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1st/2nd Quarter 2018 Newsmagazine of the

A Top 400 Contractor

The Vecellio Group

“A Tradition Of Excellence Since 1938”

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Now In 80th Year, V&G Still ‘Growing Strong’

Keeping It Safe: Rewards Program ‘Catches’ V&G Crew Members . . 4-5 Supervisor Safety Awards . . . . . . 6-7 Sharpe Repaving Lanes On I-40, US-29; Rebuilding Airport Apron . . . . . . . . . 8

Hal Jones Contractor Is Newest Division

Vecenergy, Ranger Receive Awards At Annual Safety Council Event . . . . 8 Respect The Summer Weather, Stay Safe With Seasonal Awareness. . . . 8

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Keeping It Safe: Sharpe Bros. Crews ‘Do The Right Thing’. . . . . . . 9 Ranger Projects Earn State, National Asphalt Paving Awards. . . . . . . . . 10 Keeping It Safe: Ranger Crews ‘Caught’ Doing It Right. . . . . . . 10,12 Ranger Asphalt Plants Add Silos To Keep Up With Demand. . . . . . . . . 11 Ranger Working On I-95 Interchange In Brevard, Parkway In St. Lucie . . 12 Crews ‘Go Orange’ For Safety . . . 13 Promotions, New Hires, and In Memoriam: Shelby Jarrell . . . . 14-15 Smile, You’re On Vecellio Group Camera!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Retired Ranger President Mike Slade Enters FTBA Hall Of Fame. . . . . . . 15 Vecellio Companies Value Industry, Community Involvement. . . . . . . . 16

Photo by John Riley, Jr.

Contact Information . . . . . . . . . . . 16

Generations of Service Put Vecellios In Transportation Hall of Fame High-Quality Construction & Materials

Heavy/highway and bridge construction, drainage and site development throughout the mid-Atlantic states and beyond in the eastern U.S.

Grading, utilities and asphalt paving/resurfacing in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. A division of Vecellio & Grogan.


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Energy Services & Products

Heavy industrial bridge and marine construction services in the southeastern United States. A division of Vecellio & Grogan.

Heavy/highway contracting, site development, and asphalt paving/resurfacing across central and southeastern Florida.

DOT-certified limerock aggregates and screenings. Located in Miami, Florida, White Rock is one of the top producers in the U.S.

Petroleum products terminals and related services in multiple U.S. locations. Total capacity exceeds two million barrels.

Congratulations To All ARTBA-TDF Transportation Development Foundation

2018 Hall of Fame Inductees Including The Vecellio Family

Enrico Vecellio 1878-1954

Leo A. Vecellio Jr. Vecellio Group CEO

Leo A. Vecellio Sr. 1915-1996

“Behind Every Successful Company Are The Hard-Working Men And Women Who Help Make It Happen! Thank You, From Our Family To Yours!”

The Vecellio Group is now in its fourth generation of familyowned and operated leadership. Leo and Kathryn Vecellio (center), with Christopher and Tara Vecellio (left), and Michael and Angela Vecellio (right).


VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2018

TDF Hall Recognizes Family’s Generations Of Service


abroad. He joined the family business in 1973 and helped oversee its remarkable growth, becoming Chairman and CEO in 1996.

Photos by Carl Thiemann

or more than 100 years, the Vecellios have been leaders in transportation construction, building successful businesses and ardently supporting the industry. Recognizing their years of dedication and service, the American Road and Transportation Builders Association has inducted the Vecellio Family into its Transportation Development Foundation Hall of Fame, Class of 2018.

Early in the 20th century, successful road contractor Enrico Vecellio established the high standards of integrity and professionalism that have endured for generations.

His son, Leo Vecellio, founded Vecellio & Grogan with his father and brother-in-law in 1938. He led the construction of roads and runways overseas during World War II, reaching the rank of Major and earning medals for meritorious service. In his career he served as CEO of Vecellio & Grogan and numerous affiliated companies. Leo also served as National Director from West Virginia of the Associated General Contractors of America, President of the Contractors Association of West Virginia, and President of the West Virginia Mining and Reclamation Association. Leo Vecellio, Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps. He earned civil engineering degrees, then reached the rank of Major in the U.S. Air Force managing construction projects at home and

Above: Joining Leo Vecellio, Jr. onstage at the Hall of Fame ceremony are TDF Chairman Paul Yarossi, Michael Vecellio, Kathryn Vecellio, and ARTBA Chairman Matt Cummings. Left: Returning from the ceremony, Leo A. Vecellio III walks with his namesake, while mom Angela Vecellio looks on.

Leo Vecellio, Jr. has served at all levels of industry leadership during his 45-year career, including Chairman of ARTBA in 2007-2008, and Chairman of the Transportation Development Foundation from 2009 to 2017.

In addition to industry leadership, the family gives back through the Vecellio Family Foundation, established in 1973. The Foundation and individual family members support a variety of worthwhile outreaches and programs, including endowments funding a full college professorship, hundreds of college scholarships and more. Particularly notable are the tireless efforts of Leo’s wife, Kathryn, fundraising on behalf of many well-respected charitable organizations, and the growing involvement of their sons, Christopher and Michael Vecellio, the fourth-generation of leadership at the family firm.

Leo Vecellio, Jr. has received many honors in his career, including the ARTBA Award, the Nello L. Teer Jr. Award, and the American Free Enterprise Award. He has been inducted into Virginia Tech’s Academy of Distinguished Alumni and its Academy of Engineering Excellence; Georgia Tech’s Academy of Distinguished Engineering Alumni and its Engineering Hall of Fame; the West Virginia Academy of Civil Engineers; FTBA’s Hall of Fame; and the National Academy of Construction.

Above left:: A young Leo Vecellio (Sr.) sits at the controls of a tractor while his father, Enrico Vecellio, stands at the front. Left: Anna and Enrico Vecellio, Leo Sr., and Evelyn holding Leo Jr. Left: Leo Jr. during his ROTC days. Left corner: Leo Jr. on the job at V&G. Below: Leo Vecellio Jr. and Sr.; Leo Vecellio, Jr. with Michael and Christopher Vecellio, shortly after the fourth generation joined the Group.

Photos from company archives and ARTBA

Right corner: Leo Vecellio, Jr., with then Rep. John Mica (FL) and ARTBA President Pete Ruane.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2018


Vecellio & Grogan Still ‘Growing Strong’ After Eight Decades

Photos from company archives

Top: Enrico Vecellio, Leo Vecellio Sr. and Gene Grogan, founders of V&G, circa late 1930s. Middle and Bottom: From its earliest days, V&G gained a reputation for high-quality construction, even in difficult terrain and conditions.

Photos by Carl Thiemann and John Riley, Jr.

Established in 1938 and built on a tradition of integrity and high-quality results, Vecellio & Grogan this year celebrates 80 years of service to the transportation construction industry, with expansion into other markets and industries in more recent decades, as well. Est ab . 1 Starting as a small street-paving company in southern West Virginia, V&G 93 8 grew to include highway, railway and bridge construction, as well as site development and reclamation work, throughout the mid-Atlantic states and beyond. In addition to its renowned transportation work, V&G entered the Florida construction materials market, establishing White Rock Quarries in the 1980s. Based in Miami, White Rock has grown to become one of the nation’s top aggregates producers. In the 2000s, V&G established Vecenergy, which owns and operates petroleum products terminals as South Florida Materials Corp., and provides offloading as South Florida Petroleum Services. In addition to its Florida port locations, Vecenergy has terminals in Alabama, Georgia and New Mexico. Also last decade, V&G acquired as a new division Sharpe Bros., a paving, grading and utilities division operating since the 1980s in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. Earlier this year, Vecellio & Grogan acquired Hal Jones Contractor, a bridge and marine construction firm based in Jacksonville, FL (see page 5). Even after eight decades, V&G is still “growing strong.” A conveyor stacks material at White Rock Quarries in Miami. Vecenergy’s South Florida Materials Corp. facility at Port of Palm Beach. A Sharpe Bros. night paving project near Greensboro, NC. V&G bridge project in Virginia. On The Cover: A Hal Jones crane comes in by barge to the firm’s Jacksonville facility.

Vecellio & Grogan Crews Make Safety A Habit

Photos by company and safety personnel

As positive reinforcement of the company’s safety policies, employees “caught” working safely (which is, of course, expected) occasionally receive small gift items from management and Safety Dept. personnel. Employees appreciated the gesture!


Left to right: 1) Louis Nunez 2) Harley Pendleton 3) Eric Groves 4) DJ Manns (above right) 5) Bradley Manns (right). See additional V&G photos on the next page, and in the next issue! VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2018

Photos by Matt Farley and John Riley, Jr.

Hal Jones Contractor employees go through safety orientation workshops.

Hal Jones Contractor Welcomed As New Division collective experience in heavy construction. It serves both governmental and private clients. “We are very pleased to welcome the construction professionals of Hal Jones Contractor to our family of companies,” said Leo Vecellio, Jr., CEO of the Vecellio Group. “Their emphasis on safety and reputation for quality results are similar to our own. They are rightly proud of their dedicated and experienced work force.” Hal Jones Contractor has performed marine and bridge work for Jacksonville Port Authority, City of Jacksonville, Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, and private developers. The company has a wellmaintained equipment fleet, including cranes up to 275 tons, barges up to 150-ft. long and 55-ft. wide, and pile hammers up to 88,000 ft.-lbs. This gives Hal Jones the ability to Management and staff includes V.P. Hal “Tinker” Jones III, satisfy a wide range of heavy Melissa Lee, Greg Bedenbaugh, Sherry Sutherland, Garrett construction needs, on land Harrison, Pres. Dennis Harrison, V.P. Paul Kirkland, Joe and on the water. Klaas, Greg Tolbert, Sarah Reed and Scott Bates.

Projects at Hal Jones Contractor have included rebuilding portions of a wharf for the Jacksonville Port Authority (above) and building a Liquid Natural Gas Containment Pit for an LNG facility (below).

Photos by company and safety personnel

Hal Jones Contractor, a bridge and marine construction firm serving the southeastern United States from its Jacksonville, FL, headquarters, has become a division of Vecellio & Grogan, effective early 2018. The acquisition complements V&G’s range of operations outside the mid-Atlantic states, while providing significant resources for HJC’s continued growth. The company was founded in 1997 by Hal Jones, Jr., and six other experienced construction managers with over 200 years of

Above, left to right: Among those “caught” working safely and receiving small gift items from management and Safety Dept. personnel recently are V&G employees Marvin Trull, Dale Williamson, John Carter, Kenny Parigan, and Jacob Farmer. See next issue for more V&G photos! VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2018


Congratulations to the Recipients of our Annual Supervisor Safety Awards! The Vecellio Group’s safety awards recognize high-level performance based on criteria tracked throughout the year. White Rock Quarries Honors 15 Supervisors AGUERO, ANGEL DANIEL, GARY GREENE, KENNETH HARBIN, STEVE HERNANDEZ, JOSE MALONE, NATHANIEL MEURY, KEVIN PAYNE JR., CHARLES RABASSA, JOSE REYES, TONY THOMPSON, BUD TRUGLIO, STEVE

VOYTEK, TODD WHYTE, TREVOR WILSON, MICHAEL (Not all recipients pictured.)



Beckley Equipment Repair, Vecellio & Grogan’s shop team, has worked five years with no lost time incidents. Safety’s John Riley, Jr., and Mark Ligon, at left, along with David Davis, at right, congratulate shop team members Steve Spencer, Robert Dent, William Croy, Jimmy Lilly, Jimmy Jones, Cheyenne Blackburn and James Lowery. Team members also include David Ball, David Johnson, Alvin Jones, Alfred Lacy, Calvin Lane, David Lilly, Greg O’Neal, David Mullens, Darrell Payne, Greg Thomas, Zachary Raye, Shop Foreman Mike Runion, Facilities Manager Jerry DiLorenzo and Equipment Manager Danny Walker. 6


VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2018




(Not all recipients pictured.)


Ranger (Central) Honors 34 Supervisors



Photos by company and safety personnel




Photo by Jacob Thurston

Sharpe Repaving Sections Of I-40, US-29; Rebuilding Airport Apron

A Sharpe Bros. night-shift crew paves on I-40.

Sharpe Bros., a division of Vecellio & Grogan operating in North Carolina, is milling and resurfacing 3.5 miles of I-40 just outside Winston-Salem under a $2.6-million contract with NCDOT. An extra 1.5" lift of asphalt is being applied to strengthen the road. The work involves three to four lanes in each direction, and is being done at night. Sharpe is winding down similar work on US-29 in Guilford County. Night-shift crews have milled and filled about six miles of roadway, two lanes on each side, in addition to multiple ramps. After completing this work, Sharpe crews will move on to a 25-mile section of US-29 in Rockingham County, again with two lanes on each side and including multiple ramps entering and exiting the roadway. The value of this work is nearly $5 million.

Also in Rockingham County, at Shiloh Airport, Sharpe is rehabilitating an area of apron, removing up to 22" of existing asphalt, stone and dirt, and replacing it with 18" of aggregated base course (ABC), plus 6" of P-401 asphalt surface applied in 4" and 2" lifts. The airport work is valued at just over $1 million. Other new contracts at Sharpe Bros. include improving 39.4 miles of roadway in Davidson and Forsyth counties under an $8.1-million contract with NCDOT. Remarkably, Sharpe was the lowest bidder by a mere $255, a razor thin edge. The work involves resurfacing and shoulder construction and is set for completion by May 2020. In Asheboro, Sharpe worked ahead of schedule on $1.7-million in improvements to US-220 (Business), reducing four lanes to two, with a center turn lane.

Respect The Summer Weather, Stay Safe With Seasonal Awareness Hot and humid summer weather adds to safety concerns on a job site. Watch out for these related problems: Heat stroke is very serious and can be fatal if medical help is not summoned immediately! Heat stroke results from heat, exertion, and high humidity that doesn’t allow perspiration to evaporate normally, driving up the body temperature. Symptoms of heat stroke include a temperature of 105° or above, hot dry skin, mental confusion, delirium, loss of consciousness, convulsions or coma. If someone is exhibiting these symptoms, call for medical help immediately! While waiting for help to arrive, get the person out of the sun, pour lots of cool water on him or her to thoroughly soak the clothing, and fan vigorously to reduce body temperature. If the person is alert enough to take a drink, offer cool water or a

sports beverage. If the person is unconscious, confused or unable to drink, do not force fluids. Heat exhaustion results from not drinking enough fluids to replace what is lost through perspiration working in the hot sun. Symptoms include weakness, fatigue, nausea or headache. The remedy is to get out of the sun and slowly drink small amounts of liquid until recovery. If the condition is severe, it may require medical attention. Other tips: A long-sleeve shirt blocks more sun than a short-sleeved shirt. Cool down under some shade during breaks. Drink sportstype beverages to replace electrolytes, resulting in fewer muscle cramps. A moisture-retaining neckerchief can help you keep cool and feel more energetic.

The Vecellio Group puts safety first at all its facilities and job locations. This emphasis on doing the right thing and working safely has once again earned a number of awards for the Group’s operations in Palm Beach County. At the Safety Council of Palm Beach County’s annual awards program earlier this year, safety awards were given to Ranger Construction and to Vecenergy’s South Florida Materi8

als Corp. and South Florida Petroleum Services. The awards are based on fleet miles driven, worker compensation “mod” rates, and other safety metrics. Accepting the awards, left to right, starting at the top row, were Ranger’s Jamie Moretz and Mike Scarborough; and Vecenergy’s Adam Rafford, Keurin Acosta (now with Ranger South), Sheldon Baugh, Gerry Almodovar, Tad Todd, Nate Piering and Joe LeBlanc.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2018

Photos by Carl Thiemann

Safety Council Of Palm Beach County Honors Local Vecellio Group Operations

Sharpe Bros. Crews Stay Safe, ‘Do The Right Thing’ To help reinforce the importance of company safety policies, employees “caught” working safely (as expected, of course) will from time to time receive small surprise gifts from management and Safety Dept. personnel. Employees appreciated the gesture!

Top row: 1) Jonathan Hundley 2) Safety meeting before a work shift, with Dale Loftis, Gary Brinkley, Paul Hunt, Jacob Thurston, Clifton Dawes, Sergio Aguiar, David Ross, Joel Lamb, Catalino Jamies, Chris Rasberry, Allen Reagan, Jorge Banda, Donnie Hart, Jon Swindler, Luis Lopez and Miguel Flores. 3) Tanner Shores 4) Carole Morrison 5) Bradley Schaumburger. Second row: 1) Alfonso Martinez 2) Robert Esquivel 3) Tim Bailey, Juan Bedola, Eloy Bedola, Tony Bedola and Juan Acevedo 4) Tommy Mabe

Third row: 1) Daryl Mason 2) Kenneth Westmoreland 3) Martine Darriants 4) Josh Baker

Photos by company and safety personnel

Bottom row: 1) Kenneth Hutchens 2) Patrick Jones and Eloy Bedolla 3) Serigne Dieye 4) Allen Westmoreland 5) Yair Alvarez Guevaiar

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2018


Ranger Projects Earn State, National Paving Awards It takes a consistent, coordinated effort to produce and lay high-quality asphalt pavement, from the asphalt plant to the trucking pros to the paving crew. Ranger Construction has once again earned multiple industry awards for its work, a tribute to the entire team making it happen. For its recent work at airports, on rural roads and rebuilding an urban street, Ranger received five “Excellence In Pavement” Awards from the Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida and a “Quality In Construction” Award from the National Asphalt Pavement Association. The ACAF honored Ranger for repaving FL-60 in Polk County and FL-90 (US-41/Tamiami Trail) in Miami-Dade; overlaying Runway 10R28L at Palm Beach International and Taxiway G at Lakeland Linder in Polk County; and lastly, for making elevation changes and resurfacing PGA Blvd. in Palm Beach County, which also earned the award from NAPA.

Photos by API and Jamie Timming

A recent airport taxiway improvement project at Palm Beach International is one of many Florida airport projects Ranger has performed, consistently meeting the high standards required for this type of work.

Ranger Construction’s recent spate of awards includes recognition for its work on a runway at Palm Beach International Airport, above. Airport projects have very strict safety, security and pavement quality standards.

Crews Keeping Things Safe At Ranger Construction As positive reinforcement of the company’s safety policies, employees “caught” working safely (which they are expected to do, of course) receive small gift items occasionally from management and Safety Dept. personnel. Employees appreciated the gesture! Left to right: 1) Marcos Viega 2) Luis Bustamante 3) C.W. Smith 4) Leo Sears

Photos by company and safety personnel

Left to right: 1) Amanda Kelley


2) Jose Estrada 3) Kale Christian 4) Sylvia Suarez

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2018

At its Pompano Beach plant, above, Ranger added one silo.

Vecellio & Grogan prepared the footer for two new silos at Ranger’s Miami asphalt plant, above. .

Asphalt Plants Add Storage Silos To Keep Up With Demand As the state’s economy continues to strengthen after the long road back from recession, the construction industry has been hustling to keep up with the renewed demand. Ranger Construction has been kept hopping at its six asphalt plants, providing asphalt pavement mixes for its own crews and for other contractors throughout central and southeastern Florida. The company has been so busy, in fact, it has added storage silos at two of its asphalt plants, allowing for a greater volume and variety of product mixes. Ranger added two silos at its Miami plant, now totaling five, and a third silo to the existing pair in Pompano Beach.

Photo provided by AGC

Photos by Kevin Bennett and David Taylor

When it came time to prepare the footer for the silos, Ranger turned to sister company Vecellio & Grogan, which performed the excavation, forming, rebar installation, installation of anchor bolts, and placing of concrete. Ranger has expansion plans under consideration in some of its other market areas, as well. Ranger’s busy workload includes building and paving a new section of Wekiva Parkway (FL-429 toll road) north of Orlando. Ranger is a subcontractor to Superior Construction on the design-build project, while Vecellio & Grogan is performing the bridge work (shown at right) under a separate subcontract.

Photo by Pablo Monjaraz

Ranger Construction Is Southeast Florida AGC’s ‘Member of the Year’ AGC Chapter President Matt West, center, congratulates Mike Scarborough and Bob Schafer of Ranger Construction after the company was selected as Member of the Year. Bob is an AGC Past President, while Mike has served as Chairman of AGC’s Safety Committee for two years.

FL-80 Milling & Resurfacing Current projects at Ranger Construction include milling and resurfacing nearly 15 miles of FL-80/ US-98/US-441 (Southern Blvd.) in the western part of Palm Beach County, FL. VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2018


Ranger’s Current Work Includes Brevard Interchange, Parkway In St. Lucie


ork is well underway on a Ranger Construction project to add a new, diverging diamond interchange to I-95 in Brevard County, FL. Under a $26.7-million contract covering 1.1 miles of roadway, the project will connect a new section of St. John’s Heritage Parkway to the Interstate just north of Micco Road. The design-build team includes Ranger as prime contractor, bridge builder Leware Construction, and engineering firm Wantman Group, Inc. (WGI). The work involves widening of I-95, including earthwork and asphalt paving, installing drainage, building mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls, two bridges over I-95, lighting, signage, and an intelligent transportation system (ITS) with real-time message signs. In other work, Ranger is performing road construction and building bridge approaches for an extension of Crosstown Parkway in St. Lucie County as a subcontractor to Archer Western. Currently the parkway extends eastward from I-95 but stops short of the St. Lucie River. The extension will take the parkway over the river and connect with US-1, creating another needed hurricane evacuation route.

Photos by API and Amanda Hanks

Ranger is the prime contractor for a new I-95 interchange in central Florida (above and below).

Ranger Crews Make Safety Their Standard As positive reinforcement of the company’s safety policies, employees “caught” working safely (which is, of course, expected) from time to time receive small gift items from management and Safety Dept. personnel. Employees appreciated the gesture! Here are some recent crew and safety reward photos.

Photos by company and safety staff

Top row, left to right: 1) Larry Verk, Amon Grant, Junior Ramsey, Craig Zachary, Homero Covarrubias, Dyllan Johns, Xaviera Gallegos, Robert Morrison, Ashton Hill, David Starke, Dale Smith, Troy Wilkin and Nate Morris. 2) William Morris, Jamie Wilkerson, Kale Christian and Robert Powell. 3) Maritza Gonzalez, Marvin Chang and Renault Jean. 4) Gerald Saffold, David Hilderman, Oscar Lugo and Willie Jones.


Bottow row, left to right: 1) Gene Moore, Jr. 2) Jesse Ingram, Chris Kelly and Robert Powell. 3) James Lucas 4) Willie Henton 5) Jermain Bother

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2018

Road Workers ‘Go Orange’ To Show Support Of Work Zone Safety

fic Safety Services Association as part of National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week. Among those participating were these Ranger employees at offices and job sites across central and southeastern Florida.

Photos by company and safety staff

Road workers across the nation participated in Go Orange Day on April 11, wearing the color to show support for roadway safety and the crews who do the work. The publicity event was sponsored by the American Traf-

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2018




Please join us in welcoming the construction professionals from Hal Jones Contractor, V&G’s newest division, along with other new or returning employees who have completed their introductory periods as of May 31, 2018. (Management team members in italics.)

Congratulations to all employees who have received promotions through May 31, 2018! (Management team members in italics.)

Hal Jones Contractor Addison, Robert L. Equipment Manager Balthaser, Robby W. Field Engineer Bates, Scott R. Controller Bedenbaugh, Gregory A. Project Manager Campos, Julian R. Bridge Superintendent Chapin, Fred L. Bridge Superintendent Hamilton IV, Ernest A. Bridge Superintendent Harrison, Dennis E. President Harrison, Garrett L. Project Manager Jones III, Hal “Tinker” Vice President Kirkland, Paul C. Vice President Klaas, Joseph R. Safety Director / HR Lee, Melissa D. Payroll Admin/HR Miles, Earl S. Yard Manager Mowdy, Eric K. Bridge Foreman Reed, Sarah S. Accounting Admin Schnorr III, George W. Bridge Superintendent Smith, Ronald G. Field Engineer Sutherland, Sherry A. Admin Asst. Tolbert, Gregory C. Project Manager Underdown II, Junior L. Bridge Superintendent Workman, James D. Bridge Superintendent Akins, Brian L. Berg, Bruce G Brown, Steven D. Butler, Jack L. Campbell Jr., James T. Carroll, James D. Cowart, Jerald O. Debord Sr., Daniel R.

Derosa, Massimo Dewett, Jeffrey S. Flanders, Cedric L Forlines, John L. Garcia-Reyes, Oscar J. Gibbons Jr., Grady Gooden, Howard D. Hughes, Curtis D. Kemp, Joshua R. LaFromboise Jr., Theodore L. Miller, David D. Milligan Jr., Kenny R. Montgomery, Robert S. Mowdy, Alfred R. Mowdy, Michael R. Ohrt, Nicholas O. Phillips, Granville E. Rayman, Wayne D. Rice, Ronald E. Rosier Jr., Benjamin F. Smith Jr., Rodney L. Spaeth, Timothy M. Taylor Sr., Roger A. Williams, Frederick A.

Ranger Construction Brown, Edward R. Asphalt Foreman Campbell III, Donald L. Asphalt Foreman Farley Jr., Wayne C. Fleet Manager Garcia, Octavio M. Asphalt Superintendent McGibbon Jr., James G. Area Manager - Grade Meeks, Stacey L. Safety Manager Alarcon Garriga, Amaury Alfonso, William Barber Jr., Clarence E. Bennett, Willie L. Bouie Jr., Derrick L. Britton, Kenny L. Childers Jr., Claude H. Davis, Peter J. Davis Jr., O.C. Desinord, Germax T. Ellis, Brian M. Federick III, James A. Fox, Christian Gallegos, Xaviera N.

Gonzalez, Carlos Graham, Roberto Hall, Brian A. B,. Harker, Dustin J. Hayes Jr., Albert Kelley, Amanda G. Leon, Luis Lusane Jr., Eddie J. Madrigal, Randall E. Marshall, Michael J. McCrary, Darren D. McKnight, Robyn M. M. Mendez, Albert A. Munoz, Vladimir Oses, Francisco Panosian, Matthew A. Persaud, Shalita L. Pouliot, Daniel J. Rojas, Cindy Sands, Kelsi D. Sims, Lucresia S. Slydell, Natavius G. Suarez, Raul Tannehill, Joshua B. Vega, Alexander M. Welch, Bryan K. Wiesinger, Teresa Wood, Kalyn M.

Sharpe Bros. Calloway, Jody R.

Vecenergy Blaise, Ted Obregon, Ramiro Jr Powell, Delawrence L Talabert, Djefly

Vecellio & Grogan* *and affiliated companies

Fields, Randall D. Grade Superintenden Gadomski IV, John Estimating Engineer Gibbs, William R. Bridge Foreman Gibson Jr., Carl Patrick Pipe Foreman Gossett, Christopher M. Grade Foreman Hodges, Christopher Todd Grade Foreman

Jackson, Eric E. Project Engineer Waldroup, Nathan Bridge Superintendent Waters, James G., Bridge Superintendent Moore, Kenneth L Blankenship, Mathew W. Canales Barillas, Erik E. Caudill, William M. Chipoletti, Robert A. Collier, Myles D. Fields, Kyle A. Galyean, Jerry D. Gardner, William K. Godsell, Joseph M. Groves, Eric A. Halsey, David A. Hamm, Paul M. Handy, Jacky L. Jr. Hughes, Gregory K. Null, Edward M. Pruitt, Brent Austin Ramirez, Hilario R. Shupe, Norma J. Smith, Charles C. Stone, Linda G. Williamson, Irvin D. II Zilles, Ryan M.

Vecellio Management Services Reid, Keith A. Sorenson, Judy L.

White Rock Quarries Carmona, Yosbel Davis, Antwan D Duran Gonzalez, Alexei Fernandez Hernandez, Yan Carlos Fernandez Rodriguez, Fidel Gonzalez Perez, Jorge L. Hadad Gonzalez, Ruben S. Matos Matos, Enerledis Morton, Nicholas H Ramirez Bermudez, Javier Russell, Eugene H. Velasco, Adam

Ranger Construction Nicholas D. Oliver, Kyle R. Murray, Grade Foreman Kenneth Newhouse, Asphalt Foreman Adam Pacitti, Business Development Director Glenn Serra, Asphalt Foreman Dieber G. Ambrocio-Ramirez, Plant Loader Operator Robert L. Carson, Loader Operator Daniel Del Castillo, Paver Operator Demetri Cobb, Asphalt Roller Operator Dominic Cobb, Asphalt Utility Operator Gabriel Delgado, Lead Asphalt James Federick III, Asphalt Roller Operator Albert J. Frazier, Concrete Finisher Rommel Gabriel, Asphalt Roller Operator Trainee Marcus Harris, Asphalt Roller Operator Trainee Antonio Hill, Screed Operator Trainee Lloyd Howard, Lead Asphalt Erik T. Jensen, Estimator Dyllan T. Johns, Roller Operator Joseph P. Johnson, Senior Estimator Michael Johnson, Lead Asphalt Christopher Kelley, Traffic Control Foreman Hykheem Key, Asphalt Utility Operator Eddie Lusane, Jr., Asphalt Broom Operator Andrew Maniotis, Project Manager Trainee Justin Mann, Asphalt Raker Ernest Mieras, Roller Operator Justin K. Murphy, Shuttle Buggy Operator

Paver Operator Radames Pacheco Gilbert, Roller Operator Cody L. Pankow, Paver Operator Keith Raessler, Screed Operator Trainee Gilberto I. Ramos, Purchasing Clerk Arian Prado Ramos, Screed Operator Trainee Kelsi D. Sands, Roller Operator Fitroy Smith, Asphalt Broom Operator Courtney Trout, Estimator Trainee Troy E. Wilkin, Bulldozer Operator Joshua E. Yawn, Paver Operator

Vecellio & Grogan* *and affiliated companies

Robert Duncan, Grade Foreman Christopher Gossett, Grade Foreman Andy Jenkins, Operations Director Jerry Meek, Bridge Superintendent Glenn Pratt, Operations Manager Jason Curtis, Bulldozer Operator Kyle Fields, Broom Operator Jerry Galyean, Truck Driver William Gardner, Truck Driver Anthony Hopkins, Truck driver Brent Pruitt, Truck Driver Charles C. Smith, Bridge Carpenter Trainee Joseph Wargo, Truck Driver

The Vecellio Group proudly provides Equal Em­ployment Opportunity (EEO) for all persons, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, disability, or status as a qualified Vietnam-era, special-disabled or other protected veteran. We maintain workplaces that are drug-free and do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or racial bias. 14

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2018

Ranger Family Picnic Day Photo provided by FTBA

Ranger Construction’s South Division held a company picnic for employees and immediate family members at the South Florida Fairgrounds in January. Attendees were treated to a catered lunch, service award presentations and a day at the fair.

Mike Slade, Former President Of Ranger, Enters FTBA Hall Of Fame

Photos by Carl Thiemann

Mike Slade’s career was honored earlier this year with his induction into the Hall of Fame of the Florida Transportation Builder’s Association, where Mike was a past Chairman.

Mike retired in 2012 after 43 years with the Vecellio Group, starting at Vecellio & Grogan and rising through the ranks to become President of Ranger Construction. Last year he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida, where he was a past President.


Shelby Jarrell, a 53-year employee who started as a Laborer for Vecellio & Grogan and worked his way up to Vice President of Ranger Construction before retiring in 2009, passed away in June. Shelby’s career with the Vecellio Group started in 1956 when he was hired as a Laborer on a V&G rock crushing operation in West Virginia. He learned how to run a variety of heavy equipment and began managing crews and projects. His first Interstate job was in 1965, with many more following, taking him throughout the Mid-Atlantic states and beyond. In 1979 Shelby was transferred to Florida to the newly acquired Rubin Construction, later renamed Ranger Construction, where his extensive hands-on and supervisory experience helped guide its remarkable growth. Shelby also headed Ranger’s golf course division, building courses throughout the United States. As a Vice President of Construction, Shelby provided strong leadership. He was “impressive, aggressive and loyal beyond any doubt,” noted the late Leo Vecellio, Sr., in a company tribute published in the 1990s. Survivors include his wife, Nancye Jarrell, also a retired long-time Ranger employee. Shelby will be missed by all who had the good fortune to know and work with him.

Photos from company archives

Left side: As a Supervisor, Shelby was known for his hands-on management approach. He worked hard and expected as much from his crews, inspiring great dedication and loyalty. He counted among his friends the legendary golfer Arnold Palmer. Right side: A bear of a man with a big heart, Shelby enjoyed great relationships, including with his wife and best friend of 42 years, Nancye. Shelby was one of a handful of employees who reached 50 years of service, including, among others, Mike Sherwood and Leo Vecellio, Sr.

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Ranger Construction participated in a Central Florida Construction Career Days event (above left and right).

Vecellio Companies Value Industry, Community Involvement The Vecellio companies place great value on industry and community involvement, including membership and leadership roles in multiple organizations, and participation in a variety of events. Ranger Construction recently took part in Central Florida Construction Career Days, giving local high school students the opportunity to become more familiar with construction as a trade. In Ft. Pierce, after Hurricane Irma damaged an older building beyond repair at a Ranger-owned property, local firefighters were invited in to practice their fire-supression techniques, which also disposed of the structure. And in Martin County, Ranger participated in an annual Touch-A-Truck charity benefit, allowing children of all ages an up-close look at some equipment from the company’s well-maintained fleet.

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Above: St. Lucie County, FL, firefighters practice their craft on a building donated by Ranger Construction. Right: Ranger’s Wilbur Wright poses at a Touch-A-Truck event in Martin County, FL.

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