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Jo n a t h a n M a r t i n T h e Ar t i s t i n t h e St u d i o Sh o w Ad v i c e f o r M U A' s By Al y s s a C . Nat hal y G u a d a l a j a r a ' s L o ss O ur G ain. " G e t N a st y" Ph o e n i x ' s n e w e s t Vi d e o ! "

M i ss. C o n st r u e d G rand O pening F a s h i o n Sh o w ! Di anne:

Fr om M odel t o Al l Sp e c i e s M e d i c a l Pr o January 2012 Vedere Magazine Volume 1 Issue 6

M i ch a e l a M odel and Eq u e s t r i a n Sh a n n o n : Fr om Sc o t t s d a l e to H o l l yw o o d

Published by Michael Meadows Studios, Tempe, AZ Contact: Michael Meadows

All images are copyrighted to Michael Meadows Studios, Michael Meadows or the respective artists and protected by U.S. and International copyright laws. All infringements will be pursued to the fullest extent of law. No use, reproduction or editing without written permission. All models are over the age of 18 unless noted with the images and have signed a full model release which is on file with the photographer. Any images that are more revealing will also have all required information to be 2257 compliant pursuant to U.S. Federal Law. Street photography and architectural images are for display and editorial purposes only. Not responsible for errors and omissions, color reproduction in printing process. If you are interested in using one of the images for publication or would like a print please contact the publisher at the email address above. Vedere Magazine Copyright 2012

In this issue:

Michaela Jonathan Martin - The Artist in the Studio Preparation and Ethics for Fashion Shows for the Makeup Artist Nathaly - Guadalajara's Loss, our Gain Shannon- From Scottsdale to Hollywood Get Nasty - Phoenix's Newest Music Video Miss.Construed Boutique Grand Opening Fashion Show Dianne DeNardo - From Model to All Species Medical Pro Sassy and The Sneak Attack On the Cover: Michaela Scala Photographer: Michael Meadows, Michael Meadows Studios

Just some thoughts......... Starting one of these short columns is always clichĂŠ especially in the month of January. I figure if you've made it this far into the year it has to be at least a good year, the happy part is for you to decide. Although I do hope is it living up to your definition of a happy new year. Ah damn, I fell face first into the clichĂŠ, someone please get me a towel to clean it off! Some have asked what Vedere Magazine is all about and some have wondered if my narcissism has finally exploded from my chest like the star of Alien. While I have an ego and like sharing my work, this was a personal project I started in May of last year to see what could be done using primarily Free Open Source programs. Yes, the magazine is built totally in a free desktop publishing program. At first it was my work appearing in the magazine and over the months has slowly evolved into a collaboration of many people. In the past months Vedere has featured a photographer from the Netherlands, models from all genres and some great local photographers from the Phoenix area. To continue this trend I am excited to welcome Alyssa C, a MUA pro with 20 years experience not only in the fashion industry but also a teacher of the art of makeup. If you've ever wondered is there life after modeling (or in conjunction with it) check out Dianne DeNardo, the former Miss.Newport in the Vermont Miss. U.S.A. Pageant, she has more titles behind her name than I've ever seen. I would be remiss if I didn't thank my good friends Russell Klein of Scottsdale Images and Timothy Williams of for being part of the magazine on a consistent basis. Both of them shoot different styles that add to the magazine. Different styles is really what Vedere is about plain and simple. While the main focus is on fashion and the industry itself, there are so many facets that need to be explored. That exploration and giving a place for it to be seen is what Vedere Magazine has evolved into. It is not one person with a big ego, it's many people showing what they can do in an honest open forum. No hype, no pretense, just great work from great people. That's why we use the tag-line, Vedere Magzine.....see and be seen. I'm hoping more of you will want to be involved in the collaboration in the coming months. If you have questions or ideas, just email us. All emails do get answered even when my fingers don't want to cooperate. Back to the clichĂŠ..........Happy New Year. I hope we can keep you entertained and coming back each month. MM A special shout out to my good friend John, Feel better my friend, we need you out shooting again soon!

The Collaboration Continues. This is an invitation to all Photographers, MUA's, Designers and Models to become part of the an open sharing of your work, local and International. No Hype, No Pretense, Just Creativity and Results. See and Be Seen in Vedere Magazine.

Alyssa C. - MUA 2 0 y e a r s Ex p e r i e n c e f o r R u nw a y a nd F a s hi o n S ho o t s L e t he r p u t t he b e s t l o o k i n f r o nt o f t he c a m era f o r y o u r ne x t s ho o t o r ev ent . O ne o f t he b e s t o n t he e a s t coa st !

MICHAELA All Images Copyright 2012 Michael Meadows Studios

Make sure to check her out at: /MsScarla2011

Michaela Scarla

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Jonathan Martin

In the Studio All Images Copyright 2012 Michael Meadows Studios

im ages by

Pr e p a r a t i o n a n d Et h i c s f o r F a s h i o n Sh o w s f o r t h e M a k e u p Ar t i s t . . . BY AL YSSA C

How you present yourself to your client who hires you can make or break your career in this beauty Industry. Every Makeup Artist has their own style of doing things and that’s what makes your mark. To be the top in your field you must do things that separate you from the average. Fashion Shows to me are on my top list that I feel any Makeup Artist must be flawless in. When I receive a call or email from a client who requires my services for a show I ask a lot of questions. I ask who the designer is and is there a website to see her work. Looking at their website or photos you can get an idea what the designers taste in colors, styles, and most important what kind of makeup the models have on, if they like bold colors, one type of eye shadow look for all the shows or a variety and the hair style as well. You have to be honest with yourself and the designer if you can or cannot do the looks they are requiring. There is nothing wrong if you cannot perform the makeup look they need. Honesty is the best policy. You will look worse saying you can, showing up for a show then hear ” she or he has not given us what we asked for or promised” after the show and that’s a strike on your reputation. I then ask them how they found me. Before you just jump in and say yes you need to do some background work yourself. Ask them to give you a few days to respond. Any good legitimate company or designer will understand and respect you. It’s great your excited, happy jumping up and down BUT you need to focus now on your background work.

I have Facebook like several million other people and belong to a few model chat groups and have models and professional Photographers on my pages. If you are comfortable asking them in private if they have heard of the people who want to hire you ask them questions like if they were comfortable, was the designer or company professional and would they work with them again. If the company offered to pay you ask if they paid the people you are asking on time. I do not just use Facebook to check when I go to the person who’s hired me website I see the photographers names as well and models and sometimes contact them. Now you’ve done your checking and if your search has not come with great result and comments you have to decide what to do, if no just say “Thank you for the offer but I must decline for am not taking projects at this time” but if you heard great things about the designer or company and you can perform the makeup looks they are asking so hey send a yes!

"Before you jump in and say yes, you need to do some backgound work...."

Well now you have a job, check your makeup case and mark the date.. You still have a lot to prepare.. You cannot just show up to a Fashion Show the day of and say “I’m ready!” Unfortunately some Makeup Artist have done that and that can be a total disaster. That means more questions to send to the designer or event person such as how many models will be there? What time the event start? what time does it end? What time will the hair be done? Is there a rehearsal? Do you need to be at the rehearsal? What type of makeup looks do they want for that show? What time do the fitting start for the designer and if there will be other Makeup Artist there? I send these questions with the yes response. Sometimes certain designers have certain looks for certain models so I ask them to send me the models photo with the makeup look they want just for them. You need to know how many models will be there to make sure you can get the makeup done in a timely matter. You may also be working other Makeup Artist and a Hair Designer for he or she will also need to work on the models so you all need to make sure everyone is finished and completed. Make sure you have everything ready in your case and Eye Pencils sharpened, Garbage bags, Q tips, Disposable wands, Tissues, Tweezers, and Lash Glue to name a few things.

Map out if there is a CVS or drugstore nearby for sometimes you may need to run and get more lash glue or Q tips ( is why you get there extra early).Nothing is perfect and things do happen as in some people are late, so when I do a show is why I get there extra early. The day of the show and you arrive it is best to first find the designer or Show person in charge and thank them for having you, ask them what area they want you in , where the hair designer will be what time you need to be finished and if they are running behind always have a backup makeup plan for faster time applications. Look at your area is everything there you need like trash can, are you by a bathroom, is there water nearby for certain cosmetics are activated by water, and is there an adequate chair for you to use. One of my reasons for getting there extra early is I can attain what I need if my area needs it. If you wait for the last minute you look unprofessional and unprepared running around. I always send two email out to all the models stating they must bring their own fake lashes, have their eyebrows done and no cell phones in my chair. I send one email one week before the show and one email two days prior. It also will show you which models respect the show and are truly professional to the ones that just show up unprepared. If you have a show with fifteen to twenty models it eats up time to have to dig in your case and constantly pull out your lashes. I tell them to have them in hand when sitting in my chair. If they do not have them and have to get them from their bag when they come to my chair I send them off and take the next person thus they have to go in back of the line and wait. If they do not have them period I remind them of the email and charge them for lashes. Cell phones to me are a no no in my chair.. The only way you can have a cell phone is if you have Children, Husband, or a sick family member that needs to get ahold of you. I think it’s very rude and disrespectful as well. Eyebrows are a must because you get a photographer who takes a close up shot of your model with great makeup, beautiful hair , beautiful pose and ghastly uneven brows with hairs sticking out. Communication is key for the show and your all a team now. That team is the hair designer, the other Makeup Artist, and the designer. You have to be asking about time and looking out for each other. Never ever act like a DIVA for remember in this business we need them and Designers and Fashion Show companies don’t need us.

So now you’re finished with the models, you’ve cleaned area but you have to keep a few things for Makeup Touch ups throughout the show. I usually stay backstage with a few things like powder, gloss, liner and a few shadows. I’ve been at a few shows when the Fashion Show Company says “ Go outside and enjoy yourself” but I choose to stay backstage and work thus is shows even if my major work is done I still take pride in my work. I have a rule with drinking. I have seen too many models and Makeup Artist drink way too much and act a complete fool. My rule is two drinks maximum with very low alcohol content. You need to stay focused and classy because you never know what Magazine or TV people will be there. If I bring other people with me who are assisting I tell them my rule or they cannot work.

Alyssa C

Washington D.C.

With over 20 years Experience as a Licensed Makeup Instructor/Makeup Artist, Alyssa C. brings the knowledge and experience to every show and shoot she does. She has worked with the top photographers, models and designers on the east coast along with many in Europe. Her passion does not at end at making models look great, she carries her own line of Mineral Makeup to make sure the right look is achieved. Find out more about Alyssa C at: makeup-site#!about

I do not care what others do or drink if they are not working with me because the next day when words start flying ( they do after shows) on who acted like a fool you will know who will keep getting hired and who will not. Do you want to be “ That Girl or Guy who did the show makeup who is hanging over the bar and guest slurring his or her words?” When Backstage sometimes if I see a model having an issue getting changed backstage its good to help them with wardrobe changes for this is working together and helping each other out for a smooth show and it shows you are not too good to help. I’ve seen it plenty of times a model struggling getting into her dress and a Makeup Artist just sitting there watching thinking “ Well I’ve done my job and that’s all that matters.” Trust me people notice these things. At the end of the show always say Thank You again to the Fashion Show Company or Designer for having you there and have your business cards ready to give out. Thank the models for all their hard work and be proud of yourself. Make sure you receive the photographer’s business card for photos and models names and numbers to attain them for future projects. Sometimes you will get an invite for a show after party from a designer or Show Company and that’s great but just because the magazines and TV are not there does not mean you can let go and be crazy you always have to think of how you want to be seen. I hope this article will help some of you who are going to be working your first show as a Make Up Artist. I wish all of you the best and keep doing what you are doing. If you love what you do never let it go and let no one tell you any different.

Nathaly Lira

20 years old, i was born in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mex. Ran Cross Country for 4 years in High School, and won State in 2007 and played soccer for 3 years. studied Modeling in Guadalajara Mexico for 4 months.


Images by: Copyright 2012

Shannon: From Scottsdale to Hollywood

In life one gets to meet many interesting and great people, meeting Shannon was no exception. While she was in town for the holidays I had the pleasure to meet and shoot with Shannon in Scottsdale. I have to admit, no matter the location, she makes it easy to get great images. Her experience and poise is nothing less than inspiring to a photographer. Easy going and always a fun attitude, the time we allotted was over before I knew it. I request models put together a bio for the photo spreads in the magazine. While I knew about her acting and modeling background, when I received the bio, it told me so much about where she gets her determination and drive to be the best. Growing up, she didn't have the normal home life we think of for most young girls. Her mother being an RN and an alcoholic made life difficult. While trying to stay sober, her mother accidentally overdosed on medication to help her stop drinking. She credits her mother for her keen awareness how fragile life is and what it did to make her determined to accomplish her goals in life. Her father, devastated by all that transpired, worked to do the best he could. The pressure of growing up in Scottsdale and watching her father stuggle and not having all the new things her friends had gave her a new appreciation for what is important in life. What follows is what Shannon is about and what's she has accomplished in her own words. I think you'll be impressed with this young lady. I have been modeling off and on since I was very young. I was always the ham for the camera even in home our video's, I wanted to be front and center. When I was fourteen I got back into modeling and acting. I started going to John Casablanca’s Modeling and Acting School in Scottsdale. I had already done a couple print ads and runway shows while in high school and also starred in a couple high school plays. Once out of high school and off to college realized I only wanted and needed to be was in front of a camera. I started doing more promo modeling, modeling for calendars, websites, magazines, and started to make some good money at it. Like all aspiring stars I also worked from 20052009 at a tanning salon which enabled me to move out of the house age seventeen into my own two stories, three bedroom house. This made me very happy. After mom passed away I realized I couldn't stay in Scottsdale. I needed to go to Los Angeles to really pursue my dreams. I felt as if she was looking down on me and helping put it all together; everything seemed to be falling into place. Out of the blue a couple girlfriends wanted to move to LA and with my other connections help, the signs pointed me to some good agencies and off I went. I was also able to transfer my tanning salon job in LA as well.

Once there I met with some cool producers and directors who got me into a music video, commercials, a couple lifetime movies, one called "No one to Blame" and the other one called, "Killing Mr. Right". I met the directors and producers of the show “Son of Anarchy” who may have me as a featured role in their upcoming season as well. I have recently met some amazing photographers who are helping me get published in Maxim and another photographer who has shot for Guess Magazine, who is submitting my pictures to them as well. So we will see how that goes! I am a firm believer in what you envision, you can make into your own reality. When I moved out to LA I made a list of big dreams I wanted to accomplish, ironically I wrote down to be in movies, be in Maxim, Guess, Sports Illustrated, and of course every girls dream, Victoria Secret’s. Then bam, it’s like I was to drawn to those opportunities and it has really proved to me that with the right determination, a strong set of goals, a clear vision of what exactly you want, a terminator mentality and the confidence in yourself to just do it, anyone can achieve whatever you want in life. My main goal in all of this is to someday inspire people who otherwise might give up and fall prey to their negative environment, to follow their dreams, it simply doesn't matter what your story is, where you came from or any disadvantages you may be faced with and have to overcome, you can do anything you set your mind to. What matters is where you are going. Become a Fan:

Get "Get Nasty" The song "Get Nasty" is about going out to the clubs with your lady friends and having a good time out on the dance floor. Simply being able to go out dancing without guys thinking women or in this song myself having an agenda for the night. The only thing on my mind is I want to go out and dance and if I run into a really hot guy out on the dance floor then dance with him. I want to dance the way the music makes me feel and maybe that is a little naughty and dirty but my intentions are only that I just want to dance with you, not go home with you just because we may be doing some grinding right now. At the end of the night I am going home with my friends and not any guy I may have met or danced with at any club.

Images By: Russell Klein Scottsdale Copyright 2012

Check this h http://youtube/

N a st y About Some things I want people to know about me and my music is that I fell in love with music at age 7 and started singing when I was about 10 years old. I grew up listening to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. My dad used to be a well known singer back in my home country and is the reason behind my love of music and performance. I write and sing my own songs. For me music is very therapeutic and the songs I write I believe others can all relate to at some point in their lives and to know that they are not alone. Everything I write and sing about are things I have personally experienced through life's journeys and also things I believe in. My music ranges from pop to r&b. I love to dance therefore when I write a dance track I do it based on how the beats make me feel or how I see myself and others dancing to it. But writing ballads would have to be my all time favorite because I feel that I fall so deep when it comes to love songs. It has so much in depth meaning to it as I am allowed to put all my deep thoughts and emotions into the song, and I as write it I am nurturing what I am feeling at the same time. So when people hear my songs I want them to know that everything they are listening to is all me, it’s like getting to know me without meeting or already knowing who I am. I also hope that my music can touch the lives of many listeners out there as many singers/artists have touched mine.

hot video at: /hqlksJWEmmM

M i s s . C o n s t r u e d Bo u t i q u e G r a n d O p e n i n g F a s h i o n What is your background? How did you get started? Missconstrued was incorporated in 2006 as an online retail boutique, and this was where I started my foundation in the fashion world. From there the constant influences around me inspired me to produce a few lines. Needless to say, I had to do a lot of experimenting to take my artistic background of painting and sculpture and combine it with fashion, but I eventually got it. Now I like to incorporate artistic pieces into each hand made design to create wearable art for all to enjoy. We have been getting such a great response that we are proud to say we have now opened our own store downtown Phoenix, at 912 N. 5th street, Phoenix, Arizona! The Grand Opening was themed “Toxic Gumdrops� and was held on December 18, 2011. Was a colorful event featuring hair by Gerardo Bracemonte and Makeup by Courtney Leavitte. We featured several designers that evening doing a fabulous runway event every hour. I have two partners involved in this venture who are also designers and artists, Skky Brown and Zihar Rivers of Capini. How do you make purchases for your store as far as product and material goes? I attend a lot of trade shows, local events and do a lot of online searches to find unique artists to hold in our boutique. We go for mostly hand made fashions of all different styles, but we mainly carry an abundance of alternative fashion as that is the focus of my own designs. It creates a very bright, unique atmosphere for our shoppers. Do you purchase from other vendors and sell their products in your store? How does that process work? Yes. It depends on the designer, but usually you place the order and once the product is ready to ship you pay for the package. I also do consignment, which is different all in itself. I charge a percentage to have them front the product to test its selling capability. How do you spend your typical week when it comes to your Boutique? Responding to emails. No, really, each week brings new things to the table due to the fact that I am also a designer. So I pretty much juggle sales, photoshoots, designs, and marketing all week long. What skills or talents are most essential to being effective in your job? Motivation and dedication. If you are not motivated and staying up with the industry, you will definitely lose your place in it. What are the toughest problems you face? The financial ups and downs. In sales, retail, its always going to have its highs and lows and they are always unpredictable. What is the most rewarding about work itself, apart from salary? Everything is rewarding when you just see so many people in love with what you do. Each day I have new customers give me a lot of compliments on what we are doing and that means the world! How long have you been doing this? 7 years total, but really successfully the last year. It takes a long time to get off the ground.

Runway Images by Russel Klein, Scottsdale Images. com

Runway Images by Russel Klein, Scottsdale Images. com

Runway Images by Russel Klein, Scottsdale Images. com

D i a n n e D e N a r d o MHI, BSN, RN, CVT, LATg From Model to All Species Medcial Pro.

Although she started out in modeling in her late teens, her younger years were far from the modeling field. Her interests involved activities in sports, healing all walks of life, fulfilling spiritual family traditions, advocating for those that were bullied (since she was also bullied in elementary school), and she was a child prodigy in reading, writing and the arts (charcoal drawing, sculptures, dance and singing) and always curious in all aspects of the sciences. While she barely studied in elementary and high school, she realized to get further in her ambitions to succeed, she explored the community around her by actively participating in volunteering in human and animal medical settings, worked in non-medical areas to develop work ethics and principles (i.e. She even played Wendy for the local Wendy’s commercial in Vermont), she was titled Miss Newport in the Miss Vermont, U.S.A. pageant. She began modeling for a variety of well known photographers that submitted photos to industries such as National Geographic to runway modeling. All to achieve the substance needed when the time came to create her own legacy in the world of giving back through her creation of All Species Nurse. She studied everything vigorously ever since she graduated high school up to this day. With three degrees, she still feels the need to study and learn about the world, even if it doesn’t lead to a certificate or degree. However when speaking with Dianne, you can’t help but realize the enormous feeling of support and love Dianne has for all living things. She is very approachable and places her efforts towards the genuine care for others’ needs before herself. She demonstrates her capacity of caring under the roof of her own home, as she takes on the care of a variety of pets (ranging from tortoises and turtles, to snakes and other reptiles, ferrets, a rabbit, a chicken and, of course, her dogs and cats). These are all whom she considers her children. In fact, if Dianne has a pet sitter while away on business or vacations, she actually looks to qualified Veterinary Technicians that are experienced in handling and medical treatments of the various species, including a week training under her direct supervision of how to care for her numerous pets according to their individual needs—a mindset that also carries over into how she devotes her care to her human patients.

Permission to print and publish by Dianne DeNardo, All Species Nurse, TM, LLC in Vedere Magazine

In addition, Dianne as All Species Nurse TM is a huge advocate for all living things, especially vulnerable human and animal populations and the environment. The biggest encouragement is to "Get Involved; Join a Cause!" to increase awareness and inspire others for ongoing support for various organizations that share common goals. She works with multiple non-for profit agencies to accomplish efforts that advocate for all vulnerable populations. Many of the spiritual work and lectures provided by All Species Nurse includes donating to various nonfor profit agencies according to All Species Nurse’s or the client’s choice. Dianne has a strong commitment to providing high standards of quality nursing care to the general public to promote mind, body, and spiritual health and well-being. Her interests include educating and consulting with the general public, as well as serving as a catalyst that bridges the gap in communication between patient’s and health care providers. Her experiences and interests have led to her founding of All Species Nurse TM, a company that provides these critical services to bolster both human and animal health. The service offered by All Species Nurse TM varies on the needs of the individual person, animal or facility. To view her primary site and types of services, please visit: In her ongoing commitment to ‘All Species,’ Ms. DeNardo has even developed an online resource page that satisfies professionals and the general public in their personal continuing education by weeding through internet sites to find existing sites that is accessible, relevant and reliable. To inquire about what All Species Nurse can do for you, or if you wish to become a member of All Species Nurse TM LLC, please feel free to e-mail at . Permission to print and publish by Dianne DeNardo, All Species Nurse, TM, LLC in Vedere Magazine

Venessa Mendez, aka "Sassy", was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona. As a free lance vocalist, Venessa has sung with The Hot Birds and The Chili Sauce, Red Light District, Aztex Band, Jump Jive and Wail band, Rico Swavaa, The Untouchables, The Dyverse Band, Siah, and other various artists. Unsatisfied with the prospect of only playing other people's music, Venessa has formed her own original project called "Sassy and the Sneak Attack". Collaborating with some of the best musicians in the valley, the Sneak Attack brings a eclectic blend of grooves ranging from Hip-hop and neo-funk, to electro-musical theater, swing-pop to get your booty movin'. The concept for the band began when Venessa met with bassist Chris Starks, aka "Basshead", and guitarist Seth Gory to write original music. Together with Jeff Hattasch (trombone), Steve Limpert (trumpet), Dan Petrosino (drums), Chris Pena (keys), and Michael Moynihan (tenor sax), they turned rough vocal cuts that Venessa created using just a simple looper, into fully produced tracks and live band arrangements. Joining Sassy and the Sneak Attack are The Sassperillas, The Sneak Attack dancers. These sexy ladies add a whole new dimension to live our performances. It is All about the presentation!

Sassy and The Sneak Attack Images by

Russell Klein Scottsdale

Vedere Magazine January 2012 Issue 6  

January 2012 Including Alyssa C -MUA, Shannon, Michaela, Jonathan, Diana, Miss.Construed Boutique,

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