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Navigation & Map Generation System

MG-100 The VECTr Systems™ MG-100 Navigation & Map Generation System doubles the map storage capacity of the MG-110. It offers advanced capabilities, such as support for networked workstations. The MG-100 mounts in a 1/4 ATR tray that can be located anywhere on the airframe in either a pressurized or unpressurized area. The system is controlled using either the CU-10 illuminated 14-key panel (mountable in a Dzus slot) or a keyboard. The MG-100 has two removable hard drive bays and two PCMCIA slots for Flash memory and other cards. TM Series 9 Operating Software and an optional set of JeppesenŽ maps are loaded onto the non-volatile RAM drive, so the MG-100 operates within seconds of powering up. Both maps and software can be upgraded. Vector, scanned raster and aerial photo maps can be added using optional hard disks.

The CU-10 Control Unit provides complete command of the operating software through customizable, onscreen menus. The buttons are placed ergonomically for intuitive operation and are NVG compatible in accordance with MIL-STD-3009 & RTCA-DO-275. Button lighting can be dimmed via the Central Cockpit Dimming control.

The MG-100 includes Flight Management System (FMS) functions that can integrate with existing FMSs. It supports two-way voice and data networking through satellite, UHF, and VHF links, as well as real-time video links to a base station. These combined functions form a complete system that raises mission performance and enhances situational awareness.

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MG-100 HARDWARE Power Supply Power Consumption Dimensions Weight Mounting Control Unit (CU-10)*

The MG-100 is compatible with a range of peripherals. The CU-10 Control Unit gives the operator complete command of the TM Operating Software via customizable onscreen menus. Additional peripherals and functionality supported includes outputs for multiple monitors, reading and recording of AIS transponder data, terrain awareness, and the import and display of overlays from mission planning packages such as FalconView™.

The MG-100 Interfaces with monitors ranging from 6.5" to 15", such as this 10.4" color display.

The advanced capabilities of the MG series are an ideal fit for the military and for applications in homeland security, intelligence gathering, law enforcement, fire fighting, airborne medical services, pipeline inspection, search & rescue and the Coast Guard.

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The MG-100 is compatible with a wide range of equipment and systems.

Transfer Mode GPS Device System Software


FEATURES: TM SERIES 9 OPERATING SOFTWARE • Raster, vector and aerial photo maps • 2.5D depiction of elevation model (DTED) • User deniable checklists • Extensive user database • Flight planning and recording • Terrain profile • Search patterns • Variable map coloring and terrain shading • Customizable menus • Administrator mode • Quick marker functions • Emergency mode and terrain warning function • Mission editor • User deniable moving object database • Selectable map orientation & map modes • Support for third-party components such as FMS, gimbal mounted surveillance sensors (EO/IR), AIS transponders and more...


The MG-100 Navigation & Map Generation System with TM Series 9 Operating Software lets pilots and operators follow the track of an aircraft on a moving map, control a gimbal mounted sensor (EO/IR), and lock the sensor on a specific location as the aircraft navigates. The sensor “footprint” can be displayed on the moving map.

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Connector Panel Interfaces

SPECIFICATIONS +28V DC ~40W (nominal) 7.6” (H) x 2.25”(W) x 12.65” (D) 6 Pounds ARINC Tray HNR or hard mounted 14-key illuminated & dimmable: NVG complies with MIL-STD-3009 and RTCA-DO-275 Sub-D HD, Sub-D Mixed Layout 2 VGA Interfaces STANAG 3350 B/C Video Interface Composite Video (NTSC/PAL) 8 ARINC 429 Channels (2 out/6 in) 5 RS-232 Serial Interfaces 2 RS-422 Serial Interfaces LVDS Interface USB Interface 4 A/D Converter Interfaces Healthy Bit Keyboard Interface Mouse Interface 3 Ethernet Interfaces Control Unit Interface Microphone In Monophonic Line In Stereo Line Out DGPS Interface Dimming Input 2 Dimming Outputs 2 Hard Drive Bays (2.5”) 2 PCMCIA Slots (Type I-II) Ultra-DMA Mode Internal 16 channel GPS Receiver TM Series 9 Operating Software System Embedded on RAM Drive (upgradeable) Hardware: RTCA-DO-160D Software: RTCA-DO-178B (up to Level C)

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MG-100 Map Generator


MG-100 Map Generator