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No Limits Antoine Craig champions study abroad for students with disabilities Antoine Craig is your typical college student—a senior from Newport News, Virginia double-majoring in psychology and African American studies. However, there’s one thing that sets Antoine apart from other students—he’s visually impaired. But Antoine didn’t let this perceived disability stop him from seeing the possibilities that study abroad could offer. Last summer, Antoine spent six weeks studying abroad in Alicante, Spain.


of doing,” he said. “I felt like I needed to push beyond my limits and do more.” Antoine figured that studying abroad was one of the ways he could do this after he was notified by VCU’s Disability Support Services office about scholarships available to students with disabilities. “I wrote an essay about why I wanted to study abroad, but never really considered all that would go into it until it actually happened.“

are willing to help, when you just ask,” he said. While studying abroad, Antoine was also able to strengthen his Spanish language skills, which was one of his original goals. Since returning to the U.S., Antoine continues to set goals for himself, and has started on the path to accomplishing them. He recently presented a talk entitled The New Champions for Inclusion: Paving the Way for Students with Disabilities Abroad at the Council on International Educational Exchange conference in Berlin, Germany.

In 2010, Antoine was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a condition which causes photoreceptors to die and, according to Antoine, causes extreme tunnel vision. “It’s kind of like looking through a straw,” he said.

“I chose to go to Spain because I felt like it was one of the safest options for me,” he said. “But like Antoine plans to eventually anybody else, I had to overcome challenges, just in a different way.” pursue a career in rehabilitation counseling so he can help others with disabilities overcome any Learning how to get around was one such challenge which Antoine hesitation they face in fulfilling their greatest potential. overcame by using a guide and

“When I lost my vision, I had to figure out what I was fully capable

simply asking questions. “It’s amazing how much people

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