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RECONS POWER EQUIPMENTS PVT. Search LTD. (Formerly known as Rect ifiers & Cont rols) (An ISO 9001:2008 Company)


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September 10 , 20 13

Co mment No wadays, It’s Difficult Fo r Any Industry Or Manufacturing Unit To Get Uninterrupted Po wer Supply. Get The Service Of Po tent Device That Is Capable Eno ugh To Run Mo st Of The Machines Witho ut Po wer Interruptio ns. With Presence All Acro ss The Glo be We Are Able To Cater Services In Majo rity Parts Of The Wo rld. Pro ducts Are Designed In A Way To Pro vide Pro tectio n In Times Of Vo ltage




Refresh Po wer Interruptio ns Caused By Faulty Wirings Or Bad Weather Can Be So lved By Efficient Po wer Gadgets. Vo ltage Stabilizers Are Designed To Pro vide Co nstant Electric Current To Any Electro nic Machine. Highly Po tent Devices Are Designed To Meet Po wer Fluctuatio ns Which Can Cause Serio us Damage To Yo ur Co mputers And Electro nic Devices And In Turn Will Hamper Pro ductivity Of Yo ur Organizatio n At A Large Scale.


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Co mprehensive Gamuts Are Designed To Pro vide A Steady Current Supply! Subscribe We Cater Services To Meet The Needs In Small Businesses, Huge Co rpo ratio ns And Even In Residences. Stabilizers And Co ntro llers, High Capacity Vo ltage Rectifiers Help Resist Any Kind Of Malfunctio ning In Machines. Do e s Vo lt age Dro ps During Bro wno ut s And Ham pe rs T he Pro duct ivit y Of Yo ur Co m pany?



Get Effective So lutio ns To All Yo ur Wo rries Regarding Hindered Po wer Supply. A Leading Pro ducer, Supplier And Expo rter Pro vides Vast Variety Of Po wer Gadgets Such As (VPI) Dry Type & Oil Co o led Transfo rmers, Silico n Rectifier Equipments That Co nvert AC To DC To Suppo rt Any Kind Of Industrial Applicatio n, BEE Appro ved Transfo rmers, Rectifier Equipments And

T hink po we r and achie ve an o pule nt st at e o f m ind!

Vo ltage Stabilizers, Air Co o led Servo Stabilizers, Fo r Po wer Supply To Electric Furnace Efficiently Designed Arc Furnace

2013- 09- 10 11:34 :4 2

Transfo rmer, Ultra Iso latio n Transfo rmers, Lighting And Special Purpo se Transfo rmers. • Get The Benefit Of New Po tent Devices Designed To Meet Varied Requirements Of Po wer Supply With Reco ns.


Co o ling and Insulat io n drying o f e le ct rical de vice s

e le ct rical de vice s

• Oil Co o led Transfo rmer Are Designed Especially To Fulfill Heavy Duty Requirements Of Electro nic Industry.

2013- 08- 17 12:07:4 7

• Dry Co o led Transfo rmers Custo mized As Per Client’s Requirement.


• Energy Efficient So lutio ns To Cater Special Needs Of Any Manufacturing Industry. Heavy Use Of Techno lo gy In Educatio nal Institutes, Co rpo rate Offices And Co mpanies, And With Massive Infrastructural

Why yo u sho uld re ly o n an Invo lunt ary Vo lt age Co nt ro lle r

Develo pments The Demand Fo r Uninterrupted Po wer Supply Has Increased Greatly. Reco ns Co mpendio us Gamut Helps To

2013- 08- 06 05:34 :19

Avo id Any Occurrence Of Sensitive Vo ltage. Like



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What do yo u ne e d t o kno w abo ut a st abilize r? 2013- 07- 24 12:28:4 2

Transformer | Oil Cooled Transformers



A sm all Syno psis o f an EAF Transf o rm e r and why it is a saf e Alt e rnat ive 2013- 07- 19 08:38:50


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T hink po we r and achie ve an o pule nt st at e o f m ind!

Re co ns Po we r @Reco nsIndia1

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Co o ling and Insulat io n drying o f e le ct rical de vice s

(Formerly known as Rectifiers & Controls) (An ISO 9001:2008 Company) started manufacturing Exchange and Transfo rm yo ur life go o .gl/xJZ7Y8 This uniqueThe o ffercompany which no oinitially ther Transfo rmer Manufacturer in the co untry. Rectifier Equipments for Electroplating, Re co ns Po we r @Reco nsIndia1

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Distributio n Transfo rmers: What Needs To Be Kno wn

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Anodiz ing and other Electro- chemical Processes. In a very short interval of time, it earned a name for its make RECONS in the

Dry type transfo rmers challenge Delhi Transfo rmer co mpanies face!

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field of Electroplating and Anodiz ing Industry.


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Think power and achieve an opulent state of mind!  

The company provides power gadgets of stabilizers and controllers, high capacity voltage that are used by most of industries and residences....