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VCU Virginia Commonwealth University traces its roots back to 1838 as the medical department of Hampden-Sydney College. It became the Medical College of Virginia in 1854. In 1968, members of the Virginia General Assembly initiated a bold concept and merged MCV with the Richmond Professional Institute, founded in 1917, to create a new entity named VCU. VCU continues to blend the old and new. Historic Victorian homes mix with the university’s modern, high-tech facilities on both our Monroe Park Campus and MCV Campus where students live, learn and grow.

So ask yourself, Can I see myself here? Choosing the right school is one of the biggest decisions you can make. Sometimes it comes down to feel. What is the student body like? What can I study? Is it the right fit? The following pages will walk you through a day at VCU, from sunrise to sunset. We hope this hour-by-hour tour will help you discover what it might be like to be a student at VCU.

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6 a.m.

Catherine . 

Sophomore  Hometown: Washington, D.C ian Minors: Art history and Ital



Craft and material studies 

program and I chose this art program

over others

the art ething else. Why VCU? I chose VCU because of I didn’t want to do art I could do som ersi it was within a larger univ ty so if because

use it’s nice and outside, I’ll be nice and it’s quiet. If I’m just hanging around in Starbucks. be I’ll ide, outs at the tables at Shafer. If it’s not nice Captain of the VCU crew team;

e? On the fourth floor in the library beca

Where do you spend a lot of tim

What are you involved in? First Fridays Art Walk

e next week? If I have What will you be doing this tim my friends or go I’ll start it. If not, I’ll hang out with

homework, e. It’s amazing. My friends to the Car y Street Gym. I love that plac wall. It’s a really nice place and I hang out at the pool or the rock to have.

t stories.

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I love being so close to the water that I can go rowing every day at 6 a.m. Watching the sun come up every morning never gets old.”

Location VCU enjoys the perfect central setting, right in the heart of Richmond, Va., a location that offers big-city amenities and small-town charm. The capital of the commonwealth, Richmond bustles with a mix of Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, government offices, theaters, galleries, restaurants, shops, historic and sports attractions, gardens, parks and the James River. VCU’s two distinct campuses — Monroe Park Campus and MCV Campus — each stretch within several city blocks, so walking to class might take 10 minutes (15 if you run into someone you know). The campuses sit just two miles apart, so bikes are the preferred mode of transportation.

No wheels? The Campus Connector shuttle bus travels between the two locations every 10 minutes. One of the benefits of city living: You will never be bored. There’s always something to do in Richmond — check out one of the many annual events including Arts in the Park, Carytown Watermelon Festival, French Film Festival, Richmond Folk Festival, the Monument Avenue 10k or SunTrust Richmond Marathon, or the 17th Street Farmers’ Market and First Fridays Art Walk.

New York, N.Y.

341 miles

Philadelphia, Pa. Washington, D.C.

248 miles

107 miles

Blue Ridge Mountains 122 miles

Virginia Beach, Va. 105 miles 7

9 a.m.


I have three roommates. In the morning we’re either talking or listening to music, getting ready, using each other’s makeup. We’re like a little family.”

Housing Living on campus has its benefits: convenience, more opportunities to get involved, and roommates and floormates who become instant family. If you’re ready to live on your own, VCU’s Off-Campus Student Services can help you find an apartment, a room for rent or a roommate in one of the close-to-campus neighborhoods.

VCU’s 13 residence halls — five are freshman-only — come equipped with basic furniture, laundry, lounges, high-speed Internet access and 24-hour security. Traditional dorm-, suite- or apartment-style residence halls are available.


Year: Senior 

Hometown: Las


Major: Criminal



here about a campus tour. We were only U.” I was VC to e mom and said, “I want to com g in me hin 10 minutes and I called my ryt . Eve and I just liked the city feeling never I’ll e. looking at the old buildings her e just knew I wanted to com forget it.

I did Why VCU? My best friend and

at VCU? What are the people like not

ple and I’ve met a lot of different peo tes, either. sta er oth or ia just from Virgin ntries. I read I know people from other cou pus is but about how diverse the cam I was ver y suractually seeing it for myself, prised at just how true that is. Member What are you involved in? p with shi ern int of the pre-law society; ce of Offi the at a local attorney; working local a at and ns Undergraduate Admissio retail store

this time What will you be doing noon, I’ll be next week? From 8 a.m. to il

Admissions unt the Office of Undergraduate in rk wo to go I’ll n The ss. in cla t day. ework and get ready for the nex about 4:30 p.m. I’ll do my hom

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on Alisha.

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12 p.m.

Dining If you live in a freshman residence hall, you’re required to have a meal plan; but at VCU, you may still want one if you move off campus. Whether you’re in the mood for shrimp, steak or stir-fry at Shafer Court Dining Center, a latte from Starbucks, a sub from Quiznos or the lunch special at Chili’s — our newest dining addition on campus — we’ve got numerous options to please your palate.


Plenty of other dining establishments, including ethnic restaurants, coffee houses, ice cream stores, pizza joints and sub shops, sit just blocks from campus.




Fredericksburg, Va. 



ed the city just seem arn from living in le d u an yo s g in on ss ild le bu d portunities an d a brand-new Why VCU? The op Also, the VCU School of Business ha unity to step in and take up. t opport too much to pass seemed like a grea It g. in om -c nd -a I really saw it as up get. autiful building. ever ything I could It’s a beautiful, be l. al H d ea Sn In t to study end a lot of time? rooms that are grea Where do you sp r group collaboration. It has breakout d visitors from lly fo you see faculty an , m riu at e th in It works wonderfu h nc by. It’s really ting down eating lu business area walk d on m ch Ri r te in. You see kids sit ea the gr and observe it. nice to sit in there for Opinion columnist ? in ed lv vo in u Times; What are yo e Commonwealth Th r, pe pa ws ne t VCU’s studen i fraternity am; Beta Alpha Ps VCU Quiz Bowl te week? I’ll g this time next a quick in do be u yo ill w What , grabbing x accounting class be going to my ta to auditing class ht rig et, heading re St er ck ee Bl at up my next snack apartment to finish y m to ck ba en and th . monwealth Times article for The Com n.


“Bleecker Street Café has the best sandwich on campus, the smoked ham and Swiss. I’m glad I get to eat there every day. It is very much a well-kept campus secret.”

du for more on Coli

.e Visit www.ugrad.vcu


1 p.m.


I started Poppers of VCU last year with a group of friends. When I got to VCU, I found others who did popping and I was able to actually pursue it more.�

Ye ar: Sophomore 

Major: Biomedical


Student activities When classes finish up, the 372 student organizations on campus will keep you busy. There is so much to do here, you’ll never be bored. A (very) brief sampling of your options: • 30 sororities and fraternities • Anime Club • Fly Fishing Club • Bocce Ball Club • Contemporary Craft Society • Model United Nations • Green Unity for VCU • Bhangra at VCU • Students for Social Action • Ultimate Frisbee If you can’t find your niche, create your own club with help from the Student Organization Service Center. The center will give you the staff support and resources to get your idea going.


Hometown: Vienn a, Va. engineering, pre-dental track

hy VCU? I like the ex posure of the biomedic al engineering program an d how challenging it is. I like the practicum lab where we get to find doctors to shadow. I started shado wing doctors as a freshm an because I wanted to get as much experience as possi ble. That really helpe d because originally I thoug ht I wanted to do pre-med, bu t I shadowed an oral surgeo n and liked it a lot more. I’m glad I got that experien ce because I know that’s act ually what I want to do. What’s it like going to


ol in the city? I like the city setting a lot. I wa lk around all the time. I wish I could eat at all the int eresting restaurants aro und here. I like not having to depend on a car. I jus t walk or take the bus. W hat are you invo

lved in? President of the Vietnamese Student As sociation; vice presiden t an d co-founder of Poppers of VCU, a dance organizatio n

What will you be doin g this time next week ?

I’ll be studying.

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Sports and recreation Who needs football? At VCU, Ram fans cheer on teams in 16 NCAA sports, from baseball to soccer to tennis to volleyball. Want to be part of the action? Grab some friends and compete in flag football, soccer (indoor and outdoor), softball, volleyball, basketball, badminton, racquetball and tennis through VCU Recreational Sports. If you want to stay fit, VCU’s two recreation facilities — one on the Monroe Park Campus and one on the MCV Campus — offer your choice of exercise venue. The Cary Street Gym — our newest facility — features an 18,000-square-foot fitness center, two indoor pools, a 38-foot rock-climbing

go rams

wall, two racquetball courts, a four-court gymnasium, and an indoor running track and cycling room. In the mood for more adventure? Go on a hike or take a skiing or whitewater rafting trip through the Outdoor Adventure Program. The VCU Outing Rental Center can supply you with the equipment you need — everything from backpacks, sleeping bags, tents and canoes — at a price you can afford.

VCU Rams excel in 2009-10 Baseball: 2010 CAA champion Men’s basketball: 2010 College Basketball Invitational champion Women’s basketball: 2010 National Invitational Tournament third round Men’s golf: Third place in the 2010 CAA championship Men’s tennis: 2010 CAA champion; 2010 NCAA tournament appearance Women’s tennis: 2010 CAA champion; 2010 NCAA tournament appearance Men’s track and field: Fifth place in the 2010 CAA championship Women’s track and field: Fourth place in the 2010 CAA championship Volleyball: 2009 CAA regular-season title; second place in the 2009 CAA championship


One of the top research universities in the country, VCU enrolls more than 32,000 students from all over the world who come to pursue 209 degree and certificate programs — many of which are nationally ranked — through VCU’s 13 schools and one college. Come visit VCU and discover for yourself all we have to offer.



gency 326 emer nes telepho iate ed offer immthose help to . in need

Safety and health At VCU, our goal is to keep you healthy, happy and safe while you’re here at your home away from home. The university relays emergency information to students, staff, faculty and parents using text messages and e-mails, desktop alert messages sent to individuals on VCU’s wired and wireless networks, digital TV monitors located in major academic buildings and all residence halls, and the VCU Alert website. VCU Police patrolling on bikes, in cars and on foot provide 24-hour protection on both the Monroe Park Campus and the MCV Campus. Yellow emergency telephones are located around both campuses offering immediate connection to the police dispatcher or to the Security Escort Service. The service provides walking or riding escorts at night if you’re headed home from class or a meeting. If you need to see a doctor, University Student Health Services — with an outpatient clinic on each campus — provides general medical, allergy and gynecological


care; pharmacy, laboratory and vaccination services; and after-hours emergency care. Besides diagnosis and treatment, USHS emphasizes prevention of illness through screening, counseling, health promotion and public health programs. The Wellness Resource Center, part of USHS, recently won the Best Practice in College Health Award from the American College Health Association. “The Well” provides an array of services and resources on topics such as nutrition, stress, and substance abuse education and prevention. In addition, affordable group health insurance is available to students through USHS and is recommended for students without other health insurance coverage.


relax 17 19

2 p.m.

I like the atmosphere in the library. Everyone is studying, so you’re motivated to study.”




Hometown: Chesapeake,

Why VCU? I’m a pre-pharmacy stud ent


Major: Chemistry,

biochemistry track

and VCU has a good pharmacy pro gram. I didn’t really find many other options and I didn’t want to go out of state. I also have oth er reasons for wanting to become a pharmacist. My dad is a diabetic so that’s motivation for me. I und erstand that you need to have good quality medicine.

What’s it like going to school in

the city? There’s always stuff to do. I didn’t want to go to a small school. I like being in the city .


are you involved in? Best Buddies organization; Phi Sigma Pi fraternity; pre-pharmacy orga nization; student ambassador; member of FACT at VCU, Filip ino Americans Coming Together; VCU Acceleration Program . I’m trying to be wellrounded. I enjoy being busy and bein g exposed to different types of groups. What will you be doing this tim e next week? I’ll just

be relaxing. I will have just gotten out

of my last class of the day.

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t stories.


Each year, y the universit awards more than 5,000 degrees.

Academics What to study? Whether your passion is art, science, business or something else entirely, we’ve got a program to fit you. University College Think of the University College as the undergraduate in-house support system. The UC offers academic advising, writing and learning support, as well as new student programs and orientation. The programs and services available through the UC are designed to help students adjust to life at VCU, decide what they want to study and perform well in the classroom. The UC’s Discovery Advising Program, recognized for academic advising by the National Academic Advising Association, guides students through the process of identifying and realizing educational and career goals. The program’s advisers offer a blend of individual and group counseling sessions and workshops to assist undeclared students in deciding what major is right for them. By integrating existing academic and student support services important to student success, the UC assures that all first-year students — both freshmen and transfers — share a common experience that will enhance the quality of their entire undergraduate education.

Interdisciplinary Studies B.I.S.* Individualized Pre-professional studies programs and advising tracks Extended Teacher Preparation Program** Secondary education (6-12) Pre-clinical laboratory sciences*** Pre-dental hygiene*** Pre-dentistry*** Pre-law Pre-medicine*** Pre-nursing*** Pre-occupational therapy*** Pre-optometry*** Pre-pharmacy*** Pre-physical therapy*** Pre-radiation sciences*** Pre-veterinary medicine*** * A minimum of 30 semester hours is required to apply to the B.I.S. individualized program. ** Students enrolled in a major within the college can apply to the Extended Teacher Preparation Program sponsored jointly with the School of Education. (Students who wish to become elementary school teachers should declare the liberal studies for early and elementary education major.) The Extended Teacher Preparation program awards both a bachelor’s degree from the College of Humanities and Sciences and a master’s degree from the School of Education. Students who successfully complete this program will be certified to teach in early childhood, middle or secondary education. *** This is a pre-health sciences program at VCU designed for students intending to apply to a professional program. Admission to the prehealth sciences program at VCU does not guarantee admission to the professional program.



College of Humanities and Sciences More than 15,000 undergraduates make up VCU’s biggest academic unit. With bachelor’s degrees in 24 subject areas, the college includes 15 science and liberal arts departments and programs, and is home to three schools: the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs, the School of Mass Communications and the School of World Studies. Students in the college can apply to the Extended Teacher Preparation Program sponsored jointly with the School of Education. This program awards both a bachelor’s degree from the College of Humanities and Sciences and a master’s degree from the School of Education. Students who successfully complete this program will be certified to teach in early childhood, middle or secondary education. African American Studies B.A. Anthropology B.S. Biology B.S. Chemistry B.S. Criminal Justice B.S. Forensic crime scene investigation Justice Early and elementary education, liberal studies B.I.S.* 22

VCU Medical Center

ical The VCU Medf the o Center, one g acain country’s leadl centers, demic medica f-the-art offers state-othan 200 care in more reas. specialty a consists The VCU Medical Center ools — sch es enc of five health sci ntistry, De ns, sio fes Allied Health Pro ing School erg em the ing Medicine (includ and Pharmacy. of Public Health), Nursing in one of these If you’re planning a career fessions, you’ll take or another of the health pro ed ter’s technologically advanc classes in the medical cen nity ortu opp the e us and hav facilities on the MCV Camp . an urban hospital setting in ers ion ctit to work with pra

Economics B.S. English B.A. Foreign Language B.A. French German Spanish World film studies Forensic Science B.S. History B.A. Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness B.A. International Studies B.A. Area studies Global studies Mass Communications B.S. Advertising Journalism Public relations Mathematical Sciences B.S. Applied mathematics Biomathematics Mathematics Operations research Statistics Military Science and Leadership (ROTC) Philosophy B.A. Ethics and public policy Physics B.S. Political Science B.A. Civil and human rights International relations Politics and government Public policy and administration Psychology B.S. Religious Studies B.A. Science B.S. Sociology B.S.

Undeclared Urban and Regional Studies B.S. Generalized Regional analysis and development Urban planning and policy Women’s Studies B.A. * Students enrolled at VCU who wish to become elementary school teachers are required to declare the liberal studies for early and elementary education major. The major is the undergraduate part of the five-year Extended Teacher Preparation Program, and the successful completion of this program results in both a bachelor’s degree from the College of Humanities and Sciences and a master’s degree from the School of Education.

School of Allied Health Professions To keep up with the growing health care industry, our nationally ranked School of Allied Health Professions offers two undergraduate bachelor’s degrees. The clinical laboratory sciences program trains students in the rapidly advancing field of specialized medical testing. Clinical radiation sciences offers students Virginia’s only bachelor’s degree program with content specific to radiography and radiation therapy and Central Virginia’s only nuclear medicine program. Clinical Laboratory Sciences B.S. Clinical Radiation Sciences B.S.


Nuclear medicine technology Radiation therapy Radiography Radiologist assistant Please note: Program has prerequisites before considering students for admission.

School of the Arts Ranked as the No. 1 public university school of arts and design in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, the VCU School of the Arts boasts three MacArthur “genius” award winners in the past six years. Art Education B.F.A. Art History B.A. Architectural history Art historical Communication Arts B.F.A. Communication arts Scientific and preparatory medical illustration Craft and Material Studies B.F.A. Dance and Choreography B.F.A. Fashion B.A., B.F.A. Fashion design Fashion merchandising Film B.A. Graphic Design B.F.A. Interior Design B.F.A. Kinetic Imaging B.F.A.

Music B.A., B.M. Music Music education Performance Painting and Printmaking B.F.A. Photography and Film B.F.A. Sculpture B.F.A. Theatre B.A., B.F.A. Design technology Performance Theatre Theatre education

School of Business The VCU School of Business, with its home in the 145,000-square-foot Snead Hall, offers business students an ultra-modern and comfortable place to get hands-on experience in Richmond, Va. — ranked as America’s top state for business by both and Accounting B.S. Business B.S. Business administration and management Finance Human resource management Economics B.S. Financial Technology B.S. Information Systems B.S. Marketing B.S. Real Estate B.S.

School of Dentistry As part of the top-ranked VCU School of Dentistry, the Division of Dental Hygiene prepares students to master the technical skills necessary to provide quality oral care to local, national and global communities. Dental Hygiene B.S. Please note: Program has prerequisites before considering students for admission.

School of Education Recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best education schools for teacher preparation, the School of Education also boasts one of the nation’s Top 40 graduate programs, as ranked by the news magazine. Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science B.S. Community health education Exercise science General health and physical education (in preparation for teacher certification K-12)* * The general health and physical education major is a four-year program resulting in a Bachelor of Science in Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science. Students interested in teaching will require certification to teach. Teaching certification requires completion of the Extended Teacher Preparation Program in the School of 23 Education, which culminates in a Master of Teaching degree.

3 p.m.

VCU Division of Community Engagement /servicelearning VCU is committed to serving its students as well as the surrounding community. For its record of successful universitycommunity partnerships, VCU received the Carnegie Foundation designation as a community engaged campus. The VCU Division of Community Engagement supports the involvement of students in numerous volunteer partnerships, including America Reads, AmeriCorps and the CarverVCU Partnership. As a VCU student, you can start making a real difference in the world before you graduate. With more than 50 different service-learning courses, you have many opportunities to learn academic and job skills while meeting a real community need at the same time. Whatever your interest or major, you can find a VCU service-learning course that will take you out of the classroom and into the community to solve real-world problems while you learn.

I was always into helping people. I didn’t do sports, I didn’t know how to play an instrument, so volunteering was my thing.”


Academics School of Engineering

School of Nursing

School of Social Work The 120,000-square-foot East Hall, the School of Engineering’s newest facility, houses 48 research labs, 50 faculty offices, six classrooms and the da Vinci Center for Innovation in Product Design and Development, where art, business and engineering students collaborate to solve a product development or design challenge posed by one of the center’s industry partners. West Hall includes classrooms, research labs, administrative and faculty offices, and the Wright Virginia Microelectronics Center featuring an $11 million microelectronics clean room — one of the only clean rooms in the commonwealth of Virginia. The four-story, 70,000-square-foot School of Nursing building incorporates the latest educational technologies, including a clinical learning center with patient simulators in critical and primary care rooms. The School of Social Work, founded 92 years ago, ranks 14th among the nation’s top social work schools by U.S. News & World Report. The Monroe Park Campus location offers all three degree levels — Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Social Work and Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work.

Biomedical Engineering B.S. Chemical and Life Science Engineering B.S. Computer Engineering B.S. Computer Science B.S. Electrical Engineering B.S. Mechanical Engineering B.S. General Nuclear engineering

VCU Life Sciences VCU Life Sciences combines the resources and interests of the university’s two campuses with the Inger and Walter Rice Center for Environmental Life Sciences, a 342-acre living laboratory for study and research, and the Virginia BioTechnology Research Park — home to a mix of more than 50 biosciences companies, research institutes, and major state and national medical laboratories and organizations. Bioinformatics B.S. Biological/genomic Computational Quantitative/statistical Environmental Studies B.S.

Nursing B.S. Please note: Program has prerequisites before considering students for admission.

Social Work B.S.W.

Yeimarie Year:



Harrisonburg, Va. 


Social work

VCU? You n different illio baz a encounter people from elievable. unb It’s . rld places around the wo Taiwan, m fro ple peo In my dorm there are ’t go to can you e aus Africa, all over. Just bec experi’t can you an me those places, doesn’t . ple peo ence them through the

What are the people like at

of time? Where do you spend a lot just sit Compass. My friends and I

At the guys on the big there and people watch. The bikes are extremely amusing. Committee What are you involved in? helor of Bac e; Lif For member for Relay School ry nta me Ele ver n; student mentor at Car Social Work Student Associatio near campus between classes. s time next week? I’ll be in thi ing do be u yo ll wi at Wh ning from class to class. I have a full schedule. I’ll be run

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on Yeimarie.


Academics VCU offers multiple resources to help you adjust to life in college and get the most out of the experience by expanding your learning opportunities and joining the work force after graduation. The Honors College For academically talented students, the VCU Honors College offers a stimulating and challenging environment that includes smaller classes, discussion groups, seminars and lectures. Mentorship programs, honors student organizations and an honors-only residence hall help further a community of intellectual development among the 1,200 students. The Guaranteed Admission Programs of the Honors College allow highly qualified honors students a variety of options for gaining admission to many of the university’s professional health science and graduate programs. These options allow students who successfully complete the Guaranteed Admission Program in their area of interest to enter their professional or Graduate School


program at VCU without competing for admission at a later date.

Global Education Office If you’re ready for a global adventure, VCU’s Global Education Office can get you there. GEO’s Education Abroad Office offers four different programs for you to explore — VCU faculty-led winter, spring or summer programs, International Student Exchange Program, independent study abroad, and partnership and departmental exchanges with 15 international universities. The education abroad staff can advise you on financial aid, scholarships and credit transfer. Whether you want to travel for a week, a month, a semester or a year, VCU offers a program to fit your needs.

Veterans Affairs

VCU University Career Center /veterans_affairs.html VCU welcomes veterans from all branches of the U.S. armed services. Veterans and their qualified dependents may be eligible for VA education benefits authorized under specific chapters of Title 38 of the U.S. Code, including the Post9/11 GI Bill, the Montgomery GI Bill and the Reserve Educational Assistance Program. Each chapter has specific eligibility requirements. The VCU Veterans Affairs certifying officer in the Office of Records and Registration can assist you. The VCU University Career Center staff works with current students and recent graduates to help them explore career options, decide on career directions and develop sound strategies for realizing their career goals. The Career Center offers a career library of more than 600 books and publications. Students have access to employer literature, recruiting brochures, graduate and professional school publications, and five online computers. Students also may receive assistance with resume development, job search skills and interviewing techniques.

dents Eight VCU stu right lb u received F larships Student Scho-11, for 2010 CU a record for Var. e y le in a sing

Research at VCU Research stands at the core of VCU’s mission. The university boasts more than $230 million in sponsored research funding, bringing together faculty experts and undergraduate and graduate students to collaborate across multiple disciplines. Research and creative scholarship happen in every school and department at VCU, from the School of the Arts to the Department of History to the School of Medicine. As an undergraduate, you will have the opportunity to join fellow researchers as you connect real-world experiences with what you’re learning in the classroom.

The Career Center maintains job postings of full-time, part-time, internship and co-op positions for eligible students. These postings may be accessed 24 hours a day through an account with the Career Center. Both on- and off-campus work-study positions for eligible students can be viewed online. The Career Center also offers a comprehensive Cooperative Education Program that blends traditional academics with paid work assignments in industry, business, government and nonprofit organizations.

Additional resources

8 p.m.


Year: Sophomore 

News, Va.  Hometown: Newport

ed Majors: Music, pre-m

Photo by Life touch National

School Studios Inc.

school, and I found at program and medical ls prefer nontraWhy VCU? VCU has a gre oo viser that most med sch like the arts, out from my pre-med ad jor ditional science ma s, ings like that. sculpting, music and th log y and prebio I came to VCU doing ar I decided to med and after my first ye e-med. I’ve d pr switch to jazz studies an ctor, but music do a always wanted to be is my passion. a lot of time? Where do you spend Gym. I run on In the new Cary Street some lifting. the indoor track and do d in? Playing What are you involve ra, Small Jazz with the Jazz Orchest tional oir; member of the Na Ch ing en ak Aw ck Bla Ensemble and lars Society of Collegiate Scho ek? I’ll probably g this time next we in do be u yo ll wi t a concert with W ha sic and getting ready for mu w ne me so ng ici act be pr oir. the Black Awakening Ch

r more student stories.

I mainly play sax, but since I’m in the music program I have to learn how to play piano, flute and clarinet. I just learned how to read music last year. It’s challenging. I’m getting there. I’m learning.”

Visit fo


Admissions and financial aid Requirements

AP, IB and dual enrollment

Students who want to attend VCU are reviewed based on their academic record (e.g., GPA, course selection) at an accredited high school and either SAT Reasoning or ACT scores.

If you’ve taken Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or dual enrollment courses as a high school student, you could be awarded college credit and get a jump on your degree. Generally, credit will be awarded for AP scores of a three or above and for IB scores of four to seven. Courses taken as dual enrollment will be treated as VCU courses or as transfer credits, according to evaluation guidelines. Credit generally will be awarded for dual enrollment courses with minimum grades of C.

You should have a minimum of: • 4 units of English • 3 units of mathematics (including algebra I and either geometry or algebra II) • 3 units of history, social studies or government • 3 units of science (at least one laboratory) • 3 units of a foreign language or 2 units of two foreign languages recommended

plan Make note of specific requirements en for your chos school or program.


Extracurricular activities and employment experience may strengthen your application. Essays are required for scholarship consideration as well as for some specific programs. /baccalaureate.html

Financial aid A college education is one of the best investments your family can make. The VCU Office of Financial Aid uses all available funds to help you gain access to college. Financial aid eligibility depends on a student’s academic and financial situation. In most cases, each student will qualify for some sort of financial assistance. Each year, the office disburses more than $270 million in student aid to more than 18,000 students. Current information on financial aid programs, policies and procedures, and links to free scholarship search services are available on the VCU financial aid website.

Scholarships Each fall, the University Undergraduate Scholarship Program grants financial awards to outstanding students entering VCU. Selection of scholars is made on the basis of merit in the area of academic achievement. Leadership, community service and artistic talent (when applicable) also may be considered. To be eligible for scholarship renewal, students must complete at least 28 credit hours on a full-time basis over the fall and spring semesters and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or better. Scholarships are awarded to fall semester applicants only. The majority of scholarships are awarded each fall to freshman applicants, though a limited number of scholarships are awarded each fall to transfer applicants. Students who wish to be considered for a scholarship should submit an essay. Visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website for the essay topic(s) and the recommended application deadline for scholarship consideration. We also encourage all applicants seeking scholarship consideration to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

VCU mobile apps In fall 2010, VCU launched the latest tool available from VCU Technology Services, the first VCU mobile website and application for iPhone. The website provides the new suite of mobile apps, which include news, videos, a calendar of events, maps, a directory and images of VCU. The apps also feature a courses component with which students can view courses and seat

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Details The sum of our parts equals one dynamic college experience.

Undergraduate degrees

Where our students come from**

Metropolitan, public research university – state-aided; one liberal arts college and 13 academic and professional schools

60 programs awarding the B.A., B.S., B.I.S., B.S.W. and B.F.A.

86 percent Virginia residents 14 percent out-of-state

Degree programs



16 varsity sports

Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and other program-specific professional accreditations

Baccalaureate – 60 Master’s – 67 Doctorate – 38 First professional – 3 Certificate – 41



Black and gold

Undergraduate – 23,149 Graduate – 7,644 First professional – 1,643




Full-time instruction – 1,919 Tenured – 36 percent Tenure track – 13 percent Collateral – 51 percent



Monroe Park Campus 90.6 acres MCV Campus 52.4 acres

Libraries Two libraries — James Branch Cabell Library and Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences — hold 1.9 million volumes, 3.2 million microforms, more than 61,000 items, 50,400 print and electronic journal subscriptions and electronic serials, and more than 5,000 linear feet of manuscripts.

Residence hall capacity 4,823

59,088 network ports and 962 wireless access points in faculty and staff offices, residence halls, student service centers, libraries and computer laboratories that connect more than 24,800 personal computers and 2,800 server and network support devices.


NCAA Division I, Colonial Athletic Association

Official colors



Student/faculty ratio** 18-to-1

Student demographics** RACE/ETHNICITY





African-American.................. 5,329................ 17 Asian................................................ 3,270................ 10 Hispanic........................................ 1,102................ 3 International.............................. 1,552................ 5 Native American.................... 187...................... 1 White. .............................................. 16,991.............. 52 Not reported. ............................ 4,005................ 12 Total................................................. 32,436............. 100

Signed the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment in 2008. Named a Campus Sustainability Leader by the Sustainable Endowments Institute for the university’s “green” efforts. Of more than 300 universities rated, only 80 have earned this distinction.

** Satellite campuses include Northern Virginia, Qatar and the VCU Rice Center ** Includes undergraduate, graduate and professional students

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The best way to get to know VCU is to see real students in action on our campus, so plan a visit soon. Sit in on an information session held at 10:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday (except holidays and holiday weekends) and take an hourlong walking tour of the Monroe Park Campus afterward. No reservations are required to attend the daily information sessions; however, appointments are strongly recommended for students and families interested in meeting with departmental faculty or who wish to visit campus during weekdays outside of the regular visit times. The VCU Office of Undergraduate Admissions can help you arrange a meeting with faculty members if you call ahead.

Welcome Center 1111 West Broad Street Richmond, Virginia 23284-2526 Phone: (800) 841-3638 or (804) 827-2000 Hours Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (except for major holidays)

Office of Undergraduate Admissions 821 West Franklin Street P.O. Box 842526 Richmond, Virginia 23284-2526 Phone: (800) 841-3638 or (804) 828-1222 E-mail: Hours

Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Virginia Commonwealth University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action university providing access to education and employment without regard to age, race, color, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, veteran’s status, political affiliation or disability. 091029-01

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Virginia Commonwealth University Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Office of Undergraduate Admissions P.O. Box 842526 Richmond, Virginia 23284-2526

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