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among their institutions. One of the partnership’s newest academic endeavors is with the VCU School of Business International Consulting Program. Now in its third year, the program is designed to give VCU students the opportunity to develop new business skills in an international environment. For the last three summers, VCU business students have traveled to UCO with the program. After completing a three-week course on the VCU campus, students work with their counterparts at UCO on consulting projects for local or international companies. Luke Clement SOB ‘15 participated in the program during summer 2014. “I was very interested in the lifestyle in Córdoba,” he said. “I had only heard good things about the people, the food and the culture. And seeing pictures of the historic buildings of Córdoba made me even more interested.”

United States and attempted to find the best area for them to start,” he said. “I really appreciated being able to work on a project that actually meant something and I believe the network we created will benefit my career for many years to come.”

“Whenever anybody goes over there, they come back absolutely amazed and overjoyed with the reception, support, collegiality they experience, in addition to the professional networks that are already established. “It’s been really gratifying over the last ten years to see how VCU has grown in its internationalization priorities,” he said. “It’s no longer a case by case, individual by individual, unit by unit kind of activity. It’s really institutionalized - it is strategic, it is relevant and it is absolutely essential for a modern, urban, research oriented university to have this kind of presence around the globe.”

LOOKING AHEAD While the VCU-UCO partnership has a great deal of success under its belt, the two universities continue to look ahead to establish new relationships and linkages. Fabelo encourages faculty interested in exploring collaboration opportunities through the partnership to “go for it!” “It’s an open field. The relationship is primed and ready for you to come in and either take from it or contribute to it whatever is meaningful in your own work,” Fabelo said.

“It’s exciting to see the institutionalization of this concept and to see it become center to who we are as an institution,” he said.

VCU summer study abroad at the University of Córdoba.

Now a claims adjuster at James River Insurance in Richmond, VA, Clement appreciates the real world experience afforded to him through the program. He and his team worked as marketing consultants for Bodegas Campos, a restaurant in central Old Córdoba. “We analyzed the possibility of them creating a restaurant in the

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