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The government of Malta is currently trying to promote Malta as a hub for digital game development through initiatives such as the setup of the Malta Games Fund 2 . Although game developers are generally avid gamers themselves, there is no nationally representative study which maps the extent of digital gaming in the Maltese society. This study aims at satisfying this demand. Although there are many indications that figures such as the ones given by the Nielsen report are on the rise 3 , there is the need for an investigation into the current situation across the Maltese islands. At the time of this writing, indications are rather vague and none are supported by hard evidence. It is the main scope of this study to determine the frequency and usage of digital and video games in the Maltese context. This objective finds its importance in the future directions which Malta wishes to undertake in the digital and video games industry. European reports are indicating that this is a niche which is driving the economy in various countries and which would increase Malta’s competitiveness in the market. This has implications at the educational level (training the workforce), at the industrial level (as more software-based companies are encouraged to exploit opportunities in the leisure gaming industry) and at the social level (as more employment is generated). These study findings also focus on the socio-demographics of attitudes and behaviours related to video and online game play, as well as the digital and video game device usage. The importance and strength of these studies also lies in the frequency with which such studies are repeated in order to get a measure of the change in societal trends across the years. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I!9!-./).!5.6&(!JZ#3!$(!\&$#2!(&)!ZX!W$)[!.!\Z32&)!.//+V.)$+#!+,!]=ML^LLL!,+'!3$2$)./!.#3!%$3&+!2.6&!

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Digital Video Game Use in Malta  
Digital Video Game Use in Malta  

A publication about a study carried out by academics at the University of Malta in 2012, investigating trends and patterns of digital and vi...