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“Kitty’s Cupcakes and Sweet Treats” Project Outline by: Victoria Barnett

My name is Victoria Barnett and I am a student in the Web Design, Development and Maintenance program at Humber College. My main interest is in web design, but also in web education- I like to be able to teach people how to use different design/web applications that will enable them to create their own media, particularly websites. I have a background in design- both for print and web.

I would like to build your bakery website! I think the most important part of this process will be the design of the site- based on research I have done, bakery sites, if they look appetizing can do well! I think it’s very important to take into account what you want and what you are looking for, and this I believe, we will do through an ongoing consultation process where I can provide some samples, and you provide feedback. Because you are most interested in having a content management system (Wordpress) I will also be able to teach you how to use the system after the site is up and running, so that you will be able to manage the site yourself.

There is a six-week time-period for this project. I will be using the Scrum project method for this projectmeaning I have divided the work into pieced which are done within particular time periods- I will update the timeline/chart after the project is finished, to reflect any changes that may occur. Week 1: Jan 31-Feb 7 – complete the front page design outline and have it approved Week 2: Feb 8- Feb 14 - Begin writing styling sheet using Wordpress format, and get all content from client (including logo) Week 3: Feb 15- Feb 21 – Continue working on styling, and testing

“Kitty’s Cupcakes and Sweet Treats” Project Outline by: Victoria Barnett

Week 4: Feb 22- Feb 28 - Continue working on styling, and testing Week 5: Feb 29 – March 9 – Create flash banner and have styling and site complete by March 9th deadline Week 6: March 9 – March 13 – Content Management training (Wordpress)

Normally I would be able to charge $25/hour. In this case, we have an agreement that you will provide baked-goods whenever I request them, over the next 5 years- I will provide adequate time for my request, for you to be able to complete it.

The end result of this project will be a fantastic website! The most important thing is to have the site showcase your unique skills, and make them appetizing to the general public. It will be a way for you to advertise your skills and your product in the hopes that people will make a purchase! One of the key features of the site will be the flash banner on the front page- this will highlight some of your great baked goods, and be appetizing to the audience. In terms of functionality, it will be the basic functionality of a Wordpress site with a front-end and a back-end- the back-end will be available only to you by authentication, and myself as the administrator. You will have the option to give other people access to the back-end in different roles if needed. The back-end will allow you to do basic text and image updates, move content around as needed, and replace old content or remove it completely.

In terms of ongoing support, the last week of the project will be a training week, where I will show you how to update the site yourself. The training will not include styling- only text-based and content updates, and content uploads. The hope being that you will not require any technical assistance after the training, but if there is ever a need for such assistance, I will be available to help upon request.

Kitty's Cupcakes and Sweet Treats- Project Outline