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“Nature does not hurry yet everything gets done" Young Jains Nairobi hosted Pujya Sadhivishree Shilapiji Maharaj and Puyja Sadhvishree Manasviji Maharaj from 1st May to 12th May 2014 to enlighten and spread the teachings of Bhagavan Mahavira. During this time Sadhvishree Shilapiji Maharaj took us on a beautiful journey to experience love and happiness through a morning swadhyaya on “Patanjali Yoga Sutra” from 6.45am to 8.00am. The early morning meditations were the perfect jump start to the day. The stotra “Kalyana Mandira”, a eulogy to Parshvanth Bhagavan was beautifully sung and explained by the Sadhvijis during the mid morning sessions. The evening lectures on "Antar Yatra Na Dwara" (The doors to your inner Self) were an eye opener to many. Those who attended were simply mesmerized by the melodious stutis sung so beautifully. Students of Shree Chandana Vidya Peeth (6 to 16 years) were not to be left out! They presented a variety of prayers and stavans including Namutthunam, the Kenyan National Anthem, skits on “Panch Kalyanak” & “Animals - it's their world too” and a presentation on “Food Awareness”. The older students took the opportunity to display their day to day problems in the form of skits and Sadhvishree advised them the way forward. The Sadhvishrees were welcomed by our younger students with the local lyrics of "Karibuni Kenya". The adult class sang a lovely guru stuti to welcome our Guru and performed a skit on how one can live a better life. The Sadhvijis also took time to visit Thika and Mombasa. They met with the students of Thika who presented a stavan. A small library, donated by SCVP students of Thika was visited and blessed by Sadhvishree. In Mombasa a turnout of some 250+ listeners attended her lectures. An informative power point presentation was conducted by Sadhvishree Shilapiji Maharaj on the work that Veerayatan conducts. It is a wonder to note that there are only 15 Sadhvijis in Veerayatan yet the work that they have achieved so far is phenomenal. They have set up schools for orphans and the needy, colleges and vocational training centers for all age groups in the Veerayatan centers in Rajagriha (Bihar), in Kutch (Gujarat) and in many other cities. This presentation was showcased in Mombasa and Nairobi. A dynamic Shibbir on “Adhyatmopanishad” (Journey to know yourself) was conducted on the weekend of 10th and 11th May. It was attended by 80 people who had a wonderful spiritual weekend. All in all it was it was what can be described as one of the most beautiful and serene experiences to be with the Sadhvijis. I wish it could continue…

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