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Light Duty Encoders Types: Incremental, Motor Mount Guide: Light duty encoders deliver precise digital feedback for fractional horsepower motors in relatively clean environments. Dynapar brand encoders provide feedback for motor and position control and are the first choice for small spaces, long life, and light horsepower motors. Compact electronics allow for smaller, more reliable designs.

Series E12, E14 Miniature Encoders

Application/Industries: Photocopiers Desktop Printers Elevators Medical Equipment Semiconductor Fabs

Servo or face mount encoders are among the smallest available so they squeeze into cramped spaces. They feature high resolution – up to 1024 PPR with optional marker pulse and electronic operating speeds up to 100 kHz. Size/Mounting: (E12) 1.1" dia. x 1.1" length; (E14) 1.5" dia. x 1.5" length PPR: Up to 1024, quadrature, marker optional Shaft: (E12) 1/8" ; (E14) 1/8" or 1/4" ; maximum load: (E12) 1 lb. axial, 1 lb. radial; (E14) 3 lb. axial, 5 lb. radial

Series E14 Hub Shaft Encoder The Series E14 is a totally enclosed, easy-toinstall, incremental encoder designed for commercial and industrial applications with limited space. It incorporates the latest in microelectronic packaging, LED light sources, and matched sensors. Size/Mounting: 1.44" dia., servo or face mount PPR: Up to 2540; marker optional Shaft: 1/8" or 1/4"; maximum. load: 3 lb. axial, 5 lb. radial

Series E23/EC23 Compact Encoder For industrial and commercial applications with limited space. Rugged metal housing is only 2.3" dia. It provides exceptional resolution, up to 5000 PPR, and electronic operating speed to 250 kHz. The E23/EC23 has low-inertia and low-starting torque. Size/Mounting: 2.3" dia. x 1.65" length; servo or face mount PPR: Up to 5000, quadrature, index Shaft: 1/4", maximum load: 5 lb. axial and radial

Series E9 Miniature Encoder Precise feedback for machines and actuators too small for standard encoders. Its low-power standby mode is ideal for battery powered devices. Speeds up to 200 kHz. Size/Mounting: 0.9" dia. x 0.8" length PPR: 512 Shaft: Popular English and metric hub diameters


Industrial Duty Encoders Types: Incremental, Hollowshaft, Linear Guide: Industrial encoders are required for digital feedback applications in environments having electrical noise, airborne contaminants, and medium horsepower motors. Industrial applications deserve the durability and accuracy of Dynapar incremental rotary and linear encoders. Ruggedized for industrial environments, these encoders feature local availability and support, around the world. They are also customizable to specific needs.

Series H20, H25, H58 Industrial Encoders Ideal for shop-floor environments, the ultra-reliable design is available with unbreakable metal disk and heavy duty bearing. Noise immunity to EN50082-2 and environmentally sealed to IP66. H20 is the economical option for medium resolution applications, H25 offers high resolution, and H58 is the industry standard 58mm size. Motor mount types available.

Application/Industries: Robotics Machine Tool Commercial Printing Packaging Windmills

Series H56 Rotopulser Encoder

Size/Mounting: (H20) 2.06" dia., servo or face mount; (H25) 2.5" dia., flange, servo, or face mount; (H58) 58 mm dia., face mount with pilot

The most rugged incremental encoder available is designed to provide precision digital measurements in harsh environments. A virtually indestructible design is suitable for severe duty in paper, steel, and lumber mills. Line driver output supports long cable lengths.

PPR: (H20, H58) Up to 2540, quadrature, optional index; (H25) up to 5000, quadrature, marker optional

Size/Mounting: 56 C-face and foot mounting; interchangeable with C-face mount tachs BC42 and 46

Shaft: (H20) 3/8", 1/4" or 10mm: (H25) 3/8", 1/4"; (H58) 6mm, 10mm; (H20, H25, H58) load up to 80 lb. axial and radial

PPR: Up to 2500, index optional Shaft: 5/8", maximum load: 50 lb. axial, 100 lb. radial

Series 21/22 Encoders General-purpose design is compatible with most programmable controllers, electronic counters, motion controllers, and motor drives. Use with leadscrews, rackand-pinions, etc. Environmentally sealed enclosure and heavy duty bearings. Size/Mounting: 2.5" cube, face mount with pilot PPR: Up to 1270, quadrature and marker available Shaft: 3/8", 1/4” or 6mm

Series HS35 Sealed Hollowshaft Encoder Hollowshaft design eliminates mounting bracket, flexible shaft coupling, and installation labor. The direct shaft mount eliminates alignment procedures, and a flexible tether minimizes bearing load. Features include: short depth, unbreakable metal disk, electrically isolated, and thermally insulated. Shaft is environmentally sealed at both ends. Size/Mounting: 3.54" dia. x 1.8" depth, direct shaft mount PPR: Up to 2048 Shaft: bore size 6 mm to 1-1/8"

Series LR/LS Linear Encoder For linear motion feedback, Series LR/LS combines the performance of optical encoders with the economy and ruggedness of magnetic encoders. Easier to install and more cost-effective than glass scales and optical reflective tapes, its sealed design, large gap, and non-magnetized scale improve reliability. Resolution: Sine/cosine up to 0.25 micron, quadrature up to 5 micron Accuracy: 10 micron Gap to Scale: Sine/cosine 0.15 + - 0.1mm; TTL 0.2 +- 0.15mm

Series H26 Encoder with Integral Coupling and Flange Ultra-reliable, heavy duty encoder with integral shaft coupling provides easy, direct mounting on motor or other shaft. Size/Mounting: 2.5" dia. x 4.75" length max.; flange 3.25" PPR: Up to 5000, quadrature, optional index Shaft: Couplings for 1/4”, 3/8", or 1/4” diameter shafts


Heavy Duty Encoders and Pulse Tachs Types: Large Motor, C-face Mount, Hollowshaft Guide: For applications with dirty environments and high-horsepower, large-shaft motors. Our magneto-resistive technology is not affected by dirt, dust, or dampness. NorthStar brand heavy duty encoders, mill duty encoders, and digital pulse tachs provide high performance velocity and position feedback in extreme environments and on large motors. We have easy-to-install hollowshaft designs in sizes up to nearly twice as big as our main competitor, and the highest-grade industrial bearings in the industry. And we offer industry-leading resolution – up to 2048 PPR.

Application/Industries: Steel Paper Lumber Flooring Textile

RIM Tach® 8500 Encoder A tachometer for AC and DC drive control systems. Thin, pancake style mounts directly on the motor. Bearingless design increases reliability. Dual sensors provide redundant signal in case of sensor failure. Field replaceable sensor can be replaced in minutes, without replacing entire unit. Innovative design requires no calibration. Size/Mounting: Up to 8.5", thru-shaft or end-of-shaft PPR: 60 to 1200 PPR Shaft: 0.625" to 4.5" shaft diameter

RIM Tach® 1250 Encoder Accepting shaft diameters up to 8", it is ideal for crane and hoist applications. Ductile cast-iron enclosure protects against acid wash down. Size/Mounting: 12.5" NEMA C-face, thru-shaft


RIM Tach HS85 Encoder Heavy cast-iron and stainless-steel construction make the RIM Tach HS85 the most rugged hollowshaft encoder in the industry. Heavy duty doublesealed bearings deliver long life. Sensors are interchangeable, enabling fast maintenance.

PPR: Up to 2048 Shaft: Up to 8" shaft diameter

RIM Tach® 6200 Encoder A stainless-steel and castiron industrial tachometer ideal for close-coupled, belt, or wheel-driven setups in

Size/Mounting: hollowshaft mount PPR: Up to 2048 Shaft: 1.125" to 4.5" diameter

process environments. Size/Mounting: 4.5" 56 NEMA C-face, thru-shaft ®

SLIM Tach 56 Encoder

PPR: Up to 2048

Bearingless, rugged encoder mounts directly to C-face motors. Only 0.75" thick, it is ideal for tight machine configurations in harsh environments.

Shaft: 5/8" shaft diameter

Size/Mounting: 4.5" 56 NEMA C-face PPR: 60 to 2048 PPR Shaft: 5/8" to 2.5" shaft diameter

SLIM Tach® SL85 Encoder Bearingless encoder for AC vector motors provides higher resolution than traditional gear tooth ring kits. Only 1.125" (35mm) thick, it has hardened encapsulated electronics. Size/Mounting: 18.5" 180 NEMA C-face, thru-shaft, end-of-shaft, and double C-face PPR: Up to 2048 Shaft: 0.625" to 3.75" shaft diameter


Motor Mount Encoders Types: Modular, Commutating, Hub Shaft, Hollowshaft Guide: For stepper or servo motor control, motor mount encoders install easily without adaptors or extra hardware. Our motor mount encoders provide reliable feedback for servo and stepper motors, even high speed motors up to 12,000 RPM. Ruggedized versions with unbreakable metal disks are available for harsh environments or heat up to 120°C.

Series M15, M21 Modular Encoders

Application/Industries: Presses Assembly Lines Cutters Machine Tools

Cost effective, modular encoders for stepper and servo motor feedback. Easy installation plus automatic disk centering and gapping. They handle up to 12,000 RPM, 120° C, and electric operating speeds beyond 200 kHz. Size/Mounting: (M15) 1.5" diameter x 0.8" length, (M21) 2.1" dia. x 0.8" length; hub shaft or thru-shaft mount PPR: Up to 1024 (M15), 2048 (M21); quadrature, index standard Shaft: Popular English and metric hub diameters

Series F14 and F18 Commutating Encoders Premium servo motor feedback in a compact, easy-toinstall package. High resolution for low-speed smoothness. Optional commutation tracks for brushless servo motor control. Size/Mounting: (F14) 1.55" dia., (F18) 1.96" dia.

Series M9, M14 Modular Encoders

PPR: Up to 5000 (F14), up to 10,000 (F18) Shaft: Hub bore diameters 0.25", 6mm, 8mm

Economical motor feedback for servo and stepper motors, sized as small as 0.9". Easy “snap-on” installation. Size/Mounting: (M9) 0.9" dia., (M14) 1.5" dia.; hub shaft or thru-shaft mount PPR: Up to 1024 Shaft: Popular English and metric hub diameters

Series F10, F15, F21 Commutating Encoders Drop-in replacement for resolvers. Compact dimensions and flying leads result in a low-profile package. Speeds up to 300 kHz for faster servo loops. Size/Mounting: (F10) 1.25" dia., (F15) 1.5" dia., (F21) 2.2" dia.; thru-shaft mount PPR: Up to 2048 Shaft: Hub bore diameter 6mm


High Performance Encoders Types: Absolute, Explosion-Proof, High Accuracy Incremental Absolute Types: Single/Multi-Turn, Parallel/Bus Output Guide: Absolute encoders keep track of position at all times, and provide it at power-up. There is no need to home the machine to establish a reference position when power is restored. They are useful in applications when establishing a home position will cause costly downtime or scrap, is impractical, or insufficiently accurate. Our absolute encoders reduce machine downtime compared to standard, incremental technology encoders, without the cost usually associated with absolutes. The new ACURO line has been engineered for field dependability, by reducing the number of internal components and adding all-digital high-speed networking. TM

ACURO AI25 Industrial Absolute Encoder Single-turn or multi-turn versions offer outstanding resolution. The latest generation of OptoASIC technology adds reliability through component reduction and diagnostics. It is one of the smallest absolutes available: 50% more compact than earlier line. Priced for all applications, not just the critical few.

Series HA725 High Resolution Encoder Resolution to 10,000 PPR and shaft speed to 10,000 RPM – the ideal encoder for precision positioning and cutting applications. Size/Mounting: 2.5" square flange mount PPR: Up to 8,192, 9,000, or 10,000; quadrature, marker

Size/Mounting: 2.5" square flange, servo, or hub shaft mount

Shaft: 3/8", max. load: 24 lb. axial, 35 lb. radial

Resolution: Up to 14-or 17-bit single-turn, 4096 revolutions multi-turn

Power/Output: 10-30 VDC/push-pull, 5 VDC/differential line driver

Shaft: Solid shaft and hollowshaft versions in common shaft diameters Power: 10-30 VDC, 5 VDC Output: DeviceNet, Profibus, Interbus, BiSS, Parallel

ACURO AD25 Drive Absolute Encoder ACURO has exceptional 22-bit resolution – the highest on the market. It is designed for integration into BLDC servo motors for the most demanding applications such as CNC, precision positioning, and high quality printing. Networking on BiSS open standard supports speeds five times faster than other proprietary protocols. Low current consumption of 85 mA helps reduce system cost. Rated up to 120°C. Size/Mounting: 2.5" face or servo mount Resolution: Up to 14- or 17-bit single-turn, 4096 revolutions multi-turn Shaft: 10 mm, tapered Power: 5 VDC Output: BiSS, SSI, sine/cosine


Application/Industries: Robotics Machine Tool Commercial Printing Hazardous Environments

Series X25 Encoder for Hazardous Environments Heavy duty industrial enclosure has 1/2" dia. conduit entry. For position and speed control in refining, gasoline storage and dispensing, chemical coatings, plating, dry cleaning, painting, spraying, and other hazardous environments. Approved for NEC Class 1 and 2, Divisions 1 and 2, Groups C, D, E, F, G. Size/Mounting: 4" square flange mount PPR: Up to 5,000; quadrature, index available Shaft: 1/4" or 3/8" dia.; max. load: 40 lb. axial, 40 lb. radial Power/Output: 5-26 VDC/open collector; push-pull, differential line driver

Resolvers Types: Housed, Heavy Duty Housed, Industrial, Frameless Guide: Unlike rotary encoders, which use a coded disk to determine position and have a digital output, resolvers are magnetic devices that use two sets of rotating windings and a fixed core winding to generate an analog (sine and cosine) feedback output. Considered more rugged than encoders, they are used in adverse operating conditions involving extreme temperature, high shock and vibration, and dirty environments. Harowe brand resolvers are suited for high temperature (up to 220째C) applications and have outstanding mechanical shock and vibration specs. In addition, shielded, spacedsupport bearings provide up to 10x the life of duplex bearings. Tooth-wound models cut electrical error 50 percent, and brushless models eliminate components that can limit life.

Series 11 Housed Brushless Resolver Ideal mate for brushless servomotors. Brushless construction uses a rotary transformer to pass the reference signal to the rotor, eliminating components that can limit life and cause noise. Series 11 has excellent angular accuracy and repeatability. It is rated up to 155째C for high temperature applications. Size/Mounting: 1.1" diameter, servo Accuracy: + - 2 to + - 20 arc min.

Application/Industries: Robotics Machine Tool Wood Working Metal Working Plant Automation

Frameless Brushless Resolvers Provide absolute position feedback for brushless motors, robots, and direct-drive motors in precision rotary platforms and similar servo applications. The series is ruggedized against vibration and shock, able to operate up to 220째 C, resistant to noise, and impervious to most industrial contaminants. Options include multiple speeds, radiation hardened, high temperature, flux shielding technology, and stainless steel housings. HaroMax Resolvers in sizes 15 and 21 feature a tooth-wound design that reduces electrical error 50 percent. Size/Mounting: 1.05"-5.5" dia., flange or servo-groove mount

Shaft: 0.120"

Series R25 Heavy Duty Industrial Resolvers

Accuracy: + - 2 to + - 20 arc min Shaft: Up to 3.6315"

Brushless resolvers are the better choice over encoders for applications that involve very high temperature, vibration and shock, and dirty environments. The R25 uses a front-and-rear bearing arrangement that gives two or three times the radial load bearing capacity and up to 10 times the life of competing packages having duplex bearings. Rated for ruggedness: IP-65 protection, 125째C continuous duty, shock to 200g, and vibration to 40g. Size/Mounting: 2.5" dia., flange or servo mount Accuracy: + - 7 to + -20 arc min Shaft: 0.3745", maximum load: 40 lb. axial, 60 lb. radial


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More Available. With factories around the world, global sales and applications support, and an expansive network of distributors, we stay close to our customers – shortening lead times and fostering responsiveness. A three-day lead time is standard, with same-day shipments available on many products. More Precise. After 230 combined years of experience in factory automation, we understand increasing demands for product performance. Our encoders and resolvers give you precise control of your designs, with resolution up to 22 bits. More Durable. Experience with more than 25,000 customers has taught us to design for durability: ratings up to 220°C and mechanical shock and vibration specs that others envy. More Customizable. JIT manufacturing enables us to immediately produce any of thousands of product variations. And we’re happy to work with customers to customize encoders to exact requirements. For additional information or a full-line catalog, contact your DICG representative at +1 800.873.8731 or visit our web site at Headquarters: 1675 Delany Road • Gurnee, IL 60031-1282 • USA Phone: +1 847.662.2666 • Fax: +1 847.662.6633 • Email: Satellite Locations: North America: North Carolina, South Carolina, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Canada, British Virgin Islands Europe: United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Slovakia Latin America: Brazil Asia: China, Japan, Korea, Singapore AndersonTM brand, DynaparTM brand, Eagle SignalTM brand, HaroweTM brand, HengstlerTM brand, NegeleTM brand, NorthStarTM brand, PartlowTM brand, Veeder-RootTM brand, WestTM brand, RIM Tach®, and SLIM Tach® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Dahaner Corporation and its subsidiaries.

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