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Haiti 2011

6th mission trip to Haiti, 1st with Brent Gambrell Ministries

From March 19 – March 25 my wife and I, along with 52 other Americans went on a mission trip to Haiti. If you’ve been a follower of KTF activities, you will no doubt know that this isn’t the first time I’ve been to Haiti. This was my sixth mission trip to Haiti - my last being a month before the earthquake over a year ago. The first five mission trips were with New Missions in the Leogane planes. Each of those trips I was able to visit with my sponsored child, Gaelle Pierre, and reach out to neighboring villages with food, clothes, gifts and prayer. New Missions was devastated by the earthquake in January 2010. Homes, schools, the medical clinic and volunteer housing facilities collapsed, stalling operations at the mission. Even at the writing of this, they are still not accepting


volunteers. Several months ago, I received a photo from the small village of Neply, right next to the New Missions complex, of my sponsored child’s rented home. As you can see (above), it was totally demolished. Recently, I received a letter from Gaelle letting me know that she is okay and living with friends. On this recent trip, I learned from one of our translators that Gaelle’s grandmother, Jacklyn, almost died in the earthquake. She was in the house when it collapsed but is doing fine now. This was my first mission trip to Haiti since the earthquake. And since New Missions was not accepting volunteers, I joined up with Brent Gambrell Ministries. Brent used to take over many of the missionary responsibilities at New Missions during the summer months.

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Now, however, he has partnered with a Haitian philanthropist and for the past 8 months has run his ministry within the village of Thomassin. Because this time we went mid-month, my wife was able to come as well - her first time to Haiti. We also were reacquainted with about 5 people we knew from previous trips. BGM (Brent Gambrell Ministries) is stationed in the mountains instead of the planes that I’m used to. This was my first time in Haiti where I didn’t have to use mosquito nets at night and I didn’t see a single Tarantula the entire trip. Temperatures hovered around mid to upper 80s during the day and dipped as low as 60 or so at night. So, it was quite a different experience for me. 54 volunteers are a lot of people, but the ministry was well organized. We were met at the airport in Miami where we received instructions before we even took flight to Haiti. Right away I was impressed with the organization and looked forward to what God had in store.



One of the first experiences we had was attending a Haitian church service. This wasn’t a brand new experience for me, but I enjoyed worshipping with the Haitians once again, and hearing the message delivered in creole instead of English. Though I don’t know exactly what is being preached the experience never gets old.


Next, we helped construct a new house for a Haitian widow in a nearby village. I use the word “helped” lightly. The Haitians did most of the skilled work. We did much of the grunt work – mixing mortar and hauling bricks and sand down a dangerously steep hill. The hill was so steep that some of the Americans fell with minor injuries. Hard work does seem to make a day go by faster, and this day flew by. We were able to spend some time with the neighboring kids playing games with them making them laugh.



My wife and I decided to help with the creche (which I believe is Haitian for the “nursery”). We fed orphaned babies and played with them in the morning and cleaned cupboards later in the day. This was a real stretch for Jeannene and me as we don’t have children of our own so we’ve never really taken care of any before. What’s worse is that we were the only Americans helping in the creche that day. There were about 5 Haitian women who work there pretty much every day but they couldn’t speak English. It was an experience, and I learned that I could hold babies with the best of them… if necessary.


how well-off these Haitians in the mountains were. They were still poor, but not as poor as I’m used to seeing. There were televisions, stoves and appliances in the houses. There were more than just the typical two rooms that make up a Haitian home, and the furniture was really nice. The surrounding area had consistent power throughout the day as well. It is rare to see any of these amenities in the lower planes of Laogane. I was pleased to see that they were doing well. Most of the people we prayed for asked for healing.

Vacation Bible School was crazy. 200 kids (when we were only supposed to have 100) were running around playing games, singing, doing crafts and having a good time. This was another first for me. I’ve never seen VBS done in Haiti.


We then did village ministry and helped with VBS. Village ministry is one of my favorite activities on my Haiti mission trips. We basically walk through the villages and pray for people. It was a little shocking to see

This was our free day. We went to a small Americanized area where there was a restaurant,


MAY 2011! museum and even a zoo. Amazing as it sounds, it is still Haiti and these locations were very small and quaint. The main attraction at the zoo was a monkey. We ate, bought gifts, visited the museum and afterward drove to port-auprince to get a closer look at the devastation left from the earthquake. I was amazed to see in some areas, a building collapsed, but right next to it, a building didn’t seem damaged. There were lots of “tent cities”, but the roads were cleaned up and even traffic lights were working. In my opinion things looked bad, but not as bad as I expected.


ISSUE NO. 149 seeded with fish, so they can fish for food. But the malnutrition was great.

Here, we went through the villages and prayed for people and afterwards we handed out beans, peanut butter, tuna fish and other life necessities. It was a true eye-opener. The villagers in the planes were poor, but there was at least a working well in almost every village, and many people had brick dwellings. There is also shade, and fertile land that can produce crops. In the small village of Kanese, it is difficult to know how people survive. The poverty is so bad there that there were times when villagers offered their babies to us, hoping that we’d just take them and raise

them back in the US. Some of their hair has turned red, I’m told be cause of malnutrition. It was a heartbreaking experience. All in all, it was a very good trip. I wasn’t able to see Gaelle, but I did experience a different part of Haiti. God did some amazing things. He also humbled us once again, showing us how blessed we truly are. While there, I took my video camera shooting footage with the expectation that I would put together a short video documenting the trip as well as shoot several episodes of “Christian Music Videos” on location in Haiti. Wednesday, May 11th, you can watch the 26-minute documentary highlighting the trip. See everything you just read about with my commentary as narration. Today, I’m officially posting the 1-minute trailer for the video at Also beginning the week of May 9th, Christian Music Videos will begin airing the first of eight episodes from Haiti.

We visited a small desert village called Kanese. This was the poorest Haitian village that I’ve ever seen. Thatch houses were everywhere, not a brick house in sight. Some of the villagers lived in tents - yes, the small ones used on campouts. I’ve camped out before, but after two days, it gets old. I couldn’t imagine living in a tent every day. The village was a dust bowl. I didn’t even know there were deserts in Haiti. I don’t know where they got their water. There was a lake near by, but it is salt water and undrinkable. The lake has been



MAY 2011!


Christian Music Videos Exclusive Facebook clips from Haiti


“Not Too Late” Airs Week of May 2nd

One of the benefits to going on any trip (but a mission trip in particular) is that I often record several episodes of “Christian Music Videos” on location for air on television. And because I shoot a lot of “broll” footage for use in other related projects, I also include short edited segments in CMV as well. If I find that these segments are interesting enough to post on their own, I also include them on the Christian Music Videos facebook page. So, besides the given episode of CMV where the clip appears, it can only be seen on facebook. In the recent past, I’ve included clips from Christian concerts, special events, and trips. This month, you’ll be able to catch video clips from Haiti. The clips are short - anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute, but will give you a taste of the event in question. This month, there will be two video clips that will appear


on facebook from our recent mission trip to Haiti. First, on Monday, May 16th, I’ll post a clip from our house building in the small village of Kenscoff. Then on Monday, May 30th, you can watch a clip of our village ministry as we pray over Haitians.

“What Must I Do?” Airs Week of May 9th

“Sending You” Airs Week of May 16th

I hope you enjoy these short clips, and that they add to the experience of the show. Being that almost all of the music videos presented on Christian Music Videos are copyright protected, I can’t post them on our page, but whenever possible, we try to bring you whatever we can. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our facebook fan page, please let me know!

“Tough Love” Airs Week of May 23rd

“God Saves” Airs Week of May 30th


MAY 2011!


Free Christian CD Giveaway Drawing two winners this month for “Tenth Avenue North”

This is the first time we will have to limit the number of giveaways to two instead of the standard three. We try to get at least three CDs from any given artist, but sometimes, we’re not that lucky. This month, we only have two CDs to giveaway, but it is a good one! Enter to win the Christian CD by Tenth Avenue North - The Light Meets The Dark. I can’t give you my own personal review because I haven’t had the privilege to hear it myself, but if you are a fan of

this group, you’ll want to get in on this. So don’t forget to enter. Its totally free. And when I say free, I mean FREE! Just visit to find out how to enter. And remember... If you've entered before and haven't won, enter again. Even if you have won, you can enter too. There is no limit as to how many times you can win. But you can't win if you don't enter! (Please note: All entries must be from within the United States.)

Congratulations to last months winners: Brian D. - Pennsylvania Lisa H. - Arkansas Joyce P. - Florida Vicki E. - Washington


Prayer Requests? If you have a prayer request and would like Surgeon to pray for you, just email and he will be happy to pray for you. No request is too big or too small. If it is important to you, then it is important to God. Be sure to put “Prayer Request” in the subject line so that I don’t miss it. I know that we try to put the call out to you in every episode of CMV, but I want you to know that we’re always willing to pray for you - any time. It never hurts to have another person agreeing with you in prayer.

Facebook Become a fan of the series on Facebook (also known as “liking” the series). By becoming a fan of “Christian Music Videos”, you’ll get frequent updates on what’s new with the series. You can also send messages to Surgeon and Katie if you wish. And now you can watch exclusive video clips from episodes of CMV only revealed to Facebook fans. Not into Facebook? You can also email the show any of your comments, questions, or prayer requests at We’d love to hear what you think about the show!


MAY 2011!

The Wartleys Chompin’ at the bit

Okay, I know, it has been a while since I’ve created a new cartoon episode of “The Wartleys”. I’m not even sure how long, but it feels like a long time. The only excuse I have is that I’ve been busy with other things. And I know that when I have other projects in the cue, I can’t manage to do more than one thing at a time, so I have to prioritize. Unfortunately, The Wartleys has been at the short end of the stick lately. That said, I’m ready to begin working on the cartoons again. I have a couple that are in the process of being created, a couple that are completed and are waiting to post in the correct order, and my graphic designer, Philip Stephens, has finished working on all of the upcoming characters that have to show emotion in the cartoon so I should be all set. He is also working on a couple of backgrounds that I’ll need for an upcoming episode. It looks like time will be freeing up for me in the near future. It is my hope that I can



focus my attention once again on the series. If all goes well, I might even create a new episode monthly. God has placed so many projects on my heart lately that I don’t even know where to begin. But I guess the best place to start is by finishing up

what he has already placed before me. So, stay tuned, and I thank you for your patience if you’ve been waiting for the next episode to come out. I have every intention of posting new episodes soon!

FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK If you don’t know, we also have a facebook page for The Wartleys. Feel free to join the party! Here you’ll get cartoon, puzzle, and comic strip postings as they are released. You can also respond to me and other creators of the series to let us

know what you think! Hope you “Like” us soon! Read this months Wartleys comic strip above, and play the puzzle, “Breastplate”, Wednesday, May 18th!


MAY 2011!


Rezin Dramatic Audio Series Episode 5 - “The Gathering”, the journey continues

I love milestones. It gives me an excuse to celebrate something. If you have been following the series, you will know that we are now in the 5th episode out of the 7 total. Each episode contains about fifteen webisodes which translates into about 40minutes for each episodes. We are now in episode 5, “The Gathering”, and already have 3 webisodes posted and all of the other webisode narration for this episode are written. All that is left is the recording of the voice narration and the editing of each webisode. So we are well on our way. I hope you continue to follow the series. Things really begin to heat up. You’ll also meet new characters and each webisode brings us one step closer to the “unleashing”. If you have any thoughts or comments about the series feel free to send us an email at

Working on a series sometimes is like working in a bubble. We don’t really know what listeners are thinking. We don’t monitor views online very well, so any comments that we receive from viewers is how we know how we’re doing. It is my hope to complete the entire series by the end of this year. For me, that is a tall order, and would mean that soon, I’ll have to begin the weekly posting schedule like I used to have fairly consistently. I think I’m up to the task though, and I’m very excited about where the series is headed and what will happen next. So keep tuning in for each webisode either on the website or subscribe to iTunes and take them with you. This month, I only have one webisode to post, but I hope you think it is a good one. • Tuesday, May 10th, download webisode 63, “Urgency”.

Hardcore Potentially on WJRM Radio

Last month, Brandon Barrett of WJRM Radio (station 1390 a.m.) emailed me, asking if he could air episodes of “Hardcore Christianity” at his radio station located in Troy, North Carolina. His radio station is Christian based and airs programs from very well known evangelists. You can check out their site at Needless to say, I was very excited when I heard the news and granted permission for him to rebroadcast any and all of our episodes. However, at this point I haven’t had success in finding out any details on when these episodes would air. If I hear anything, I’ll be sure to post an update in next month’s newsletter with specifics. In any case, I’d like to thank Brandon for the inquiry. It is always my hope and prayer that God use the productions of KTF to reach out as far as possible. We’ve seen what He has done in the past, and I hope and pray that He will continue to make my life somewhat meaningful through this ministry. Any questions or comments about Hardcore Christianity feel free to email me at


MAY 2011!


Search With Me Viewer Responses

Watch “Heavenly Realms” this month I’d like to thank those of you who have participated in the internet series, “Search With Me”, but responding to the episodes via email or on the sites in which you saw the clip. This month, I thought it might be a neat idea to post two viewer responses to a couple of recent episodes. A couple of episodes ago, I talked about a few characters in the Bible that I thought God gave “super powers” to: super strength to Samson, super wisdom to Solomon and super spirit to Elijah. I asked if anyone knows of anyone else in the Bible that God gave “super powers” to. Here is one responses: “What about Jesus and Superman? Both were sent by their father. Both were here to save us from evil. Both intervene in our lives. Both changed the world. One fights Lucifer, the other fights Lex Luthor... both had simple, unassuming jobs, both had humble beginnings, Jesus rose

from the dead in 3 days, Superman rose from the dead in 3 weeks, both ascended into the sky...” The last episode I did was called “Why the Confusion?” asking why did Jesus speak in parables, and why does God call some and not others to him? This was a portion of one of the responses: “We know that Jesus will never turn away anyone who legitimately seeks him. But there are some people who seem to seek, but aren't legitimate in their search. The Pharisees are a perfect example of this. Matthew 12:38-42 shows this, when the Pharisees asked Jesus to perform a miracle. Their motives were wrong, and Jesus saw right through it. But for those who legitimately seek God, and never give up, God reveals himself to them. Like the disciples, these people realize that there is no one else who can save them, and that there is no place else to

go to be saved. So ultimately, I think it all boils down to perspective. Because God knows everything, he's able to speak in terms of people belonging to him, even before they are born. He knows what people will choose, so he's able to talk about confusing some and enlightening others. The good news is that no one who legitimately seeks God will be turned away (John 6:37-38). We also know that believers will be able to understand God's Word because the Holy Spirit teaches us (1st John 2:27). Ephesians 1:11-14 also continues to remind us of God's eternal plan and promises.” Feel free to continue to respond to watch and respond the episodes. I really appreciate and enjoy your feedback, and I’m sure other viewers do as well. This months episode deals with the heavenly realms. Have you ever thought about what’s going on in the heavenly realms? Do you even believe that there is a realm that we cannot see, almost like an alternate dimension where amazing things are taking place? Be sure to join me this month to explore what the bible says about the heavenly realms. • Be sure to tune in Wednesday, May 25th to see the episode.


MAY 2011!


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Haiti 2011 Mission Trip Video, "Christian Music Videos" - on location in Haiti, and new "Wartleys", "Search With Me", and "Rezin" releases t...

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Haiti 2011 Mission Trip Video, "Christian Music Videos" - on location in Haiti, and new "Wartleys", "Search With Me", and "Rezin" releases t...