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Please Note: A great effort was made by the VDA Central Office staff to include all the names of those who have so generously donated their time and talents to any of the VDA Volunteer Programs. If your name, or the name of someone on your staff has been inadvertantly left off of the published lists, please call Laura Kenny in the main office at (804)261-1610. All those reported will be published in the July Journal with our most sincere apologies.

Den Laborat


w e know the importa nce 0 ma intaining balance, and how difficult that can be. Balancing professional sa tisfactio n with patient satisfaction ... balancing technical innovation with conservative treatment. That's why it's vitally important to us that we provide you with extraordinary service.. . that respects your considered investment of time , equipment and practice person nel . Over the last 27 years, we've developed a balanced approach that unites clinical practice and dental technology... all backed by a team of highly skilled technicians, support personnel and our own licensed dentist on staff . A balanced team that understands your cl inical demands and recommends the best restorative option for every case .

After 27 years of serving the dental profession, our focus is still on the individual dentist. And helping him/her to meet today's challenges of dentistry by balancing the application of the newest technologies to assist in effectively treating each and every patient. Because from balance comes long term stability for practice growth. Discover the possibilities that Thayer Dental Laboratory can bring to your practice of dentistry by calling us at 800.382.1240 .

THAYER DENTAL LABORATORY, INC. "Your Partner in Mastering New Technologies" 131 Old Schoolhouse Lane • P.O. Box 1204 • Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

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F Virginia Dental Journal



Representing and serving memberdentists by fostering quality oral health care and education.

ecause One eeKend CAN MaKe All he Difference...

Sign Up To Work At The Next M,O,M, Project

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Can YOU Change ALife,

MissionOf Mercy

Virginia Dental Journal


Thi .arn , I ri nc can h had teach­ f tc th and dental in rh imp rranc hygi -n to a school cla ssr 1l1, \\ C rking ar a fre clinic, volunteering for a "eli" Kid Smil pro] cr, providing care in your ffie as a 0 narcd Dental ervicc \ olunrecr, or volunt ·ring to reach ar ( ur dental school, Giving so m e th ing back t ~ ur c »nrnunity and your profession will bring out rhc \'er~ best tI1 you. rul 10 k in the mirror and take a personal in ven to ry, Who are you? Where are you going? And how? In chis time of "new rules ' and high costs whar are your values, like hon - ty responsibility and inrcgrity? How strongly do you fed about the .e items? an the wisdom you have inherit­ ed and experi need he hanged? From the standpoint of prof sionalism and profes­ sional ethics the answers to these questions will d fine your life and th re pect of your peers. How high is up? What are your goals?

The co, (" training, education and sacrifice have been prolong d - and difficult..( he time has finally come [Q begin dental practice, What are the factors [Q be con ­ sider d? In what areas? How urgent is th time? What is ther [Q anticipate? What ar the possible rewards ? Who [Q ask? The. nswers are important, and not sim­ ple. In very and any case these questions must be answered. Day [Q day motivation, peace and happin 55 will d pend on these answers. It is important to rake a long and thought ­

What are your goal? Professional or personal? Is it food, clothing and shelter, or transportation or debts [Q b paid? eces iry or luxury, and how fast must it really be? As an rhical, professional person building a car er you can not compromise techni­ cal quality. How abour margins, contacts and occlusion? What about compassion tor patients who have given you their trust and good will? Could you ever knowingly give them less than your best? How about your word and respect for professional associates? Arc you a good as your word? Is extra profit worth what it may COSt the inner and ultimate you? How many chairs can you handle and how little time and at­ tention can you offer without cornprornis-

ing all the basic things? How high i up? Who are you and where arc you going? What', for sale? Well, doctor (sounds good doesn't it) the moment of decision is at hand; what road to rak as you go forth on your areer, There are so many choices: the military, the well paid job with the solid old bachelor dentist downtown, or that other opportunity to begin working into a kind of parrnership. What about the well known denrisr who want twenty five thousand dollar for you to begin buying inro his practice, or the suburban home-office half an hour north, or that attractive. small office with the confident . relaxed dentist who hewed you those beautiful cases he had in progress, or the residency for a specialty at a hospital under a university program , or how about that job where the wife is the receptionist and office manager, or that slick dentist with lousy eq u ipme nt, who likes ro do crown and wants you to take the kids and other problem patients out of his path. How about opening yo ur own office. since rhe offices in a particular a rea are booked way ahead. All in view of rhe fact that you have a wife and rwo year o ld child and another on the way in abo ut six month. There are no parents or in-laws Co nnnued On

P.\ g~


Con tinued From Page 4

to pick up the tab for home or office or working cap ital -and yo u have onl y a few thousand doll ars put aside, What are your goals and wh at is the best way to ger rhere ? All th at new equipment yo u saw at the last meeting was tempting, bur exp ens ive and out of reach for now..

There is no one answe r and th ere are no absolutes. The m ost im po rtant thing is to do some rh ing thar will mak e yo u happy every day one way or an other. The su n do es not sh ine every day; so me days it may rain. Bu t in th e end nothing is forever. And along the way, whil e th ere will always be challenges, th ere are also man y une xpected sur p rises and God­ given blessin gs to brighten our lives. Looking back over m ore th an fifty years, th ere is no single answer to all these pos­ sible choi ces. We can acco m plish any­ th ing we resolve ro do if we remember th at the secret ingredients are time and hard work. There are no sho rt cu ts to success; rhe magic ingredi ents are a sm ile, a positive attitud e and th e abil ity to be

happ y wh atever th e present challenge may be. Every da y brings new opportunity and new beginnings. W here are yo u go ing? An ywhere yo u choos e, so lon g as yo u are will in g to ma ke the effort.

January "Quik" Survey Results

'Quik' Survey Results T he ultimate reward is the joy th at co mes from so man y patie nts who become friends over rhe years, and th e kn owledge that in all th e tim e you practi ce yo u make a di fferen ce in the lives of th ose wh o give yo u thei r rrusr.

Question W ould you be in favor of addi ng another dental school in Virginia ? 256 respondent s DY es 39%

• No 61% D Yes

Iruing ]. Imburg. D.D.S. I'dluw, Ameri can College uf Dentists Fellow, Int ernational College of Dcnri srs Fellow. Virginia Dent al Associatiou

'Quik' Survey Results

Life memb er: merican Dental associatio n irginia Denral assoc iation District of Col tim hia Dental Society

Question How many hygienists should a dentist be permitted to employ? 292 respondents




Past Presiden t: Northern Virgini a Dental society l'air r.a x C ounty Dental Society Several Co m m unity Organ izations

D 2 hygienists .4 hygienists

llIII• • •1I!)2hygienists Past Chai rman . Annual Meet ing. VDA


Past Chairman, continuing Education . VDA Ipha Sigma Chi H onorary Leadership Soc ie ty, MCV IVC U


Members of the Chicago Dental Society expect pe rsona l se rvice. to p- q uali ty pro duc ts a nd fina nc ial stability from the insurer se lected to cove r their office s a nd liability. Th at's wh y the CDS (With mo re than 7,000 members) has endorsed The Cin cinnati Insurance Company' s Dent ist's Program since 1998. To learn more a bout this pro gr am, contact your local Cincin na t i independent age nt . To loca te an agency nearest you, log on to www.cinfi n .com or ca ll Mike Terrell a t (800) 769-0548 .


Enjoy th e convenie nc e a nd sim plicity of havmq all of your p rote ction w it h on e insurer. Consider other policies and ser vices from Cinc in nati and its affiliat es: • ho meowner/ auto • leasing and financin g • life/long- te rm care • asset management

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6 Virginia Dental Journal

. No

D unrestricted


"Volu nreerism . . . the Selfless giving of o ne's time and effort. . .is very near and dear to my hear t, The Daily Points of Light award recognizes individuals and volunte er groups that serve th e community in the spirit of giving. And whil e the VDHF is demonstratin g volun reerism at its best, it clearly stands ro reason why your or ganization would have such a prestigiou s recognition besto wed upon it. Again, [ applaud the VDHF's com m itme n t. d edicati on , and hard work . Th anks for all that you do to help thos e in need!" Governor Mark R. Warner Commonwealth of Virginia





DAILY POINTS OF LIGHT AWA RD WINNERS MISSION OF MERCY PROJECT Richmond, VA Daily Point of Light No. 2596 -- January 16, 200 4


According to a 1999 study published by the Joint Committee on Healthcare, Virginia has 43 underserved areas where the denti st to population ratio exceeds one dentist to 5,000 or more individuals. To respond to th is cr itica l situation, the Virginia Dental Health Foundation launched the Mission of Mercy (MOM) Project in 2000. Three times a year, appro ximately 150 dental professionals give up their weekends and travel to rural a reas of the state to help patients with their dental problems. For many in these rural areas, there is a lack of resources to address their dental health issues. Since it's inception, th e MOM Proj ect ha s provided an increa sing number of Virginians w ith cleanings, fillings, extraction s, dentures and other dental services that they otherwise would not have access to. Through the endless hours of planning and involvem ent by these volunteers, the Mom Projects have broken records for the biggest dental outreach clinics ever conducted in the United States. These dedicated professionals have devoted their time, energy, resources and whatever else is needed to ensure that the MOM Projects a re ho sted every year and th e number of people served by them increase . Without their diligent plann ing, coo rdinating and abi lity to get all of the resources required , the MOM Projects hav e the potential to be chaotic scenes and ending up as just another good idea that was not reali stic to implement. Because of the untiring commitment and dedication of this group of dentists, specialists, dental assistants, hygienists and st aff , these projects continue to be successful in providinq much needed dental care to those served by them . The numb er of un insured and und erserved Virginians receiv ing dental care has in creased with each year that the MOM Project is held. Thanks to the nine MOM Projects that have been hosted, in excess of 7,111 people have been provided with desperately needed dental treatment . Without these clin ics, most of those served would have continued to leave th eir dental needs unmet . Overall, because of this t eam 's belief that everyone is en t itl ed to dental care, $2,587,274 worth of dental care has been donated to those who need it most. Without th e different re sources and backgrounds that each member brings to the table , th is project wou ld not be possible . Some members are responsible for visualizing the project and work toward s getting others on board. Other members hav e the resources to get funding, supplies and donation s. There are also m embers who participate in the planning of the projects and treat those very peopl e they have envisioned the project helping . W ithout each member of th is team, th e MOM Projects would never be able to have the im pact on these areas that it cur rent ly does. It is through their efforts that the dental community came forward to volunteer their time and services to improve the lives of those in g reatest need . The MOM Program rec ogn ized a need, mobilized the appropriate res ources, came tog ether and still continu es to make a difference. "I was thr illed to learn th at th e Virgini a De nt al H ealth Fou nda tio n (V D H F), o ne of yo ur affiliated or ganiz ation s, recently received the Dail y Points of Light Award fo r the ex足 emplary wor k th at is being done through the Mission s of Merc y (M O M ) Proj ect." Secretary Jane H. \'Voods VA Dept. of H ealth and Human Resourc es

Virginia Dental Journal


M.O.M. Goes to Charlottesville On Frida y, February 27 th, a thi rd Mini- MOM proj ect fo r chi ldre n was held in Ch arlottesville at th e office of Drs. Vigli one , Haines & Associates. Fo rty-plus He adsrarr chi ld ren from the area were ap po in ted with the coo peration of their program dire ctors. Th e following staff members gave of the ir time and talent to serve the chi ld ren : C. J. Beacu charnp , Teresa Anderson, Nan cy Ern ch, Wendy Fitzgerald, Rina G as­ pari , Mar ia Robles, Ellie Th omas, BuffY Knight, Megan Sipple, Bonny Walker, Brid gett Di ckerson, and Laura Viglione. Planning was coordinated by Betsy Soul sby. She worked with the directors

to establish dates and tim es. Other hygieni sts who parti cipated were: Paula

Kni ght, Tric ia Traugott, D arian Barnette , Bonnie Ni cke rson , and E rin Knight.

Drs. Gary H aines, Desiree Bagh eri, Christie H agen and Bill Viglione screened

th e childre n for future treatmen t.

Southside Dental Society Holds Petersburg Mini-MOM The Southside Dental Society part­ nered with the Vir ginia Dental Associ­ ati on and the Petersburg Urban Minis­ tries to provide free dental care to 49 of th e Ministri es' youth and young ad ults. Th e dental clini c, held on November l Sth, provided pati ents with dental exam inations, cleanings, restorative services, and extractions valued at over $ 11,OOO! Members of th e So uthside Dental Society volunteered their time and skills, the Virgini a Dental Associa-

tion supplied the equipment, dental instruments, and dental sup plies, an d Petersburg Urb an Ministr y provided the physical site which was co nverted into a Saturday morning dental clini c. Volunte ers included dentists, hygien ­ ists, dental assistants, VCU School of Dentistry dental students , and staff.

and yo ung adults get their Gen eral Equi valency Diplomas. Th e clini c provided dental services to people who would otherwise receive no care due to lack of dental insurance.

Petersburg Urban Ministrie s runs Youth Build, a job and ed ucatio n training program whi ch help s teen s

VDHF Gets A New Look! The Virgini a Dental Health Founda­ tion is proud to int rod uce the new VDHF logo. Afte r years of just go­ ing wi th the VDHF letters, we hav e teamed up with Circle C ommun ica­ tion s to work towards creating a new im age for th e found ation and th e programs under it.

Virginia Dental Health Foundation

8 Virginia Dental Journal

The logo is rep resentative of wh at we as volunteers already know - we are one big communi ty joined together by a common goal. While helping our fellow man is not necessarily so me­ thing that we have to do, it is som e­ thing that we know must be done. The VDHF 's commitment to th at is

evident in the programs that it puts in to action. Over the coming months we will be creating new bro chures for the VDHF, Donated D ental Services (D DS ) pro gram , and the Mi ssion of Mer cy (MOM) Proj ects. It is our missi on to promote these program s and help secure th e needed funding and volunteers it will take to keep DDS and MOM in operation .

Abstracts Of Interest The following abstracts were pro­ vided by the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at VCU School of Dentist­ ry. We appreciate the contribution that these individuals have made to the Virginia Dentaljournal. K. Allen, S. Hurfless, R. Larzelere, Eval u­ ation of two predictors o f child disruptive behavior during restorative dental treat­ ment. Journal of Dentistry for Children. Vol. 70, No .3, Sep tember-D ecem ber 2003, pp. 221 -25.

Failure ro effectively manage a disruptive child can place the child, practitioner and staff at risk, and compromise the quality of dental care . Some of the management techniques require time to get prepared so it would be helpful ro know in advance if they will be needed . Previous investigations attempting ro estimate behavior have looked at maternal anxiety, maternal dental anxiety, child anxiety, and child temperament. None have identified reliable predicrors of disruptive behavior. Research has shown that child behavior is clearly influenced by parenting behavior. Parents who are more lax, critical , and disengaged from their child's everyday experiences, have children who were more disruptive and oppositional. Parent reports of child behavior were not predictive of problems in other settings, bur parenting styles were predictive. The pur­ pose of this study was ro investigate whether a general measure of child and parent behavior could predict disruptiveness during restorative treatment. Methods: 52 healthy kids ages 3-12 accom­ panied by primary caregiver, from an urban practice teaching hospital were selected on their needs for restorative procedures. Dis­ ruptive behavior was measured using an es­ tablished disruptive behavior code. (1) body movement, (2) crying/complaining, (3) movement requiring restrain, (4) movement requiring temporary stoppage, Behaviors were coded by an independent observer who marked behavior every 15 seconds. 'Ihe operator also ranked the overall procedure via the Frankl scale . Predicrors: Two different behavior invento­ ries were used as potential predictors. The Eyberg Child Behavior Invcnrory (ECB/) standardized parent reports of child 's behav­ ior. The Parent-Child Relationship Inven­ tory (PCPI) identified aspects of parent behavior and parenting skill. Age, gender, and previous experience with treatment

were also enrered into the statistical analysis . Parents completed the inventories while their child was escorted ro the operarory for care. Results: Nearly 80% had a hisrory of having a dental exam or restorative treatment com­ pleted. The most ro least frequent disrup­ tions were body movement (27%), crying (17%), restraint (2%) and work sroppage (2%) . It was found that previous treatment did not predict disruptive behavior. In ad­ dition, the EeBI was not a predictor either. From the PCRI, it was found that parents who gave into their children and set fewer boundaries, but shared parenting responsi­ bilities and felt emotionally supported in this approach were more likely to have children who were disruptive. Age was the single best predictor of disruptive behavior. Discussion: in general, a child's behavior outside the clinic, as rated by the parent, is not predictive. Parent behavior and parent­ child relations did predict child behavior across a wide age range and across a range of restorative procedures. Attempts at predict­ ing child behavior in clinics should abandon efforts to predict based on parent report of child behavior and instead focus more on parent reports of their own behavior and their interactions with their child.

Dr. Ellsworth is a second year pediatric dental resident at VCU School of Den­ tistry.

A.I. Ismail, S.M. Nainar, w: Soh n. C h ild ren's First Dental Visi t: Attitudes and Practices of US Pediatricians and Family Physicians. Pediatric Dentistry. 25(5): 425-430, 2003. Early childhood caries (ECC) is a major health problem which can develop within the first three years of life and is capable of causing significant pain and psychological trauma to young children . To help promote early dctccrion of ECC both the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and the American Dental Association (ADA) advocated that children see a dentist by I year of age for dental screening. The goal of this first visit is to educate parents on how ro prevent dental and oral diseases, harm­

ful habits, and detect early sign s of disease, pathology, or child abuse. In contrast, the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) recommends that children see a dentist by 3 years of age. Pediatricians and family physi­ cians are the primary care providers seeing children during the ages when ECC begins to develop. The goal of this study was to assess the range of recommendations from pediatricians and family physicians with regard to young children's first dental visit and to evaluate their dental health screening practices. Random samples of 1,500 family physicians and 1,000 pediatricians were selected from the American Medical Association master file. A survey consi sting of 2 case scenarios and a series of questions was mailed ro each physician ro evaluate dental screening and referral practices. Second and third mailings were sent to non-responders. OUt of the surveys mailed to family physi­ cians 43% responded, and of the surveys mailed to pediatricians 52% responded. More than 9 out of 10 family physicians and pediatricians recommended that a child with high caries risk see a dentist as soon as possible . For a child with low caries risk, the proportion of doctors recommending early dental visit was significan tly lower, only 19% of family physicians, and 14% of pediatricians. For children with low caries risk 40% of family physicians and 63% of pediatricians recommended the first dental visit around the third birthday. 1he major­ ity of respondents reported screening for gross tooth decay. However only a minority of them (pedi atricians (33%) and family physicians (19%) ch ecked for early signs of 100th decay as part of their regular practice. Most pediatricians and family physicians are following the AAP guideline of a three year first dental visit. US physicians are able to distinguish between a patient at high or low cari es risk and will change their referral patterns accordingly. However, the majority of physicians are not checking for early signs of early childhood caries. Therefore there is a need to increase the dental knowledge of physicians enabling them to provide adequate dental screening. In addition den­ tists need to be more proactive in following the AAPD and ADA guideline of a one year dental visit.

Dr. Rhea Davis is a second year pediatric dental resident at MCVNCU School of Dentistry.

Virginia Dental Journal 9

Adair SM. Pacifier use in children: a review of recent literature. Pediatric Den­ tistry 2003;25 (5):449-458. No nn urr itive sucking (NNS) with pacifiers in various forms has been used by humans for possibly rhou sand s of years. Non nurri­ rive sucking can soo the infants and young child ren, help with tran sitioning to sleep, lessen th e discom fort of teethin g, and provide co mfort d urin g srressful periods. NNS via digit or pacifier can affect changes in the occlusion, includ ing ope nbire, exces­ sive overjet an d possibly posteri or crossbire, Skeletal changes have also been attrib uted to NNS. Besides th e cha nges in occlusio n and perioral tissues crea ted by pac ifier nonnutri­ rive sucking, ped iatr ic dentists should be aware of othe r risks an d benefits of paci­ fier use reported in th e literature. These include the following: 1) an associarion with protecti on again st sudde n infant death syndro me (SIDS); 2) an association with redu ced prevalence and durati on of breast­ feeding ; 3) an increased risk for otitis media and other in fect ion s 4) safety. Th e aims of thi s paper are co: I) p rovide reviews of recent liter arur e regard ing th e coles of pacifiers in the aforeme nt ioned areas; 2) provide a broad view of pacifier use that may assist in decisio ns on whe ther co recom me nd o r discourage pacifier use in infants; 3) present suggestions th at can redu ce the risks and enhance th e ben efits of pacifier use. Articles used as references were selected for review if pacifier use was one of the main focuses of an experime nt al or o bservational study, or met -an alysis. Th e review enco m­ passes stu d ies pub lished since about 1950, and publi shed in Engli sh . Several studies con firmed the associatio n between pacifier use and a redu ced risk of SIOS. Ca se-co ntro l stud ies cannot p rove causality nor rhe mechanism (s) by which pacifiers exert their SIOS-protectiv e effect. Righard (19 98) suggested that the findings of a prot ecti ve effecr against SlDS may be a bias gen erated by rhe pa rents o f SIOS victims in th eir respon se to qu estions about their deceased in fants. O pini on is divid ed on whether CO recommend that parents routinel y offer pacifiers co the ir chil dren as a SIO S deterr ent. Pacifier use as a faccor negat ively associated with breast-feedin g received little att ent ion until the 1990 's. Aarts er al, found that breast-feedin g d urati on and prevalen ce in a Swed ish population were adversely related co NNS via pacifiers, but not by th um bs. Also, they noted rhar occasional pacifier use was not associated with a decr ease in breast­ feeding durat ion. Other stud ies have also

10 Virginia Dental Journal

blam ed pacifier usc for shorter durarion or lower prevalence of breast-feedin g. O ther data suggest th at pacifier use is a mark er, bur not a cause, of breast-feeding difficulti es or redu ced breasr-feed ing motiv at ion, References co pacifier use and acure oti tis medi a (AOM) were mad e early in the 20 th cent ury. Srarisrically significant but relative­ ly modest relat ion sh ips between AOM and pacifier use were dem on strated . Multiple risk factors for AOM have been ident ified, such as parental smokin g, bottl e-feeding, mouth breathi ng, use o f day care, socioeco­ nomi c variables, etc. The tru e associatio n may be a relati onsh ip between pacifier use and o ne or more of these factors. This paper recommend ed a few co mmo n sense steps co enha nce the benefits and redu ce the risks of pacifier use: I) Ed uca te pa rents and careg ivers abo ut th e safe use of pacifiers. 2) Withhold th e use of paci fiers unt il breast-feedin g is established . Afte r th at point, lim it their use for soo thing breast-fed infants. 3) Advise th e parents and caregivers co exercise judgment and re­ srrainr regard ing pacifier use. Th ey sho uld be taught to avoid ad lih use th rou ghout th e day. 4) Instruct parents an d caregivers co clean pacifiers routinely and avoid sharing be tween Siblings. Parents sho uld not lick pacifiers to clean them . Parent s should co nsider having several pacifiers co rotate through cycles of cleani ng and use during the day. 5) Suggest co parents th at pacifier use be reduced beginn ing at two years of age and rhar pacifier habit s be discontinued by or before age four to minimize th e devel­ opme nt of m alocclu sion .

Dr. Holly C. Hall is a first year advanced education student in Pediatric Dentistry at MCV School of Dentistry. She received her D.M .D. from the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry in May 2002.

Ram 0 , Fuks All , Eidelman E. Long-term Clinical Performance of Esthetic Primary Mo lar Crowns. Pediatric Dentistry 25:6, 2003 pp 582-584 Sta inless steel cro wns have been used for almost fifty years for restorati on of primary teeth to restore extensive car ies and teeth that becom e more brittl e and prone to [racrures after a pul potomy or pul pectom y pro cedure. Unfortunately they have poor esthetic ap­ pearance an d with the growin g popularit y of esthetic dentistry many pa rent s inquire about th e m ore esthetic options. It is important to know abo ut the lim itation s of these mo re esthetic crown s. The aim of thi s stud y was to report the long­ term clinical performance of est hetic primary molar crow ns as compared to convention al stainless sreel crowns. Ten child ren th at needed two mandibu­ lar crown s received one N U Smi le molar esthetic crown and o ne co nvent ional crown used as cont rol. Thi s match ed-p air design was used to subject both crowns to a similar oral enviro nme nt and compa rable hygiene habits. Thes e were assessed after four years and evaluated clinically based on th e follow­ ing criter ia: gingival health , ma rginal exren­ sio n, occlusion, chipp ing, radiographic bon e resorp tion and crown adequ acy. After four years no d ifferen ce was not ed in margin al extensi on, occlusio n, crown adeq uacy, and periodontal health between stainless steel cro wns and esth etic crowns. However, after four years all ten esthetic crowns showed ch ipping of the facing. Thi s study con cluded that co nvent iona l stainl ess steel crown remain the best resto ratio n du e to the filet that all esthetic cro wns present ed chipping of the facing and conseq uenrJya very poor esthetic solution long-term .

Dr. Arshia A. Shingler is a first year advanced education student in Pediatric Dentistry at MCVNCU, School of Den­ tis try. She received her D.D.S. from Vir­ ginia Commonwealth University, School of Dentistry in May of2003.

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Virginia Dental Journal


2004 VDA Elected Leadership Candidates

The 1996 Virginia Dental Association House of Delegates adopted Consti­ tution and Bylaws changes stating that candidates for VDA elective of­ fices have the opportunity to submit a statement and CV to be published in the April-May-June issue of the Virginia Dental Journal. Candidates for President-Elect can have a 500 word statement. All other candidates can have a 250 word statement. This will give the members of the Virginia Dental Association an opportunity to meet candidates for elected offices. Candidate For the Office Of: President­


MarkA. Crabtree, D.D.S.

I r h as been a grear honor a nd privilege fo r me ro se rve o u r profess ion in m any cap ac it ies d ur in g rh e last nin etee n years of m y pr ofession al life. I've been b lessed in cou n riess w ays ro ha ve the op ­ porruniry ro gi ve back ro a p rofes sio n rhar has b een so go od to m e. Today, D e ntis try fac es ch allen ges o n man y fron ts and as a membe r of rhc VDA Execu tive Council/Board of D irectors for the las t 5 years, I have ha d th e oppo rtu nity ro o bserv e firsr han d ma ny of the d ifficulr issues rhar a rc rh reare nin g our pro fession .

I am de ep ly co ncerned ab out th e fu ture o f de nti st ry, a nd in pa rt icu lar about the ever cha ngi ng dy nam ics on the regularo ry a nd legislarive fro nt s. M any fo rces exte rnal to our profession th reate n ou r f uture and we mu st rake the in itia t ive to lead o r be led . Now, more rh an ever den tistry must speak wit h a uni fied voi ce To protect OUt inte rests, th e VDA mu st m aintain J h igh prio ri ty o n ou r ad vocacy resp o nsibil it ies. M y experien ces as M ayor of rhe C ity of Ma rtins ville a nd as a pasr P resid ent o f rhe Virg ini a Bo ard of D cnr isrr y hav e uniquely p rep ared me for the job rhar lies ahead . Some of rhc issues rhar demand o u r at te n tion are lice nsu re req uire m ents, au xiliar y util izati on , M edi ca id funding , am algam regu lari o ns, wastewate r regul ati on s. m alp ractice insuran ce, [orr reform and acc ess ( 0 care. W e ca n ce leb rate ma ny succe sses in ou r adv oc ac y effo rts such as VAD PAC's success ful lead ershi p in fu ndraising that h elps make OUI' voic e heard lo ud an d d ear in Ri chmond an d our VD A D aya n the H ill. Bur we need more par t icipa tion fro m ou r membe rsh ip to fa ce t he cha llenges we face o n rh e legi slariv e fro m . W e m ust b e p roa ctive an d ar al1 t im es vigilan t a nd p rep ared ro h elp shape th ese a nd many othe r issu es rh a r d irectly im pact o ur practi ces. Access to car e is th e gJobal issu e rhar require, o u r con sta n t atte nti o n. Th ro ug h o u r D o nated D e n ta l Se r­ vices, M OM , Gi ve Kids a Sm ile. Ta ke Five p ro gr a ms and all the effo rts each ind ividu al pr ac t ice p ro vid es we a re makin g a tre mend o us efforr ro rneer some o f

12 Virginia Dental Journal

me needs o f OUt un ders ervcd pop ulatio ns. Maj or problems arise wh en grou ps extern a l to our profession a ttempt to ac h ieve othe r goa ls un d er th e gu ise of ac­ cess. Th e VDA sh o uld help p ro vide ho nest solu t io ns to rhe acces s p rob lem a nd b u ild co alitio ns wit h o the r groups and org anization s wh o a re se rio us abo u r ad­ d ressi ng th e pro b lem . Our profession is evo lving and we mu sr be p repa red ro rneer the need s of o u r changing membership. I ser ved as a me m ber o f the Co nst irut ion a nd Bylaws Task For ce rh ar ch a nge d our govern an ce structure. Th is st ruc t u ral change is revolurio n izi ng rhe way we rake care o f th e b usin ess of our Associ ation . Th e V DA is more user friend ly a nd ir is easie r for o ur membe rs ro ger in vol ved a nd und ersta nd ho w th ings ge t do ne . O u r effo rts to dev elo p relat ion ships with rhe M CV/ VCU de n tal st ud en ts wil1 pay d ivid e nd s in t he fu rur e. In su mma ry. I'm prou d to be a d e nti st pra c ricin g in Vi rgi nia a nd I wou ld be hono red to se rve as President o f o u r Asso ciation . Ma rk A. Crabtree, D.D .S. 407 Starli ng Avenue Martin sville, VA 24 112 (2 76) 632-9266 m ar k@m ark cr abtree.o rg C o mpon en r 5

1993, Leg isla rive Committee, VADPAC C o m po ne n t

Represenra rive, Boa rd o f D enti st ry Sear ch

C o rn rn irree 199 9-20 00. Preside nt, Patrick H enry

D enta l Society, 1990-9 1


C o m m issio ne r, C o m m issio n on Colleges, Sou thern

Associa tio n o f C oJJeges an d Sc hoo ls. 200 3 - 2006,

Gove rno rs Comm issio n on C over nrnenr Fin ance Re­

for m fo r the 2 1st C en tu ry, 2001. Board ofVisirors ,

Lon gwood U n iversity, J 99 8 -20 0 2 Rec to r - 200 1­

20 02. Vice- Rector - 2000- 20 0 I. Sec rera ry- 1999­

20 00, Fina nce C o mm ittee C ha ir ma n - 199 9 -2 0 00 .

Board o f Visitors , Wake Fore st U n iversity - 1993 -9 7

Community Leadership:

M ember, M artinsville/H en ry Cou nty C oal itio n fo r

Ec on o mi c Progr ess, 200 3- prese nt ,

Mayo r, Marti n sville C ity C ouncil, 199 8-2002,

President, Ma rr insvill e/ Hen ry Cou nty C hambe r o f

C o m m e rce. J99 1-92 , Presid ent, Marti nsville Kiwani s

C lub. 19 9 1-92 , Counc ilman , C ity o f Ma rtin sville,

19 94- 20 0 2 , Cha irma n , Ma rtinsville Red evelop ­ ment a nd Hou sing Aur hori ry, 199 8-2 002, Vi rginia

Mon icipal Leagu e. Gen e ral Cover nme nr Comm ittee,

1994 -2 000 . Presid ent . C o l. Ge orge Waller C hap ter,

Nati onal Soc iety So ns o f rh e Am er ica n Revo lut io n ,

19 94 -99 , Firsr U ni red Mer hod isr C h u rch - Admi n­

istrative Boa rd . President of Uni ted Method ist M en ,

Finance C o m mince, Stewa rdship C om m irree C hai r­

man , Direct o r, M artinsville Jaycees, 1986-8 8.

Education: Me dica l College o f Vi rg in ia/Virgi n ia Com monwealt h U nive rsity 19 8 5 D .D.S. - Sc hool o f D cn risrry .wake Forest Un iversity 1981 BA - Biol ogy - C u m La ud e Membersh ip s: Professional Associations Ame rican Associ at ion o f Dental Exam iners .So ur he r n Region al Testi ng Associatio n Exa miner, Patri ck Henry De nta l Soc iety. V irgin ia D ental Asso ciati on ­ Pied mo n t Co rn poncn r, Am er ican Dental Associati on , Academ y o f Ge ne ral D en tist ry, Interna tion al College o f De nti sts , Pierre Fauc hard Academ y. Am erican Col­ lege of D entists, Delta Sig ma Delra Dental Frate rn ity Community Associations First Uni ted Merh odist C hu rch. Wake Forest Presi­ d ent's C lu b. Wa ke Forest Deacon C luh, M ar tin sville Kiwa nis Club .Ma rrinsvi lle H enry Cou my C ham be r o f C o m m erce , Virg in ia M useu m o f Na tur al Hi story, Piedmon t A rrs Assoc iation Honors: Fellow - Virgi n ia De ntal Associario n. 1988 O u rsrand­ ing Young Virgi nia n - Virgin ia Jaycees. Oursranding Yo ung Men o f America, Wh o's Who in the Sourh & So u rhwesr, Who's Who of E m ergi ng Leade rs in Am er ica. Al pha Sigma C h i - Lead ersh ip H o nor So ciety, Om icro n D elta Kap pa - N at ion al Lead e rsh ip H on o r So ciety Leadership Activities: ADA and VDA, Star e Bo ard of Denrisrry: Executi ve Cou nci l/ Boa rd o f D irect or s. V irg ini a D ental Assoc iarion, 1999- 2004 , Vi ce-Ch airma n 2002-2003 . Presid en t. Piedmo nr D enral Soc iety Com ponent 5, 19 98 - 19 9 9 , Vir g ini a Boa rd of Health P rofes sions . 1996- 1998, V irgini a Board o f D enrisrr y, C o mmo nw eaJrh o f Vi r­ gjn ia - 199 4 -9 8 , Preside n t-19 97-9 8 , V ice-Pr esid ent­ 19 96 -97. Ad ver t isin g C ornmir ree Chairman -I 996-97 . Legislari vc- Reg ularory C o mrnir ree C ha irma n- 1996-97, MOE Liai son. j oint Subcommi ttee o f Virgin ia G e nera l Assem b ly Sru dy ing Availab ili ty o f D enta l H yg ieni sts (H J R 81) . V irgi n ia D ental Associari on - C on srirurio n an d Bylaw s Task Force to cha nge VDA Gove rnance 2002-03, Associa re Edi tor V DA Jo urn al, Referen ce C o mmi tt ee C ha irm a n

Candidates For ADA Delagate: 4 Positions Available David Anderson, D.D.S. Respec tfull y I wo u ld ask you to re tu rn m e to ou r d elega tion. I n the pasr three years s peaki n g o n behalf o f th e V D A at refere nce comminee hear ­ ings and o n t he H o use fl oor h ave bee n a n h onor a nd fra nkly, a thr ill. Th ere are still so m e tasks I would like ro co m ple te be fo re my d eparture. Plu s no w rh ar r have rhe o p­ por ru niry ro reptesenr the A DA o n th e D ental O ffice of the F u ture pr o ject. remaini ng a d elega re woul d len d irs we igh t. D avid C. An d erso n , D . D.S . 5288 D a wes Ave. Alexand ria, VA 223 11- 1476 (703) 6 71-6060 C o mpon en t VI II M C V 19 74 F D U 197 6 Preside n t VD A President NVDS D elegar e ADA Cha ir AD A C o u nc il on C o mm u n ica tio ns

Richard D. Barnes, D.D.S. It has been a n hon or serving as yo u r D elegate as we ll as an Alternat e Del egate to t he Arn er i­ can D ental Associat ion. I feci that with my ex perience as a reacher at MCV, an ac tive pr actitioner in rhe field , and m y service as an officer for seve ral dent al associ ations, t ha t I will be a ble to face the c hal le nges associa ted with being a De lega te. I have been actively wor king wi th the Dental Ben­ efirs Co m m itt ee to ad d ress o ur o ngo ing tri als a nd tribul at ions in dealing wit h insurance companies; particularly with the p to ccssin g an d denial o f dental claims. Wc a re also working to o pc n avenues to ward provid ing ad equate den tal benefits for people who hav e previously had no acc ess to de ntal care . This pro cess is so me th ing that will need consta nt moni­ toring on the lo cal, state, an d n ati onal levels. I look fo rwa rd to working with rhe Dental Benefits Committee and other areas that im pac t d entistry toda y. I have committed myself to the tim e a nd e ne tgy need ed to ad d tess th ese issue s. I also rem ain comm itted to th e Virgini a Dental Association and the Am erican De ntal Assoc ia t io n a nd will wo rk hard to com plete tasks ar h and . It wou ld be m y honor to se rve th e ADA as a delega te from Virginia . Rich ard D . Ba rn es. D .D.S. 2240 C oJiseum Drive Su ite C Ham p ton, VA 23666 (75 7) 826 - 112 1 Component 11 Education: Vir ginia Tech University, B.5.; VCUI MCV Sc hool o f Denrisr ry, D .D.S. M emberships: Peninsul a Dental Society, VDA, ADA, AGO , lCD, Pierre Fauchard Acad emy H on or s: Hodges-Ka y Alumni Ser vice Award; Pierre Fauchard Society ; Harry Lyon s Oursranding Alumnus, 199 7 : Ourstanding Tea cher Award , M CV: D ental Sc hoo l, J 979 and 19 80 ; OKU ; Sig ma Zeta: FV.D .A.: FA .CD.; F.I.CD.; FA .G.D. Lead ership Activities: ADA and VDA: C o un cilor ro VDA, 1990-1 9 96 ; Alrernare Del egat e to the AD A, 19 94 -1 99 7 and 19 97-2002; MCV Alumni Asso ciarion President, 19 91 -1992 : VAGD President 1991-1 9 92 ; Fello ws Selec tio n Com m itt ee to VDA, 1991-2000; VA Sec tion of the Pierr e Fau ch ard, Chairm an: Vice Regent to ICD ; T reas u rer to Virgi ni a AGO; Vi ce President ro M C V Alu mni Associ a t io n. Compon ent Socie ty: Sec retary an d Presid ent; Del ­ egate a nd Alt ern at e Del egate ro t he VDA. Community: Operation Sm ile, Ph ilippin es and Mainland Chi na; Comm ittee for De nt al Nee ds, Operati on Smile Internati onal, 19 90- 20 0 2, Mi ssion of M erc y 200 2.

Charles L. Cuttino, D.D.S. It has been m y honor and privilege to represent you an d the V irginia Den tal Assoc iatio n for th e pasr six yeat s as Delegat e to t he Am er ican D ental Asso ciatio n House o f De legates. In 199 5 while servi ng as a su bs ti tu te Delegat e to the ADA, I also serv ed o n th e ADA Referen ce Co rnrnirree On Legal and Legislati ve Affaits. As a Past C h airma n of rhe Council of Denral Ben efit Programs, I se rved as C hairma n of th e ADA Referenc e C ommittee o f De ntal Ben efit Prog ram s in 20 03. Virgin ia, wi th its cu rre nt lead ership, is a significant part o f the AD A 16th District. We have become a leading district in th e ADA . Thi s gro u p of d ed icated representati ves o f yo u r VDA has been successfu l in supporting issues that impact eac h of yo u On a d aily basis. It has bee n my purpose, whil e se rving as ADA Alr er nare Del egate a nd Delegat e, to serve yo u th e VDA m em bers ab out yo u r co nce rns for the furure of yo u r pr actice. The se current co nce rns includ e rhe util ization ofdi;;gm;stic cod es for reimbu rsem ent for th e procedures wh ich you perform o n a da ily basis and the intrusion in to your pra cti ce hy rhird party insuran ce companies. Other concerns on th e nat ional le vel have to do with the membership 'issues char affect OUt future in organized denrist rj- as well as the budgerary issu es that d eal with th e dues yo u co n rrib u re as mem ber s. If I am fo rt u na re en ough to be elected to rhis po si­ tion of ADA Delegat e, I will continue to represent yo u tor a n d fec tivc a nd responsibl e American D en tal AS$oc hll ion. I respectively seck yo u r su PPOtt for ADA Delegatc. I Charl es Lynum C u tt ino; IIf 85 03 Patterso n Ave., Suitc A Richmond, VA 2 32 2 9 } (804) 35 4 -1 601 C omponent: IV

m ond Dental Assistants Asso cia tion, Boss o f the Year - 1994 ; Wh o's Who in Dentist ry - 199 7 ; Who's Who in M edi cin e an d H ealth C a re - 199 7: ADA Presiden ­ tial Ci ta tio n - 1998: N ational Academy o f Practice - 2000; Pierre Fauchard Academy, Sta te Award o f Recognition - 20 00; H ar ry Lyon s Awa rd , Richmond Dental Society - 2001 ; Lead ership Acti vities: ADAandVDA: VDA - Execut ive C o u nc il- 19 86- 2000 ; Sec retary / Treasur er - 19 9 3 -199 7 , Presid ent - 1998-1 99 9; Parli am entarian - 2000-2001: Exec u tive Com m ittee - 199 3- 200 I: Del egate a nd Alt ern ate Del egat e to VDA An n ual M eeting: C ancer an d Hospi tal Com­ mittee, C hairm a n; VDAJournal Ed ito rial Board . ADA - Alternat e Delegat e - 199 0-1 994, 19 96 -1 9 9 7; Delega te - 19 9 5 , 19 9 9- 2 00 4: ADA Refe rence Com ­ mittee, Legal and Legisl at ive - 19 9 5: ADA Reference Comm itte e on D ental Ben efits: W his to n '96 Electi on Co m m ittee - C o-Chair man - 19 96: ADA Official Obse rver to th e America n Medical Associati on - 199 8 ; Cou nci l o n D ental Ben efit s Program s - 199 8 -2002; De ntal Be nefits Infor m a tio n Se rvices (OBIS) - 199 8-200 I, C ha irm an - 20 0 1; 16th Disrri cr - Sec retary - 19 99- 2000 , Vice C ha irm an 2 0 0 0-200 1, Ch airman 2 001- 20 02 : ADA Liaison ro the AMA House of Delegat es - 199 8 . Rich mond Dental Soc ie ty: Board o f Direcror s - 19 74 -1 9 78. 19 82 - 1987: Preside nt - 19 83-1984 , Parliam entarian - 2000-2001,2003-2004 . MOMS: ADA/MOMS Liaison C ommittee - 1993- Prese nt ; C o rn rnitree on Hospital a nd l nr erprofessional Affairs - J 9 94- 2000, Chairma n - 199 8-2000 . MOMS C ode Committee Cons u lta n t 20 02 - Prese nt SSO MS: Presid ent - 199 9- 2000: VSOM S: President - 199 3-1 995 Community: Collegiat e Sch ools - Patro ns Associat ion - Arh­ leric Committee, C ha irma n 19 84-1 9 78 ; Bo ard of T rustees - Curriculum an d Stand a rds Comm ittee - 198 5-1 987; Do rser Wood s Sourh C ivic Asso ciati on - Presid ent - 19 91 -199 3; Spin d rifr C ivic Assoc iatio n - Boa rd o f Direct ors - 19 86-1990 .


Education: C lcm son U ni v. • B.S. (Pre-Med) 196 3 ; VCU /MCV - DDS 196 6 ; USAF G ene ral Dental Intern sh ip , Lackla nd AFB , T X - 196 7 : VCU /M CV - Resid en cy in Oral and Maxill o facial Surgery 1972 : Diplomate, Am erican Bo rad of Oral and M axill ofa cial Su rge ry - 1974 Memberships: Sig ma Zeta, Sigm a X l , Psi O m ega , Om icron Kappa Up silon , C ha lme rs Lyo ns Soc ie ty (M ich igan) (O ral and Maxillofacial Surge ry), Pierre Fauchard Acad am y - Vice Chair. 199 3 -1 9 9 5 , Co m monwea lth Dental Acad am y - President 1975 ; America n C an cer Soc iety Board o f Direct ors - 197 5-197 8; Richmond D ental Soc iety - 19 72-Present, Virginia Den tal Associa tion - I97 2 - Prese n t, Am erican D en­ tal Associatio n - 19 72 -Present, So u t heast e rn Soc iety of Oral and Maxillofacial Su rgeo ns 19 78-Ptesent: Ame rica n Association of Oral a nd Ma xillofacial Sur geons - 1974-Present, Vir ginia Soc iety of Oral and Maxillo facial Surgeon s 19 72 -Presenr ; Honors: Am erican C an cer Society, Certificate o f Merit - 19 7 8 ; Fellow, Virginia Dental Associati on - 198 6 ; Fellow, Am erican C oll ege of D entists - 19 89: Fellow, International Col1ege o f Dentists - 199 3 : Rich ­

Bruce R. DeGinder, D.D.S. What a n exciting time to be se rving in or gan ized dentistry. Both the Virginia Dental Associa­ tion and the Am er ican D ental Associa tion have been evolving to meet the needs a nd concern s o f our m embers. This evo lu tio n has created a g tea r deal of enthusiasm am o ngs t o u r m em ber­ sh ip and excit ing opportu nities arc o n the immediate ho rizon . The furure of our professio n is often guid ed by the poli cies and pro gt am s o f th e American Dental As­ so ciation . 1 ha ve se rved o n the Vir ginia dele gation o f the American D ental Associ ation fo t five year s. I feel I have a thorough u nde rstand ing o f ou r govetnance syste m a nd of th e responsibilit ies a del egate must fulfill. Servin g as p reside nt o f th e Virg in ia D ental Asso cia­ tion thi s yea r, I have had the unique op po rru nity to

Virginia Dental Journal


travel to eve ry co m po ne nr, an d I have lisre ne d car e­ fu lly ro o ur membersh ip's co nce rn s. I ask fo r yo u r supporr in electing me as a n ADA Delegare wh er e I w ill wo rk to ad d ress th ese issues and concern s in a very proact ive manner. D r. Br uce R. DeGinde r, D .D.S

24 0 M cl.a ws Cir. Su ire 153

William sburg, VA 231 85

(7 57) 22 0 -9492

Compo ne nr 2

Education : U ni versity o r Virginia . Echo l Schol ar - B.A. with Di srinction , 198 4; Me d ical C o llege of Virgi n ia Sc hool of D en risr ry, D. D .S. - Magna C um Laude, 19 8 8. M ember ship: ADA ; VDA ; Pen in sul a Den tal Soci ety ; Academy o f Ge ne ral Denr ist ry: Academy of D e nr isrry Inr ern ario nal: Am e rica n Co llege of D en risrs; In te r­ na tio nal College of Dcn risrs: V irginia Academy of G en eral Den tistry. Honors: Academy of Ge nera l D e nr isrr y Di st in­ gu ished Se rvice Award; Fellow of rhe Vir gini a De n tal Associa tio n: lnrern ar ional W ho 's Who of Enrre pre­ nc u rs, Fellow of the Acad em y o f Ge ner al Dcn ristry : Fellow of the A me rican C ollege of D e n tists: ADA Gol de n Appl e Awa rd , N ew De n tist Lead ers h ip in V ir­ gin ia; Fellow of the ln re rnar io nal C o llege o f D ent lsrs: Who's Who of Den risrry ; Pierr e Fauchard Acad em y, Lead ership Activities: ADA a nd VDA: Presid e nr of Virginia D ental Assoc iario n: Cha irm an of th e VDA Futures Task Force; VDA Vice C hairman of Executiv e Co unci l; An n ual Mee ring C o- Chairm a n ( 1999-20 00) ; ADA Local Anangemenrs Cornrni rree Wa sh ing ton , D C: Cha irma n of th e ADAIVDA Membe rsh ip Field Service Co m mi rree; ADA Alte r­ nat e D elegat e (J 995-20 0 2); C hairman o f the VDA M em bership C o m mi tt ee, Youn g Dentist C om mittee . Com po ne nr Society: Presid ent (J 994 -95 ); President Elecr ( 1993- 1994); Sec reta ry (1991-93) ; C hairm a n of rhe Plan n ing Com mi tt ee, Exec u tive Secr e ta ry Search C ommi tt ee , You ng De nt ist Committee, M e m be rship Co m m itt ee . O th er Dental Soc iet ies: Presid ent , Vice Presid ent an d Co mpone nr Rep rese nrar ive of the Vir­ gi nia Acad e my of G e neral Denrisrry; C hai rma n of th e Acad em y of Ge ne ral De nti stry M embership Co un cil. Young Denrisr Task Fo rce, Legis lative Com mi t­ ree; Reg io n V AGD Treasure r and Parli am en ta ria n; AGO Delegare & Alrern a re D elegat e: AG O - Local Arra ngeme nr Co mm ittee; Parr-ri m e Fac ulty at MCV D en tal Scho ol ; Boa rd ofTrus rees a nd Tr easu rer for M C V Alumn i Associa tion. Community: Wi lliam sburg Commu nity Hospiral Denral Sraff; C o lo n ial Capitol Kiwan is C o m m u n ity Servic e Com m ittee Chairman ; Volu nreer D enrisr ry in jamai ca in co ord ina rio n with MCV De n tal School ; VDA Mi ssion of M erc y Projects & D o n ate d D ental Se rvice s Prog ra ms.

Gus C. Vlahos, D.D.S. [ am seeking rhe pos irion of ADA d elega re, rhi s po sirio n will allow me to parricipar e in rhe po licy d ec isio ns of rhe ADA wh ich d irectly im pacts o ur members. I ha ve se rved as a ADA Al re rna re D elega re fo r fou r yea rs a nd rh is has prepar ed m e to se rve o n rhe ne xr ADA level. I ha ve se rved o rga nize d D eM isrr y fo r Sixt een years in m an y di fferen r areas

14 Virginia Dental Journal

and posirions, I ha ve alwa ys prepared my self for the task ar ha nd .

I am cu rrenr ly a member of rhe AD pAC Boa rd a nd will serve in th is posirion rhrou gh th e yea r 20 07 . As a ADA Delega re, I c an work to pu r inro po licy rh e ac rio ns rhar rhe ADA cou ncils a nd Board s ptopose. By being o n a ADA Bo ard ir helps me ro underst and what is need ed ro fun ction as a ADA delegate . I have work d ilige n tly in th e past and I will co n ti n ue ro work effecrively in a pro fessional m a n ne r for o rga n ized D enr isrry. Th erefo re, please allow me rhe opportun ity ro continue t h is pro fessiona l d u ty as a ADA D elega re, G us C. Vlahos H o me Add ress: 4 550 Peak C reak Rd . Pulask i. V A 2430 1 (540) 674 -584 5 Office Address: 57 09 Lee Hi ghway P.O. Box 13 79 Dubli n, VA 24084 (5 40) 6 74 -4396 Education: Vi rgin ia Polyt echnic Insr itur c, B.S. C hem istry 19 76 , Me dical C o llege of Virg in ia, Sc hool o f D enr isrr y, D .D.S., 19 8 1 Professional Affiliations: A meri can Denta l As­ sociarion, Virgi nia De nta l Associ a rio n, So uthwes t Virginia Dental Soc iety, So ut heaste rn Aca de my o f Pros rhod o nri cs, Pie rre Fauch ard Academy, New Rive r Valley Study C lub, Int ernation al College of Denrisr ry,American Col lege of De ntist ry Professional Activities: Vice-President of th e South­ west Vi rgin ia D e ntal Society 19 8 9 , Presid enr- Elecr of rhe Southwes t Vi rgin ia Denral Society 1990 , Presi­ d en t of th e So u thwest V irginia D ental Socicry 1991 & 19 9 5 , Delegate from Sourhwcs r Virginia D em al Soci ety 10 the Vi rgin ia, D ental Associarion H ou se of Delega res 19 87-1 99 3 , C ha irma n of rhe Presidential Address a nd Refe ren ce Comm ittee of th e Vi rgin ia Den tal Assoc iation 19 91 , M em be r o f th e Young D entist Co m mittee 19 91 -19 9 3 , M e mb er of the VD A N ominating Co rn rnirtee 19 91 & 1992 , M embe r o f rhe VDA Search Com m ittee for Virgini a Boa rd o f Denrisrr y C ornmirrec 1992 & 19 96 , M ember of the V DA A D H O C Com m ittee o n Co m po ne m Borde rs 1995 . M ember o f rhe Annual M eering Co mmi rtee 19 94 -19 96 , M e mber of th e Virgi n ia De nra l Associa­ rion Execu tive Council 19 93 -1999 , 2000- 2002, Vice-Chairma n Execu­ rive Cou ncil V irgin ia De n tal Associ ation 199 8 ­ 199 9 ,M embe r o f Exec u tive Co rnmi rrec V irg inia D en­ ta l Associa tio n 1998-1 9 99 , ADA Alre rna re D elegate 19 9 7 , 19 98 ,2003 &2004 , Liaison fro m rhe Vi rginia D en ral Association to rhe Vi rgin ia D enr aJ Assisri ng Associar ion 19 94 -1 9 9 5 , Advi so ry Comm ittee Mem ­ ber ar Wyrheville Com mun ity C o llege De nral Assist­ ing Program 19 9 1, Member o fVADpAC C o mmirtee 1996-p resenr, C hair m a n o fVADPAC Commi rtee 2002,2003 &200 4, C hairman VDA T ask For ce o n st udy of Medicaid , M embel VDA C o nst itu rion a nd By L,WTask Forc e 20 03 , Membe r VDA M ember­ sh ip Task Fo rce 2 0 03, D esig na red Alrerna re to ADA G rass roo ts C o nfe rence, ADA Six ree n rh D isttic r AD pAC Bro ad M ember. Honors: Fellow of rhe Vi rgin ia DeMal Associ a­ rion 1992, Fel low of rhe Inre rn arion al C o llege of Denristry 2002, Fellow of rhe Am e rican C o llege of D enr istr y 20 03

Civic and Church Affiliations: M ember of Hol y T rin ity Greek O rthodo x Ch u rch, Ro an o ke, Vi rg inia , D ub lin Recr eatio n Baske tball Coach , Bud ger Com ­ rnitr ee Pul aski Cou n ty Chamber of Co mme rce, Pu laski Cou n ty Business Ta x Advi so ry C ommi ttee

Edward ] , Weisberg, D.D.S. As a D elega te ro rhe ADA 1 h o pe ro use my budgerary exper ien ce to help scru tinize th e ADA Bud ger Proposa ls a nd en su re th at Our d ues d o lla rs a re spe n t in t he best po ssib le ma n ncr an d rhar a ny d ues inc reases a re just ified . I have be en an A ltern ate Delega re a nd u nd e rsta nd h ow th e AD A H ou se wo rks to vo ice th e d esires o f rhe me mber­ sh ip . I hav e bee n ac tive in my suPP Ort o f O rgani zed Dc nri srr y a nd ask for you r su p po rt to elec t m e as a D elegat e. Th e H o use of D elega tes o f Th e American Dental As­ socia rio n ado pts rhe bu dget a nd d evelo ps the polici es an d p rogra ms of ou r Associat ion . As a m ember of rhe VDA a nd rhe 16rh di srri c r d elegat io ns, I ha ve been acri ve in rhe del ega rio n and I a m seek ing ro continu e thi s rim e in rhe po sit ion o f Del egat e to th e ADA. I am co mm itte d ro a broad er invo lve men t base w h ich wi ll enha nce my co mmirmenr to th e VDA and se rvi ng m y coll eagues, irs m em be rs. I will he o pen m in de d and 1isren to an y m ember wh o has an opinion and wilt fo rmu late a po siti o n whi c h will best be nefit Our Vi rgi n ia m em be rs nor just the need s of o nly a few. Ed ward J. Weisb erg, D .D .S. 80 1 W. Litt le C ree k Ro ad , Su ite 103 No rfo lk, Vi rgi n ia 2 3505 (75 7) 4 40 -004 4

Com ponent 1 Education : College of W illiam and M ary- B.S. Bio logy 1969, V irgi ni a C om m o nw ealth University­ M edi cal C o llege o f Virgin ia-D. D.S . 19 7 3

Memberships: ADA;V DA ;Tidewa rer D ental As­ soci arion 1973-p rese nr ;DePa u l H ospit al Staff 19 7 3­ p rese n t.Alph a Omega. Honors: Fellow -V D A 199 3 ; Inr erna rio nal College of Dent ists 19 9 5, Pie rre Fau chard Acad e m y 19 98 , A m eric a n College o f Dentists, 19 9 9 . Leade rsh ip Acri viries: ADA an d V DA : AD A Alternate Dele gare 19 9 9 -, Secrerary /Treasu re r 2000- presen r, Execurive Cou ncil 1994 -2 0 00 , Bud ger an d Fina ncial Affairs Com mir­ ree 1991 -94 (C h ai rm a n 19 92 -9 4) , Audio-V isual C h airman Annual M eering 198 3 ,1994 , member Ad Ho c C o m m irtee o n X- Ra y Regul a rions Co m po ne nr So cie ty: Presiden r 1992-9 3 , Treasu rer 199 0 -92, Bud ge r C o m m irtee 19 90 -96 (C hai rman 19 90 -94) , E xecur ive C om m irree 1983-p resenr, Pa tient Rela rion s Commi rree 1980-8 4 (C ha irm an 19 8 2-84 ), Cha irm a n Me m bers h ip Co mmi ttee 197 9 . D elegare ro Annual M eeri ng 198 4 -1994, Alrern are D elega re 19 80 -83

M ember Tid ewater Dental Associ ario n Fou ndarion (Do ro thy Ferri s Foundat ion ) 198 4-8 8 Presid ent 19 87 -88 . Co m m u n ity: Red C ross-T D A Park Place Free D ental C linic Stee ring Com mi rree, Alpha Omega Tidewater Vir ginia Alu m n i C ha p te r, President V ice- Preside nt, T reasu re r, Secre tary. D e Pa u l H o spital D epartment o f D en tistr y, D epartmental C ha irma n , Secretar y, Associate Cha irm an , , Old D om inion U n ive rsity, D ean's Advi so ry Board to the Sc hool o f D e nt a l H ygie ne. Wa rds Cor ner O p tim ist Club, Boa rd of Directors, President, Vice Preside n t. N orfol k Ch amber Conso r r Boa rd o f Directo rs, Fou nd in g Boa rd M ember, T reasu re r, Presid ent. Young Aud ien ces of V irg in ia. Board of D irecto rs. Tem p le Isr ael Synagog ue, Bo ard o f Di recto rs, V ice Presid e n t.

Candidates For ADA Alternate Delegate 6 Positions Available Alonzo Bell, D.D .S. Duri ng my d ental caree r, I have se rved in many lead ership posirion s a t both rh e s ta re and loc al leve ls of o rga n ized den­ risrry as we ll as wi th rhe S ta re Bo ard O f D en risrry, I curre ntly se rve as rhc p residen t o f co m po n" n t 8, rhe largesr a nd rnosr di verse co mpone nt of the V irg in ia De n ta l As­ soc iari o n . I a m co n fid e n r rhar w ith rhi s expe rie nce I a m well pr epa red ro se rve in rh e Virginia D ental Associ at ion' s AD A del egati o n. I feel ce r ta in rhar I ca n be a valu abl e asse t to our d elegation . I ask rhar yo u gi ve m e your vo re for the pos iti on of ADA a lre rna re d elegare. Th ank yo u. Alo nzo M. Bell , D.D .S. 17 5 5-B D uk e Stree t Ale xandria, VA 2 23J 4 (703) 836-3384 Education: U n ive rsity of Ma ry land . BS; N orthwest ­

ern U nive rsity D enral School, D D S.

Mem bers hips: ADA; VDA ; N or th ern Virgini a

D enral Soc iery; Acad emy of G eneral D e n ris rry,

N atio nal D en tal As soci a rio n; O ld D omin ion Dental

Society ; Am erican Assoc iati on o f D e nr al Exa m ine rs;

SOUthe rn Regional Testing Ag en cy.

H onors: Fellow of rh e V irginia D e nt al Assoc iatio n:

Fellow of Pierr e Fauc ha rd Aca de my : V DA Golde n

Apple Award win ner ; Mem be r an d o ffice r o f rhe

Vir g ini a Bo ard o f De n tistry.

Lead e rs hi p Activities: ADA: Spe a ke r a t the A D A

Confe ren ce fo r rh e Yo u ng De nt ist. VDA: D elegat e

to V D A Annual Meeri ng 1988 - p resen t: c haired

c rede n tials co rnmi rrce VDA An nual M eet in g;

c ha ired refer e nc e comrn irrec V D A Annual M eer ing .

C om po ne n t So ciety : Presiden t, Progr ams Ch air; Pee r

Review C ha ir; Yo ung D e nti st Co m mi ttee C hai r,

Re lief C o m m itt ee C hai r.

Com m u ni ty: Presid ent of D isciplesh ip G ro u p,

Alfr ed Srr ee r Bap tist C hurch.

Mark A. Crabtree, D.D.S. Trad irlonally and co nsistent w ith past p racti ces o f th e Assoc ia­ rion rh c Presidcn r-Eicc r h as serve d as a m em be r of rh e ADA D elegati on . To be effec rive an d o n rh e for efro nt o f issues f.1cing o u r professio n. ir is im po rra nr rhar the President of rhe V irg in ia De nra l Associat ion be a rep rescn ra rive o n th e AD A D ele gati o n . Please refere nce my co lumn fo r rhe office o f Presid enr- elecr for a m o re in dep th review o f m y rh ough ts. I pledge to d o my best to positi vely rep resent th e V DA's positi on o n the ADA D elega tio n . Th ank you fo r you r consideration. P LEAS E S E E PAGE 12 FOR CV STATEMENT M a rk A. C ra b tree, D .D.S. 4 0 7 Sra rling Avenue M art in sville, VA 24 112 (276) 6 3 2-9266 ma t k@m arkc ta brr Com pone n t 5

Ralph L Howell, j-, DDS Ha ving ser ved rh c VDA as member of rhe Exec u tive C ouncil a nd now as the Sp eaker o f rh e H ou se. it has been my honor to se rve th e Associatio n over the past yea rs. Th e VDA has made m an y posit ive changes a nd ha s b ecome a n o rgan iza tion o f whi ch we a ll ca n be pr o ud , W e have man y excit ing p ro gram s and p ro jec ts that hav e ga ine d n ational at ten tio n. I would like to fu rth er my se rvice to the Associatio n by se rv ing on th e ADA D elegati on as an Aherna re Del egate. I fed qu a lified to rep resent yo u in this ca pac ity wi th the exp erie nce I have ga ined and a b road kn ow led ge uf th e issu es th at each of us face. De n risrry is a wo nde rfu l profession th at we must co nri n ue to p ro tec r. Th e besr way to do this is by increasing ou r me mbe rship a nd OUt soli d a rity. U n ited we ca n pr eserv e rh e way we prac tice and co n rin ue to p rovid e th e ve ry best o ral hea lth ca re to ou r p atien ts. W ith yo u r he lp. I will continue to do my best to serve the Associa tion as a n ADA Al te r na te Del egat e. Th a n k yo u for yo u r su p po rt. Ra lp h L H owell , j r., D D S

Ral p h L H owell . Jr., D D S 102 Wes tern Aven ue Su fro lk, VA 234 34 (75 7) 539-7695

Co mponent: 1 Ed ucatio n: College of W illiam & M a ry, BS in C he m istry. 19 8 2 . M ed iC<11 College o f V irgi nia ,

D DS c u m laude, 1989 . Mem bers hip: AD A, VDA, T ide wa te r D ental Associar ion: Acad em y o f G ene ral D e n tist ry: O b ici H ospital Medical Sta ff Hon ors: A 0 W illia ms Sc ho larsh ip recip ient, O m ic ron Kappa Upsilo n , Fellow-Acad e my o f G eneral D en risrry, Fellow -Virgini a De nral Assoc ia tio n, Pie rre Faucha rd Acad e m y, Fellow-c--lnr crnari o nal C o llege of D ent ists Lead ersh ip Ac tiv ities: VDA House of D elega tes 1989 -Date , Re ference C o m m it­ tee o n Bud get a nd Fiscal Affai rs 199 1, C ha irman of VDA Co ntinui ng Ed uca tion C o mm ittee 199 6 -19 9 8 . Ann u al M eetin g Lo ca l Ar ran gem ents C o mmit tee Cha irma n 19 9 8 . Presid enr VDA Foundat ion 1996­ 1999 . 2000-Dat e. C red en tial's Co rnmi rrce Ch ai rman 19 96 ,19 97, TDA Prog ram C o m m it tee C ha irm a n 1995- 1997, TDA Execu tive C o m m irree I992-D are, Preside n t o f th e D oro rh y Fe rris Fou nd ati on of the TDA 199 J- I 99 3 , Por tsm o ut h-S u ffo lk Study Cl u b Presid ent 1994- 199 5 , Pre sid en t of rhe Ti d ewat er De n tal A ssoci ar ion 20 00-200 I. V irgi nia De n ta l Associ ation Executive Cou nc ilo r-a t- large 200 1-2 003 . V irg in ia De nra l Asso ciation Speak e r of th e H o use 20 03 -2 004 . C o m m u n ity: Preside n t of rhe Nansem o nd -Suffol k Acad emy Alum n i Asso ciat io n 1997- 20 0 1; Na nsemon d-Su ffolk Acad em y Bo ard o f Trus tees 199 7-2 001; E xecu tive Co m mi tree of O b iei Hosp ital 1994-1 996: D istrict C ha irma n of rhe Co lo nia l T ra il D ist rict Boy Sco u ts of Am erica 1994 -2 0 0 I; C o lon ial Virgin ia Cou nc il, BSA Exe cu tive Bo a rd 19 94- 2 003 ; Silver Beave r Rec ipi ­ enr- BSA ; Suffo lk Rota ry Cl ub 1990- Dare; Bo ard o f Di rect or s 199 7 -2 0 00 ; Presiden t -Suffo lk Ro tar y C lu b 20 03; Oa kla n d Chrisr ian Chu rch Bo a rd of D eaco n s 199 0 - 1996, 19 99-Da te; C ha irm an Board o f Ch rist ian Ed uc a tio n 19 90 - J 997 .

Kirk M. Norbo, D.M.D. Rep resen tin g th e d en risrs of Virgin ia at th e A D A is a n important a nd eve r cha ngi ng positio n . Our p ro fessio n h as ch a nge d drama tically in rece n t yea rs with adva nce­ m e nts in technology. Nor o n ly a re the p hy sical d enta l proced ure s diffe renr. b ur rhe co ns ta n t c ha nges in third pa rty paye rs and government age nc ies rh rea ren th e way we p rac tice denrisrr y. I curre ntl y se rve seve ra l or gani zat ion s w ithin the stare namel y: th e VD A. N VDS, VAG D a nd M CV D ental Sch ool. Involv em ent w it h t hese grou ps has allowed m e to m onitor th e "p u lse" o f d entists w ith i n the stare. Th is has give n m e g rea te r in sigh t in to rh e need s of my fellow co lleag ues. It wo u ld be a pri vilege to co n rin ue se rving you as an AD A Alt ern a tive D elegate . Kirk M . No rbo , D.M .D . P O . Box 3 00 Pur cellv ille, VA 20 134 (540) 338 -7325 C o mpo n ent: 8 Ed ucatio n : U ni ve rsity o f Ric hmond , B.S., 1979;

O ral Ro berts Un iversity. D .M .D .. 19 83 ; Pro viden ce

Hosp ital, W ash in gto n , DC, GP R, 19 83-1 98 4 .

Mem bers hi p: ADA, V D A, N VDA, AGD, Ame rican

Co llege of D entists, ln rern ari o nal Co llege o f De n­

tists , Pierre Fau chard Acad e my. Honors: 1991 A DA

Virginia Dental Journal


Award. Outstanding Young Dentist Leader; AGD Mastership: Fellow o f th e VDA. Leadership Activities: ADA and VDA: ADA Alter ­ nate Del egate, 199 3-1994 ; V DA Ad ho c Com mittee for Man aged Care, 199 3-1 996 ; VDA Ch airm an of Dental C are Pro blems; VDA Annual Meeting Local Ar rangemen ts Ch airm an , 200 I ; VDA Ann ual Meeting C ommittee, 200 1-present ; NVDS Patient Relati on s Co m m ittee, 2003-p resen t. Component Society: NVDS Executi ve Co mmit tee Member \ 985­ 19 86; C hai rma n of Careers and Ex plorers, 1986­ 1987; C hairma n of C h ild ren's Dental H ealth M onth , 1988 -1 99 2; Repre sentative for Dental C are Progr am s, 1994 -1 995 , Program C hair; NVDS President , 1997­ 1998; NVDS Del egate, 1988-present; Annual Meet ­ ing Comm itt ee, 2002-present; C hai rman Vir gin ia Section Pierre Fauchard Academy, 2003 -p resen t. Community: Upper Loudo n Little League Baseball , Coach; Deacon (past) , St. Andrew Presbyterian Church; Upper Loudon Youth Football League , C oach.

poinred by G overn or Ge orge Allen, Rad iaron Advi­ sory Boar d ; Fellow, Acad emy o f G eneral D entistry. Leadership: ADA Alrernare D elegate ; VDA 2004 Lo cal Arrangement C ommittee, Chairm an; VDA D ental Practic e Regul ations, Chairman ; VDA H ygiene Taskforc e; Futures Init iat ive, Visionary Lead ership. Gr oup Leader; VDA Referen ce C o m­ rnirree, Fiscal Affairs; VDA Budget and Fin anci al Affairs C omm itte e, Vice C hairman; VDA Legisla­ tive Co m m irree, VDA VAD PAC; VDA, D elegat e, H ou se of Del egat es, sin ce 199 4 : SVDA Presi­ dent; AGO Region V Regiona l Direct or, VAGD President(AGD Co nsrirucn r of th e Year Award ). Community: O range Co unty Schoo l Board; O rang e Cou nty Library Board , Ch airm an; MOM Proje ctfwise, 200 1,2002,2003) ; G erma nna C om­ mun ity College, C ulpe per Advan ced Techn ology Initi ative; Orang e Presbyteria n Church : Eld er, \2 years Sun day Scho ol Teach er; O range Rotary Cl ub : Fund Raisin g Czar, President, Paul H arris Fellow, Rotarian o f th e Year ; O range Co unty C hap te r, America n C ancer Association.

Elizabeth Reynolds, D.D.S The Virgin ia D ental


of th e whole.

I have develop ed a specific allegianc e to the yo u nger m em bers and future members of ou r organization . 1 trul y feel th at th ese are th e peopl e in w ho m o ur future lies. I have been lO ADA spo nso red event s on diversity an d membership, and [ feel th at th e secret ro increas ing o ur membership a nd Our diversity lies in earl y introduction lO o rganized dentist ry. By welcoming th ese young peopl e into th e o rgan iza­ tion so op enly, ] feel we are actively recruiting and secut ing the future of o u r soc iety. [have been a part o f thi s inclu sion by working with the VDA and th e VCU/MCV Sch oo l of Dentistry lO coo rd ina te even ing education pro grams, stud ent tours of offices, srude nr participa tion in national dental meetin gs such as th e Conferen ce on the N ew D enti sts, and a menroring program which , has been well received by both stu de nts and den tists . Whether the issu e is go vernance, licen su re, ama lgam, access to care, M edica id reimbursement, or tort reform, O U f offices, o ur lives, and our patient s a re sign ifican tly imp acted by t he decisions of th e ADA . r feel that th e future of dentist ry depends on the streng th of Our voice thro ugh the ADA . It is wit h this in mind t hat I ask for yo ur suppo rt for the po si­ tion of ADA Alt erna te Del egare. Elizabeth C. Reynold s, DDS 69 0 1 Patt erson Avenue Richmond , VA 23 226 (804) 28 8-5 324

ecrd r@ao

Co m po ne nt 4

16 Virginia Dental Journal

My involv eme nt wi th the VDA's Future's Task Force

and th e en suin g ch anging culture we have seen in

our st ate has been very exciti ng. W ith Dr. Bram son

as the AD A's Executive Director, I am equally excited

for o ur nati onal associati on and o ur professi on. It

is clear t hat he is pu rsu ing a new cul ture -- o ne that

will bring more value, enth usiasm and relevance

for th e ADA in th e future. I know th at chang e in

an or ganizatio n th e size o f the ADA will be a chal ­

lenging task. 1 am com milled to seei ng app ropri­ ate ch ange to meet o ur future need s. I seek you r

suPPOrt so that ] can continue to effectively repr esent

and implement wh at I've learn ed for th e betterment

of our profess ion.

Education: Florida Sta re University, Religion/Philos­

ophy, BA; Med ical C olle ge of Virgin ia, [984 , DDS.

Membership: SVD A, VDA , ADA , AGO , C harlo t­

tesville-Albem arle Dental Soc iety

H onors: Fello w, Int ern ational Co llege of D entist;

Fellow, American College of D entist; Fellow , Pierre

Fauch ard Acade my, Who's Who in D enti st ry; Ap­

A Elected Leadership Position Election Voting ill Take Placed From i1:30 am - 9:00 am In the Hallway Outside The nual Meeting Room On unday, September 12, 200 at the Norfolk Waterside arriott.

V irginia De n t a l Health Foundation presents:

M.O.M. - Mission of Mercy

M.O.M. Project XIII - Wise County Fairgrounds "It's about making a difference."


General Information

Nam e




City _ _ _ __ __ _ _ State_ _ Zip

Address Fax





Dentist: Specialty


Dental Hygienist

License #



Dental Hygienist

License #



Dental Assistant


o Dental

o Dental Assistant


o Other:

License #


Indicate when vou want to work: o Friday, July 23 rd (7am-5pm)

0 Saturday, July 241h (7am-5pm)



_ _

:::: Sunday, July 25 111 (7am-12noon)

# attending dinner

Volunteers are invited for dinner and orientation on Thursday, July 22"d.


Dental Volunteers Only J prefer to do:

o Extractions o Ste rilization

0 Fillings o Triage

o o

Adults Only Special Supervisory Assistant (no license required)

Further information wi ll be mailed to you on July 15th. The dress is casual (scrubs, jeans, etc.) at all times.

Dentist and den tal auxiliaries may regis ter on line at:

www.vadental.or g

Hotel Infor mation Those from out of town needing hotel rooms may ca ll: Best Western (276) 328-3500 (Each hote l has some rooms reserved for your convenience. Ho liday Inn (276) 679-7000 Ask for VDA rates .) Super 8 (276) 679-0893 Complete instructions and maps will be mailed to you on July 15 thâ&#x20AC;˘

Contact Infor mation Barbara Rollins

(804)26 1-1610

Registr ation Deadline: July Mail or fax app lication form to:

is", 2004 Virginia Dental Association 7525 Staples Mill Road Richmond, VA 23228 Fax to: (804) 26 1-1660

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Virginia Dental Association

Mission Of Merc y

7525 Staples Mill Road

Richmond. VA 23228

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when high-level technical skills and experience are required,

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Virginia Dental Journal


Top Ten Most Asked Questions Received at the VDA Central Office: Part 1

Answers Provided By: Bonnie Anderson

1. How long should records be kept? Board of Dentistry Regulation 18 VAC 69 -20-15 states: "A dentist shall maintain patient records for not less than th ree years from the most recent date of service for purposes of review by the board to include the fol­ lowing: • Pati ent's name and date of treatment • Updated health history • Diagnosis and treatment rendered • List of drugs prescribed, administered, dispensed and the quantity • Radiographs • Patient financial records • Name of dentist and dental hygienist providing service • Laboratory work orders which meet the requirements

of§ 54.1-2719 of the Code of


Your malpractice carrier should also be contacted to be sure you are in compliance with their requirements.

2. How should records be destroyed? To be in compliance with HIPPA they must be shred­ ded . If thi s is not pos sible the following should be done (includes x-rays): • Erase the pe rsonal information contained in the record before discarding • Modify the patient's record to make person­ al information unreadable before discarding

3. Can copies of records be withheld if there is an unpaid balance? Advisory opinion Section 1.B.1 in the ADA Principles

18 Virginia Dental Journal

of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct states ''A dentist has the ethical obligation on request of eith er the patient or the patient's new dentist to furnish, either gratuitously or for nominal cost, such dental records or copies or summaries of them, including dental X-rays or copies of them, as will be beneficial for the future tre atment of that patient. This obliga­ tion exists whether o r not the patient's account is paid in fulL"

4. What can be charged to cover the cost of copy­ ing records? Code of Virginia §8.01­ 4 13 states that the pro­ vider ma y charge a reason­ able fee for copies and imposes restrictions on the amo un ts that can be charged. (§32.1- 27.1:03 does not make provisions for the provider to be compensated for the cost of making copies.) "Excep t for copies of x-rays and photographs, charges for copying of records shall not exceed fifty cents per page for up to fifty pages and twenty five cents a page thereafter for copies from paper or other hard copy generated from computerized or other electronic sto r­ age, or other photographic, mechanical, electronic, imaging or chemical storage process and one dollar per page for copies from microfilm or other micro­ graphic process, plus all postage and shipping costs and a search handling fee not to exceed ten dollars." Please feel free to copy and di stribute thi s information to the members of you r staff or collegues. For o ther more specific question s please call the Virgini a Board of Den­ ristr y at 1-800-533-1560 (inside Virginia). An swers to mo st qu estions can also be located on the Board of D entistry web site at:,

Cost Recovery For New Or Expanded Dental Offices

David S. Lionberger, Esquire - Christian & Barton LLC The current interest rate ma rket has dr iven to new heights the interest in purchasing and building your own dent al practice. In addition to fund amen tal considera tio ns to support an acquisitio n, suc h as the active patient levels, area demographics, cash flow and income pro d uc tion of a practice, an understanding of available tax dedu ctions for expe nditures incurred in th e acquisition will co ntribute to a better-informed decision o n whether to pur­ sue acqu iring and building on e's own o ffice. Under the recent Jobs and Growth Reconcili ­ atio n Tax Act of 2003, Section 179 of the Int ern al Revenu e Co de permits an electio n to immediately dedu ct co sts to acquire qualify­ ing pro per ty placed in service in 2003,2004, and 2005. The maximum annual expensing amo unt is $ 100,000 (increased fro m $25,000), but this maximum is redu ced dollar- fa r-dol­ lar (bu t not below zero) by th e amount of qu alifying property placed in serv ice during the year ove r $400 ,000 . T his mean s that up to $100,00 0 o f qualifying expen ses can be immed iately dedu cted . Q ualifying property includes pro perty otherwise depreciable under Co de Sect io n 168, as well as off-the-she lf computer software. In addi tion, after takin g th e 179 ex pe nse deductio n, taxpayers can elect to take an ad­ ditio nal first-year depreciation deduction o f up to 50% o f the remaining cost o f tlualifying property eligible for depreciation if its original use begin s after May 5, 2003, the property is acq uired between May 5, 2003 and D ecem­ ber 31, 2004, and th e property is placed in service be fore 2005 (before 2006 for certain p ro perty with longer p rodu ction period s). (O n the other hand, there is no bonu s first­ year depreciation applicable to the alterna tive minimum tax. A practice's AMT liability thus may be high er than its regular tax liabilit y when bonus first-year dep recia tion is elected, po tentially eliminating so me of the ben efit o f th e expa nded first-year depreciation. ) Ge ne rally bu siness office buildings are de­ preciated over a 39- year sp an, cannot qualify for imme diate expe nsing under Code Section 179, and cannot tlualify for bonus first-year de preciation (unless a qu alified leasehol d im­ provem ent). However, much o f the property in your o ffice is tangible perso nal pro perty depreciated over a five to seven year spa n, whi ch does qu alify for imm ed iate expensing under Co de Section 179 as well as b onus first-year depreciation . Furt her, the cos ts of this property also qualify for accelerate d

depreciation. Altho ugh dep enden t o n the facts o f each parti cular situation, this type of property can includ e electric al wiring and ca­ bling, certain carpeting, certain wall coveri ngs, certain cabinet ry, ro om partition s, cano pies, wind ow accessorie s, de corative (not func­ tional) light ing fixtures , and music syste ms, signs as well as stand-alone equip ment such as your x-ray,chair, computer, telephon e and similar equipment. To substantiate the cos ts o f tangible person al propert y eligible fo r this accelerated co st recovery, as opposed to the o ffice building itself, taxpayers need to co ntact a qu alified enginee r to co nduct and provide a cost seg­ regation study. In addition to feder al cost recover y ben efits, the location of the office may also givc rise to state and local tax bene fits. Sta te tax incentives for locating in an enterprise zo ne include a poten tial ten -year ge ner al incom e tax credi t up to 80°/., for year o ne and 60'Yo for years two through ten. Also availabl e is a real pro perty improvement tax credit equal to an amoun t of up to 30% of qu alified improvements, capped at $125,000 within a five-year period. 1\ bu siness can also negoti­ ate an investm ent tax credit not to exceed 5% o f qual ified im pr ovemen ts, however professional pr acti ces are not as likely to' qualify for this incentive. Certai n job gra nts may also be available for empl oymen t pos i­ tion s crea ted in amo unts equ al to $1,000 for posi tion s filled by residents o f the en terprise zo ne and $500 for any o the r pos itions, for each year of a three -year period. Localities also offer local tax incentives fo r locating an o ffice in an ente rprise zo nc. For instance, po ten tially available incentives can inclu de a period of exemptio n from propcrty taxes o n the increased pr operty value resulting fro m the con struction or expansion o f an office, sho rt- ter m an d lon g-term loan financin g op tions, potential grants for machinery and too ls, emp loyment , and relocation, assistance with development and per mits and waiver o f certain fees associated with per mits for the co ns truct ing o r expanding the o ffice.

REMINDER - CHARITABLE DEDUC­ TIONS FOR VOLUNTEER ACTIVI­ TIES Many den tists volunteer thro ugh the Virginia Health Ca re Foundation Donated D en tal Services (D DS) program o r th e V irginia D ental Association Mission of Mercy (MOM)

progr am . D enti sts should docum ent their volunteer efforts and keep receipts or other record s of expe nses they incur in providing volunteer services to suppo rt charitable de­ duc tions that are available to o ffset so me o f th e cos ts incur red. There is no deduc tion for the value o f ser­ vices rendered to or for the benefit of a chari­ tab le organizatio n. Howev er, out-o f-poc ket expe nses incurred in providing ch ari tabl e serv ices are deductible. The expe nse mu st be reas o nab le and rel ated entire ly to th e char itable activi ty. Such expenses can includ e payroll for staff, and expenses incur red to travel away fro m hom e overn ight in co nnec­ tion with the vo luntee r wo rk, such as gas, air travel, bu s or taxi fares, hotel and mea ls. If you drive your ow n car, you may deduct actual out-of-pock et expe nses such as gas, oil and other con surnabl cs used, or ¢14 p CI' mile driven for charitable pu rp oses, but not both. Parking fees, tolls paid in co nn ection with the use o f you r car for char itab le purpo ses are also dedu ctible. Exp enses incurred on the trip for personal side trip s will not be dedu ctible. You sho uld retain a reco rd of the expense paid in co nnectio n with volunteer­ ing, such as a receipt , invoice or bill, and make a co ntemporaneo us written record of th e time , place, amount and charitable pur pos e o f the ex pense. Any expense incurred o r co nt rib ution o f $250 or mor e mu st be s ubsta nt iated by a cont em po raneo us written ackn owledgmen t from the don ee o rganizatio n. Your cancelled check will not satisfy this requirement. Sepa­ rate expe nses incur red or separate con tribu ­ tion s are ge nerally not agg regated and arc ge nerally treated separately. \X/h ere you pay the expen se directly, you sho uld substant iate th e expense by (i) keeping ade quat e records to substa ntiate the amo unt of the expen se; (ii) ob taining a sta teme nt or lett er from the donee cha rity documen ting the charitab le services you p rovided (da tes, place, type), the need for related expenses that you paid, and wh eth er the charity provided any quid pro <.juo goods o r serv ices in return for your se rv ices; and (iii) a desc ription and good faith est ima te o f the value o f the quid pro LillO goods 0 1' se rvices, if any, pro vided by the donee o rganizatio n. For example, if th e volun teer provides char itable services away fro m ho m e, th e letter co uld ex plain why the volunteer had to be away from home to provide such charitable serv ices. 667524

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2004 "Give Kids a Smile!" Access to Dental Care Initiative

ADA-Aetna settlement

By: Dr. Samuel W. Galstan, D.D.S., M.A.G.D.

An example of 2003 ADA President Dr. How ard Jones' success with the reimburse­ ment phase of dental insuran ce is evident in an email sent to ADA members in October:

WOW! Our second year of the "G ive Kids a Smile!" access to dental care ini ­ tiative ha s just ended, and it has been an unbelievable experience. To see how far this program has come in such a short time is truly complimentary of the compassion and dedication to chil­ dren that organized dentistry shows. When we were first asked to co-chair this program, we were a bit apprehen­ sive, because it was new and had never been done before. There was no cook­ book or manual for this project, and we were uncertain as what the goals and objectives of this project were . .fu, we enter our third year, we realize that we have learned a great deal from our first twO years, but we continue to try and discover where we are going, and what we hope to accomplish. Sure, in the beginning we had our M .O.M.



" .: '1 f




~Il .

(L-R ) Ms . Renn y B. Humphrey, Ms. JoAnn Wells, and Dr. Sam Gulston at the Chesterfield County Bo ard of Supervisors meeting on Febru­ ary J 1,2004 durin g the recognition of "Children 's Dental Health Month. "

projects, and the St. Louis project that "Give Kids a Smile!" was patterned af­ ter, however, it seems to me that every area has approached this project with different perspective as to their unique circumstances, forming partnerships and alliances, and most importantly exhibiting flexibility and good judge­ ment as to what will work in their individual areas. What works in the suburbs with a large mall, or a den­

20 Virginia Dental Journal

tal clinic might nor work in a small town, erc., Members have constantly impressed me with their flexibility and clever ideas. We are still finding our way with this project, however, some key points are essential to mention: 1). We need for the public to be aware that there is an access to dental care crisis in this country, and 2). That organized den­ tistry is trying to do something about this crisis and 3). In order to effect changes in this arena, it is important that the general public and decision makers in particular are aware that there is a problem, and that den­ tistry is trying to do something about it, and 4). We need find out what works best for your local area, so that volunteers can easily and seamlessly participate and volunteer, without being overwhelmed, and 5). We need to learn from what we have done so far, and build on this to make future even rs even better. So , thank all of you who have partici­ pated this far, especially our volun­ teers and suppliers who donated so much, and to the ones of you who haven't helped so far, maybe you can help us in the future. Remember, as individuals our efforts might seem small and insignificant, but together we can affect major change. Thank you for allowing us to help with this project. Sincerely,

Samuel W Calsran, D.D.S. C. Sharone Ward, D.D.S. Co-State Chairs, Virginia's "Give Kids a Smile!" Access to Care Initiative

From ADA Reports

Subject: Aetna Update From: Peter M. Sfikas, chief legal coun­ sel, and Brent D. Hanfling, senior staff attorney

The ADA is extremely pleased about the settlement it reached with Aetna, two years after filing suit against the insurer for engaging in abusive billing and reimburse­ ment practices against dentists. Under the terms of the settlement agreement, Aetna has agreed to remedy these practices in a manner unp aralleled in the insurance industry. Just a few of the changes Aetna has agreed to undertake include : • Aetna will provide a fee schedule, on written request, to a dentist who has a valid contract with Aetna. • Upon receiving a written appeal by a dentist of a reduction in requested payment based on Aetna's determina­ tion that the requested payment exceeds UCR , Aetna will undertake a case-by-case review of the appealed case. This review will consider, among other things, the complexity of the applicable procedure and the provider's geographic location. In conjunction with the appeal, Aetna will identify any external database used in making the UCR determination and will provide the dentist a summary of factors known by Aetna to have been used to develop that database. • In any EOB sent to an individual who is enrolled in or covered by a plan offered or administered by Aetna that includes a UCR determination, Aetna will pro­ vide the following statement: "Your plan provides benefits for covered services at the prevailing charge level, as determined by Aetna pursuant to the terms of your contract. Aetna's determination of the pre­ vailing charge does not suggest that your provider's fee is not reasonable or proper." Dr. Charlie Cuttino was appointed

by Dr. Eugene Sekiguchi (2004 ADA!

President to serve on this committee.

Direct Reimbursement: Five Easy Ways to Become More Involved Elise \,(,'oodLing. Director of Marketing & Program.

Direct Reimbursement - What your staff needs to know It is important that all VDA members promote the Direct Reimbursement dental benefits plan, but it is also essential that you educate your staff about DR. On a daily basis, members of your staff interact with patients and have conversations about insurance coverage and billing. Below are 3 simple facts that you should share with your staff about DR: • All offices accept DR plans, Direct Reimburse­ ment is not a type of insurance, but rather a dental benefit. When a patient says they have a DR plan and ask if you accept it at the office, the answer is yes, they are simply a customer who arranges for payment at the time of service. DR is a simple and cost effective plan that allows • employees to use the dentist of their choice without the hassles of insurance claims, procedure exclusions and other red tape. If you have any patients that are business own­ • ers, human resource professionals or executives, tell them about Direct Reimbursement. Call the lead into the VDA and we will be happy to send them more information about the Direct Reimbursement program. For more information or to request an informational CD­ ROM for your office, please contact Elise Woodling at the VDA at 800.552.3886.

1. Find out more about Direct Reimbursement. Visit the VDA website at, the ADA website at, or caU the VDA at 800.552.3886. 2. Talk to your staff about the DR program. Educate your staff about DR and the benefits of this alternative dental benefits plan. 3. Talk to your patients about Direct Reimburse­ ment. Open up dialog with your patients about the benefits of using DR. Encourage your staff to do the same and you can potentially reach out to a number of business owners, executives, and benefits decision makers. 4. Call in a lead to the VDA. If you know some­ one who may be interested in using Direct Reim­ bursement at their company, call Elise at the VDA to have an informational packet sent out.

5. Commit to making DR a success! All mem­ bers of the VDA can help make DR a successful program by becoming more involved and pro­ moting Direct Reimbursement across the state.

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Practice values are at an

all time high...

Now is the time to sell your practice

and use it to fund your pension plan.

• Continue to practice after sale

• Stop worrying about staff issues

• Maintain current income levels

• Stop worrying about equipment

• Maximize pension contribution without funding for staff

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• No more payroll deadlines

100 Arbor Oak Drive

Suite 303

Ashland , VA 23005

(804) 752-276 1

Jeff A. Thornberg

Gary T Hollen der

Kenneth E. Copeland, DOS

Gary R. Arbuckle, ODS

Brandon S. Hollender

Pro Bono Dental Volunteering - A Dangerously Fine Line Between Good and Evil By Dr. Darryl Pirok

What I believe is not as important in yo ur life as what yo u

believe. How mu ch money and p rope rty is enough for

yo u? Do yo u love yo ur profession ? D o you care about

yo ur fellow citizens? V irginia? Do yo u really love people or

something else? Do you know anyo ne two hundred years

old ? Will there someday be a "Judgment D ay?" To whom

do you owe yo ur existence? Did th e actions of a humble

carpenter 2000 years ago provide enlightenment to yo u?

Are you th e p roblem?

Are you: A fan of Dr. Phil and his introspective ap­ proach to your life?

A Dr. Robert Shuler's "M irror Person" co n­ cern ed about how good you look to others or a "Window Person" Are you:

who sees the suffering An advocate for reducing d ental needs through abortio n or

of others and tak es euthan asia?

personal responsibility An advocate of "feeding th e bears" to "help" them?

to help to make a better An advocate of Canadi an -European style "crad le to grave"

world ? D r. Pirok hard or wo rk ar a M.O .M. Project Enlighten ed about your government health care?

An advocate of our "C olo n ial Fathers" sin k or swim per­

long term "self interest" by wo rking in a ch aritable projecr? sonal survival life style of early Virginia?

Trying to be part of th e dental solution ; not the pr oblem ? Convinced unnecessar y money is being spent on healthcare C onvinced "giving" is "good business practice"? in general dentistry in particular?

An adventurer taking excit ing risks working with giving to Convinced you already do enough thro ugh taxes and careful people for a better Virginia? dental pra ctice?

Interested in d emonstrating your spiritual convictions Convinced that what yo u do does not matter?

(religious beliefs) ? Convinced th at yo u will not have "enough" and po ssibly go Recovering from a tragic life experience and want to give to others to help yo u feel better? bankrupt if you give?

C onvinced th at some of your neighbors need help in thi s Convinced th at you have had eno ugh of your profession

and its co nstrain ts and its members?

life? An advocate of programs that target essential health care Convinced you will look fooli sh?

Convinced you don't want to help?

need s? Convinced you don't know how to help ?

For public/privat e health care budget using priv ate/public Convinced yo u r help will be time co nsum ing, expensive,

partnerships like MOM to avoid additional public/private and difficult?

debt burden ? An advocate of dental proj ects that offer new hope through health care? Debt financing of social welfare and health care obliga­

A new ch anc e tow ard survival, ma ybe a more promising tions has reached approxim atel y $44 trillion. The Federal

Reserve Ch airman recently said the Social Welfare program s life? Working to develop available willing dental resources while threaten th e economic viability of our nation. More taxes

expecting the public to "earn" the rest? or less benefits will lead to econo m ic and social turmoil.

Without a good reason to help , but just maybe helping is At the same time the C D C reports 44 million less dental

th e right thing to do ? patients needing care since Roe vs. Wade. This has re­

duced the patient need and for 17,600 dentists and thei r

costly education . Bud get cuts have dra stically ch an ged our

My interest in pro bono dentistry began in childhood. onl y dental school, M C V. Student loan s have each cur­

While in element ary school our class enjoyed visits by rent graduate owing an average $ 140, 000. Rural areas of

missionary families returning and talking about far away Vir gini a offer less practice opportunity for dentists and less

places and the human need . As the school years went by care fo r the public. Some say 80% of our cit izens cannot

no interesting opportunities were evident to me. Dental manage their affairs based on the debt the y owe.

Continued 0 11 Page 3 /

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Tha . . , Pro


" M ;~ .\ ; OII .


of .\1('/'cy"

\ i l'.~i l1h l Dl'l1lal .b Son ' U lIIII





-"'""'足 -



kids a


ral Children's 1Access Day

Gratitude is not only the greatest ofvirtues, but the parent oj all the otbers. -Cicero Gary Johnson A. Catherine Lynn 2003-2004 Donated Dental Services Volunteers H Phillip Johnson Alan Mahanes Please take time to recognize those among US who open their hearts and offices to labor for the benefit of our fellow man. VOLUNTEER DENTISTS Jeryl Abbott Jeffrey Ackerman Anne Adams Randy Adams William Adams Tony Agapis MicheleAh Elizabeth Alcorn John Alexander Dandridge Allen Elizabeth Allenchey Lori Alperin Stephen Alvis Bradley Anderson Dave C. Anderson William Armour Kimberlyn Atherton Carl Atkins Mitchell Avent Charles Ayers William Bahington Jeff Bailey Stephen Bailey James Baker Howard Baranker Richard Barnes Velma Barnwell John Bass Richard Bates Gregory Bath Frank Beale Elizabeth Bernhard David Bertman Edward Besner Hood Biggers Eliot Bird Stephen Bissell Jeffrey Blair Carl Block Andrew Bluhm William Boland John Bonesteel Henry Botuck Michael Bowler Richard Boyle James Bradshaw John Bramwell Paul Brickman Gerald Brown David Buckis Mitchell Bukzin James Burden Corydon Butler Charles Cabaniss Joseph Califano Claude Camden, Jr. Rohert Candler John Canter

David Cantor .Jonathon Carlton Henry Cathey, .Ir, Dana Chamberlain Johnson Cheng Don Cherry Albert Citron Peter Coco lis, .Jr. Karen Cole Norman Coleman Robert Collins Harry Conn Thomas Conner Thomas Cooke Jennifer Copeland Kenneth Copeland, Jr. Michael Covaney Sharon Covaney Mark Crabtree Charlie Cuttino Jeffrey Cyr Ray Dail Colleen Daley Stan Dameron William Davenport Jeffrey Day Damon DeArment R. Cris Dedmond Bruce DeGinder John Denison Suzanne Dennis Clayton Devening David DeViese Joseph Devylder Surya Dhakar William Dodson Patrick Dolan James Donahue Steve Dorsch .John Doswell I I Ronald Downey Alison Drescher Thomas Dunham Randy Eberly David Ellis Kevin Ellis Thomas Eschenroeder James Evans Michael Fabio Jackson Faircloth William Falls Gisela Fashing Kenneth M. Fauteux Mehrdad Favagehi John Fedison Richard Ferris Robert Flikeid Adam Foleck Eric Foretich David Forrest Scott Francis Charlie French Janet French Agnes Fuentes Robert Futrell Ross Gale Samuel Galstan Allen Garai William Gardner Charles Gaskins Thomas Geary Garland Gentry Scott Gera rd

28 Virginia Dental Journal

James D. Geren Drew Gilfillan Quincy Gilliam James Glaser Matthew Glasgow Steve Goldstein Timothy Golian Mark Gordon Leslie Gore M. Scott Gore Shantala Gowda Daniel Grabeel Dave Graham Ed Griggs Robert Grossman .John Grubbs Richard Gunn James Gyuricza Ronald Haden Mark Hammock Michael Hanley Bill Hanna Peter Hanna Marvin Harman John Harre

Jacquelin .Iohnson-Curl David Jones Perry Jones Tracy Jones Steve Kanetzke Claire Kaugars Jack Kay ton Kanyon Keeney James Keeton Robert Kendig Jeffrey Kenney M. Kerneklian George Kevorkian Jr. John Kim Todd King M. Kent Kiser John Kittrell Rodney Klima Deidra Kokel Michael Kokorelis Lawrence Kolter Albert Konikoff Robert J. Krempl David Krese Fred Krochmal

Ruthanne Daluisio - DDS Patient Before After

Monroe Harris Glenn Harrison Faryl Hart Melanie Hartman Paul Hartmann Steven Hearne William Henry Susan Heriford William Heriford Carolyn Herring W.H. Higinbotham Lanny Hinson Jeffrey Hodges Neil Davis Hollyfield Kevin Honore William Horbaly R. Leroy Howell Ralph Howell Jr. Raidah Hudson Christopher Huff Wallace Huff Douglas Hughes Richard Hull Garrett Hurt Bruce Hutchison David Inouye Jerry Isbell Raman Jassal L. Thornton Jett Harini Jindal Richard Joachim

Michael Krone John Krygowski Sousan Kunaish Peter Kunec Michael Kuzmik .John Lacy Peter Lanzaro John Lapetina David Larson Daniel Laskin Barry Laurent Michael Lavinder Thomas Layman W. Townes Lea Steven LeBeau Jesse Lee N. Ray Lee Timothy Leigh Tom Leinbach John Lentz Donald Levitin Fred Levitin Guy Levy Mayer Levy Micheal Link Jay Lipman B.A. Livick Clifford Lloyd Nick Lombardozzi James Londrey Melanie Love Lee Lykins, III

R.I'. Mallinak Richard Mansfield Donald Martin Frederick Martin Shannon Martin Erika Mason Alfonso Massaro Brian McAndrew Karen McAndrew Allen McCorkle Michael McCormick. Jr. Henry McCoy Thomas McCrary Michael McMunn Michael McQuade Kenneth Mello H. Kyle Midkiff Kevin Midkiff Benita Miller Bob Miller Michael Miller Jan Milner Demetrios Milonas Lorenzo Modeste J. Peyton Moore Carol Morgan Gary Morgan Joseph Morgan Michael Morgan Kenneth Morris Neil Morrison James Mosey John Mosher Russell Mosher Thomas Mostiler James K. Muehleck David Mueller William Munn Peter Murchie Walter Murphy George Nance William Nanna Rob Neighbors K.E. Neill J. Michael Nelson Jim Nelson Paul A. Neumann Joe Niamtu Ashley Nichols Karnran Nikseresht Clinton Norris James Nottingham Susan O'Connor Stuart Oglesby Thomas O'Hara Edward O'Keefe Edward M. O'Keefe Edward S. O'Keefe Robert O'Neill Michael Oppenheimer Michael O'Shea Alexander Osinovsky Bruce Overton Thomas Padgett Charles Palmer Russell Pape Steve Paulette Bonnie Pearson Jim Pell Joseph Penn Robert Penterson G. Thomas Phillips

Michael Piccinino Jon Piche Todd Pillion Darryl Pirok James Pollard A. Carole Pratt McKinley Price James Priest Norm Prillaman Stephen RadclifTe John Ragsdale H.E. Ramsey 1\1 Shahla Ranjbar Eric Redmon Wayne Remington Philip J. Render Elizabeth Reynolds Thomas Richards Christopher Richardson Jacques Riviere A..J. Rizkalla Richard Roadcap Andrew Robertson Aurelio Roca John Roller John Rose Robert Rosenberg Scott Rosenblum Ronald Rosenthal John Ross Richard Rubino Scott Ruffner D. Gordon Rye Michael Sagman .larnes Salerno John Salmon, III Lisa Samaha Stephen Saroff Harry Sartelle John Sattar Anthony Savage W.E. Saxon Kevin Scanlan Richard Schambach Dennis Schnecker James Schroeder Harlan Schufeldt Allen Schultz Gary Schuyler Jim Shearer William Sherman Ted Sherwin Richard Sherwood Earl ShulTord Robert Siegel Arthur Silvers Robert Simmons Andrew Sklar James Slagle Matt Slattery Peter W. Smith Sherman Smock Kevin Snow Edward Snyder James Soderquist Albert Solomon Steve Somers Robert Sorenson Christopher Spagna Richard Spagna Donald Spano Tracy Spaur Sebastiana Springmann James Stanley Douglas Starns Continued 0 " Page31

Together we can provide dental care for every Virginian 足

from the very first smile.

Is there anything in the world happier than a kid's smile? At Delta D ental, it's always been our missi on to work with Virginia's outstanding dentists to make childre n's smiles as bright and heal thy as possible . One way we do it is throu gh our Sma11: Smiles" program . Partnering with Boys & Gi rls Clubs, we make sur e children get regular dental check-ups, learn 速 how to take care o f their teeth throu gh educati on al programs, and receive tran sporta tion to dental appointm ents. This help is provid ed to tho se ch ildren who are underA o.>a '-' P"'9"am " ~_ insured or who have no in surance.

Teeth on the GO!SMis another innovative approac h to chi ldren's dental care. Working with the Virginia Depa rtm ent of Education, D elta Dental is makin g an edu cation al "tool kit" available to eleme ntary scho o ls across Vir gin ia, free o f char ge. It helps kids make a commitment to takin g care of th eir teeth 足 now and for a lifetime. W e'd like to thank all the Virginia dentists who help make the se pro gram s succeed.

c) DELTA DENTAl.:' Delta Dental Plan of Virginia (800) 237-6060 -

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VIRGINIA GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2004 LEGISLATIVE UPDATE Charles R. Duvall, Jr., VDA Lobbyist members are preparing to leave Richmo nd with­ o u r a budge t. As yo u will not e in read ing th is report, several of the items that impa ct VDA are involved in the b udge t del ibe rations.

com mi tted ro raising $4 m illio n to wa rd the p urchase of de n tal sim ulat ion and virtu al reality equ ipm en r fo r the VCU Schoo l of De n tist ry, U nd e r th e leader ship of D r. Jeff Levin , mo re tha n $2 mi llio n has already been raised .

This repo rt d iscusses tho se issues th at were moni rored and /or lo bb ied on the VDA's beha lf duri ng the co u rse of th e 200 4 Sessio n.

Governor M ark Warner included $2 . 16 mill ion in his b udg et as pa rt o f the state's match ro the Fou ndation 's co m m itment .

At the ou tset, I'd like ro say a pa rticu lar th ank you ro all of the me mb ers of th e Legislati ve Comm ittee and VADPAC for thei r assistance bo th pr ior ro and du rin g t he Session. Bo th N icole Pugar, th e V DA's D irect or of Public Policy, an d Ter ry Dickinson , Execu tive D irec­ to r, de serve a big th an k yo u. J also wa nt all of o u r mem bers ro kn ow that Melan ie C erhearr a nd D enn y Ga llaghe r, w ho worke d wit h me as registered lobb yists fo r th e VDA, di d a lot of the heavy lifti ng o n many of these issues.

The State Senate co nc u rred with th e Gov erno r's proposal wh ile th e Ho use of De legates incl uded no fund s in its b udge t for th is proje ct.

A> o u r report goes ro p ress, Genera l Assemb ly

TEMPORARY LICENSE /PRECEPTOR­ SHIP: Delegate Phi l H am ilron of Newport New s, C hairma n of th e Ho use H ealth, Wel fare & Insri­ rurions Commi ttee , introduced H ou se Bill 104 9 at rile req ues t of the V D A. H B 1049 : • Authorizes the Board of D ent istry ro issue tempora ry an n ual licen ses for den tal schoo l grad uat es enro lled in ad vanc e curric ula; and • Expands cli n ical practice op porrun i ies (precep ro rsh ips) for de nt al students and d ent al hygi en e stu dents . Th is bill was una nimously ap p roved by both th e House an d Sena te and is awaiting the Govern or 's signarure. It includes an em ergen cy clause, whic h means it will ta ke effect as soon as the Governor signs ir.

QUALITY ASSURANCE AND PEER RE­ VIEW: At the req uest o f th e VDA , Sena tor To mm y Norm ent of Wi lliamsb urg introd uced Sena re Bill 385. This measure establi she s qu ality assur­ anc e and pee r review pro tection s for de ntis ts, phys icians a nd o ther healrh care pro viders when these act ivities are co nd uct ed in office-based setti ngs. The bi ll was amended ro recogni ze con ­ cern s arti culated by the Virginia Trail Lawyer s Associat io n and passed o n unanim o us vot es in both the H ou se and Sen are. SB 38 5 is awa itin g rhe Governo r's signa ture.

Ea rlier th is mo n th, rhe VDA sent an alert ro its m em bers asking them ro co ntact House and Senate Budget C o nfe rees and im press upo n them th e imp o rta nce o f state matching d ollars for th is p roject. As thi s re po rt is being wr itten , the fate o f th e budget is u nknow n. C onseq uentl y, it rem ains ro be seen if th e b udget fina lly passed by th e leg­ islat u re will incl ude fun ds for th is mu ch -n eed ed eq uip me nt.

MEDICAID DENTAL SERVICE CARVE OUT: If Me dica id recipients are ro rece ive p ro per de nta l ca re, dental services sho uld be carved out of M edi caid m anaged care program s. 'That 's the conclusion reach ed by the VDA a nd th e D ep artment of Me dic al Assista nc e Service s (DMAS) after extensive d iscussio ns. Co nsequently, bu dget amend menrs were in­ tro duced in bo th th e House and Sena te ro: (i) realize th is objective and (ii) prod uce revenue ro cover t he resu lran r admi nistr ative cos ts. The Senate approved th is ap proach , but th e H o use severely restr ict ed th e sco pe of th e carve o u r. Th e H o use proposal wo uld place the ca rved our services un de-r the co n trol of an admi nistrative services program . The Budg et Conferees are well aware of o u r concerns abo u t this m easure. We ha ve asked rhem ro adopt th e Sena te a ppro ach, incl ud­ ing the a p p ro priation of reven ue ro make th e concl usio n reached by the V DA an d D MAS a realiry.

MANAGED CARE D ENTAL PLANS: Del egate Fran k H argrove of H an over int ro­ d uced H ou se Bill 222, which woul d have ex­ cluded ma naged care dental p lan s from comp li­ a nce wi th irnpo rran r elements o f the Ma naged Ca re H ealth In surance Plans (M C H IP) law.

DENTAL SIMULATI O N EQUIPMENT: Th e VC U Scho o l of De nti stry Foundation is

30 Virginia Dental Journal

After d eliberation s involving represent atives of rhe VDA and th e managed care co rnm u­

niry, D elegate H argrove asked rhar H B 222 be carried over ro 20 05 Sessio n. In the mean rim e, the V DA will be meeti ng wirh m ana ged care repr esen ta tives to discuss th is legisla tion in mo re de rail.

AMAL GAM: Senat or Yvon ne M iller of No rfo lk inr rod uced Senate Bill 187 which wo uld requ ire the Boa rd o f De n tistry [0 : • d evelo p regu lat io ns regard in g dental ama lga m; • mand ate infor med consent; and • require dentists ro p rovide alterna tive denta l fillings . Th is m easu re has been carr ied over ro the 2005 Sessio n by the Senate Edu ca tio n & H ealth Com­ m ittee whe re the VDA will make ano ther p resen­ tation lat er t h is year. W e also w ill be aski ng yo u ro con tact local legislara rs to info rm them abo ut th e safety and reliability of de nt al ama lgams .

ORAL HEALTH ST UDY: Th e G ener al Assemb ly has passed Sen ate Jo int Resolu tion 24, parrc ned by Richmond Sena ­ to r H enry Ma rsh . SJ R 24 crea tes ano ther oral healrh care study, th is one focus ing on access and cos ts, Th ere have been several of these srud ies over t he last seve n o r eight yea rs, a ll of rhem gathering du st on the sh elves o f th e Ge ne ral Assembly Building. Th e VDA did nor objec t 1'0 Senator Marsh's Resol u tion, and rhe Associ ation will pa rticipa te in th is stu dy.

DENTAL HYGIENISTS: D elegat e Clarke Hoga n of Sou th Bosron pa­ t roned House Bill 524, which elim inates the cu r­ rent req uirement tha t a den tal hygie nisr co mp lete 15 ho urs of co nrin uing ed ucat ion in o rder ro renew his or he r license. Continu ing educa ­ rion co urses will co n ti n ue as a pre-req uisite for license renewal, but t he number o f co urse ho u rs wil l be est ablish ed by th e Board of De n tistry by regu latio n. HB 524 was un a nimously approved by both bo d ies.

FREE DENTAL CLINICS: Ho use Bill 626 , int rod uc ed by Del ega te Joh n O 'Banno n of Rich mo nd , at t he request of the Virgi nia Bat Assoc ia tion , au thorizes licensed d cnri srs to p ractice in dent al cli nics ope rated by: (i) the D epa rtment of H ealth; (ii) the Depa rt ­ me n t of Menta l H ealth, M enta l Rera rd arion and Substanc e Abuse Servic es; an d (iii) a Virginia cha rita ble corpora tion operate d as a clinic for the indigent and the uninsu red . These charitable en tities m ust be o rgan ized for the d elivery of pr ima ry healt h care services as fede ral quali­ fied health ce nte rs o r offer services for free, ar a Continued On Page 3 5

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school led to surgical training. There, my exposure usually occurred in the inner cities of our country. My ob­ servations convinced me th at overall health care delivery could be better. Dentistry's role in overall health was basically igno red as "cosmetic", un­ necessarily expensive and unimport­ an t. Our profes sion , deliv erin g dental care, is now a little bump (4. 1% =70 billion ) on the health care "elepha nt " ($1.7 trillion or (17% ofGDP) (GDP=10 trillion for all US goods and services.) You know our overall eco nom ic and political circumstances greatly influence our understanding an d actions when it comes to the care of o thers. Over the years two vivid stark o bservatio ns impacting my viewp oint rema in prominent in my recollections. One shock occurred on cutt ing through a New York C ity ER with a surge on friend ; I noticed the police were sho ulder to sho ulde r to keep o rder. In addi tio n, the hosp ital was sur rounded by a two sto ry h igh cha in lin k fence topped with razor wire to protect the staff from vio lence. W ill thi s be the future of Rich mond hospital s? The second thought provoking event occurred on a famil y dental mi ssion trip to C en tral America. We were traveling at night between villages with armed guards to hold back ban­ dit s. While bracing for an att ack th at never cam e, my thoughts turned to Virginia and how thinking and carin g dentists co uld play a political and soc ial role in relievin g pain and su ffer­ ing. We wo u ld be helping to keep o r­ der by reducing soc ial pressu re in o ur soc iety. W itho ut order the re is fertile ground for the dissention , disr uption and revolt viewed dail y on o ur TV. At th at time my experience had been th at o nly M C V H ospital and Dental School has pro vided dental treatment for th e poor except for wh at we all give in our private practices. A dan­ gerous situatio n in my view.

Furthermore, there has been no app arent ad ult dental program for anyo ne. Th e C hild ren's Medic­ aid program has been a pro gram designed by lawyers and bankers to fail and thus be chea p. Using my only options, since 1975 my dental teachi ng efforrs have been applie d and accep ted by the MCV dental faculty to compliment the clinica l teach ing program in the Oral Surgery D epartment. Imagine my joy and enthusiasm when the Mi ssion of Mercy pro gram of the VDA expanded the academ ic and treatment o ppo rt un ity and encour­ aged outreach by dental hygiene and dental students and licensed practitioners of th e VDA. At last count 8,34 1 patients treated for a commercial value of $5,20 1,477 . At the same time, the D on ated Den­ tal Serv ices program of the ADA nat ionwide has esta blished a hu ge "dental clin ic witho ut walls" with a wa iting list of over 12,000 patients seeking care at last count. Another grow ing dental care oppo rtu nity "M edical Free Cl inic System" has developed over th e last ten years and now numbers 49 . As you may kn ow man y have dental program s. As of Janu ary, 2004, the G en eral Practice Dept. of M C V is send ing under­ gradu ate dental hygiene and dental stu dents to the Medical Free Clinics. The y att end clini cs in Lynchburg and Kilm arn ock, VA, to work under local volunt eer dentists who are sch ool adjunct facu lty. Through basic care, they intend to reduce dental path ology co mplicating the patient's medical care. Th ey too and are doing a great job . They perfo rm a vital and apprec iated service. The y are learning a great deal abo ut the " street . ))

We have JUSt started to wo rk here in Vi rginia. My vision for our pro­ fession here in Virgin ia, through progress and practice, includes more MOM sites, more dental help in the medi cal free clini cs, more faculty

volunteers at th e M C V Dental Schoo l esp ecially with the state budget collapse. More int ense student recru iting for all practice roles, m ore fund raisin g to move dentis try forward and captur ing a larger percent of the health care service do llar for our patient s. We know sick teeth and gums influence overall health, that interv entio ns and prevention can dec rease the COSt of health care. O nly our actio ns will spread th e message. Rem embe r; advoca te and sustain th e use of the tooth bru sh and avoid th e use of the AK-47. You can help in your favorite way. C onsider it and act.

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R.E. Stecher

AI Stenger

G.A. Stermer

Richa rd Stone

Ken Stoner

Matthew Sto rm

C.B. Strange Robert S. Strange Frank Straus Kit Sullivan Richard Suter Klmher'ly Swanson David Swett Rebecca Swett Ralph Swiger Daniel Sykes Ron Tankersley .John Tarver James Taylor Ned Tn)'lor Donald Taylor, .lr, Ronald Terry Charles Thomas Andrew Thompson Damon Thompson William Thompson Vicki Tihbs Michael Tisdelle Philip Toma selli Stanley Tompkins Donald Tr awick Faith Tr ent Bradley Trotter Paul Umstott E ric Vasey .J. Keller Vernon Grel:Wall Je sse Wall James Wallace Sharone Ward James Wlltkin s Benjamin Wat son William \Va)' Edw ard Weisberg David Wheeler

D.A. Whiston Alan White H.Ramsey White Miles Wilhelm John Willhide T.E. Williams Richard Wilson Barry Wolfe Richard Wood Roger Wood Royce Woolfolk Ron ald Wray Glenn Young M. Walter Young Mark Young Samuel Yun Richard Zechini Andrew Zimmer Greg Zoghby We would also like to welcome our newest DDS volunteers: Joshua Binder Robert Buch Lanny Levenson Scott McQuiston Robert Morabito Harsh ana Patel Darryl Pearlman Mark Raymond Henry Stewa rt

Virginia Dental Journal


Service With a Smile By: Dr. A.J. Stenger I was in Starbucks th e othe r day tak­ ing a midday break as I am kn own to do. Whil e waiting for my dou ble tall latre, the barista was talk ing about her drea ms of beco m ing a bio logist. I cou ld feel her excitement as she talked about her futu re. As she hand ed m y drink to me I said, "I hope you are as happy in your work as I am; I have th e perfect job ." "What do you do ", she replied . She d idn't seem at all sur prised wh en I told her I was a dentist. In th e mind of thi s yo ung lady, th e images of happiness and bein g a dentist were cong ruent. And I don't think she is th e exception. When I first started practi ce I fre­ q uen tly wo uld be asked abo ut th e suicide thing; yo u kn ow wha t I'm talk ing about. ow we're viewed as gene rally happy. Wh at has changed? I believe th ere has been a profound change, at least in our co mm unity, in how th e public perceives us and our profession . 1110u gh the reasons for this are likely to be man y, I would cha llenge you to co nside r this: it is th rou gh ou r generosi ty th at we have both proj ected and exper i­ enced ha ppiness in ou r chosen profes­

well. Achieving. 111e othe r happiness co mes as a reward for doin g th ings that are sign ifican t. 111e difference between success and signi ficance is illusrrared nicely by Ken Blanchard and S. Tr uett C ath y in th eir book The Ge neros ity Factor. Paraphrasin g, they say th at the words Wealth , Achi evem ent , and Sta­ tus are the trait s of a successful person­ o r at least wh at society has taught us are the measurem ents of success. 111e words Generosity, Service, and Rela­ tionships are th e tra its of a sign ificant person.

For man y years the public has seen evid ence of th e success side of our hap­ pine ss. It was on rare occasion that th e SIO n. pub lic saw the generous acts th at many in o ur profe ssio n did qui etly on th eir H appiness comes in man y form s. We own. Most recentl y rhe publi c has been are happ y wh en our favorit e team wins engaged in th e acts of kindness done a big game. H app y when we have a by dentists through out o ur C o m mo n­ goo d meal. H app y when th e crow n o n wealth . Th ey have witnesse d firsth and #8 matches #9 . H app y wh en our busi­ th e giving nature, the service att itude, ness profits. We are also happy when and the absolute passion to be a part of our child ren greet us after we've been th e solut ion to helpin g th ose in need away. Happy when we get toge the r dem on strated by our colleagues in th e with friends . H app y when a staff MOM proje cts, the DDS pro gram o r member sm iles o r laughs. Happy when on Gi ve Kids A Sm ile Day. In addi tio n a pati ent hu gs us for treating th em the public has seen denti sts giving back so well. Happy when o ur efforts have to their co m m unities through service trul y made a di fferen ce in so rneo ne's on co m m unity board s, free clin ics, civ­ life. I know we all have expe rienced ic associations, elected office, coac hing, th ese th ings. H ave you ever reflected churc h act ivities and in man y o ther o n how th ey are different? forums. The se activities reflect in a very public way the traits of significance. I bel ieve one kind of happiness co mes In my own life I have found any from experiencing success. Performing volunteer activity to be an enr iching


Virginia Dental Journal

experience . It has not always been easy to fit th ese acti vities int o my tim e o r available ene rgy and th e nature of volunteer activ ities has chang ed with my stage of life. But I have always received more th an I have given and have learn ed a tremendou s amo unt abo ut peopl e, relationsh ips, justice and wh at it means to fully engage yo ur co m m unity. O f co urse I enjoy th e things that co me with success as mu ch as th e next person . Bur th e fruit s that co me from seeking signifi­ cance taste sweeter. Th ey co nt ribute to my happiness in a deep, sp iritual way. They change me; make me a better person. They enrich the good tim es and lift me up in difficult tim es. I feel very fortunate to be a dentist; to have th e o ppo rt uni­ ties to give back that our profes­ sion mak es possible. In Virgini a our com munity of dentists, th e VDA, has mad e it a priori ry to o pen the door for its members to parti cipate in volu ntee r activities th at util ize our uni qu e skills and abilities in th e service of o thers. Thi s focus has elevated the dental communiry in th e eyes of its members and th e public. As a colleagu e in th is great profession , yo u arc invit ed to join in ou r quest for significance. Th e VDA, its memb ers and staff: are there for you. All you need do is ask. I sure am happy that I did!

AI J. Stenger

VCU School of Dcnr istry 1988

UVA General Practice Residency 1990

General Practice of Denti stry in Richmond since


C u rren t Volunteer Activities:

Richmond Dental Society: lmmcdiare Past President .

Board of Directors,Virginia Dental Association :

MO M project (ask force. Governance Bylaws task

force. Virginia Denta l Health Foundation Board of

Directo rs, Virginians for Improving Access to De nta l

Care Coa lition, Crossover Minist ry: Imm ediate

Past Presidenr , Ih ard of Directo rs, DDS program

volunteer, MO I"I project volunteer. Martin sville,

W ise Co unty

Past Volunteer Activities:

Virginia Board fo r People with Disabiliti es: C hair­

man. VD A: Special Needs Com mirree Chair. House

of Del egates, Various orher acr ivirics ,


DDS Volunteer Laboratories Dentists: Please patronize and thank the following dental laboratories for their ongoing commitment and participation in the Donated D ental Services pro­ gram. The su p port and generous dona­ tions of th ese labs help turn the pains of today into the smiles of tornmorrow for hundreds ofVirginians every year! A New G enera tio n Dental St ud io A Tech D enta l Lab Accurech O rthod o ntic Lab, Inc Acme Dental Lab

Albema rle D ental Lab Allegiance D ental Lab Aloh a D ent al Lab An dre w Dental Lab Arriden t Lab Ar t Dental Laboratory Bal's De nta l Lab Baran D ental Lab Ben F. Wi lliams Jr De ntal Lab Biogeni c De ntal Corpo ratio n Cardinal D ent al Lab Ca rey's De nt al Lab Ce nt ral Dental Labo rato ry Ce ram ic Studio of VA, Inc. C hilhowie D ent al Arts C oeb urn D ental Laborator y Co lem an's D ent al Studi o Crown & Bridge Dental Lab C rowns By Co lter C usto m Des ign De nt al Lab D . ].'s D ental Lab, Inc. Da nto nio Dental Lab Da nville Dental Laboratory De nta l Laboratories, In c. De nta l Pros the tic Services l nc D ickinso n D ental Labo ratory Do min ion Crown & Bridge Lab D rake Precision De nta l Lab Drarnsrad D ental De sign Dy na Tech Dental Lab East De nt al Lab Ed en D en tal Ar rs Edg e D ent al Lab

Ern st D enta l Lab First Impression De ntal Lab First Imp ressio n D ental Lab Firz Lab Flexi-Denr, Inc. Fraguela Dental Laborato ry,In c G ibso n Dental Designs -C lendale De nta l Lab, Inc Glidewe ll Lab Go ld Du ster De nta l Lab Good win De ntal Lab, Inc. G reat Impressions Labo ratory H aislip D ent al Lab Hall Dental Lab H arris-Willi ams Laboratori es H erm anso n D ental Lab H o's Dental Lab Ivo ry Dental Lab J C's Dental Lab J D ent Lab Jam es River Prosth etics D ental Lab [ etrs D ental Labo rato ry Jim Padget 'S Dental Lab John's De nt al Lab Julian's Crow n and Bridge Lab Kastle Prosthetic Service Kim D ental Labo rarory Kingsport De nt al Lab Lab O ne Luis Dent al Lab, Inc. Ma plewood Dental Lab, Inc M aster Dental Studio Messer Den tal Lab Midtown De nta l Lab Modern Prosth etics Laborator y N ationa l D ental Laboratori es N orthern VA D ent al LAb, Inc N u Tech Laboraror ies Peninsula Dental Lab Pen ning ton Crown and Bridg e Pittman D ental Labora tory Plus Dental Lab Precisio n D ental Ar rs Protech De ntal Lab Pulaski D ental Lab Quality De nta l Lab , Inc. R & R Den tal Lab Reston Dental Ce ram ics Royal D ental Laboratory Saunde rs Dent al Labo ratory Saylo r's Den tal Lab Service D enta l Labo ratory Sheen De nt al Lab Shere r De nta l Lab Skyline De nt al Lab Soo n D ental Lab South Boston D ental Lab Sout hern Gray De nta l Lab Southside D ental Laborato ry Stanford De nt al Lab

Suburban D ental Lab Sven Tech Th ayer Dental Lab Th e Too th Works T inche r Lab T LC Dental Lab Trian gle De nta l Lab Tr i-State Dental Lab Un iversal Dental Lab Victor's D ental Lab Vi llage Ce ramics Virg inia De nta l Labo ratories Wagner Orthodo ntic Stu dio Walker D ental Lab W inegard ne r Dental Arts , Inc. Zuber Dental Arts

We would also like to welco me the follow­ ing new laboratori es to the DDS p togram: Aut he ntic Dental Lab D enri con Interna tional D over Dental Lab Gary's D ent al De signs Met ro Dental Acrylics Star Cit y Crown & Bridge

Donat ed D en tal Se rvices In 2003 , 307 patient s received $592 .35 9 in do na ted

dent al se rvices fro m our volu ntee rs. Added in with

previous years, DDS vol un teer dent ists and labor s­

ror ies have do nated $2,7 12.36 4 in services to 1.273

people throu ghou t the C o m monwealth.

Tha nks again to all of the volunteer dentists and labs w ho have do nate d their time and services so rhar those less fo rt u nate can sm ile again. \V'e are still in desper­ ate need of vo lunteers in the Roan oke. Ha mpton, Sourh Boston, and othe r Sout hw este rn Virgi nia areas. We are not aski ng a lot . just simply that yo u take 1 pe rson from o ur grow ing waiting list. This is one of th e on ly programs in th e ent ire stare th at provi des co m prehensive dent al care. instead of JUSt one or tWO proce dures to correct th e most im med iate problems. Ge tting pa tients hack in good o ral health is the goal of the DDS pro gram . Regi ster with DDS! If you wo uld like ro volunt eer (or know someo ne wh o wou ld) yOU t rim e and service s 10 treat elde rly and di sabled ind ivid uals t hrough t he Donated Dent al Services prog ram , please co n (act: Stephanie Arn old

Project C oo rdl na ror

(80 4) 264 -90 10 or ret urn the DDS volu nte er form t hat can be foun d

in th is issue of the journal. Patients are seen in yo ur

p rivate office, and vo lunteer spec ialists and labs are

available to assist in cases where neede d .

Virginia Dental Journal


VDSCNews Provided By: Elise Woodling, VDA Director of Marketing VDSC Helps VCU Students Learn how to 'Realize the Dream' This past year, senior students at the VCU School of Dentistry were able to learn about the real-life experiences of Dr. Michael Rasner, a renowned speaker and owner of a highly success­ ful private practice in Northern New Jersey. Dr. Rasner was brought to the school through a sponsorship by the Virginia Dental Services Corporation. This VDSC-sponsored event will now become an annual occasion at the dental school with programs that are directed towards the upper-level dental students as they prepare to enter the professional world. Students at the 2003 symposium found the program very helpful, espe­ cially in areas such as protocol, private practice tips, life experiences, and mo­ tivation for the entire practice. Due to the positive responses of students and the overall quality of the program, Dr. Rasner has been invited back to VCU in 2004 for an all-day program for the new group of senior students. The program will be held on August 6, 2004 and will once again be sponsored by the VDSC.

CE Programs Statewide are Spon­ sored by the VDSC Dr. Michael Abbott (I), President of the Southwest Virginia Dental Soci­ ety, accepts a revenue sharing check from Dr. Wallace Huff, a member of the Board of Directors of the Virginia Dental Services Corporation. Over the course of 2003, the VDSC was able to give $34,000 to Virginia's eight com­ ponent dental societies to be used as sponsorship for Continuing Education programs.

VDSC Sponsors M.O.M. Project For the second year, the Virginia Dental Services Corporation will sponsor Mission of Mercy (M.O.M.) Project t-shirts in 2004 . The shirrs will be given to volunteers at all four M.O.M. projects that are scheduled for 2004 - Eastern Shore, Northern Virginia, Wise, and Grundy. The VDSC is proud to continue spon­ soring the M .O.M. Projects as the program strives to aid uninsured and underinsured Virginians. If you would like to find out more about the M .O.M. Projects, or would like to sign up as a volunteer, please visit the VDA website at

VDA Day On The Hill Contributed By: Nicole Pugar, VDA Director of Public Policy sage that the legislarors heard.

Dr. G lIS Vlahos. VADI'A C Chairman, D r. McKinn­ ley Price and Del egare Phillip Hamilton at rhe 2004 VD A Legislative Break fast.

A big THANK YOU! goes ro all those who attended thi s year's VDA Legislative breakfast and Day on the Hill. Although rhe number of members that participated decre ased thi s year, those that did go ro the Capitol rook with them a strong mes­

34 Virginia Dental Journal

Delegate Ph illip Hamilron (Newport News), chairman of the House Health , Welfare and Institutions Committee, spo ke ro the group prior ro going ro the 'hill' . Delegate Hamilton emphasized the importance ofVDA members maintaining close ties with their legislarors and encour­ aged everyone ro educate legisJarors about the issues that will affect dentistry now and in the future. We were honored with a very good turnout of dental students from the VCU School of Dentistry. We give a very special thank you ro the dental students

who attended this year's Breakfast and Day on the Hill. Your participation greatly enhanced our efforts ro get our message ro legislarors . We look forward ro your future participation . And, of course, a very big and sincere thank you ro the members of the VDA Al­ liance who again made up and distributed very nice gifts baskets promoting good oral health ro the members of the General Assembly, their staff and the Governor and his staff. Your kindness and support of the VDA's legislative efforts is greatly appreciated! It is a team effort!

Continu ed From Page 30

red uced rare or o n a slid ing fee. This bill was appro ved by the G eneral Assem bly an d has bee n signed inro law by G ove rno r \X/arn er.

STRIPPED-DOWN H EALTH PLAN: Sena te Bill 679 , parroned by Sena tor Steve Marrin of Chesrerfie ld, an d H ouse Bill 935, par ro ned by Danville Deleg ate Da nn y Marsha ll, were introd uced a r rhe req uest of several busi­ ness gro u ps, incl udi ng t he Virg inia Ma n ufacrur­ ing Associatio n and rhc Na tional Federa tion of Independ ent Business. Both bills were design ed 10 offer a str ipped -down health plan for Virgin­ ians wh o are presently uninsu red . Th ese plans wo uld have remov ed mOSI of the man dated cove rage, includ ing rhe ad mi nistra tio n of mOSI anesthe sia for cer tain child ren wirh prob lem dent al cases. You may recall this bill as one whi ch the VDA advoc ated a few years ago. Countless parien r grou ps came forwa rd and o bjected 10 bo rh of these measur es. As a co nse­ q uence, both measure s were defeared.

MEDI CAL MALPRACTI CE: In its or igina l form, Senate Bill 60 I -- parro ned by Lynch b urg Sena tor SIeve New man - wo uld cap pai n and suffering award s in medi cal ma l­ prac tice cases ar $250,000. Th e bill was later ame nded 10 allow hospi tals and physicians who a re having tro uble secu ring med ical malpracrice

cove rage 10 receive co verage und er the sta re's risk ma nage me nr plan . Borh The Med ical Socie ty of Virgin ia an d rhe Virgin ia Tr ial Lawyers Associa­ lion ag reed on th is version of the legislation, whic h was passed by bot h cha m bers. SB 60 I also calls for a study of the existing med ical mal­ pr actice ma rker in Virginia and has a del ayed effective dare of 200 6.

FIXED IND EMNITY DENTAL BENEFIT PLANS: Sena tor Rus s POllSof Wi nchesrer, Chai rman of rhe Sena te Ed uca tio n & Healt h Commi rree, int rodu ced Sena te Bill 156 , which authorizes rhe issua nce of fixed ind emni ry benefi t plans. Unde r such plans, a subscri be r ca n see th e den­ risr o f his cho ice and be reimb ursed rhe agreed­ u pon amo unt for those services offered by the plan. The Stare Co rpora rion Com missio n had indi cated rhar fixed ind emniry benefi t plans cou ld nor be offered und er existing Vi rginia law. Befor e ir was introd uced, however, Sena to r POllS asked rhar the propon ents make certain rhar rhe VOA was con racred and char rhe Associa tion co ncu rred in rhe bill's purpose. Th e Associa tion wo rked wirh Par Devine, a No r­ folk -based health insurance at to rney, 10 design a men d me nts rhar wou ld am elio rat e several concerns rha r emerg ed fro m rhe V DA's review of rhis legislarion .

The bill crea tes a new licensing chap ter rha r will allow the offer ing of rhe rrad irio nal prepaid plans, such as a re cu rren tly offe red by limited service de ntal H M O s, and perm its the issuan ce of fixed indem nity ben efit plans. The bill has been approved by the legislature and awai ts rhe Gove rnor 's signalu re. AJll egislarion approved by the G eneral As­ se m bly and signe d by rhe Governor becomes law on Ju ly 1, 2004 u nless ot herwi se no red. As I wro re above, H B 10 49, the bill dealing wirh rem por ary licenses and preccprorships, con rains an emergenc y clau se an d beco mes effect ive as soo n as it is signed by the Governor. If you wish ro review an y o f these measu res, go o nline 10 hn p:/ll egis.slalc.\'a.u. l . Enter the bill nu mb er in rhe box o n rhe righ t-hand side of rhe site in the square; i.e., H B I049, SB385, erc., and click o n "go". If yo u have any qu estio ns, please feel free 10 call N icole Pugar, Di rec ror of Public Policy, ar rhe V DA offices ar (8 04) 261 -16 I o.

Pat Dev ine W ilI Be Presenting At The

Virginia Meeting in Nor folk , VA On I

ISeptember 10, 20 04! Look For Mo re

Information In The Annual Meeting : ..Brochure C omin Out This une!

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36 Virginia Dental Journal

Continuing Education

April 2004

April 15 Richm ond (4) Dr. James F. N elson Im plants Past and Present Capital Club - Richm on d


July 30, 2003

October 2004 Octo ber 22 -23, 2004 H otel Roan oke, Roanoke VA Realworld D en nis Brave, DDS (Saturday sessio n wi ll be hands o n)

I send greet ings to those celebrating the national expansion of the Donated Dental ervices (DO ) program . Our ation is ble ed with dental professionals who are passionate aboutlheir work and care deeply about the lives of their patients. By donating their time and talents to helping those in need, DDS participant bring much neede d serv ices to many and contribute to a brighter future for our country .

Meetings & Events June 10-13, 2004

VDA June Committee Meetings

T he Cavalier Hotel - V/\ Beach, VA

I commend DD partici pants for your compassion, generosity, and citizenship, and for an wering my call to vo lunteer service. Your inspiring fforts strengthen your community and h Ip to transform our ation , one heart and one soul at a time.

Sept. 8-12, 2004

VDA Annual Meeting

Waterside Marrio tt - Norfolk, VA

Laura joins me in sending our best wishes for a memorable event.

Sept. 14-18,2005

VDA Annua l Meeting

Marriott - Richm ond, VA

September 13-17,2006

VDA Ann ual Meeting

Ho tel Roanoke & Con ference Center

June 16 & 17, 2007

VDA Annual Meeting (Exhibits, CE &


Waterside Marriott - No rfolk, VA

Co m po n eOI C E Pr og ra m s - For regis trat io n in formation, co ntac t the ap p ropriate per son below: Com po nent 1 (Tide water) Co mpo ne nt 11 (pe ninsula) Co m po ne nt III (Southside) Compo nem lV (Rich mo nd) Co mpo ne m V (P iedmo nt) Compo nent VJ (So uth west) Corn po nen r VI I (Shenandoah) Compooeru Vll l (N o rth ern VA)

Virginia Dorin e (Exccun vc Secretar y) Kathy Harr is (Exe cutive Secretar y) Dr. Samue l Gal s-an (Pre side nt) Linda Simon (Exe cutive Secretar y) Ann G illespie (Executive Sec ccta rj') Son ya Perr is (Exe cutive Secretar y) Patri cia Fuller (E xecuti ve Secrcrarv) Susan n \VI. Hamilt on (E xecutive Dire c tor)

(751) 491-4626 (757) 565-656 4 (804) 796-19 15 (804) 323-5 19 1 (540) 712-3789 (276) 628 -4934 (804) 985-1939 (703) 642-5297

Vt\ GD Program s - please co nt act f rances Kim brough (E xecu tive Secretary) at 804-320 -8803 .


School of Deo tillQ: . p lease co nt act Mar tha Clements at 804-828-0869.

www dc nti sI.r)'.vcu.cdul eel co urses.shtrnl

Yel l School o f Medicio e (Anat o m y D ept) - p lease contact Dr. H ugo Seibe l ar 804-828-979 1.

YAE - please COnt act D r. Ti mo thy J. Go lian at 703-273 -8798.

YSQMS 'IOd VAO - please co n tact Nicole Pugar at 804-26 1- 1610.


The VDA is recognized os a ce r t ified s ponsor of cont inuing de ntal edu cation by both th e ADA CERP and t he Academy af General Dentist ry .

A Special Thank You To All M.O.M. and DDS Funders Especially: Alli an ce of the Virgi n ia D ental Assoc iat io n Ann abelle Jenkins Foundation D elta D ental Plan of V irginia Eppa H un ton Fo u ndatio n John Ra nd olph Fo unda tion Pierre Faucha rd Foundati on Rivers ide H eal th Syst em Dr. Jack Dun levy presenting a Fo u nda tion donation for rhe VHCF to Dr. Sen tara Health Fo unda tio n Bruce DeGinder, President of Tirrnus Fou nda tio n rheV DA.


Virginia Dental Journal


Mission of Mercy Treats 8,OOOth Patient! Wise M .O.M. earl ier in rhe year, Gover­ no r Mark W arn e r requested rhe Missi on of M ercy plan a pr ojecr in M art insville .

joan C happell C ynthia Beckwirh Do miniq ue C harrnan Ricardo Belinchon Shannon Cherry Kat he rine Bell Denny Cheshire Jennifer Benedict Tom C hild rey Bill Berara Elizabeth C lark Brenda Berg Ryane C larke Beverly Berry Dr. C h risropher C obb B.j . Berry D onn a C ockerille Jacob Bilberry D r. G reg Cole Shirley Bisciglia Rand i Co llins Pamela Blankenship Irene Co n nolly Angela Blan kenship M .O. M . made a th ird t rip to rhe Easrern Dr. Tom Coo ke Darnell Boff Sho re and revisited Na nd ua Hi gh Sc hool Dr. Matthew Cooke Co nnie Bonds M ilton Cooke

Rebecca Bowen in mid -M arch. The m echanical and jill Cook e

Elaine Bowser woodwo rking shops were convened in to Vanessa Copeland D r. Reed Boyd a 2 day dental clinic wh ere 7 86 parienrs Lisa Corns Dr. Jay Boyle Sherr y Corra ro received dental servi ces th ey would nor M onique Bradshaw An gie Corraro Zeno bia Bragg otherwise be able co afford. These services D r. Mark C rabtree The M artinsville/Henry Coun ty area was Dr. Steve Brand o n were valu ed ar $268, 925! High winds off G lo ria C risr l.eAnne Branr hit ha rd by plant closings a nd jo b losses of the C hesa peake Bay made the return Dr. David C rouse D r. Bryan Brassin gron leaving many are a residents un employed trip home for man y vol unt ee rs, rhe VC U Carol Cro use Betsy Brinker a nd wirhour dental insurance. Th e C o m­ Ben C rowley Lau ren Brinkley van , a nd th e VDA rruck a challenge . Angela Curti s monweaJrh Centre (previo usly rhe Tultex D r. Carol Brooks Eastern Shore Rural H ealrh, VDA, VCU D r. C harles Cu ttino D r. Wayne Browder School of D entistry, N avy Dental Center, Manufacruring Facil iry) was the location D r. Bruce Brown Dr. C o lleen Daley for the two da y dental clinic w here 876 Virginia Stare Police , and 23 5 volunteers M elinda Dalron Becky Brown

patients received a n estimared $2 88, 145 Robin Dalton Kend ra Brown

fro m rhe dental communi ty parrnered to Sheila Dalton services. Th e acco m p lishm en ts in dental Jam ie Brown

make rhe Eas tern Sh o re project po ssibl e. Am ber Davis Tamara Brown

of rh is project were made possible by the C heri Davis Lauren Brown

efforrs of 200 + volunteers and partner­ In July rhe Wi se Coun ty Fairgrounds Becky Davis Dr. Ron nie Brown shi ps w ith Piedmont Dental Soc iety. Dr. Rhea Davis Jeannie Brown offered a new locarion for the fourth Dr. Kat en Day V irgi n ia Department of H ealrh, VDA, T im Bryan W ise M. O .M . Fairground pavilions and Brian Degen hard t Ti a Bryson VCU Sc hool of D entistry, and the Navy rents pro vided cover for rhe dental cha irs D r. Bruce DeG ind er Stephan ie Buck Dental Center. and equipment. O ver 29 0 voluntee rs Jill Delvillar Katie Burgis Laura D ern psy Ellen Burlin game provided 1,449 parienrs wirh a record Dr. David DeViese we re also form ed wirh Pat­ Partnerships Keri Buder $689,8 10 in dental services. Unl ike pre­ Cora l Diaz D r. G ibby Burton viou s Jul ys in Wise whe re a surp rise storm rerson Dental Supply, Virgin ia D ental Tam my D ickens D r. Shawn Lab, Lions Club, ARCHS, Vi rginia Stare became expec red , fair wearher pro ved Tricia D ickerson C abbell Poli ce, Alliance to th e V D A, Vi rgin ia Dr. Terry Dickin so n Dr. Lourna to be a bonus for rhis op en air-outdoor Dental H ygien e Association , Com mo n­ C heryl Dickin son Ca brebros'Deano clinic sett ing! Governor Mark Wa rner Dr. C raig Diettich C hristine Ca faro Dental wealrh Hygienisr Society, Vir gini a visired th e sire and was "struck" by th e Wyverre Dill ard D r. Fred Caffey Assist ants Asso ciarion, UVA MedicaJ demand for dental care in Sourhwesr Virginia Donn e Tammy Cahoo n Center, March o f Dimes, Delta Denral Sarah Dowdy D r. Joe Ca lifano Virginia. Partnerships were form ed wirh Plan of Virginia, and Virginia H ealrhcare Melissa Dragoo Laura Callas Rem ore Area Medical (RAM), St. M ar y's Art Du bie D r. Robert Candl er Healrh Wagon, VD A, and VC U Schoo l of Foundarion. Taneika Duh aney Zac hary Can dler Denrisrry. Dr. David Abborr Arlene Dun canson Taylor Abby Can dler Stephan ie Ar no ld Dr. Ornar Abub aker Dr. Tho mas Dunham John Ca nd ler Jeff Ar ringron Tom Adams Renee Du vall Shanno n Ca nd ler O ld D ominion University was rhe site for Karhy Arr ingron Dr. Ann e Adams Ch uck Duvall Ko rey Cap izzi Valerie Arris M .O.M .'s first proj ect in N o rfo lk. The Debor ah Adams Linda Duvall D r. Jacqueline C arn ey Angelia Artis O lor unferni M e one da y cli nic , manned by 168 volunteers, D r. Wally Edens Susan Carr Lori Atkins G uarav Agarwal Ga yla Edwards including denrisrs, hygi eni srs, dental as­ Tracy Ausrin Dr. Sham en Al-Aneiz sisrants, dental and hygiene stu dents , sraff, Ellen Austin PatricK . Finnerty, Dire =c:::to~r~------""" Angela Ald rich Dr. Michael Avenr spo uses, family members a nd friends was ~i rgin i a Department of Medical Assistance LaRhon d a Al excce Dr. C harles Ayers Dr. Ab rar Algharair held o n Octo ber 18. O ver 300 N o rfolk Services Kath erin e Aylor M on a Ali area residents received dental services Angela Bailey Carolee Allen \X'orking on the M.O.M. Projects has been one of valued at $85 ,6 19 . Partnerships were Tin a Bailey Brad Allen the Illosr rewarding experiences in Illy personal life. Karie Bailey formed with Tidewater D ental Socie ty, Abd ulred na Al-rnazdi Maude Balrzegar Nawal Alsawailan Senrara H ealrhcare Foundation, Old Joy Barcrofr Abdul aziz Al-vazzaf Sayword Edwards Dominion University Schoo l of Dental C rawford Carrington Em man uel Amp onsah Dr. Bob Barn es Karie Edwards- Bren ner Worrh Ca rter Hygiene, V D A, VCU School of Dentist ry, Dr. Richard Barn es Dr. Da vid Ande rson Susan Elgin Heath Cas h Shero n Barn es and rhe Navy Dental C e nte r. Sandy And erson Am anda Elling er Raven Cash Hearher Bass Kelly An d rews Ti m Ellion Deanna Causey Dr. John Bass H aving seen the accomplishmems of th e Dt. David Ellis Laresha Chambliss Andrea Anglim Novella Beaver

2003 was a remarkabl e year for M .O .M! The M issio n o f Me rcy Team return ed to the Eas tern Sho re a nd Wise and ma de their first appearance in Norfolk a nd Martinsville. Volun teers from all across the state , 98 1 to be exact, ga the red 1'0 af­ ford den raJ ca re to 3,465 need y Virgi nia ns valued at $ 1.3 milli on !

38 Virginia Dental Journal

Ju lia Ellis D r. C had Ellsworth Ami English Dr. Krist ine Enri gh t Libby Epps Sean Eschenbach Joyce Estes Pam ela Evans Rob Eye Dr. Jackso n Fairclo th Dr. Steve Fallon Krisrin Farringr on Dr. Fran k Farri ngton D r. Mar ybcr h Fasano Andy Feagans Gayle Felton Julie Ferguso n Jusrin Ferguso n Rachel Ferguson Lind sey Ferguson Vicky Fernand ez C indy Fero Abb y Ferrar Dr. David Ferry Marissa FiddymenrM ule Marcus Field Kat hleen Filicko Rachael Finch Dr. Roberr Findl ey Pat rick Finnerry Ca ro l Finnerry D r. Karheri ne Fische r Harri son Fischer C raig Flaherty Terry Flercher

Tr udy Forrester Dr. Steven Forre Hel en For rner Sheila Fosrer Dr. Hunter Francis Dr. Scorr Francis Teresa Franklin Jan Franklin C h risrine Frasse Terry Freeland D r. Sharon Freeland H arris M ichele Freeman D r. John Fried man Dr. Glenn Fritz C abe Fritz Gabriel Frirz Bridgette Fulch er Christina G affos Dr. Sam Ca lsran Dr. Gr aham Ga rdner Gr eg Ga rrell

Susan G auld in Bryan Geary Dr. G.T. Gendr on O d ul!a George

Patry H arris Dawn H arris Dr. James H arrigan D r. Paul H artmann

The adonal -Iealdl Service . orps R, _ arnily co ngrarulatcs you and the M.a.M. proj ect n being honored by the I arional Po inrs of Light 'o unda tio n on Friday, January IG, 2004 . You 'a n be proud of the work M .a.:"\. ha done to xpand access [() those most in need. and the difFerence it continues to make in rhe hea lth of these ind erserved individuals and co m m u nities."

Donald L. Weaver, M.D. l\s si.n an t Surgeon General D irector ational Health Service Corps

Avi Gi bbe rman Stephanie G illispie Dr. Meera Gokli Eduar do G om ez Lee Gonrry Laurie Grasso G reg Gr ay Rachel Gregory Missy G rifl1rh Naralie Grigg s Dr. Ed G riggs Diane G rimes D r. Frank Gro gan Jen ny Gros s

Heather G ross Wendy H agar C hristie H agerr D r. Madel ine H ahn Beth H ale Sharon H all Bill Hall Holly H all Brooke H am mel足 man Niki Hammo nd Dr. John Han Bonn ie H andy Dr. Mike H anley Parry Hanl ey Perc H an ly Mo llie Han na C indy H anrahan Debr, Ha rd Betty H arger Steph anie H arris j on erra H arris

Ed H arvey C hrisry H ays Dr. Mike H ealy D r. Sandra H earne Dr. Do nna Helton Amy Hendricks D r. Clay Hendr icks Bridger H eng le Sandy H enn Billie Henry He id i Hessler-Allen Dr. Holly H ill Marr Hi ll DeBor ah Hin es Dr. Lann y H inso n C atherine H irr Dr. Sheiland ice Holmes T ina Horn e Jenn ifer H o rron Shalie H ouseknecht Joh n H oward Brenda Howard Rebecca Howard Dr. Ralph H owell Tammy Howell Ashley Howell Dr. Leroy Howell, Sr Dr. Wallace H uff An n Hu ffman Dr. Ron H unr Jon i H unr Dr. G reg H utchens Lorrie Jack Jen nifer jac ovides Ca rla [a cube Nandak a j ayaweera Linda j ayaweera Dr. C harles Jen kins Pam ela Jennings Priscilla Jessee C athleen Johns o n Jamie John so n Dr. David Jo nes Hope Jon es [onarh an Jones Susan Jon es Kim Jon es Jeremy Jon ew D r. Jame s Jordan Jennifer Joyce Dr, Jame s J ulian D r. C laire Kaugar s Dr. C arla Keene

David Keeton D r. James Keeton Debbi e Keller Dr. Cu rt Killar D r. Todd King Shcra Kite Dr. Rod ney Kli ma C arol Klima Mich elle Klima Ebo ny Knight Dr. Robert Korma n D r. Louis Korpics Allison Kraurh Caro l Kroch mal Dr. James Krochma l Luiza Kruezer Maria Kunk Pke Kyu Dr. Richard Lachine Dr. Leon Lackey In man laC ross Kim Lake Dr. Jame s Lance Jocelyn Lance He ather Land is Ma rgarer Larson Dr. Mic hael Lavinder Dr. Rand y Lazear Victo ria Lazear M ichael Lazear Joey Lee Bonn ie Lellingwell Dr. Lanny Levenso n Dr. Jeffrey Levin Kelly Lewis David Lewis Tina Lewis D irk Light hall Dr. Da n Lill Natalie Lobo Sharon Logue Joyce Lollis Dr. Jam es Lon d rey Eric Lovell Dr. Steven Lubbe Alida Lucas Teresa Luerrel Bobby Lun ka Dwa yne Lunsford Sally Lupia Dr. Ron Lynch Megan Lynch Bernad ene Mabanglo Sheree Mad ison D r. Ray M allinak Emi ly Mallinak Laura Mallinak Ann a M an illa Ron Mani lla Dominic Mani lla Da nny Mani lla Joey M anilla Megan Mansell Dr.D iana Marc hibrcda Peggy Marietta M im Marrenez Kay M arrin Dr. M .L. Mart in Kelly Ma rrinez M im Marti nez Danny Mason N icole Matern Parsy Matth ews Eli Mayes Mich elle McAllisrer

D r. Karen McAnd rew C arol McC arrh y Aman da M cClain Fairerna McC own Narasha McCoy Aaron McCrad y W hitne y M cD aniel C lay McDon ald Angela earh Ben McEvoy M arina McGr aw G eorge M cG uire D r. M ike McMunn

Leonard Nunley Lin Nunnally Ha nnah Oak land Dr. Susan O 'Connor Dr. EUen Oerrel D r. Sruarr Ogl esby D r. Udo Og ueri Esthe r O h D r. Edward S. O 'Keefe D r. Edward O 'Keefe Nico le Ol sen T iffany O 'N eill Dr. Roberr O 'N eill

Victoria McNal ly Theresa Meado ws Dr. To ny Meares Leigh Anne Melton Dr. Ema n uel Micha els Dr. Kenneth Midkiff Dr. Marissa M ikolich Faye M iles Dr. Beni ta M iller Dr. Mike Miller Dr. Aubrey Milro n Na omi Mitchell Tashara Mirch ell Dr. Joseph Mix Niloo Mofakh ami Elaine Mo lina Dr. Peyron Mo o re Melissa Mo o re Jacq ueline Moran D r. Gary Morgan Jo hn Morga n Dr. M ichael Morg an Jeanie Morgan Dr. Susan Mor ris Dr. David Morris LcAnn Mo rris Dr. Wayne Morris Irene Morrow Veldon Moser D r. Joh n Mos her Richard Mower Angela Moyer Dr. James Mue hleck Dr. David M ueller Anita Mull ins Lyn n Mul lins Dr. James Muncy Dr. Byron Mur phy Am ir Naim inejad Teresa Nelson Srina Nelson Barbara Nichols Bonnie N ickerson Marku s Niep raschk Steph anie No rman Dr. Cli nton Norris D r Jam es Nott ingham

Dr. Elberr Os borne Dr. Bruce Ove rton Rose Marie Ow en Jacqu elline Pace Sara Painte r Fred Palau Kathy Pangil inan Dr. Russell Pape Dr. Maria Pappas Fairh Parker Dr. A.J. Patel Kalpira Patel Dr. Ajit Patel Priya Patel Susan Patton Dr. Em ily Payne Dr. Alberr Payne Dr. C hris Payne Dr. Ma rgo Payne足 Robinso n Dr. W illiam Pearlman D r. Bonnie Pearso n D r. Anthon y Peluso D r. Rob err Penrerson J ulieta Perezrubi o Alejand ra Perez足 Rubio Bonnie Perkin s Jackie Perry Shanra Persaud M ichelle Peters Mia Pharn Susan Pha rr Dr. Lee Phillips Flora Phi pps Monique Phip ps Jacquelin Phoen ix Annah Ph ung Julia Pillis Sherman Pi llis Kind ra Pina

Leslie Pinksto n Bryan Pinkston D r. Dar ryl Pirok D r. Brad Piro k Rebecca Pirok Stephanie Pirok Gina Pirrone

Virginia Dental Journal


Lalita Pillm an D r. Bob Plapp Nancy Polan d Claudia Pratt Dr. Ca role Prall Yolanda Presley Dr. MCN nley Price Bob P rice Dr. James P riest Sherron Prillamon D r. Kevin Prin ce Ren ita Prince Kevin Prince, J r Kim Pucker Sherry Purchas

Robbie Schureman Sarahen a Scoro Shann on Seal' Joan Sechrisr Fara] Sedeq i Dr. Eugene Sekiguchi Vicki Semrer Parris Sewell Kara Shantz Kelly Shar p Dr. james Shearer Ryan Shearer Sue Shekoski Dr. Roy Shelburne Ross Shelburn e

'Tfiis IS tlie opportunity for me to use my talents to help the needy. while wor king with and making new friends. and to see the . miles and tears of real happi ness," Bill Hall. MO M Vo lunteer Camero n Quay le Dr. Rick Qui gg Sandy Qu inlivan Tammy Ramsey C hrystal Randolph Jon arhan Rasnake D r. Mark Raymond Bridger ReillySheridan Yol anda Reyes Pam Reynolds Lisa Reynolds Linda Reynolds D r. Elizabeth Reyno lds Princess Rhoads Dr. j oh n Rhoday Dr. James Rhod es Paige Rich Mary Rich ard Dr. Ga ry Riggs Dr. Steph en Riggs He ath er Rigney Dr. Richard Roadcap D r. Kri sri n Roberrs Dr. Kate Rob ert s Patrick Roberts Par Roberrs C handra Roberts Sharon Ro binson Robert Robinson Dr. Michael Rocklin Neal Rollins Barbara Rollins Anna Nich ole Rollins D r. Noel Root D r. Jenn ifer Rose Rosann e Rosenb erg Cheryl Rosner D r. Jobn Ross Angela Rowan Josh Rubinstein Mike Russell

Kelly Russell

Paula Ryan

Jose Saarez

Berty Sadler Su nee Salperchri yon Lisa Sands David Savage Renee Schlacrer Kelly Schul z

Dr. Ted Sherwin Suzann e Sherwin Parri Sh ifRw Wend y Sh inaulr Vali Shoo p Dr. Earl Shufford Dr. Jerem y Sh ulman Dr. Deann e Shuman Cor inna Simms Sharone Singleron Ch risrine Slagle Dr. Jay Slagle Dr. Steve Slorr Dr. Emily Smirh D r. Marci Sm ith Melissa Sm irh Michelle Sm it h

Dr. Edward Snyder Toni a Soc ha-Mower Eun Sok Monica So ler De Vega Dr. Albert Solo mo n Brandi Souliere Bersey Soulsby Elizaber h Sourhe rn Robin Sparks Brian Spears [aner Stallard Richard Stanfo rd D. Jim Stanley D r. Carl Sreger Dr. N Srenger Dr. George Srerme r Ro be rt Steve ns

Karen Stewart

Karhy Srewarr

Dr. Marrhew Srorm

40 Virginia Dental Journal

Lisa Sto rm C harity Storm Virginia Sro rrn Zac Strauss Stephanie Strickland Lauren Srrupe Sharon SIU II C hristine Suan Dr. Kir Sullivan Rosie Sumrell Dr. Richard Surer Mary Surer Miran da Swaim Sharon Swanson Dr. Kim Swanson Josh Swanson D r. Lisa Syrop Dr. Ron Tankersley Melissa Tarpl ey Tammy Tem ple Heath er Teppe rSimmons Christy Tesrerrn ent Siripoe n Thayaprasar Felecia Th om as Nicole Thom as Rachel Thom as Terrin a Thom as Dr. Jack Thompson Margar et Thomp son Alison Thompson Ben Tho rnal Brad Thwearr Teresa T irus Ca rhy Toler Taylor Townsend Charity Townsend Lou Tracy T ina Trogden Misty Trollinger Dr. Brad Trorrer

Suzie T rott er Dr. Joh n Truit t Amanda Tucker Dr. Neil Turn age Bonnie Turn age Lisa Turn er Dr. Stephe n Turrle Susan Tweed D r. Den ise Un rerbrink Mi chelle Unrerbri nk D r. Peter Van Sickels Brenda Vaughn Rena Vaughn C harlene Velvarde Dr. Bill Viglione Laura Viglione Jo Viglione Dr. G us Vlahos Deb orah Vlahos Cheryl Wagsraff Elsa Wairhe

Vanessa Walker Kri sr ie Walker Sherri Walker Jennifer Walkup D r. John Walrod Ca rol Walsh Melody Walrz Dr. Sharo ne Ward Dan a Wash burn Jenn ifer Warerm an Ga ry Warers Nathan Waymenr D r. James Webb D r. Leslie Webb Debbie Weeks D r. Jerome Weinsrein Dr. Jeffrey Weisberg Clay Weisberg Dr. Edward Weisberg Scorr Wellman JoAnn Wells D r. Ch arles Wesley

Dr. L. Wallen Wesr

Deena Wesr

D r. Lisa Wesrmoreland Melanie Wexel Gu y W heatley Dr. John Wh eless Sharon W hirehead Evalyn W hirehu rsr Andrew Whirfi eld Dr. Gregory Wh irmer Teresa Wiley Dr. Miles W ilhelm Martha Wilhel m Amber Wilhel m D r. Daniel William s Keith Williams Jon arhan William s Wayne Williams Pamela W illiams Paul Wilson Joe Wilson Terri Win gfield Tamara W irhers D r. Hollis Wolcorr Aleta Wood D r. Roger Wood Elise Wooding Dr. Krisra Woodlock David Wood ruff Sec. Jane Woods jean erre Woolard Judy Woolrid ge Pedram Yagh mai Dr. Kent Yandle Linda Zack Stan lack Dr. Allan Zeno Arlene Zeno Drew Zim a Dr. And rew Zi mm er D r. Kath y Z inas Th eresa Z inn Jod y loo k

Pierre Fauchard Academy Grants and Scholarships Dr. Carl Lundgren, president of the Pierre Fauchard Academy Foundation, is pleased to announce the awarding of almost $3 ,000,000 in grants and scholarships since 1996. Over 720 scholarships have been awarded to dental stu de nt s who pos足 sess leadership qu alities. Each of the 54 dental schools within the conti足 nental United States is eligible for a $1,500 scholarsh ip. Outside of the U.S . some 28- 30 countries have been awarded scholarships and, in light of a favorable exchange rate, some of the se countries have been able to share the money between two (or more) dental schools. 240 to 250 grants have been awarded to dental programs serving the need y. One su ch program in Massachusetts helps to identify lost o r abused ch il足 dren through a dental print program. Over $350,000 is available for grants and scholarships in 2004. Grant ap足 plications must be subm itted by June 1, 2004 (late subm issions will not be con sidered for 2004) . For further information, please utilize the PFA website, or con tact: Dr. Fred Halik, 30 Spruce Ridge, Fairport, NY 14450-42 78; (585) 218-9393; fax (585) 387-9 134; . iThe Virginia Dental Health FOllnaation was one of the many programs rhat benefited from grants given our in 2003 by the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

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We know that you already give away a lot of dentistry in your office.

We know that you are already involved in your community.

We know that you rarely receive recognition for your efforts.

We know that your time is precious.

We know that you care.

We know that dental access is a tough issue with no easy answers.

We know that you like to work with familiar equipment.

We know that you would like to "pick and choose" your pro bono cases.

We know that sometimes are just "not good times" to volunteer.

We know that you like to do dentistry and not paperwork.

We know that people with serious problems often need to see specialists.

We know that you like to use familiar labs.

We know that transportation and no-shows are deterrents against working with this


We know that the rewards are great.

We know that you can make a difference.

We Know How to Make Volunteering Easy. Re gister Today. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Thank You for Volunteering to be a • Donated Dental Services (DDS) Volunteer Dentist! • • • How many DDS patients would yo u co ns id er accepting in the next year? _ • • • Wha t ty pe(s) of patients would you consider treating? • •• 0 disabled 0 elderly U medica lly-compromised • Is yo ur office wheelchair accessible? U Yes U No • Do you ha ve hospital operating room privileges? ::l Yes • Which hospi ta lts)?

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Fax registration card to (804) 261-1660 or return to Donated Dental Services, c/o Virginia Dental Association 7525 Staples Mill Road, Richmond, VA 23228

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Virginia Den tal Association Donated Dental Services 7525 Staples Mill Road Ric hmond, VA 23228

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Child ren's Dental Health Month Events: Reports By Component Component 1 - The Tidewater D ental As­ sociation and the Old Dominion School of Dental Hygiene worked together on Feb ru­ ary 14, 2004 to provide dental screenings, radiographs, and sealants, when ap pro pr i­ ate, for children in need in th e T idewa ter area. Drs. Anthony Pelu so and C harles Wesley were the co-chairs for G KAS! D ay 2004 . Tidewater members also helping wi th th is event were Dr. Todd Bivins, Dr. Rob Ca nd ler, Dr. Da vid C rause, Dr. Ca th­ erine Fulton, Dr. John Mo sh er, D r. Krista Wo od lock, and 47 other dental volu ntee rs. T idewa ter used 2 nd year hygien e stu de nts who provided Auorid e treatments for all of the 4 0 ch ild ren seen. Th e Boys and Gi rls .-----,= """'ea C lub bused in three gro ups of child ren at a cos t of $ 125 to the TDA. Additionally-> th e Oral Health C oalition paid for sealan t ma­ terial s, with an approximare value 0 $8 00 , for those children who needed sdd anrs .

Thi s year 566 childre n received dental ed uca­ tion in th e Southside D ent al Assoc iatio n! C om po nent 4 - Ric h mo nd D ental Society ran a very successfu l GKAS! D ay p rogram a t th e Boys G irls C lub of Richmond . This yea r over 53 0 chi ld ren rece ived dental exami na­ tion s, prophys, and to pical fluoride treat ­ ments. So me chi ld ren we re also given dental sealants . Televisio n cha nne ls 12 an d 6, radi o statio n W RVA and Th e Rich mond T imes­ D ispatch Newspa pe r all provided medi a cove rage. Ove r 100 ch ildr en were referr ed for follo w-up care and are no w in th e process of being match ed wi t h vo lu nt eer dentists. O ver RD me m be rs, h ygienists, 150 M CV dental st ud ents, and assistants volunteered their time an d ski lls fo r th is success ful event . Some of tHe Richmond D ent al Soc iety member volunteering at th e Boys and G irls Club wer Drs. Najares Abtahi, Ann e Ad ­ ams, Raridy Adams, Marielen a Arr oyo-Pr att , Carl Atklns, Am y Baluyur, Jeff Blair, Ca rl Block, Jackie C arney, Tom Coo ke, Ma rt ha Dawson , Jack Dunlevy, Raym on ia Eddleron, Beth Eaber, Kit Finley- Park er, Steven Fo rte, Randx oy, Edwa rd G riggs, Frank Iuorno, Nick ombardozzi, Norm an M ark s, H arold M artinez, Mike M cMunn, Sujit Mo h anry, _1\ ' Joy oretti, Cli nt Norris, Ku rt O beck, Kate Ro errs, Ed wa rd Ross, j r., L. SCO tt Sill, i\1l1son Sm ith Pu rcell, Far Solranian, Kit Sul­ Ii\' n Paul Wh ite, an d Roger Wood .


Com ponent 2 - Dr.Scott Francis com­ municated with the head nurses at four ele me nt ary schools in the Hampton Roads and Newport News area to coordinate - - .'" ,." "", GKAS! events. The school nurses played an integral role by obtaining permission form s an d bringing the students to the screen ing areas. Dr. Francis also had the assistanc e of the Residency Pro gram Directo rs at Langley, AFB who arranged for th e part icip ation o f all six of the dental residents in th e G KAS! D ay events.


J and Ki mberley Boyle did ed uca tion­ Dr. Karen C ole, D r. Lan ny Hinson and 5 al presentati ons for 358 students at Battl e­ help ers traveled to Briarfield Eleme ntary So uthside De n tal Soc iety held their an­ field Elem entary, Liberty C h ristian and Co ld Scho ol on February 6 th whe re 50 eleme nta­ nu al Dental Health Extravaganza Fair at Harbor Eleme nta ry in M ech an icsville. Th ey ry sch oo l ch ild ren were screened for dental M all, in Co lonial H eigh ts, VA also agreed to p rovid e a co m plete resto ration Southpark disease and given oral hygien e instruct ion s. on Saturday, Februa ry 2 8, 2004 . Th e health for a stu dent at Co ld H arb or. C h ild ren needing furth er care were referred iF in It Ii rmat i n fa I ,dini.csrl= = = = = ::::1 to p rivate dentist or community dental Dr. Roger Wood received $1,000.00 don a­ view bo ard s an d VC U/M CV dental and clinics . At Carver Elementary Sch ool , Dr. tion .Irom CHW Hospital to be used for ~ ygiene Stu e ts. South sloe De ntal Socienr Mitch Avent, Dr. Liz Bernhard, Dr. D avid GK1!SJ Day. ," I volun teers s I' p cha irs fron $h e Public . Bowers and 7 helpers screened 7 5 children 'H ealth dep rtrnen t to screen many pa tients . ages 5-8 for dental disease and provided Dr. Stephanie Sawyer's G KAS! event took C h ester field C ounty and Pete rsburg Ciry, preventive care information. On February place February 4-6, 2004 wh ere she screene d Ciry of H op ewell, C ity of Colon ial H eights, 13th, 50 children from Merrimack Elemen­ 117 ch ild ren . Exams, prophys, and Auor ide Dinw idd ie Cou nty and Prin ce Ge orge tary School in Hampton were screened we re pro vided for child ren from Ro bert L. Co u nty Schools participated in an essay for dental disease, provided oral hygiene Tay lor D ayca re, Petersburg H ead Start and co nt est. Th e w inn ers were p resent at th e instructions and given goodie bags by Dr. Wo odro w Eleme nta ry School. C h ild ren Health Extravaga nza and read th eir essays. D ani el Gabriel , Dr. Melissa Kru se, Dr. Ted Each winner was also presente d with a gift needing furth er treatment were sched uled fo r Rigby and three helpers. Dr. Zane Berry, appo int me nts at th e ] .T, H arri s C lin ic. cert ificate during the D ent al H ealth Fair. Dr. W illiam Jeffrey, Dr. Brad y Th om son and four helpers visited C ary Elem entary In Rich mo nd, over 900 ch ild ren received D r. Ga lsta n, Dr. Ward , Dr. Farri ngton, and Scho ol wh ere they screened , pro vided oral and dental health materials education Wells received a Resolutio n on Feb­ JoAnn hygien e instructi ons and handed ou t goo dy through the GKAS! initi;tive. the C hest erfield Co unty ruary l l th from bags to th e child ren. Board of Supervisors declari ng Febru ary as Com ponent 5 - Dr. Donna Helton sent a D ental H ealth M onth. Com po nent 3 - So u thsi de Dental Society


Virginia Dental Journal


newsletter ro all her pa tient s in Januar y aski ng them if th ey kne w of a child in need in th e co mm unity, and if so, ro please refer that child / fam ily to her o ffice. Th e effort prove d ro be a success when D r. H elron saw 20 child ren wh o received exam s, clean ings, fluo ride, sealants and dental good y bags. Dr. C h ris King in Lyn chburg, VA, had arra nged a GKAS! event in th e Lyn chburg Free Cl in ic. H e had fo ur volunteer dentist an d staff ready ro treat area child ren in need, bur unfortun ately th ere were n o chi ld ren who roo k ad vantage of the program in Lynchb urg . In Martinsville. Dr. Mark Cra btree visited a local elementary school wh ere h e p rovid ed de ntal ed uca tio n ro 30 child ren on GKAS! Da y. C o m ponent 6 - D r. Mike Abb ott and Dr. Todd Pillion were th e compon ent coord ina­ rors for th is year's GKAS! Day cam paign. Th ey focu sed on seven elem en tary schoo ls in Washingron C ou nty. In December 2003, a me etin g was held with th e schoo l nurses w here their help was requested for provid ing o ral health and hygie ne instr ucti on to the student s o f th eir schoo ls. Each school nu rse was also requ ested ro ide nt ify a st udent who d id not hav e th e availabiliry of routine den­ tal care. Dr. Abb orr had found several area volu n teer denti sts w ho ag reed ro take on e ch ild in the most need from each schoo l and provide them with full treatm en t. Those vol­ unteers were: Dr. Ramsey White, Dr. M ike Dory, Dr. Ronn ie Brown and Dr. G len Young. Four element ar y scho ols decided to parri cipare in G KAS! th is year. Fro m t hose four schools, 10 50 chi ld ren received de nta l health inst ru ctions and four studen ts received comprehensive dental treatment. D r. Wally Huff s office held its a n­ nu al G KAS! Day event o n February 13rh. C H IPS and H ead Stan Pro gram s as well as M ontgomer y C ou nty nurses and staff assisted in th e event by inform ing fam ilies abo ut G KAS! Dr. Huff an d volunteers provide d oral health instruct ion s, T B/Floss/ Supplies, exams, x-rays, prop hy, seala nt s and Huoride for 30 ch ild ren. Dr. Huff will also be providing co m ph resive follow-u p care for eight ch ild ren . D r. Ronald Jessu p spoke at an eleme nt ary scho ol in Southwest Virginia. H e p rovided health educat ion ro 650 children o n Febru­ ary 6th. D r. Edward Sny de r visired C am pbell Cour t Elementary Scho ol where he ed ucated and

42 Virginia Dental Journal

gave our dental supplies to 120 0 ch ild ren. Almos t 3,000 child ten were educat ed abou t good dental ca re and oral hygiene in So u th­ west Virginia th is year! C o m ponent 7 - Drs. Joe Gre ene, Steve Alvis and Vic Saunders co-chaired a very successfu l GKAS! D ay event. They held a He alth Fair o n Februar y 2 1, 20 04 , whe re 9 12 ch ildre n rece ived dental ed uca tion and handouts. Oral screenings were provided for 100 chil ­ d ren. Shenand oah Valley D ent al Associatio n h ad 25 denti sts and 49 others co me ou t ro volu nteer their time for thi s event . So me o f th e She na ndoah Valley Associat ion me mbers vo lunt eering were: Drs. C h ris An gelopulos, Kathy Biery, Ann a Boggs, D on Brown, Todd Fowler, Steve Ga rd ne r, Joe G reene , Dave

de nt al volu nteers. To m W ilso n ar ranged Ior all food don ati on s for the volun teers. Fairfax County Pu blic Health Department also held a D en tal H ealth Fair on Febru ar y 6, Dr. Deidre Kir k, and Dr. Maureen Locke along with many volu nt eers ed ucated and screened 150 child ren . Dr. Me lan ie Love and Dr. M ark Mi ller were ver y bu sy during D ental Health Mo nt h a nd beyond, visiting num erou s area schools from Februar y 9 th - March 29t h. When all is said and don e they will have seen 1,088 ch ild ren! D r. Bruce Hu tch ison and h is den tal sraff

visited nin e eleme nt ary sch ools during

D ental H ealth M onth and p rovided oral

hygiene inst ruct ions and dental goo dy bags

to approxim ately 80 0 child ren.

Drs. Sara Bren d moen, Olmedo Villavi­ cencio , Ch ristopher Spag na, Eva Plera and Brenda Young also visited local element ary and pro vided de nta l ed uca tio n to the man y chi ld ren in Nort hern Virginia. In Northern Virginia, over 2,200 ch ild ren

received oral health care edu cati on during

D enta l H eal th Mo nt h.

2004 Give Kids A Smile! Volunteers H all, Mac Hu tson , G reg Jo hnso n, Dave Kenee, Fran Kray, Brent Lenz, Wi llard Lutz, Joe Mcl nryre, Rob McKearney, Fred Murray, Da n ny Nee se, Steve Paulette, Berk Pern­ be rro n, Alan Robbin s, Vic Saund ers, Anne Shi llinge r and Jim Wh irney. C om po nent 8 - D r. Brenda Young hosted her G KAS! D ay event ar rhe new hygiene schoo l in Springfie ld, VA. Du e to ano rher "weather event", they su ffered schoo l delays and had a poo r [Urn ou r. Dr.Yo un g util ized t he majority of rhe Isr and 2nd year hygien e stude n ts ro screen rhe children . Exams, clea nings, Auor ide trearrnenr, x-rays, and sealant s were provided ro 4 0 childre n. Eigh­ teen children in need of funh er rrearrnenr received refer rals to rhe N O VA M .O.M. Projecr bein g held March 26 and 27 th. In addi t ion, one ch ild was referred ro a private office . Dr. You ng had 15 voluntee r denri srs from her local dental soc iery includi ng D rs. Roberr Ar gen tieri, Tuo nganh Dang, Frank D 'Aq uila, C ha rlto n Ho, Howard Kelley, D eirra Kirk , M aur een Locke, Peter Lorenzo, SCO[[ McQu isron, Bhavan a M istr y, Al Riz­ kalla, Leslie Rye, Jeff Weaver, Ca rol Wood­ de ll and Bren da You ng alon g with 46 other

The VDA wo u ld like ro rhank all of th e ind ivid uals wh o help ed ro m ake G ive Kids A Sm ile! 2004 a hu ge success! Tho usa nds of ch ild ren acro ss Virginia rece ived dental edu ­ ca tion and treat ment throughout February as pan of th e natio na l inir iarive. The GKAS! program was made possibl e th rough rhe hard wo rk and ded icat ion of th e hundreds of volunteers listed below.

Please note that the list ofvolunteers includes only those who were reported to the VDA pri­ or to press time fo r the VA Dental journal. D r. Michael Ab bor r Ms. Ca rol Ab bo tt D r. Na ja res Ab rahi Dr. Ann e Ad am s D r. Rand y Adam s D r. Sreve Alvis D r. C h ris An geIopul os M s. An d rea Angli m Dr. Ro be rr Ar genri eri D r. M ari elen a Ar royo-Prarr Dr. Ca rl Arkins D r. M irch ell Avenr M s. Tina Bailey M s. Meda Baker Dr. Am y BaJuy ur M r. Dan Band ler M s. Dani elle Bano li M s. Adri ana Ba rber

M s. Joy Barcro ft M s. Bon nie Basserm an Dr. Eliza ber h Bern hard Dr. Zan e Be rry Dr. Karhy Bier y Mr. David Biery M s. M eghan Biery D r. To d d Bivins D r. Je ff Blair Dr. Ca rl Block D r. Ann a Bogg s M s. Sally Boone M s. Rebecca Bow e n Dr. D avid Bowers M s. M arcia Boyd D r. Jay Boyle M s. Ta m ra Bra mwel l D r. Sa ra Brend moe n

Dr. Sruarr Brorh M s. Jen n ie Brown Dr . Ro n n ie Bro wn Dr. Do n Brown M s. Rh o nda Burcham M s. C yndi Burcherr Ms. Ta nya Burns M s. K. Bu rro n M s. Shelby Bus h-Jo nes Ms. Susan Byrd-Harvey Ms. Berry Campbell D r. Rob Ca nd ler Ms. Jan ice Ca n nella D r. Jack ie Ca rney M s. Krisric Casper Dr. Steve n Casrro M s. Gi na C iaverella M s. Astri d C lam p Dr. Karen Cole Ms . Helen Collie M s. Ni kki Conelly D r. Tom Cooke M s. N ikk i Coonl ey Ms. J un e Cox Ms. Annerre C ox D r. M ark Crabtree Ms. Bue na Craft M s. Felicia Craig D r. D avid C rau se Ms. C rysta l Cubbage M s. Brand y C u bbage Dr. Tu o nganh D an g M s. Tina Daniels Dr. Fran k D'Aquila D r. Rh ea Davis M s. M aril yn Da vis D r. M arr ha D awso n M s. Ca ro lyn De at on Ms. Kenda DeFor d M s. D enia Di az Ms . j ozie DiB arr ol o M s. Lo ri Diefenderfer M s. Auru mn Di ehl Ms. Bersy DiSilvio M s. Jan Dirro D r. M ike Do ry Dr. Jack D unlevy Ms. M ichel e D ury M s. Cou rtn ey Dy e D r. Raymonia Eddl eron M s. C ha nd ra Ed mund Dr. D avid Ellis M s. C hery l End er M s. Jod y Eno ch Dr. Berh Faber Mr. Wil son Fagard o M s. Carla Faris D r. Fran k Farr in gron Dr. Da vid Ferr y M s. Ju lie Ferry D r. Kir Finley-Pa rker M s. Sue Fiske Ms. Evelyn Ford Dr. Sreven Forre M s. Marcia Fowler D r. Todd Fowler Dr. Randy Foy D r. Seorr Fran cis M s. Rizia Fran cis M s. M ari e Frye D r. Ca the rine Fulron Dr. D aniel Gabriel D r. Sam Galsran D r. Sreve Gard ner M s. M aureen G lick

D r. M ecra Go kli M s. Lind a Go rrscha lk M s. Ca t he rine G oyon eRami ng Ms. M inda Gray M s. M arl o Gray Dr. Joe G reene M s. M issy G riffirh D r. Edward Gr iggs M s. Kim Grossman Dr. Dave Hall M s. Amelia Hall Ms. j essica H am ell M s. Teresa H ammond D r. Mi chael Ha nley M s. Ste phan ie Hardin g M s. Shan no n Harold M s. Vir gi nia H ayden Dr. Do n na H elton M s. Billie Hen ry M s. H eidi Hessel er M s. Wendy Hicks M s. Pam Hill D r. Lan ny Hinson M s. T in a Hinto n D r. C ha rlto n H o M s. Sue Hodge M s. Brandy Horvath M s. Tammy H osw ick Dr. Wally Huff M s. Stephan ie Huffman M s. Jac kie Hugh es D r. Bruc e Hurchison Dr . M ac Hurson D r. Fran k Iuor no Dr. W illiam Jeffery Terr y Jen nin gs D r. Ro na ld Jessup Dr . G reg Johnson M s. Sand ra Keeth D r. James Kee to n Dr. Ho ward Kelley M s. Parrie KendaH Dr. D ave Kenee M s. La urie Kerruish M s. Jill Kestn er M s. M aniell a Khod ado usr Dr. C h ris Kin g M s. Kellie Kircheval Dr. De irra Kirk M s. M argarer Koep ke M s. Kr isry Kosryal M s. Teresa Krack e D r. Fran K ray D r. Mel issa Kru se M s. Becky Lambert D r. Peter Lanzaro Dr. Bonn ie Lash ley Dr. Brent Len z M s. Steph an ie Liskey Dr. M aureen Locke Dr. Nic k Lornbard ozzi D r. M elanie Love Dr. Wi lla rd Lut z M s. Sh ree Mad ison M s. T racy Man ni n no Dr . Norman Marks M s. Kim Marsh D r. H arold M art inez M s. Kim be rley May M s. Gayle M cC o mb s M s. N arasha M cCoy Dr . Joe Meln ryre D r. Ro b McKearn ey Mr. Tra vis M cM ullen

Dr. Mi ke McMunn D r. SCO tr McQuisro n M s. Shirley Mea de Mr. Jo nar han Mercad o Ms. H earh er Messi ck Dr. M ark Miller M s. Lisa Milsred Ms. Brenda Minor Dr. Bhavan a Mi sr ry Dr. Suji r Mohan ry Hd rnan y Mol Ms. C a rolyn Moore M s. M elissa Mo or e Dr. Jo y Morerri D r. Joh n Mosh er M s. Kat hy Mulloy Dr. Fred Murray Ms. Step ha nie Mursh py Mr. Ro be rt N ash Dr. D anny Neese M s. An n News ome H ein Nguyen M s. Lisa Noble Dr. C lin r Norris Dr . Ku rr O beck

Ms. Di an e Sim pso n M s. Becky Skaar M s. Ro bin Sma ll M s. Mary Smi rh M s. Lorraine Smir h Dr. Alliso n Smirh Pur cell Dr. Ed ward Snyder D r. Far So lran ian Ms. Do nn a So mers M s. Kendra So u rs M s. Shee na Sours Dr. C h risto pher Spagn a M s. Ro se Stevens D r. Kir Su llivan M s. Renee Talle y Ms . Anne Ta ub Ca rney Dr. Brad y Thompson M s. Kelly Thompson M s. Evelyn Thom so n M s. C arhy Toler M s. Lyn n Tolle M s. Sara To mli n M s. Debbie Torres D r. Brad ley Trotter M s. Ed irh Tyna n

Ms . D an a O ' Brien Dr. Steve Paulerre Ms. My ra Paulerre M s. Ka rie Paulerre Ms. Joan Pelleg rin i D r. Anr ho ny Peluso Dr. Ber k Pemberton M r. Di ego Perez Dr. To dd Pillion D r. Eva Plcra M s. Gi nny Poff Ms. Nadi a Ram sey M s. Allen e Rice D r. Ted Rigby Dr . AI Rizkalla M s. No rma Road cap Dr . Alan Robb ins Dr . Kate Rob errs D r. Edward Ross, J r. Dr . Leslie Rye M s. Ca ro l Sand ner D r. Vic Saund ers Ms. Kim Saunders Dr . Srephanie Sawy er M s. T ina Schrader Dr . James Schroeder Ms. Shan non Seal' M s. j an netre Sedo Dr. An ne Sh illin ger Dr . Arshia Shin gler M s. Deanne Shum an Dr . 1. Scorr Sill Mr. J im Simmo ns

D abn ey Vaccao Ms. Annab elle Velazq uez Dr. O lmed o Villavi cen cio M s. Jen ni fer Walkup M s. C aro l Walsh M s. Brir Wam pler D r. Sharo ne Wa rd Ms. Di ane Ward M s. Lindsey Warren D r. Jeff Wea ver Ms. JoAnn We Us M s. D onna Wells M s. Erin Well s M r. Harold W ells M s. M arlene W e.ll s Dr. C ha rles W esley D r. Paul Wh ite D r. Ramsey Wh ire D r. Jim Whimey M s. Kim Whittem o re M s. Teresa Wil ey M s. Amber W ilh elm M s. Pamel a W illiams M s. Sh erry W ilso n M s. Donna Wil son Mr. Duane Wi ngfield Dr. Gord on W ircher Dr. Ro ger Wood Dr . Ca ro l Woo d dell Dr. Krista Woo d lock M s. Cindy Wo olfolk Dr . Ke nt Yandl e

Ms. Barba ra Yandle Dr. G lenn Young D r. Brenda Young Student Volunteers Jason Abel Ad uana Abell Ahmad Al Arrar Humam Alatha ri Krisry Alger M on a Al-Omain ah Abdullah Alshuraid ah M o hamed Alzahran i Lind a And rews M ar iya Aubo mo u Berh Bader An dr ew Baird Katie Ballanty ne H eath er Bass Sreve Boorh V icky Bossie Bersy Brinker Steven Brooks Bran da n Bushkill Irin a C hand ler D an C ha rrerley Jam ie C hild ress C rysta l Cook Vanessa Copeland Jim Corwick C arring ron C rawfo rd [ erm a D ashi ell C am pb el l Delk Co lby Eckels jonarha n Ellis Bec ky Faircl o rh Vicro ria Fern and ez M erissa Fidd ym em-Mule Cra ig Flah erry Chad Fowler Ana Ga mez Avi G ibbe rma n Tabbi rha G ran rha m D avid H adl ey Broo ke Hammelm an D rake H ammelman Cyndi H ard ing Jesse H arri s M ike H efflefin ger M ar k H orning Lee Hyen Edwa rd 1m Ca rhi Jackso n M ich elle Johnson She ila Kar wan Rira Kennedy Nab cel Khan For ogh Kha srash i M ike Klema nn Sheela Kori Kel ly Kraw zik Imma laCross H eather Land is Sa ng Lee Joey Lee Richard Lehew Lind sey Lewis Leslie Lewis Rose Lucai Al ida Lucas Keeia Maldonado Leigh Mann ing

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Student News On February 17,2004, the Virginia Dental Associati on hosted its m onthly Dinner and Learn Program . February's topi c was "Build ing Your Dream Practice" presented by Dr. Michael McMunn. Dr. McMunn had an engaging, hands on presentation that kept the students awake and on their toes! The students left that evening with handouts and Dr. Mclvlunn's person al experiences of what has worked for him in creating his dream pract ice. The VDA tha nks D r. McMunn for his contribution to o ur future dentist! February 20, 2004, the VDA hosted its annual Seni or Transition Program for the graduating dental students. Dr. Wil son Jewell, l Sth District Rep, from Wilmington , NC opened with a power p oint presentation and discussed the value of organized dentistry. Dr. Milton Cook, proud VCU graduate of 2003, cam e to speak to the students about his first year out of dental school. Dr. Cook purchased a pri ­ vate practice in Sm ithfield, VA, and shared his exper iences of being a new dentist and sole business owner. Thank you Dr. Coo k! Dr. Kate Roberts, soo n to be pediatric student , shared her experiences of working as an associa te. She gave the students good question s to ask if they were considerin g going into an associate ship and shared her experiences of working as an associate with the students. Many thanks Dr. Roberts!


Virginia Dental Journal

February 26, 2004, the woman of the Virginia D ental Association join ed togeth er in honor of the women dental students at Dr. Karen McAndrew's lovely home. Female dentists from Souths ide Dental Society, Richmond Den­ tal Society, and dental students "What an exciting time in dentistry to have the opportu­ nit}' to mentor such energetic, enrhusiasric, and talent ed came together young women.' for an enjoy able - D r. Karen McAndrew evening of good

food , fellowsh ip,

and lots of talk! Th e VDA would like to thank Dr. Eliza­

beth Reynolds for helpin g to coo rd inate this event as well

as thank Dr. Karen M cAndrews for graciously opening her


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Priya Pare! Lo ri Perr y

Lien Pha n Bob Q uilcz Sand ra Ramirez jon at h an Ras nak e T:1ra Rice Te rri Roge rs Su nee Salperch n iyo n

Alysia Sanford Kelly Sch ulz Er in Sim m ons D eepa Sim o n

Stephany Smith Eunook Sok Brian Spt'ars D avid Steven s

Scorr Stodda rd J aso n Srraw

Ch ristine Suan Krisry Su rf i ng D an iello Swins b u rg Tokhi T;1Ufi g

Siripo rn Th ayaprnsar Sco rr Thews Ben Th o rnal Dave Throc km or ro n Roya To rknma n ia IrzelTor rer T aylor Tow nsend

An Tran Lisa Turner

David Woodr uff Ped ram Yagbrnai Maryam Zart.'i




jcnn Zso sld os

Additional Participants: Dr. Do nna Sutphin J\1 5. Ro ma Bushra M s. Ca thy Bcraled Ms. Josephin e Soriano Mr. Chun Ho Ms. Sonia Mo ncada Dr. Kimbe rly Boylc Dental H ygi ene Student Participants jessica Bell Alison C hitwood Jill Dc lvillar Arlene Duncanson- Taylor Anne- Syd ney Hard en Sarah Hill

Allison Krauth Mari a Ku nk Cand ace Mu rphy Lili Roche Vanessa Walk<:r Danca Boo uer Shelley Caud ill Stepha nie G rooms Lisa H am bl in Kim Jo hnson Sarah Larimer Ir ene M eerer

j enna M idulla April Miles Ashlt')' Moore Tara Mo rris Bet h Robin so n Srep hnn ic S tonley Jam ie W h irc

Keith Van Tassell

Margarcr Wyn nc

Na rc Vogt Cc n na Wa nze r Clay Wc isbl' rg D on na We n rz

C hris to p her Rcc ccr

Julie Tran Rob Eye L1Ck Strauss

What th e Students H ad To Say:

Esther Oh:

"whenever there's wom en and good food together,

ther e', always a good time!

But, it was incredibl e to catch a glimpse of rhe mu足

tu al respect amo ng th e women dentists, and to talk 贈( ~

som e of rhe people who have paved the road ahead of

us. they were living proof thar we C AN have it all: a

strong marria ge an" family, an autonomous lifestyle,

and an exciti ng, fulfilling career."

Sariah Light:

" I thou ght the evening was awesome. Ir was nice

ro know that even though I am silting in my lab

working tirelessly on the rnanikens, there's actu ally a

real world out ther e where women are able to make ir

work with having both a career and a family."

Component II Peninsula

D r. Barr y Ei nho rn , Editor

D r. E lizabeth A. Bernhard, Edi tor

N o Ne ws To Rep o rt , Pl ease Co n tac t Yo ur Com po nen t Secretary.

Greetings from the chilly sou th o I hope by the tim e you read this report spring Component III will have sprung because this has been Southside a long and cold winter. Component # 1 ha s been bu sy, as always. By the time you read this the sp ring Mi ssion o f Mercy will h ave com e and gone. Every time we produce one of th ese mi ssion s we touch the D r. Mike Hanley, Editor lives of m any disad vanta ged folks Greetings from the So uthside! in our Commonwealth. The lev el M ade it throu gh th e winter of"04. It of particip ation in th e mi ssion s is wasn't th at bad. Alth ough my staff noteworthy and in th e words of our was pret ty sure that we should have esteemed leader, Bud Zimmer, " Virginia closed 8 or 9 days because of sno w; leads the nation." but if an 80 year old with a walker can Our next cont inuing edu cation prog ram make it in. . . . is scheduled for Friday, April 25 at the Our component had 4 offices treat Hol iday Inn-Greenbrier. The Spea ker kids on Giv e Kids A Sm ile Day. Dr is Dr. Christopher A. Hooper who will Keaton used his office with Dr. Far足 talk abo ut "Conte m po rary Functional ringto n help ing h im out. Drs Galsron Esth etics". and Ward used their office and were Our compo nent is proud of the serv ice jo ined by Dr. Lashley. Dr Trotter whi ch Dr. Gary Taylor performed as a provided oral surgery expert ise in his member and president of the Virginia office. I wo rked in my office and was Board of Dentistry. He is stepping down able to delegate all the difficult cases to after 7 years of service. Dr. Ferry and Dr. Yandle. At a recent me eting o f Th e Fellows We not only did a good service for of C om po ne nt # 1 agreed to create a some very appreciative kids and Humanitarian Award to honor o ne parents, but had a good time do ing of our coll eagu es wh o has performed it. We all agreed it was well worth ou r "Deeds of Kindness" throughout his or efforts, Perh aps next year we'll double her career. W e hope to encou rage the or tripl e the participants. VDA Fellows to select an honoree on On February 28th, we had our 9 th an annual basis. annual Health Fair at Sourhpa rk Many of our members are involv ed in Mall. We didn't have the van for the plans for the State meeting in Septem ber. 1st tim e; but a couple of divid ers and W e promise to have a ver y excit ing som e portable chairs and I think we schedule of social events to supplement were ab le to see even more patients th e outstanding continuing edu cation than before. Every winner of the essay program . C ome and enjoy Tidewater contest was present; and those who in late summer! could wrestle the mi crophone away from Sam C alston were able to read their essays. Dental stude nts, hy足 giene stu dents, faculty, and Southside volu nte ers really informed, edu cated ,

Virginia Dental Journal


and treated a large number of shoppers that Saturday. Dr. Ellis you ask. .. Yes, he was there. H e brought shoppi ng to a standstill as a huge number of children blo cked th e aisles to see how many cotton rolls he co uld stuff into his mouth. We could n't quite ma ke out wh at he was mumbling as mall secur ity took him away. special year for each of you and your families. May we find our wo rld at peace, m ay we help o ur fellow man and may we kno w only the good thin gs Life ha s to offer. C o m po nent IV Richmond

Dr. Kit Finley-Parker, E ditor

Spring is in the air! The Rowers are blooming, the bird s are sin ging and the Richmond Com po nent members are busy as bees. Dr.Kim Swanson, our component President, has done a fantastic job of leading o ur society th is year. Her call to "G et Involved" and to "Give Back to the Co m m u­ nity" stirred man y members to act ion . Thank you Kim for all you have don e for us as President of Component IV. D r. Ed G riggs, our Treasurer, has done a fabulous job of keeping the RDS financiall y secure. Hi s lon g ran ge planning o n our beh alf is grearly app reciated . Thank you Ed! We also need to th an k Dr.Anne Adam s and Dr. Charlie C utti no for th eir vigilant wat ch over o ur Socie ty. I can th ink of countless people wh o would not be at th e level of involveme nt in o rgan ized dentistry if it were not for th e enco urage me n t and mentoring from this dynamic duo. M an y, many, th anks Anne and C ha rlie fo r giving so much to us ind ivid ually and as a Society. We are trul y grateful. We also need to thank Linda Sim on , RDS

46 Virginia Dental Journal

Executi ve Secretary for her tireless ef­ fons on behalf of Com ponent IV: We appreciate Linda's excellent facilitatio n of the Soc ieties business. On a very sad note, the RD S lost a very special new member, Dr. Pamel a Nuckols. Pamela d ied in February after her battle with breast cancer. Pamela was such a br ight sh in ing star wh o touched so man y lives. She will forever be in o ur hearts. The RDS will be spo nsoring an all day CE course by Dr. Kit Weathers. Jr. whos e lecture is entirled " Tak ing the Stress and Myster y OUt of Endodon­ tics." The RDS Annual G olf Outing and C ooko ut will be held on June 4 , 2004 . The location is still to be determined . The RDS wishes all of the sta te com ponent societies a very happy and healthy summer. Take time to spend with your fami lies and loved o nes. Take time to enjoy all your blessings. Tak e time to sm ell th e roses! C om po nent V Piedmont

Dr. Lori Snidow, Ed itor

N o News To Rep o rt. Please Contact Your Compo nen t Secretary. C o m po nent VI Southwest

D r. Rober t G. Schuster, Editor

Component VII Shenandoah Valley

Dr. H arry M. Sartelle, I ll, Presi dent

Submi tt ed By Larry Brannon: The Ch arlottesville/Albemarle Dental Society's Communi ty Service Program has treated 28 1 patients prov iding a total of $7 43,000 wo rth of pro bono dental work. Akeel, Ed Alcorn, Elizabeth Barberio. Frank Bickers, DJ Brannon . Larry Bream , Alan Brooks . Cynthia Buch , Ro bert Collins. Jonas C rowder. Nellie Eisenh ardt, Pere

Fairclot h, Jack Fraires, Srephen Franger , Jim Freedman, Kathryn Friedlander, Mark Gilrain. David Grover, Bob Gru pp. Bill Haddix, Wes H arris, Cliff Heath , Richard Hoard, Brian H odges. Jeff Hun d , Larry Inouye, David Jones. Dan Kangur, Tom Kayron, Jack Kelly , Dan Kelly, Ellen Knierim , Sca r Knighr, Jay Krese, David

Lippard, H aJ Lyon, Joh n Mallek, Leo M ina [al ali Phillips, Doug Rasmussen , Ken Reid, Joh nny Rem ingto n , Wayne Rice, Jennifer Rice, Jim Sode rq uist, Jim Spano, Brad Spano, Don Spence, Jeff Starkey, Tom Stares, Michael Steinberg. Tore Swerr, D avid Swen, Rebecca Taylor, Emery Taylor, Trice T isdelle, Michael Waff , Joe Wall, Greg Weiss, Ban Wh ired, Do n \Xfhirm er • Greg W hynorr, C hris Wilhelm, Miles Wi lkerson, Raben Williams, Tom Yarbrough, Nelson You ng, Mark

Component VIII Northern Virgin ia

N o N ews To Rep ort. Ple ase Co ntact Yo ur Co mponent Secretary Dr. Sco tt Mcquiston, Editor

Spring is in the air and Northern Vir­ ginia is elated! After a snowy, icy,

icky and ra iny first qu arter, things seem better. We had a di sappointing turnout for Gi ve Kid s a Smile Da y due to horrible weather that clo sed down the sc hoo ls in Fairfax County. O ver 200 c hildren from local He ad Start programs were sch eduled to atte nd the da y, however o nly 40 strappe d on the ir ice boots to at­ tend the event. It was a worthwhile proj ect w ith 60 vo lunteers and was held at the newly built Northern Virginia C o mm unity C ollege dental hyg ien e department. Th anks to Sul ­ livan-Schein for the don ated dental supplies and esp ecially to chairman Brenda Youn g for her hard work in planning and exec uting the ev ent. D r. Young a ssure s me that next ye a r it will be bright and su n ny fo r this event. Speaking of kids and bright, sunny days, o ur own Dr. H.J Barrett became a proud, first time gr andfa­ ther to a beaut iful baby girl wh ose name is what els e-Barre tt . Dr. Bar­ re tt con gratul ations on yo ur new­ fo und status ! Our membership c hairman Timoth y Golan sug ges ted di stribution of o ur Society Newsl ett er to all practi cing denti st s in the North ern Virgin ia ar ea in hope s of introducin g potential new m embers to organized dentistry. Ou r current News letter was 14 pa ges and idea l fo r this pu rpose. Throu gh out the new sl etter wer e membership benefits a mo ng the local ne ws a nd art ic les . An ex cellent way show our unity and to increase membership. Recentl y spea ker Dr. Ro ss Nash breezed into Northern Virgini a , o r shall I sa y ice- skated in , to pr esent his sty le o f cosme tic dental practice. The continuing education le cture was we ll att ended with ov er 350 people i n attenda nc e. A lso at this meetin g 2 1 new members were inducted into the Soci et y-Congratulati on s !

All Component ew Is Submitted On A Volunteer Basis B. Your Com­ poncnt Secretary. To Learn More About Specific Events, Or To Find Out More About pcoming Events In Your Component, Plea. e Contact Your Component Secretar s:

Alliance News Shirley S. Meade, President The Vir ginia Alliance has been able to help suppo rr rhe M CV Clin ical Sim ularion Cam paign ($ 1000.00) an d rhe D on ared Denral Services pro gram spo nsore d by rhe VDA ($500.00). This funding is made possible by our sales of children's T-shi rrs, bib s and one sies wi rh "I Love My Dent ist , H e's/ She's My Dad/Grandpa/Mom" and by o ur sales of jewelry irems. Th e AAD A 2004 Lead ership Co nfer­ ence was held February 26-28 ar rhe Salr Lake Ci ry Marriorr Ciry Ce nrer am id snow, snow, and more snow. The rhem e of rhe co nference was "Th is Is rhe Place" and Salr Lake City certainly proved to be the place for ren ewed energy and vol unreel' spirir, as well as for excellenr skii ng. Th e first day of C on ference was Leadership/Member­ sh ip Day. Led by Cynthia D 'Amour of A n n Arbor, Michigan AADA arrendees learn ed rechniques and srraregies ro make volunreering fun and app roaches to rejuvenare co mpo nenrs. Th is was follow ed by table ropi c discu ssions on a variery of issues, wh ich offered an op­ porrun iry ro exch ange ideas an d experi­ ences wirh fellow mem bers on a variery of rop ics. Th e seco nd day of Co nfer­ ence was D enr al H ealrh Educarion an d Legislarive D ay. Duri ng rhe mo rn ing session over 20 DH E displays were o n hand for members ro view, and rhe Provo Allian ce members presenr ed rheir innovarive and enrerraini ng rnari­ onerre puppe r show enr irled " Billy rhe Cavity". M r. C lay M ickel , ADA Asso­ ciare Execuri ve Direcror of Com m uni­ carions, was on hand ro upd are rhe Al­ liance on rhe success of rhe 2004 Give

Kids a Sm ile D ay as well as ro intro­ du ce a new and exciring DH E nat io n­ al p rogram rhar the ADA is hoping ro laun ch called "Mo urhPower". Our Legislarive afrern oon was h ighlighred by rhe keyn ore add ress of form er U .S. Senaro r Jake Ga m. Sena ror Ga m flew as a payload specialisr o n th e space sh urrle Di scovery in November, 198 4 . lr was his expe rience in space rhar gave him a new ourl ook on life, whi ch he share d with us in his " Perspec tive from Space" address. Those in at­ rend an ce will long rem ember Sen aror G am's srirring address. Following o ur Legislarive Luncheon Dr. Jan e Grov er, Chairman of rhe AD PAC Board of Direcrors , updared members o n rhe laresr legislarive issues and rhe rol e of AD PAC and rhe Alliance heading inro a crucial e1ecrion year. D r. G rover's hu sband, Roberr M. G rover, also ad­ d ressed rhe Co nfere nce and presenred a primer on becomi ng involved in rhe pol irical process an d rhe imporr an ce of personal co nracrs wi rh your legislaror. Our final speaker for our legislarive afre rn oon was Jud i H ilma n fro m rhe Urah Cenrer for Poverry Research & Acrion . She add ressed Utah's issues relaring ro access ro ca re fo r low­ inc om e and medically underserved cirizens. H er cen ter's research help s ro underscore th e growing epidemic of th e probl em of affordable and acces­ sibl e care, whi ch is raking place nor onl y in Ur ah bur rhroughour our na­ rion as well. AADA Presidenr Jeril yn Bird from Florida presided over rh is excellenr co nference wh ich well-rep­ resenr ed her 2003-2004 Presidenr ial Theme: "Be C onnec red . Be Informed. Belon g." O ur 2005 Leade rship C on ­ feren ce will be held February 24-26 ar rhe Hyarr Regen cy in Savannah , Geo rgia. I wo uld enco urage anyo ne ro arrend. C onference is bor h edu ca­ rion al and enr erra ining . D eadline for gra nr appl icati on fo r l sr rim e atte nd­ ees is January 2, 200 5. Four members of th e Allian ce arren d­ ed the M C V Denral Student Clini c D ay o n April 7 rh. For rhe fifrh year,

Virgin ia Dental Journal


the Alliance sponsored a free raffle to married dental students for a $60 WalM arr Gift C ard. The Clinic Da y is an oppo rtu nity for the Allian ce to "spread the news" that the Alliance is a national organ ization of men and women who supporr the values and goals of organized dentist ry. Through Clinic Day we offer dental student spou ses a free on e-year mem bership in the Alliance in order for th em to learn more abo ut our initiat ives in oral health education, legislatio n and advo­ cacy, and membership development. It's no t too early to starr planning for our VDN AVDA Annual Meeting at the Marri ott Wat erside in N orfolk. Please mark September 8- 12 on your calendars and plan to attend. The state com mittee is planning many fine things for our weekend . Our an nual Allian ce luncheon and meeting will be held on Saturday, Septem ber 11tho Please conta ct our Vice- President for Memb ership, Mrs. Carol Rasmu s­ sen (320 8 Heathcot e Lane, Keswick, VA 22947 Ph on e 43 4-984 -5995) for more info rma tion abo ut and to join the Alliance. See yo u in Sept emb er!

VAE News Dr. Timothy J. G olian, President The Virgin ia Academy of Endo don­ tists' Annual meeting will once again be held during The Virginia Meet­ ing in Norfolk , VA on Saturday, Septem ber 11, 2004. We will starr the day with a continental breakfast buffet at 7:00 am , and continue with our Business Meet ing from 7:30­ 8:30 , with the lecture to follow. This years speaker will be Dr. Stephen F. Schwart z DDS, M S. D r. Schwa rtz is a Clin ical Professor of Endod ontics at the Univ ersity of Texas Health Science Cente r in San An toni o and mainta ins a private practice limit ed to end ­ od ontics in H ou ston, Texas. He will speak on Endodo nt ic Uh-Oh's and No-No's for rwo sessions on Satu rday.

48 Virginia Dental Journal

Also, I kn ow Academy members give generously of thei r time and talents throughout the year to help their com­ munities and their profession , but I would like to ask all our members to please co nsider volunteering at one of the many M .O .M.-Mission of Me rcy proj ects in Virginia. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance and look forward to seeing everyone in Sept em ber.

Board E xamination for the residents. We are looking forward to the VSOMS A nnual 'Meeting in June at the Cavalier H otel in Virginia Beach. T his years top ic will be an "Upda te in A nesthesia" by D r. Jeff Dembo. Th ere will also be presenta tions of clinical cases by the residents from MCVrvfC and the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center.

Virginia Society of Oral and School Of Dentistry Maxillofacial Surgeons Robe rt A, Strauss. DDS , MD President, VSOMS

As pre sident of the VSOMS I wou ld like to submit the following news sub­ mission for the VDJ: A fter last year's excitem ent associated wtih SB806 , the VSOMS is enjoying a relatively quiet and productive year. We have been keep ing a close eye on developments related to the p rovision of o ffice-based anesthesia as this is becoming an issue aro und the count ry. As pan o f our vigilen ce in this area, the VSO ,MS is enh an cing and strength­ ening our O ffice A nesthesia Peer E valuation Program. This statewide program provides for an on -site stan­ dardized inspection of every practice in the Commonwealth at regular inte rvals. This is in addition to the VSOMS­ sponso red co urse in Adva nced Cardiac Life Support that is given every two years. T he pro vision o f office anes the­ sia is ob viously critical to the pr actice of o ral and maxillo facial surgery, and this will remain a high priority issue for the VSOMS. The VCU / MCV Medical Center oral an d maxillo facial surgery residen cy p rogram continues to thrive und er the direc tion o f its new chaima n, D r. A. Omar A bu baker. Members of the VSOMS, ma ny of wh om trained at MCV, have always maintained a critical role in the training o f new surgeo ns and in ed uca ting the students at the VCU Dental School. As an examp le, sixteen mem bers of the society recent­ ly particpated in the 18th A nnual Mock

Dr. Betsy A. Hagan Senior Associ ate De an for Dentistry Meredith Bryk Co nt ributing E ditor

Since thi s issue of the Virginia D en­ tal Journal is focusing on service and volun teerisrn, the Sch ool of Dentist ry's sectio n will highlight thre e recent com­ munity service activities involving the dental and dental hygiene students .

Give-Kids-A-Smile In recognition of Nation al C hild ren's D ental Access Da y, 120 den tal and dental hygiene students participated in the Give-Kids-A-Smile (GKA S) program on February 6 , at the Boys and Girls C lub of Richm ond. Th ank s to the suPPOrt of Delta D ental, Cres t (P& G), the Virginia D enta l Associa­ tion, Henry Sche in and the Richm ond Boys and G irls Club, th e program was a huge success. Dr. Roger Wood , Dr. Raymonia Eddleton, D r. Kate Edwards, M s. Leslie Pinkston, M s. Lisa Spector with Boys and Girls Club and Gu arav Agarw al, student cha ir, should also be commended for thei r efforts in o rganizing the even t. Du ring the day's activities, first and seco nd-year dental stude nts and dental hygiene stude nts p rovided ora l hy­ giene instruction , helped di rect traffic, provided entertainment, and in gene ral kept the da y running sm oothly. Kids were shown an instruction al video abou t dental visits to help alleviate their fear, followed by puppet demon ­ stratio ns of oral hygien e techniques.

Th ird and founh-year dental stude nts th en co mp leted exam s and prop hies. Dentists from the comm un iry an d th e dent al schoo l faculry provided over­ sigh t of the stude nts, wh o exam ined m ore th an 650 kids. Each child also received an o ral hygiene kit assem bled by the staff at the dental schoo l. For many of th e students, it was a great op po rtunity to pract ice chairside manner and beh avior managem ent with the ch ild ren. M oreover, man y of the children were in need of dental care and probably would have go ne untreated if it were not for this event. While volunteer activities such as this provide a break from the routine of school, more importantl y, th ey rein ­ fo rce the importance of service to the co m m u nity. According to Ga urav Agarwal (03) , "these experiences made me realize the im o rrance of

Clay Weisberg (03) - srand ing on lefr Brooke H amm e!man (03) - female sirring Pr iya Pare! (D3 ) - fema le sranding Sreve Boorh (03) - ma le sirri ng Bradfo rd Allen (D2) - in cosrume as "M r. Sparkl es"

volu ntee ring and reinforced wh y I am going into dentistry .. . it feels goo d when yo u make a differen ce." De ntal C linic Opens in Kilma rnoc k Thi s Ja nua ry, dental and dental hygiene students began rotating two days a week to the new dental clinic at the Northern Neck Free Health Clinic (N N FH C ) in Kilmarnock, VA. Whi le at the NNFHC, the students will provide care fo r th e unin su red an d underserved in the region while wor king under the d irect supe rvision of volu nt eer dentists fro m th e com­ rnuniry, Through collaborati on with co m m uni ry organizati on s and th e

VC U Sch ool of Dentistry, the Free He alth C linic secured $ 185, 000 for the first-year fundi ng of th e clini c, includi ng grants from the Virgin ia H ealth Care Founda tion and the Nettie Lo key Wiley Founda tio n, and $60,000 for eq uipment . Since the dental clini c also serves as an edu ca­ tio nal site for the dental schoo l, com­ panies such as ADEC, Hu - Friedy and H enry Schein provided ed ucationa l discounts on the eq uipment and sup­ plies. A special th ank s sho uld also be extended to dental schoo l em p loyees Ms. H azel Luton, wh o o rganized and stocked the six-chai r clinic, and Ms. Connie Condrey, for installati on and set up of practice m an agement software.

Lon g Po nd sugar refinery serves as th e site for the project. Duri ng the three-week period , over 1500 patients were treated , almos t half of which were child ren. Extrac tio ns were the mostly commonly performed proce­ du res with over 80 % of the patient s requi rin g at least o ne extrac tion; re-

Prior to the o pening of the dental clinic at N N FHC, patients wo uld receive care fro m th e area dentists on a referral basis, whil e othe r pa tients were trans po ned to VCU School of Dentistry for oral surgery procedures; man y, how ever, were left unt reated . Th e clin ic, which cur ren tly has a wait­ ing list of more th an 600 ind ividu­ als, ultimately plan s to operate on a full-time basis as funds are secu red . Services will also expand to include children on Medicaid and FAMI S, and the elde rly o n Medicare.

srorarive and preventive services were also provided .

Jamaica Proj ect 2003

The School of D entistry began the Jamaica Project in 1986 and has oper­ ated the outreach program every year sinc e. Success of this endeavor is de­ pendant up o n ma teria l and monetary don ation s from dental suppliers and indi vidu als in the dental com m un iry, wh ich the stu dents wo rk year round to raise. While in Jam aica, th e stu­ dents are hosted by local homeowners. Other Co mm uniry Service Activities

Other recent communi ry partner­ sh ips with th e dental schoo l include th e Free C lin ic of C ent ral Virginia in Lynchburg, where dental and dental hygien e stude nts began working in September of20 03.

Jamaica Project 2003 The l Srh annual Jam aica Proj ect too k place from October 28 through No­ vem ber 19,2003. Twenry five dental studen ts, one dental hygiene stu dent, ten facul ry and two staff mem bers traveled to Trelawn y Parish, Jam aica, in three separate gro ups fo r ap­ proximately one week each to pro vide much needed care to th e underserved population. Th e health clinic at th e

While this sect ion focu sed on th ese three events, there are numerou s communi ry service activities in which the stu dents part icipate , including the Mi ssion of Mercy project , which was recen tly highlighted in the W int er 2004 issue of the School of Dentistry's newslett er, alo ng with th e co mmu ­ ni ry-based program at th e Free C linic of Ce ntral Virgin ia in Lyn chburg. It is th rou gh these comm uniry- based ex­ periences that stu dents gain a height­ ened awa reness and sensi tivity to the plights of people who have limited access to dental care. Moreover, the stu de nts have a fun an d reward ing experie nce wh ile gaini ng an apprecia­ tion for th e imp ortance of communi ry service.

Virginia Dental Journal


See These Exciting Sp eak ers: For I1Je First Tim e... CE Comes 10 Thursday, Co-Sp onsored By 1he Virgillia Academy Of General Dentistry a nd tbe VDA D", Ja ck Sh i rley - "Occlusai Based R estorative Dentistry" Robert Marbach - "M astering the Art of Cosmetic an d Resto rative Dentistry: A Technicia n's Perspectiue " Friday

Gerad Kugel - "M axi71lizillg the World ofEsthetic Dent istry"

Joe D illion - "Producing Peak Perfo rm a nce"

Stev e Blaisillg - "The N ext Filldllcial Sh ock, Are You Ready ?"

Barba ra Steillberg - "Treating the Female Patien t: Medical and Dental Considerati ons"

M ary Costello - Hands On Dental Assistants Traning (B asic andAduanced}

Pat Devine- "D entists Contracting and Legislative Matters"

MajorieJeffioat - Pre- Ten" Bird} and Periodontal Disease

Sky Fina ncial a nd Dave Lionberger - Helpful Hints For Building and S tarting A New D elltal Office

Dr. Baer Russell - "Imp la nt Restoration " (Ha nds 0 ,,)

Ellen Byrne - TBA

Sat urday

Joh" Svirsky - " M eI110irs OfA" Oral Pathologist "

Derek Hein - "Cutting Edge Prod ucts For Clinical Excellen ce"

E/1C1l By rn e - TBA

Mark Hy ma n - "Take This Jo b A nd L ove It! "

Ste ven Sch wartz - "Endodontic Ub-Ob's and No-N o's"

Alan Fet ner - " The Team Approach to Period on tal Therapy"

Dr. D ennis Thomp son - "Ridge Restoration a nd Perio-D efe cts" (Hands 0,,)

Joe Dillion - "Produci ng Peak Performa1lce"

VAD PAC an d VDHF Silent Auction Th ursday, Sept. 9 & Friday, Sept. 10

VD A Party - Friday, Sept. 10

6:30pm - 10:00pm

VDA GolfToum amen t - Wednesd ay, Sept. 9 Noon-6pm

Norfo lk W arcrside Marriott Hotel FREE for all registered m eering attendees, spo uses/guesrs, speake rs, VIPs, sponso rs, and cxhibi足

Elizabeth M anor G olf and Count ry C lub Your tourn ament package is jusr $ 120 which includes green fees, cart, lun ch , and a lighr rece ptio n afre r th e tou rnam ent. Attendance for thi s eve nt is open to all reg istered attendees, spo uses/guests, spe akers, VIPs, ex足 hibirors, and spo nso rs.

vADPAC Shoeshine Friday, Sep t. 10 & Saturday, Sept. 11

5th Annual VDA Photograp hy Contest Dig our your cameras and old ph otos! All regisrered at足

President's Party - Saturday, Sept. 11 6:00pm - 9:00pm

rendees are invite d [Q enr er rhe 5t h An nual vDA Photog足 rap hy C o n test. The winning photo will ap pear on the cover of the Ocrober issue of the VA Dental Jo urnal.

Nauticus, 111e N at io nal Maririrne Center Joi n Dr. Bruce DeG ind er to r fun , food, fellowship for the entire fami ly!

50 Virginia Dental Journal

ro rs

D ancing, Food, and Live Au ction ro benefit VADPAC and VDHF.

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HEALTHCARE COMPLIANCE SERVICE Healthcare Compliance Serv ice is a nati onwide full service company endorsed by the VDA providing waste management and compliance serv ices for the healthcare industry .We speci alize in hazardou s and bio-hazardous waste removal service as well as OSHA compli ance training programs • • • • • • •

New Photo Chemical Filtration Units with waste remo val Lead and Lead Foil waste removal se rvice Amalgam Filter and Trap waste removal ser vice Mercury waste remo val serv ice New ISO app roved Mercury/Am algam Filtrati on Unit s Bio-Hazard Sharps removal service Dental specific OSHAlBloodborne Pathogen Tr ainin g Kits

Finally, one eas y method for tot al compl ianc e from one sou rce. For mor e infor mation or to order ch oos e from below: E-mail : HC STODAY @C S.COM Phone: 610-518-5299

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Virg inia Dental Journal


Dental Procedure May Reduce Risk of Premature Births Provided By: American Academy of Periodontology

Chicago (August 26, 2003) - A non ­ surgical dental procedure may reduce the risk of preterm birth in pregnant women with periodontal disease, ac­ cording to new study findings. Nearly 12 percent of babies in this country are born preterm (before 37 com­ pleted weeks of pregnancy), which increases their risk of death and lasting disabilities, such as mental retardation, cerebral palsy, lung and gastrointesti­ nal problems, and vision and hearing loss.

Scaling and root planing is a com­ mon periodontal procedure that is preformed by a periodontist, a dental practitioner who specializes in pre­ vention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the supporting tissues and placement of dental implants. The tooth-root surfaces are cleaned to remove plaque and tartar from deep periodontal pockets and to smooth the

"This is important information for the public and the medical commu­ nity," said Gordon Douglass, D.D.S ., president of the American Academy of Periodontology. "Every mother wants to reduce her risk of having an unhealthy baby. A simple periodontal examination can give her the comfort of knowing that her oral health will not contribute to increa sing her risk of having a preterm baby."

The report was published in the Journal of Periodontology and is based on 366 pregnan t women who had periodontitis (a serious gum infection that destroys attachment fibers and supporting bone mat hold teeth in the mouth) and found as much as an 84 percent reduction of premature births in women who were less than 35 weeks pregnant and who received scal­ ing and root planing. Researchers also found that adjunctive metronidazole therapy (an antibiotic used to treat infections) did not improve pregnancy outcome. In fact women who were given the antibiotic after scaling and root planing had more preterm births th an patients receiving scaling and root planing and a placebo. "What this tells us is that scaling and root planing may significantly reduce a mother's chance of having a preterrn birth," said Marjorie Jeffcoat, D.M.D. , study author and former Rosen professor and chair at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry. "We found no evidence that the ad­ dition of an antibiotic to scaling and root planing was of benefit in this study. However, more research needs to be conducted to determine the reason for the decrease in efficacy."

52 Virginia Dental Journal

Previous research reported that periodontal infections cause a faster­ than-normal increase in the levels of prostaglandin and tumor necrosis factor molecules that induce labor, thus causing premature delivery before the fetus can grow to a normal birth weight. However, this is the first in­ tervention study that offers advice on reducing the risk of premature births with scaling and root planing therapy alone.

root to remove bacterial toxins. "In light of these findings, I recom­ mend that all women who are think­ ing of becoming pregnant or who are pregnant receive a full periodontal exam and diagnosis," said Jeffcoat. "W om en who are already pregnan t when periodontal disease is detected are ideally treated with scaling and root planing in the second trimester, which is a pragmatic protocol accord­ ing to most OB-Gyn specialists."




~liH~:~IIi~Ubli:fe i : .足

U you cw mot interested in using your dental skills rather than running a business? When ou ross Into The Blue to the United States Air Force, you'll finally have the opportUnity to do the job your were trained to do. You'll have an experienced staff you can depend on from day one, high-tech dental offices and limited paperwork, alleviating management worries. You May Also Be Eligible For Up To A $30,000 Sign-on Bonus.

What We Are Looking Fa .

General Duty Dentist

Oral and Maxill o fac i al'J'1r~..l.b_'J






Send Us Your Resume:

Use your degree now to take the step from the ordinary to the extraordinary in the USAF.

Enter a team where you can make a career out of defending freedom and honor in

everything you do. For more details on becoming a dentist in the Air Force.


TSgt James Dull

9505 Hull S1. 2nd Floor Suite D

Richmond Va. 23236-1421


Paid For Advertisement

Virginia Dental Journal


Classified Ads Classified advertisi ng rates are $40 for up to 30 word s. Additional word s .25 each. T he classified advertisement will be in the VDA Journal and on the VDA Website - www. vad I t will remain in the Journ al for o ne issue and o n the website for a qua rt er (3 months) unless renewed. All advertisements must be pre paid and cann ot be accepted by phone. Faxed advertisements mus t include credi t card information . Checks sho uld be payable to the Virginia D ent al Association . The closing da tes for all copy will be the 1st of Januar y, April, Ju ly, October. After th e deadline closes, the Journal cann o t cancel previo usly ordered ads. T his dead line is firm. As a membership ser vice, ad s are res tricted to VDA and ADA members unless em ployme nt or co ntinuing educa tion rela ted. Adver tising copy m ust be typewritten and sent to: Jou rnal & Website Classified D epart ment, Virginia Dental Association, 7525 Stap les Mill Rd., Richmond , VA 23228 or fax (804) 261-1660. The Virg inia Dental Asso ciation reser ves th e right to edit co py or re ject any classified ad an d does n ot ass um e liability for the contents of classifi ed ad vert ising.

PRACTICES FOR SALE Williamsburg: # 7008 , Gross $233,387; 4.5 days, 3 o pe ratories;

1200 sq. ft. office space , assis tant, receptionist, co ndo o ffice for

sale wit h practice in professional park, Excellent po tentia l.

100% financing available.

Winchest er Area: # 7042, Gross $254,6 39; 4.5 days, 3 operato­

ries; 1200 sq. ft. office space, assistant, hygienist (pt), receptionist,

Excelle nt potential, close to n c., 100% financing available.

Tappah annock Ar ea : #7077, G ro ss $265, 089; 3 days, 2 opera­

tor ies; 850 sq. ft. o ffice spa ce, assistant (pt), receptionis t (pt)

Boat, sail, and grow with the beautiful people in the Nor the rn


Roo m for expan sion., 100% financing available.

H ampton #7007, Gross $406,640; 5 days, 3 o peratori es: 1600

sq. ft. office spa ce, assistan t, bookkeeper (pt), office manag er, 3

add ition al plumbed but une quipped o peratories, 100% financ­

ing available.

Ri chmond: #7006, Gros s $146,09 4; 4 days, 30peratories; 750

sq . ft. o ffice spa ce, assistant (pt), receptionist (pt), Excellent

merger op portu nity, 100% finan cing available.

Northern #7035, Gross $608,006 ; 5 days,S o peratories; 3700

sq ft. office space, assistant, additio nal plumbed bu t uneq uippe d

operatory, 100% financin g available.

Danville Area: #7018, G ro ss $310,365; 3.5 days, 4 operato­

ries; 2150 sq. ft. office space, assistant (ft), assistant (pt), office

mana ger ; Beautiful offic e, large lot , computer system, Exce llent

po tential, 100% financi ng available.

Hampton: #8107 G ross $743,949; 4 days; 6 op erato ries; 2,400

sq ft o ffice space; office ma nager, bookkee per, 2 assistants, 2

hygienists. Great opportunity. 100% financ ing.

Ro anoke Area: # 7076 Gross $671,878; 4 days; 4 op era tor ies,

plus 1 plumbed but uneq uipped; 2,000 sq ft office space; 2

receptio nists, 2 assistan ts, hygienist. Great opportuni ty. 100%

financ ing.

For more infor mation o n any practice listed above, call Profes­

sional Practice Co nsultants, Ltd . D r. J im Howard @ 910-523­


54 Virginia Dental Journal

Charlottesville #8077 Associate - Bu sy G P need s assoc iate. E as te rn Sh ore #8041 Equity Associ ate - Very bus y GP needs equity associa te imm ediately! Fairfax County #8110 Associate - Pedo associateship available imm ediately in bra nd new o ffice. M a nass as #8091 As soci ate - Jo in group prac tice for long term asso ciareship in Manassas with excellent staff and workin g condi­ tions. Possible buy-ou t in future . For more informa tion, call Professio nal Practice Con sultants, Ltd . Dr. Jim H oward @ 910-523-1430.

ENTIST ')4 hrs / wk., $35.00-$45.00/hr Pro vide dental services fo r Health D ept. Kn owledge of pediatric en tistry, Current Sta te of VA De ntal License req. Open til filled. ' end res ume to : VBDPH 4452 Co rporation La, Va, Beach, VA. 23462. (757) 518-2688 . E EO

HA RRISONBURG, VA G eneral den tist needed for an associa te positi o n leading to bu y-o u )f busy, progressive prac tice loca ted in the beautifu l Shenandoah Valley. ExceLlent op portunity; 22 year old family practice in fas growing local com munity. Great earning po tential. Contac Fhornas M. LaTouche, D D S, 4167 E . Po int Road, E lkto n, V. ')2827 or email moses tom lshenrcl.ncr. O ffered on e- four th Partnership in growi ng, thirteen year-old gro up General Dentistry Practice with collectio ns of $2.79M and overhead o f 52%. Purc haser will net $10K or $12K fro m the first mo nt h in a 24-2 5 ho ur work wee k. Contact Marvin Mar sha ll (540) 786-2531. An excellent o ppo rtunity for a Dentist who is licensed to practic e in VA, and is interes ted in prevention orie nted de ntal practice fo childre n. This posi tio n is located in the sou thwestern part o f VA (\'V'ise Co unt y). The ideal candida te should have exp erience wo rk­ ing with children, be an effe ctive commu nicator, sho uld be willinc to per for m required supervisory duties, and be involved wit h th local co mmunity for the e nhancem ent of co mmunity's ora l health. Some local travel required. Must provide own transpo rta tio n. T his position dep ends o n a successful bac kgro und che ck. This po sitio n is a classified fulltime positi on with all VA state benefits. Salary is negotiable. Interested candida tes need to sub mit a state ap plicatio for em ployment fo r pos itio n #2854 to Lenowisco Health D istrict 134 Rob erts St, S\XJ, Wise, VA 24293. For que stio ns co ntact H at 276-3 28-1020, em ail bcas sell@ vdh .state.v T he VA D ep o f H ealth is an EOE.

, Excelle nt Location for D en tal Pra ctice in Richmo nd, VA are a. \pproxima tely 2,000 sq. ft. office space, ample parki ng , excellen retail location surrou nded by rapid residential g row th. For mor in fo rmatio n, call Charles A. Lytt on @ 804-794-5888 x 18.

6 operatory - well established part-time dental practice - Gross 360,000 - 100% sale or partnership available - excellent growth po tential - 2,200 patient records. Call T he Snyder Group 800­ 988-5674 or visit

INCHESTER, VA Our fee -for -ser vice practice is looking for a D D S/DMD pr ofessio na l who is eit her a recen t grad uate o r a den tist who is villing to relocate. W/e o ffer a large variety o f se rvices, inclu d ­ ing preve ntati ve, end o, oral surg er y, co smetic and restorative dentistry . Prime down town location with a broad pa tient base. Great place to raise a family and clos e to Roano ke. We have th e pe rfect e nviro n me nt for a doctor w ho wants to be a good dentist, take care of patien ts, make plenty of money but not be dist racted by the bu siness side o f de nt istry. We ha ve superb, high ly trained staff waiting to maximize yo ur p rodu cti on and efficiency. Co n tact Anthony D. Baile y, 167 W Main Stre et, Bed ­ fo rd , VA 24523. 540 -586-8106 or email baileydd s@pro digy. Visit o ur website:,

Associate Po sitio n de sired in g reater Richmond area. Grad u­ ate of Virginia Commonwealth University D ent al Scho ol with SRTA license. Experience also includ es Advanced Ed ucation in Gene ral D en tistry Reside ncy. Call (80 4) 673-2257

Mu st be comfortable perfo rming ex trac tio ns (no third molars). High volume enviro nme nt. G en er al Prac tice that performs ex­ trac tio ns, im plant s, partials, den tu res, and relate d services. Lab is located on site. Good c hair side manner is a mu st. May con­ sider part Full Time D entis t would include: ba se salary, bonu s po tential, paid hea lth , life, and malp ractice insur ance as well as ontinuing education. Also included is a 40 1 k plan with match ­ ing funds. Contac t Bri an Whitley 1-800-313 -3863 ext.2290, bwhitley@ affo rd m

Work in a team atmosphere wh ere camaraderie amo ng pro­ fessio nals is a key to o ur success, OUf den tists receive grea t be ne fits, p aid insu rances and an o pportu nity for o wnershi p. Join winning team toda y. Call 414 -614-1574 or Fax Resume 4 14­ 357-8212.

GP, eq ual partner, in professionally str uctured trans ition ov er 3-5 year peri od. Fr ederic ksburg, Vir ginia . E xceptional founda­ tion to su cceed. Im m ediate excellent inco me. G reat area to aise a famil y. M odern offic e, dedicated , skilled s taff. Men tor­ ing in qu ality driven practice, not insurance driven . Contac t Stan ame ro n, DDS at Caho u na h@ ao m or (540) 37 3-5642.

Reston, Virginia (Washingto n D.C > area) F ull o r pa rt-time, for a well-established and expanding general p ractice in Resto n. Lo oking for a well-ro unded practi tion er with int ere sts in e ndo., surge ry, an d co smetic de n tistry. Office ho urs are 7:30 a.m . to 4:00 p.m . No evening or wee kend hou rs nec essa ry. WeU­ eq uipped o ffice with a n excellent exp erienced staff of lo ng ter m e mp loyee s.

Ge neral dentist req uired for an asso ciate p osition in a new state o f th e a rt facility. Wonderful g ro wing area to live-in. Po ssible ruy-in of 24 year-o ld family pr ac tice wi th su bs tantial earning po te ntial. Co nt act Dr. Steven La ng (757) 488-8884.

P refer minimum one year exper ienc e o r G PR. Will consider a recent graduate o r upco min g grad uate. Plea se fax re sume to (703) 620- 1229.

Co m mo nwealth of Virgi nia o f­ fers dental chairs for au ctio n o n Gov Deals. Lot of 6 chairs (so ld individ ually). Purchased n ew in 1994. Starting bid is S200 . V isit vww.govdea m to place your id ! Seeking a D entist to work ap ­ proxim ately 20hrs/ wk . ODJ CC in Monroe, VA is an equal o p­ po r tu nity em plo yer ml fl d / v. Co n ract jirn Tennant at (434) 929-4081 ext: 128. ® islt

Save He rt z as vou r favo rite her tz. corn fe r addi[ion ui s pec ial offers o nline und

find co nvenie nt locnnons anyw here in rn al~ i n g you r


One (or Qoss Upgrade \I...." ".. Ihy r~" ·r\i.,

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1 ".·t.Il...·. q,~ 1.Il _ f1I .... . [ ...... ""I.rn,l!> .1110 j....tlO<lJ. uf I'" I ~ "..rn"r'l! TIn. ',II.., I' t.-.d.... m"bol.. .II

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tilt: world . Wh en

reservat io n . ju st e nte r your COP#

C.aJI'INH holorl t ol. ('011'O:'\'f:.:\P1R&'O 1 Z,~ I " '" t"~' . ' f .aa4ol

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Virginia Dental Journal


Virginia's Free Clinics Applaud Volunteer D entists The Virginia Association of Free Clinics (VAFC) is pleased to recog­ nize the 444 Virginia dentists who volunteer their services for a Free Clinic. "We are very fortunate to have this many dentists willing to give of their time and talent to Free Clinics," said Mark Cruise, Execu­ tive Director of the VAFC. "Were it not for these community-minded and caring professionals, the prob­ lem of lack of access to dental care for the low-income uninsured in Virginia would be so much worse. " Virginia currently has 49 Free Clin­ ics with a total of 57 clinic sites. 29 of the 49 Free Clinics have dental programs, serving primarily adults in need of treatment for acute dental conditions . Free Clinics are

Clinics provided 15,638 dental

visits worth $3,566,083.

private, nonprofit, community­ based or faith-based organizations that provide health care at little or

no charge to low-income, unin­ sured and underinsured patients through the use of volunteer health care professionals and partnerships with other providers. In 2002 Free

For more information about vol­

unteer opportunities in Virginia's

Free Clinics, contact the Virginia

Association of Free Clinics at (804)

340-3434 or

Virginia Localities Served by Free Clinic Dental Programs - 2003



·l -.; _ ~


~rlCoL'340-J.l.U .'_ jll:o&l l

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M;J (l( , ........... Cll

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!iD( • ...,.. ~kw c:rr.

Is Doing Payroll Worse

Than Pulling Teeth?

Fact: One in three employers gets charged for payroll mistakes. Calculation errors, missed deadlines, penalties ... they're a constant source of worry ifyou're doing your own payroll. We're the payroll specialists for hun­ dreds ofthousands ofsmall businesses nationwide. Services include payroll tax preparation and filing, direct deposit,

56 Virginia Dental Journal

check signing, internet report service, payroll input from your PC, even employee benefits like section 125 plan administration, 401 (k) recordkeeping, and workers' compensation. You get perfect payrolls, accurate reports, and peace ofmind at an economical price.

Don't get bitten by payroll mistakes. Call today, (800) 729·2439.

Virginia Dental Association members receive a 15% discount. 5648

What's So Special About Partials From Virginia Dental Laboratories?


Integrity. Virginia Dental Laboratory uses

• Vitallium ® Alloy- the only partial denture alloy that is proc essed under the same quality control conditions as orthopedic implant allo y-with over 50 yea rs of patient succes s.

Experience. The exc eptiona l skills, quality • craftsmanship, and prov en techniques of Virginia Dental Laboratories come only as the result of years of expe rience, pain staking effort and a deep commitment to integrity.

Accuracy. Our e ntire pro cedure for con struct­ • ing Vitallium Partial Dentures is quality-con­ trolled to achieve the utmost accuracy. Thi s accuracy mean s faster deliv ery of the rest orati on; redu ced chairtime and greater patient satisfac tion.

Commitment. Virgini a Dental Laboratories is • dedicated to providing yo u and yo ur pati ent s with the highest quality partial dentures available. We beli eve that the combination of our qual ity raw mate­ rial s, such as Vitallium Alloy; our skilled techni cians; our unequaled experience and our steadfas t dedication spec ially qu alify us to satisfy the need s of you and your patients.


Quality. Our partial denture restorations begin • with quality raw materials such as Vitallium® Allo y. Vitallium Alloy® is totally biocompatible. It is nick el- and ber yllium-free. Its surface won 't tarni sh, dull or corrode in the oral cavity or in the bod y.




For special treatment on yo ur ne xt partial denture case, plea se contact Virgini a Dental Laboratori es!

We are happ y to survey , desi gn and estimate from yo ur diagnostic cas ts at no obli gati on to you ! Contact us tod ay!

Since /932

irginia Dental Laboratories, Inc. 130 W. Y ork Street Norfolk, Virginia 23510

1-800-870-4614 © 199 2 A usrcna l, Ine . A ll Ri gh ts Reser ved . Vita lliurn " trad emark lieen sed to Aus tenal, Inc. by Pfi zer Inc,


• Equipment Purchases • New Office Start-ups • Buying a Practice • Practice Improvements or Relocations

CAll Today! ~Skx,:ancia,800-890-3569

Endorsed by :

Solutions " S u bject to c red it approval. Some restrictions may a p ply. including limits o n th e amount o f personal d ebt th at may be consolida te d .


Virginia Dental Journal  

Journal of the Virginia Dental Association

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