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Adventures with V

It Starts with SF.

I've lived my life knowing that magic starts with getting on a plane. It's where I write the best. It's where I watch movies I had previously decided to skip going to the movie theatre to see. It's where I connect to new cities, new countries and new people. It's also how I started my life in San Francisco, a life that was initially built from family trips as a kid, driven up with Mom and Dad in a VW Van, and as an adult with a 1-way Southwest ticket from LAX to SFO for a $100 bucks.

Lombard Street, San Francisco

Sassy in San Diego

Car, plane, or train, I've been going to San Diego since I was a kid, visiting an uncle who was pretty much the black sheep of the family. He has since passed, and San Diego has completely transformed. My days in Little Italy have been spent discovering new hipster coffee places and trendy restaurants on my own, or with my parents, who as an adult, I still make an effort to travel with.

Craft & Commerce, San Diego

Look L.A...

Planet Blue, Los Angeles

I ran from my hometown in search of a better life, although I do miss a real beach with hot sun and sand. I still go back to see the parents, all the Butcher's Daughter vegan cheese and trendy retail + boho electric signage.

Washington Square, NYU, NY

I <3 New York

As an L.A. native, I watched too much television, performed high school theatre, where I competed in theatre competitions and won. I was convinced by that show "Felicity" that I would meet my true love and have the artist's experience by living in New York and going to NYU. My Dad was completely against this, as he really wanted me to go to Berkeley. Little did I realize my Mom, who grew up in Puerto Rico, also lived in Brooklyn as a little girl, with my aunt, my grandmother, and my late grandfather. So living in New York, was sort of meant to be. Living right on Washington Square as a broke college student is a bit surreal given the amazing surroundings. Since Washington Square is a part of the NYU DNA, I always come back every couple of years, whether for work or play.

Unknown Store, Copenhagen

New Chapter: Copenhagen

As an adult, I've traveled to 13 countries. I had abandoned international travel the previous few years of my life, due to my professional commitments. Opening the door to travel in my work and life this last year reminded me of who I've become. Travel to me reaffirms a sense of independence, adaptation and strength. Experiencing Copenhagen as a professional, after going back to Spain and Switzerland earlier this year as an individual marks my new chapter and latest adventure.

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