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Hygienic Sensors The Future demands Quality

Pharma & Food

Quality from the Bavarian Allgäu When NEGELE was first established in 1978 in Egg an der Günz specializing in producing instrumentation and control components for breweries and dairies. Since these beginnings, its product range has widened dramatically. Many major producers have come to rely on the proven quality of Bavarian Allgaeu engineering. NEGELE designs and manufactures innovative instrument and control products for pharma & food applications. With their optimized hygienic design, NEGELE process sensors have carved out a niche for themselves at the high end of the market. And this niche is attracting a growing number of customers from all over the world.

Our ambitions – your advantage As a specialist and full-range supplier of instrument and control products we develop for you customized and market-driven solutions, corresponding the requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Versatility and Innovation These two concepts are the driving forces behind the success of NEGELE’s process sensors. In addition to its extensive catalog of standardized probes and sensors, NEGELE is increasingly developing customized process solutions for individual customers.


Competence in Pharma & Food NEGELE sensors meet all special demands for the pharmaceutical and food industries; for example:

• Hygienic design • Type of protection • Complete sensor-program stainless steel • FDA conform materials • EHEDG certified • 3-A approval for various products available

And additional for the pharmaceutical industries: • 3.1 material certificate acc. to EN 10204 • pressure cerificate corresponding AD 2000 • installation in all tube-standards (DIN, ISO, OD-Tube, ASME) • certified and controlled surface • Delta-Ferrit measurement certificate • sulfur content • USP-Class VI available • customized agreement of logistic


Process adaption by PHARMadapt ESP Mounting and Demounting of temperature sensors without opening the process In the pharmaceutical industries temperatures are mostly measured in very small tubes. For this reason extremely compact sensors are demanded. For these applications the NEGELE temperature sensors with the process adaption PHARMadapt ESP are very qualified. At this system all sensors can be demounted out of the equipment without opening or breaking the production process. Anymore no electrical disconnection of the temperature sensors is necessary. Finally you save time and costs at routinely essential calibrations and maintenances. PHARMadapt ESP measuring systems are simple and with high quality integratable in tubes by orbital welding techniques. For the installation in tanks there are weldin sleeves with Thermowell available, corresponding all requirements of the pharmaceutical industries.

Advantages: • • • • • • • • • • •

for tubes from DN 10 straight line and angled measuring systems mounting and demounting of the sensors without opening the process- no production stop no electrical disconnection necessary simple and fast calibration closed system with highest hygienic safety pharma conform version (1.4435 electro polished with 3.1 certificate) optional available Baseler Norm II optional ASME BPE 2002 surface quality Ra< 0,4 µm possible label of the measuring point according to customer requirements

PHARMadapt ESP has been certified by following organizations and institutes:


see journal article


The measurement systems PHARMadapt ESP are available for all tube-standards. All certificates for the pharmaceutical industry are available, individual customer requirements are realisable.

Available tube-standards DIN 11850 line 1 DIN 11850 line 2 / DIN 11866 line A DIN 11866 line B (ISO 1127) DIN 11866 line C (tube dimensions corresponding OD tube respectively ASME BPE)

Certificates • surface roughness (Ra) • electro-polish confirmation • Delta-Ferrit certificate • weld seam certificate • 3.1 material certificate acc. to EN 10204 Each measuring point is strictly labeled with material, charge-number of the tube, the weld-on-sleeves and a serial number. So there is warranted a clearly identification of the measuring-point. Several process adapters are available in all relevant sizes to install the temperature sensors in established adapter concepts:

Adapter: • BioControl • TriClamp

• Varivent • Thermowell for installation in tanks

Several constructions of temperature sensors for all applications are available:


• Very accurate in thin tubes > diameter 10 mm • Short reaction time • Certificates about accuracy available • CIP-/SIP capable 140°C / 30 min. • With signal converters 4-20 mA, Hart, Profibus • Complete stainless steel


Process Adaption with PHARMadapt EPA Extremely compact measuring point for the pharmaceutical industry Small tube-diameters and higher requirements to material take innovative concepts to integrate sensors aseptic and process-sure in the plant. The PHARMadapt EPA measuring points from NEGELE meet these requirements in highest perfection.

Advantages: • • • • • • • • • •

For tubes from DN 10 Easy cleanable and sterilizable Absolutely pharma conform construction No unintended opening possible Integrate control of leakage Sealing EPDM, easy to change Many certificates available Labeling of the measuring point according to the customer Optional Baseler Norm II available Optional ASME BPE 2002

PHARMadapt EPA - measuring points from NEGELE are simple, cheap and with high quality integratable in tubes by orbital welding techniques. Each measuring point is strictly labeled with material, charge-number of the tube, the weldon-sleeves and a serial number. So there is warranted a clearly identification of the measuring-point.

Pharma version and functional principle: • • • • •

Construction according the EHEDG Guideline document 8 and 16 Defined pressing by metallic stop Centering to avoid axial misalignment Stainless steel 1.4435 electro-polished, incl. 3.1 material certification Surface quality Ra < 0,4 µm possible

Available tube-standards: • • • •


DIN 11850 line 1 DIN 11850 line 2 / DIN 11866 line A DIN 11866 line B (ISO 1127) DIN 11866 line C (tube dimensions corres- ponding OD tube respectively ASME BPE)

Sensors for PHARMadapt EPA Level detection and flow monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry NEGELE sensors for PHARMadapt EPA are based on measure principles, which have proved oneself thousandfold. A further miniaturization and the using of pharmagrade materials made the application in smallest tubes possible.

Advantages: • • • • • • •

Approved measurement principles for point level and temperature Also for mediums without electrical conductivity (WFI) Point Level: from DN 10 possible (EPA-8, EPA-18) Temperature: from DN 10 (EPA-8, EPA-18) Using only FDA- listed materials Sensor-fixing with usual Clamp-tension-ring Possibility to fix TAG-number plate out of SS

The construction and the design of NEGELE sensors for PHARMadapt EPA has been carried out strictly under the rules of EHEDG „Hygienic Design Criteria“ as well as „Hygienic Pipe Couplings“. That is an additional safety for the operator to use the right measurement system.

Details: • • • • •

No maintenance necessary Type of protection IP69K CIP-/SIP capable 140°C / 30 min. Pharmagrade version 1.4435, 3.1 certificate PEEK-plastics USP-Class VI available

Certificates: • surface roughness (Ra) • electro-polish confirmation • Delta-Ferrit certificate • Weld seam certificate • 3.1 material certificate acc. to EN 10204


Process Adaption for Pharma & Food Elastomer free system CLEANadapt All NEGELE sensors are fast and cheap hygienegrade integratable in new or existing plants. That has been confirmed by a EHEDG certificate.

Operating mode The available weld-in-sleeves or process adapters are designed with an integrated sealing edge. The sealing surface at the sensors is conic. By screwing the sensor into the fitting the cone will be pressed at a defined point against the sealing edge. So a gap- and elastomer free process-connection of the sensors will become. Using the right starting torque, all sensors can be installed and demounted in many times.

Advantages: • elastomer free and gap free, therefore no product influence • sure, fast and easy cleaning • constructive version according to the rules of „Hygienic Design“ • food-grade version • cost-efficient installation • available as weld-in-sleeve or complete tube with integrated sleeve (EHG-tube) • resistant to: » temperature » chemicals » vibrations » humidity » pressure

M 12

G ½“

All sensors shared on three thread sizes The functional principle CLEANadapt is available in three thread sizes:

G 1“

• M 12 • G 1/2“ • G 1“

In additional for thick-walled tanks there are sleeves with a welding collar available. Also there are sleeves with leakage-monitoring available. CLEANadapt gives you a solution for all demands of installations


Pre-confectioned tube-fitting-system EHG CLEANadapt is also available as a precast tube section with weld-on-sleeve. Also available in all three thread sizes.


• available for all tube-standards, e. g. DIN 11850 series 2 • finished measuring point for easy orbital welding • especially for small tube-diameters • warranted controlled high-quality weld seam • optimum hygienic- no influence of flow • Perfect flow-geometry

Process Adapters

EHG-Rohre /-Tubes

For the integration of the NEGELE sensoric in existing plants there are a lot of process adapters available for the three thread sizes.

Principle: The process adapter looks inside like a weld-in-sleeve. The outside geometry meets the wanted process connection, for instance diary flange. So the standard sensor can be installed at another existing process connection Therefore you have a short delivery time in spite of a wide range!

M 12 G ½“ G 1“

Process Adaptation are available for:

• Diary flange DIN 11851 • Hygiene-screwing DIN 11864 • TriClamp • Varivent • DRD flange • DIN / ISO flanges • SMS

And much more! Of course we produce customized adapters, even in small units.



March 2006



Which temperature you want to measure- by NEGELE temperature sensors you are best primed. This serie enfolded a lot of several sensors for different applications in the process-automation.

M 12

NEGELE temperature sensors are produced completely in stainless steel and meet the requirements of hygienic design. Different sensor types can be ordered inclusive or without built-in-transmitter. A lot of accessories for all temperature sensors is optional available.

Advantages: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Temperature range –50°C bis 250°C (optional to 600°C) CIP-/SIP capable 140°C / 30 min. large range of possibilities With or without built-in-transmitter Double Pt-100 and two converters in the connecting head Smaller sensor-tip-diameter for short reaction times Higher accuracy (1/3A, 1/3B, 1/10B) Standard material: 1.4404 (316 L) Optional alternative materials with certificate Front flush option available Available with calibration certificate Measurement of temperature in small tube-diameters 3-A approval for various products available Pipe contact

Process adaptation for all temperature sensors:

G ½“

or according to your individual requirements


Temperature transmitters NEGELE temperature measurement includes also converters and transmitters. Maybe integrated in the connecting head of the temperature sensor or as an external transmitter mounted in a cabinet. Compact design, high precision and simple operation are labeled by the NEGELE converters.

Ø 6 mm

The temperature measurement is transformed in an electrical signal 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC. Converters for Fieldsystems HART and Profi BUS are available.

Advantage head transmitters:

• • • • • • •

Reduced electrical wiring High interference resistance External converter not nessesary Programmable transmitter by PC (4-20 mA, 2-point control) Transmitters with ProfiBUS and HART protocol Optionally illuminated Liquid Crystal Display LCD

Advantage external transmitters: • • • • • • •

Output 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA and 0-10 VDC Analogue and/or relay output Display available Display and 4 limit switch relays Active and electrically isolated analogue output Versions DIN rail mounting or panel mounting Liquid crystal display LCD with input Pt100 in stainless steel housing

Different transmitters and electronic equipment are available for panel mounting:

• Transmitter 4-20 mA • Transmitter with integrated limit switch • Transmitter with integrated display

Specially equipment:

• Pipe surface contact sensor • Fermenter adaption


LEVEL Measurement Hydrostatic Level Measurement NEGELE pressure sensors with ceramic measuring cells are perfect for taking high-precision hydrostatic level measurements and differential pressure measurements. There are also sensors for extremely wet environments with hydraulically coupled and hermetically closed stainless steel double membranes. That makes condensation problems a thing of the past. Only FDA-compliant materials come into contact with product.

Advantages: Sensor with Sensor with Ceramic measuring cell SS membrane • Accurate, rugged • Accurate, hermetically • High overload protection closed • Measuring cells • Ideal for extremely not oil-filled wet environments • Stainless steel 1.4404/316L • Stainless steel 1.4404/316L • IP69K • IP69K • CIP-/SIP capable • CIP-/SIP capable 140°C / 30 min 140°C / 30 min

see journal article

Tank Linearization Included If you run your NEGELE hydrostatic level sensors with our control unit (e.g., PEM-DD), they will provide you with 6 different pre-defined tank linearizations. Of course you can also perform your own individualized tank linearization.


Potentiometric Level Measurement With NEGELE sensors, you can continuously measure the levels in vessels that are 2.5 m and smaller consistently, cost-effectively and easily. You can choose from a wide product range containing various models and probe lengths for your specific needs. Our sensors can measure all liquid media with a minimum conductivity of 1 µS/cm.


• Highly dynamic measurements, ideal for balance and filter tanks • Perfect for closed loop level controls • Extremely accurate – even at low levels • Two-rod probe also available for non-metallic tanks • Probe rod length can be specified to within one millimeter • Can be installed from above or below • Not sensitive to adhesion of product • Ideal for pressurized tanks as an alternative to differential pressure measurement • Materials: 1.4404/316L (316 L), PEEK • Suitable for pharma & food • CIP-/SIP capable 140°C / 30 min.

Process Adaptation All NEGELE sensors can be used in combination with both conventional process adaptation methods and the NEGELE CLEANadapt system.

CLEANadapt is easy to clean. Its cleaning capabilities have been accredited in various international certificates (3A, EHEDG, FDA). Fast - reliable - cost-effective 74-03


March 2006

see journal article


LIMIT Detection Reliable Limit Detection You can detect limits (empty or full indications) for media in vessels or pipes reliable, cost-effective and simple with NEGELE sensors. It doesn’t matter if you use watery, pasty or foaming media – with our broad product range and various measurement methods, you can find a solution for just about any application. NEGELE will help you to find the components that meets your requirements.

Capacitive Limit Switches

Detecting limits reliably and quickly – that’s what NEGELE’s capacitive limit switches do.


• Almost completely insusceptible to foam and adhesion • Not dependent on media conductivity • Safe detection of media with a dielectric constant starting from εr > 1 • Free adjustable switching threshold • Measuring range change-over by external signal • High-end version with graphical display for εr indication available • Fast response time • CIP-/SIP capable • Easier to clean than vibration forks • Ideal for all kinds of liquid food products such as milk, beer, soft drinks, syrup, fruit concentrates, etc. • Models licensed under the Federal Water Act (WHG)

Potentiometric Limit Switches

You can also install NEGELE limit switches that use potentiometric measurement methods. This class of device is ideal for extremely adhesive and viscous media. such as cream cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise, and for sizing applications in the textile industry.

Application range:

• Cream cheese preparation • Production of ketchup or mayonnaise • Sizing applications in the textile industry • Limit detection at the tooth-past production.



• Totally insusceptible to adhesion • Fast response time • CIP-/SIP capable 140°C / 30 min. • Applicable for conductive media starting at 1 µS/cm

Conductive Limit Switches The value model for watery and conductive media.

Advantages: • Single-rod and multiple-rod probes • Fast response time and adjustable sensitivity • Probe rods can be shortened and bent • Electrodes available with or without PFA coating • Integrated level transmitter • CIP-/SIP capable • Models approved under the Federal Water Regulation (WHG) The limit switches are available with many different control units for installation in control cabinets :

• Single or multiple channel versions • With or without level controls

Process Adaptation All NEGELE limit switches can be used in combination with both conventional process adaptation methods and the NEGELE CLEANadapt system.

CLEANadapt is easy to clean. Its cleaning capabilities have been accredited in various international certificates (3A, EHEDG, FDA). Fast - reliable - cost-effective

Level Switch vnv Min-/Max Control

Upper Switch Point 74-03


March 2006

Lower Switch Point



PRESSURE Measurement Pressure gauge NEGELE Pressure Gauges are optimized for hygienic applications. You can directly adapt them or use it with the CLEANadapt system to any established process connection. Available in 63 mm and 90 mm diameters. Only FDA-compliant materials come into contact with the product.

Advantages: • integrated, hygenic-compatible process connection • IP66 closed housing for optimal cleaning • Sensors made entirely out of stainless steel • All the product contact surfaces and the fill fluid are FDA-compliant • Autoclavable model available • Also available glycerine-filled • Product is certified by 3A • CIP-/SIP capable 140°C / 30 min.

Process Adaption Gauge 63 mm Diameter

Gauge 90 mm Diameter

• CLEANadapt G1“ • Direct connection for TriClamp ¾“ und G 1“

• Direct connection for: TriClamp Varivent DIN 11851 SMS, RJT, IDF etc. • CLEANadapt G1“ for liquid crystal display LCD

MAN-90 BAT with liquid crystal display LCD Our MAN-90 BAT digital display complies particularly requirements in terms of accuracy and overpressure safety. It is available as a contact gauge and meets in the pharmaceutical version the requirements of ASME BPE 2002 standard. Direct connection for G 1“ and TriClamp is available.


Electrical Process Pressure Sensor The pressure sensors with highly overload-proof ceramic measuring cells are ideal for taking precise pressure measurements in gases and fluids.


• Rugged, high-precision measuring cell • Highly resistant to pressure overloads • Dry, oil-free measuring cell • Available as an absolute or relative pressure sensor • Easy set-up • Materials: 1.4404/316L, ceramics • CIP-/SIP capable 140°C / 30 min. • Suitable for pharma & food

Process Adaptation All NEGELE pressure sensors can be used in combination with both conventional process adaptation methods and the NEGELE CLEANadapt system.

CLEANadapt is easy to clean. Its cleaning capabilities have been accredited in various international certificates (3A, EHEDG, FDA). Fast - reliable - cost-effective



March 2006


FLOW Measurement Flow Switches calorimetric / ultrasonic NEGELE flow switch will monitor your process reliable and cost-effective using the ultrasonic Doppler method or the calorimetric principle. The two sensors are mechanically and electrically interchangeable. Only FDA-compliant materials come into contact with product.

Advantages: Calorimetric Sensor

Ultrasonic sensor

• Ideal for all aqueus (not oleiferous) media. Applicable for high-purity and fine filtered media. • Built-in sensor protection • 5 second response time • Measurements up to 100°C • No need to align sensor with flow direction • Binary output • CIP-/SIP capable

• Can be used with all media starting at 1 NTU turbidity and particle diameter > 50 µm (tap water, milk, CIP media, etc.) • Unaffected by changes in temperature • Lightning-fast response time < 1 s • Measurements up to 140°C • Binary or analog output • CIP-/SIP capable 140°C / 30 min.

Process Adaptation All NEGELE sensors that utilize the calorimetric or ultrasonic Doppler principle can be used in combination with both conventional process adaptation methods and the NEGELE CLEANadapt system.

CLEANadapt is easy to clean. Its cleaning capabilities have been accredited in various international certificates (3A, EHEDG, FDA). Fast - reliable - cost-effective

see journal article


74-03 TYPE EL 2005

MAG-Flow-Meter (FMA) Very compact and variable flow meter, suitable for all fluids with a conductivity of >5 µS/cm.


• • • •

Extreme compact dimensions (most compact meter on the market) Housing completely made of stainless steel Highest variability in process connections and pipe standards Process connections: Welding connection, TriClamp, Dairy flange DIN 11851; DIN 11864 hygienic thread connection, APV flange, SMS and many more. Custom specific connections on request! Pipe standards: DIN 11851 series 1 and 2; DIN 11866 series A, B and C; OD-Tube; ISO 2037 Highest safety against permeating humidity To configure the meter it’s not necessary to open the housing; Configuration by magnet pen Protection type: IP69K

Further Features: Technical: • Replacement of the electronic module without dismounting the meter. No special tools needed (calibration chip remains in the meter) • Rotary connection head (360°) • Electrodes front flush or pointed of SS 1.4539 or Hastelloy C Hygienic Design: • EHEDG certified • All media relevant materials are FDA listed • 3.1.B certificate for pipe connections, electrodes and sensor housing • Optionally with surface roughness certificate • CIP-/SIP capable 140°C / 30 min.

Modular Process Connections:

• • • • • • •

Welding connections TriClamp Dairy flange DIN 11850 Aseptic thread connections DIN 11864 APV flange SMS Custom specific connections on request! TYPE EL 2005


CONDUCTIVITY Measurement Conductivity Sensors NEGELE conductivity sensors are particularly suited for: • • • •

Phase separation of various media, especially cleaning media Increasing concentrations of cleaning solutions Monitoring product quality Monitoring for leaks in cooling circuits, high-purity water

Advantages: • • • • • • • •

Extremely compact design, suitable to pipe-diameters as of DN 40 Fast response time Inductive, no-wear measurement method Analog temperature output Protection rating: IP69K CIP-/SIP capable 140°C / 30 min. Product contact surface made of: PEEK External control input to select measuring ranges with various temperature coefficients

Process Adaptation All conductivity sensors and the turbidity sensor ITM-2 can be used in combination with both conventional process adaptation methods and the NEGELE CLEANadapt system.

CLEANadapt is easy to clean. Its cleaning capabilities have been accredited in various international certificates (3A, EHEDG, FDA). Fast - reliable - cost-effective



March 2006

see journal article


TURBIDITY Measurement Turbidity meter for phase separation ITM-2 The turbidity meter ITM-2 was developed to be a cost effective meter for phase separation in the food industry. One of the main advantages is the very simple installation via only one CLEANadapt weld-in fitting. This turbidity meter is already successfully used in the following applications:


• • •

Phase separation milk products / water Phase separation while filling or empty a production plant Milk detection in the CIP return line


• Control of the yeast collection • Filter monitoring for media with a high turbidity


• • • • •

see journal article

Easy installation by only one weld-in fitting Optics optionally of sapphire glass Completely made of stainless steel External switchable measurement ranges CIP-/SIP capable 140°C / 30 min.

High-precision Turbidity meter ITM-4 Budget-priced all-rounder see application report This meter is a cost-optimized unit for turbidity measurement, also suitable for very low turbidity. It’s big advantages are among others the very easy handling, the low-maintenance LED technology as well as the standard optics of sapphire glass.

Application examples: 46-03


• Separator control


• Water and waste-water monitoring, Water reclamation


• • • • •

Measurement range 0-5000 NTU (0-1250 EBC) Unit selectable EBC or NTU CIP-/SIP capable 130°C / 30 min. Low-maintenance LED technology Drift- and crystal glass surface dirt stable


NEGELE PID-Controller The NKS 40 is an universal temperature controller for all tasks, which can be solved with 2-point control, 3-point control, continuous PID control or 3-point stepping control. The NKS-90 is the specialist for all classic process control tasks. Three sizes for panel mounting (W x H) 96 x 48 mm, 48 x 96 mm or 96 x 96 mm


• Extended limit signalling function with latch • Monitoring of heating current and input circuit • Maintenance manager and error list • Timer and programmer with end signal • Manual/Automatic-key • Emergency operation after sensor break by means of output hold function • Built in transmitter power supply • 100 ms cycle time • Extended temperature range up to 60°C • Freely configurable analog output • Easy 2-point or offset measurement correction • Customer-specific linearization of all sensors • Different approvals ( DIN3440, UL, GL )

Special features NKS-90

• Day & night display with bargraphs and plain text • Self tuning at set point • Valve controller with position feedback • Free programmable function key • Second set for control parameters • Special function for watercooling • O2- measurement and regulation

Options Field-BUS Interface The integrated MODBUS RTU Protocol allows the controller to be used as a function block in decentral automation concepts. Profibus DP is available for NKS-90. Blue-Control Software with PC adapter BluePort front interface and BluePort engineering tool is the basis for: • More individually, more efficiently and more plan safety • Simulation, parameterization and trend recording • Only one tool for all engineering tasks • Direct access to the controller • Integrated online manual


Digital Indicators and Limit Switches NEGELE digital indicators are strong where it counts – presenting readings quickly and precisely, no matter how harsh the environment. With our wide selection of model series, you will have no problem finding the right indicator for your application. You can order NEGELE digital indicators for protection ratings as high as IP67. That means that NEGELE indicators are more than a match for the most punishing of environments. From universal counters to processor digital indicators or easy-to-read large-format indicators, NEGELE indicators make it easy to control and monitor processes on a small scale at a reasonable cost. Even demanding tank linearizations are no problem: with the processor-controlled tank fill display “PEM-DD”, you can specify any of 6 pre-programmed tank shapes. Special tank shapes can be readily accommodated in the programming feature.

Measurement Amplifiers and Signal Converters Our extensive catalog of model series has the right N-CONTROL device for any challenge you face. The switch-selectable inputs and outputs accurately convert, amplify, separate and transmit standardized signals. NEGELE N-CONTROL devices come with DIN-compliant housings for EN 50022 mounting rails, making them easy to integrate with your current equipment. Decades of experience with instruments and controls have created a full-coverage assortment of NEGELE process components for virtually every production application in the Food, Pharmaceuticals and other industries. And every single one of our devices complies with the applicable standards and norms.


NEGELE offers engineers and technicians a wide range of professional tools. All devices have been designed by NEGELE teams who have a real-life understanding of the demands that today’s measuring devices have to meet. Our components can handle many different kinds of measurement and calibration tasks:

Simulators: • Simulating all standard analog signals • Measuring current and voltage • Testing entire measurement loops • Testing 2-lead sensors • Simulating temperature values


• • •

Measure Instruments:

• • •

Monitoring values in compliance with DIN ISO 9001 - 9003 Compact designed, also battery powered Available with German Calibration Service (DKD) certificate

Set-Point Transmitters:

• • •


Calibrating and monitoring NEGELE Pt100 sensors as well as Pt100 sensors from other manufacturers in compliance with DIN ISO 9001 - 9003 High-precision reference temperature sensor Available with German Calibration Service (DKD) certificate

Standardized signal outputs Precision potentiometer ensures exact adjust ability Can be connected using plug-in terminal blocks value.

We, the NEGELE team, will use all our knowledge to meet your product requirements as cost-effectively as possible. Our team of engineers and technicians enables us to develop, customize and manufacture products and solutions to your unique specifications. NEGELE measurement equipment is synonymous with outstanding reliability, excellent performance and great value.


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USA ANDERSON Instrument Company Inc. 156 Auriesville Road Fultonville, NY 12072 - USA Tel.: +1 518 922 5315 Tel: +1 800 833 0081 ext. 235 Fax: +1 800 726 6733 Email:

Südafrika / South Africa Instek Control c/o Raymond Karsten Unit 2, 67 Regency Drive, R 21 Corporate Park, Nellmapius Drive, Irene Ext. 30 0157 Pretoria, South Africa

NEGELE International


Tel.: + 27 73 420 3757 Fax: + 27 86 630 9716 Email:

Südkorea / Republic of Korea YUJIN Instrument Corporation Munhyang Bldg. 502 44-17 Samseong-dong, Gangsam-gu Seoul 135-090 Republic of Korea Tel. +82 2 3446 6822 Fax +82 11 608 9332 Email:



NEGELE Messtechnik GmbH Deutschland / Germany

NEGELE Messtechnik GmbH Raiffeisenweg 7 D-87743 Egg an der G端nz Tel.: +49 (0) 83 33 / 92 04-0 Fax: +49 (0) 83 33 / 92 04-49 Email: Internet:

Negele - General Catalog  
Negele - General Catalog  

The Future demands of Quality Pharma and Food applications. NEGELE designs and manufactures innovative instrument and control products for p...