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— Fitness, Health & Beauty — 2010

{ 2010 Fitness Health + Beaut y} Health_ ____________________________ 4

A special annual presentation of

Is Slow Food finally catching on? Locals talk about their dedication to enjoying good By Allison Costa

Editor Michael Sullivan CONTRIBUTORS Allison Costa, Cheryl Conway Snider, Lisa Snider ART DIRECTOR Enrique Candioti PRODUCTION MANAGER Christy Sisneros Graphic DESIGNER Bret Hooper Acupuncture to ease the mind and body: Ancient remedy holds progresSALES TEAM LEADER Kelly-marie Tracy sive cures in modern times By Lisa Snider ADVERTISING SALES Peter Burgi, Marni Howe, Warren Barrett, Diane Newman Please check this proof over carefully and indicate all corrections clearly. You will have a “1st Proof”, “2nd Proof”, and MANAGER Teresa Wann-Davis “Final Proof”. If we receive no proof after the 1st or 2nd Proofs, AD WILL RUN AS IS. If Office this proof meets your approval PUBLISHER David Comden on the 1st proof, check off “FINAL PROOF (APPROVED)” box, date and sign at the bottom. Editorial and Advertising Office 700 E.ISSUE: Main StreetFHB 2010 N O T I C E : P L E A S E FA X T H I S P R O O F T O ( 8 0 5 ) 6 4 8 - 2 2 4 5 A S A P Healthy, hair-free skin: Thermolysis leads the way in the latest technology Ventura, CA 93001 Fax (805) 648-2245 for permanent hair removal By Cheryl Conway E-mail: For Information or additional copies, please call

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{2010 Fitness Health+Beauty}

Is Slow Food finally catching on?

Kris and Joanne Young of Ojai enjoy a celebration dinner with those who completed The 2009 Eat Local One Year project, the precursor to Locavore Lite 2010.

Locals talk about their dedication to enjoying healthy, tasty food, one bite at a time by Allison Costa

Do you ever eat while driving or scarf something down without really tasting it? Sadly, some would call this the American way. But proponents of Slow Food, the movement born in the 1980s as the ultimate touché to fast food, are calling out for people to slow down, starting at the table. Slow Food gained a local following a few years back, but for many, the name


was confusing and the concept a bit intimidating. Eventually, the local chapter fizzled. Yet the notion of paying more attention to our food, where it comes from and how it tastes is still going strong. One indicator of this shift is apparent at the farmers market. Karen Schott, from the Ventura County Farmers Markets, says that people have become more inquisitive about where their food comes from, and overall market

— Fitness, Health & Beauty — 2010

sales were up 10 percent in 2009. Local chefs Rachel Main of Main Course California and Tim Kilcoyne of the Sidecar Restaurant are fine examples of this shift in thinking in the restaurant world. Both use fresh, local, seasonal produce as the backbone of their menus. They aim to keep their foods simple and allow the inherent flavors to shine. Kilcoyne explains, “When food doesn’t spend a lot of time

on a truck, it makes a huge difference flavor wise on the plate.” He uses 100 percent of any product he buys, even turning carrot tops into soup or pesto. They can both be found shopping at the farmers market each week and have close relationships with the farmers they source from. Main explains, “I believe in getting as close as possible — both physically and emotionally — to where our food comes from.” In a similar vein, Kris and Joanne Young of Ojai are spearheading the project Locavore Continued on Page 6

2010 — Fitness, Health & Beauty —


{ 2010 Fitness Health + Beaut y} Slow food

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Please check this proof over carefully and indicate all corrections clearly. You will have a “1st Proof”, “2nd Proof”, and “Final Proof”. If we receive no proof after the 1st or 2nd Proofs, AD WILL RUN AS IS. If this proof meets your approval on the 1st proof, check off “FINAL PROOF (APPROVED)” box, date and sign at the bottom. N O T I C E : P L E A S E FA X T H I S P R O O F T O ( 8 0 5 ) 6 4 8 - 2 2 4 5 A S A P


Locavore Joanne Young talks blueberries with Greg Berry of Berry’s Organics. Continued on Page 8


— Fitness, Health & Beauty — 2010

2010 — Fitness, Health & Beauty —


{ 2010 Fitness Health + Beaut y} Slow food

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Lite 2010. They are looking for 5,000 people to commit to shopping at the farmers market monthly and eating three completely local meals during the year. They believe that eating local is better for local farmers, the environment, and better for our health. No matter what you call it, all Please checkare this proof over carefully and indicate all corrections clearly. You will have a “1st Proof”, “2nd Proof”, and these people living examples “Final Proof”. If wegoals: that receive no proof after the 1st or 2nd Proofs, AD WILL RUN AS IS. If this proof meets your approval of one of Slow Food’s we the should be informed on 1st proof, check about off “FINAL PROOF (APPROVED)” box, date and sign at the bottom. how our food is produced and ISSUE: FHB 2010 N O T I C E : P L E A S E FA X T H I S P R O O F T O ( 8 0 5 ) 6 4 8 - 2 2 4 5 A S A P support those producing it. The irony is that even though we may not call it Slow Food anymore, when eating Rachel Main’s fresh tomato soup or an apple from the farmers market, we can’t help but slow down. F


Client: Real Cheap Sports

For more info on Locavore Lite 2010, check out


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Rachel Main of Main Course California selling gluten-free baked goods at the Ojai Farmers Market.

— Fitness, Health & Beauty — 2010

This Year, Let the Best Team in Town Give You the Gift of Beauty, Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Sharon Marshall Owner/Operator

Michael Pickart, M.D., F.A.C.S. Plastic Surgeon

Denise Beckendorf Aesthetician

Dianna Rudolph R.N. Aesthetic Nurse

Shannon LaSpada Aesthetician

Sharon Murray Make-Up Artist

Sherie Hornback Aesthetician

Theresa Starr Medical Assistant

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You Don’t Have To Suffer With Your Low Back Pain or Leg Pain Any Longer. If You Are Suffering and Taking Handfuls of Pain Pills, Then This Could Be The Most Important Thing You’ve Ever Read… Are you tired of having to live with back pain.? You’re not alone because over 80% of the population will suffer with back pain at some point in their life. Until recently you had 3 main choices when it came to treating back pain caused by herniated discs:

“I was suffering from sciatica and the pain was affecting my life in every way possible. I was constantly in pain, always sleepy, had a constant lack of appetite, and found walking to be extremely difficult. I finally decided to give non-surgical spinal decompression on the DRX-9000 a try after finding out that it was a non-invasive treatment and that these treatments were to be administered by a trustworthy chiropractor. The DRX-9000 and Dr. Alff have literally given my back new life! Thank you!” - Royal H. Copeland, Oxnard

1. Live with the pain, which let your problem get worse. 2. Take prescription pain medication, which just covered up your symptoms and didn’t correct the cause of your problem. 3. Undergo dangerous surgery, which can cause Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. Now there is a non-invasive procedure for lumbar back pain that doesn’t use medications or surgery. It’s called Spinal Decompression Therapy and is performed using a specialized table called the DRX-9000. If you are suffering with any of the following conditions: *Back Pain *Leg Pain/Sciatica *Disc Degeneration *Facet Syndrome *Herniated Discs …then you may be a candidate for this procedure. This procedure is safe, painless and doesn’t use any medications or require surgery. It’s so gentle that most patients fall asleep during the procedure. The DRX-9000 decompression table is designed to gently and precisely distract the spine and take the pressure off your spinal nerves. The DRX-9000 table is computerized and a completely customized procedure. This is state-of-the-art, 21st century technology. Here’s what some of our satisfied patients have said about their experience with spinal decompression:

10 —

— Fitness, Health & Beauty — 2010

“I was suffering from a bulging disc that made it impossible to walk. Some days I could barely get out of bed because of the pain and depression I was feeling. I knew my condition was serious, but I didn’t want to have surgery if it wasn’t necessary. When I learned about the DRX-9000 and learned that it was capable of treating herniated and bulging discs (without surgery), I knew I had to give it a try. I’ve since finished my treatment on the DRX-9000 and I feel like a new person! Treatment really has been wonderful! The best part was that I didn’t have to have surgery! I tell everyone about how much better I am now and I think anyone suffering with bulging or herniated discs should give the DRX-9000 a try.” - Martha Arriaga, Ojai

Not everyone is a good candidate for treatment on the DRX9000. Use the coupon below to determine if you qualify. Call the Ventura Spinal Care Center at 648-7987. FREE 19-POINT DRX-9000 QUALIFYING ASSESSMENT

• During your assessment, we will check 5 criteria to determine if you are a candidate for this revolutionary therapy. • You won’t be left wondering if something could have eliminated your pain. • Space is limited to only 16 patients. Our office is both friendly and warm and we do our best to make you feel at home. Our office is called The Ventura Spinal Care Center and we are located at 1590 E. Main St. in Ventura. Call today for an appointment! 805-648-7987 Please let us help you!

- Dr. Steven Alff, D.C. -

{ 2010 Fitness Health + Beaut y} Acupuncture to ease the mind and body by Lisa Snider


henever I’m feeling tight, sore, achy or just in need of getting my body back in the flow, I develop a strong desire to get stuck with needles. No, I’m not talking about body piercing; I’m talking about acupuncture, the ancient Chinese

Back then, I was a staunch believer in conventional Western medicine. But since I had tried everything else, and despite my freakish fear of sharp things, I turned to the needles. remedy that dates back thousands of years. I sought out acupuncture a few years ago to deal with persistent nagging pain in my left shoulder. When acupuncture was suggested, I absolutely flinched. I was, at the time, what Continued on Page 12

Acupuncture works as a therapeutic alternative to massage, reducing tension and easing pain. 2010 — Fitness, Health & Beauty —

— 11

{ 2010 Fitness Health + Beaut y} Acupuncture

Continued from Page 11

the larger needles. Most treataccompanied by a little pinch. you might call “needle-phobic.” ments last an hour and cost about The needles were everywhere While whining about not wantthe same as a massage. If you — my back, my legs, my feet, ing to be a human pin cushion, want a therapeutic alternative my hands, even my head. I was assured by my licensed to massage, try any of these local I lay quietly for several acupuncture therapist that the licensed acupuncturists: minutes and soon began to feel needles are small and yield a the therapeutic effects of the therapeutic and healing benefit. needles. The pressure actually Back then, I was a staunch Jonathan Breslow Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic eased the pain, and the rest of believer in conventional Western 350 N. Lantana St., Suite 220, my body felt as if the tension medicine. But since I had tried Camarillo, 383-0318 was subsiding. everything else, and despite my I got up from the table freakish fear of sharp things, I Please check this proof over carefully and indicate all correctionsand clearly. You will have a “1st felt extremely relaxed. I Proof”, “2nd Proof”, and turned to the needles. Splies your approval “Final If we and receive AD WILL RUN AS IS. Ifthe this Cynthia proof meets ready to conquer As Proof”. I was prone faceno proof after the 1st or 2nd Proofs,wasn’t Acupuncture by Cindy on thelistening 1st proof, check off “FINAL PROOF (APPROVED)” box, date and though. sign at No, theI bottom. world, was ready down, to the therapist 1975 S. Victoria Ave., Ventura power nap! I felt great. unwrap made N O T I C Ethe : Pneedles, L E A S E IFA X TaH I S P R O O F T O ( 8 0 5 ) 6 4 8 - 2 2 4 5forAaS A P 641-1111 ISSUE: FHB 2010 With my curiosity piqued, I point to rid myself of the asked to see the needles; they ization that the needles were the were about an inch long and size of No. 2 pencils. The theraNathan Kaehler as fine as hair! I laughed at pist asked me to inhale deeply, Ojai Herb & Acupuncture Clinic myself for being so high-mainthen exhale deeply. Upon the 115 Pirie Road, Suite A1, Ojai tenance, and then I made an exhale, I felt a whisper of a sting 640-8700 appointment to return the folnear my scapula. This lowing week. ued about 20 more times, with These days, I usually request each exhale, a gentle tap, tap,


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Your Beauty Revealed

THE CUTERA LASER SYSTEM The most advanced, non-surgical tecnology for safe, effective skin rejuvenation. Offering: Juvéderm Ultra®, Juvéderm Ultra Plus®, Restylane®, Perlane® and Botox® Custom Clinical Skin Analysis and Treatment with Erin McGowan L.E.

Obagi ™ Skin Care System

Melinda Lacerna, M.D. F.A.C.S. 1895 E. Main Street, Ventura, Ca • 805 648 7743 Visit us @ 12 —

— Fitness, Health & Beauty — 2010

Total Wellness Dentistry Cerec® Same Day Crowns 90% Less Radiation Digital Xrays Amalgam/Latex Free Environment BPA Free Composite Fillings "Green" is always our goal Emergencies Seen Immediately

Dr. Victor Sargissian welcomes Dr. Lori Cardallino to the team.

805.654.0880 In fo @ a s hwo o d den t a l . com

W W W . A S H WO O D D E N TA L . C O M

2010 — Fitness, Health & Beauty —

— 13

{ 2010 Fitness Health + Beaut y} Healthy, hair-free skin

Thermolysis leads the way in the latest technology for permanent hair removal

by Cheryl Conway Technology + experience = expertise


reedom from unwanted hair is a challenge many people struggle with. Fortunately, innovative technology has provided fast, sophisticated solutions to hair removal, but technology alone will not solve the problem. A well-educated and experienced technician is just as important as the equipment, to ensure effectiveness and safety for the patient. The most precise, reliable method on the market today for permanent hair removal is an improved form of electrolysis known as thermolysis. Thermolysis is not new technology, but many people have never even heard of it, or do not know that it is completely safe, effective and approved by the FDA for permanence. State of the art, computerized epilators have shown great strides in the progress of permanent hair removal, yet many technicians are still practicing conventional electrolysis with outdated equipment. Consumers are confused, and want to know the differences and advantages of thermolysis over electrolysis and laser hair removal.

Thermolysis versus electrolysis If necessity is the mother of invention, then electrolysis, in its day, did accommodate the needs of the past. But due to advances in science and technology, it has been determined that thermolysis best meets the standards of today. Mechanical and safety requirements, along with Continued on Page 16

14 —

Thermolysis uses alternating current (AC) and a flexible, insulated probe that cauterizes only the root portion of the hair. When a small pulse of current touches the moisture in the base of the hair follicle, it makes heat (thermo) at milliseconds (1,000th of a second).

— Fitness, Health & Beauty — 2010

2010 — Fitness, Health & Beauty —

— 15

{ 2010 Fitness Health + Beaut y} Thermolysis

Thermolysis versus laser

Another advantage of thermolysis is that it can be used on everyone — regardless of skin new qualifications for technique and hair color — and is safe to and application, have significantuse on all areas of the face and ly improved the procedure, makbody. Laser hair removal, which ing it the leader in permanent is not a permanent solution, hair removal. requires specific skin and hair Both procedures use a mild color, and there are restrictions electrical current, but the key difregarding sunlight and some ference is the type of electricity skin care products. Reports of used, and the conductor to emit patients being burned, scarred the current. Thermolysis uses and developing pigment lesions alternating current (AC) and along with discoloration of the a flexible, insulated probe that efully and indicate all corrections clearly. Please You check will this haveproof a “1st over Proof”, carefully “2ndand Proof”, indicate and all correctionsskin clearly. Youcommon will have a “1st are more than the Proof cauterizes only the root portion proof after the 1st or 2nd Proofs, AD“Final WILL Proof”. RUN ASIfIS. weIfreceive this proof no proof meetsafter your the approval 1st or 2nd Proofs, AD WILL RUN IS. If this proo public realizes. TheAS technology of the hair. When a box, small date pulseand NAL PROOF (APPROVED)” on sign the at 1stthe proof, bottom. check offare “FINAL PROOF (APPROVED)” andprecise sign at enough the bottom. Well-designed eyebrows not just trendy— they arebox, one date is not to tarof current touches the moisture of the most important aspects of overall style and beauty, get the germinating cells of the ISSUE: FHB 2010 S PROO F T O ( 8 0 5 ) 6 4 8 2 2 4 5 A S N A O P T I C E : P L E A S E FA X T H I S P R O O F T O ( 8 0 5 ) 6 4 8 2 2 4 5 A S A P in the base of the hair follicle, enhancing the eyes to make them the main focus of the face. follicle and must pass through it makes heat (thermo) at milthe skin to get to the hair. The liseconds (1,000th of a second). high risk of side effects on the Once a hair is treated with can be very painful and damagElectrolysis uses direct current skin make the desired results thermolysis using the proper teching to the skin. Thermolysis is (DC) that causes a chemical difficult, if not impossible, to nique, the follicle is unable to promuch faster, therefore creating decomposition (acid) that disachieve for some patients, and duce another hair. That hair is less sensation to the patient, so solves everything in the area. long-term effects of the procegone forever; it will not grow back. there is minimal discomfort and This process takes three to 10 It has been permanently removed. no skin damage. seconds to treat each hair, and Continued from Page 14



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Ad Executive: Diane Newman

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• State of the Art Bike Service • Accessories and Clothing • Bikes for ALL Levels of Riders

Open Air Bicycles 2386 E. Main St., Ventura (Corner of Main & Arcade)


16 —

Open: Mon. - Sat. 9am - 6pm

— Fitness, Health & Beauty — 2010

Come Be Pampered from Head to Toe Make this year all about you...let us take care of you and transform you into the person you have always wanted to be. We specialize in all hair, skin, waxing, mani/pedi, spraytan, extentions, laser hair removal, anti-aging treatments (botox/juvederm), weightloss treatments, permanent makeup, bridal, and many more! HOURS OF BUSINESS Closed Sunday & Monday Open Tuesday-Friday: 10am-7pm Saturday: 8am-4pm (Hours can vary)

2200 Outlet Center Dr. Suite 460, Oxnard at The Palms • 805-485-7800 Visit Visit our our Myspace Myspace page: page:

Curves works for every part of you. Our 30-minute circuit works every major muscle group two muscles at a time, so you can burn up to 500 calories. All with a trainer to teach and motivate.

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2611 E. THOMPSON, STE. 105

236 W. OJAI AVE. #201



OJAI, CA 93023

2010 — Fitness, Health & Beauty —

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{ 2010 Fitness Health + Beaut y} Thermolysis

CDRH, and insurance guidelines. Note: Lasers present corneal and retinal eye hazards. Protective eyewear should be used at all times when lasers are in operation, and must be labeled according to the optical density of the material. Laser should never be used near the eye area. Safety glasses do not protect against direct laser impacts.

Getting perspective

need to tweeze, wax or worry about messing up the shape. By having a specialist analyze Knowledge and experience dure are not known at this time. and execute the proper shape cormust be combined with techrections, you will have the confinology to attain the precision The FDA does not approve dence of knowing you will always and accuracy needed to become laser hair removal for permalook your best. You should have a an expert. When these key elenence; the hair does grow back. consultation and personal evaluments are joined together, the So after spending time and money ation to find the best shape for benefits of healthy hair-free for laser treatments, patients are your individual style. The experskin are possible. left with, in some cases, the same tise of the technician is key in In today’s fast-paced world, amount of hair they started out achieving optimal results of consumers are conscious of with. Also, the extreme pain of eyebrow design. Advanced traintheir time and hard-earned the treatments can be intolerable ing “2nd and experience, along with money when comes to askin forand some patients, with the clearly. Please check thishave proof overProof”, carefully and indicate all corrections clearly. Youitwill have “1st Proof carefully indicate alleven corrections You will a “1st Proof”, and proper technique andortools, care, wellness. use of topical anesthetics. Thermolysis superior “Final Proof”. Iffarwe receive no proof after theapproval 1st 2nd are Proofs, ADhealth WILL and RUN AS IS. They If this proo no proof after the 1st or 2nd Proofs, AD WILL RUNisAS IS. If thisto proof meets your necessary for creating want services simple, With(APPROVED)” the proliferationbox, of laser any other hair removal the 1stattype proof, check off “FINAL PROOFelements (APPROVED)” box, date and sign atthat theare bottom. FINAL PROOF date on and sign theofbottom. beautiful eyebrows. convenient and make a meahair removal in recent years, it is for the precision design of eyeT IPC E : P L E A S E FA X T H I S P R OISSUE: O F T O FHB (805 ) 648-2245 ASAP 2010 H I S P Rimperative O O F T O for ( 8 0the 5 ) consumer 648-224 5 N AO SA Flawless eyebrows that are surable difference without sacto brows. Well-designed eyebrows completely maintenance-free are rificing safety. As technology do research, ensuring the techniare not just trendy— they are the result you get from thermolycontinues to advance, the need cian and equipment are following one of the most important sis. Whether it is an eyebrow for developing expertise is cruspecific safety requirements. A aspects of overall style and enhancement or a complete eyecial. Consumer awareness along credentialed safety officer should beauty, enhancing the eyes to brow design, with permanent with education will be the most maintain safe practices and make them the main focus of hair removal, you can have beauimportant components of conmanagement of laser hazards in the face. You can achieve a timetiful eyebrows everyday. necting science with perforaccordance with the ANSI-Z-136.3 less, custom shape that will stay mance for generations to come.F Standard, along with OSHA, that way forever without the Continued from Page 16

Client: West Jiu Jitsu (805) 648-2244 Ad Executive: Warren Barrett Ad Executive: DianeCoast Newman Focus on eyebrows

Sherry Cash

The Right Moves Learn to feel Comfortable in your body. Move more Efficiently & Effectively.

Feldenkrais ® Method


Sherry Cash 805. 701.1251

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Photos by Gary and Pierre Silva

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— Fitness, Health & Beauty — 2010

Exercise... With A Twist!




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{ 2010 Fitness Health + Beaut y}



Bronzed Bottom Custom Airbrush Tanning

25 South Ventura Avenue Ventura 805-641-3900 ArchiTexture is a full service salon with haircare, massage and skincare services. We carry premium haircare and skincare products as well as our own mineral make-up.

Ashwood Dental

176 N. Ashwood Ave Ventura 805-654-0880


makes him exceptionally suited to treat your skin care needs and concerns. His approach to skin care is compassionate and caring. Through the use of comprehensive skin exams and the latest technology, his goal is for your skin to be healthy and beautiful.

Coastal Laser Aesthetics – At Michael Kelly Salon

Located at Yamaguchi Salon & Coastal Spa 3383 Telegraph Road Ventura 805-620-2073

1895 E. Main St. Ventura 805-648-7743

For UV Free Tanning, Sunless Tanning or Spray Tanning be sure to visit Bronzed Bottom Custom Airbrush Tanning located inside Yamaguchi Salon and Coastal Spa. If you are unable to make it to our Salon in Ventura, we will gladly come to you. Call Marcie today to book your appointment.

Features Cutera Laser System for non-surgical skin rejuvenation as well as custom clinical analysis and treatment. Both beautifying skin treatments and damage repair. Hair removal for all skin types.

AD PROOF Coastal Skin Care Day Spa Barrett Client: Digestive Wellness Ad Executive: Warren Channel (805) Islands Plastic Surgery Ad Executive: Marni Howe 648-2244 & Medi-Spa

Drs. William Starr and At Ashwood Dental, we offer high quality Celtic Carma Salonproof over carefully Poli St., Ventura Please check and indicate allMelinda corrections428clearly. You will have a “1st Proof er carefully indicate all incorrections clearly. Youthis will have a “1st Proof”, Lacerna“2nd Proof”, and generaland and aesthetic dentistry a state 119 South Figueroa Street 805-641-2345 “Final Proof”. If we receive no proof after the 1st or 2nd Proofs, AD WILL RUN AS IS. If this proo of the art facility.the Dr. Victor Sargissian. Dr. Ventura ve no proof after 1st or 2nd Proofs, AD WILL RUN AS IS. If this proof meets your approval 1801 Solar Drive, Ste.150 on the proof, off “FINAL PROOF (APPROVED)” box, date and sign at the bottom. 805-218-6964 LoriPROOF Cardallino, and their skilled team of date Oxnard f “FINAL (APPROVED)” box, and1st sign at thecheck bottom. Cosmetic medical care today spans many dental artisans are ready to provide you 805-983-1999 treatments and N O T I C E : P L E A S E FA X T H I S P R O O F T O ( 8 0 5 ) 6 4 8 2 2 4 5 A SA Pprocedures. From non surgical with gentle and comfortable care. ISSUE: FHB 2010 THIS PROOF TO (805) 648-2245 ASAP

Balance Skin and Body Renewal 1535 E. Main St. Ventura 805-701-4852

A tranquil, private wellness studio, feauring Osmosis Pür Medical Skin Care. Experience the world’s most research proven ingredients, and patent-pending liposome delivery, supplying the key growth factors for young and beautiful skin without chemicals or damaging acids.

Awarding winning hairstylist and owner Patrick Daniel Mullins began his career with Vidal Sassoon and with UK legend Leonard Lewis, also known as Leonard of Mayfair in London’s fashionable West End. While in London he was personal stylist to Estee Lauder and Sarah Ferguson. He coiffed Mick Jagger and David Bowie for a music video and two photo shoots in London with Princess Diana. Actor Val Kilmer was a regular client in the U.S. He has also worked in the film industry, on both sides of the camera, with such legendary figures as the late director Stanley Kubrick.

Ventura County’s source for plastic surgery of the face, breast, and body as well as nonsurgical beauty boosters to quickly and easily enhance your look.

Coastal Dermatology Dr. Ross Kaplan

3615 Las Posas Road, Suite F- 100 Camarillo 805-484-2813 Dr. Kaplan’s experience on how skin ages

beauty treatments to more intensive surgical procedures, a variety of options can meet and maintain your beauty and appearance ideals throughout a lifetime. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you to learn more about the full array of cosmetic medical care procedures.


7730 Telegraph Rd. Ste C Ventura 805-647-5800 Continued on Page 22

DIGESTIVE WELLNESS FOR BETTER HEALTH NATURALLY Nutrition Colon Hydrotherapy Detox Body cleansing through Colon Hydrotherapy eliminates harmful toxins and waste from the large intestine without the use of synthetic drugs.

Health & disease both have their roots in the colon. Colon cleansing and guided nutrition creates a healthy internal environment which promotes the growth of friendly bacteria. You can expect increased energy, relief from bloating, clearer skin and eyes and a greater sense of well being.

Bobbye Rotello, CCT, CNC

The most experienced and knowledgeable colon therapist in the Tri-County Area. “Together we can achieve better health & wellness for the new millennium!”

(805) 218-3169 • Ojai, CA •

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— Fitness, Health & Beauty — 2010

Fillers to Facelifts

A Boutique Day Spa

Offering a full line of Cosmetic Fillers: Juvederm® Restylane® Radiesse® Sculptra®

New Patient Discounts on




and Dysport™

Make your appointment with:

Fraxel Laser Skin Rejuvenation All injections and lasers performed by physician!

RACHELLE - Aesthetician CONNIE - Aesthetician & Massage Therapist

KATIE - Aesthetician & Massage Therapist MEGHAN - Manicurist

MENTION THIS AD & RECEIVE 20% OFF (For new clients only)

Laurie McCall, M.D.

Gift Certificates Available

Board Certified

Mon. - By Appt. Only Tues.-Thurs. 10am-5pm Friday 10am-6pm Saturday 9am-3pm Later appointments avail. on request

• Facial Rejuvenation Specialist • Eyelid Plastic Surgeon • Fellowship Trained

Ventura Plastic Surgery Specialists LAURIE McCALL, M.D.

35 S. Oak St., Ventura 652-1699


1280 S. Victoria Ave. Suite 201 • 805.642.1699

w w w. Ve n t u r a S k i n H u t . c o m


30 minutes $34 1 hour $44 90 minutes $64




44 !

• Swedish • Sports • Acupressure • Deep Tissue • Thai • Chair • Pregnancy • Reflexology • Shiatsu • Couples Massage - Oxnard & Downtown Ventura Only 60 min. $115 per couple


NO MEMBERSHIP FEES or OBLIGATIONS! OPEN 7 DAYS, 10am – 9pm OXNARD 2100 Outlet Center Drive

SANTA BARBARA 28 East V ictoria

(2 blocks east of Califor nia)

In The Palms Center

(1/2 block east of State)


(101 exit Rice south to Gonzales)

VENTURA - EAST 4255 E. Main St.


(Telephone Rd. exit to E. Main)

805•966•5282 805•485•0568 Licensed Therapists needed for all locations. Call Mike at (310) 721-8369 or Bonnie at (714) 742-3220.


2010 — Fitness, Health & Beauty —

— 21

{ 2010 Fitness Health + Beaut y}


find better ways to improve their health, immunity and well-being utilizing colon cleansing, nutritional counseling, reflexology, and massage.

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2611 E. Thompson Ste 105 Ventura 805-641-9600

Digestive Wellness

2856 Cabrillo Drive, Suite 101 Ventura 805.218.3169

236 W. Ojai Ave #201 Ojai 805-640-0110

Feldenkrais by Sherry Cash

Created specifically for women, Curves offers a complete fitness and nutrition solution. The Curves 30 minute workout exercises every major muscle group and burns up to 500 calories through a proven program of strength training, cardio and stretching.

Moving Arts Center and classes at various locations 805-701-1251 www. or visit Feldenkrais by Sherry Cash on facebook.

Gracie Barra Thousand Oaks 1182 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. Ste.A Thousand Oaks 805-496-1610

Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu offers world-class level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction for individuals, families, and Law Enforcement Officials of Ventura County and is being developed to become a reference for physical education, character development, self-defense, and world class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training. Contact us for a free of charge or commitment Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Introductory Program.

The Gym – Ventura


Gym Ventura.

Hair Free Forever

4478 Market Street #704 Ventura 805-644-3900 Cheryl Conway, R.E. Hair Free Forever is permanent hair removal with Thermolysis. The procedure is 100% effective for all hair types and colors, and completely safe for any skin type and color. Recommended by Dermatologists, Endocrinologists, and Cosmetic Surgeons worldwide. Clinically proven to be the only method of hair removal approved by the FDA for permanency.

2498 E. Main St. Ventura The Healing Portal The Feldenkrais Method® is for anyone who 805-653-9151 967 E Main St. Dental Designs! wants to reconnect with their natural abilities Ventura Dr. Marie Alejandrino-Buell to move with less effort and without pain. In 2005 and Shawn Freeman purchased The Gym 805-652-7001 er carefully andDr.indicate all corrections Please clearly. check You this will proof haveover a “1st carefully Proof”, “2nd indicate Proof”, all and corrections clearly. You will have a “1st Proof Private/Group Lesson format. 1701 Solar Ste 180 from her father Dan Mackey, keeping The ve no proof “Final AD WILL Proof”. RUN If we AS receive IS. If this no proof meets after the your 1st approval or 2nd Proofs, AD WILL AS IS. If this proo Oxnardafter the 1st or 2nd Proofs, Gym “in the Family”. Dr. Arthur E. Flynn, M.D., FACS Kelle L. Evans, LMT,RUN RM 981-3868 168the N. Brent St.proof, #403 f “FINAL(805) PROOF (APPROVED)” box, date on and 1st sign at the check bottom. off “FINAL PROOF (APPROVED)” box, date and sign at the bottom. Shawn is a personal trainer at The Gym, Custom blended sessions for your individual Ventura in fitness programs for Men and needs. The Healing Portal offers Reiki, Intuitive ISSUE: FHB 2010 THIS A P dentist R O OinFOxnard, T O specializes ( 8 0 5 )in6cosmetic 4 8 - 2 2 4N5805-643-5437 OA T ISCAEP: P L E A S E FA X T H I S specializing P R O O F T O ( 8 0 5 ) 6 4 8 2 2 4 5 A S A P Women. Healing, Quantum Energetic Disciplines, procedures such as Implants, Lumineers, Massage, Vibrational Medicine, Energy Dr. Flynn, a board certified plastic surgeon Shawn certified in 1990 has worked in the Invisalign, Natural Looking Dentures, Tooth Clearing and Balancing, Sacred Crystal and member of the American Society of Sports- Fitness and Spa industry for over 27 Colored Fillings, and ZOOM Teeth Whitening Healing, and Animal Health and Energy Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons, uses the latyears, Six of those years as a Trainer and to give you the smile of your dreams Work. est surgical and non-surgical techniques for a Fitness manager for the Sports Club Company healthy, youthful appearance. Bobbye Rotello B.A., Certified & in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Shawn has Heidi Nelson at Michael Kelley also worked at The Ojai Valley Inn and Spa Licensed Hydro-therapist Salon Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu as the Guest Services/ Fitness Manager at Consider me your personal trainer for optimal 1895 E. Main St Gracie Barra Spa Ojai. She brings a wealth of experience digestive health! Ventura 51 West Main St. 51J to The Membership here at The Gym. 805-648-7743 Ventura My education and experience have been Phone: 805-643-7717 my life’s focus to help people make positive We also are pleased to offer fitness facials healthy changes in their lives; assisting people and massages by Bridget at FitSkin at the Continued on Page 24

al, The

Ad Executive: Client: Arthur Marni E. Howe Flynn

Transformation…mind, body and spirit Are you looking for a change? Ready to step into your potential?

The Healing Portal Custom blended sessions for your individual needs: Reiki (Master/Teacher) Intuitive Healing Quantum Energetic Disciplines Vibrational Medicine Massage Energy Clearing and Balancing Sacred Crystal Healing Animal Health and Energy Work

By Appointment (805) 652-7001

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— Fitness, Health & Beauty — 2010

(805) 648-2244 Ad Executive: Diane Newman

The Doors Are Open

Specializing in • Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Treatment • All Nail Services Including Minx Nails SALON

We Specialize in BLING!

• Chenice Extensions • Paris Hilton Dream Catchers Extensions • All Color Techniques


1412 E. Main ST., Ventura 805.643.1412

Mention this ad & receive 20% OFF Your First Salon Service 2010 — Fitness, Health & Beauty —

— 23

{ 2010 Fitness Health + Beaut y}


Johnson Family Dental

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With over two decades in the beauty industry Heidi has thrived off her passion for helping clients transform their tresses from ordinary to extraordinary. She is an expert in not just technical cutting, coloring skills, advanced color correction, and hair extensions, but all facets of hair design. Heidi has traveled the country as an educator and continues to be educated herself in the ever-changing field of hairstyling to assure her clients the most current and masterful hair experience.

Images Group Fitness 2300 Knoll Dr. Suite A Ventura 805-312-1342

88 N Oak St, #2A Ventura 805-643-5026

Offering procedures restorative, esthetic, and general dentistry, we have the tools and training to care for all of your dental needs. When patients come to our practice seeking an improvement, they are amazed at the results they receive. Our expertise in the field can help you determine which procedures will help you achieve the smile makeover you deserve.


Ventura 805-652-1450

from Specialized, Electra, Trek, and others. Outstanding personal service is our hallmark.

2100 Outlet Center Drive Oxnard 805-485-0568

Pierpont Racquet Club

28 E. Victoria Ave Santa Barbara 805-966-5282 More than 70 licensed male and female therapists await you at our 4 massage place locations. All types of massage. Walk-ins welcome but appointments recommended.


5171 Telegraph Road Ventura 805-642-9600


500 San Jon Rd. Ventura, 805-648-5161

Ventura’s premiere tennis and family fitness center, we have something here for everyone! We have a passion for improving the quality of life through fitness, sports and fun. More than a racquet club, more than a health club, our emphasis is on providing the highest possible degree of personal service to our members. We are their second home!

Pin-ups Hair Design

2280 E. Main Street, Suite B, Ventura 5353 Walker St. 805-648-2344 Ventura same healing that has been used throughout Please proof carefully and indicate alland corrections clearly. You will have a “1st Proof ver carefully all clearly. will a “1st Proof”, “2nd Proof”, If you areand havingindicate trouble sticking to acorrections routine 805-644-9561 time. This check healingYou is this available tohave you. over Come At Pin-ups Hair Design, we combine classicIf styles and do not enjoy working out alone, then Proofs, “Final If we no proof after the 1st or 2nd Proofs, AD WILL RUN AS IS. this proo experience Reiki for yourself and receive ive no proof after the 1st or 2nd ADProof”. WILL RUN ASreceive IS. If this proof meets your approval Voted Best gym by both the VC Reporter and with the modern looks of today, along with cutIMAGES GROUP FITNESS is for you! You 20% off Healing Support or Intuitive Counsel Ventura County Star Readers, Mavericksbox, and date on the proof, check off “FINAL PROOF (APPROVED)” and at design the and bottom. off “FINAL PROOF (APPROVED)” box, date and1st sign at the bottom. ting edge andsign innovative color techwill get the convenience of having a workout Session. Mavericks Sport offer innovative fitness facilities niques formulated for your individual lifestyle. forFyouTwith O TAI C E :PLIFESTYLES P L E A SSKIN E FA X T H I Sdesigned P R Ofor O people FISSUE: T Owho( 8 5 ) 6about 48-2245 ASAP 2010 are0FHB serious X T H I Sdeveloped PROO O our ( 8wide 0 5 variety ) 6 4of8 - 2 2N 4LIMONEIRA 5 SA CARE classes to suit all needs. Pure Pilates their workouts, and equally serious about their www. 2349 E. Main St fun! At Mavericks we recognize that each of Jazzercise Ventura Limoneira Lifestyles skin care, lemon and out members has fitness goals specific to his or Classes at Poinsettia Pavillion, Ventura, and 805-643-7626 avocado based, celebrates 117 years of susher needs and lifestyle. Wilson Center, Oxnard tainable California agriculture. Dermatologist 805-642-4541 Open Air Bikes tested containing avocado- naturally Pure Pilates’ state-of-the-art studio and certified 2386 E.Main St. ing skin metabolism. professionals offer you the ideal environment Ventura Jazzercise is 60 minutes of cardio, strength to nurture a life of balance and fitness. The Massage Place 805-653-1100 training, and stretching that incorporates 4255 East Main St. moves from hip-hop, yoga, Pilates, jazz Pure Skin Wellness Spa Ventura dance, kickboxing, and resistance train4478 Market St. #703-704 Open Air Bicycles, located in the heart 805-477-7501 ing. When you love your workout, results Ventura of Ventura on the corner of Seaward and Arcade, sells and services premium bikes 652 E. Main St. come easy! Continued on Page 26

n & Body

24 —

Reiki is known as “The Art of Inviting

Client: Celtic Carma Ad Executive: Peter Burgi Happiness”. Reiki is “hands-on-healing”, the

— Fitness, Health & Beauty — 2010

Mavericks Sports

Ad Executive: Kelly Tracy (805) 648-2244

Intuitive Counsel… Int ring… o t ent n Me ion

ents…Ceremonies… Circ les… an

Promoting Individual Empowerment

Look And Feel Your Best Call Today to Receive $20 off your next visit

d .......... ore.... it m le b itt al

tt Se

d Ev acre S … in g

• • • •

Microdermabrasion Chemical Peels Pumpkin Enzyme Facials Professional Waxing/Brazilian • Therapeutic Massage • Chiropractor

-To connect you to your own Sacred Life Energy-

Laurel Lyons

Honoring Spirit We Will Seek The Highest Good Certified Usui & Karuna Reiki® Master Intuitive/Integrative Practitioner & Teacher

20% OFF

Featuring PCA Products and Cell Renewal

i ng


Any Healing Support or Intuitive Counsel Session

Spa Packages & Gift Certificates Available

With copy of this ad. Existing clients included.

Photo by Gary & Pierre Silva

Healing Su ppor t … Te a ch

805-760-8399 REIKI ... creates balance REIKI ... releases negativity REIKI ... increases positivity REIKI ... eases all kinds of pain

REIKI ... promotes greater health REIKI ... removes energy blocks REIKI ... reduces stress levels REIKI ... feels wonderful

Katrina Dolan Owner/ Medical Aesthetician

Pure Skin Wellness Spa Full Service Medi Spa 4478 Market St. #703-704 Ventura, CA 805-644-2434

One One Month Month & & Three Three Month Month Trial Trial Memberships Memberships available available on on aa limited limited basis. basis. Come Come in in for for aa friendly friendly tour tour and and receive receive aa one one day day guest guest pass. pass. Business Business Memberships Memberships Available Available Must be 18 years or older and present photo I.D.

500 Sanjon Road, Ventura, CA 93001 (805) 648-5161 2010 — Fitness, Health & Beauty —

— 25

QUALITY, EXPERIENCE, { 2010 Fitness Health + Beaut y} Listings SERVICE Sansum Clinic Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics

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Hair-Nails-Facials-Waxing-Massage Permanent Make-up

215 Pesetas Lane Santa Barbara 805-681-7844

805-644-2434 Katrina Dolan, L.M.E. Look and Feel your best. Experience total body healing and clinical skin care. Pure Skin Wellness Spa offers clinical treatments that provide results in a warm serene environment. Katrina Dolan has owned the spa for 8 years and it is her desire to help people with skin care concerns leaving them relaxed and renewed.

GLORIA NUCKOLS Licensed Esthetician

805-766-0815 · Facials 50% off

(first time client’s)

Real Cheap Sports

· Microdermabrasion/ Ultrasound

Client: (specializing in skin disorders)

Dental Dreams

36 West Santa Clara St. Ventura 805-648-3803

Sansum Clinic Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics offers many options from non-invasive treatments that temporarily restore and rejuvenate skin to traditional surgery with long-lasting results. Sansum Clinic( is an independent nonprofit organization providing the full spectrum of quality healthcare to our community.

SCOTTIES ORTHOPEDIC & BIOMECHANICS 116 E. Harvard Blvd. Santa Paula 805-525-7895

Ad Executive: Peter Burgi

Shoes that give people with real problems

Real Cheap Sports is Ventura’sall Outdoor Store. Please check this proof over carefully and indicate corrections You will have a “1st Proof theclearly. ability to function normally, return to Our knowledgeable, friendly staff and great work andWILL enjoy everyday life. IS. At Scotties “Final Proof”. If we receive no proof after the 1st or 2nd AD RUN AS If this proo prices on top quality outdoor clothing and Proofs, Orthopedic Footwear we offer expert gearPROOF make us a local favorite. on the ARANDA 1st proof, check off “FINAL (APPROVED)” box, date and at the bottom. design and sign manufacture of orthopedic ALMA

· Waxing

N O TMassage I C E : P LTherapist E A S E FA X T H I SRebe P RBelle O O F- Salon T O (de 8 0Colour 5 ) 6 4 8 - 2 2 4shoes. 5 ACome S A Pin for a free biomechanics License 1412 E. main St. analysis.


· Specializing in Lymphatic Massage (Detox and Weight loss)

Buy One Hour Receive 1/2 Hour FREE - $60 ($90 value)

ALEXANDRA Hair Stylist

805-415-1574 · FREE Cut with Color · 50% Off Haircut (value $30) · FREE Deep Conditioning with haircut

Brazilian Blowouts Available! BEATRIZ AGOSTO

Hair Stylist/Certified Permanent Cosmetics Technician

805-216-6147 50% Off Permanent Make-up · Brow simulation · Eyeliner · Lip Enhancement · Makeup corrections avail.


2821 E. Main St., Ventura 26 —

— Fitness, Health & Beauty — 2010

Ventura 805-643-1412

Rebe Belle offers the Best of the West. Our six member skilled spa team members average 20 years of experience in their field. Our salon gives you an up-to-date, classy experience in a warm, professional and comfortable environment. We offer the Keratin Smoothing treatment by Coppola, the Cadillac of all smoothing treatments.


2200 Outlet Center Drive Suite 460 Oxnard @ The Palms 805-485-7800 A beautiful custom Color, a couture Haircut or even a full Day of Beauty is only a short drive away. Be sure to ask about our spa packages and gift certificates. Call today to book an appointment. Continued on Page 28

Voted Ventura’s Best

hair • skin • body • spirit

25 S. Ventura Ave, Ventura (805) 641-3900

Poinsettia Pavilion • 3451 Foothill Rd, Ventura, CA Wilson Center on C Street, Oxnard (805) 642-4541

2010 — Fitness, Health & Beauty —

— 27

{ 2010 Fitness Health + Beaut y} True North Fitness & Health / Ventura County Adventure BootCamp


6019-D Olivas Park Drive Ventura 805.650.1239

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The Skin Hut

35 S. Oak St. Ventura 805-652-1699 The Skin Hut provides a relaxed and comfortable environment offering a wide range of services. Our therapists have extensive training in everything related to skin care, nail care, spray tanning, waxing, and massage therapy. When you walk through our doors you will experience a positive and calming release from your everyday life.

Solymar Airbrush Tanning

Client: The Gym

1236 E. Main St. Ventura 805-766-0616 carefully and indicate

Whether you are looking to TONE UP, TRIM DOWN, LOSE WEIGHT, BUILD MUSCLE or all of these... JUMP START your fitness program with any one of our lifestyle programs!

Stan Russell Turbo Sonic Dealer Ojai – Serving Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties 805-646-2567

Turn back your body’s clock with a FREE 10 minute TurboSonic whole body vibration workout in Ojai - your body will be glad you did!

Ad Executive: Kelly Tracy

Please check this proof over all correctionsVentura clearly.County You will have a “1st Proof Health Care “Final Proof”. If we receive no proof the 1st or airbrush 2nd Proofs, AD WILL RUN AS IS. If this proo Agency Solymar after Tan is a premier, mobile 805-677-5110 on the 1st proof, check off “FINAL PROOF (APPROVED)” and sign at the bottom. tanning service serving Ventura, Santa box, date Barbara, Thousand Oaks, Agoura, Malibu

Health Care Agency N O T I C E : P L E A S E FA X T H I S and P RLosOAngeles O F Tareas. O (We 8 0provide 5 ) 6profes4 8 - 2 2 4The 5 Ventura A S A County P oversees Ventura County Medical Center, sional, personalized airbrush tanning service right to your front door.

StageLight Studios

1987 W Main St. #B Ventura 805-652-1930

Santa Paula Hospital, a comprehensive clinic system, and Behavioral Health and Public Health.

Ventura County Rainbow Alliance

Exercise can be fun! Try our group or private Pole Fitness Classes. We also offer private parties and a boutique full of lingerie, dancer shoes & more.

By appt only Ventura 805-653-5711

Community-based organization providing Continued on Page 30

Celebrating Our 40th Anniversary! *To celebrate, we are offering THE BEST DEAL IN TOWN!


(Less than $1/day)!

1 HOUR FACIAL- $40 1 YEAR SPECIAL- $335 Reg. $375



2498 E. Main St., Ventura (805) 653-9151 •

(Membership renews at the regular price of $375.00. This offer is available to NEW members ONLY with the purchase of (1) 1 Year Membership. NOT AVAILABLE WITH ANY OTHER DISCOUNT. Bring this add in for discount. Offer expires 12/31/10.)

28 —

— Fitness, Health & Beauty — 2010

Pole Fitness & Boutique

Get A Safe, Natural, UV Free Custom Airbrush Tan Instantly!

Before and After...

Looking for a FUN workout? Look No Further! POLE DANCE • BURLESQUE • • • •

Group Classes Parties Workshops Private Lessons

• • • •

Lingerie Costumes Hosiery Dancer Shoes

New top of line, no orange, anti-aging solution that dries in seconds. Mobile to your desired location.

$25.00 Full Body Spray with this ad. (Downtown Ventura office only)

1236 E. Main Street, Ventura CA 93001

(805) 766-0616


Chiropractic Works!

Adam McKillican, D.C.

• Headaches • Neck Pain • Compressed Discs • Migrains • Sciatica • TMJ Problems • Low Back Pain • Numbness in Hands/Feet • Chronic Fatigue

(805) 233-6970

1437-F Victoria Ave.

FREE Exam & Consultation Does not apply to third party payers. Expires 4/30/10




Includes consultation, initial chiropractic exam and first adjustment. Does not apply to third party payers. Expires 4/30/10

2010 — Fitness, Health & Beauty —

— 29

{ 2010 Fitness Health + Beaut y} Ventura Plastic Surgery


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services and programming designed for the LGBT community and those affected by HIV/ AIDS. Staffed by a network of volunteers and community partners.

Ventura Family Chiropractic 1437-F Victoria Ave Ventura 805-233-6970

Dr. Laurie McCall 1280 South Victoria Ave Ste#201 Ventura 805-642-1699 Dr. Laurie McCall specializes in facial rejuvenation. She offers Botox injections, cosmetic fillers, and cosmetic eyelid surgery with new patient discounts available.

Ventura Spinal Care Center

1590 E. Main St. Dr. Adam is a second-generation chiroVentura practor. His father, two uncles and both 805-648-7987 of his brothers are all Chiropractors. He grew up working in his dad’s office and had the chance to see first hand as a child The Ventura Spinal Care Center is Ventura the power of Chiropractic care. While at County’s premier facility specializing in the nonschool at Life West Chiropractic Colllege, drug, non-surgical treatment of severe and chronhe was adjusting most of the staff because ic low back pain and sciatica pain. The Ventura of his history and understanding of the Spinal Care Center offers you a unique blend of art of Chiropractic. As of March 2009 he state of the art 21st century technology blended opened his doors in Ventura and is proud withclearly. a caring, family atmosphere. We area proud Please check this proof over carefully and alltocorrections You will have “1st Proof to offer his careindicate and knowledge keep you of the fact that our patients always state that they “Final Proof”. If we receive no proof AD WILL RUN AS IS. If this proo in motion.after the 1st or 2nd Proofs, feel very comfortable and cared for at our office, on the 1st proof, check off “FINAL PROOF box, date and sign at they thearrive. bottom. from the very first moment Ventura Pin(APPROVED)” Pointe Laser

Client: Scotties

Ad Executive: Warren Barrett

Medical N O T I C E : P L E A S E FA X T H I SDr P Randolph R O OCenter F T Nordyke O ( 8 0 5 ) 6 4 8 - 2 2 4West 5 ACoast S A P Jiu Jitsu 4080 Loma Vista Rd., Suite D Ventura 805-650-8333

The PinPointe Medical Laser from PathoLase is a breakthrough medical technology that is clinically proven to eliminate nail fungus for toenails. The PinPointe Laser is FDA approved, and offers significant advantages over oral medication for nail fungus. The PinPointe Laser is PAIN FREE. Call Dr. Nordyke for a free Consultation.

2945 Los Olivos Unit 101 Oxnard 805-604-0944

Brian Espinoza’s West Coast Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Center is your ultimate training center. You pay only for the classes you want. We provide an array of instruction in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Women’s Self Defense and Fitness Classes, Mixed Martial Arts and Cardio Kickboxing. Classes are offered for every level of experience and are also available for Children and Teens.

Feel Great on Your Feet • Perscription Footwear and Shoe Repair • Expert Design and Manufacturing of Orthopedic Shoes • Foot Care Products • Diabetic Footwear • Custom Made Shoes

Come in and Receive 15% OFF Any Service or Sale! Hours: Mon - Fri. 10am - 6pm Saturday 10am - 5pm



805.525.7895 116 E. Harvard Blvd Santa Paula 30 —

— Fitness, Health & Beauty — 2010

Jamie “Scottie” Chavez

2010 — Fitness, Health & Beauty —

— 31