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CONTENTS 1 From the Director 2 Dedication

Dedication comes in many forms. The decision to give financially. The sharing of time and talent. The willingness to

4 Innovation

advocate and communicate the importance of Massey’s mission.

6 Transformation

The conviction that fewer should suffer at the hands of cancer.

8 Dedication

No matter what form it takes, the dedication of Massey’s

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community is absolutely essential. Essential to our strength, our progress, our


18 Transforming Virginia 20 Honor Roll of Donors

Innovation is the heart of scientific research. Discovering a

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new way, a better way. Exploring an original approach or

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a fresh concept to see ideas become reality and possibilities

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become certainties. Certainties that can create change and lead to


Massey’s mission is, in one word, transformation. We envision a world transformed into one without the burden of cancer. We are all committed to transforming science into a better life for those whom cancer has touched—and for all those for whom might be spared. With your help, we are transforming the way cancer is prevented, detected and treated.

With your help, we are transforming lives.



ou have made a significant investment in VCU Massey Cancer

Your dedication fuels our innovation and

Center, and I am humbled and gratified by your generosity.

passion. Together we will continue to

This year was monumental in Massey’s evolution as a leader in

transform cancer research and care in

cancer research and care. Critical hurdles were cleared, major

Virginia and beyond and in so doing

milestones were met and our reach was multiplied many times

benefit patients and families facing

over—all as a direct result of your partnership in our mission.

cancer now and in the future.

Your dedication is an essential starting point of all we do. We need

On behalf of all of us at Massey,

your financial support, we need your advocacy, we need your

thank you for your partnership.

belief that together we are improving the quality of our lives. As physicians and scientists, innovation is at the heart of the research my colleagues and I conduct. Taking new approaches, looking at problems differently and making new connections requires innovative thinking about the genetic and molecular structure of cancer. Those discoveries are transformed into new methods of treating the patients who count on us to improve, extend and even save their lives…which is, of course, the ultimate transformation. Life spared from the hands of cancer. The 2012 fiscal year was one of phenomenal transformation for Massey. We received crucial encouragement from the National Cancer Institute with renewal of our designation and a clear road map of how we can become the first NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in Virginia. Governor Bob McDonnell demonstrated his commitment to our mission with an unprecedented allocation in the biennial budget, which was wholeheartedly endorsed by the General Assembly. Finally, Massey was the beneficiary of an extraordinary $25 million bequest which will allow endowment gifts to be transformed into exceptional recruitment and retention opportunities, ultimately resulting in even greater momentum in our research progress.

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appily married for 54 years, Lee and Janet Showalter know the importance of teamwork. It’s what impresses them most

about the collaborative nature of the scientific work at Massey Cancer Center. “So many researchers are focused on their own reputation and publications,” says Janet. “Massey and their researchers combine efforts with other facilities and institutions. That’s very important.” The Showalters are also familiar with the fight against cancer. They had a son-in-law who passed away from a brain tumor six years ago. Lee’s mother fought several cancers before succumbing to pneumonia. And eight years ago, Lee was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), though

Dedicated to the future

the disease remains in remission.

of cancer research

“We’ve had quite a few cancers within the family,” says Janet.

Medical students and faculty members

“So we really wanted to help with research to help find new

celebrate the “topping out” (placing of the

treatments that could help Lee or others we love.”

last beam on the building structure) of the McGlothlin Medical Education Building. Along with conducting leading cancer research and providing compassionate care to thousands each year, Massey also helps train and mentor the next generation of physician-scientists. The new building, scheduled to open in Spring 2013, will include the Massey Research Pavilion consisting of two floors dedicated to elevating Massey’s research efficiency and capabilities.

The Showalters have been giving annually through their family fund at the Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia for years. But after Lee saw an article in Massey’s Advance magazine about the cutting-edge CLL research of Steven Grant, MD, Olsson Chair in Oncology Research, he was spurred to take action with greater support. The Showalters decided to give $100,000, to be split between Grant’s research and the construction of Massey’s designated portion of the James W. and Frances G. McGlothlin Medical Education Center, scheduled for completion in 2013. Known for his treatments of blood cancers, Grant has researched the synergistic effects of various drugs to induce programmed cell death in CLL cells. “We’re very excited about newer agents showing significant activity with CLL,” Grant says, adding that his initial data—often obtained with critical philanthropic support— “serves as a catalyst for grants and other awards to continue advancing the research.”

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The Showalters had a chance to meet with Grant last fall. “He was able to help us, as novices in this area, to understand what his targets were and the promising direction of his work,” Lee says. The Showalters are originally from Roanoke. Janet was a physical therapy graduate of the Medical College of Virginia, while Lee was a chemical engineering graduate of the University of Virginia. They settled in Richmond where Lee began a distinguished career in the paper industry, first at Albemarle Paper and Ethyl Corporation before helping found the James River Corporation. As an engineer, Lee was duly impressed with the Medical Education Center when the couple took a ‘hard hat’ tour over the summer. The 12-story building will contain 27,000 gross square feet dedicated to cancer research. “One of the floors is a shared resource lab designed for collaboration, where a number of departments will utilize various research resources,” Lee notes. Just the kind of smart teamwork the Showalters like to see. VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012  >  3



assey Cancer Center distinguishes itself through innovation. Innovation

at the hands of researchers like Devanand Sarkar, PhD, a Harrison Scholar who has devoted his career to studying liver cancer, or hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Like most innovators, Sarkar loves a challenge. Liver cancer is one of the most understudied cancers in the United States, even though its incidence rate has been steadily increasing. The need for funding remains as important as ever. This difficult-to-treat cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths worldwide, accounting for more than 600,000 deaths every year. Once diagnosed, there are few options for treatment. However, Sarkar has had great success over the last four and a half years with mouse models that could lead to promising new therapies. “We have made significant strides in understanding the molecular mechanism of liver cancer progression,” says Sarkar, a member of Massey’s Cancer Molecular Genetics program. His lab team has identified several new molecules involved in HCC. One of the genes his lab has been working with, Astrocyte elevated gene-1 (AEG-1), was originally cloned by fellow Massey scientist Paul Fisher, PhD, program coleader of the Cancer Molecular Genetics program and Thelma Newmeyer Corman Chair in Cancer Research. Both scientists came to Massey together from New York.

4 > VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012



“We’ve had a strong collaboration between our groups for years,” Sarkar says. Sarkar was drawn to the “groundbreaking work” being done at Massey. Since he arrived, he’s been producing results. His work has led to the identification of another gene, LSF, as an important regulator of liver cancer and development of small molecule inhibitors of LSF as potential therapy for this fatal disease. But Sarkar is quick to point out that none of it would be possible without the philanthropic support from the Harrison family through their foundations. “I really thank the Harrison family. They’ve allowed me to make some bold steps to do some really cutting-edge work,” Sarkar explains. “I can use that preliminary data to submit for new grants.

I nnovation through

Their support is vital and means so much to me.”


Sarkar’s mouse models, and the implications for AEG-1 and LSF, could well lead to new therapies in the near future. “We are exploring non-toxic therapies, such as LSF inhibitors, that are significantly reducing liver cancer in mice,” Sarkar says. “So it all looks very promising.”

Gone are the days when scientists worked in secret, guarding their work and discoveries behind closed doors. Now, collaboration is an essential part of research, and seen by many as the only way advancements will be made.

Insights from his latest work were published in the journal

Paul Fisher, PhD, (pictured above) and

Hepatology. His lab found that AEG-1 overexpression significantly

Devanand Sarkar, PhD, have collaborated

accelerated liver cancer progression while causing steatosis, or

for years. Based on knowledge gleaned

fatty liver, which promotes cancer progression. The mouse model

from a key discovery Fisher made about

also suggests that AEG-1 plays a role in protecting liver cancer

one gene, each has led significant advances

cells from chemotherapeutic drugs and alters the way new blood

in understanding several different cancers.

vessels form within the tumor. The studies describing initial

This sharing of knowledge fosters innova-

evaluation of LSF inhibitors in liver cancer was published in

tion and is a cornerstone of Massey’s

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA.

research philosophy.

Sarkar hopes that within the next year, his new data will allow the start of clinical trials—signifying the translation of his research into a treatment for patients. If all goes well, his innovations could soon become a powerful weapon in the fight against this little understood cancer. VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012  >  5



ecuring National Cancer Institute (NCI) grant support for research is tougher than ever in these challenging

economic times. Internationally known Massey researcher Steven Grant, MD, Olsson Chair in Oncology Research, whose prolific blood cancer work is showing great promise for patients with acute forms of leukemia, understands the risk this represents. “There is strong potential that some opportunities will be lost because we won’t have sufficient funding to follow up promising leads,” Grant says. “Philanthropic support is crucial because it allows us to seize these opportunities.” Grant’s innovative work won a highly competitive $1.2 million dollar NCI Grand Opportunity or “GO” grant, funded by the

Translating research to transform lives Moving scientific discoveries from the laboratory into real-world patient applica-

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to pursue a Phase I trial for leukemia. GO grants fund “high impact” studies that produce results right away, usually involving multiple NCI-designated cancer centers.

tions is the heart of Massey’s mission and

For a closer look at the impact, just talk to Massey leukemia

the ultimate hope of every breakthrough

patient Roberta Richardson. A licensed minister, Richardson was

made in the lab. Phase I clinical trials

diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome—or pre-leukemia—

represent the moment when lab research

in 2010 which soon progressed to acute leukemia. After two

meets the patient, and are a critical part of

lines of chemo­therapy failed, Richardson decided to participate

the research process. Massey’s Phase I

in Grant’s Phase 1 clinical trial testing a new combination of

clinical research teams, including Maria

drugs against her disease.

Quigley, RN, and Andrew Poklepovic, MD, (pictured above) follow specific protocols to select and monitor patients who participate in this crucial phase of research.

These early clinical trials represent the critical juncture where Massey’s translational research moves from laboratory into patients. Extensive teamwork between basic scientists, clinical researchers, and translational researchers is key, Grant notes. “That is a major strength of Massey Cancer Center,” Grant says. “We have an outstanding track record extrapolating these findings from the bench to the bedside.” Massey physician-scientist Beata Holkova, MD, Harrison Scholar, a blood cancer specialist, is a crucial link in the translational process. She has the challenging job of writing pre-clinical protocols (a scientific road map) for Phase I trials, which are designed to

6 > VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012



determine safe dosage of new drugs. Roberta was one of fewer than 30 participants in the trial, which had a stunning five patients who responded positively with partial or full remission—an extremely encouraging sign. “It’s very unusual for this kind of success in the early phases,” Grant says. “We’re really excited about the prospects and newer concepts that could theoretically build on this work.” Richardson’s health improved enough to receive a stem cell transplant and she recently passed her 100th-day posttransplant, an important milestone. But she says she couldn’t have managed without the supportive, hands-on Massey researchers, who even checked with her on weekends. “I never felt at any time in the process that I wasn’t fully engaged in my own treatment,” Richardson says. “They glean everything they can.” This early success “can speed up the process of getting to Phase II and III trials, and ultimately approval as a standard treatment,” Holkova says. Meanwhile, Richardson, who just turned 54, is being weaned off her post-transplant drugs. Then life goes back to normal, hopefully. “You have to look at it like this: Even if the clinical trial doesn’t help you, it’s going to help somebody,” says a grateful Richardson.

VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012  >  7



ike many before her, when Kaity Kasper was diagnosed with cancer, she

was blindsided. Just 23 years old, she had the typical invincibility of young adulthood and the best of life ahead of her when she received the biopsy results on the swollen lymph node in her neck. “I was thinking about anything other than a cancer diagnosis,” she recalls. Her doctors at Massey determined she   had Hodgkin’s lymphoma stage 2B. She    immediately began treatment.     “I hate doctors and I hate hospitals,”      Kasper says. “But the staff at       Massey doesn’t make you feel        like a patient, they treat you         like a person. They know it’s        not your whole life.”           She befriended nurses          who even helped her            prepare for the Law           School Admissions             Tests while she was            receiving chemo           treatments.       “Despite the brutal reason I       was there, I fell in love with      Massey, and I looked forward to      seeing these extraordinary         people whenever I was there.”

8 > VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012



Kasper finished her treatment in November of 2002. She is now an attorney with a passion and sense of duty to raise awareness among her peers about the importance of cancer research. She’s done this in many valuable ways—serving on the board of the Massey Alliance (Massey’s junior board), and volunteering on numerous fund­raising and patient services committees. She is now preparing to make her biggest mark in her effort to honor the place she credits with saving her life. Soon after her successful treatment, Kasper began participating in the Massey Challenge, a fundraising partnership with the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k. Her first year, she raised nearly $2,000. A spark was ignited. “I wear the survivor bib during the race. No less than four or five total strangers, come up and start running with me each year,” Kasper says. “The Challenge is empowering and brings something very beautiful to something that can be very sad and frustrating in people’s lives.”

A community ’ s dedication Cancer affects everyone. Massey’s mission is to change that fact. For the moment, however, it is a bond that brings the community together for an important

Over the past six years, Kasper has individually raised more than

purpose. Throughout the year, thousands

$25,000 through the Massey Challenge. As chair of the 2013 HDL,

of individuals across Virginia share their

Inc. Massey Challenge, she has her sights set sky-high for herself

stories, gratitude, sorrow and hope in

and the Richmond community.

countless ways. Pictured above, the Banner of Hope has become a fixture

In November, Kasper is celebrating the ten-year anniversary of her remission and her goal is to individually raise more than $25,151 between November 1 and April 13 (check out her blog titled Twenty-Five Thousand, One Hundred Fifty-One), while leading thousands of others to collectively raise more than $500,000 to support research at Massey. “My risk is so high of hearing ‘you have cancer’ again,” she says

at the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k as a beloved part of the HDL, Inc. Massey Challenge. Participants and spectators alike make it a point to honor or memorialize loved ones who fought cancer, and to share their encouragement for all those in the battle.

with a calm strength in her voice. “I appreciate the unexpected gifts cancer and Massey have brought to my life. I can use my history to help others and I can take an active role in ensuring there are better answers if I do face cancer again. I feel so blessed to be able to do that.” VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012  >  9



New faculty members


New therapeutic clinical trials were


Gifts to support cancer research


Donors made Massey a philanthropic priority

opened and available for qualified participants



Of these donors made first-time gifts


Million was received in new gifts and pledges

New Phase I clinical trials

Million in peer-reviewed, sponsored research project funding

$30.9 $30.6

Million in cash received


Million received from the NCI to support 57 research projects

10 > VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012


Of peer reviewed funding was obtained


through grants from the NCI

TOTAL $22,563,000


In grants was awarded for 13 pilot project grants

Hospital 1%

Institution 17%

involving 35 researchers


State General Fund 26%

Philanthropy 30%

Sponsored Programs 26%


75 $60.8








* NCI funding was reduced in FY2011. FY2010 figure included one-time ARRA stimulus funds.

VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012  >  11


January NCI Renews Massey’s Designation


To satisfy NCI Comprehensive standards, focus remains on:

• building and strengthening cancer research by multiplying

fter a rigorous review of all aspects

groundbreaking research discoveries and then expediting them

of the research enterprise in October

from bench to bedside,

2011, Massey received a five-year renewal as an NCI-designated cancer center. “By all accounts, this was best evaluation that the Center has ever received. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive,” said Massey’s director, Gordon Ginder, MD.

Massey was commended for the significant advances made toward NCI Comprehensive

• boosting the level of research collaboration within and across disciplines represented in scientific programs,

• continuing to build a national model in disparities research and expanding community outreach and education,

• expanding Massey’s clinical trials network, • increasing patient participation in clinical research,

status—the top level awarded —and were encouraged to apply for it during the next review in 2016. Obtaining the elevated honor of NCI Comprehensive status would raise Massey’s profile and facilitate expansion of our cancer research by attracting even more top researchers, sponsored research funding, philanthropic donations

• growing Massey’s team of accomplished and promising scientists, clinicians and staff. “We have appropriately positioned the Center to support these endeavors, and I have every confidence that with a sharpened focus and redoubled effort, achieving the top designation is within our reach,” says Ginder.

and state funding.

General Assembly Elevates Support


ith an unprecedented $15 million included in Governor Bob McDonnell’s biennial budget, Massey’s corps of

volunteer advocates (comprised of community supporters, research and clinical faculty and Massey staff) had a primary message of appreciation when they visited legislators at the

April 12 > VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012

General Assembly in January 2012 during the annual “Massey Day on the Hill.”



Volunteers were armed with information supporting the necessity

Effective in April 2012, investments of

of the Commonwealth’s investment in Massey. Advocates, led by

$500,000 or more for endowment will

George Emerson, chair of the Legislative Committee of the Massey

allow funds to be drawn from the yield of

Advisory Board, also asked the legislators to support a bill that

the Glasgow Trusts in a matching amount,

would expand the criteria for usage of funds available through the

to be used for the same endowment,

Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission

essentially doubling the donor’s gift and

(TICRC). This bill passed both houses, giving Massey the oppor­tunity

its intended impact. The incentive will

to apply for additional funding through the TICRC to support

be active until the $25 million has been

research that will ultimately have a positive impact on the

fully committed as matching funds for

communities of the Southside and Southwest “tobacco counties.”

endowment gifts.

“All of us at Massey, much like our legislators, work on behalf

In May 2012, the first gift to take advan-

of all Virginians. With continued bipartisan support for funding

tage of the Glasgow Incentive was made.

cancer research, as well as education and outreach throughout

An anonymous donor gave $3.25 million

the Commonwealth, I have no doubt we will reap the rewards

to create four endowed chairs for cancer

of a healthier, more productive and more prosperous Virginia,”

research. With the Glasgow Incentive,

says Ginder.

this gift became $6.5 million, doubling its impact and Massey’s ability to recruit

A Transformational Gift


and retain researchers who will advance Massey’s mission. One of these new

n the early 1950s, Margaret and Arthur Glasgow created the

chairs has been named the Gordon

Glasgow Trusts and named the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

D. Ginder Chair in Cancer Research in

and the Medical College of Virginia, now Virginia Commonwealth

recognition of the 15 years of leadership

University, as the primary recipients of their planned gift. Their last

and dedication of Massey’s director.

heir, Ambrose Congreve, passed away in spring 2011 at the age of 104. VCU received $45 million to support research related to cancer

For more information on the Glasgow

and other degenerative diseases.

Incentive, call (804) 828-1450.

This landmark gift to the university resulted in a $25 million allocation to Massey Cancer Center, creating the lead gift for Massey’s Research for Life Campaign. It also facilitated a unique opportunity to leverage the gift and the gifts of others, while significantly growing Massey’s endowment—the crucial foundation of our ability to fund the mission of the cancer center in perpetuity.

VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012  >  13



upport from the community is essential if we are to continue our transformative, innovative research and compassionate care. Thanks to your generosity, truly remarkable progress was made in understanding the science of cancer and pursuing new methods of controlling and treating it. Last year, your contributions supported our mission of reducing suffering caused by cancer by helping:

Attract and retain leading physician-scientists and researchers from across the country, putting the best minds to work finding new treatments and cures. New faculty members included:

• Andrei Budanov, PhD, Department of Neurosurgery • Rabten Datsang, M.S., Department of Radiation Oncology

• Egidio Del Fabbro, MD, Director, Thomas Palliative Care Program

• Luni Emdad, PhD, Department of Human and Molecular Genetics • Tzann Fang, MD, Medical Director, CMH Cancer and Specialty • Devon Fletcher, MD, Division of Hematology, Oncology and Palliative Care

• Zhenjun Lou, PhD, Department of Pathology • Danielle Noreika, MD, Division of Hematology, Oncology and Palliative Care

• Bhaumik Patel, MD, Division of Hematology, Oncology and Palliative Care

• Andrew Poklepovic, MD, Division of Hematology, Oncology and Palliative Care

• Hetal Vachhani, MD, Division of Hematology, Oncology and Palliative Care

• David Wheeler, PhD, Department of Biostatistics • Elisabeth Weiss, MD, Radiation Biology Oncology Program

14 > VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012

New Massey Research Program Members:

• Andrei Budanov, PhD, Cancer Molecular Genetics Program

• Egidio Del Fabbro, MD, Cancer Prevention and Control Program

• Luni Emdad, PhD, Cancer Molecular Genetics Program

• Andreai Ivanov, PhD, Cancer Molecular Genetics Program

• Zhenjun Lou, PhD, Cancer Molecular Genetics Program

• Bhaumik Patel, MD, Developmental Therapeutics Program

• Andrew Poklepovic, MD, Developmental Therapeutics Program

• David Wheeler, PhD, Cancer Prevention and Control Program

Ensure that patient care is backed by the latest research:

• A study of new, non-invasive technology shows

improved ability to detect prostate cancer cells circulating in a patient’s bloodstream. The study led by Andrew Poklepovic, MD, tests the new technology by ApoCell, Inc. that allows the scientists to collect more circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in patients compared to the 80 percent detection rate of the other leading CTC detection system. Scientists will next evaluate what information the technology can obtain about other forms of cancer.

• The results from a Phase I/II clinical trial conducted by Michael Hagan, MD, PhD, and Mitchell Anscher, MD, show that a new combination of radiation therapies allow higher radiation doses to safely and effectively treat prostate cancer while lowering the risk of recurrence and minimizing radiation exposure to nearby healthy tissue and organs.

Translate proven laboratory concepts into original Phase I clinical trials:

• Andrew Poklepovic, MD, is principal investigator of a pilot study to compare the toxicity of doxorubicinbased chemotherapy combined with sildenafil, also known as Viagra. Sildenafil may increase the anticancer effects of doxorubicin-based chemotherapy while helping reduce toxicity to the heart caused by doxorubicin. The trial is being conducted in patients with solid tumors that may be treated with doxorubicin, including breast, gastrointestinal and gynecologic cancers. Based on the research of Rakesh Kukreja, MS, PhD

• Andrew Poklepovic, MD, is the principal investigator of a pilot study to test whether patients who take lapatinib while receiving radiation therapy to treat metastases in the bone will have lower concentrations of transforming growth factor-alpha (TGF-alpha), which causes cancer cells to multiply faster and may play a role in cancer cell survival after radiation therapy. Based on the research of Paul Dent, PhD

Virginia’s First Lady Maureen McDonnell and Massey Advisory Board members Jean Ann Bolling and Cessie Howell hosted “Morning at Massey” in March to educate Virginia legislators’ spouses about Massey’s mission and commitment to being a resource throughout the Commonwealth. Pictured above (left to right), Massey Advisory Board members Judy Turbeville and Lila Putney; McDonnell; Gordon Ginder, MD; and George Emerson, committee chair of Massey’s Public Sector Funding Committee.

• Laurie Cuttino, MD, is principal investigator for

a Phase I trial testing the safety of giving cancer patients hydroxychloroquine while they are receiving radiation treatment. When the best dose of hydroxychloroquine is determined from this trial, future trials will be conducted to determine if hydroxychloroquine makes treatment with radiation therapy more effective at reducing tumor growth.

• Andrew Poklepovic, MD, is the principal investi-

gator of a Phase I trial to determine the safety and effectiveness of treating patients with pemetrexed and sorafenib. The trial is being tested in patients with solid tumors. Pre-clinical research conducted at Massey suggested that the drug combination may be effective in treating multiple types of cancers. Based on the research of Richard Moran, PhD, and Paul Dent, PhD

Massey Advisory Board members and Michael Rao, PhD, president, VCU, joined Governor Bob McDonnell as he signed legislation expanding funding opportunities from the Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Fund. Speaker of the House Bill Howell (front right) was a sponsor of the bill.

VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012  >  15



Pave the way for notable scientific discoveries by providing support for our exceptional research faculty:

• William C. Broaddus, MD, PhD, led researchers in

the discovery of a mechanism found in glioblastoma (GBM), the most common and aggressive form of brain cancer cells, that reduces the cancer’s ability to invade healthy brain tissue. The collaboration with researchers at Old Dominion University was published in the Journal of Neurosurgery, and is leading to new therapies for this difficult-to-treat disease.

• Steven Grant, MD, led a team of scientists that

included Mohamed Rahmani, PhD, to uncover a new therapy for acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Published in the journal Blood, the study found the two drugs obatoclax and sorafenib work better together to increase cell death and cause less damage to surrounding tissue, than when the drugs were given individually.

• Grant’s team also discovered a new combina-

tion therapy for multiple myeloma that uses the drugs obatoclax and flavopiridol working together through different mechanisms to promote apoptosis, a form of cell death. The research was published online in the journal Cancer Research.

• Researchers, led by Devanand Sarkar, MBBS, PhD,

developed the first mouse model to demonstrate the role of the cancer promoting gene, Astrocyte elevated gene-1 (AEG-1), in liver cancer. This model could lead to novel therapies for the disease and moving forward, researchers plan to use the model to investigate fat metabolism and obesity-related diseases as well.

• A multi-institutional research study has uncovered a protein function that may lead to unique treatments for lung cancer, one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Paul B. Fisher, MPh, PhD, was part of the study published in the journal Genes & Development that discovered that the protein Bax Inhibitor-1 (BI-1) regulates autophagy, one of cancer cells’ most important survival mechanisms. By reducing BI-1 levels, autophagy is prevented, leaving cells vulnerable to common treatments.

16 > VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012

• Led by Kristoffer Valerie, PhD, a group of Massey researchers discovered a new function of BRCA1 gene mutations that could refine treatments. The findings suggest that caution should be exercised when targeting BRCA1 for breast and ovarian cancer therapies.

Conduct research to understand how to better educate, prevent, diagnose and to control cancer:

• Jennifer Elston Lafata, PhD, published a study

in American Journal of Preventive Medicine that revealed that patients who annually visit their doctor for check-ups may not receive half of the preventive screening tests and counseling services that could benefit their health.

• Richard Brown, PhD, led an international study of

early stage breast cancer patients to understand their preference in regard to their level of involvement in deciding their care. Reported in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the study demonstrates the importance of oncologists understanding their patients’ preferred level of involvement as it is directly related to the patients’ satisfaction with their care.

• In a study, Yi Ning, MD, ScD, found that nearly

half of cancer survivors died from conditions other than cancer. The results were presented at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting and showed that only 51 percent of cancer survivors died from cancer and that the longer the patients survived, the more likely they were to die from another disease.

• Patients who use an interactive personal health

record (IPHR) are almost twice as likely to be up to date with clinical preventive services as those who don’t, according to a study led by Alexander Krist, MD, MPH. Published in the journal Annals of Family Medicine, the study found that after 16 months, 25 percent of those using IPHR were up to date with all recommended preventive services.

Increase the breadth and depth of externally funded basic, translational and clinical research:

• Obtained peer-reviewed, national level, sponsored research project funding totaling $29,754,455, representing 86 percent of total research funding.

• Obtained $13,130,492 from the National Cancer Institute to support 57 research projects.

• Forty-four percent of peer-reviewed funding and 38 percent of total funding was obtained through grants from the NCI.

Advocating for state funding from the General Assembly involves passionate volunteers and Advisory Board members, dedicated Massey faculty and committed partners in the Legislature. Left-right: George Emerson, chair, Public Sector Funding Committee of the Massey Advisory Board; Bill Howell, Speaker of the House;

Support research faculty in obtaining new funding to pursue promising concepts:

• Laura Siminoff, PhD, was awarded a four-year

grant totaling $2,239,329 from the National Institutes of Health to develop a training program and to mentor the next generation of social scientists and leaders in Cancer Prevention and Control research.

• Charles E. Chalfant, PhD, received a $577,832 grant from the National Institutes of Health to purchase a mass spectrometry instrument in the Lipidomics core, which will be used to support the research of many investigators. • Steven Grant, MD, received continued financial

support from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for his world renowned work in discovering new therapies for hematological malignancies.

Provide internal seed and bridge funding to allow initiation or continuation of promising research projects:

• A total of $385,679 in funding was provided for 13 pilot project grants for promising studies involving 35 researchers.

Ted Chandler, chair, Massey Advisory Board; Gordon Ginder, MD, director, Massey Cancer Center and Harry Bear, MD, PhD, chair, Division of Surgical Oncology.

Continue expanding administrative, research and technological infrastructure to accommodate growth in research enterprise:

• Expanded clinical research staffing to meet the

needs of clinical trials operations, ensuring Massey’s clinical trials operations are performing at the highest levels with the best practices in place in areas such as quality assurance, data integrity and regulatory compliance.

• Grew research and finance administration staff to

support additional projects funded by the Tobacco Commission and the acquisition of managing all pre-award activities for our members in the Radiation Oncology Department. Grant submission activity has increased as competition for NIH dollars increases, requiring investigators to submit more grant proposals to be successful in finding funding for their research.

• In collaboration with the Clinical and Translational

Science Awards (CTSA), Lynne Penberthy, PhD, expanded the Clinical Trials Eligibility Database (CTED), developed within one of Massey’s shared resources to support other disease areas throughout the VCU Health Sciences campus. CTED will be made available to other areas conducting clinical trials.

VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012  >  17



ong known as an exceptional resource for the ­Richmond region, VCU Massey Cancer Center is also dedicated to extending the most advanced cancer treatments and innovative research throughout V ­ irginia. Increases in support from the ­General ­Assembly, along with funding from the Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission (TICRC) have helped broaden Massey’s reach far beyond ­Richmond, to almost every corner of the Commonwealth. This past fiscal year, numerous initiatives and programs were undertaken, resulting in an enormous expansion in Massey’s ability to connect with Virginians across the Commonwealth, providing critical education and resources, and helping foster improved prevention and detection of cancer, as well as better quality of life for cancer patients during and after treatment. Highlights of Massey’s efforts to reach the communities of the Commonwealth include: Hired a dedicated Community Health Educator as part of the NCI National Outreach Program to facilitate Project C.H.A.T. (Community Health Action Team) in Petersburg.

• Expanded Cancer Prevention and Control outreach

through community engagement. Demonstrated ability to increase accrual to studies, including one instance of obtaining 62 accruals during a two-day event.

• Developed partnership between Massey, the

Petersburg Public Library, the VCUHS Community Health Education Center (CHEC), and the Virginia Department of Health to create the Healthy Living and Learning Center, a library based consumer health resource.

• Conceived and initiated “Pink Challengers,” a

social cancer support group with collaboration from Petersburg community businesses, churches, social groups and more.

• Managed a colon cancer awareness program,

“Colon Cancer Free Zone,” implemented in all Petersburg City departments.

18 > VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012

• Innovated and implemented a “Community

­ hysician Communication Team,” in collaboration P with the local chapter of  The Links, Inc., a national social organization.

• Collaborated with community partners including the

Petersburg Public Library, the Virginia ­Department of Health, City of Petersburg, and local health clinics in the submission of two multi-year grants (award decision pending).

Expanded the Rural Cancer Outreach Program by creating the VCU Massey Cancer Center Community Outreach and Education Office in Emporia and ­hiring a dedicated Community Outreach Coordinator.*

• Expanded education about clinical research to the

medical community via targeted CME presentations in collaboration with the local hospital, Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center.

• Presented cancer burden, treatment resources, and

opportunities to respond to unmet needs of patients and families in the Emporia area to more than ten community organizations.

• Provided cancer prevention, early detection, and cancer clinical trials materials at community and business health fairs.

• Hosted first Susan G. Komen for the Cure “train the trainer” program conducted in the Crater Health District at the new VCU Massey Cancer Center Community Outreach and Education Office.

• Facilitated recruitment of participants for a Massey

Cancer Prevention and Control trial, the “Day and Night Study,” in Emporia, local advertising of the study, PI presentation to medical personnel, and biospecimen collection locations.

• Collaborated with community partners such as

YMCA, Virginia Department of Health, Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation and the Greenville Foundation on grant submissions.

• Facilitated the development of a local health task force made up of key community organizations.

Completed comprehensive cancer needs assessment in Mount Rogers, Pittsylvania, Piedmont and Crater health districts and mobilized resources in Southside and Southwest counties to address identified needs.*

• Hired a Community Health Educator in each district to address needs.

• Presented findings of assessments to state legislators and more than 70 local government, healthcare, civic and academic organizations reaching more than 1300 people.

• Received funding for two VCU research projects

selected through a competitive submission process that responded to needs identified in the community assessments and are being performed within three of the Health Districts. Community Health Educators within these health districts are facilitating the activities of these projects.

• Opened four Cancer Prevention and Control research studies in the districts.

• Formed health task forces in each health district, facilitated by the Community Health Educators.

• Represented Massey on numerous community

boards including the Cancer Control Committee for the Johnston Memorial Cancer Center in Abingdon, and the Southside Area Health Education Center in Farmville.

• Collaborated on submissions of Community

Transformation Grants ($120,000 grant awarded, $1.4 million dollar proposal pending).

• Awarded LIVESTRONG and Susan G. Komen for

the Cure grants that will create capacity for cancer survivor support, and breast cancer health awareness and screening access.

• Established a VCU Massey Cancer Center Office

Cancer Resource Center of Southern Virginia opened in Danville to facilitate the availability of local, state and national cancer programs and resources to the Southside communities.*

• Provides cancer education packets for local treatment facilities and health centers.

• Coordinates transportation and connects patients with community resources.

• Conducts educational programs and partners with other organizations to provide special programs, including the highly successful Cancer Survivor Symposium in April.

• Supports the local cancer task force in their activities. Developed joint venture partnership with Community Memorial Healthcenter (CMH) in South Hill to provide oncology services.

• Recruited Tzann Fang, MD, to serve as medical director for cancer care.

• Provided extensive training to research staff at CMH as a one day on-site training, and scheduled research staff training at VCU Massey Cancer Center.

• Hired Clinical Outreach Coordinator to evaluate

community resources, develop partnerships, identify clinical research education needs and act as a liaison between VCU researchers and the community to facilitate clinical research and the Southside counties and cities.

• Participating in multiple community health events

advertising the CMH-Massey collaboration and the opening of clinical trials at the CMH facility.

• Multiple events scheduled for presentations to

community groups on cancer topics with promotion of the Massey oncology services and cancer clinical trials at CMH.

 * Funded by the Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission

for Research Outreach in Danville.

VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012  >  19

HONOR ROLL OF DONORS The generosity of nearly 14,000 individuals, corporations and foundations provided vital resources necessary to advance nationally recognized research that saves and improves lives. We are grateful for and honored by their commitment. The following is a list of gifts of $500 and more given between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012. SPECIAL GIFTS The generosity of these exceptional gifts drives discoveries in clinical cancer research and assists in recruiting world-renowned researchers. We are grateful to these donors for making a significant investment in the future of Massey Cancer Center. Anonymous (2) Dr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Arthur Mr. and Mrs. W. Taylor Benson Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Best Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Boevé Breeden-Adams Foundation Dr. and Mrs. J. Alfred Broaddus Robert G. Cabell III and Maude Morgan Cabell Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Theodore L. Chandler, Jr. + Mr. and Mrs. John R. Congdon, Jr. Mr. John E. Corey Mr. and Mrs. Paul Croston Mr. and Mrs. F. Michael Crowley Dr. Gordon D. Ginder Mr. and Mrs. L. Michael Gracik, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Elliott M. Harrigan

Harrison Foundation The Mary Anderson Harrison Foundation Mr. and Mrs. J. Sheppard Haw III + Hyundai Hope on Wheels Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Jenkins Barbara Kraus Foundation Mrs. Jeanette S. Lipman The Stepanian Family Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Luck III Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Luck IV Massey Foundation Mr. and Mrs. E. Morgan Massey Mr. and Mrs. James Scott Merritt III Martha D. Newell Charitable Trust The NewMarket Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John B. O’Grady, Sr. Owens & Minor, Inc.

Ms. Linda E. Pearson Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon M. Retchin Anne Carter Robins & Walter R. Robins, Jr. Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Rolfe Dr. Pamela Kiecker Royall and Mr. William A. Royall, Jr. Shelton Short Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Win A. Sheridan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Snead, Jr. SunTrust Foundation Barbara J. & William B. Thalhimer, Jr. Family Fund + Ms. Elizabeth H. Thornton The Titmus Foundation, Inc. West Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Dr. and Mrs. C. Kenneth Wright

T H E L AW R E N C E S O C I E T Y Named after Dr. Walter Lawrence, Jr., founding director of Massey Cancer Center, The Lawrence Society recognizes those who have made a legacy commitment by placing Massey in their estate plans, as well as those whose bequests were received this past fiscal year. Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Beadles Ms. Regina Blyston Mr. and Mrs. William G. Broaddus Dr. and Mrs. Peter W. Brown Mrs. Pastoria Archer Bryant Ms. Jane E. Buchanan * Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Clough Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Craigie Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Crone Mr. and Mrs. John R. Curtis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Norwood H. Davis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Earle, Jr. Miss Virginia C. Ellett Mr. and Mrs. A. Hugh Ewing III Mr. John A. Ficklin Mrs. G. Slaughter Fitz-Hugh, Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Glasgow * Mrs. Doris Eileen Golden * 20 > VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Gregory Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Hamilton IV Mrs. Alexander Hamilton, Jr. * Mr. A. Lee Hanbury Ms. Dorothy L. Kidwell * Dr. and Mrs. Walter Lawrence, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lowrie Mrs. Elinor Bloom Marshall * Mr. and Mrs. William E. Massey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Maxwell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. Alan McCollough Ms. Stasia M. McDowell Mrs. Martha D. Newell Mr. and Mrs. John R. O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. John B. O’Grady, Sr. Mr. William F. O’Keefe Dr. Shirley Carter Olsson Miss Anne Dobie Peebles * Mr. Adam S. Plotkin

Mrs. Catherine S. Plotkin Mrs. Bertha C. Rolfe Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ryan, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth G. Schneider * Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Scott, Jr. Mrs. Verna W. Seidensticker Mr. and Mrs. James H. Starkey III Senator and Mrs. Walter A. Stosch Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Thalhimer Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Thompson Ms. Elizabeth H. Thornton Miss Jerolien T. Titmus * Dr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Trani Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ukrop Ms. Helen R. Van Rensselaer * The Honorable Carolyn Wake and Mr. John Wake Mr. and Mrs. E. Carlton Wilton, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. C. Kenneth Wright * Deceased + Gift made through The Community Foundation Fiscal year 2012: July 1, 2011– June 30, 2012

THE MASSEY CLUB The Massey Club is the leadership annual giving society that helps meet Massey’s ongoing need for flexible, unrestricted income. Circle Anonymous The AECW Fund + Mr. and Mrs. James P. Belk Dr. and Mrs. Peter W. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Capps Mr. and Mrs. Theodore L. Chandler, Jr. + Mr. and Mrs. David E. Cottrell + Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Crone Mr. and Mrs. John R. Curtis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Eggleston Miss Virginia C. Ellett Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Goddard + Mr. and Mrs. William H. Goodwin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Gottwald, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd D. Gottwald, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Gottwald Harry and Harriet Grandis Family Foundation Cecil R. and Edna S. Hopkins Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Linwood A. Lacy, Jr. Mrs. Jeanette S. Lipman Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Markel Massey Alliance Mr. and Mrs. E. Morgan Massey Mr. William B. Massey, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William E. Massey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John D. Morgan The Pauley Family Foundation Mrs. Pat Pearman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Pruitt Ms. Sarah Massey Rankin Dr. Pamela Kiecker Royall and Mr. William A. Royall, Jr. Mrs. Robert B. Seidensticker Mr. and Mrs. Win Sheridan The Snead Family Foundation Mrs. Charles G. Thalhimer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Thompson Thrift for Life Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Titmus Mr. and Mrs. Nathan H. Turbeville, Jr. United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg West Charitable Lead Trust Mrs. Somers M. Wilton B enefac tor Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. C. Leland Bassett Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Beadles + Mr. and Mrs. Millard I. Binswanger, Jr. Judith Haskell Brewer Fund The Brinks Company Camp-Younts Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Chewning Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Chiocca * Deceased + Gift made through The Community Foundation Fiscal year 2012: July 1, 2011– June 30, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Covington, Jr. + Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Earle Mr. and Mrs. C. Edwin Estes Mr. and Mrs. Matthew T. Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. L. Michael Gracik, Jr. Mrs. Leslie A. Grandis Mrs. June H. Guthrie Terrell and Elliott Harrigan Mr. and Mrs. H. Hiter Harris III Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Holsten Mr. and Mrs. George F. Hoover Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Krupin Mr. and Mrs. Todd E. LePage Mrs. A. Clifton Lilly, Jr. Carol and Manuel Loupassi Mr. A. Travis Massey Mr. and Mrs. G. Gilmer Minor III Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. J. Moore Mrs. Linda Nash Ms. Joan O. Oates Mr. William O’Keefe Mr.* and Mrs. Robert H. Patterson, Jr. Ms. Barbara R. Peskin Mrs. Suzanne C. Pollard Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Price Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Robertson III Mr. and Mrs. E. Claiborne Robins, Jr. Rockville-Centerville Steam Gas Historical Association Mr. and Mrs. James G. Rose, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ryan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Saunders Barbara J. Thalhimer and William B. Thalhimer, Jr. Family Fund + Mr. and Mrs. Eric White George & Mary H. Williams Charitable Trust Allison and Watson Wright

(Left-right) Delegate Kirk Cox, George Emerson, Becky Massey and Virginia State Senator Steve Martin celebrate another successful evening at The Highlands-Massey Classic Dinner and Auction.

The 9th Annual Music For Massey showcased Sam Bush and special guest Jim Lauderdale at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens on June 1. (Left-right) Gordon Ginder, MD, director, Massey Cancer Center; Jim Napier, Massey Advisory Board; Bill Massey.

F ellow Anonymous AGT Peachtree House Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Albertson Mr. Stephen J. Aronson Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Arthur Ms. Ann H. Austin Mr. and Mrs. John S. Barr Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Boevé Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bogese, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Bonbright III Mr. and Mrs. Patteson Branch III Dr. and Mrs. J. Alfred Broaddus, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Stewart Bryan III + Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Byrd Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Christian Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Clough Donald W. Colbert Family Mr. and Mrs. James Leland Couch Mr. and Mrs. F. Michael Crowley

VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012  >  21

T H E M A S S E Y C L U B continued

Massey’s young philanthropists enjoy the annual Celebrating Massey reception. (Left-right) Michelle Kahn Logan, Marty Tompkins Ritter, Mary Harvard Nolde, Eliza Heyward, Liza Jarvis Scott, Whitney Pinna.

The Virginia Moose Association (VMA) , longtime Massey supporters, welcomed Wesley Crowder as Supreme Governor at their Annual Convention on July 30, 2011. (Left-right): Matt Grove*; Jarold Langley; Crowder; Gordon Ginder, MD, director of Massey Cancer Center; Eugene Sine and Andy Dooley. *Matt Grove, a former Massey Advisory Board member, served as VMA Regional Manager, January 1996 until his passing on November 11, 2011.

Ms. Patsy Y. Dean Ms. Elizabeth Gray Duff + Mr. and Mrs. George P. Emerson, Jr. The Harry Frazier III Family + Kathy and Wayne Funk Ms. Carrie T. Galeski + Dr. Gordon D. Ginder Mr. and Mrs. William M. Ginther Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Gold Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Gore Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Hamilton IV Mr. and Mrs. Theodore S. Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Hixon III Mr. and Mrs. Olin V. Hyde Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Jenkins The Russell W. Jordan III Family Ms. Jean Deshazo Jumet Mr. and Mrs. Neil S. Kessler Mr. and Mrs. Allen B. King Mr. Phillip W. Klaus, Jr. + Mr. Victor W. Lavenstein Mr. and Mrs. Leonor F. Loree III Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Luck III The Luck Stone Foundation Mike, John, Susie, Lee and Libby Massey Mr. William E. Massey III Mr. and Mrs. John C. Maxwell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. McCandlish Ms. Patricia Merrill Mr. and Mrs. Lewis N. Miller, Jr. + Jacques Moore — Moore Cadillac Dr. and Mrs. James P. Neifeld Dr. Shirley C. Olsson Mr. and Mrs. Julian T. Ottley Mrs. Chiswell D. L. Perkins + Mr. and Mrs. James Pinna The RECO Foundation The Anne Carter Robins and Walter R. Robins, Jr. Foundation Mrs. Janet L. Sauer Elizabeth G. Schneider Trust Kathryn and W. Harry Schwarzschild Fund Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Sisisky Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Slabaugh III Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Tullidge, Jr. + Mr. Karl B. Wagner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Marcus W. Weinstein Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wick III Mr. and Mrs. Harvey L. Williams III Mr. and Mrs. Marshall B. Wishnack + Dr. and Mrs. C. Kenneth Wright Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Young M e mb e r Anonymous (4) Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Ackerly, Jr. Ms. Mary Burns Ackerly Ann and Buddy Allen Mrs. Elizabeth S. Allen Dr. Mitchell S. Anscher Mr. and Mrs. William J. Armfield IV Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Armstrong

22 > VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012

Mr. and Mrs. Tiffany B. Armstrong Kathy and Charles Bailey Dr. and Mrs. C. Ryan Barnes John and Beverly Bates Mr. and Mrs. H. Briggs Beadell Mr. Joe G. Beddingfield Ms. Myra Beller Mrs. Ramona V. Bernard Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Best Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Bice Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Bliley, Jr. Dr. Katherine C. Bobbitt Mr. and Mrs. R. Lewis Boggs The Honorable and Mrs. William T. Bolling Mr. Eugene G. Bowles Ms. Margaret D. Bowles Dr. Cathy Bradley Frank and Carol Bradley Mrs. Elise P. Fitzgerald and Mr. Glenn M. Brewer Mr. and Mrs. William G. Broaddus Dr. and Mrs. Donald S. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Rodney C. Brown The Reverend and Mrs. William Hill Brown III Mr. and Mrs. John R. Bryan The Reverend and Mrs. Randy Buckland Mr. and Mrs. William J. Buhrman + Mr. and Mrs. L. Duncan Buoyer Mr. Paul J. Burkholder Ms. Mandy Burnette Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Cabell Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Canfield Mr. Brian M. Cann Mr. and Mrs. William R. Carmichael, Jr. Ann and Drew Carneal Mrs. Lois P. Carver Mrs. Sharon S. Catlett Mr. and Mrs. Langdon T. Christian IV Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Cline Mr. and Mrs. J. Harwood Cochrane Mr. Phil Cohen ColonialWebb Contractors Mr. John E. Corey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Coulbourn + Dr. and Mrs. William Covington Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Craigie The Honorable and Mrs. E. Hatcher Crenshaw, Jr. + Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Croston Mr. and Mrs. Wesley I. Crowder Mr. and Mrs. Clifford A. Cutchins IV + Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Dabney Mr. and Mrs. James R.V. Daniel III Daughters of Penelope Mr. and Mrs. John G. Davenport + Mr. and Mrs. Norwood H. Davis, Jr. + Patsy and Jerry Dawson Mr. and Mrs. William C. DeRusha Mr. and Mrs. Harry Deutsch Dr. and Mrs. John C. Doswell II Mr. and Mrs. Ellis M. Dunkum * Deceased + Gift made through The Community Foundation Fiscal year 2012: July 1, 2011– June 30, 2012

T H E M A S S E Y C L U B continued Mr. Raymond E. Dunlavey Katherine Furlong Coudriet and David Easlick Mr. and Mrs. Hugh G. Edmunds, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Morton Eggleston, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Elsasser Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Ernst Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Farinholt Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Farley IV Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Farrell Fenchuk / Schnell Ventures Cynthia and Will Ferrell Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fiscella Dr. and Mrs. Paul B. Fisher Mr. and Mrs.* G. S. Fitz-Hugh, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Clifford B. Fleet, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson H. Flohr, Jr. Elizabeth Flowers McDuffie Memorial Fund Mr. and Mrs. J. Carter Fox + Mr. and Mrs. William R. Gardner, Jr. The Anna and Fleetwood Garner Family + Mr. Robert A. Gary IV Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Giles The Gottwald Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William D. Gravitt Mr. and Mrs. Horace A. Gray III Melody and Sonny Gray Mr. and Mrs. John G. Grover The Honorable and Mrs. John H. Hager + Mr. and Mrs. A. William Hamill Mrs. Alexander Hamilton, Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. James C. Hamilton, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Rodney E. Hanneman Mr. and Mrs. Craig C. Harris Drs. Jill Bussey Harris and Monroe E. Harris, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hart Mrs. Wirt H. Hatcher, Jr. Ms. Patricia W. Haynes Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Heltzer Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Helwig + Ann and Robert Henley Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Hill Susan and Donald Hill Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hines, Jr. Ms. Gloria M. Hintz Mrs. Leon N. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Holzbach Ms. Mercedes L. Hoppe Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hornsby Dr. and Mrs. J. Shelton Horsley III The Honorable and Mrs. William J. Howell Ms. Virginia M. Hutchins Mr. and Mrs. Marcos F. Irigaray Dr. and Mrs. Leonard V. Jackson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Jacobs, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Johnson III Ms. Judith G. Jones James River Rugby Football Club Mr. and Mrs. Alex J. Kay, Jr. * Deceased + Gift made through The Community Foundation Fiscal year 2012: July 1, 2011– June 30, 2012

Mr. James W. Klaus + The Philip W. & Nathalie L. Klaus Fund + Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Kornblau + Dr. and Mrs. Anton J. Kuzel Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Lambert Mrs. Jean Lane Dr. and Mrs. Walter Lawrence, Jr. Mr. T. Gaylon Layfield III Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Levin Mr. and Mrs. John B. Lewis Lift Caregiving, LLC The Mann T. Lowry Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John A. Luke, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. A. Lowe Lunsford III Mr. and Mrs. David A. Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Ross Mackenzie Dr. and Mrs. Francis L. Macrina Mrs. Mary H. Madge Mrs. Frank C. Maloney III Sharon and Frederick Maloney Maude L. Mann Mr. and Mrs. Darrell D. Martin Ms. Marie N. Massey Mr. and Mrs. William Blair Massey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John P. McCann The Honorable Jennifer L. McClellan Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm S. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. John L. McElroy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. Conner McGehee III Mr. Joseph J. McSweeney III Charles H. Merriman Mr. and Mrs. R. Marshall Merriman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James S. Merritt III Mrs. Richard A. Michaux * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McN. Millhiser Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Mizell Mr. and Mrs. John S. Molster Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Mooney Ms. Phyllis Moore Mrs. Jeanette B. Moore-Hungerford Ms. Elizabeth Seydel Morgan Dr. Laura Moriarty Mr. and Mrs. Marshall N. Morton Mr. and Mrs. John J. Muldowney Dr. and Mrs. Edmund E. Mullins, Jr. Dr. Neil B. Murphy Kathy and Jim Napier Mr. and Mrs. John A. Nolde, Jr. Mary Harvard Nolde Mr. and Mrs. Morton P. Norman Kim and John O’Grady Mr. and Mrs. W. Jefferson O’Flaherty Dolores L. Orange Mr. and Mrs. S. Marshall Orr III Sally and O.H. Parrish Mr. and Mrs. J. Terry Parsley General and Mrs. J. H. Binford Peay III Dr. and Mrs. W. Baxter Perkinson, Jr. Mr. John S. Pierce, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Phillips, Jr. Catherine S. Plotkin Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Polk III

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Proutt, Jr. Allison and Barry Purcell Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm M. Randolph Red River Foods, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Larus Reed, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Reed Mr. and Mrs. M. Bruce Reiss Virginia Sargeant Reynolds Foundation The Honorable Anne J. Rhodes and Dr. James Rhodes Inger Rice Mr. and Mrs. J. Craig Rice Mr. Robert E. Rigsby Drs. Lenore M. Buckley and John D. Roberts Mrs. Bertha C. Rolfe Ms. Catherine Rolfe Fannie and Gilbert Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Rosenthal Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Ross, Jr. Mrs. Wanda B. Saine Anne G. and Henry S. Savedge, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Scher Mr. Walter W. Scott Mr. and Mrs. John R. Seibert Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah J. Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sherman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. E. Lee Showalter + Karen and Peter Shudtz Mr. and Mrs. William F. Shumadine, Jr. Mrs. Alice Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Stuart C. Siegel Mr. C. L. Sigmon Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Sisk Ms. Barbara R. Souders South Richmond Rotary Club Kaye B. and Henry C. Spalding, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Spratley III Mr. and Mrs. John Stark Mary Lee and Tom Starke Mr. and Mrs. William J. Story III

Dr. and Mrs. Jerome F. Strauss III Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Strauss Ms. J. Randall Street Mr. and Mrs. Page H. Sutherland Ms. Barbara Thalhimer Becky and Adam Thalhimer Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Thalhimer, Sr. Marcia and Harry Thalhimer Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Thaxton Teresa Chiocca Thomas and David Thomas Mr. and Mrs. William G. Thomas Ms. Elizabeth H. Thornton Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Tilghman + Mrs. Louise Toms Dr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Trani Ms. Susan Turbeville Twin Rivers Fund + Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ukrop Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Ukrop Mr. and Mrs. E. Massie Valentine, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Valentine Mr. and Mrs. C. Porter Vaughan III Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. S. Pierce Walmsley IV Mr. and Mrs. James H. Walsh Ann Watson Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Westerhouse, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James H. Whitten II Dr. David S. Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Williams Mr. and Mrs. T. Evan Williams Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Willis Mr. and Mrs. E. Carlton Wilton Drs. Jolene and Bradford Windle Dr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Wolfgang Mrs. John H. Woodfin Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Wright, Jr. Terri and Chris Ziegler

VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012  >  23

A nnual F und The unrestricted support of Annual Fund donors allows Massey to respond quickly and appropriately to new ideas and opportunities in cancer research and sustain a solid operational structure. $ 50 0 – $999 Catherine and Thomas Abendroth Adams, Jenkins & Cheatham, PC Algoma Hardwoods, Inc. Alterra Excess & Surplus Insurance Company Mr. and Mrs. Franco Ambrogi Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Anderson Apple REIT Companies Atlantic Constructors Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David J. Bannan Ms. Elsie W. Beazley Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beltmore Mr. and Mrs. J. Ros Bowers, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Ole Christian Bredrup, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Austin Brockenbrough III Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Buford Mr. and Mrs. John S. Calder Capital Interior Contractors, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Childers Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Daniel Mr. and Mrs. Huntley G. Davenport Mr. and Mrs. Steven Derene Mr. and Mrs. William P. Donaldson

Dr. William S. Dunnavant, Jr. Mrs. Helen Duryea Elinor Bloom Marshall Legacy Fund Mr. Fernando Fernandes * Mrs. Isabel A. Fitzgerald Fleet Laboratories Mr. Joshua M. Flores Mrs. Linda Z. Freeman Mrs. Edie Funsten Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Gaeto Mr. and Mrs. Marvin M. Giles III Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Gilliam Dr. R. Kelly Golden Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grubbs Mr. Charles C. Gruber Mr. and Mrs. Brenton S. Halsey Mr. and Mrs. William Ryan Hamlet Mr. Ric T. Hersh Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Hogue Mr. Daniel P. Hudgens Mr. and Mrs. Hsiuying Ishizawar Mr. and Mrs. Barry Koval + Dr. Jennifer Elston Lafata and Mr. Mark A. Lafata

Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Lake, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Laughon, Jr. Mrs. Carolyn W. LeGrand Bernard J. and Ruby N. Levey Drs. Georganne and Stephen Long The Loucks Family Foundation Mrs. Mary D. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. P. Bradley Nott, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Stewart O’Keefe Mr. and Mrs. Charles Elis Olsson Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Poindexter The Honorable and Mrs. Oliver A. Pollard, Jr. + Ms. Martha M. Pollard Mrs. Elizabeth W. Pratt The Rashkind Family Foundation Mr. Duane B. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. David Rose + Mr. and Mrs. Conrad F. Sauer IV Mr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Schaaf Mr. James A. Schettine Mr. and Mrs. S. Buford Scott Share Our Strength Ms. Elaine C. Shepherd

Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Shutterly Mr. and Mrs. Julious P. Smith, Jr. Southside Regional Medical Center Mr. and Mrs. George St. Clair Morton G. and Nancy P. Thalhimer Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Timmreck Mr. and Mrs. Randolph F. Totten Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Ukrop Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Ukrop VA Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company Vulcan Materials Company Mr. and Mrs. John W. Waddill Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Walker + Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Washington Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Weakley Mr. and Mrs. B. Briscoe White III Mr. Christopher B. Williamson Mr. and Mrs. James B. Willis Ms. Lindsey B. Wise

R estricted F unds Restricted funds provide seed money or bridge funding for research, staffing, equipment and laboratory supplies for a variety of specific cancer research programs. $ 10,0 0 0 and A BOV E Mr. and Mrs. Bryan F. Peery Mrs. Catherine S. Plotkin Virginia Moose Association, Inc. $ 5,0 0 0 – $9,999 Connor’s Heroes Foundation Martin’s Mr. and Mrs. James H. Starkey III + $ 2,50 0 – $4,999 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Daniel, Jr. Ms. Brenda G. Epperson GFWC-Southside District Order of the Eastern Star of Virginia Grand Chapter

$1, 0 0 0 – $2, 499 Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Gray II Mr. and Mrs. Ben Haring Mr. Robert Z. Haskins, Jr. Mrs. Andrea T. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Knudson, Jr. Mr. Wayne A. Lyons Ms. Helen C. Mason G. Edmond Massie III Cancer Memorial Fund + Mr. and Mrs. Robby McKetta Midlothian High School Mr. and Mrs. Ed Moneypenny Mr. Abby W. Moore Ms. Joanne Moore

24 > VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012

Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Virginia Mr. and Mrs. John R. O’Connor + Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Partin Mrs. H. B. Powers Ms. Carole D. Royall Mrs. Barbara S. Shocket Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hines, Jr. Ms. Elizabeth H. Thornton $50 0 – $999 Mr. Cabell Childress Mr. William J. Flax Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm P. Friddell Mr. Todd M. Harbold

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Heyward Mrs. Lois S. Kumpers Dr. and Mrs. John S. Oehler, Jr. Mr. Craig M. Parker Dr. and Mrs. John W. Pendleton Mr. and Mrs. Marijo Radman Mr. Edwin Jay Rafal Mr. and Mrs. George L. Scott Mrs. Donna M. Weber Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wetzel, Jr. Wyndham Garden Club

* Deceased + Gift made through The Community Foundation Fiscal year 2012: July 1, 2011– June 30, 2012

palliative care Massey’s Thomas Palliative Care Program strives to prevent and relieve suffering and to support the best possible quality of life for patients and their families. This exceptional program is a national model and a leader in the palliative care field. $ 10,0 0 0 and abov e Ms. Barbara W. Geer Prince George Ruritan Club $ 5,0 0 0 – $9,999 Mr. Aaron L. Zdinak $ 2,50 0 – $4,999 Mr. W. Stan Chappell Ms. Stasia M. McDowell $ 1,0 0 0 – $2,499 Mr. and Mrs. James B. Poppell III Mary Stuart Pearson Gremer and Kevin Gremer Ms. Ellen Eames Bryant

Mr. Dayle L. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gallo Mr. and Mrs. James P. Massie III Ms. Cassandra B. Wright and Dr. Douglas M. Heuman $50 0 – $999 Mr. Mone’g Everett Mr. James J. Neville Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Harrell Mrs. Andrea T. Jordan Mrs. Sue Ann Messmer Mrs. Barry M. Parkins Mrs. Jane W. Pearson Ms. Lynne Shockley

Robert Chadwick (center), representing the Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star of Virginia, Prince Hall Affiliation, presented a donation to Massey’s Gwen Parker (left) and Debbie Cadet, PhD (right).

M atching G ift C ompanies The following companies matched their employees’ contributions, multiplying the impact of their donations. These gifts help Massey build valuable partnerships with the business community and are deeply appreciated. The Prince George Ruritan Club held its 7th Annual Johnny AllianceBernstein Investments America Online Time Warner, Inc. Aon Foundations Bank of America The Brink’s Company Capital One Services LLC Carmax Dominion Digital, Inc. Dominion Virginia Power Endo Pharmaceuticals Fleet Laboratories The Franklin Federal Foundation Gap Foundation GEICO Companies General Electric Foundation Genworth Financial GlaxoSmithKline Goldman Sachs & Co. Gray Holdings, LLC Hamilton Beach Proctor-Silex, Inc. E. A. Holsten, Inc. The Home Depot USA, Inc. International Business Machines Corp. John Hancock Financial Services * Deceased + Gift made through The Community Foundation Fiscal year 2012: July 1, 2011– June 30, 2012

Johnson & Johnson KPMG LLP Kraft Foods Foundation Markel Corporation McKesson Foundation Inc. MeadWestvaco Foundation Medco Health Employee Giving Campaign Microsoft Mondial Assistance Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia Norfolk Southern Foundation Philip Morris Co., Inc. T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation Inc. The Prudential Foundation Regions Financial Corporation Sanofi-Aventis SunTrust Universal Leaf Foundation Verizon Foundation Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Foundation

Oates Memorial Golf Tournament in August 2011, reaching a remarkable milestone of raising $100,000 for the Thomas Palliative Care Program and brain tumor research.

VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012  >  25

M emorial and H onorary G ifts Gifts have been made to VCU Massey Cancer Center in honor or in memory of the following individuals. Their courage and spirit remain the inspiration for the work being conducted at Massey.

Baugh Auto Body Shop and HandCraft Cleaners sponsored “Tribute Trees” at the 9th Annual Massey Opening Night Shopping Spree at The Bizarre Bazaar®, giving shoppers a meaningful way to honor a loved one’s battle with cancer.

Massey’s patient services volunteers, patient advocates and Clinical Services Committee make a monumental impact each year in helping make the patient experience as pleasant as possible. Serving refreshments in Becky’s Garden is just one way these dedicated supporters connect with patients.

26 > VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012

I n M e mory O f Mrs. Jane Vanture Adair Mr. Edwin E. Adams Mr. Jeffrey M. Ahearn Mr. Scott Altman Ms. Carol Amato Ms. Amanda Foley Amos Mrs. Diana C. Anderson Mr. Harry Anderson Mr. Payton R. Anderson, Jr. Ms. Constance Andrews Mr. Beverley W. Armstrong Mr. Roy Baker Mr. John M. Baldwin IV Mr. Jeff Bangley Mr. Glenn Ashton Barker Ms. Bonnie C. Barlow Mr. Brian Barnett Ms. Elizabeth Ann Harper Barrett Ms. Anne Z. Barry Mr. Charles Beck Mr. Roger L. Beck Mr. Harvey T. Bennett, Jr. Mr. William W. Berry Mrs. Delores Stephens Bishop Mr. Charles L. Blair Mr. Conley Stinnett Booth Ms. Betty J. Boswell Mrs. Eleanore M. Boughton Ms. Mary Knight Bowling Ms. Stella Law Bradley Mrs. Joyce M. Bragg Ms. Elsie T. Brammer Mr. James McKenzie Brock Ms. Grace Brokenborough Ms. Patsy Brooks Mrs. Bonnie Brown Mr. Maurice Brown Mr. Stewart H. Brown, Jr. Mr. James Robert Buchanan Ms. Bruna Bullock Mr. Henry Lee Bullock Mrs. Carol N. Buono Mrs. Jewell Lee Burke Mr. Edgar A. Butler Mr. Richard Lee Butler Mrs. Mary Flowers Cadwallader Ms. Catherine Hastings Carmichael Mr. Christopher B. Carnan Ms. Martha Seate Carnes Mr. William S. Carnes Ms. Phoebe Hughes Carr Mr. William L. Carreras Mrs. Ann Cary Ms. Ruby Caudill Mr. Tripp Cerny

Mr. Lucius T. Chapin Ms. Brenda W. Chappell Ms. Cheryl Chesney-Walker Mr. Talmage Childers Mr. Tony Curtis Christopher Ms. Martha Christine Glovier Clark Mr. Donald Wayne Colbert Mr. Allen N. Coleman Mr. Gus Collier Mrs. Ann Thirza Eldridge Collins Mr. Cralle Z. Comer Ms. Barbara M. Commins Mr. William L. Condrey, Jr. Mrs. Natalie N. Congdon Lieutenant Colonel Leonard J. Corsentino Mrs. Ina Sue Cort Mrs. Beverly Cortright Mr. Charles E. Coudriet Mr. C. Edwin Cox, Jr. Mrs. Sharyn Leigh Bass Crockett Mr. Robert Hunter Crostic Mrs. Myrtle J. Croston Mr. Paul Croston, Sr. Mrs. J. C. Cullather Mr. Joshua Culler Ms. Gayle Cunningham Ms. Addie H. Daniel Dr. Donald S. Daniel, Jr. Mr. Ronnie Daniel Ms. Betsy Davis Mr. Royal Garland Davis Mrs. Leslie C. Dean Mr. Edward Deichman, Jr. Ms. Jane B. Dempster Ms. Phyllis S. Demro Mrs. Martha M. Dennis Dr. Christopher E. Desch Ms. Thuy Doan Mr. Grayson Dodson Mr. Carl G. Driskill Mrs. Linda Schmidt Dunning Mr. Ronald Durham Mrs. Virginia S. Duvall Ms. Joan E. Eanes Mr. Norris E. Edgerton Ms. Betsy Smith Edmunds Mr. John William Edwards Mr. Richard D. Ernsberger Mr. George B. Evans Ms. Whitney Ferrell Mrs. Susan H. Fitz-Hugh Ms. Ann Tory Floyd Ms. Catherine M. Ford Mr. Andrew D. Foust Mr. Byron Foutch * Deceased + Gift made through The Community Foundation Fiscal year 2012: July 1, 2011– June 30, 2012

M emorial and H onorary G ifts continued Mr. Thomas Frazier Ms. Virginia Freeman Dr. Donna M. Fukumoto Mr. Carl E. Gallahan Dr. Mark A. Gallaher Ms. Joyce Gates Dr. Thomas M. Geer Mr. Jack Gelrud Dr. Marshall Gerson Ms. Cherie Gettings Ms. Marilyn Gifford Mrs. Bee Gill Ms. Nancy G. Glaser Mr. Thomas L. Goodbody, Jr. Mrs. Evanne T. Goode Ms. Evelyn P. Goodman Mr. David Goodwin Mr. Ernie Grant The Honorable Elmon T. Gray Mrs. Pamela B. Gray Ms. Susan N. Grayson Mr. Richard C. Green, Sr. Mr. Fred D. Gregory, Jr. Mr. Carl E. Groome Ms. Sharon Kathleen Grove Mrs. Angelina Faye Hamlet Mrs. Constance Cann Hancock Mr. Byron E. Haner Mr. Ronald L. Harrell Dr. Austin B. Harrelson Mr. Bruce Harris Mr. Frank B. Hart, Jr. Mr. Michael Gary Hart Ms. Amy Edwards Harte Mr. Robert Z. Haskins Mr. George T. Hawkins, Jr. Mr. James Hedrick Mr. Mark A. Hendrix Dr. Mary P. Hester Mr. Byron Hevener Ms. Charla Hilbert Dr. Trevor Bruce Hill Mr. C. Henry Hinnant III Mr. Robert L. Hintz Mrs. Betty J. Hite Mr. Douglas K. Hobson Mrs. Kathleen D. Hodges Mrs. Susan White Holsworth Mr. Bernard S. Holt, Jr. Mr. Brian J. Horan Ms. Gail Armistead Horrocks Mr. Paul C. Hudgins Mr. Arkie G. Hudkins, Jr. Mr. Thomas B. Hughes Ms. Sloan S. Hunter Mrs. Anne Rawles Huske Mrs. Kathleen Watkinson Ivins Mr. John K. Jackson III Ms. Nita T. Jackson Mr. Wayne S. Jackson Dr. George W. James IV Mr. J. Michael Jarvis Mr. Bruce C. Jenkins * Deceased + Gift made through The Community Foundation Fiscal year 2012: July 1, 2011– June 30, 2012

Mr. Joseph Jenkins, Jr. Mr. Henry E. Jennings IV Ms. Ann J. Johnson Mrs. Jane W. Johnson Mr. Todd M. Johnston Ms. Coleen Jones Ms. Marie A. Jones Mr. Russell W. Jordan III Ms. Alison Ruth Kaplan Mr. Donald Kelly Ms. Pamela Kepple Mr. Louis Kibler Ms. M. Paige Kienel Mrs. Marilyn Kim Dr. E. Richard King Mrs. Marie Pace King Ms. Peggy Diane King Ms. Jessie N. Kirby Ms. Marie L. Kirby Ms. Jean Koren Ms. Linda Kozonasky Mr. Thomas Kevin Kull Ms. Joanne Kurland Ms. Dorothy Lake Ms. Colleen Lamberson Mrs. Lucy Lamberson Mr. David Carl Landin Ms. Donna Doub Lane Mr. Joseph T. Langley, Sr. Ms. Jacquelin Larson Mrs. Lynn Spiers Lastovica Mrs. Susan F. Lavenstein Mr. Max Lawson Mrs. Dovie K. Lee Dr. Herbert C. Lee Dr. Thomas F. Leftwich, Jr. Mr. Andrew C. LeGrand Mrs. Margaret Sutliff Light Ms. Alice Ligon Mr. Harold Lingerfelt Mr. Eric M. Lipman Mr. Andrew B. Llewellyn Ms. Robin Long Mr. George M. Longest Ms. Calena Lowery Ms. Claudia Lucca Mrs. Alice Clark Lynch Mrs. Catherine E. Lyons Mr. Bobby L. Madison Ms. Kathleen Maitland Mrs. Mary H. Malechek Mrs. Marcy Mann Ms. Sue Markel Mrs. Elinor Bloom Marshall Mr. John D. Marshall III Dr. Billy R. Martin Mr. G. Wayne Martin Mrs. Madeline W. Martin Mr. Carlos P. Mata Dr. H. Page Mauck, Jr. Mr. Charles H. Mayo, Sr. Ms. Barbara C. Mays Ms. Page K. McCarthy

Ms. Elaine McCarty Mrs. Patricia K. McCaskey Mr. John E. McDonald Mrs. John E. McDonald Ms. Lee Anne Doughty Melton Mr. Walter F. Merritt II Mr. Robert Middleton Ms. Julia H. Mies Ms. Kathleen Emison Miller Mrs. Rita Miller Mr. Roy T. Mitchell Ms. Mattie Mae Mittelmaier Ms. Patty O’Gorman Moore Mr. Gerald Morgan, Jr. Mr. J. C. Morriss, Jr. Mrs. Barbara P. Moseley * Mr. Durwood Lee Mozingo, Jr. Mrs. Anita L. Murphy Ms. Marjorie Murphy Mr. Stuart G. Mylum Mr. Thomas E. Myrick, Sr. Mr. William Naughton Ms. Clara Shumadine Neal Mrs. Sharon L. Neville Mr. William B. Newton Dr. James F. Oates III Mr. Johnny Lane Oates Mr. Robert E. O’Hara, Jr. Mrs. Margret A. O’Keefe Mr. Jerome S. Osmalov Ms. Victoria L. Overstreet Mrs. Judith H. Pace Mr. Maximo R. Paez Mr. Barry Parkins Mrs. Barbara Patrick Mrs. Magdalena Patterson Mr. James D. Patton III Mr. Cal Paxton Mr. Thomas A. Pearson Mrs. Audrey Massey Peay Mr. Benjamin F. Peery Ms. Gaye S. Peery Mr. Frank D. Pendleton Ms. Joyce Betts Pierce Mr. Richard L. Pillow Ms. Yvonne T. Pinckney Mr. Daniel S. Plant Ms. Marjorie Alexander Poffarl Mr. H. B. Powers Mr. Donald L. Prather Mr. William David Price Ms. Janel Tara Pustilnik Ms. Marilyne S. Rafal Ms. Irene J. Ranson Mr. Michael Lee Ransone Mrs. Peggy B. Raper Mrs. Audrey G. Rasmussen Ms. Betty Ratcliffe Mr. Richard A. Raucci Ms. Heidi A. Ray Mr. Bryan Raybon Mrs. Virginia DeHart Redd Ms. Leila Reid

Ms. Lavaughn Renzelli Mr. David P. Reynolds Mrs. Kathleen E. Rickman Mr. Horace L. Roberts Mr. Edward S. Robson Ms. Janelle Hopkins Rolfe Mr. Norman Rolfe Mrs. Dorothy B. Rowe Mrs. Dorothy D. Ruch Mr. Mark E. Rumsey Mrs. Margaret L. Ryland Mr. Edward W. Saunders Mr. Franklin Judson Saunders, Jr. Mr. Samuel Saunders Mr. Eric Schardt Ms. Janice R. Scherr Mr. John F. Schultz Mrs. Vaughan H. Scott Mr. Herbert Sebren, Sr. Mr. Tom Secondi Mr. Arthur J. Shaheen Mrs. Pamela C. Sheer Mr. Robert N. Sheffield Mr. Howard L. Sherman Dr. Jo Ann Sherron Mr. Steven L. Shewbridge Mrs. Mary C. Shinault Mr. David Shoaf Ms. Jean Short Mr. Shelton Short Mrs. Margaret A. Shutterly Mrs. Sherry Silk Mrs. Betsy Jean Sjurseth Mr. Bernard Skydanek Mrs. Bernard Skydanek Ms. Patricia R. Sotos Mr. Erik Sparks Ms. Gerry Specter Mr. William Clifford Stephens, Jr. Ms. Leah Rae Stone Mr. Thomas F. Stover Mr. Robert L. Struck Mr. Raymond E. Sumner Mr. Ray M. Tate Ms. Bonnie Lynn Tate-Booker Ms. Brenda Tatum Mr. Raymond B. Taylor Ms. Bessie Harrison Terry Mr. John Teufel, Jr. Mrs. Lisa M. Thalhimer Mr. Roy Theroux Mr. Raymond Earl Thomas Ms. Anne Thurston Mrs. Zach Toms, Jr. Mrs. Mary A. Traylor Mrs. E. E. Traynham Mr. Bob Trent Mrs. Sally A. Trilli Mrs. Dorothy R. Trinite Mr. Basil R. Tripp Mrs. Evora Turnage Ms. Karen Smith Tyler Mr. Harold L. Vaughn

VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012  >  27

M emorial and H onorary G ifts continued Dr. Beverley D. Venuti Ms. Janice Vernon Mrs. Cynthia Vinson Ms. Jackie Wade Ms. Patricia A. Wainscott Mr. Dennis M. Walker Mrs. Georgia A. Walker Ms. Stephanie Sadler Walston Mr. Robert D. Walton Mrs. Debbe Walton-Cale Mr. John David Warner Mrs. Margaret J. Wasilewski Mr. Peter A. Wasilewski Ms. Abbie Waters Mr. Edward G. Watterson Mr. Maurice G. Weber Mr. Willy Weber Mr. Marc Weiss Ms. Dorothy Wells Mrs. Phyllis T. Wells Miss Mary Rosalie West Mrs. Kay C. Westerhouse Mr. Robert E. Wetzel, Sr. Ms. Carol P. Wheeler Mr. Harvey White Dr. Gaynelle Whitlock Mr. Charles E. Williams Ms. Kimberly Leslie Williams Mrs. Wanda H. Williamson Ms. Josephine A. Wilson Ms. Caroline Wofford Mr. John H. Woodfin Ms. Melinda Sue Woodward Mrs. Bernice W. Wyatt Ms. Nora Wyatt Ms. Lisa Wylie Mrs. Ann R. Yankovich Mr. James M. Yankovich Mr. John Zabriskie Ms. Christienne Zdinak In Honor Of Ms. Mary Burns Ackerly Ms. Elizabeth J. Adams Mrs. Carol K. Adelaar Mrs. Kaye Ann Aikins Ms. Eileen Allin Mr. John Samuel Applin Architectural Products of Virginia Dr. Douglas W. Arthur Mrs. Shelly E. Arthur Dr. Sherman Baker, Jr. Mr. John M. Baldwin IV * Mr. H. Briggs Beadell Dr. Harry D. Bear Mr. James N. Bennett Mrs. Kaye Bennett Ms. Patricia A. Bennett Mrs. Debra P. Berg Mr. Steven D. Berg Ms. Ramona V. Bernard Ms. Brittany Biagi Dr. Cecelia H. Boardman

Mrs. Foushee H. Booth Dr. Jerry C. Booth Mrs. Southhall Bowles Mrs. David Branch Mrs. Joanna A. Brennan Mrs. Grace W. Broaddus Dr. J. Alfred Broaddus, Jr. Mrs. Margaret L. Broaddus Mr. William G. Broaddus, Esquire Ms. Faith Bromm Mr. Edward H. Bryant, Jr. * Mrs. Estelle M. Call Mrs. Bruce Calvert Mr. Bruce C. Cann Mrs. Sara C. Cann Mrs. Lucy K. Casey Mrs. Annie C. Chalkley Mrs. Kay W. Clark Ms. Shelly R. Clark Mrs. T. S. Cochran Ms. Cathy Cockrell Ms. Patricia W. Collins Mr. John R. Congdon Dr. Heather M. Conroy Ms. Anne Cooke Ms. Agnes E. Corazzini * Mrs. Eloise B. Coyne Mr. Patrick J. Coyne Mr. Allan D. Creeger Mr. Wesley I. Crowder Mrs. Margaret S. Crowley Mr. C. Ed Cummings Mrs. Peter Curry Mr. Michael T. Dan Dr. Elizabeth Dawson Mrs. Paula C. Dennison Ms. Betty Ann Allen Dillon Mrs. Bromby L. Earle Mrs. Phyllis S. Ellenbogen Mrs. Darlene B. Emerson Mr. George P. Emerson, Jr. Mr. Barbour Thornton Farinholt, Jr. Mrs. Ida Valentine Farinholt Ms. Janet M. Fattizzi * Mr. James W. Ferrell, IV Ms. Shirley Ford Mr. Bob Forman Ms. Cary Fountain Dr. Paul J. Fudala Mr. Franklin Y. Geho Mrs. Mary Frances Geho Mrs. Deborah S. Gibbs Mr. John W. Gibbs, Jr. Mrs. Martha C. Gibbs Mr. T. Randolph Gibbs Mrs. Georgianne S. Ginder Dr. Gordon D. Ginder Mrs. Gay G. Goldstone Mrs. Abby H. Goodman Mrs. Alice T. Goodwin Mr. William H. Goodwin, Jr. Mrs. Ann Parker Gottwald Mr. L. Michael Gracik, Jr.

28 > VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012

Mrs. Susan A. Gracik Dr. Amanda L. Grainer Dr. Amelia Grover Mr. Jamison R. Gugino Mrs. Penelope W. Gugino Ms. Penny Gutshall Dr. Jack L. Haar Dr. Mary Helen Hackney Dr. Michael P. Hagan Ms. Dorthy Hailey Mr. Bernard Hamilton Mrs. Helen H. Hamilton Mr. James C. Hamilton, Jr. Mrs. Laura H. Hamilton Mr. Justin Hamm Ms. Kristy Hamm Ms. Katy Hancock Mrs. Jane H. Hankley Mr. John C. Harrell Mr. Elliott M. Harrigan Mrs. Terrell L. Harrigan Ms. Rendall L. Harris Mr. Robert Harris Mrs. Wanda Harris Mrs. Elizabeth S. Hart Mrs. Cynthia Luck Haw Mr. J. Sheppard Haw III Ms. Sara Heisler Ms. Mary Henrich Mr. Jeff Herman Mr. Theodore Hicks Ms. Kelly Hipple Mr. William Joe Hoppe * Ms. Claire Horton Ms. Fran F. Householder Mrs. Elizabeth Howells Mr. Hank Howells Employees of Human Genetics Mrs. Ruth Ellen Hurley Mrs. Billie P. Huston The John Molster Family Rev. Gary Jones Mr. Erick Kasten Mr. Julian Keevil Ms. Mary T. H. Keevil Mrs. Suzanne Briggs Kelly Ms. Kathryn Lambert King Ms. Leigh J. Kurland Mrs. Nan LaGow Mr. Robert Lebar Mrs. Betty Sue Grandis LePage Mrs. Gail Lewis Mr. Joel S. Lewis Mrs. Jeanette S. Lipman Mr. Charles S. Luck III Mr. Charles S. Luck IV Mrs. Dudley Luck Mrs. Lisa Petty Luck Mrs. True F. Luck Ms. Elizabeth P. Lytle-Rupp Mrs. Connie B. Madison Ms. Shannon E. Maroney Mr. Steve Martin

Mrs. Becky C. Massey Mr. E. Morgan Massey Mr. Ivor Massey, Jr. Mrs. Maureen D. Massey Ms. Courtney C. Matthews Mr. Patrick McCarty The Honorable Elizabeth McClanahan Mrs. Elizabeth A. McClanahan Mr. Bernard W. McCray Mrs. Eve M. McCray Mr. Bill McElroy Mrs. Lisa McNamara Ms. Alice Mende Ms. Patricia Merrill Mrs. Mary Middleton Mr. Steven A. Middleton Mrs. Marcia W. Miller Mrs. Shelly Montante Dr. Steven Montante Ms. Sally S. Mooney Mrs. Sara J. Mooney Mrs. Carolyn S. Moore Mr. Jacques J. Moore Mr. William E. Morris, Jr. Mr. Bill Muguira Mrs. Marty Muguira Ms. Sarah B. Munford Mr. W. T. Munford, Jr. Ms. Nancy E. Murphy Ms. Sharon M. Murphy Mr. James T. Napier Mrs. Kathryn O. Napier Mrs. Mona O. Narang Dr. James P. Neifeld Mrs. Nancy Nelson Mrs. Mary Birdsong Nolde Nuckols Farm Elementary School PTA Old Dominion Truck Leasing Dr. Shirley Carter Olsson Mrs. Matthew Palmer Mr. Kevin G. Pannell Mrs. Sandra Partridge Mr. Thomas A. Pearson * Dr. Edward B. Perkins Mrs. Diane S. Peskin Mrs. Iva R. Petrosino Mrs. Janie Pinney Mr. Lee Pinney Ms. Phyllis J. Polhemus Mrs. Diane Linen Powell The Honorable Edward A. Powell, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth Powers Mrs. Emily Price Ms. Laurel J. Quarberg Mr. Scott Quarforth Mr. Ben Albert Rackley Mr. Bryan D. Reasor Ms. Janie Reed Mr. John L. Reifsnider Mr. Steve S. Revenson Mrs. Beverly W. Reynolds Mrs. Meade Rhoads Dr. John E. Roberts * Deceased + Gift made through The Community Foundation Fiscal year 2012: July 1, 2011– June 30, 2012

M emorial and H onorary G ifts continued Mr. Gregory B. Robertson Mrs. Libby Robertson Mrs. Bertha C. Rolfe Ms. Arlene M. Rollins Ms. Rori K. Rourk Ms. Karen J. Savage Ms. Julie Schaum Mrs. Verna W. Seidensticker Mr. Arthur Serbin III Mr. Arthur J. Shaheen * Ms. Margaret Shaia Mr. Ronald R. Shannon Ms. Sally C. Sheridan Mrs. A. Marlene Short Mr. Gary W. Short Mr. Michael T. Shutterly Mr. Geoffrey P. Sisk Mrs. Jennifer L. Sisk Mr. Raymond M. Slabaugh III Mrs. Ann W. Sledge Mr. George O. Sledge Mrs. Michele K. Slee Mr. Prescott Slee Dr. Thomas J. Smith Mrs. Kaye B. Spalding Mrs. Martha T. Speight Mr. James N. Strawbridge Mrs. Susan M. Strawbridge Mrs. Mary Louise M. Stuart Ms. Elaine Sutton Mr. John T. Sutton III Mr. David A. Taliaferro Mr. E. Bradford Tazewell III * Mrs. Nancy Wallace Tazewell Mr. Lamar Thompson Mr. Matthew G. Thompson Mrs. Joan T. Trotti Mrs. Pam C. Tuggle

Mrs. Judith H. Turbeville Ms. Susan G. Turbeville Mrs. Alice Watt Tyler Mr. Donn Valencia Mrs. Patricia P. Van Tuyle Mrs. Glen Vantuyle Ms. Suzanne M. Varner Mrs. Jacqueline Viener Mr. Anthony J. Villani Mrs. Suzanne Woodfin Villani Mrs. Rebecca Von Meister Mrs. Joy B. Walker Ms. Rosalie Walker Mr. Micah Wayland Mrs. Donna M. Weber Ms. Melodye Wells Mr. David Westin Mrs. Sherrie Westin Ms. Haley Wetsel Mr. Robert E. Wetzel, Jr. The White Family Mr. Harvey L. Williams III Dr. Mason M. Williams Mrs. Pattie N. Williams Dr. T. Franklin Williams Mrs. Anne C. Woodfin Dr. Charlotte B. Woodfin Mr. John H. Woodfin, Jr. Ms. Christine Woodson * Burris A. Workman Mrs. Eleanor Workman Dr. C. Kenneth Wright Mrs. Dianne Harris Wright Ms. Laura R. Wright Mrs. Lyneete S. Wright Ms. Constance Young Ms. Magdalene Young

Nearly 30 family members and friends of the late Barbara Kraus presented a $30,000 gift to support breast cancer research from Massey’s Tissue Data Acquisition and Analysis Core (TDAAC). The gift was made by the Barbara Kraus Foundation in memory of Barbara, who lost her 16-month battle with triple negative breast cancer in 2007.

The Brickman Richmond Sprint Triathlon was held in October 2011 at the Midlothian YMCA. Participants had the opportunity to raise money for Massey. (Left-right) Event director Laurie Householder Mehler joined Massey’s triathlon team of Dough Arthur, MD; Molly Dean Bittner and Norwood Davis.

* Deceased + Gift made through The Community Foundation Fiscal year 2012: July 1, 2011– June 30, 2012

VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012  >  29

S I G N AT U R E E V E N T S M assey A lliance ’ s 1 0 th A nnual M oonlight M agic

Saturday, June 9, 2012 It was a perfect evening for more than 500 young professionals and Massey supporters to enjoy live music, wine tastings and craft beer, elegant eats and the first annual live auction at James River Cellars. As one of the Massey Alliance’s signature events, Moonlight Magic netted more than $55,000. The Massey Alliance celebrated ten years of young professional advocacy and support for cancer research with the 10th anniversary of their signature fundraiser, Moonlight Magic, presented by Skanska. (Left-right) Committee members Courtney Matthews, Sally Ashby and Pamela Hutzler helped lead the volunteer committee.

When 40,000 runners and walkers hit the street for the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k, nearly 1,600 did so with a mission of raising funds and awareness for Massey by participating in the HDL, Inc. Massey Challenge. With participation and reach extending well beyond Richmond, the Massey Challenge and its partnership with Sports Backers, Inc. is enormously valuable.

30 > VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012

Presenting Spo n s o r Skanska $2,50 0 – $4,999 Mr. and Mrs. L. Michael Gracik, Jr. $1,0 0 0 – $2,499 Atlantic Constructors Bex Logistics Cabell Childress Group Carrerras, Ltd. Mr. Zach Means Neuropsychological Services of Virginia Schettine & Nguyen PLC $50 0 – $999 Baugh Auto Body Capital Area Health Network Cushman & Wakefield Thalhimer Eggleston Family Ms. Noel Feminella Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fievet Ms. Kristen Fournier Hot House Yoga James River Cellars, Inc. Keiter Martin Agency MCV Commonwealth Partnerships Moran Reeves & Conn PC Mr. and Mrs. James Pinna Mr. and Mrs. Barry Ridgeway Southeastern Logo Sport Clips Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wasilewski Wells Fargo Bank Whitten Brothers of Ashland In-Kind donors Dr. Mitzi Batterson and Mr. James Batterson Carreras Jewelers Design Shop Dr. Friend, DDS

Mr. Mark Gambill Mr. and Mrs. William H. Goodwin, Jr. Mr. L. Michael Gracik Mr. Art Granger Hardywood Park Craft Brewery HeloAir Iron Horse Restaurant James Limousine James River Cellars Winery James River Grounds Management Ms. Peggy Larmore Nicola Flora Mr. Tommy Pruitt Richmond Balance Mr. David Robinson Southeastern Logo Stitchers for a Cause Strawberry Street Vineyards Mr. Buddy Wilton Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yevich M oon l i g h t Mag i c Comm i t t e e Sally Ashby, Chair Burns Ackerly, Co-Chair Jim Ashby Tara Becker Ria de las Alas Jessica Dennis Dylan Erdle Procter Fishburne Katherine Fleck Michael Gray Kristin Harris Rendall Harris Pamela Hutzler Jeff Marshall Courtney Matthews Lucy Moore Frank Pendleton Sallie Pruitt Carl Slopey Jamie Specter Catherine Tomlin

* Deceased + Gift made through The Community Foundation Fiscal year 2012: July 1, 2011– June 30, 2012

M assey A lliance ’ s M assey on the R iver

H D L , I nc . M assey C hallenge

Title Sponsor East End Resource Recovery $ 2,50 0 – $4,999 Mr. Clinton Sheppard III

T i t l e Spo n s o r Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. (HDL, Inc.) $ 10 , 0 0 0 a n d above Constance C. and Linwood A. Lacy, Jr. Foundation $5,0 0 0 – $9,999 McGuireWoods LLP Royall & Company E. C. Wareheim Foundation $2,50 0 – $4,999 Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Ackerly, Jr. OrthoVirginia Anne Carter Robins and Walter R. Robins, Jr. Foundation $1,0 0 0 – $2,499 Ms. Brenda Esposito Evonik Goldschmidt Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gottwald Cecil R. and Edna S. Hopkins Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Shields Jarrett Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Long, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Luck III Mr. Greg O’Halloran Dr. Pamela Kiecker Royall and Mr. William A. Royall, Jr. The M & T Charitable Foundation Trikalla Corporation Mrs. Tammy Hudson-Wayland and Mr. Brian R. Wayland $50 0 – $999 Mr. and Mrs. John P. Ackerly III AMF Companies Bank of America Ms. Leslie J. Collins Dr. Elizabeth Dawson and Dr. Mark Ende Fraternal Order of Eagles Mundet, Inc. Mr. John Nester Mr. Franklin G. Owen Shady Grove YMCA Mr. Robert F. Taylor In-Kind donor Skanska, Inc.

Saturday, September 24, 2011 Rock Bottom Island played host once again to the Massey Alliance’s fall fundraiser. The event featured hundreds of Massey supporters enjoying great southern food and music from Three Sheets to the Wind. The perfect fall evening among friends netted $35,000.

$ 1,0 0 0 – $2,499 Mr. Joseph Anthony Franklin Mr. Alexander Schettine Mr. Charles R. Smith Yukon Group, Inc. $ 50 0 – $999 Alterra Excess & Surplus Insurance Company Mr. Matthew G. Anderson III Mr. Matthew H. Barkley Biegler & Associates, P.C. Mr. W. Lee Bradley, Jr. CB Richard Ellis of Virginia, Inc. CSC Leasing Company E. A. Holsten, Inc. Great Richmond Rentals KRS Holdings, Inc. Loveland Distributing Company, Inc. Main Street Realty Merrill Lynch Mosquito Squad Dr. Maurice F. Mullins Mr. and Mrs. James Pinna Schettine & Nguyen PLC Spotts Fain Consulting, LC Spy Rock Real Estate, LLC ThompsonMcMullan, PC Wells Fargo Whiting Turner Contracting Company Ms. Lindsey Wise In-Kind donors 402 Photography Ballyhack Golf Club Carreras Jewelers

* Deceased + Gift made through The Community Foundation Fiscal year 2012: July 1, 2011– June 30, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Darby East End Resource and Recovery The Foundry Golf Club The Gottwald Family Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Harrigan Hotel Roanoke The Kahn Family Legend Brewing Company Mosquito Squad Richmond Balance Richmond Flying Squirrels Mr. Carl Slopey Sign Crafters Southern Logo West End Comedy M assey o n th e R i v er Comm i t t e e Rachel Kaplan, Chair Taylor Williams, Co-Chair Matt Anderson Jenni Booker Betsy Carney Mike Fanelli Erin Gardner Sarah Gravely Eliza Heyward Michelle Logan Jill McCaarthy Becky McGee Robby McKetta Chandra Montgomery Eric Morales James Pinna Bri Polidori Marty Tomkins Ritter Jaclyn Roberts Liza Jarvis Scott Jamie Specter Kelly Stoker Lindsey Wise

Saturday, March 31, 2012 In its seventh year as the official charity of the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k, the HDL, Inc. Massey Challenge was a great success. More than 1,500 runners and walkers and 170 teams participated in the Challenge, surpassing the $500,000 fundraising goal. M as s e y C hallen g e Comm i t t e e Courtney Skunda, Chair Kaity Kasper, Co-Chair Denise Barnes Denise Bird Mandy Burnette Sarah Cosse Travis Massey William E. Massey III Janie Molster Lisa Randolph Christy Snyder Tiffany Sy I n d i v i d ua l s r ai s i n g $ 5 0 0 o r mor e Ms. Sathya Abraham Mr. Vikram Abraham Ms. Ashley Allen Ms. Laura Ambrogi Ms. Christine Anderson Mr. Stephen Baril Ms. Jennifer Berger Ms. Mary Boese Mr. Jim Bonnell Ms. Liz Bowling Mr. David Brown Ms. Deidre Bryant Ms. Josie Bugg Mr. Charlie Caravati Mr. Frank Cha Ms. Lee Chapman Ms. Rhonda Coor Mr. Jonathan Corbin Mr. Jean-Paul Cosse Ms. Kristi Cunningham Ms. Carrie Cybulski Ms. Jessica Dickson Mr. Bruce Dieter Ms. Julie Dillon Ms. Maureen Dingus Ms. Kelly Durham Mr. Wyatt Eck Ms. Eliza Edlich Mr. Alex Essex Ms. Janis Fackler Ms. Heather Fairbanks Ms. Margaret Fairley Mr. Christopher Fischer Ms. Keena Fitch Ms. Jamie Friedman Mr. Kevin Funk Mr. George Gagnon

VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012  >  31

massey challenge continued Ms. Ingrid Garnett Mr. Daniel Giardini Ms. Arthur Goggin Mr. Edward Gottwald Mr. Mark Gottwald Mr. Thomas Graeber Ms. Meredith Guthrie Mr. Jim Hall Mr. John Hall Ms. Carol Hammer Mr. Peter Hanes Ms. Kimberly Harley Ms. Julia Henderson Ms. Cheryl Hicks Ms. Michelle Hicks Ms. Nicole Hood Ms. Patricia Irvine Ms. Jennifer Jackson Ms. Mary Johnson Ms. Kaity Kasper Mr. Christopher Kelly Ms. Gayle King Ms. Susan Kooch Ms. Deborah Kozura Ms. Susan Kroeger Ms. Kim Leibowitz Ms. Anne Lesko Mr. Kenneth Litvack Ms. Kimberly Magee Ms. Rose Marotta Mr. Travis Massey Ms. Linda Mata-Collins Mr. James McVey Ms. Amanda Mier Ms. Beth Moore Ms. Diane Murray Ms. Linda Newsom Mr. Paul Norton Mr. John O’Grady Mr. John Oldham Ms. Sarah O’Neill Mr. Bryan Orme Mr. Julian Ottley Ms. Jenny Owen Mr. Kevin Pannell Mr. Bradley Pearson Mr. Stephen Pierce Ms. Whitney Pinna Mr. Todd Prichard Ms. Karen Rader Ms. Amanda Richardson Mr. Nate Rullman Mr. Steven Salter Mr. Alan Schlemmer Ms. Amanda Schmidt Ms. Debbie Shashaty Ms. Jennifer Sinclair Ms. Courtney Skunda Mr. Stephen Snyder Ms. Caitlin Swecker Ms. Michelle Tapscott Mr. Sean Tay Ms. Becca Taylor Mr. Giles Thompson

Ms. Christina Todd Mr. Donald Trull Mr. Ned Ukrop Mr. Aaron VanDyke Ms. Suzanne Varner Mr. John Vetrovec Mr. Logan Vetrovec Ms. Lori Wallace Mr. Bradley Watson Mr. Micah Wayland Mr. Vic Wise Ms. Amanda Wray Ms. Bucci Zeugner T eam s Rai si n g $50 0 o r mo re : 2012 Chester Y Training Team Alain’s Alliance AMF Bowling Centers Bank of America Community Volunteers — Richmond Bethel Church Oilville Bounding for Bob Bowling for Burns Calena’s Dream Team Celtic Chaos Cherish Megan-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Chris’ Caribbean Crazies Dalton DIVAS Davenport Shares Dominion Energy Supply Flash Gagnon Family Gilbane Building Company Hicks Road Warriors Holly Rader Memorial Team Hot Wings Insparisk Keydets Fighting Cancer KPMG Kicks Cancer! K-Team Lily’s Team LLC. Lyons Family Margaret Batchelor Memorial Team Markel 4 Massey Massey Admin Massey Research ROCKS! McGuireWoods LLP MCV Medical School Miles For Massey Movin’ 4 Massey Napier Realtors ERA OrthoVirginia PartnerMD Cares Patrick Henry 10k Training Team Pete’s Feet Polyp Hunters Rad Onc Racers RichFit Club Royall & Company Run-da for Skunda Runnin for our Redneck Running Cedar Farm

32 > VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012

Running for Sugar Mama Saints Cancer Crusaders SMV & Friends Southern States Cooperative, Inc St. Michael’s Kids Against Cancer St. ChristoCURES Team Ahearn Team AJ Team Barnes Team Biotech Sponsored by HDL, Inc. Team Broaddus Team Connie 2012 Team Daisy Team Debbie TEAM DON HO Team Foxfire

Team Mier Team Mikel Team Moore Team Moxie Team Stewart Team Tiranga Team Wood Brothers Team Workman The Dean Team The Feighner Four TNT (Teachers in Neon Trio) Troutman Sanders VCU Emergamental Excellence in Motion VCUHS NSICU runs for Sherry Doody ZGRunners

P ink R ibbons of H ope

May– October 2011 Pink Ribbons of Hope 2011 series of events included a golf tournament at Brandermill Country Club, Meadowbrook Country Club, Piankatank Golf Club and the Federal Reserve Bank, a tennis tournament at The Westwood Club, and tennis, golf, bridge and mah jongg tournaments at The Country Club of Virginia. Collectively, they netted $105,000 to benefit breast cancer research. $ 10 , 0 0 0 a n d above Brandermill Women’s Golf Association $5,0 0 0 – $9,999 Mr. and Mrs. William H. Goodwin, Jr. $2,50 0 – $4,999 Employee’s Council Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Puritan Cleaners $1,0 0 0 – $2,499 Adolf Jewelers Davenport & Company Ferrell, Ballowe & Geho Investment Consulting Ms. Carolyn E. Estes-Williams Mr. and Mrs. Robey W. Estes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Gottwald Mr. A. Lee Hanbury Piankatank Golf Association Saxon Shoes $ 5 0 0 – $ 9 9 9 Ms. Susan C. Armstrong Baker Equipment BB&T Betty Baugh’s Animal Clinic CapTech Consulting Drs. Kaugars & Miller, P. C. Ms. Fannie Z. Mallonee Ms. Patricia Merrill R. A. Siewers, Inc.

Mr. C.B. Robertson Ms. Eleanor R. Savage Mr. Paul Sims Mrs. J. Randall Street Thompson, Siegel & Walmsley Mr. and Mrs. Watson H. Wright I n - K i n d d o n or s Country Club of Virginia Doody Calls Dr. Graham Gardner Libbie Market Ms. Hilary Long Palani Drive Superstars Pizza Three Sisters Cheese Straws Virginia Green Yesterday’s Change P i n k R i bbo n s of H op e Ev e n t Comm i t t e e S B r ander mill Tour nam ent

Gillian and Tyler Clark Gail and Ron Evins Rose Hunter Linda Martin Kathy Naworal Doris Nussey Lisa Nussey Diane Tignor * Deceased + Gift made through The Community Foundation Fiscal year 2012: July 1, 2011– June 30, 2012

pink ribbons of hope continued Coun t ry C l ub of V ir g i n i a B r i d g e

Mead owbrook Tourn amen t

Robin Guerry Cheryl Rivet Susan Wagner

Marlene Grentzer Nancy Jakubec Linda Mattax Dianne Smiley Susan Worsham

Coun t ry C l ub o f V i r g i n i a Gol f Tour n am e n t

Bruce Evans Summer Lee Pam Loree Elsie Nisbet Coun t ry C l ub of V ir g i n i a M ah J on g g

Tri bu te Book

Mary Lee Baker Westwood Tourn amen t

Debbie Lahy Lindsey Wyeth

Terry Ferrell Muff Nolde

Pink Ribbons of Hope gives Richmond golfers a great reason to play pink. (Left-right) Joanna Brennan, Peggy Talman, Rita Liles, and Mary Parsley participated in the tournament at Country Club of Virginia.

Coun t ry C l ub of V ir g i n i a T e n n i s

Hilary Long Sallie Taylor

S hopping S pree at the B i z arre B a z aar ®

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 The 9th Annual Shopping Spree at The Bizarre Bazaar® presented by SunTrust attracted 1,200 Merry Massey and Happy Holly shoppers who enjoyed an evening of exclusive shopping, hors d’oeuvres and holiday spirits. The event collectively netted $74,000. P resenting Sponsor SunTrust

In-Kind donors The Bizarre Bazaar® Classic Party Rentals

$ 5,0 0 0 – $9,999 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Digges

Bi za rre Ba zaar Comm i ttee Judy Clough, Co-Chair Judy Turbeville, Co-Chair

$ 1,0 0 0 – $2,499 Baugh Auto Body Bon Secours Health System, Inc. Care Advantage, Inc. HandCraft Cleaners & Launderers, Inc. The Pendleton Corporation $ 50 0 – $999 Ameriprise Financial BJ’s Davis & Green Electrical, Inc. FloranceGordonBrown, P.C. L. P. Martin & Company Moore Cadillac Company OrthoVirginia State Farm Insurance Companies Main Street Properties, Inc. Vero Consulting

* Deceased + Gift made through The Community Foundation Fiscal year 2012: July 1, 2011– June 30, 2012

Greeters at the Massey Opening Night Shopping Spree presented by SunTrust at The Bizarre Bazaar ® shared holiday cheer and handed out festive bags to attendees.

Jean Benson Anne Boevé Liz Hart Sara Hendon Heisler Missy Ryan Beth Thornton Dianne Harris Wright

VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012  >  33

W omen & W ellness

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 The 17th Annual Women & Wellness Forum Series presented by The Jenkins Foundation brought together nearly 700 breakfast and luncheon guests to hear author and cancer advocate, Geralyn Lucas. Ms. Lucas’ uplifting outlook on her cancer experience inspired the audience to be advocates of their own health and champions of early detection. The event netted $179,000.

Wells Fargo continued their support of Women & Wellness as Speaker Sponsor, hosting an intimate reception with Geralyn Lucas the evening prior to the event. (Left-right) Barbara Brown, chair, 2012 Women & Wellness; Geralyn Lucas, Tim Butturini, regional president of Wells Fargo Bank, Grace Butturini.

The 2011 Key to the Cure event featured a “White Coats for the Cure” fashion show which showcased laboratory coats that had been artfully redesigned by local designers and artists. Committee member Beth Thornton helped coordinate the show and subsequent auction.

34 > VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012

Presenting Spo n s o r Jenkins Foundation $ 10 , 0 0 0 a n d above Wells Fargo Stonehenge Breast Cancer Golf Tournament $5,0 0 0 – $9,999 Anonymous Brown Family Trust Owens & Minor, Inc. $2,50 0 – $4,999 Hunton & Williams, LLP Mr. and Mrs. William H. Goodwin, Jr. Mr. Harry Grandis* and Mrs. Anne Mayer Grandis Mr. Thomas N. P. Johnson III PartnerMD, LLC Patient First Corporation VCU Foundation VCU Health System Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association Weinstein Properties $1,0 0 0 – $2,499 Dr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Arthur Bogese Companies Mrs. Elizabeth M. Bourke Car Pool Mr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Funk Michael S. Godin, MD, PLC Mr. and Mrs. J. Sheppard Haw III Drs. Kaugars & Miller, P. C. Keiter The NewMarket Foundation Ms. Patricia B. Pearman Mrs. Verna W. Seidensticker $50 0 – $999 Dr. and Mrs. Peter W. Brown Dr. Gilda Cardenosa Christian & Barton L.L.P. Mr. and Mrs. J. Harwood Cochrane Custom Kitchens, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. George P. Emerson, Jr. Fraiche Dr. Mary Helen Hackney Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Hart Mako Builders, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Frederic H. Phillips II

Mr. and Mrs. James Reinhart Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Smith, Jr. I n - K i n d d o n or s Adolf Jewelers Capri Jewelers Cheryl Fornash Jewelers Comcast Spotlight Cowardin’s Jewelers Dransfield Jewelers Fink’s Jewelers Jack Kreuter Jewelers The Jefferson Hotel MacLaren Jewelers Peter Alexander Jewelers Richmond Magazine’s R Home Schwarzschild Jewelers Victoria Charles Jewellery WTVR-CBS 6 Wom e n & Wellness Comm i t t e e Barbara S. Brown, Chair Shelly Arthur, Vice-Chair Carol Adelaar Kathryn Angus Linda Bakos Susie Benson Jean Benson Rosemary Blackburn Mary Bliley Anne Boevé Susie Bogese Tricia Branch Lisa Brennan Judy Brown Karen Burns Carole Camden Patty Campbell Tracey Chalkley Laura Lee Chandler Eva Clarke Kay Clary Judy Clough Whitney Conrad Peggy Crowley Nancy Denike Bromby Earl Ida Farinholt Sue Fitz-Hugh * Cheryl Fornash Kathy Funk * Deceased + Gift made through The Community Foundation Fiscal year 2012: July 1, 2011– June 30, 2012

W O M E N & W E L L N E S S continued Margaret Gentil Debbie Gibbs Georgianne Ginder Marsha Ginther Gayle Gray Woodley Habgood Tressa Hamby Frances Harris Liz Hart Cynthia Haw Lally Jennings Maria Jones Kaity Kransdorf Leesie Leake Betty Sue Grandis LePage Susan Mahieu-Phillips Adrienne Maxwell Benita Miller Caroline Morton Elaine Nichols Gentry O’Neill

Lloyd Osgood Frannie Phillips Anne Poarch Lila Putney Patty Ramsey Monica Rawles Karen Reiter Robbie Rice Holly Dew Roper Megan Rose Carole Ann Ross Stephanie Ruffin Missy Ryan Pooh Steele Ann Thornton Judy Turbeville Jacqueline Wade Sarah Wade Zan Wick Dianne Harris Wright

C ommunity P artner E vents

S aks K ey to the C ure

Thursday, October 20, 2011 Saks at Stony Point Fashion Park’s annual benefit for women’s cancers research at Massey entertained guests with tastings from the area’s great restaurants, music and fabulous fashions including a fashion show of White Coats for the Cure designed by local artists and designers. The event and store proceeds netted nearly $10,000. Presenting Spo n s o r s Bank of America U.S. Trust $ 10 , 0 0 0 a n d above Saks Incorporated $1,0 0 0 – $2,499 McGeorge Car Company, Inc. I n - K i n d D O N O RS Cakes by Graham Gearhart’s Chocolates Morton’s The Steak House

Mosaic Catering P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Pearl’s Cupcake Shoppe Six Burner Restaurant and Grill Style Weekly TJ’s at the Jefferson Sak s K e y to the C u r e Comm i ttee Nancy Cheely Sue Tepper Farrell Cheryl Fockler Bea Gonzalez Hanna Huber Kathy Whitby

We sincerely appreciate the efforts of our partners in the community who dedicate their time, effort and passion to raising funds for VCU Massey Cancer Center. We celebrate the idea that our community’s ability to make a difference knows no boundaries when driven by creativity and commitment to Massey’s mission. The following community partner events raised $500 or more during the 2012 fiscal year. Together, they cumulatively raised over $477,000 to support Massey and our mission of saving and improving lives of those affected by cancer. Breast Cancer’s a Witch at Shops at 5807 Capitol Square Basketball Classic The Highlands-Massey Classic Massey Eagle Classic Massey 5k at the College of William & Mary Movin’ n Groovin’ 5k Moss on the James Music for Massey Play Golf for Life Pirates of the Chemotherapy Race for Research Richmond Christmas Gala Ride for Jim Richmond Sprint Triathlon Salisbury Massey Classic Secret Garden Party

* Deceased + Gift made through The Community Foundation Fiscal year 2012: July 1, 2011– June 30, 2012

VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012  >  35


Representatives from BJ’s Wholesale Club presented their

Massey is proud to partner with local merchants, restaurants, businesses and individuals to raise funds and awareness through cause marketing. These partnerships with a purpose allow the community to support Massey by doing business with those who share their interest in Massey’s mission.

2012 donation to Massey during a visit to the Goodwin Research Laboratory. Their annual “Pink Picnic” and

B J ’ s Who l e sa l e C l ub s

Breast Cancer Awareness Month cause marketing program

BJ’s Wholesale Club conducted a month-long sale of pink items in two Richmond-area stores. The annual Pink Picnic was held to kick off the promotion, which raised $43,200 for Massey.

resulted in a $48,200 donation to support breast cancer research. (Left-right) Carly Cross, BJ’s regional acquisition manager; Ruth Zajur, BJ’s community relations specialist; Stephanie Jenks, assistant director for development events

Jame s R i v e r C e l l a r s

and cause marketing; Donna Berrier, chief administrative

James River Cellars, valued cause marketing partner and host for Moonlight Magic, donates a portion of the sales of their Rad Red wine. Sales for fiscal year 2012 resulted in a $5,911 donation.

officer, Becky Massey, Massey Advisory Board; Artie Espenshade, BJ’s AVP regional operations manager; Fred Klein, BJ’s general manager for the Richmond club.

WaWa Co n v e n i e n c e Stat i o n s

WaWa Convenience Stations sold $1 emblems and collected donations at all Virginia locations throughout the month of March, raising nearly $3,000.


• We greatly appreciate every gift, large and small. However, because of space limitations, we can only list contributions of $500 and more. For the third year, the Richmond community was invited to tour downtown’s hidden gardens during the Secret Garden Party. Becky’s Healing Garden at the Goodwin Research Laboratory was one of the featured gardens and hosted more than 300 attendees with refreshments and music. Secret Garden Party committee members and Massey volunteers Judy Jamison and Karen Solana were two of Massey’s hosts for the evening.

• Massey Cancer Center, as an organizational component of Virginia Commonwealth University, does not have a separate audited financial statement. • We make every effort to ensure that our donor lists are correct, but occasionally errors occur. If we have inadvertently left off your name or listed you incorrectly, please accept our sincere apologies. If you have questions, please contact our development office at (804) 828-1450 or P R O D UC TIO N C REDITS Editing: Julie Dillon, Carrie Bickford Design: Literati Printing: Conquest Graphics Feature Photography: David Hunter Hale Photography: Fran Householder Feature Writing: Brent Baldwin

36  >  VCU Massey Cancer Center 2011/2012

VC U M AS S E Y C A N C E R C E N T E R B OA R D S July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012

M AS S E Y A DV I S O RY B OA R D The Board advises and assists the director of VCU Massey Cancer Center in accomplishing the Center’s goals in the prevention, control and, ultimately, the cure of cancer. Toward that end, the Board leads fundraising and community awareness efforts. OFFICERS Theodore L. Chandler, Jr., Chair Rebecca C. Massey, Vice Chair Linwood A. Lacy, Jr., Vice Chair David A. Lyons, Immediate Past Chair B OARD MEMBERS Maureen C. Ackerly Shelly E. Arthur Ann H. Austin Denise N. Barnes Susan M. Benson Mary D. Bliley Roger L. Boevé Jean Ann Bolling J. Alfred Broaddus Judy S. Brown Peter W. Brown Paul J. Burkholder Mandy D. Burnette Thomas R. Byrd Charles L. Cabell Nancy J. Chewning Judy T. Clough John E. Corey Paul W. Croston

Peggy Crowley Julia B. Curtis Norwood H. Davis, Jr. Bromby Luck Earle Brenda Hopkins Eggleston George P. Emerson, Jr. Matthew J. Ernst J. William Ferrell IV Susan H. Fitz-Hugh * Kathryn K. Funk Alice T. Goodwin Kirsti A. Wells Goodwin Christina Gore L. Michael Gracik, Jr. Theodore S. Hanson Terrell Luck Harrigan H. Hiter Harris III Jill Bussey Harris Elizabeth S. “Liz” Hart C. T. Hill Cecelia S. “Cessie” Howell Olin V. Hyde Leonard J. Jackson, Jr. Joseph R. Jenkins Martha “Marti” Browning Krupin Linwood A. Lacy, Jr.

Benjamin J. Lambert III Jarold D. Langley Betty Sue Grandis LePage Leonor F. Loree III David A. Lyons A. Travis Massey Rebecca C. Massey Patricia Merrill James Scott Merritt III Henry R. Miller IV Janie Molster H. Frederick T. Moore Jacques J. Moore James T. Napier John B. O’Grady Julian T. Ottley Teri Carnes Pruitt J. Barry Purcell III Bertha C. Rolfe Pamela Kiecker Royall Helen J. “Missy“ Ryan Verna W. Seidensticker Win Sheridan Raymond M. Slabaugh III Vickie M. Snead Matthew G. Thompson

Ann Ailor Thornton Elizabeth H. “Beth” Thornton Judy H. Turbeville Robert S. Ukrop John T. West IV Anne Marie Whittemore Dianne Harris Wright Christopher J. Ziegler E M ERITI William G. Broaddus Charles F. Crone James E. Farnham Jeanette S. Lipman E. Morgan Massey Adrienne L. Maxwell Anne Dobie Peebles * E X - O FFI C I O O RG A NIZ ATIO NA L M E M B ERS Barbara Brown Whitney Pinna Susan Quisenberry Courtney L. Skunda

MASSEY ALLIANCE BOARD The Massey Alliance is a group of young professionals serving under the auspices of the Advisory Board to create awareness of and support for the research, resources and programs at VCU Massey Cancer Center. OFFICERS Whitney Pinna, President Procter Fishburne, President Elect Michelle Logan, Community Outreach Director Katherine Fleck, Membership Director Eliza Heyward, Public Relations Director Jessica Dennis, Secretary Taylor Williams, Treasurer

BOA RD M E M BERS Burns Ackerly Matthew G. Anderson III Sally Ashby Tara Becker Betsy Carney Jay Carpenter Dylan Erdle Katy Foucar-Szocki Erin Gardner Suzanne Gardner Sarah Gravely

Morgan Guthridge Rendall Harris Kristin Harris Sara Heisler Amber Hendrix Charles Hill Rachel Kaplan Jeff Marshall Travis Massey Courtney Matthews Robby McKetta Kenny Melvin

Lucy Moore Eric Morales Martha Orr Proutt James Pinna Liza Jarvis Scott Courtney Skunda Carl Sloopy Jamie Specter Marty Tompkins Ritter Lindsey Wise

Office of Development and External Relations P.O. Box 980214 Richmond, VA 23298-0214 (804) 828-1450 •

SUPPORT MASSEY To make a contribution or inquire about ways to give or special opportunities, please call the Office of Development and External Relations at (804) 828-1450. MA K E AN APPOINTM ENT Contact our patient coordinators at (804) 828-5116 or 1-877-4MASSEY. VOLUNTEER To get involved with special events and fundraisers, call (804) 827-9486. To volunteer to serve patients, call (804) 828-8709. LEARN M ORE The staff and volunteers of Massey’s Patient Resource Libraries will gladly conduct customized searches on any cancer topic, free of charge. Call (804) 828-8709. Subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter by e-mailing or calling (804) 628-1829.

Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Richmond, VA Permit #869

2011/2012 Philanthropic Review  

Philanthropic Review is Massey’s annual report to donors produced by our Office of Development and External Relations.

2011/2012 Philanthropic Review  

Philanthropic Review is Massey’s annual report to donors produced by our Office of Development and External Relations.