graham Senior Advocacy & Policy Officer Amanda Baker Senior Campaigner Andrea Speranza PA to Chief Executive Lana Volčanšek Volunteering & Engagement Manager Alex Douglas Media & PR Manager Jimmy Pierce Office Manager & Fundraiser Sarah Cook Sales & Merchandise Officer Spencer Harris Finance Officer Allan Oakes Web & Digital Communications Officer Ali Ryland Communications & Campaigns Officer Elena Orde Business Development Officers Paul Philbrow & Grace Shuck Business Development Assistants Abigail Stevens, Laura Faliveno, Rhiannon Delo, Alix Meek Research Officers Dr Terri Holloway, Dr Lorna Marquès-Brocksopp Supporter Services & Event Co-ordinator Jessica Payne Supporter Services Assistant Debbie Latham Council Paul David Arthur Crouch (Chair) Menna Jones (Treasurer) Alex Kapila George Rodger Paul Crouch The views expressed in The Vegan do not necessarily reflect those of the Editor or of The Vegan Society Council. Nothing printed should be construed to be The Vegan Society's policy unless so stated. The society accepts no liability for any matter in the magazine. The acceptance of advertisements (including inserts) does not imply endorsement.

2  The Vegan | Summer 2015

We feel that policy and decision-makers are still not taking the substantial negative environmental impact of ‘animal farming’ seriously enough. We have taken the first steps on a campaign that will benefit the environment. This will directly support our charitable objective of encouraging the development and use of alternatives to all commodities derived wholly or partly from animals. Meanwhile, we have been busy preparing the accounts for the past 18 months, which will be shared with members online. The Annual Review shows some of the highlights of the past one and a half years. We are proud of the achievements of the team, and the volunteers, including trustees, who have helped along the way. For the first time in many years, the call for trustee nominations has attracted more candidates than vacancies. Who would you like to appoint to oversee The Vegan Society over the next four years? This could be almost as important as the General Elections, as we need progressive views to keep the society moving in a direction that makes veganism mainstream. I hope to meet as many of you as possible at the AGM on 27th June.

Staff Updates Following a great start to 2015, we recruited for several new roles to expand the team to 25. Debbie Latham, Supporter Service Assistant, and Elena Orde, Communications and Campaigns Officer, joined us as full-time staff. Andrea Speranza started as Senior Campaigner. Lana Volčanšek started as PA supporting Jasmijn de Boo and Heads of Department with administration needs, and Sarah Cook has joined as Office Manager and Fundraiser. Dr Terri Holloway and Dr Lorna Marquès-Brocksopp have joined as Research Officers. They will play key roles in the Communications department, supporting information needs and providing campaign input, as well as focusing on longerterm projects. Rhiannon Delo joined as Business Development Assistant, helping both the Trademark Team and the Merchandise and Sales Team. Sally Murray-Fella will be doing the same from June.

Donald Watson House 21 Hylton Street Birmingham B18 6HJ UK

0845 45 88244 0121 523 1730 info@vegansociety.com www.vegansociety.com

© The Vegan Society Registered Charity no.279228 Company Reg. no.1468880

Printed on recycled paper


Achievements Thousands protest badger culls Such was our presence at the badger cull protest in Birmingham city centre on 21st February, protestors and visitors could be excused for thinking it was an event organised by The Vegan Society. Our striking visual presence, large numbers of staff and volunteers, and impressive media coverage all contributed to the day's impact. Over 2,000 people attended, making it the biggest ever anti badger cull demonstration in the UK outside of London. The Vegan Society’s stall, banners and placards dominated the landscape, and we distributed leaflets explaining the link between the badger cull and the dairy industry. The message was clear: remove dairy from your diet and go vegan for both badgers and cows. It struck a chord with the majority of those we spoke to, many of whom had not previously made the connection. On the day of the demonstration and in the week following it, 124 people signed up to our 30-Day Vegan Pledge – an excellent result. Engagement on social media was also significantly higher than usual. Guest speaker Jasmijn de Boo gave an inspiring speech in the afternoon, detailing the realities of dairy industry practices, and the ineffective, unnecessary and inhumane nature of the badger cull itself. Jimmy Pierce, Media and PR Manager, secured an interview with ITV Central News in which he confidently set out The Vegan Society’s message. This was aired on Saturday afternoon news, achieving viewing figures in excess of half a million.

Staff and volunteers lead the way

A voice for animals

Politicians hear vegan voices We’ve had some great feedback on our General Election Vegan Tip Sheet 2015. At the time of writing, over 750 of you have already scanned through the tip sheet on our website. Our wonderful volunteers Laura and Sally have been incredibly helpful, writing and play-testing the tips provided. Thanks to those who came along to the Brighton Vegfest UK Election Conference, where we ran two workshops on talking to politicians. The best news is that many of you received responses from your prospective MPs about where they stand on vegan issues. Throughout the UK, vegans challenged our Parliamentary Candidates with questions such as, ‘Which key policies does your party have to reduce the use of non-human animals for human purposes?’ After any election, the real work begins. Keep using our tip sheet to challenge your elected representatives, and let us know what they say, by emailing policy@vegansociety.com.

  Summer 2015 | The Vegan 3

Great member survey response We have been blown away by the amazing level of response we have received to our survey. A big thank you to the huge number of you that got involved to let us know what you think; you’ve provided us with some truly inspiring feedback. Your input is instrumental to the society and helps us as we move forward and make plans for the future. Due to the fantastic influx of responses, it is taking us longer than expected to process the results, so keep an eye out for a full breakdown of the survey in the autumn magazine this September.

The Vegan Society and Teen VGN: a winning team

Brighton Vegfest delivers Brighton Vegfest never fails to be an amazing event, and one The Vegan Society is proud to be a part of. This year’s festival saw an incredible 12,000 people heading to the coast to get involved. A massive thank you to all volunteers who supported our work at Vegfest. The Vegan Society had a brilliant weekend, with over 50 new people showing their support by joining us as members, and dozens more signing up to receive updates on our work through our e-newsletter. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of our trademark, we teamed up with some of our lovely trademark holders to run a loyalty card scheme at the festival. Once armed with one of our loyalty cards, visitors could collect stamps from our trademark holders exhibiting at the event, before racing to our stall to pick up a goodie bag full of vegan treats. We were amazed by how quickly some of you secured your stamps and rushed over to visit us – goodie bags flew off the shelves. The talks, demos and workshops were well attended throughout the weekend. The Vegan Society was closely involved in the Election Conference and the Global Food Sustainability Conference which were held at the event. The Vegan Society's CEO, Jasmijn de Boo, also gave a thought-provoking talk on vegan business trends, and we organised a tasty African Fusion cooking demo with our trademark holders, Shambhu's. There is plenty more to come from the Vegfest team this year, with the very first Glasgow Vegfest in December, and the addition of their brand new Activist Summit and Health Summit at London Vegfest in October.

4  The Vegan | Summer 2015

Vegan Society ambassador Fiona Oakes

Record numbers take the Pledge The number of people taking the Vegan Pledge has grown greatly, with 1,920 people having signed up in the last three months. We’ve also been regularly receiving lovely Tweets from these new Pledgers beginning their vegan journey, and we’re happy to announce that when asked, an overwhelming majority of respondents have said they’re staying vegan after the Pledge finishes. Completed the 30 day vegan challenge #feelinggreat #changedForLife #vegan @TheVeganSociety – Maria Houghton (@maria_houghton) 13 Apr 2015 Thank you to The Vegan Society for today's email with ideas and support. Healthy mind healthy body healthy conscience – Jane Scott (@kjanescott) 16 Apr 2015

Achievements Blog reaches new audiences We launched our blog on the 14th February, as a new place to feature guest and staff bloggers chatting about all things vegan. From lifestyle advice to political critique to inspiring stories, the blog’s topics have driven up engagement and led to a better awareness of a whole range of vegan issues. Our most viewed blog, ‘Vegan animal diets: facts and myths’, has already educated a wide range of people on common misconceptions surrounding companion animal diets. It also performed spectacularly on our Facebook and Twitter pages, reaching over 120,000 people on Facebook – many of them non-vegans. Do you have a topic relating to veganism that you cannot wait to write about? Head to vegansociety.com/blog to check out our submission guidelines.

Companion animal diets a hot blog topic

Social media training conference From the 30th March to the 2nd April, The Vegan Society hosted international vegetarian and vegan groups for a four-day training course on digital communications and social media. In attendance were members of VEBU (Germany), Viva Las Vega’s (Holland), EVA (Belgium) and Animal Friends Croatia. It was incredibly inspiring to chat with these different organisations, as well as realise the various challenges each organisation faces. Moreover, our external speakers added to our existing knowledge substantially, and one talk particularly aided the way in which we develop digital communication strategies. Thanks to modern technology, we are able to stay connected with each other following the conference and we plan on sharing our results. This will strengthen the vegan movement overall, both nationally and internationally. We have built bridges that will enable joint international campaigns – look out for progress on these later in the year.

Vegan Society news, wherever you are

Newletter subscribers soar Ding Ding! In early April we reached our target of 15,000 e-newsletter subscribers, with numbers growing rapidly. Not signed up yet to our monthly online news, events and offers? You can join too at vegansociety.com/newsletter.

  Summer 2015 | The Vegan 5


Media highlights

The Vegan Society has secured great press coverage in the last few months

BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today, Wednesday 28th January

ITV Central News, Saturday 21st February

Following two media statements we issued in response to news that the price of dairy milk had fallen below cost, CEO Jasmijn de Boo was invited to make a rare appearance on BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today programme, the audience of which is made up largely of animal agriculture farmers. Jasmijn expertly fielded some tricky questions, while also taking the opportunity to call for support in the form of subsidies for farmers to diversify away from failing dairy and livestock towards stock-free, crop farming.

During the march against the badger cull, Media and PR Manager Jimmy Pierce (above) was interviewed by ITV journalists. Jimmy succinctly explained the link between the dairy industry and the badger cull, which he described as “ineffective, inhumane and unnecessary,” before calling for people to remove dairy from their diets and go vegan. The interview was aired on ITV Central News at 5:15pm. Jimmy was the only person interviewed as part of ITV’s coverage of the demonstration.

Listeners: 246,000

Viewers: 512,650

The Observer, Sunday 8th February

Evening Standard Magazine, Friday 6th March

Veganism commanded a full page of national broadsheet newspaper, with Jasmijn de Boo a central figure, quoted extensively on the various reasons for its rise in popularity. The piece focused on the rise of veganism in celebrity culture, in light of the vegan food options at the Baftas and Beyoncé’s vegan meal delivery service. Our 30-Day Vegan Pledge got a mention, as did a handful of statistics we provided to illustrate veganism as a growing, increasingly mainstream trend.

Evening Standard Magazine’s cover story – a four-page feature titled ‘How going vegan got sexy’ – included three paragraphs of quotes from Jasmijn de Boo. From discussing the role of the media in portraying veganism in a positive light, to reiterating that animal cruelty remains a primary reason to go vegan, to describing the realities of the dairy industry, Jasmijn made a number of excellent points. The piece finished, quite remarkably, with the suggestion that: “maybe vegans will end up running the world.”

Readership: 963,000, plus online version shared 6,100 times

Readership: 350,000, plus online version shared over 12,000 times

6  The Vegan | Summer 2015

Let Ten Acre tantalise your taste buds



NEW! 5

exciting varieties of HanD picked Popcorn


8  The Vegan | Summer 2015


A lifelong passion


egan since birth, Maria Dawson is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Clearspring, specialising in authentic Japanese, macrobiotic and organic fine foods. She has a passion for organic vegan food that stems from a childhood spent visiting suppliers with her father. How did you get into the vegan food business? I’ve always been really interested in vegan food – from how it it sourced to how it can be served and the nutrients it contains. My passion started from a young age. My father founded Clearspring in 1993 and rather than going to the beach like other families, our holidays were spent visiting suppliers, trade shows and inspirational new food outlets – we even called them ‘supplier visits’ rather than holidays. What motivates your work? I really enjoy introducing people to the foods I have grown up with, and sometimes it surprises me how little people know about vegan food. Far from lacking in taste, vegan food can be absolutely delicious while keeping you healthy. I want to increase consumption of wholesome, easy-to-prepare, great tasting daily foods. My mother is a macrobiotic cooking teacher and cooking with her has given me a vast knowledge of Japanese cuisine and the high-quality ingredients Japanese cooking calls for. The Japanese diet is full of nutrients and it’s no secret that Japanese people outlive almost all other nationalities. My aim is to make the Japanese diet something people across the globe aspire to, making products such as sea vegetables and authentic seasonings easily available to everyone.

Tell us about your favourite recipes My favourite meal is a sea vegetable salad with buckwheat noodles, washed down with a cup of genmaicha tea. Sea vegetables are so versatile and contain all of the 56 elements that are essential for human health. Asian dishes, such as miso, sushi and tempura are also great for a vegan diet. Simple changes, such as adding a spoon of white miso to mashed potato instead of butter and milk, or using tofu to make a creamy vegan mayo, can put popular foods back on the menu for people following a vegan diet. What is a work day like for you? We have a great team here who I really enjoy working with, including my brother Allen who is currently doing an internship with us. It really is all about food at our office; we have a kitchen where we try out recipes with our new products and sit down together to share these with the team. If the dish is a success, we share the recipe with our followers on Facebook. I also really value learning from our suppliers, who are often third or fourth generation producers. This knowledge then gets translated into the amazing stories behind our products. What is on the horizon for Clearspring? We celebrated our 20th anniversary last year, so this year is all about consolidating our range, launching new exciting products and getting our customers to actually try our products. Whether through publishing recipes or exhibiting at consumer shows, we want to demonstrate that Japanese ingredients are not daunting and can be used very easily in everyday cooking. Interview by Emily Webster

  Summer 2015 | The Vegan 9


Creating Delicious Health Anna Freedman is a trained natural foods cook and coach, and founder of vegan cookery school Wholefood Harmony. Here she shares her top tips for preparing exciting, nutritious vegan meals.


was first captivated by the delicious flavours of plant food seven years ago, and I haven’t looked back since. I was drawn in by the most beautiful tasting food, which inspired me to begin playing with a host of new vegetable ingredients. Creating endless vegan dishes using a few simple preparations became my passion. Almost immediately, I felt the benefits of vegan fare. My energy levels rose, my digestive system normalised, and most significantly the spotty skin I had suffered with for far too long disappeared. I rejoiced in this new feeling of nourishment. Creativity and confidence in the kitchen comes from making dishes using plenty of different ingredients and cooking styles. Here, I take great pleasure in sharing a selection of winning ways for creating healthy and enticing food.

10  The Vegan | Summer 2015


Whole Plates Base your meals on whole ingredients, unprocessed and free from sugar. These kinds of foods regulate health – in providing an abundance of minerals and nutrients, they heal, cleanse and strengthen the body. Make the most of whole foods by: • Using an array of whole grains and pulses in your cooking, such as brown basmati rice, millet, barley, quinoa, chickpeas, lentils, butterbeans and adzuki beans • Making pilafs and risottos, beany pâtés, burgers and stews • Incorporating grains and beans in soups, and enjoying wholesome one pot feasts • Reinventing leftovers as bakes, patties and fillings for tortilla wraps • Investigating the revered plant protein delicacies of tempeh and seitan. Marinate tempeh first and then fry for a fabulous feast, and serve a seitan schnitzel to any meat lover.

Go Green One serving of fresh, leafy greens a day escalates energy, vitalises the skin, cleanses the liver and enhances the blood quality with nutrition. Besides the health benefits, greens can be a tasty addition to any meal. Get more greens into your diet by: • Embracing variety with servings of kale, cavelo nero, chard, Chinese cabbage, pak choi, leeks and broccoli in your meals • Experimenting with different cooking styles such as stir frying, blanching, steaming and even water sautéing • Jazzing up greens with fabulous dressings such as a tofu sour cream, prepared by blending tofu with spring onion, lemon juice and a splash of ume plum vinegar • Including nori, wakame, kombu and other sea vegetables in your diet.

• Enjoying toasted seeds and nuts, sugar-free bars and biscuits, hummus and bean pâtés, seasonal fruit and brown rice sushi with vegan fillings • Creating your own biscuits, cakes, brownies and flapjacks, and experimenting with sugar alternatives in your baking • Delighting in a multitude of granola variations including seeds, nuts, fruit, cinnamon, cocoa and more • Experimenting with different kinds of dessert, such as couscous cake or gluten-free polenta dessert.

Integrate Flavours Use several flavours within your main course or snack. Combining at least two of the five different flavours in your main meal can completely mitigate the throes of post-meal grazing and cravings. You can achieve this by: • Using shoyu, tamari, bouillon or miso for salty richness • Selecting lemon zest and juice, sauerkraut, and rice vinegar for sour sharpness • Achieving the pungent flavour through additions of ginger, mustard and raw onion • Embracing bitter scents with rocket, walnuts, pak choi and other leafy greens • Delighting in the sweetness from syrups, mirin sweet rice vinegar and the divine dairy-free dessert, amasake. I truly hope you find excitement in designing tasty, healthy plant meals. My online Pure Cook’s training course features a full repertoire of fabulous cookery classes and provides a framework to integrate nourishing vegan cuisine into your own lifestyle. I warmly invite you to join the course and would love to hear about all your recipe creations.

Snack Well Enjoy delicious, healthy snacks and treats and remain nourished during the day. Be careful about sugar and instead go for foods with more complex carbohydrates. Such foods are digested slowly and facilitate more stable blood sugar levels and steady concentration. Make happy snacking habits by:

Try your hand at Anna’s highly acclaimed Pure Cook’s Training e-course. Members of The Vegan Society receive a £25 discount, and a reader can win a free course, starting on 20th June. Email welcome@wholefoodharmony.com and quote ‘The Vegan Society’ by 19th June to enter.

  Summer 2015 | The Vegan 11

With our Award Winning 100% Vegetable fibre cleansing and exfoliating sponge Refines pores Conditions skin Suitable for sensitive skins

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Chickpea creativity Aimee Ryan shares a creative way to replace eggs in meringues

Vegan meringue nests with strawberries and cream

Directions Preheat the oven to 110°C / fan 90°C / 230°F and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper. Drain the water from the can of chickpeas into a large bowl and use an electric mixer to whisk for approximately five minutes until it's more than doubled in size, and is white and foamy.

Ingredients Water drained from 400g can of chickpeas ½ tsp cream of tartar 125g/1 cup icing sugar To serve Fresh strawberries Chilled full-fat coconut milk Agave nectar, to taste

Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 2 hours Makes 12 nests Aimee came across the idea on Facebook group Vegan Meringue – Hits and misses!

Add the cream of tartar and whisk again for another minute. Slowly and gently start adding in the sugar, whisking until the mixture forms stiff, glossy peaks. Transfer the meringue mixture into an icing bag with a large starshaped nozzle and pipe into nests or cup shapes. Alternatively, just use a spoon to create mounds and use the back of the spoon to hollow out the centre. Bake for 2 hours. Do NOT open the oven! After 2 hours, turn the oven off and leave them inside to cool for at least another hour. To serve, add a meringue nest to a bowl and whip some chilled coconut milk with some agave nectar (to taste) to create a thick double cream consistency. Pour onto the meringue nest and serve with chopped strawberries on top. These meringues should keep for a couple of weeks in an air-tight container. They can also be frozen.

Tip: Make sure it's not the ‘salted water’ variety - otherwise you'll end up with salty meringues. Check out more of Aimee’s recipes on wallflowergirl.co.uk

  Summer 2015 | The Vegan 13

Who said that laundry is woman’s work? Find us at Stand A151

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V is for Vegan Fruity summer recipes from Kerstin Rodgers' new book

Roast Peaches with Lavender & Coconut Salted Caramel Ingredients 6 ripe peaches, halved and stoned Lavender sugar, for sprinkling Lavender flowers, to decorate (optional) For the coconut salted caramel: 400ml tin of coconut milk 50g brown sugar Pinch of good-quality sea salt, such as fleur de sel or Maldon

Directions To make the coconut salted caramel, heat the coconut milk and sugar in a wide-bottomed saucepan over a very low heat for an hour or so until it caramelises and thickens. Stir occasionally. Then transfer to a jug, adding a little sea salt. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 180°C/gas mark 4. Place the peach halves cut side up in a roasting tin and sprinkle with lavender sugar. Roast for 30 minutes. Scoop a couple of tablespoons of the salted caramel into each bowl, then top with 2-3 roasted peach halves. Garnish with a few fresh lavender flowers, if you like. Serves 4-6 Tip: choose ripe, in-season peaches

  Summer 2015 | The Vegan 15


Ingredients 4 tbsp chia seeds 400ml sweetened almond or rice milk, chilled 4 tbsp caster or coconut sugar 8 scoops of vegan vanilla ice cream 400g raspberries 4 tsp rosewater Mint leaves, to garnish

Chia Seed & Raspberry Falooda Directions Soak the chia seeds in the milk and sugar for at least 15 minutes. Divide the mixture between 4 tall glasses, then add a scoop of ice cream, a few raspberries, 1 tsp rosewater, another scoop of ice cream and more raspberries. Finally, top with a few mint leaves. Serves 4

Watermelon Stir-Fry with Rice Despite exhortations from the great and the good to be a ‘locavore’, sourcing fruit and veg locally, I must admit to a recent obsession with the tropics. Take watermelons, for instance – the outsize prehistoric green bowling ball with its juicy pink interior studded with black seeds. No artist can resist painting them. But they are a pain in the biceps to shop for ... you need serious muscles to carry them, or have them delivered.

Ingredients 3 tbsp sesame oil 3 garlic cloves, very finely chopped 2.5cm piece of ginger, peeled and cut into fine strips 1 red onion, halved and sliced 2 tsp soy sauce 2 tbsp hoisin sauce 1 tsp sea salt ½ tsp freshly ground black pepper 100g mange tout 100g baby corn 400g watermelon, skin and rind removed, cut into 1cm-thick wedges 1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce Coriander leaves, to garnish Rice, to serve

16  The Vegan | Summer 2015

This is an unusual use of watermelon, but I do like the contrast of sweet, crisp red flesh with savoury Chinese flavours. Other uses for any leftover watermelon flesh include freezing and blitzing it to make watermelon cocktails.

Directions Heat the sesame oil in a wok or a heavy-bottomed saucepan and throw in the garlic, ginger and onion. Fry for 5 minutes or so, then add the soy sauce, hoisin sauce, salt, pepper, mangetout, baby corn, watermelon and sweet chilli sauce. Fry over a high heat, moving the ingredients around rapidly but carefully with a wooden spoon. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve with rice. Serves 4

V is for Vegan by Kerstin Rodgers is published by Quadrille, £20. Photography by Jan Baldwin


  Summer 2015 | The Vegan 17


Farming for the Future Change needs to happen An environmental imperative So is the livestock sector in the UK … how shall we put it? The cow in the room? It does indeed appear to be so, especially given that a couple of years ago another UN report went even further, pointing out that, “A global shift towards a vegan diet is vital to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty and the worst impacts of climate change.” Would Donald Watson, the visionary founder of The Vegan Society, have ever imagined that what he had promoted as an individual choice for a compassionate lifestyle, would become in the 21st century almost an imperative? So given the introduction of a new UK government, a useful question to ask might be: what can we do to make sure that something is done about this issue?

We need the government to facilitate this transition Finding the solution

Iain Tolhurst (left) on his stock-free farm


lmost ten years have passed since the publication of Livestock’s Long Shadow, the shocking report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, which exposed the huge threat that the livestock sector represents to climate change. It’s hard to believe that, in spite of the call for urgent action made by the author, almost nothing has been done about it. At European Union and national level, we have seen the development of reduction targets, and the introduction of initiatives for each sector that represents a threat to climate change. But given that the livestock industry is even more damaging to the climate than transport, why in Britain have we so seldom debated it, and campaigned so little on this issue?

18  The Vegan | Summer 2015

Promoting the substitution of livestock products would be an excellent and compassionate strategy to help reverse climate change. One way to achieve this would be by subsidising farmers who want to transition to organic plant-based agriculture. We need the government to facilitate this transition, and stop subsidising industries that accelerate catastrophic climate change. We cannot afford another ten years of urgent calls for action to be dangerously ignored. At The Vegan Society we are planning a series of actions to make sure that our politicians finally understand how urgent it is to transition to a more compassionate and efficient agriculture system. We would be delighted to have the whole vegan community actively involved – from writing a letter to your MP, to organising a screening in your local community of films such as Meat the Truth. There are so many ways to raise the profile of this issue. Please get in touch with your ideas and thoughts, and help us make the change finally happen. Andrea Sperenza, Senior Campaigner

VegShoes v.soc ad 1014:Layout 7

Events Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival 13th June, 10am – 6pm Leeds Town Hall, The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 3AD, UK yorkshireveganfestival.com VegFest Colorado 20th – 21st June Exhibit Hall, Jefferson County Fairgrounds, 15200 West 6th Avenue, Golden, Colorado, USA vegfestcolorado.org


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Free mail-order brochure: 12 Gardner Street, Brighton BN1 1UP

Bournemouth Vegan Fair 28th June, 11am – 4pm Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre, Westover Road, Bournemouth, BH1 2BU, UK bournemouthveganfair.co.uk Just V Show 3rd – 5th July, 10am-5pm Grand Hall, Olympia, Hammersmith Road, London, W14 8UX, UK justvshow.co.uk


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Newcastle Vegan Festival 4th July, 10am – 6pm The CastleGate, Melbourne Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2JQ, UK veganfestival.co.uk Vegan Summer Picnic 12th July, 12.30pm Cannon Hill Park, 2 Russell Road, Birmingham, B13 8RD, UK facebook.com/events/803557816388652/ Vegan Camp 20th July – 3rd August Mersea Island, Colchester, Essex, UK vegancamp.co.uk

Beneficiaries for Life

Edinburgh Vegan Fair 8th August, 10am – 4pm The Roxburghe Hotel, 38 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, EH2 4HQ, UK veganfestival.co.uk Teen VGN Summer Camp 23rd – 28th August Goblin Combe Lodge, Bristol, BS49 4PQ, UK teenvgn.com/camp The Vegan Vegetarian Summer Festival 28th – 30th August Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany en.veganes-sommerfest-berlin.de

Please remember The Vegan Society in your will For a Legacy Guide please call us on 0121 523 1730 www.vegansociety.com

  Summer 2015 | The Vegan 19

20  The Vegan | Summer 2015


Bringing veganism to the table


t may come as some surprise, but snooker is staking a claim to being the UK’s most vegan sport, counting among its ranks at least five professional players on plant-based diets. The driving force behind its vegan revolution is one inspirational individual: 2002 World Snooker Champion, Peter Ebdon.

Following his diagnosis of fatty liver disease in early 2011, and the loss of his father to lung cancer a few months later, Peter set off to understand the reasons behind his family’s health problems. It led him to veganism, and an illuminating journey of self-education. Peter says, “I’ve done so much research in the last three or four years, and I take my hat off to people who are leading the field; the likes of Professor T Colin Campbell, Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, and Dr Ruth Heidrich.” He continues, “Somebody recommended I watch Earthlings. I did and I thought, ‘that’s it, I’m vegan. I can’t knowingly, consciously be part of that anymore.’ If you’re a compassionate human being, watch that and there’s no going back.” The radical improvement of Peter’s health has led to better displays on the table; Peter’s game has improved in ‘every single area’ since going vegan. This result did not go unnoticed, interesting Neil Robinson, the 2010 World Champion. The pair spoke at length on a long plane journey, with Peter suggesting some

literature and documentaries. Neil has thrived on a vegan diet ever since. Neil’s housemate, fellow tour player Vinnie Calabrese, went vegan at the same time, while Peter’s influence also spread to Liam Highfield, another pro on the circuit. Peter says, “Liam, who’s a very good runner, was interested in some of my Facebook posts and decided to give up meat. He started smashing his times after that.” Peter is a hugely impressive advocate of veganism, giving information and support beyond the world of snooker. “Through my research, I’ve been able to help other people and that’s been a real gift for me. I can’t bring my dad back but being able to help people with cancer and type 2 diabetes, it’s really lovely.” Building on these successes, Peter is hoping to widen his outreach work in the future. “I want to take what I’ve learned to a wider audience to help people. Perhaps I need to write a book, and get this message out. We can change the planet, there are no two ways about it. We all each have to make a contribution.”

  Summer 2015 | The Vegan 21

Trustee Elections

Use Your Vote at the 2015 AGM


ince I am writing this a few weeks before the UK General Election, it is not possible to comment on what our votes have or have not achieved at a national level. We are told that every vote counts, but we see that the votes that count the most tend to be in marginal constituencies. This fact drives almost all policy initiatives in the time prior to any voting. Much of this is due to the UK's voting system, where a candidate can win by a single vote or by twenty thousand in any constituency and it makes no difference to their party's level of representation. If you feel your vote has been undervalued, there's good news; you now have a chance to vote to elect new Trustees to the Council of The Vegan Society.


he Vegan Society has transformed in recent years, to become a catalyst in the mainstreaming of veganism. Our role has changed from a small organisation to a medium-sized charity that influences other organisations, policy and the media. See our Annual Report and Accounts and Annual Review for more information on how the society is going from strength to strength. It is important that our governance reflects this operational change. The role of Council in guiding the organisation and ensuring it complies with Charity regulations and Company law has never been more important, while the day-to-day running of The Vegan Society is taken care of by dedicated staff members. The growth in membership (28 percent in the past 3 years) is highly encouraging. We value members’ views, and the number of people 22  The Vegan | Summer 2015

We are fortunate to have enough candidates to be conducting a competitive election. Your vote is important in order to give a mandate for the work we have all been doing to move the society forward at a time of massively increased interest in veganism around the world. Relevant skills and experience are the driving factor for charity board members and these are published in their personal statements. Other important attributes for Trustees include having a long-term strategic vision of the society, ensuring a financially growing and sustainable organisation, and promoting an effective, resultsdriven approach. I would urge you to make good use of your vote, to ensure the best representation of vegans’ views.

Paul Crouch, Chair of Trustees

providing valuable feedback to the membership survey was phenomenal. With over 230,000 likes on Facebook and 77,000 followers on Twitter, the online Vegan Society community is one of the largest in the world. We are planning to become even more effective, and to do this, two very important Special Resolutions proposed by Council will be on the AGM agenda on 27th June. Your voice matters, so even if you are not planning to attend the AGM, please vote by using the proxy form. This will be posted to you from the Electoral Reform Society, along with a ballot paper, information on the resolutions to be voted on, and candidate profiles. Members who have provided The Vegan Society with an email address will receive the AGM documents electronically. Every vote counts!

Jasmijn de Boo, Chief Executive Officer


What are vegans really eating? The Vegan Society’s Research Officer, Dr Terri Holloway, examines the results of a recent and pioneering food survey produced especially for vegans Veganism for health Since its inception in 1944, the term ‘vegan’ has endured misunderstanding, scepticism and even fear-motivated recommendations among several nutritional bodies. However, despite prior resistance, veganism is now recognised as an exceptional dietary choice for its nutritional quality and disease-prevention properties. In fact, according to the 2009/2012 statement of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate and may provide health benefits in the treatment of certain diseases.” National recommendations state that these well planned vegan diets include plenty of whole foods such as beans, brown rice and whole grain bread, as well as a rainbow of brightly coloured vegetables, including dark leafy greens and fruit. However, due to a lack of dietary assessment tools designed specifically for vegans, the contents of the average vegan diet is virtually unknown. This dilemma raises the question: If we were to peek into the kitchen of today’s modern vegan, what would we actually find? With this question in mind, a group of researchers designed a study which attempted to develop a quantitative Food Frequency Questionnaire especially for vegans. The study, carried out in three stages, obtained diet histories from 100 vegans. Researchers then compared survey results with the recommended intakes of key nutrients of interest related to veganism such as protein, n-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

Reference: Dyett, P.; Rajaram, S.; Haddad, E.H; Sabate, J.; Evaluation of a Validated Food Frequency Questionnaire for Self-Defined Vegans in the United States. Nutrients. 2014, 6, 2523-2539

Vegan diet vs. recommendations From the collected food data obtained from the pilot sample of vegans, 330 single foods were reported as being used on a regular basis. The nutritional analysis of these food items showed that the average vitamin D intake among the vegan participants was significantly lower than the recommended intake; but, intakes for most other nutrients were higher than Dietary Reference Intake values. The results of this study confirm that a vegan diet is highly protective and generally exceeds most national nutrient recommendations; however, it is important to note that vitamin D could be an area that deserves further attention. In addition to obtaining vitamin D from an adequate exposure to sunlight, a growing number of vitamin D-fortified vegan foods are currently available. Those taking vitamin D supplements are advised not to take more than 25 micrograms (0.025mg) per day. That said, taking less than this is unlikely to cause any harm. The development of similar vegan-specific questionnaires will be a useful tool for creating vegan-relevant dietary recommendations in the future.   Summer 2015 | The Vegan 23

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New for 2015!


e are very excited to launch our brand new promotional range featuring keyrings, pens, window stickers, coffee mugs, jute bags, enamel badges, wristbands and water bottles. Head over to vegansociety.com/shop/ accessories to check out the full range.

Books Easy Vegan by Sue Quinn – £10.99 With 140 tempting recipes for delicious nondairy milks, warming soups and mains, salads, pastas, burgers and sweet things, Easy Vegan has your vegan options covered. Discover how to 'veganise' a traditional recipe by swapping out key ingredients for plant-based, healthier alternatives, without compromising flavour. Greens 24/7 by Jessica Nadel – £11.99 If you're bored with salad days, and trying to eat more green veg, Greens 24/7 is here to bring delicious, healthy greens to every meal of the day – from breakfast through to dinner and dessert. Vegan Pressure Cooking by JL Fields – £11.99 Do you own a pressure cooker but have it hidden away in your basement, or have you thought of getting one but are unsure how to use it properly? Well now you can put those worries to rest and start embracing one of the best kitchen appliances on the market today, especially when it comes to plant-based cooking. The Daily Vegan: A Guided Journal by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau – £7.99 Store your notes, journal entries, daily recipes, and to-do lists within these pages. This beautifully illustrated guided journal is the perfect tool for you to keep your thoughts and ideas in one place. Inspiring quotes complement the helpful tips, anecdotes, and compassionate ideas from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, author of the bestselling book, Vegan's Daily Companion. The Fresh Vegan Kitchen by David and Charlotte Bailey – £13.99 An inspirational set of recipes featuring classic dishes from a wealth of cultures, The Fresh Vegan Kitchen is a glorious collection of exciting, satisfying recipes that taste terrific. You can even treat yourself to mouth-watering sweet treats from a Pineapple and Coconut Cheesecake to a sumptuous Chocolate Mousse.

24  The Vegan | Summer 2015

How to Eat a Rainbow by Ellie Bedford – £9.99 This is a magical themed healthy children’s recipe book that targets the most difficult dietary areas: treats, snacks and drinks. Eaten alongside a balanced whole foods diet, these recipes can add an extra boost of energy and get kids excited about healthy eating.

Visit vegansociety.com/shop. From 28th June to 31st August 2015, you can use the code SUMMERBOOKS2015 at checkout for a 10 percent discount on all books listed here.

Discount List

Discount List The Vegan Society's Discount List is a network of vegan and vegan-friendly businesses offering a discount to The Vegan Society members and The Vegan subscribers. Over the coming months, new businesses will be joining us, so check back regularly to see the latest offers available to you. For full details on discounts and our complete list of participating businesses, please visit us online at vegansociety.com/resources/discount-list. Our newest participants include: • Demuths Cookery School – Fun and relaxed cookery courses for food lovers of all abilities • Making Waves Holiday Apartments – Luxury self-catering holiday apartments in central St Ives • Bourgeois Boheme – Luxury ethical footwear brand • Happy Skincare – Natural, organic, vegan skincare • Savvy Foods – Naturally sweet spreads • Native Unearthed – Innovative eco-ethical deodorants • Earth Philosophy – Premium wellness and skin care products made entirely from essential oils, plant extracts and medicinal herbs • Friendly Soap – Natural, handmade and vegan • The Raw Chocolate Company – Multi award winning vegan, organic and Fairtrade raw chocolate bars, raw chocolate snacks and supreme foods • Sweet Revolution – Delicious chocolate treats that are also nutritious and free from many of the major allergens • White Lotus Anti-Aging – Skin needling and natural anti-aging specialists • GSE Vertrieb – High-quality, organic and vegan food supplements and foods • Archie Browns – Health food shops in Cornwall that stock a range of products promoting an all-round healthy lifestyle • The Lodge – 100 percent vegan boutique hotel in the Caribbean • Rebel Kitchen – Dairy-free coconut mylks made with love • Rainforest Foods – A range of superfoods that are certified organic, veganfriendly, and processed in a manner which maximises nutrient retention • MuLondon – Award-winning, 100 percent natural and vegan skincare range hand made in London • Angel Minerals – Online shop for vegan mineral makeup • OMNI Superfood – Vegan, organically grown superfood smoothie powder • Skin Blossom – Effective natural beauty products using the finest organic ingredients • The Jay Curry Company – Authentic Sri Lankan curry pastes and sambols • Blackfriars Bakery – Baked in the UK, there are eight delicious veganfriendly Blackfriars flapjack flavours • Earth Friendly Products – A range of effective green vegan cleaning and laundry products • Tivydale – Chic vegan shoes for women who love fashion. Do you have a great vegan-friendly business near you? Why not ask them to join the discount list? They can find out more at vegansociety.com/your-business/discount-list or email us on discount@vegansociety.com.

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Active Vegans Alex Douglas, Volunteering & Engagement Manager I’m getting really excited about all the great vegan outreach opportunities there are in the summer months. From the vegan events across the country, to vegans gathering at music festivals like Glastonbury, to summer themed bake sales, there’s a place for everyone to get involved. There’s a lot going on at this time of year, and I can’t wait to get stuck in. Let me know what you’re up to by emailing me at volunteer@vegansociety.com.

Run for veganism We have race places available in the Great North Run and Great Birmingham Run this year, and we would love for you to join our team. Sign up to run for The Vegan Society and every time you hit that treadmill or take to the streets to train, you will know all of your hard work is taking us another step closer to achieving our goal of a vegan world for all. The deadline for signing up is 30th June. To find out more and to register, head over to our website: vegansociety.com/take-action/raisefunds/race-vegan-living or email info@vegansociety.com.

Vegan pop-up shop takes off The Norwich Vegans group has hugely increased their local vegan outreach by starting a monthly pop-up shop. Volunteers help the shop run smoothly by bringing baked goods, answering queries and welcoming people. There is a social area, and the Norwich Vegans offer free refreshments and give out vegan leaflets and magazines. The pop-up has proved really popular, with Local Contact, Penny, saying that at least 50 people attended the last one. She says, “I’m amazed at the speed it’s taken off.” We’re not surprised, given the amazing treats Penny and 26  The Vegan | Summer 2015

her volunteers have been selling – peanut butter cups, fudge, pizza, lemon curd and sushi are just some of the goodies on offer. The funds go to a different charity every six months. The group also invites local vegan businesses to run stalls at the shop. Penny’s aim is to have the first Norwich Vegans Christmas Market … watch this space.

Staff volunteer In April, myself and my colleague Jess, along with one of our Office Volunteers, Adam, volunteered to run The Vegan Society stall at the Live a Better Life (LABL) Fair in Liverpool. It was a great event, and definitely worth the 4.30am start! There was a queue of people waiting before the doors opened to taste all the good food and buy from the huge range of independent vegan businesses (many of them Vegan Trademark holders). We had a very successful day, signing up over 10 new members, and selling lots of our multivitamin VEG1, recipe books and brightly coloured tote bags, which have become a firm favourite. Most importantly, we were there to talk to many individuals who were beginning to take the steps towards veganism, and were able to offer them our expert advice and answer any queries. We also had help from local volunteer, Michelle, who was excellent and seemed to know almost every vegan in Liverpool. Thanks for your help, Michelle, and thanks to the LABL fair for inviting us to be at your wonderful event. We can’t wait until next year.

Inspiring worldwide outreach Tudor was inspired by the busy schedule and fun range of vegan activities organised by London Vegan Meet-Ups, a group run by Local Contact, Robb. When Tudor left London and headed back to Melbourne, he took over the local Vegan MeetUp Group for vegans and the vegan-curious. Now the group is spoilt for choice in veganfriendly Melbourne. The group also promotes vegan events and activism, such as cookery classes, education evenings and rallies. Tudor also set up the

Volunteers 1 Sign up to raise funds and show how healthy vegans can be 2 Vegans represented at the Time to Act on Climate Change March 3 Teamwork: volunteers help us towards our shared vision



Happy Fun Vegans social group to encourage vegans and their non-vegan friends and family members to get involved in fun activities. Tudor likes to demonstrate to non-vegans that veganism is really easy to do. He says, "Vegans are everywhere, and visiting non-vegan restaurants as a group encourages businesses to expand their options for vegans." The groups get together to support Fitzroy’s Vegan Day Out, Animal Liberation Victoria's Vegan Bake Days and the World Vegan Day Festival in Melbourne every year – now a 15,000 people strong event with lots of amazing family-friendly activities. Happy Fun Vegans even sponsored the event last year by installing a massive bouncy castle and bungee run. You can find out more about the groups by going to meetup.com/ melbourne-vegan and meetup.com/Happy-FunVegans-Melbourne.

Go Vegan for the Environment In early March, Local Contact, Beata, organised a group of vegans to attend the Time to Act on Climate Change March. They had over 20 people in their group, as well as many other vegans spread throughout the march as a whole. The march went very well, with the group promoting veganism and showing others that animal agriculture contributes to environmental degradation. Beata hopes that the next march will be even more populated with vegans to bring more of a spotlight on the reasons why veganism benefits the environment.


In Wales, it has started to feel like summer. With the start of vegan festival season and highs of 20 degrees, all we’ve wanted to do is spend time outside, drink smoothies and eat colourful salads. We’re pleased to share one of our most-loved simple salad recipes. • A handful of leafy greens of your choice • Half a chopped red onion • A red pepper • Sliced avocado • Half a handful of pumpkin seeds • A sprinkle of Kaizen Living Chia Seeds • A drizzle of vegan salad dressing of your choice. Layer your salad in a Tupperware box. Pack it in your rucksack, climb a mountain, take pleasure in the beauty of nature and enjoy your colourful superfood salad. Trust us, it’ll feel like pure bliss. Hang out with TeenVGN at teenvgn.com

  Summer 2015 | The Vegan 27

Volunteer of the Summer

Liz Begg is a longstanding Local Contact who formed her local group, Angus Vegans, eight years ago. She recently revived the group in Scotland after there had been a lull, and they’re now more active than ever.

A smiley Liz at the Perth Kilt run

What attracted you to becoming a Local Contact? Living in a semi-rural and very profarming, hunting, shooting and fishing county like Angus, it is a real struggle trying to raise the profile of veganism. I decided that it would be a good idea to set up a group, and so Angus Vegans was created. I think it is really valuable having the backing of an international organisation such as The Vegan Society. Why do you volunteer with The Vegan Society? I volunteer because I think it is important to keep something for existing and new vegans as well as those interested in making the change to veganism. At the moment, I’m mainly involved with responding to new enquiries and organising regular meals out with the group members. What drives you to do so much outreach with your local group? I think it is the compassion, and love, that I feel for animals. I feel that by doing something like keeping Angus Vegans going, it is helping people to explore veganism as well as offering support to existing vegans. Some people dip in and out and others we only see once, but the group is here to offer advice and support to all vegans and those considering veganism in the Angus and Dundee areas.

28  The Vegan | Summer 2015

Tell us about the re-vamp of Angus Vegans The group went into a period of inactivity, but it never felt right to not have anything at all. One of the other members, Paula, mentioned that she had received several new enquiries about the group, so we felt it was time to start it up again. We had our first meal at The Tapas Bar in Dundee as a re-vamped group, and as it was such a success we decided we would have regular get-togethers. What do you have planned for the group? Our recent meal was at The 13th Note, in Glasgow. We plan to have another lunch in Montrose in the middle of June. I would also like to get involved in more activism locally. What is it like being vegan in quite a rural area? It can be an issue when we are eating out, but I now know where all the best takeaways are that cater for vegans! Politically it is very frustrating as the local and national politicians don’t like upsetting the farming, shooting, hunting and fishing industries, which are very strong and visible here. These are the kind of obstacles we are up against constantly. What advice would you give to vegans interested in visiting Scotland? There is definitely a lot more choice in the way of eateries that are specifically veg*n friendly in the bigger cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh. You will always find something to eat in most towns and cities, though choices may be more limited in rural parts of the country. You can always get in touch with a Local Contact for further advice.


Discount card Want to advertise here? Contact advertising@vegansociety.com for more information.

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SIZZLING SUMMER SAVINGS SAVE 30% OFF EVERY VEGANICITY PRODUCT Veganicity is the UK’s premier range of vegan nutritional supplements. Celebrating it’s 10th year, Veganicity offers a wide range of products including Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Multivitamin + Mineral to help support your ethical lifetstyle and keep you in tiptop health!

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The holder of this card is entitled to a variety of great discounts at participating businesses.

Valid from: 01 June 2015 Until: 31 August 2015 Reference code: SUMMER2015 www.vegansociety.com

30  The Vegan | Summer 2015

RRP £6.45


eganicity suitable for everyone



Book reviews



Growl by Kim Stallwood Reviewed by Zelly Restorick

Cookin’ Up a Storm by Laura Dakin Reviewed by Penny Veitch

The book’s title evokes Kim Stallwood’s experiences growling about – and against – all forms of animal exploitation. In the introduction, fellow animal activist Dr Brian May writes, "Although Kim is modest and self-critical, his life has already inspired many of us in our quest to give animals a voice." Stallwood’s life changed after watching Open Door, a 1970s BBC documentary focused on The Vegan Society. This transformed him into ‘Kim the Vegelical’ – an evangelistic vegan. Stallwood later met The Vegan Society’s Kathleen Jannaway and Eva Batt, describing them as “dedicated pioneers, who in many ways were ahead of their time.” In Growl, Stallwood reflects on four decades spent as an animal advocate and vegan. Alongside personal insights, he explores the four main values he believes should be at the heart of any campaign on behalf of animals: compassion, truth, non-violence and justice. Stallwood is keenly dedicated to educating the public about the reality of what is happening in the “animal industrial complex”, where animals “have no other destiny than as our products or services.” He also acknowledges the vital necessity of legislation and lobbying politicians at a local, national and international level. Growl is dedicated to the reader, ‘because you can make a difference’ – and Stallwood is certainly one individual who has made a hugely impactful difference to the lives of all of the animals he cares about.

I’ve long admired Sea Shepherd and their intrepid crews, who eat only vegan food on their voyages. Their new book contains many mouthwatering recipes, and is beautifully illustrated. It also includes anecdotes written by various crew members, which make me admire their courage even more. The first recipe I tried was the Sweet Potatoes with Balsamic Onions. These were quite quick and easy to make, and melted in the mouth with a sweet chutney flavour. It was so good that I made more, and took it to a vegan potluck, where they were very well received. I used butternut squash to recreate the Warming Pumpkin Soup, and the result was delicious and spicy. It has now replaced my usual pumpkin soup recipe. I was initially sceptical about the Bob Barker Yum Bowls recipe, which mixed cold tomatoes, avocado and Yum Sauce with hot brown rice and roasted potatoes. However, it worked beautifully, and the leftover sauce was delicious on pasta the next day. My only criticism is that the book uses cups, with metric ‘equivalents’. You’ll notice the inverted commas? In my kitchen, a quarter cup of nutritional yeast does not weigh ’60 ml’ and 6 cups of shredded cabbage do not equal 1.5L. My advice would be to use the cup measurements the first time round, and then weigh the contents, marking the correct weight on the pages. However, the recipes more than make up for this inconvenience and I’ll be trying many more, as well as revisiting others that have already become family favourites.

1 Author of Growl,

Kim Stallwood 2 Sea Shepherd crews eat only vegan food on their voyages

  Summer 2015 | The Vegan 31


Introducing the Just V Show

London’s spectacular Olympia Grand


Rebels with a cause

ollowing the amazing success of last year’s V Delicious, we’re delighted to say that the show is returning to London’s Olympia Grand this year from the 3rd to the 5th of July, this time as ‘Just V Show’. This event will be as delicious as ever – and so why the change of name? Alongside an abundance of beautiful food products, Just V Show is offering much more. This year, you will see more clothes and shoes, beauty and household items, as well as health and ethical products, than ever before. We know that an ethical lifestyle encompasses far more than just diet – and so do the organisers of Just V Show. With a fantastic line-up of shopping, talks and entertainment, 2015 is set to be the biggest and best so far.

where volunteers will be presented with their awards. Once again, this will be a fun event open to everyone. As well as the Awards, we will have lots of entertainment for you to enjoy throughout the afternoon alongside an array of samples and goodies for everyone attending, generously donated by our trademark holders. “We are incredibly lucky to have so many committed volunteers who give their time to support the aims of The Vegan Society,” says Jasmijn de Boo, CEO. “By presenting these awards, we hope to recognise the achievements of our volunteers in a very real way, and celebrate all that they do to promote veganism.” The Awards this year are shaping up to be even more entertaining and exciting, so come along to celebrate with us.

Volunteer of the Year Awards

Something for everyone

Thanks to Just V Show, The Vegan Society was able to host an amazing volunteer award event last year. With a 1940s themed tea party held alongside the awards, complete with vegan performer Lizzy Rushby singing 40s hits, this really was a highlight of our calendar. The Vegan Society are very excited to hold our second Volunteer of the Year Awards at this year’s Just V Show. Find us on Saturday in the V Theatre from 2:30 until 4:30 for a special ceremony

If you’re looking for a place to discover and stock up on an exciting array of new items, then look no further. From cooking ingredients, to shoes and clothing, to indulgent snacks, to beautiful gift ideas, there really will be something for everyone. Previous visitors to the show loved the opportunity to engage with vendors and talk to them about their business and their products – and free samples never go amiss, either.

32  The Vegan | Summer 2015


Who can resist treats from Pudology?

Quench your thirst at Pitfield’s stand

Beautiful cakes from Ruby’s of London

Alongside a v-friendly shopping experience like no other, you can look forward to live cooking classes, where a host of top chefs will inspire you to try out something new in the kitchen. You will also have the chance to meet lovely likeminded people, including charity representatives, volunteers, retailers, and other show-goers, so there is sure to be a wonderful atmosphere on the day.

…and there’s more As if you weren’t going to be busy enough, your ticket will also grant you access to two other events, very conveniently situated alongside Just V Show in Olympia Grand. Visitors on the lookout for a health paradise need look no further than Love Natural Love Organic, an event full of natural and organic products. Alongside this will be The Allergy & free-from Show sponsored by Udi’s Gluten Free Europe’s largest free-from family day out.

The Vegan Society hangs out with Ms Cupcake

Free tickets to the show What could be even better than a weekend of Just V Show? Possibly attending the show for free? All you need to do is download your ticket from the following web address, then share the link with your friends and family for them to do the same. Push the boat out and invite your distant relatives, old school teachers and the local football team – the more the merrier. Go to: justvshow.co.uk/go/theveganmag. Or you can cut out the free ticket on the back of the magazine, stick it up on your fridge and bring it with you to the show – it’s up to you. We can’t wait for the show – come and visit The Vegan Society at stand V11. We look forward to seeing you there!

  Summer 2015 | The Vegan 33


Tivydale Tivydale's SS15 collection of designer vegan shoes are sure to brighten up your holiday wardrobe regardless of the destination. Handmade in London, their five new styles feature a stiletto heel to add a touch of glamour to any occasion. High quality and vegan-friendly materials are used to create their range of footwear that suits every style. The Tivydale website also stocks a range of flat sandals, shoes and boots for all year round, some of which can be purchased from The Third Estate retail outlet in Camden, London. Visit tivydale.com.

Shoparound Shop with confidence for products registered with our trusted Vegan Trademark

Rawr Chocolate Cacao was named ‘food of the gods’ hundreds of years ago and is still praised today for containing over 300 nutritional compounds that are only fully accessible in their raw form. It is no surprise that raw cacao is the main ingredient of Rawr Chocolate. As well as being raw, the chocolate is vegan, organic and Fairtrade. Flavours include mint, orange, goji berry and vanilla, lucuma, 70%, and 80% cacao. It can be purchased at Planet Organic, in some independent shops around the UK/Europe or through the Rawr website rawrchoc.com.

34  The Vegan | Summer 2015

Native Unearthed Newly registered with the Vegan Trademark, eco-friendly deodorants from Native Unearthed have arrived just in time for the summer months. Their custom-blended formula with natural mineral alum (crystal) at its core gives Native Unearthed deodorant the power to combat growth of odour-causing bacteria instead of blocking the pores like traditional deodorants. Ideal for sensitive skin, their product has been awarded the Allergy Friendly product award by Allergy UK. The deodorant comes in 100 percent recyclable and reusable packaging. For more information or to order, visit nativeunearthed.co.uk.


Blackfriars Bakery We are delighted to confirm that a selection of Blackfriars flapjack flavours are now registered with the Vegan Trademark. Blackfriars boasts seven delicious veganfriendly flapjacks – Original, Fruit, Date & Walnut, Cherry & Coconut, Apricot, Apple & Sultana, and Apple & Raspberry. They’re great to keep in a bag for emergency snacking on your travels. If you want to try the whole range, opt for the ‘Vegan Variety’ flapjack mix box, with delivery direct to your door. Grab a 10% off discount by entering the code SUNFLOWER at the checkout page at blackfriarsbakery.co.uk.

Green People Looking to protect your skin while keeping a healthy glow this summer? Green People have several options with Vegan Trademarked products to help you navigate through these sunny months. Offering Sun Lotion SPF15 with Tan Accelerator, Day Cream with SPF15, Hydrating After Sun and Sun and Sports Shampoo and Conditioner, you have all bases covered. If the summer isn’t warm enough for your liking, they also offer a nonstreaky self-tan lotion for all skin types. For more information, to buy online or to find your nearest stockist, visit greenpeople.co.uk.

The Vegan Cakery The Vegan Cakery will stop at nothing to bring delicious baked goods to Britain’s homes and businesses. Offering a huge range of hand-crafted delicacies including biscuits, shortbread, celebration cakes and the first Vegan Trademarked lemon curd, they have now launched bake at home kits in three irresistible flavours. Choose from chocolate, raspberry or lemon, with the added option of a beautifully presented reusable gift tin to give to your loved ones. To mail order yours today or to enquire about ready-baked goods, visit vegancakery.com.

  Summer 2015 | The Vegan 35

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Local Contacts & Groups Local Contacts are your first point of contact for information and advice relating to veganism in your area. Whether you are looking to find out where you can shop for vegan products or want to share your favourite vegan recipes with others, our Local Contacts welcome you to get in touch. Join your local vegan network

Not a vegan group near you?

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The Vegan Society has Local Contacts and Groups all over the UK and Ireland supporting our campaigns and projects, but not all areas are covered. If you’ve been a full member of The Vegan Society for six months or more, you could help The Vegan Society by becoming a Local Contact.

Use these pages, printed once per year in The Vegan magazine’s summer issue and updated regularly online (bit.ly/tvscontacts), to find out how you can contact your local group. Local Contacts are volunteers of The Vegan Society, and not official representatives, so their levels of activity and knowledge vary. Where ‘veg*n’ is used, this refers to a group that is for both vegetarians and vegans. If you run a vegan group that is not listed here, please contact volunteer@vegansociety.com.

• Be the first to hear our campaign updates • Give veganism a louder voice in your community • Help more people to go vegan Contact volunteer@vegansociety.com if you’d like to know more about becoming a Local Contact.

North England Barnsley & Penistone, South Yorkshire Michael om_uk2002@yahoo.co.uk 01226 766298 Bedale, Yorkshire Patricia Tricker vegan@phonecoop.coop N. Riding Veg*ns Bolton Linda Sever lsever@uclan.ac.uk 07950 475414 Manchester Vegans Bolton Alwynne Cartmell admin@wellbeingworkshopsworldwide.com 01204 704600 Bolton Crazi-Carrot Vegans

Hull Mark Evans 01482 471119 East Riding Vegans merrydowncontrolware.co.uk/ervegans ervegans@merrydowncontrolware.co.uk Hyde Stephen Gregory militaryspud@aol.co.uk 07853 237581 Kendal Bridget Guest bridget@quaker-tapestry.co.uk 07817 169947 quaker-tapestry.co.uk

Newcastle Gordon Forrest gmforrest@tiscali.co.uk 0191 258 6793 Northumbria Veg*ns North Yorkshire Katie Victoria Chabriere kennyflimmings@hotmail.com 01423561713 Sheffield Paula Marley veganevolutionist@me.com Sassy V facebook.com/ SecretAssociationOfSouthYorkshireVegans veganevolutionist@me.com

Cheshire Lucy Smith lucyscheshire@gmail.com

Lancaster Louise Jones victoria.jones8@btopenworld.com Lancaster vegans

West Yorkshire Hilary Wilson hils46@yahoo.co.uk 01706 816848 3 Valley Veg*ns 3valleyvegns.wordpress.com

Cumbria Rich veggierich@hotmail.com 07857039917 Cumbria Vegans facebook.com/groups/cumbriavegans/

Liverpool Mark Bateman mrbateman@blueyonder.co.uk 0151 263 8658

Yorkshire Dilys Cluer 01723 368475

Durham and Sunderland John Ellis john.ellisvegan@btinternet.com 07899010799

Manchester Christine Barratt-Phelps veganchrissie@gmail.com 07808 929556 Manchester Veg*ns groups.yahoo.com/group/mvvg

Huddersfield Chrissy Leyland chrissy@rbgi.net 07734831748 Huddersfield Vegans huddersfieldvegans@gmail.com

Manchester Lynnmarie Mottershead redmancrock@yahoo.co.uk Manchester Vegansgroups.yahoo.com/group/ manchester-vegan-society

East England Cambridge Adam Moss adam@gimp.org Cambridge Vegans camvegans.xonline.org.uk Dereham, Norwich Penny Franiel pennyfraniel@gmail.com Norwich Vegans norwichvegans.co.uk

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Local Contacts Grimsby Samantha Grayson Sam@samanthagrayson.com Norfolk David Harriman david.harriman4@btinternet.com 07746 333563

Nottingham Patrick Smith nvvs@veggies.org.uk 0845 458 9595 veggies.org.uk/nvvs Veggies Catering Campaign veggies.org.uk

Norwich Gabrielle Yaxley vegerose@hotmail.com Norfolk Veg*ns vegfolk.co.uk

Nottingham Peter NottsVeg meetup.com/Nottingham-VegetarianVegan-Meetup-Group notts.veg@googlemail.com

Sheringham Jane Johnson thejjs@tiscali.co.uk 01263 821609 Norfolk Veg*ns vegfolk.co.uk

Rugby Andrea Wolstenholme andrea@goodforvegans.co.uk Rugby Vegans

Suffolk Annette White apwh@aol.com 01379 687293 Vegan Meetups Suffolk facebook.com/ groups/Veganmeetupssuffolk

Shropshire Malcolm 01952 432874 Shropshire Veg*ns shropveg.org.uk

West Norfolk Amy Austin amyaustin396@gmail.com 01760 756330

Midlands David Smailes davidsmailes1@talktalk.net 07929 017088 Northants Vegans Birmingham Von Lindley Birmingham Vegans Birmingham Veg Singles Group Uni of Birmingham Veg Soc facebook.com/groups/vegsocbrum

Wolverhampton Dean Bracher dean_bracher@yahoo.co.uk 07703 643 327 Wolverhampton Veg*ns wolvesveg.org.uk Yardley Abi Harrison Yardley Vegans yardley.vegans@gmail.com

South East England Bishop's Stortford Lian Brook-Tyler lian.brooktyler@btinternet.com Bishop's Stortford Vegans facebook.com/home. php?sk=group_129415110466462 Cobham Colleen Price 01483 285721

Birmingham, Moseley Frank Thunder frankthunder@virginmedia.com 07770 630121 South Birmingham Vegans facebook.com/groups/ SouthBirminghamVegans Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire Bruce Tanner vscontact@vegan3counties.org.uk 01684 541808 Three Counties Vegans vegan3counties.org.uk Worcester Paul Crouch www.facebook.com/ WorcesterVegansVeggieswww.worcsveg. org.uk/groups/worcester.html Leicestershire Sue Daniels 07786 175445 Leicestershire Veg*ns leicesterveggies.org.uk leicesterveggies@1sd.co.uk Midlands & Redditch Kevin White 01527 458395 Redditch Veg*ns redditchveggies.org.uk reddiveggie@lycos.com Midlands Vegan Campaigns veganmidlands.org.uk info@veganmidlands.org.uk Milton Keynes Peter Simpson 01908 503919 MK Vegetarians & Vegans (MKVEG) mkvegar475@talktalk.net North Lincolnshire John Bateman Services22ltd@yahoo.com

38  The Vegan | Summer 2015

Croydon Tracey Hague tracey.hague@phonecoop.coop 020 8655 3797 Dover Tom Clother nuchtom@talktalk.net 07879 483411 East Hampshire Mandy Moore easthantsvegans@gmail.com 07738716574 East Hampshire Vegan Society East Sussex Angie Wright angie@angiewright.co.uk 07794 108494 Brighton Veg*ns Eastbourne Helen helenpelliott40@hotmail.com 01323 726161 Eastbourne Veg*n Group helenpelliott40@hotmail.com Eastbourne Evie eviesier@live.co.uk 01323 723855 Eastbourne Vegans Essex Karin Ridgers info@veggievision.co.uk 07970 732668 veggievision.co.uk Vegan Essex Farnham (Surrey) and Aldershot (Hampshire) Susanne Stoneman susannehelenfrost@hotmail.com Guildford Barbara Jackson 01483 425040 Guildford Veg*n Soc Hanworth, Feltham Beata Ciupinska jubzzb@yahoo.co.uk 07907 577971 London Vegan and Vegetarian Family Group

Kent Ian 07740 432 027 Sevenoaks Veg*ns 7oaks-veg-veg-ft.org sevenoaksvegansandveggies@blueyonder. co.uk Kingston, Sutton, Worcester Park, Epsom, Merton Carol Williams Worcester Park Vegans facebook.com/groups/ WorcesterParkVegans carol020754@gmail.com Lewes Felicity Newman godsend.eleisha@gmail.com 01273 814459 Lewes District Vegans Vegan Christians Lewisham, London David Gore davidhgore@gmail.com 07960 514 320 Lewisham Vegans facebook.com/LewishamVegans London Hannah Thrush hannah@vegancampaigns.org.uk 07900 020010 / 07890 136663 Vegan Campaigns vegancampaigns.org.uk info@vegancampaigns.org.uk London Stephen Walsh 07967 361510 London Robb Masters London Vegan Meetup meetup.com/londonvegan hello@londonveganmeetup.co.uk London Amrit Blackburn Amritpatel19@aol.com 07950 946 382 London Veg*n Families meetup.com/London-Vegan-VegetarianFamily-Group London Julie Rosenfield & Brian Jacobs vegans@veganlondon.co.uk 020 8446 3480 veganlondon.co.uk London Vegans londonvegans.org.uk London, South Thomas Micklewright londonvegansoc@gmail.com 07789 322920 Brixton, Clapham, Crystal Palace, Dulwich londonvegansoc@gmail.com Lewisham, Greenwich, Shoreditch, Rotherhithe londonvegansocieties.com Maidstone Amanda Beatty chrmd68@hotmail.com Medway Sheila McCrossan sheilamccrossan@hotmail.com 01634 294865 Medway Veg*ns New Forest Lisa Thorne lisathorne13@gmail.com New Forest Juliet Lynn julietlynn@hotmail.com 01590 677726 New Forest Vegans facebook.com/groups/nfvegans Ramsgate Rosalind Bane rosvegan11@ yahoo.co.uk 01843 589027 Kent Vegans Reading, Berkshire Gemma Noakes shibbygem@gmail.com

Local Contacts Shanklin David Burnett 01983 868 261 Isle of Wight Vegetarians and Vegans iwvv.org.uk tofu2@tesco.net Southend and Chelmsford Cathy & Ian essexveggies@btinternet.com SOUTHEND & CHELMSFORD VEG*NS essexveggies@btinternet.com Thanet, Kent Jill Stewart Jill.stewart@hotmail.co.uk 07977814676 Vegan Adventures Thanet facebook.com/VeganAdventuresThanet Jill.stewart@hotmail.co.uk Tunbridge Wells Jenifer Vinell 01892 535439 Tunbridge Wells Vegans tunbridgewellsvegans@gmail.com Waterlooville/Havant Tessy Elizabeth Connell tessyconnell@gmail.com 07816 487541 Wheathampstead Neill Sankey neill10gem@yahoo.co.uk 01582 622542 Herts Veg*ns Winchester and South Hants Les Burwood les.burwood@gmail.com

South West England Bath Caroline isomer44@gmail.com Bristol Ellen Howard ellenhoward@blueyonder.co.uk 0117 377 7901 Bristol Vegans veganbristol.makessense.co.uk Bristol Ian Liddle & Jenny Liddle info@excellart.co.uk 01761413022 Bristol Vegans facebook.com/groups/49939190436 info@excellart.co.uk Cheltenham Jerry Howse Cheltenham Vegetarians and Vegans cheltveg.webs.com cheltenhamveggroup@yahoo.co.uk Christchurch Peter Leslie Crawford peterthevegan@yahoo.co.uk 07810 707 299 Cornwall Sue & Chris westaway.westaway@googlemail.com 01822 833745 Tamar Valley Vegans Devizes Ginny Clother 07973 517029 Vegan Wiltshire veganwiltshire.yolasite.com veganwiltshire@fastmail.fm Devon Martin Fox veggiefox@tiscali.co.uk 01803 605009 Exeter Friends For Animals effa-uk.org mail@effa-uk.org Dorset Anna Celeste Compassionate Dorset (Vegans) compassionatedorset.co.uk info@compassionatedorset.co.uk Gloucestershire Imogen Shaw 01453 760098 Gloucestershire Vegan Group glosvegans.wordpress.com gloucestershirevegans@yahoo.co.uk @glosvegangroup

Plymouth and South Devon Kerry Medlyn 07414 997 094 Plymouth Vegans plymouthvegans.weebly.com/ plymouthvegans@outlook.com


Taunton Christopher John Rose 07901 664860 Taunton Vegans tauntonvegans.btck.co.uk tauntonveg@gmail.com

Gwent Helen Aesa HelenandRami@hotmail.com 07450 264190

West Oxfordshire Jen Louise Marks gypsy.bleu9@gmail.com 07977 113865 Meet and Veg Witney uk.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ MeetVegWitney/conversations/messages

Scotland Aberdeen George Rodger georgedrodger5840@yahoo.co.uk 07713 848663 Aberdeen Vegans & Friends Angus & Dundee Liz Begg chooselifeandgovegan@icloud.com 07790 827303 Angus Vegans paula.fenwick@yahoo.co.uk Ayrshire James Boyle jamfranbo@hotmail.com 07891495277 Caithness Peter Ferguson 07788 821568 Veganism4u peterve4u@aol.com Central Belt Penny Veitch pjjv47@gmail.com 0788 034 0166 Scottish Vegans Central Bolden Belt Kirsty 07561111588 Vegan Edinburgh Glasgow (VEG) facebook.com/groups/ VeganEdinburghGlasgow Central Scotland Gemma Learmonth gemma.learmonth@gmail.com Vegan Edinburgh Glasgow facebook.com/groups/ VeganEdinburghGlasgow Edinburgh Jacqueline Walsh 0131 467 3943 Edinburgh Duncan Thorp duncanthorp@live.com 07989 790 756 Glasgow Katie Glasgow University Vegan Society GUVeganSociety@gmail.com Glasgow Marion Hersh m.hersh@elec.gla.ac.uk Glasgow Lyndie Macintyre 0141 883 4892 Orkney Lorraine Martin lorrainemartin1@live.com

Carmarthenshire Corwen Alun Hughes 0845 330 6754

Pembrokeshire Sally Thomas sallyjamprintmaker@hotmail.com 07929 552418 Powys Anne Evans ae.tlc@btinternet.com 01588 620322 Montgomery Vegans mvfa.org.uk/ Swansea George Barwick 01792 518 773 Swansea Vegans swanseavegans.org.uk info@swanseavegans.org.uk

The Republic of Ireland Cork Bronwyn Slater Cork Vegans meetup.com/Cork-Vegans corkvegans@gmail.com County Clare David Taylor Clare Veg Group clareveggroup.blogspot.com clareveggroup@gmail.com Leinster, Dublin Ed Long Edmundlong1@gmail.com 00353 (0) 86 3248765 Limerick Michael limerick.vegan@yahoo.ie 00 353 87 959 2563

Groups not listed above The groups here are either nongeographical or are not run by Local Contacts. Tim Vodden Eat Out Vegan Wales eatoutveganwales.org eatoutveganwales@yahoo.co.uk Students Against Animal Cruelty saac.org.uk info@saac.org.uk Nitin Mehta 0208 686 6931 Young Indian Veg*ns youngindianvegetarians.co.uk animalahimsa@gmail.com Peter Simpson Vegan Runners UK veganrunners.org.uk veganrunners@talktalk.net Jane O’Leary 0151 933 1338 Scouseveg scouseveg.co.uk Jain Vegans jainvegans.org David Harrington 07989 686491 Edinburgh Veg*ns groups.yahoo.com/group/edveg Mail@ davidharrington.org.uk

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Letters Health pages in vegan publications Given our current UK diets it's important that we all (non-vegans and vegans alike) think about our diet in relationship to our health. Personally, my cholesterol and blood sugar levels are almost off the chart good and even my B12 is in the upper quartile. This experience corresponds with everything that I read: vegans do at least as well as those on an average ‘western’ diet, if not better, apart from B12. If us vegans don't need special remedial action, then why so many pages aimed specifically at vegan health? Mark Westcombe

Facebook Feedback We asked visitors to our Facebook page (facebook.com/TheVeganSociety) whether they had a vegan epiphany when they were younger. Here are some of our favourite responses. “I was 13 when I gave up eating all meat ... My dog actually brought about that change in me ... I realized if he's an animal and capable of showing so many emotions, why is a hen or goat any different?” Deepti Majithia Malhotra “Sketching cows in a field when in my first year at art school ...link made” Caroline Brown “For me it was hearing where the male lambs went, the week a friend’s mum had a baby boy.” Eloise Harding

Many of us find that, once we become vegan, we are overwhelmed with questions about healthy eating. This is why we aim to have an overview of healthy plant-based vegan-friendly diets in every edition of The Vegan, as well as regular nutrition and dietetic special features. The Vegan Society is a special case as an educational Registered Charity. We are the point of reference, not just for vegans worldwide, but also for those providing services to vegans. We have a particular duty to compile and share the best evidence on healthy plant-based and veganfriendly nutrition. I agree that, if you wish to talk about health, then asking non-vegans where they get their fibre and vitamin C can be a positive way to re-frame the conversation. The foremost benefit of a vegan diet is to bring closer a world in which humans avoid any use of non-human animals. However, all reputable experts, including the British Dietetic Association, agree that healthy diets are rich in a rainbow of lightly processed vegetables. Amanda Baker, Senior Policy & Advocacy Officer 40  The Vegan | Summer 2015

“When I was about six my older siblings told me that meat was animals ... I was heartbroken! Took another six years of pushing food around my plate till my parents gave up and I went veggie (then later vegan). That was (eek) 26 years ago.” Branna N Jarvis “Aged 8 I refused to consume any more animals ... I’ll be 33 tomorrow. Veganism is the way forward for humans and animals alike.” Laura Browne

Have your say! We would love for you to get in contact with your personal stories of vegan activism. Have you been involved in more marches than you can mention? Have you created positive change in your community by speaking up for vegans? What have you found to be the best way to inspire more people to go vegan? Write Donald Watson House, 21 Hylton Street, Birmingham, B18 6HJ Email editor@vegansociety.com Facebook /TheVeganSociety Twitter @TheVeganSociety Comments may be edited for publication.


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The Vegan summer 2015  

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