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Your idea. Your business. Our tailored & effective solutions.


BUSINESS LAWYERS WHO SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE When the legal matter is important for your business or for you personally, you will want an attorney who is highly credentialed and thoroughly experienced in that area of the law.

With a unique concept recently introduced on the Romanian market, Ghica Boutique Law Firm brings more than the knowledge and skill you need to achieve your business and legal goals: we come as a partner who understands you, with the focus to engineer a creative strategy that takes you exactly where you need to be.

We are a boutique law firm that handles corporate, commercial, banking and real estate matters. As a modern, aggressive, forward-thinking firm, we are firmly seated in the 21st century, offering our clients in Romania and cross boarder convenient options, like web-based business and office meetings with our lawyers, video and teleconference meetings.

THE MISSION We are a boutique law firm that handles corporate, commercial, banking and real estate matters, located in Bucharest, Romania and we take pride in the way we treat our clients: at Ghica Boutique Law Firm, experienced lawyers are converting problems into smart solutions, paying great attention and dealing with care and creativity your demands.

THE VISION We aim to become a highly recognized boutique law firm, for the quality of services we provide and the trust we inspire. We will keep being permanently updated with novelties in our areas of interest and will keep suggesting proposals that put emphasis on innovation and creativity.


OUR PARTNERS ARE FORMER BIG FIRM LAWYERS AND OFFER BOUTIQUE FIRM SERVICES & REASONABLE RATES Our lawyers come from large, top-level law firms and this is why our firm offers the highest level of service at decent rates. In an economic downturn it is time to consider value. Getting the same large firm business lawyers at lower rates makes good business sense.

Regardless of your business goals, size or industry, we are an effective partner who speaks your language. At Ghica Boutique Law Firm, our diverse knowledge base and practice experience allow us to serve the changing goals of our clients. We speak English and Spanish and offer Russian language services.

Treat people as if they were what they should be and you help them become what they are capable of becoming. GOETHE

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