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Celebrating ten years of successful partnership between Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Córdoba In an educational environment where international partnerships can be challenged by fluctuations in student interest, faculty research priorities and availability of funding sources, a successful, sustainable partnership is a rare gem.

medical and nursing sciences to art history and business, this relationship has provided a venue for students and faculty at both universities to pursue relevant, meaningful collaboration in a crosscultural, transcontinental, interdisciplinary environment.

Such is the case with the international strategic partnership between Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Córdoba, Spain.

As its legacy, the partnership has left an imprint on many student and faculty experiences and careers at both universities.

Since 2006, the VCU-UCO partnership has been a thriving educational ecosystem that has permeated many programs throughout the two universities. From the 10

INSTITUTIONAL PRIORITY; STRATEGIC VISION “The support that this partnership has received has been absolutely invaluable,” said Humberto Fabelo, Ph.D., chief partnership liaison and

professor of sociology in the VCU School of Social Work. “The VCU Quest for Distinction has provided the framework for what this partnership has become and having that institution support is what makes it relevant and a priority in what the university wants to achieve,” he said. “Without the institutional priority that drives this program, it would really be left up to individual, one-on-one collaborations, which last only as long as individuals have that interest or are even here,” he continued. With this understanding, in 2006, VCU opted for an approach to establishing

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