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Drupal 7 Theme An Introduction

Ved Prakash

What is Drupal ? The Drupal theme   ­ CSS files   ­ Image files    ­ Template files    ­ JavaScript files    ­ Preprocess and process files    ­ .info file

Drupal 7 Theme Layout

Drupal 7 Theming Basic

Drupal 7 .info file

html.tpl.php file

Drupal 7 Theme Changes Function names in Template .css and .js must in .info jQuery UI (1.8) to core $title_prefix and $title_suffix search­result.tpl.php with proper H3 Default theme engine

Drupal 7 Theme Changes $content in now mandatory The box.tpl.php template has been removed Classes generated through a variable Custom Region Reference       ­       ­­guide/6­7

Conclusion This Presentation has covered some useful features  of Drupal 7 Theme.                      Thank You

Drupal 7 Theme-26-april-2011  

Ved Prakash An Introduction What is Drupal ? The Drupal theme ­ CSS files ­ Image files ­ Template files ­ JavaScrip...