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1. Title* 2. First Name* 3. Middle Name 4. Last Name* 5. Age* a. <20 b. 21-30 c. 31-50 d. 51-60 e. 61+

6. Nationality (insert the pull down of nations)* 7. Gender* a. Male b. Female 8. Permanent Address* 9. Present Address (if applicable) 10. Phone No. a. Mobile* b. Residence c. Office 11. Email* 12. Education* Degree/Certificate Obtained


Specialization (If any)

Name of University/School

13. Language Preference a. Hindi b. English c. Gujarati d. Any other .... 14. Employed* a. Yes b. No Pls. indicate skills acquired to support your placement (give a box optional to write)

15. Area of interest (Tick Multiple)* a. Public Relations b. Management c. Part-Time teaching d. Extra-curricular/sporting skills e. Child Counselling f.

Basic Computer training

g. Website maintenance h. Medical Services i.



Outreach activities/camp

k. Spiritual (yoga and naturopathy) l.


m. Documentation & Research n. Writing/Editing (Hindi/English/Gujarati)

o. Any other

16. Preferred dates for volunteering (insert calendar)* a. Start b. End 17. Project to volunteer in (please ALLOW multiple selection) a. Education a.i. Schools a.ii. Colleges a.iii. 200 school project b. Health b.i. Eye care centre (NJSM) b.ii. Health Centre c. Museum (art gallery) d. Parshva Jinalaya (Temple) e. Any other 18. Place to volunteer in (please ALLOW multiple selection) a. Rajgir, Bihar b. Pawapuri, Bihar c. Jakhania, Kutch d. Haripar, Kutch e. Rudrani, Kutch f.

Mumbai, Maharashtra

g. USA (only eligible for residents of that country) h. Other

19. Expression of Interest (Briefly, indicate your reasons to volunteer with us in 300-500 words)*


Name, Relation to self, Telephone no*

b. Name, Relation to self, Telephone no c. Member of Veerayatan (if you know any)

21. I endorse that the information I have provided in the present document is true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the references provided by me can be contacted by Veerayatan office. (YES TICK BOX)* Veerayatan Norms that a volunteer will require to adhere  No cash donation may be collected by any volunteer. You may motivate people to send their donations via cheques, DDs directly to Veerayatan.  Volunteers are not permitted to use Veerayatan stationary as their own.  All activities should be coordinated through the contact point in Veerayatan. Please do not directly interface on projects, and with other departments.  Volunteers visiting Veerayatan, please allow at least two months notice.  Please note that Jain ideologies are followed within our residential campuses and schools, therefore, non-vegetarian food, alcohol, tobacco and any other substance use is strictly prohibited.