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Fruit Soup (Hot or Cold). Hazelnut Stuffed Roast, Onion Gravy, Braised Carrots, Brussels Sprouts, Roast Potatoes. Christmas Pudding. Mince Pies. Coffee.

Fruit Soup 1 lb. apples. pints of water. Rind and juice of j lemon.

2 oz. Barbados sugar, 2 cloves.

Cut apples into small pieces, add lemon juice and grated rind, also cloves. Put all ingredients into a saucepan with water, simmer until soft. Press through sieve, add sugar. Serve hot or cold. Hazelnut Roast | lb. milled hazelnuts. 2 oz. nutter. \ lb. wholemeal bread Seasoning. crumbs. Thick gravy or wholemeal 1 large onion. sauce. Mix nuts, crumbs, and seasoning together. Cut onion finely ; fry golden brown. Place cooked onions on top of mixture. Pour over about 8 tablespoonfuls of gravy. Stir all gently into a stiff roll. Place on board and smooth over with knife. Cut through centre lengthwise ; it is then ready for the stuffing.

Tomato Stuffing ÂŁ lb. tomatoes. 2 oz. wholemeal crumbs. 1 tablespoonful chopped parsley.

Seasoning. Pinch of thyme. 1 oz. vegetable margarine,

Peel tomatoes, cut up, and cook gently in saucepan with margarine. When soft add all other ingredients. Mix into a stiff roll. Place stuffing on one half of a nut roast, replace the other half. Smooth over with knife. Bake on greased paper and cover with greased paper. 9

The Vegan Autumn 1962  

The magazine of The Vegan Society

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