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Sri Pushti Ganapathy Homam: Improve Your Health

Pushti Ganapathy

The consorts of Ganapati (Ganesa or Vinayaka) are Buddhi, Siddhi, Riddhi, Pushti and Nîla Sarasvatî. The Brahmavaivartapurâna mentions of Pushti Devi as the consort of Ganesa (Vara Ganapati, Varada: the giver of boons) and of their wedding. Pushti can be understood as nourishment of the body and spirit, wholesomeness. It is said this form of Ganapathi can be easily propitiated and readily fulfills all desires.

Why Pushti Ganapathy Homam 

Sri Pushti Ganapati Homam is performed to this cheerful form of Ganapati who is believed to be always glad to help.

Sri Pushti Ganapati Homam immediately brings you an ability to face, withstand and overcome adverse conditions in the body; brings strength, health and vigor; as also, prosperity, wealth and success, emanating there from.

Wellness can be ensured even in such situations where known approaches of treatment or remedy could be ineffective or unsatisfactory. No need to despair in spite of challenging physical, mental conditions.

Benefits and Significance Regain your health, significantly improve your general well-being, fitness, and quickly get into good shape. A person needs to be in fine fettle to proceed and progress in life. A great form also brings with it a positive attitude towards life.

Assistance from Vedic Folks We at Vedic Folks bring you the knowledge and experience of some of the most authoritative practicing Vedic experts to invoke for you the blessings of Sri Pushti Ganapathi through Sri Pushti Ganapati Homam performed in conformance with Vedic prescription. Propitiating Sri Pushti Ganapathi and His restorative powers can quickly and effectively resolve your health issues, restoring wholesome health for you.

Vedic Folks Recommends There are prescribed timings for performing any Homams in general. However, our Vedic Astrologers will analyze your horoscope and accordinglydetermine the most suitable and auspicious time for your Sri Pushti Ganapati Homam.

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Sri Pushti Ganapathy Homam: Improve Your Health