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6: Everything Wrong with Bill 96

9. Kind Souls; Flowers of Joy



6. Cole Swindell's Stereotype - Summer 2022 Written All Over It BALLAD OF LONESOME JACK 7. Farewell, Vanier - Back to Square One or Two Steps Forward? CREATIVE WRITING CONTEST 8. You're Gone; Always Be

9. Sweet Memories 10. Spring in My Steps; Broke Down (Part 1) FUN PAGE 12. Horoscopes, Dad jokes, Wordsearch puzzle, Sudoku

...AND SO MUCH MORE! Wednesday, April 1st | Winter 2020 | Issue 3


Thursday, May 5 | Winter 2022 | Issue 4


Editor’s Note

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Assistant Editor’s Note

Dear fellow readers,

Hello readers!

This is finally it. This is the last time you’ll ever see me writing for this newspaper as I hang my hat as editor-in-chief. Being editor-in-chief has been quite a rollercoaster ride for me. After eight issues, I ran out of “thank yous” for all the 38 different contributors who participated throughout this year. I’ll use my final words to give some advice to my successors. To the next editor-in-chief of the Insider, I hope you will find a team that won’t ever let you down. Your executives will be your family for the entirety of the semester. Get to know them well, learn how to work together, and I’m sure you’ll go through all the challenging moments together. Your job won’t be easy, but as long as your team has your back, you won’t feel alone. To the future executives of the Insider, I know you will have a thousand things on your plates next semester. But as long as you work together and form strong bonds with each other, you’ll find your time here quite rewarding. I wouldn’t have been able to continue without my work as editor-in-chief without the help of Isabella, Diba and Talia. To those three strong and talented ladies, thank you for helping make the Insider the best student newspaper ever! Until we see meet again, Jacques "Jack" Wang, Editor-in-Chief

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Upcoming Events May 5: Release of the last Spring 2022 issue of the Insider + Insider lemonade stand event / Bill 96 Protest @ Vanier's front lawn from 11:30 to 12:30 May 6: VCSA On-CampusEnd-of-Year Party May 10: Last day of classes (Friday schedule) / Vanier Film Festival May 13-25: Evaluation period May 13-30: Spring Intersession courses May 18: English Exit Exam May 26: VCSA Off-CampusEnd-of-Year Party


Thursday, May 5 |1st Winter 20222020 | Issue 4 3 Wednesday, April | Winter | Issue

June 1: Deadline for grades submissions June 2: QASAP Intercollegiate Amazing Race June 8: Start of Summer School courses June 9-15: Registration period for returning students June 27: Graduation ceremony @ Place Des Arts August 4-19: Summer Intersession courses August 22: First Day of Fall 2022 classes

We finally made it to the end of the school year! I wish I could say that our hard work is over but sadly it's not, but we’re almost there! As always a huge thank you to all who contributed during this busy season, especially to our creative writing contest! All submissions were incredible as per usual. This being my last semester means that I will no longer be Assistant Editor anymore. While this news makes me really sad, I feel so fulfilled with all the work I got to do, the amazing people I collaborated with and the friends I made. I hope next year submissions will keep coming to the lovely new team. Speaking of new team, we are currently looking for new executives! If you’ve been looking for that sign to get more involved, this is it. My position at the Insider would not be possible without contributors and readers so thank you so much. I loved working on these papers over the course of these past two semesters and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Enjoy our last read!

Isabella Del Grosso, Assistant Editor-in-Chief


VCSA End-of-the-Year Party

Talia Atallah

The VCSA invites you on May 26th to celebrate the end of this academic year, and for some their last year of CEGEP, for a big end-of-the year party. The party will take place in Downtown Montreal and will feature performances by Vanier DJ club members. The party starts at 9pm and ends at 2am. Each ticket costs $5 for Vanier students and $10 for outside students. Please come with your student ID in the VCSA office (C-214) to buy your tickets. Be sure to stop by to enjoy a night filled with dancing and much more fun! Be sure to keep an eye for updates on the VCSA instagram to get all the details. Hope to see you all there!

QASAP’s Intercollegiate Amazing Race: College Edition Diba

QASAP is organizing its first-ever annual Amazing Race: Montreal College Edition. All the colleges participating in this event are Vanier College, Champlain College, John Abbot College, Marianopolis College, Heritage College, and Dawson College.

very exciting prizes as well. For 1st place team, each team member will receive a ticket to La Grande Roue de Montréal, a ticket to Tyrolienne MTL, and a 60-min Quadricycle ride. The 2nd place team, each team member will receive a ticket to La Grande Roue de Montréal, and a ticket to Tyrolienne MTL. For the 3rd place team, The event will take place during the day on each team member will receive a ticket to TyroliThursday, June 2, 2022. There will be three teams enne MTL. of 2-3 students from each college. They will be representing their colleges during the race. To compete in this event, you must have a team of 2-3 students and must have a 1-minute-long The Amazing Race event will begin at Mari- video about why your team should be chosen to anopolis College at 10 am and will continue to participate in the first annual QASAP Amazing other locations throughout Montreal during the Race: College Edition. The video must have been day. sent to Kristen Whitelaw by May 2. All participants during the race will receive a baIf you could not send in a video expressing your gel, drink, Dragon Beard Candy, and Beaver Tail. interest in participating in this event, you can still The QASAP Amazing Race: College Edition has

will help with the Intercollegiate Amazing Race on the day of the race. Teams of students from different colleges will be racing around the city and stopping in specific locations to compete in the challenges. Volunteers are needed for various tasks throughout the day, so if this is something that interests you, MIO Kristin Whitelaw volunteers throughout the event.

volunteer to help during the event. Volunteers

Vanier’s Film Festival Widely Awaited Comeback Camila Lewandowski The Film Festival committee invites the Vanier community to partake in the celebrations of student creations on May 10th, at 7 PM in the auditorium. After two years of postponing the student video festival because of sanitary issues, the Vanier Film Festival is back for its 47th anniversary.

entrance of the auditorium. Paintings, drawings, and sculptures will be exhibited. The Vanier Film Festival was initiated by the Communications department as Justine Litynski – former video and photography professor – explains that “there was no proper showcase in the college for video work. The film festival also permits celebrating the end of the year and graduating students’ hard work.”

Student films from the past four semesters will be presented in the 90-minute program curated This is an important rite of passage for commuby the hosts – communications students Rose nications students. In fact, alumnus Aziz Zoromba Kahhali and Nikol Tsvetkova. took part in previous editions of the festival and As Kahhali points out, “the film festival has been is now attracting a lot of international success as dormant for the past two years, and it is time to the co-producer of the award-winning documenhonour everyone’s accomplishments.” tary No Crying at the Dinner Table (2019). Under the theme of the 2000’s decade, the festival will celebrate this era with funky decorations and ambient music. It is a time capsule for Vanier’s aspiring artists born around that time.

Doors open at 6:30 PM.

During the show’s intermission, guests are encouraged to check out student art pieces at the Wednesday, April 1st5 || Winter Thursday, May Winter 2020 2022 || Issue Issue 34


A discussion space between Vanier students and teachers takes its digital form Claudia Bruscia

This semester, The Coffee Break Project hosted their roundtable discussion on the Geopolitics and Economics of Conflict in the Ukraine Crisis. This event took place on March 30th, 2022. Students were able to share their thoughts and opinions on the motivations behind this conflict and its impacts on a global scale alongside Economics and Political Science teachers. Furthermore, The Coffee Break Project has launched its digital immersion through its Instagram page (@thecoffeebreakproject_vanier). This platform will be used to share articles and podcasts relating to various events within the world of Applied Economics that affect us on a day-to-day basis. It will also be promoting events happening on campus through the Coffee Break Project. In the next semester, The Coffee Break Project hopes to expand its team of motivated students who have an interest in Economics. Students are welcome to join various positions, including Student Collaborator and Student Fellow. There is a possible monetary compensation for this involvement which has yet to be confirmed. If you wish to know more about these positions and join the Coffee Break Project, kindly MIO Daniel Ayala Camelo. Make sure to follow the Instagram page @thecoffeebreakproject_vanier

Vanier's Muralists Joy Bello-Osagie & Yun Lei Lin Make It Happen! - Those were the words of Avery Rueb that chimed through the ears of two students who aspired to bring other students together in a social-distanced society. From chanting their motto to sketching designs and prototypes; meeting with academic and non-academic staff for feedback, the vacillating nature of their project made 'giving up' palatable.

Fortunately, we won first place and audience favourite for the poster competition and 2nd place for Demo-day!!

Whitelaw decided that a theme revolving around inclusivity was the perfect depiction of Vanier College.

The positive feedback we received greatly outweighed the negative. And the constructive criticism from the judges helped push our project forward.

We held a deep sigh of relief as we overcame the technical aspect of our project. Now, the work starts—we organized a zoom workshop over March break with Jason Botkin (a famed muralist who has created over 200 murals) to give us tricks and tips as we painted. With the help of volunteers and the provision of materials from Student life, we finished painting two weeks after the break.

Although we just made a breakthrough, this Some may call it a coincidence and while others was simply the genesis. call it fate. But whatever it was, it brought two students together. They were the only attendees Our project would not have sailed as smoothly of the online make-up session for LaunchBox (a as it did without Kristen Whitelaw (a staff affilicompetition that awards students who create in- ated with Vanier Student Life).

Joy Bello-Osagie (left), Yun Lei Lin (centre)

novative projects that contribute to their school community). Yun Lei Lin, who pitched in the idea of a mural, and Joy Bello-Osagie, instantly ecstatic upon hearing her request for an artist’s opinion of her idea—it was the perfect storm.

Although our project started as scribbles of designs and countless meetings, writing this reCoincidentally, Kristen Whitelaw had the same idea of painting murals! So, we reached out to her, flection highlights the beauty of hard work and and we collectively decided to collaborate. Then, perseverance. We are so grateful for the tremenshe walked us through the technical aspects of dous amount of love and support our project has drafting a proposal for the board of directors and received. From the academic and non-academic staff, students and institutions such as Forces the Ministry of Education. Avenir. We made it happen. We constantly had to remind ourselves of the Honourable mentions; Avery Rueb, Ashley sole aim of our project—bringing students together and forming a community. We creatively Rankin, Kristen Whitelaw, Ouranima Zafiri, Jason formulated ways to grasp our audience and in- Botkin, Kaela Ftaich, Karina Melo, Jewel Gonzavolved them by hosting a competition. We an- les, Mariem Mohamed, Béatrice Pelletier, Maria nounced the competition on our Instagram (@ Laouina, Charlie Lees, Tae Ly, Sidra Hamed, Jasvaniermuralists ;) as we called for students from min Reginales, Camelia Idinarene, Setayesh Aball programs to send ideas and designs that fit the basi Moghadam, Rebecca Eapen, Kira Tadj, Kavya Katariya Samuel Cano-Gallo. themes of our project: Biology and inclusivity.

After receiving a handful of designs, Yun Lei and I felt it was fair and necessary to let the students and staff vote for their favourite design. With a response from over 80 people (strictly from staff and students), the final designers were Kaela Our project kicked off halfway through the Ftaich (inclusivity theme) and Yun Lei and Joy (Bi2021 fall semester, and thanks to the laid-back ology theme). After a short series of going back nature of LaunchBox, we had a slow and steady and forth in the sense of changing some parts of start with a bright hue of enthusiasm. Avery Rueb the design and the location for where they would (LaunchBox organizer) and Ashley Rankin (learnbe painted (4th floor, A building & C stairwell being specialist) organized info sessions to help us tween the 1st and 2nd floor), our project was apprepare for the upcoming poster competition proved by the teachers from the biology departand Demo-day. Sharing our idea with the rest of ment as well as the board of directors! the Vanier community was nerve-wracking. We had to mentally prepare for all types of feedback As science students, we decided to brighten the ranging from positive to constructive. biology department, hence its theme, and Kristen


Wednesday, Thursday, May April 5 |1st Winter | Winter 20222020 | Issue | Issue 4 3


French Presidential Election – The start of Macron’s most challenging days Jacques Wang

cron was eligible for re-election. Macron led with 27.85% of the vote during the first round of voting. His 2017 opponent Marine Le Pen finished second with 23.15%. Under the French electoral system, if no candidate receives more than 50% of the votes in the first round, the top two frontrunners will advance into the second round of voting. As a result, Macron and Le Pen faced a rematch, with the former winning a second mandate with 58.5% of the votes, becoming the first president to win re-election since 2002. The second round of voting saw the lowest voter turnout since 1969, with 28.01% of French voters refusing to cast a ballot. This high level of absenteeism was attributed to political pundits resulting from voter alienation.

arrived fourth with 7% of the vote. All three populist candidates ran on appealing to voters who felt alienated. The June legislative election

Despite winning a second mandate, Emmanuel Macron will have a tougher challenge. On June 12, voters will be called to the polls once again to choose their new deputies of the National Assembly. All the parties opposing Macron’s presidency have already announced they will be working to prevent the president from getting his majority at the National Assembly. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who refused to endorse Macron or Le Pen during the second presidential round, has called his supporters to vote for his party at the legislative Fall of the traditional parties and rise of the election and make him the next French prime minister. Marine Le Pen and Éric Zémmour are reFrench president Emmanuel Macron on the night of his reextremes lection victory. Image: Le Devoir portedly working together on building a far-right This year’s presidential election has been coalition against the governing LREM. On Sunday, April 24, incumbent French presimarked by a divided population angry at the podent Emmanuel Macron won re-election. HowHistorically, re-elected French presidents often ever, Macron’s victory may be short-lived as he litical establishment. As a result, many far-right had trouble achieving a second majority at the faces a divided population and a hostile political and far-left candidates performed at an all-time National Assembly. Considering Macron’s polarizhigh at the cost of the traditional parties. landscape. ing presence and political landscape, getting that Since the beginning of the Fifth Republic, France majority will be hard for the president and his Background has been governed by two major political parties: party. Should the LREM lose their majority, MaEmmanuel Macron was first elected as presi- the center-left Parti Socialiste (PS) and the centre- cron may have to compromise with the opposident of France in 2017 with more than two-thirds right Les Républicains (LR). Since Macron’s elec- tion parties to avoid political gridlock and further of the votes, defeating Marine Le Pen of the far- tion, the two major political parties have faced a turmoil in the population. right party Rassemblement Nationale (RN). Ma- decline in support. In this year’s presidential elecFuture of French politics cron’s party, La République en Marche (LREM), tion, LR candidate Valérie Pécresse finished with won a majority of seats in the French legislative less than five percent, while PS candidate Anne Macron’s re-election may be one of the most election, giving him control of both the executive Hildago finished with less than two percent. critical presidential elections in recent history. and legislative branches. The centrist and proAs a result of the fall of those two traditional By winning a second mandate, Macron is barred European head of state presided over several refrom running for a third term in office. His deforms touching taxation, pensions, labour rights, parties, both the far-left and far-right candidates parture will undoubtedly leave a void among the and environmental policies during his term. How- performed exceptionally well. Jean-Luc Mélen- LREM ranks. Many political scientists do not beever, his reforms lead to massive opposition and chon, the presidential candidate of the far-left lieve the party will survive without Macron as its protests, like the 2018 yellow vest protests. Do- party La France Insoumise (LFI), came third with leading figure. With the decline of the traditional mestically, these oppositions made Macron a po- 21.95% of the votes. If Mélenchon had won an parties and the lack of a centrist alternative, both additional 425,000 votes, he would have finished larizing figure in French politics. second and qualified for the second round. In the far-left and far-right parties could directly First round of the presidential election addition to Marine Le Pen, far-right pundit Éric clash together, leaving the future of this imporZémmour launched his own presidential bid and tant European country in turmoil. After five years at the helms, Emmanuel Ma-

Thursday, May Winter 2020 2022 || Issue Issue 34 Wednesday, April 1st5 || Winter


OICES Everything Wrong with Bill 96 Roy Lesage (image from Yuyang Wu) for Francophone students. At first, I must admit that I was intrigued to see how this measure would work out. I thought maybe giving students from English high schools priority over students from French high schools, it would be a good compromise, but who am I kidding? If considering the future college population growth, we’re effectively making English CEGEPs an elite institution for Francophones! Don’t get me started on why I think elitism is horrible for Francophones in Quebec. Anybody who listened to at least one minute in high school history classes will recall Bill 96 protest at Parc Girouard (December 2021) that the Francophone majority in Quebec was If you know me, you’d know that there is noth- historically oppressed by the elite English-speaking more important for me than to protect the ing class. Can you now see the irony in this Bill? linguistic minorities of Canada. Whether they are We all know that Bill 96 could’ve been much Franco-Ontarians, Acadians or Anglo-Quebecers, worse if the government had decided to extend no one from coast to coast should be punished Bill 101 to the entire CEGEP system. Luckily for for speaking one of the official languages of our us, this ain’t the case - yet. Unluckily for us, the country. That is why I am opposed to Bill 96 or damages’ have already been done for Francoany other forms of legislation that pretends to phones in English CEGEPs (me included). We are protect the French language in Quebec. being treated as second-class citizens for choosLet’s get the facts straight. I am not opposed to ing which CEGEPs we all want to go to. Let’s talk Bill 96 for wanting to take action to protect and about choice. If you are old enough to drive and promote the usage of French. As a Francophone live on your own by the time you arrive at CEGEP, who goes to an English CEGEP, there is nothing you ought to be old enough to choose what you more important than my French-Canadian heri- want to do with your future. The government has tage. I welcome measures that will strengthen no right to say which CEGEPs you should belong our abilities to be fluent in French, and I am sure to once you finish high school! We cannot prethat is the same opinion shared by all of us. How- tend that “the protection of the French language” ever, how this government is imposing on us is more important than students' freedom over makes Bill 96 such a flawed bill. It is so divisive their academic future. and detrimental that I don’t even know where to Finally, let’s address the protection of the begin with the problems of Bill 96. French language, the main motive of Bill 96. We Let’s start with the elephant of the room that live in the sole French-speaking province of this concerns us all: limiting access to English CEGEPs country. Of course, French is important to all of


us. I refuse to believe that amazing fearmongering lie that Francophones who go to English CEGEPs are there to assimilate themselves. Well, listen, even if we’re finished with CEGEP, we are still going to stay Francophones. If we speak English, we shouldn’t be treated as a second-class citizens. We’re still proud Quebecers, and if there is one thing I love about my province is having the freedom of becoming who we really want to be. In a way, the assimilation logic given by the so-called Quebec nationalists makes no sense. I can’t even see if there are any studies that demonstrate extending Bill 101 to English CEGEPs would even work. If making Bill 101 for high school doesn’t work, why would it work for CEGEPs? And then, what next? Are we going to extend Bill 101 to Concordia, McGill and Bishop? The actual problem with Bill 96 is that, even if it has good intentions, it is poorly executed, and it tackles the wrong “issues.” Researchers have said time and time again that if our kids are not able to properly learn French at a primary and secondary level in the sole French-speaking Canadian province, there must be something wrong with our education system. We shouldn’t be blamed for the failures of our education system, and our educational rights and freedoms shouldn't be impeded. Bill 96 completely misses the mark on that point, and that is why, as a proud Francophone, I. Am. Opposed. To. It. The divisions caused by this Bill have already been done. French is the natural resource that all Quebecers treasure. It makes us strong and powerful across the world. My biggest fear is that those divisions will negatively impact our Francophone brothers/sisters-in-arms across Canada.

Cole Swindell’s Stereotype – Summer 2022 written all over it! Jacques Wang (Twitter: @LordChickenWang) Cole Swindell’s latest and fourth album Stereotype is finally available! In addition to its already chart-topping singles, Stereotype features songs that will sure make you blast your speakers up all summer long. In Stereotype, you’ll find the same style of music you’d expect from Cole Swindell and modern country, plus some unexpected tributes and great collaborations. Many songs on the track were cowritten by fellow country musician HARDY. This includes the lead single “Single Saturday Night,” which reached number-one in late 2020. The dance-inducing beat and lyrics are sure to make you sing along whenever you feel the need to let loose. HARDY is also featured on the album as a singer for the song “Down to the Bar,” which is going to be the name of Swindell’s next tour. HARDY isn’t the only artist to be featured in Stereotype. Arguably, one of the most successful songs of Cole Swindell’s latest album as to be “Never Say Never,” a duet with fellow country singer Lainey Wilson. Swindell and Wilson’s singing and catchy beat makes “Never Say Never” an energetic and flowing melody. No wonder why “Never Say Never” is currently the number-one country song coming out of Nashville. The biggest surprise and most unique song on this album has to go to “She Had Me At Heads Carolina.” If you know your 90’s country, you’ll know that “She Had Me At Heads Carolina” is a tribute to Jo Dee Messina’s “Heads Carolina, Tails California.” Not only does Swindell use the same melody of that


Thursday, May 5 |1st Winter 20222020 | Issue 4 3 Wednesday, April | Winter | Issue

classic song, but he also writes the lyrics into a new perspective. Results? Cole Swindell perfectly summarizes why 90’s country is the best. It’ll be criminal if this song doesn’t reach number-one throughout this summer. What I love about how Stereotype features a lot of good non-singles that will make you want to sing along with the windows down. Some of my personal favourites include “Stereotype,” “I’m Gonna Let Her,” “How is She,” and “Miss Whenever.” The lyrics and melody behind those songs speaks to me in a way that I can relate on a personal level. Overall, I highly recommend Cole Swindell’s Stereotype to any fan of new country and nostalgia-seekers. I definitely will be putting this album on my summer road trip playlist. With the announcements of more albums from some of Nashville’s bests, there is no doubt that this summer will be a country’s paradise.

BALLAD OF LONESOME JACK Farewell, Vanier! – Back to Square One or Two Steps Forward? Jacques "Jack" Wang

“The light at the end of the tunnel starts by becoming your own torch.” drown myself in the ghosts of my past and stain all the social progress I’ve made. I guess building great, long-lasting friendships is a born skill that I don’t have. But then, I realized something important. When I thought of writing this reflection, I could’ve just sat around and bitch about how I never got what I wanted. But I ain’t gonna do none of that. Instead, I’ll take my lemons and make them lemonades.

I couldn’t have realized any of this without everyone I’ve met in my life. Whether you are an executive of the Insider, friends that go or went to Vanier, friends I’ve made outside of Vanier or folks at my St-Hubert and Espace Transition, I want to thank you for giving me an unforgettable experience. Thank you for accepting me and making me realize who I am today. This article is for you. As much as it pains me to admit, I know we won’t cross paths again for a long time, but I know that as long as the Earth stays round, we’ll see each other again someday. Until then, I hope whenever you’ll be thinking of me, you’ll remember all the good times we shared together and how much change I’ve been able to accomplish for our community.

The hardest thing you’ll ever have to write is confronting who you are and making peace withLooking back on what happened in my last three years, there ain’t nothing I’d like to change. out yourself. I don’t know what the future holds If it weren’t for my loneliness, I’d never make an for me. I don’t know how many dark clouds will effort to write for the newspaper. If I’d never tak- still have my name on them or how long this en an extra year at Vanier, I guess I would be able Lonesome Jack will stay lonely. But I know that to become editor-in-chief. If I’d never become ed- I have the power and strength to brave through itor-in-chief, I guess I wouldn’t meet the amazing any hurricane on my journey. It will be far from easy, but wisdom is the graduation from hell. folks and be the person I am today.

So, this is it. This is the end for me—the end of my days here at Vanier. When you start cégep, you’d always picture how the next two years of your life will plan out. Truth is, nothing ever goes according to plan. Things will happen during your I had some rough moments throughout my time time that you ain’t have no power over it. That is here at Vanier. I made some mistakes and things definitely what happened to me throughout my that I ain’t proud of. I’ve made some friends and time here at Vanier. lost those who were close to me along the road. Anyone who knows me knows I had the most My heart has been hurt and bruised more times challenging time of my life in high school. Com- than I can count. There were so many things that ing to Vanier was my moment to redeem myself brought me down. Unlike what happened in high and make up for all the wrongs I did in my ado- school, I managed to pick myself up. It wasn’t lescence. I wanted the next two years of my life easy, but it was worth the extra pain. I don’t reto be a life where I’d be a popular kid with too call how many times I almost gave up in the last many friends where I’d be known for my writing, couple of months and thought of quitting life. my knowledge, and my love for country music. But just thinking of what I’ve accomplished, the But then, a damned old virus changed our lives, people I’ve touched, and how much I can still and suddenly, I was stuck with an extra year here. achieve it outweighs all the wrongs I did. SomeAs I saddle up and prepare to ride out into the I guess I could never be that kid with too many body recently made me realize that I wasn’t the sunset, with a tear flowing down my cheek, I can’t friends. Everywhere I went, I realized how every- kid I was four years ago. I won’t be able to change one around me had formed their little gang while the regrets of my life. All I can do is accept what help but take a final look at Vanier College – the I was stuck as being the third wheel. I often felt happened in the past and focus on what I can do school that is my hometown. hurt and forgotten when I looked at everyone’s today to improve my future. The light at the end Instagrams and saw how much fun everyone had of the tunnel starts by becoming your own torch. each Saturday night with their friends. Worst part, I guess what I’m trying to say is all the “failures” I because of my desire for close friends, I’d often collected in my life are making me a better man. Thursday, May Winter 2020 2022 || Issue Issue 34 Wednesday, April 1st5 || Winter



Always Be Ashley

I tell you I Love You,

Words simply can't describe

But now there's no reply.

My feelings for you,

I always feel your presence

For my feelings are so many,

As if you never left my side.

But words, they are so few.

I remember your comforting voice,

You make me laugh

But now there’s only echoes from the past.

When I want to cry.

You're always by my side,

Your laugh makes me smile,

But I can't hold your hand.

You make my life a better place.

Dreams turn into nightmares

I love everything about you,

When the one you love has gone.

You're someone I could never replace.

But real love never fades.

There is only one thing left to say,

It still shines like the stars.

But I don't know how to say it

Although they're far away,

So I'll say it as how I feel it,

Those moments we had will never fade.

I'm in love with you.

I know you're sleeping in heaven,

No distance can keep us apart.

But you're living in my heart.

You will always be in my heart.

Kind Souls

Kevin S. Carl Layton looked at the tattered book in his hands and felt py that was stuck in a drain. nostalgic. But not even a kind person who had once saved a grumpy pupHe walked over to the window and reflected on his beautiful py that was stuck in a drain, was prepared for what Louis had in surroundings. He had always loved the beautiful regions in Ath- store today. ens with its historic landscapes. It was a place that encouraged The wind blew like rampaging hamsters, making Carl feel anxhis tendency to feel nostalgic. ious. Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. As Carl stepped outside and Louis came closer, he could see the It was the figure of Louis Bryant. Louis was a captivating model gentle smile on Louis’s face. with silky dark brown hair and blue eyes. Louis gazed with the affection. He said, in hushed tones, "I have Carl gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a kind, something I have to say to you..." quiet, tea drinker with scrawny hair and big eyes. His friends saw him as a poised painter. Once, he had even saved a grumpy pupCarl looked back, even more anxious and still fingering the tat-


Thursday, Wednesday, May April 5 | 1st Winter | Winter 20222020 | Issue | Issue 4 3

tered book. "Louis, I have something I need to say to you too," Louis looked ecstatic, his emotions blushing like a bright red he replied. rose. They looked at each other with anxious feelings, as Louis leaned in closer. He whispered something very softly to Carl.

Then Louis came inside for a nice cup of tea.

Carl looked directly into Louis’s blue eyes. "I feel the same way!" revealed Carl with a delighted grin.

Flowers of Joy Kayla

Flowers, you might think

Which makes them more beautiful!

They’re a bunch of plants

When I am sad

They are not very special

The flowers are my help They might sit there,

But to me

But they speak a million words.

Flowers are beautiful Like my best friend.

They bring you love and joy A flower feels like a friend

Their scent is so nice

It listens to me

It makes me feel overjoyed!

And makes me feel loved!

Some flowers have a strong smell


Sweet Memories Meiliiart (Instagram: @meiliiart)

Wednesday, Thursday, April May 1st5 || Winter Winter 2020 2022 || Issue Issue 34


Spring In My Steps Jacques Wang

It’s been a long time Since we had a bit of fun The days are getting long Everything’s gonna be just fine What was once white Has now turned green Only heat coming insight

It’s time to play in the dirt

Kick your shoes off the patio

You know what this means

Girls putting on their skirts

Take me back to Margaritaville

Time to fill the lake with our boats When you hear fiddles and steel guitars

DQ cups and a pack of Bud Light,

Summer’s right around the corner

Flowers start to bloom

Honeysuckle smell dancing in the air,

Snow’s gone, and the sun’s up

Rivers flowing as strong as ever

Let’s party from dusk till dawn

Bumblebees and birds’ chipping

I haven’t seen you since last winter

Nature’s coming back to life

It’s time for some me and you

Alabama on the radio, Tucks rolling down south,

George Strait on the radio

When I ain’t no longer getting cold

Trucks rolling on the road

You know that I’m on a roll

Ain’t nothing but a blue clear sky

Give me back my Dixieland delight When life’s making smile every day,

Snow’s gone, and the sun’s up When the sunshine floats in your hair,

Bumblebees and birds’ chipping

Baby, can you feel spring in my step?

Nature’s coming back to life

I can feel spring in my step. When the sunshine floats in your hair, Baby, can you feel spring in my step?

Goodbye fur coats,

Jimmy Buffett on the radio

Broke Down (Part 1) Jacques Wang

It was just a normal Thursday afternoon when Matt was called to a tow a stalled car on I-17. Even thought the sun was high, the cold early March desert winds often mislead stranded drivers on the weather forecast. Having experienced this rookie mistake before, Matt rushed as fast as he could amidst the traffic. After an hour of pedaling to the metal, he finally saw the young lady sitting on top of an old white Toyota. After pulling in front of her, he put on his heavy high-vis jacket before stepping out and helping the desperate young lady.

“I’ve called you guys so many times! What took you so long?”

same problem that happened to him all those years ago.

“Don’t worry ma’am, I’m here to help now,” he reassured her, “what seems to be the problem?” She got off the roof to open the car hood. “I don’t know, I was driving back home when suddenly, it started to make strange noises, and I couldn’t drive anymore,” she explained. After giving a brief diagnostic of the engine, Matt hopped in the driver seat. Before releasing the brakes and throwing the Camry to drive, he noticed the song that was playing through the stereo. It was “One “Good afternoon, ma’am, I’m with Triple A. I’m Good Friend” by George Canyon, a song from an here to help,” he introduced himself to her. artist he hasn’t heard for ages. When he stepped on the gas, the wheels gently rolled before vio“Oh my Gosh, what the hell took you so long! lently stopping to the sound of loud engine roar. I’ve been waiting for you for hours!” she ranted, Matt’s worst fears were confirmed. It was the

“I’m sorry, ma’am, it looks like the transmission’s broke,” he said. “Judging by the look of the car, I don’t think that’s something that can be easily fixed. You might as well just get a new one.”


Wednesday, April | Winter | Issue Thursday, May 5 |1st Winter 20222020 | Issue 4 3

“Oh, that is just wonderful!” she exclaimed, “wha-what else am I going to going to do? I can’t afford a new car! I have so many things to do, I- I have to cover Juliana’s shift, I have to do grocery shopping, I-, I have, I-” “Ma’am, there is no need to panic,” he reassured her. “We’ll take things slowly. Do you have an address where you’d like me to throw your car?”

car, and I need it to get to work or to-” “Joe, do you have a car you can lend to Tenille?” Matt asked. “You can’t just waltz in and rent a car just like that,” Joe explained. “There’s a lot of paperwork involved, and I need my rental cars for my customers as well.” “Joe, please, can you just make an exception for once,” Matt pleaded, “you know I’m good for it.” After he inserted some cash in Joe's belt, the begruntled mechanic pulled a car key from his jean pockets.

After taking a couple of deep breaths, the young lady shook her head. Tears started to roll down her cheeks. After pausing for a brief period, Matt returned to his truck to lower the ramp. He asked to her to go to the passenger seat of his truck and wait for him. Matt tried to drive the old Camry up the ramp. After more three short bursts, he successfully secured the car to the ramp. While making sure the cables were tightly secured, Matt saw the child seat in the back. Matt was a bit puzzled at first. The seat looked brand new, and she couldn’t have been more than twentyfive old, the same age as Matt. But Matt didn’t think too much of it at first. So, he made his way to front of the truck. After closing the door, Matt looked at his stillvery distressed passenger. She tried to look away and hide her tears from him. She even refused to accept the tissues Matt kindly offered her. “I know a guy who owns a place where I can tow your car. I’ll see if he can fix your car for you,” Matt explained as he started to pull out of the auxiliary lane. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure your car fixed and get you back home safely. It’s my job.” She said a brief “thank you” before looking at the window with a downward smile. “I’m sorry for overacting before,” she said. “It’s just, things- are very stressful for me. I have so many things to do and when my car broke down, I- I-” “There is no need to apologize,” Matt interrupted. “Anybody in your shoes would have reacted the same way. What you are feeling is completely normal.” “You don’t understand,” she replied, “all you boys are alike. You think you understand but you have no idea what it’s like being a girl like me.” Matt was mildly taken aback to her comments but decided against pressing on further. They didn’t speak again until Matt turned on the radio to his favourite country music station. “I hope you don’t mind me listening to Clay Walker on our way to the city.” “No, I- I really like it,” she answered. “I’m kinda a fan of this type of music.”

“The grey Nissan” Joe pointed out with his index, “it’s all yours.” Matt thanked his friend and helped Tenille transfer all her belongings to the “I noticed you were listening to George Canyon new car, including the black child seat. Matt was earlier. Not many folks recognise his name here. still puzzled as to why a girl as young as he was be Well, no one knows who he is, which is quite a carrying a child seat. After she was all set, Matt shame. He is so underrated.” was already seated in his truck ready to head “Well, I was originally from Nova Scotia before back to the office. However, as he slammed the door, he saw Tenille approaching through the my parents and I moved here,” she revealed. rear-view mirror. “No way, where?” Matt asked excitingly. “Hey, Matt, I don’t know if I said this, but thank “Chéticamp” you. Thank you for everything. I- I don’t know how “You're Acadian. Faque, tu parles français, I could’ve gone through the day without you.” Tenille opened her wallet to fetch the $100 for toé?” the towing operation. “I know it probably costed “Un peu,” she laughed, “I lost my French since much more than this, but this is all that I can offer moving here.” you for your service.” Matt killed the engine and descended from his truck. He took her hand and “That’s alright,” Matt chuckled, “Wow, I never folded the $200 bill in her palm. thought I’d met another Canadian here in Arizona. I was born in Quebec before growing up “You don’t have to own me nothing,” Matt told in Calgary with my grandpa. That’s how I know her, “When I told you what you were feeling was who’s George Canyon. Oh, by the way, my name’s completely normal, I was in the situation a few Matt. What’s yours?” years ago. My grandpa’s truck suffered a stall on my way to California. Someone was kind enough “Tenille.” she told him. to help me and start a brand-new life here in Ari“That’s a beautiful name,” he commented. As zona. I know you are going through a tough time, soon as he complimented her name, Tenille’s so, your ‘thank you’ is enough payment for me.” smile folded downward. She knew where this “But what about Triple A? Am I not paying for type of conversation would lead to. them as well?” After two hours of traffic, the sun began to set “Don’t worry about it,” Matt reassured her as on Maricopa County. Matt finally arrived at Joe’s he climbed behind his stirring wheel, “I’ll take the workshop. After stopping his truck in front at the blame. If you really want to pay me back, make back of the parking lot, Matt proceeded to unsure you have a smile on your face. My grandpa load Tenille’s car. After three more short bursts, used to say, ‘smiling is the best antidote to your Matt managed to fit the Camry in that tiny parksorrows.’” ing space. He was slowly approached by a middle-aged bearded man in a greasy red t-shirt. “Listen, before you go, I also wanted to say, I had a great time talking to you, even though I “What the hell’s going on?” the man asked. didn’t say much,” Tenille grinned. Flattered, Matt “Joe, you know cars more than I do. Do you smiled back and proceeded to drive out of Joe’s think you can fix the transmission of this car?” garage. Matt asked back. After a sigh, Joe sighed begrunLater in the evening, when Matt got back home, tling and opened the car hood. After a brief look, he received a phone call from his supervisors and Joe closed the hood with a grim expression on his employers at Triple A. He knew it would come as face. some point and calmingly accepted his fate with“Someone can fix it but I’m afraid it ain’t going in the company. However, Matt wasn’t worried to be me,” he confessed, “I mean I can do it, but I about his termination as his mind was focused on someone else. can’t guarantee it’s gonna work.” Upon hearing the news, Tenille started panicking. “What am I going to do? I can’t afford a new Wednesday, Thursday, April May1st 5 | Winter 2022 2020 | Issue 4 3


FUN PAGE Taurus (Apr.20-May.20):

Gemini (May.21-Jun.20):

Cancer (Jun.21-Jul.22):

Leo (Jul.23-Aug.22):

Virgo (Aug.23-Sep.22):

Libra (Sep.23-Oct.22):

If your heart is weak, you’ll fall into the darkness… just like my old friend.

Even with a human heart, you can’t completely get rid of darkness. I believe that human beings can become light on their own.

You always have your eyes on the future. You never give up, and you never ever back down.

Having something to protect is why you’re able to fight!

The faith to believe in yourself becomes power.

Even if there’s the slightest hope of victory, fight believing that you will win.

Scorpio (Oct.23-Nov.21):

Sagittarius (Nov.22-Dec.21):

Capricorn (Dec.22-Jan.19):

Aquarius (Jan.20-Feb.18):

Pisces (Feb.19-Mar.20):

Aries (Mar.21-Apr.19):

As long you have comrades, you can fight any enemy, no matter how formidable they are.

Don’t lose your kindness. Don’t stop trying to be friendly with people from other countries, no matter how disappointed you are.

A heart that believes in the future has the strength to make the impossible possible. The power of faith brings forth courage.

Don’t ever lose heart! Your life is not yours alone. Fight to the very end!

It’s alright if you wanna be strong. Your power comes from kindness. That’s what makes you a hero!

If you believe in your power, you will grab the light of courage.

Horoscopes by Vanier's Oracle

DORALEOUS' DAD JOKES • • • • • • • • • • • •

When I get naked in the bathroom, the shower usually gets turned on. I'm reading this book about anti-gravity. It's impossible to put down. If you are looking for a boat that can hold two of every animals, I Noah guy. I wasn’t going to get a brain transplant, but then I changed my mind. Broken puppets for sale, no strings attached! What happens when a frog’s car dies? First, he needs to jump. If that doesn’t work, he needs to get it toad. I used to date this banker, but I lost interest. Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? The food’s great, but there is no atmosphere. I went to the doctor’s last week, and he told me I was going deaf. It was pretty hard for me to hear. Y’all wanna hear a joke about construction? I’m still working on it. Most people are shocked when they find out how bad an electrician I am. When I was a kid, my mother told me I could be anyone I wanted to be. Turns out, identity theft is a crime.

Jokes compiled by Jacques Wang


Word search & Sudoku by Roy Lesage


Wednesday, April | Winter | Issue Thursday, May 5 |1st Winter 20222020 | Issue 4 3