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Tenue de Ville

Concept development, photography, clothing design, styling The new metrosexual man, exploring the boundries between mens- and womanswear.


Food design •



Food is an expression of feelings, filled with the deepest emotions. It’s a way to people’s hearts, and to mine.

Veerle Evens November 16 , 1989 Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, The Netherlands

De Kolentip Maasbracht, the Netherlands Restaurant photography




Amsterdam, The Netherlands Restaurant photography at Taste of Amsterdam Festival.

Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Photography at Taste of Amsterdam Festival

Bread, eggs & pomegranate Photography, styling Non-commissioned

Taste of Amsterdam Photography

Festival 2012

Keuken Confessies Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Concept development, styling, photography


Through Brumous Depths Photography, styling, cinematography


Inspirational book about new approaches and habits relating to food in 3 different themes; nihil, primal and unite. It forms a combination with the same named shortfilm. Exhibited on the Willem de Kooning Graduation Festival 2012.



Food Design, photography, styling, cooking Food design concept for Elho (plant pot company) during the Garden Fair (Spoga Gafa)in Cologne, Germany, using their products to create playfull new ways of serving food.

Dutch Design Week Food Design, photography, styling, cooking


First Aid Food stand on the exhibition ‘The Rechargeables’, set up as a exhibition to experience, touch, feel, smell, taste. An exhibition to recharge your battery.

Camera Japan Festival Concept development, food design, styling, cooking


Food design ocncept during the opening night of Camera Japan Festival in Rotterdam, creating a clash between Dutch and Japanese ingredients in a setting inspired on a traditional shadowplay.

Unfold tableware Product Design, photography, styling


An ever expanding ceramics collection based on developments in the owners life.

Into Deep, cutlery Product Design, photography, styling


Concept cutlery for Hussein Chalayan, based on going back to your roots and connecting with your food.

Food portfolio 2013