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VECTIS PART 1 Storyboard of Promotion Video The story begins with the members of the SC doing what they do best, for example, Iona and Jessi will be doing ballet, Rahim would be playing the violin, Kimberly will be knitting, Michael will be playing his sax, as we would not want everyone in the student council to be just doing some plain calm and art-like activity, Bryan will be playing snooker/ American pool, and Latifah will be serving the web, so on. These scene will stop due to a phone call, their phone rings, they pick up the phone and nods as in answer to “we’ll be right there”, and all of them stopped at what they are doing and proceeds to get ready. The president of the council waits for the members of the student council as in he hired all of these professionals, Rahim proceeds to the ground floor preparing to welcome the members of the student council. The message of “we’ve arrived” was sent Bryan, who is now at the Ifc airport express station wearing a business suit, waiting for the others. The business suit represents that over the summer they have all learnt stuff and back in profession. He puts back his phone; pull the handle of his luggage and walks away. The luggage within contains the school uniform. As he starts in walking straight forward, The rest of the student council main crew members join him, also wearing business suits and carrying a suitcase along with them, they walk in a formation of a “V” in approaching towards the school. At the school, the president greets the members and they shook hands, the team reaches the forth floor, at the rock bench/table area in front of the auditorium entrance, they lined up their suitcases side by side and opened them, revealing their school uniforms. They slipped their hands into the suitcase and lifted up the school uniform. Resting the school uniform on both of their forearms, they turn and proceed to the lavatory and change, and then of course, walks out with school uniforms on. The team assembles into the formation of a “V” and walks towards the hall on the fifth floor in representation of that they are taking over. This all will be done within the duration of 59 seconds. Suit’s purpose: to express that the members of the student councils are fully prepared and are experienced professionals in the job. The overall main message of this part 1 video is to express that the members in the student council is fully prepared and ready to take over from the previous student council and continue in their success. Directed by Ryan O’Toole Finalized by Ronald Tong

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Story Board for Vectis Promotion Video

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