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Deconstructing the Construction Industry Through Value Engineering on Site

The Construction Industry is going through a revival and restructuring phase everywhere. As much as the Government is enforcing the bitter pills, the consumer base is in an ostrich mode. All Bank Finances are waiting for the nod from the policy makers, raising the funds on the standing inventory will become a twister once the new rent agreement for late deliveries is enforced. However, corresponding sales and the demand gaps are creating a skew in the whole chain. We had been to the site of a Pune based Builder today and found the pace of work plagued by the new policies and regulations. Our past exposure and experiences reveal a lot about the difficult times. We are indeed in the middle of difficult times. Value Engineering in Design is a preposition we promote for the wavy market conditions of today.

Purpose is to reduce total cost of the design with respect to the materials in addition to manufacturing cost heads (viz. labour, e uip e t, ‌ a d asse l ost heads like la o , e uip e t, ‌ . The sa e cannot be achieved without adding the cost of qualit o t ol o fo a e testi g, s ap, e o k‌ a d the cost of failure and replacement. We have witnessed local optimization in the projects at the cost of adding to the total cst of the work. For example, Purchase department gets the lowest cost and gets the material in bulk. However, when the projects get delayed by any other reason, the huge inventory sits on the cost table. Getting more material by weight does not help the project in faster assembly or fitment, as it may not be required on site, but the purchase is done to ensure that the lowest cost is achieved and the KPI score of the department is achieved.

The reasons for unnecessary Cost are: 1)

Lack of an idea


Lack of information


Habitual thinking(mental roadblocks, natural resistance to change)


Honest misconceptions


Negative attitudes


Shortage of time

7) Changing technology(unaware or current capabilities or state-of-the-art technology) 8)

Out-dated specifications


Poor human relations(including faulty communications)

10) Lack of understanding of the meaning of good value While understanding the Customer and its expectations, we explored the Six Sigma Methodolog fo the a s e s a d fou d Ka o’s Mat i ei g used e te si el . Well! It is useful fo Co st u tio I dust too. Ka o’s Diag a is a starter for the thinking brains to categorise the features into the essential ones a d the delighte s. Ka o’s diagram is referred here in one diagram. Getti g the asis fo d a i g the Ka o’s Diag a , e ust conduct a Voice of Customer Survey. VOC as it is generally referred is an extensive exercise and should be done with full consciousness about the Customer Segment we choose to survey. Here are top 10 ideas on Value Engineering which can be implemented at site: 1)

Plumbing Lines must be re-examined for the excess pipes or angles /fittings


Electrical Points are often redundant with multiple points in the same zones

3) Pre-fab Components can be thought of as an alternative to fluctuating labour attendance 4) Quality Variations can be a source of lot of dysfunctional assemblies at the site 5)

Tiling can be modified into Design-Verified sizing of the Tile Sizes


Marble sizes can be optimised


Granite for the kitchen Otta


Window Shutters


Glass used in the Glass Shutters (ratio of Glass and Aluminium portion)

10) Light and Safety Indicators used We intend to create an awareness of the systematic approaches and methodology that exists. Let us see a paradigm shift being induced in the Industry and setting the sail for the whole industry becoming recession proof.

Deconstructing the Construction Industry Through Value Engineering on Site  

We had been to the site of a Pune based Builder today and found the pace of work plagued by the new policies and regulations. Our past expo...

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