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August M O N T E R E Y C O U N T Y ’ S L U X U RY H O M E M AGA Z I N E


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Jack s Pe ak , C armel World Class Residence with 5 acres of Privacy Walls of Glass showcasing Bay views that never sleep.

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Exquisite Estates | August 2014

4600 sq. ft. of exquisite design. $4,995,000.

See tour at:

Offered at $3,995,000

Sharon Matthams Direct: (831) 320-4161 Mobile: (831) 320-4161

Monterey County Realty


“T o p


Exquisite Estates | August 2014

of the



Monterey California

I can count on one hand the things I know about Tavvy. I’ll start with the pinkie. Tavvy is not her real name, but it’s all U.L., or anybody else for that matter, have ever called her. We were the next house over, coming from town that is, and being such close neighbors, it was nothing new for us to get her J.C. Penny or Reader’s Digest by mistake in the mail. That’s the only way I ever knew her first and last names were Ouida and Rolan. Of course, I’d usually just call her Ms. Tavvy, you know, to her face. Ring finger: she never had anything worth anything but one sister, Julette, who drowned while she was fourteen; I say “while she was fourteen” because according to U.L., Julette was sensitive about her age, and was not above reminding those around her when she turned half-ages, as in the following sentence: Julette received the Lord Jesus Christ into her heart at the Shabaha County-wide revival when she was thirteen and a half.

I would swear on a thousand Gideons that my friend Charlie almost drowned one time while he was visiting his aunt in Debalk. I wasn’t there, I know, but he wasn’t known to lie all that much. And he said it was about the best thing that had ever happened to him. It was soft and quiet and slow, his head full of Christmases and banana pudding which I think is gross and it would have depressed me even more if that’d been my last thought as I left this earth, but, then, at the final minute of what could have been his last possible breath, this Choctaw — they were always at Kemmy Lake, also in Debalk, sitting on the water in boats drinking can after can of Jax — pulled him up over the side into the boat with them, scraping a long, single scar down the whole length of his arm on this piece of metal jutting out from the boat, and so he lived. Plus, he’d been saved by a real live Choctaw which made me a little bit jealous. Charlie always got everything.

Exquisite Estates | August 2014




Exquisite Estates | August 2014





Pebble Beach 988 Customs Road $3,100,000

Carmel Highlands 22 Mentone Drive $2,743,603

Corral de Tierra 25361 Markham Lane $2,575,000




Tehama 11 Alta Madera $2,112,000

Carmel-by-the-Sea Vizcaino 3SW Mountain View $1,875,000

Monterra 7574 Paseo Vista $3,795,000

SUCCESSFULLY SELLING HOMES ON THE MONTEREY PENINSULA Mike Jashinski, Expertise, Dedication, Results Exquisite Estates | August 2014 7 831.236.8913 |

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Breathtaking. Don’t be fooled by the beauty and serenity. Bayonet and Black Horse are world-class challenges. And fun for every level of golfer. The extras are extraordinary too. PHOTO: JOANN DOST




Bayonet and Black Horse | 1 McClure Way, Seaside, CA 831.899.7271 | 8

Exquisite Estates | August 2014



The Solution to Selling Your Luxury Home.

Customized to the unique style of each luxury property, Prestigio will expose your home through the most influential mediums reaching the greatest number of qualified buyers wherever they may be in the world. Call today for more information about listing your home with the Intero Prestigio International program. ®


Sharon Smith, REALTOR® 831.809.4029 Cal BRE# 01780563

View more luxury properties at 2014 Intero Real Estate Services, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate and a wholly owned subsidiary of HomeServices of America, Inc. All rights reserved. All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. This is not intended as a solicitation if you are listed with another broker.

Exquisite Estates | August 2014


C a r m el , Bi g S u r &

John Saar has enjoyed his Big Sur retreat for the last 14 years. In the last decade John has sold well over 50% of Big Sur’s inventory priced over $2,000,000.

Terra Mar , Big Sur Many Big Sur ocean front enthusiasts feel that 1.5 acre ‘Terra Mar’ is the most private, dramatic ocean view property in Big Sur. The architecture, by world famous contemporary architect Mickey Muennig, harmonizes with the dramatic beauty of the site. The main house has 2,679 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and the guest house has 1 bedroom, 1 bath. $6,500,000

Carmel Highl ad’s Victorine Ranch These 3 parcels, totaling 100 acres, are the Big Sur of the Carmel Highlands, being on its south boundary. The grasslands & ocean views are so beautifully natural that the space feels far from civilization yet still has the convenience of being 4 miles to town. $4,500,000

John Saar

10JohnSaar Exquisite Estates | August 2014 .com • 831.915.0991 • John@JohnSaar .com

Carmel Highl ands John chose to merge his company, John Saar Properties, in 2012 to Sotheby’s because of their great reach, reputation, all around support and the great strength of over 150 real estate professionals. John was the top producer for 2013 with Sotheby’s International Realty, Monterey Peninsula.

Lobos Ridge Situated on 8.7 acres, this 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath retreat has 4,350 sq ft of newly constructed living space and is unparalleled in quality & design. The home’s unique layout provides privacy for 3 master suites, each w/vast ocean views. Patios provide seamless indoor/outdoor living. $5,900,000

Quail Meadows, 3 Miles to Carmel Beach Exquisite, 3 acre, French Country Estate, 4 bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths, 7,202 square feet, plus 921 sq ft garage and 308 sq ft attic. Guest cottage has 1000 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen, fireplace, and a 192 sq ft workshop. 600 sq ft pool house including 260 sq ft covered patio. Room for horses/tennis court and pool. Total floor area 8802 sq ft with 8 1/2 baths. For more info on the amazing amenities please visit $7,900,000

Number One Producer For 2013 Exquisite Estates | Peninsula August 2014 11 Sotheby’s International Realty, Monterey


How to invite more natural light into your home


dark home can be dreary and drain residents’ energy levels rather quickly. Natural light has the power to make a person feel more energized, and it also can buoy spirits. As a

result, many homeowners want to increase the amount of natural light in their homes. Increasing natural sunlight in a home reduces reliance on interior lighting. This reduces energy bills and lowers the home’s carbon footprint. Natural light also can help people in a home feel happier and more content. According to the National Institutes of Health, some people experience serious mood changes during the winter months. Dubbed seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, this condition may be effectively treated with light therapy. Exposure to more light can alleviate fatigue, loss of interest and sad or anxious feelings. Homeowners looking to increase the natural light in their homes, be it for medical or aesthetic reasons, can do so in a variety of ways. • Keep the drapes open. Opening blinds and curtains as far as they will go allows as much light to shine in without having to do major home renovations or spend any money at all. Homeowners concerned about privacy can install a window film that allows viewing from the inside only. • Clean the windows. Dirty windows obstruct sunlight from entering the home. They also can make a home appear unkempt. Spend a free day cleaning the windows so that they’ll let ample light in.

New windows may allow more natural light to enter a home. 12

Exquisite Estates | August 2014

leaves come autumn can be planted on sunny areas of the property. This way in the summer months they will shade the house and keep it cooler, while in winter more sun will stream in when the leaves are shed. • Create a three-season room. Make a spot in the home where sun will be at a premium. A solarium or greenhouse attached to the home can be a warm and sunny spot. Increasing natural light in a home can improve feelings of well-being and also reduce energy consumption during daylight hours.

• Install seamless or low-profile windows and doors. Seamless sliding doors enable a large amount of light to enter the home. Such doors can replace an entire wall to brighten up a dark area of a home. The more windows and doors a home has, the brighter it will be. • Take inventory of dark spots. A room may be dark because it simply does not have a layout conducive to brightness. Is a wall blocking light from reaching a portion of the room? Think about changing the room’s layout or even making structural changes to improve light distribution. The addition of a small window on a south- or west-facing wall can greatly improve natural light. Using mirrors can also reflect light where it is needed. • Invest in skylights or solar tubes. Both skylights or solar tubes enable light to enter a home from above. Skylights are larger and require considerably more work to install, while solar tubes are more low-profile and can be put into rooms that do not abut the roofline, such as those obstructed by attic space. The tubular cylinders are installed between the roof and the ceiling and carry light through a reflective tube to the room below. Diffusers on tubular daylighting devices scatter the rays so the light doesn’t cast harsh shadows, and UV filters can help protect furniture from discoloring. • Trim shrubs and trees. If trees and bushes are blocking light from entering your home, trim them to enable dappled light to come through. Deciduous trees that will naturally lose their

Exquisite Estates | August 2014


The of Carmel... Carmel... The Birddog Birddog of


uff LaGrange has been a Carmel resident and part of an iconic real estate family for over 30 years. Born in the Midwest, she moved to Pebble Beach with her family in the late 70’s. Later, she moved to Carmel and opened “BUFF LaGRANGE,” a high-end, European clothing boutique. As a local business owner, Buff became very intimate with all aspects of the Carmel-Pebble Beach community. She built a reputation for being an honest, high energy, knowledgeable, and responsible person. These traits allowed for a natural transition to the field of realty. Buff says,“I’m a creative thinker, and believe anything is possible.”


After a successful 17-year run with what became a landmark business in Carmel, Buff was drawn to join her mother and best friend, Ruth LaGrange, in the field of real estate with Coldwell Banker Del Monte Realty. “I honed my sense of design while working in the fashion industry and I was able to carry that forward into the realty world. I’m in love with good architecture and interior design. This helps me to be successful in meeting my clients needs.” Buff lives by Carmel beach and enjoys her daily beach walks with her dog Lucy, hiking Sobranes, and practicing yoga. She also enjoys reading, gardening, traveling, and appreciates the arts. “I traveled to Milan and Paris several times a year when I was buying for my store and Italy remains one of my most favorite places on earth…next to Carmel.” Buff really loves her friends, and routinely hosts intimate gatherings in her garden which also satisfies her love of cooking and sharing great wines. When we asked what makes her so successful in real estate, Buff replied, “I believe it’s my perceptive ability to understand a client’s needs, along with my perseverance and determination to see a transaction through to a successful conclusion. Denny Levett, owner of Cypress Inn, nicknamed her ‘Birddog’. He says I can dig up anything. I do always welcome a challenge!” “I’m a people person. I love working with my clients. I feel I have a natural ability to fully identify and understand a person’s requirements. I’m a good listener, too, so I can lock onto people’s needs. Then, I rely on my market knowledge to locate exactly what they desire.”


Exquisite Estates | August 2014

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE… Perched on the hill above the entrance to the Lodge, with stunning views of Stillwater Cove, this light and airy 4 bedroom, 4 bath home seems in it’s own serene private world. Seaward windows and a spacious deck span the full length of the house inviting you to enjoy your morning coffee and watch the stirring ocean activity as the day begins without other house rooftops, roads or power lines intruding on the vista. With over an acre of land this beauty may beckon you to design and build your dream home, do some remodeling or allow you to simply nestle in and enjoy the almost 3000 sq. ft. residence in the estate area of Pebble Beach just minutes from the Lodge and Carmel-by-the-Sea.For more photos go to



Exquisite Estates | August 2014


REMAX George

66 Yankee Point Drive Watch the ever changing drama of the Pacific! Recently updated gourmet kitchen makes this home an entertainer’s delight! Expertly designed to maximize the ocean views from every room, this traditionally styled home radiates warmth with its understated elegance, as it blends in with the natural environment.


Exquisite Estates | August 2014

David Mauldwin Cell: 831.277.8819

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d l So


- Diana R. of Carmel

Rated 10 out of 10 in all service, communication and real estate guidance standards.

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Voted “Best Realtor 2013 & 2014” CalBRE# 01321694 & #01438380

412 Estrella d’ Oro – Pasadera Offered at $2,995,000 5 bed/5.5 baths + guest house + Den

13202 Corte de Chamisal – Chamisal Offered at $1,174,000 4 bed/4.5 baths, 3600 sq. ft.

13255 Corte Lindo – Corral de Tierra Offered at $969,000 3 bed/3/bath, 3202 sq. ft.

9 Paseo Primero – San Benancio Canyon Offered at $529,000 2 bed/1 bath, 960 sq. ft.

5 Antelope Lane – Deer Flats Offered at $874,000 3 bed/3 baths, 2310 sq. ft.

Carpenter 2 Ne of 6th – Carmel Offered at $1,899,000 3 bed/2 baths, 1895 sq. ft.

10131 Meadow View Circle – Salinas Offered at $969,000 5 bed/3.5 baths 3534 sq. ft

Anne De Giorgio 831.737.7890 CalBRE# 01919200

24 Carlton Drive – Del Rey Oaks Offered at $799,000 4 bed/3 baths, 2820 sq. ft.

Coming Soon - 2 Beautiful Pasadera homes. Call us for details. 18

Exquisite Estates | August 2014

Jamie Roth 831.915.9552 CalBRE# 01911042

Exquisite Estates | August 2014



Joe Smith

Just 5% of all REALTORS in the U.S. can call themselves Certified Residential Specialists, That’s because just one in 20 has the extensive experience, the unique commitment and the house of advanced training necessary to call themselves a Certified Residential Specialists

Barbara Eads

Bert Aronson




Angelica Blatt

Lore Lingner

Ric Morrison












Exquisite Estates | August 2014




Exquisite Estates | August 2014



Exquisite Estates | August 2014

Exquisite Estates | August 2014


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Monterey HOMES and INTERIORS  

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