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Time. Memory. Place. Ryan Vodden

I chose to explore Time, Place and Memory in terms of the body and the mind. The mind could refer to the imagination and the places one’s imagination creates. It could be defined as the place where memories, feelings, thoughts and fears are stored. It could also be seen as a timeline of personal memories. The clearest definition for me in identifying what I wanted to explore was; “The mind as a landscape

defined by the point at which time and memory meet.�

If the mind can be considered a place, so can the body. Looking into one’s own mind leads to looking into the self. The ‘self’ is made up of personality, personae, memory, emotion, personal characteristics and other elements.

The ‘self’ is stored in the vessel of the human body. The body is the place where the conscious self exists. We experience the outside world through the physical shell of the body. My primary interest is in the space which exists inside the human form, and the physical sensation of being contained within this outer shell.

I aimed to address the containment and confinement of the self within the shell of the body. I chose to do this by highlighting in negative, the space where the body exists.

The solid form of the sculpture is a direct index of my body, and wraps around it precisely.

Time. Place. Memory.  

Documentation of 2D and 3D work and ideas from 2009