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Founder of Hong Kong Vegan Society - Dr John Wedderburn Following the establishment of Hong Kong Vegetarian Society in 1994, in 1996, John started the establishment of Hong Kong Vegan Society with a group of students from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, ‘Vegan’ seed was planted in the piece of land. Subsequent years, there have been different participants helping with the growing of this Society non-stop. Especially recent years a number of seminars and workshops were organized jointly with the Hong Kong Vegan Association. These activities aimed at providing environmental and health information to those who are ready to change their diet. Every Monday, there are dinner gathering take turn at different restaurants in Hong Kong to address the Meatfree Monday for promoting low-carbon diet to curb global warming, and now it has become a famous a platform for low-carbon diet activities in Hong Kong. Besides promoting vegan lifestyle, John is also participating in rescuing and finding homes for abandoned and abused animals. promoting low cost desexing of dogs and cats in order to prevent unwanted litters which are the root cause of most of the problems; trapping, neutering, releasing and give long term care for Lamma's colonies of street cats. these programmes are running with desired results. And these plans are expected to be implemented in all districts of Hong Kong or even mainland China to implement. However, there is always doubt in his mind, for some people spent most of their time and energy for the sake of animal welfare and animal rights by participating in rescue and care for them selflessly, and at the end of the day, they have meat for the meals. These two behavior are inconsistent. Perhaps we should rethink.

Chad the Ultra Runner

Q: What

would you like to say to the

individuals who are thinking about going ve(getari)an? You won’t regret it.

Q:What kind of changes would you like to see in a) people’s attitudes towards a meat-free diet: It would be wonderful to see that more people are aware of the cruelty behind the meat industry, of the alternative options to a meat-based diet, and of the need to connect with the living beings around us. b) canteens/dining units at HKU: They can get ideas from menus at overseas college dining halls. Fried rice and noodles can easily be veganized. They should respect students’ ethical choices. They offer Halal items because they respect their religion, why not veg(etari)ans? c) restaurants in Hong Kong: Every café should have at least one meatless option. d) Hong Kong as a city: They have organic produce isles in supermarkets. I would love to see vegan aisles! Agnes recommends: Singaporean fried noodles without Cha Siu (roasted pork). Starbucks drinks with soymilk. Soft-shelled ‘crab’ rice rolls and ‘pork cutlet’ with Ramen at Gaia Veggie Shop.

Q:Do you think you will go back to eating meat? Sensibility has motivated me to become a vegan. I cannot let go of my sensibility.


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By Angie Palmer From the U.S. to Hong Kong A Journey About Health, Green and Veganism

By Angie Palmer










Cuisine : Cantonese Style Lacto-ovo Vegetarian 菜式: 港式、蛋、奶素食 Average Food cost 平均消費: $60 Hours 營業時間: 7am - 10pm


New Territories 新界各區

New Territories 新界各區


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Meat Free Hong Kong  

First Issue - veggie guide in Hong Kong

Meat Free Hong Kong  

First Issue - veggie guide in Hong Kong