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Avoid Lengthy Registration Process Lengthy registration process can be a major reason of not getting sales. A better idea is to run a test with two sign up forms, one which requires all the information and 2nd one which only needs some fields to be filled up. And you will get your answer. Always remember that the friendlier your website is with customers more successful it will become on the web.


Guest Checkout

Well, at times a new visitor to your website spends nothing more than a fraction of the second. Guest checkout is the best tactic to engage these kinds of visitors who don’t have time for registration or maybe they are in hurry. Why loose the sales? Give it a try and see the difference.


More Functionalities

People want more functionality, more information and better deals. You have an online store, that’s great but don’t forget that there are many more as well. So adding few more functionalities like search box, recently viewed tab and filters will add shine to your online store.


Proper Navigation

No one wants to land into a place which has nothing to offer. Does your site has an easy navigation? Have you ever used breadcrumbs? If yes then you have solved the puzzle of navigation. Congrats!


Go Mobile

Make your website a responsive one. Your sales in this multi-screen world largely depends on the responsiveness of your website.

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