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The Balkan Green Deal is a document that consists of collectively created visions for a socially just and environmentally sound future with concrete steps that need to be taken to make that future a reality. This includes bold and specific policy recommendations based on principles of justice and equity for all, and demands for policymakers to not only do what is politically possible, but what is desperately needed. Balkan Green Deal to reflect the collective vision of 2030 we build together in the process, the joint dreams of a world of abundances for the many on a livable planet.

More importantly, this is the moment to unite our struggles and strengthen our voices as social movements, groups, initiatives, unions, organizations, policymakers, scholars, academics, care workers, educators, activists, and citizens. This is the moment to strategically work together towards a joint vision, in each and every area of influence we might have, and transform the current unjust system into one that is based on love, solidarity, and a deep care and thrives on peoples’ liberation and celebration of diversity in harmony with nature.

What are the Balkan Regional Forum and Balkan Green Deal? The Balkan Regional Forum was a 3 day online event and an open platform for organizations, individuals, initiatives and institutions from the Balkan countries to jointly discuss and create the Balkan Green and Just Recovery Plan, as well as to inspire future plans and contours regarding the Balkan Green Deal. The Forum included informal learning and participants’ knowledge and experience exchange while gathering visions and concrete steps and actions to implement the vision of the Just Recovery Plan and the creation of the Balkan Green Deal contours.

The Balkan Green and Just Recovery Plan is a pathway on how to achieve the Balkan Green Deal vision for 2030.


What are the purposes of the Balkan Regional Forum and Balkan Green Deal? The creation of the Balkan Green and Just Recovery Plan and the Balkan Green Deal is of immense importance to catch this momentum of uprising and resisting the interwoven crises of today and to shift course towards a better world for everyone. The purpose is to create a better and bolder framework and a plan that will help our economies and societies build preparedness and resilience for all of the national and global challenges that we are currently facing and are going to face in this transitioning period


How will you achieve your goals? What are your plans and upcoming events? At the moment, together with the Balkan coalition and different groups, we are in the process of creating, reviewing and contributing to the

Balkan Green and Just Recovery Principles and the Balkan Green Deal live documents. During the “Balkan Regional Forum”, we have created a timeline of activities and joint campaigns, where we are connecting our future actions, some of which are: national youth gatherings for creating the national Green Deal, Intersectionality trainings, collective visioning on the road - gatherings with local communities throughout Macedonia and series of meet ups with the Coalition of the Future which is a group that works on the creation of the national Green Deal since the beginning of this year. In the next steps we are creating a digital space for collecting people’s visions and a place where citizens can write about the problems in their communities and solutions, i.e. a digital participatory platform which will be named “Zelenglas” or Green voice. The main purpose of the platform is to encourage visitors to share their visions for the future of their community, region, country, and beyond and be part of the change. By creating this virtual place, we want to gather inputs from various groups that will help us contribute to the national and Balkan Green New Deal and Just Recovery Plan. The inputs will be gathered in a form of different questionnaires conducted with a methodology for collecting visions and intersectional approach. The main aim is to collectively work and build solutions that will help decide for our communities and the voices of everyone to be heard.

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