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Vectis - Year Plan

Prepared and Compiled by: President - Rahim Leung Academic Years: 2011-2012

Vectis - Candidate Party for 2011-2012 VSA Student Council

Vectis The big question is, who are we? We are just a team of students dreaming the same dream, bearing the same vision. We came together last year as a rather unique group, with a mixture of year 9s and 10s. This year, half of us are now diploma students, while the rest are at the height of the MYP program. Nonetheless, our dream and vision never changed. Over the past few months, our determination heightened, and now we are ready. So all the long talk about us having the same vision and dream, what is it really? We aim to cultivate and create a more rounded, more accessible learning environment for all of you. We want to continue building on the foundation that the past two student councils have built. We want to give you a year of wonder, a year where learning will be a piece of cake, a year where you can finally get what you truly want. There is a specific meaning behind the name "Vectis". It is Greek for the word "leverage". We are your leverage with the school board, staff, parents, students and other schools. We are the pole that you can hang on without bigotry, without any agnosticism. We are the vigor behind you.

Change is what you want, and with us, change is what you will get.

Activity Highlights of the Year We’re the leverage. We’re the foundation that provides opportunities for all of us to, hand in hand, cultivate a healthy “work hard, play hard” school environment. With our Halloween Fair; a festive celebration to bring out spirits up at the beginning of the year, followed by sports events, competitions, parties, themed dress days as well as additional academic monitoring schemes, we promise to make this a fruitful and all- rounded year for all of us. To mark the end of a successful school year, Vectis proposes to start a tradition of a wholeschool Prom in the VSA community. It’s a dance party towards the end of the year, an unforgettable exclamation mark to the school year we’ve shared.

Community Affairs Sports Events

- Inter-Class Competition (Soccer & Basketball) - Student Chosen Sports Event

Community Events - Halloween Party - Christmas Ball - VSA Got Talent - Prom - Class Representatives Organized Activities - Themed Dress Days

Art Events - Artwork Gallery - Photography Showcase (Competition) - Video Showcase (Competition)

Academic Events - “The Human Dictionary” (Competition) - Creative Writing (Competition) - ‘VSA Mathematician’ (Competition)

- Parent Teacher Association (PTA) - School Management Board - Hong Kong Federation of Student Unions - External Discounts

External Affairs


- Lunch Arrangements - Issues raised by Class Representatives - Rental Services - Academic Monitoring - Textbook Repurchasing Scheme

Community Affairs Sports Events One of Vectis’ fundamental aims is to create a balanced school life. Inter-class sports events promoted by the Vectis Community Affairs Department aims for improvement VSA student’s physical well being, advocate good sportsmanship and school spirit.

Inter-Class Competition (Soccer & Basketball) The Interclass Competition is held every year at VSA. This year there will be Soccer and Basketball competitions. Due to mass amount of year groups, the games will be separated into 3 divisions, Y6-7, Y8-9 and Y10-12. It is compulsory for each class to participate in the competition. The games will be held on the 7/F for Soccer, and 5/F for Basketball. If weather conditions does not allow the procession of a game, the game will be cancelled and rescheduled, class representatives will be informed 5 days prior to the rescheduled game. The Soccer competition will take place in first term, and Basketball competition will take place in the second term. Awards will be given to the Winner, Top Scorer and the Most Valuable Player (MVP). The aim of the interclass sports competition is to promote sports activities and sportsmanship. It also encourages active participation within the school community. At the same time it promotes a better class spirit and friendship between classmates and encourage students to challenge themselves.

Student Chosen Sports Event There have been quite a number of disputes in the past few school years concerning the choice of sport events in the Inter-Class Competitions. The “student chosen sports event” will be improved so that the student body is allowed to choose their desired sports to compete. The choices will also allow students to have a balanced exposure to different types of sports. In the first few senate meetings, the Class Representatives will be asked to discuss with their homeroom on their choice of the event. Vectis will then evaluate results collected and the final choice will be announced around the end of November. This way, the interclass sports competition will be more flexible and allows students to display their strengths in other sports. To prevent unorthodox suggestions, there will be only 5 options: I. II. III. IV. V.

Badminton Table tennis Volleyball Tennis Rugby

Arts Events One of Vectis’ major aims is to provide a balanced school life to students. Therefore, a series of art events will be hosted to boost student’s artistic awareness and develop interest in students.

Artwork Gallery This event will be held in association with the VSA Art Department. In this event Vectis will be in charge of promotion, where the Art Department will collect artwork pieces and display them in a showcase. Vectis will provide any additional help if required by the Art Department. The art gallery aims to endorse and support talented art students by providing a platform and opportunity for them to showcase their work. By appreciating other’s work, the event aims to change the student’s perception of visual arts at VSA for something more than a subject.

Photography Showcase (Competition) The event will be built on from the foundation built by Nexus. Vectis will strengthen the promotion of this event, to encourage more students to participate. All secondary students are welcomed to join the competition and each contestant will need to provide 4-6 photographs along with a short rationale. The showcase will be held in the second term of the 2011-2012 school year. It will be located in the library or 4/F corridor for a week. The champion will be decided by students and teachers, each person can cast one vote. The competition intends to enhance the school spirit through the medium of arts. The announcement of results and awarding ceremony will also be done in a larger scale. Results will be revealed by Vectis on a school assembly.

Video Showcase (Competition) To discover the next generation of professional video producers, Vectis will organize a new event: Video Showcase, which creates a platform for students to exhibit their video production skills. The event will take place following the Photography Showcase. In between the two events, there will be at least a month between the date of promotion and the deadline for the competition. This activity could alter the student’s opinions on video making. Moreover, students will have an opportunity to learn from fellow schoolmates. The winner of the competition may earn an opportunity of showing their product during assembly.

Community Events Community Events organized by the Community Affairs are held to increase school spirit and students’ sense of belonging to the school.

Halloween Party Students can experience the fun and joy of Halloween in this years Halloween Fair held by Vectis. There will be food/game booths and also a haunted house. Students are encouraged to dress up, entrance fee will be at least HKD 20 and will be donated to a specified charity.

This event will take place during school time, so students will be motivated to join a fun event where teachers and students can all celebrate the spookiness and fun of Halloween.

Christmas Ball The VSA Christmas Ball is an inter-school event VSA that allows students to enjoy and celebrated their Christmas holiday. This is also a great chance for students to meet with people outside VSA. Dinner/beverages will be provided during the night. Professional DJs, and lighting system will be prepared for the best night of the year. This event carries on with the VSA tradition with the ball and promotes a better, lively, and enthusiastic school spirit.

VSA Got Talent Everyone in the VSA community is welcome to participate in the talent show. They can choose to perform whatever they like, band performances, singing, dancing, etc. This will be held for 3 class periods around June, the winners will be chosen by a group of judges. This event aims to showcase student’s different talent and give them more opportunities and confidence to perform their talents.

Prom The prom is the highlight of all our events. It is a dance party and buffet dinner and will be held near the end of year to celebrate all of the hard work all of us, the student body, have done. There will be professional DJs, lighting system and audio system to enhance the atmosphere of the evening. Sometimes, we all just need a break, don't we?

Class Representatives Organized Activities Last year’s Student Council - Nexus, allowed Class Representatives to organize activities such as the ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ and ‘Valentines Day Chocolate’. Vectis believes that this will be a great opportunity for Class Representatives to develop their individual leadership skills. Class Representatives will need to prepare a formal proposal including a budget and hand over to Vectis 1 month preliminary to the date of the event.

Themed Dress Day Vectis believes that having more dress casual days can increase the spirit of the students at VSA. This can also be a charity event. Vectis aims to have one themed dress day every month, and for every time we donate the money to a different charity. To create variation there would be themes for each casual dress day, to make each event uniquely meaningful. Class Representatives will be asked to collect the money and give it in to the Secretary of External Affairs.

Academic Events Academic events by Vectis Community Affairs aspire for a better learning attitude in students and bring up the learning atmosphere in VSA.

The Human Dictionary Competition Students from all year groups are welcome to join “The Human Dictionary” competition. Students will be competing in two separate levels: junior (y6-y9), senior (y10-12). Students will be spelling the desired words on an answer paper in a classroom individually. The competition will be done in an elimination system, the top 10 scorers of the competition will continue with their competition. Three runners up will be awarded during the school assembly. Language is something we use everyday, but we often take it for granted. This event will allow the student body to have a higher exposer to language.

Creative Writing Competition All secondary students are welcomed to join the competition; this will be a joint event with the English and Chinese department. Each contestant will need to provide a piece of creative essay, language depending on the subject chosen (English or Chinese). The departments will choose 5 best essays, respectively from each language, and they will be showcased in the library. Results will be revealed by Vectis on a school assembly and book vouchers will be given to the winners. As of the human dictionary competition, this event aims to expose the student body with a wider range of language, invigorating your spirit of interest and appreciation towards this wonderful medium.

‘VSA Mathematician’ Competition The “VSA Mathematician” will be held during the “World Math Week”. Students are encouraged to do maths during this week through the maths website. Students who participated the most will be awarded. This math event is held in association with the Math Department to encourage students to do maths as “practice makes perfect”, this can also foster student’s interest towards the subject maths. Maths should be fun, so why not make it so? That's the goal for this event. Vectis believes that academics, yes, even maths, can be enjoyable for everyone - and this event will make it happen.

External Affairs Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Vectis intends to continue cultivating the relationship between the student body and the PTA. In order to gather the opinion of people who are closely related to students (parents and teachers), and to garner help and advice from them when possible, seeing as they have considerably more experience. Regular meetings with the chairman of the PTA would be arranged in order for us to achieve our goal.

School Management Board The school management board is in charge of how the school is run, what the students do, and what external activities are allowed to be done under the school’s name. Vectis believes that a well cultivated relationship between the student body and the school management board would be a necessity – more external activities that benefits the student body would be condoned. Occasional meetings would be organized in order to argue and discuss the related matters.

Hong Kong Federation of Student Unions Vectis believes that VSA’s connection with other external schools should be expanded and cultivated. This will enable students from VSA to meet new people they otherwise would not have the opportunity to, and see what people’s school lives are like outside the realms of VSA. The numerous activities organized by Nexus, the student council of year 2010-2011, allowed external schools to participate, and this allowance doubled the fun of the whole event. Vectis hopes for this atmosphere to continue to rise, allowing activities to continue being fun and enjoyable for the student body.

External Discounts Entertainment is also important in the system of learning. Vectis will discuss terms with local shops such as restaurants, stationary shops, theme parks, and other shops of that kind. Students who are able to show their valid Student ID card will be able to enjoy discounts from shops in places where students will go the most, such as Wan Chai and Causeway Bay.

Welfare Shower facilities It’s 35 degrees and students have just finished a game of basketball under the sun. A cold shower would not only be refreshing for the students to get them freshened up for the rest of the fruitful day, the better hygiene would also benefit our learning environment and peers in the classroom. With the necessary shower facilities, Vectis proposes to negotiate with the school board for permission to access and use shower facilities to all students at certain times of the day, at the same time compromising with the school prefect team for disciplinary control during those specified time slots.

School Composting Scheme For a several years teachers have proposed to organize a school based school composting scheme to bring us closer to our natural environment. This year Vectis, in hand with Green Peace and other environmental organizations, proposes to setup a foundation to this scheme in which students and teachers will be involved in the planting and “harvesting� of our healthy new environment.

Activities Room The Activities Room is just another classroom in the secondary section, but when the recess and lunch bells ring, Vectis proposes to have it transformed into an activities room in which students can enjoy board games, card games, chess etc. We propose to compromise with the school prefect team for disciplinary control in the classroom so students can enjoy a safe and fun social environment.

Issues raised by class representatives In the past school year, the messages class representatives try to bring forward to their classes were sometimes neglected, it is important for the students to understand the significant roles they play. We propose to reinforce the significance of class representatives and their contributions to the student body and encourage participation in weekly meetings. The Student Council is the connection between the student body and the school. We welcome all secondary students to give us appropriate suggestions on school policies, and we, Vectis will negotiate with the school board whether those suggestions are applicable or not.

Television broadcasting in cafeteria We have an absolutely brilliant school environment, and we should take advantage of every facility we are provided with by the school. Take the television on the third floor as an example. Instead of letting it sit there all year, Vectis, together with the class representatives, will be organizing both educational and entertainment material to play on the television during lunch periods.

Rental Services Rental services have been pretty successful in the past school year, we will continue developing onto this scheme. We propose to provide rental services of various sports equipment, umbrellas, academic equipment etc. available to student access when necessary. A survey would have to be conducted to decide on what these items might be. Examples of items we may include in the rental service are: - Camcorders - Speaker systems - Lighting equipment - World history books - Extra lockers - Sports equipment

Academic monitoring ~ Voicing out Ideas We propose to setup a bulletin board where you can freely write your opinions regarding any academic issues or complaints so ideas can be expressed and shared throughout the school and the need for assistance can be traced down easily. Vectis will also set up a system monitoring the amount of assessments students have to take. The class representatives will act the most crucial role in the system, they will need to inform us on how many assessments they have in the coming week on the friday before. If the class representatives cannot fulfill this duty, it indicates their renounce in the system.

Academic monitoring ~ Tutor classes Students often come across situations where class time just may not be sufficient and lacks individual attention for thorough understanding of a subject. We propose to negotiate for after school tutor classes in major subjects for students who need additional help on their progress. We would have to compromise with the teachers’ timetables for this activity to run.

Textbook Repurchasing Scheme At the end of a school year students are always burdened by old textbooks to give away and new textbooks to be bought. To solve both problems all at once, we propose to organize a booth where you can sell your old textbooks and purchase second hand ones that suit your own use for a lower and much eco-friendly price. Students may set their own prices to their books; providing a great opportunity to practice their business and money management skills as well.

Vectis Year Plan  
Vectis Year Plan  

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