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Friday, September 30, 2011

Valley Celebrates Spirit Week


By Hannah Lozinski Editor in Chief


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From September 26 to 30, Valley celebrated its Homecoming with the annual Spirit Week. Tutus, bright colors, sweats and creative costumes class tried to win both the Spirit Stick and bragging rights for the next year. The classes earned points by dressing up, winning games in rallies, supporting the Valley teams, and participating in activities in the quad. PJ Day




2011 Homecoming Court: Mark Quimby, Alexa Vitale, Cody Eversole, Kimberly Figone, Joon Sung Park, Blaine Mehari, Shelah Larson, Drew Osumi, Melina Rappuzin, James Reynov, Eugenia Park, Nardin Sarkis

face paint. On Wednesday, students and teachers put on Jedi costumes, Hogwarts class tried to outdo the others to gain the lead for spirit points. Guy Cheer also had to perform and fantasy theme. The student body was also extremely creative for When I Grow to these city themes during the Powderpuff Up Day on Thursday, where they not only Football rally on Thursday. There were dressed as doctors and astronauts, but as many other games throughout the week as well, including a dance off, and two rally chefs, athletes, and secret agents. cities. The freshmen were Dallas, the sophomores, Hollywood, the juniors, Honolulu, and the seniors, New York. Cowboy hats, leis, oversized sunglasses and stylish out-

Seniors Share in a Spirited “Day Off” By Nardin Sarkis Contributing Writer


ketball, a team dance off, and a competitive game of dodge ball. After six rounds served lunch. Seniors enjoyed burgers with friends and were then released for free time. Many seniors took to the pool while others waited pool side or played foosball in the game room. After the team competitions, lunch, and free time, seniors came together for another session of worship before the boys and girls split to listen to Mr. and Mrs. Marshall speak. Students enjoyed listening to the Marshalls’ messages before coming together one last time. As the day came to an end, seniors came together for an open mic time. This event was the high-


Athletics name the newest inductees to the VCHS Sports Hall of Fame for 2011-2012. PAGES 7-14

light of the day for seniors. Many chose to share encouraging thoughts for their senior time.

Some wished the open mic could have lasted longer but after a few encouragements it was time to load the buses and head back. Of course, the bus ride back was a noteworthy experience in and of itself as different buses sang their way back to Valley. After the Senior Retreat many expressed that they felt closer with their senior class as well as with their existing friends. The spirited day was a successful retreat and more importantly, provided a much-needed day off for the seniors.


After many weeks of planning by nior class took the day off to head to Mount Hermon for the annual Senior Retreat! Rows of yellow school buses lined the curb as seniors began to board. Once they arrived at the camp, seniors enjoyed a quick breakfast before listening to the wise words of Dr. Ninos Malek. Once he was ent teams and headed off to their different games. Spirited seniors were covered with their team colors as they challenged each other in activities that included dizzy bas-


by James Reynov, Melina Rappuzin, Nardin Sarkis and Eugenia Park. as many points as possible. During chapel Support the Warriors at the Homeon Wednesday, the Homecoming Court was coming game against Mitty tomorrow formally introduced to the student body. Representing the freshmen were Mark Spirit Stick, as well as the 2011 HomecomQuimby and Alexa Vitale, while Cody ing king and queen.


The Student Life Center & Conservatory of the Arts building will be dedicated this evening.

Eversole and Kimberly Figone were the Joon Sung Park and Blaine Mehari were the junior prince and princess and the seniors were narrowed down to six candidates for king and queen. Drew Osumi and Shelah Larson walked

Students gather for a time of worship during the Senior retreat.

“Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.” Ephesians 6:10

Katherine Chadbourne, Linda Trinh, Amy Townsend and Monica Macedo enjoy free time at the senior retreat

Valley Christian High School 100 Skyway Drive, San Jose CA 95111

Nation Mourns 9/11 Anniversary

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By Alec Varsamis Many people remember the fateful Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001, when two hijacked aircraft flew into both towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, one aircraft into our nation’s defense building, the Pentagon, and one aircraft crashed in rural Shanksville, Pennsylvania. At 5:45, and 7:35 AM the 19 hijackers passed security at some of our nations biggest airports, Boston’s Logan Airport and Washington’s Dulles Airport. Those people would eventually kill the American Airlines pilots, and take over the planes that would destroy countless American lives and buildings. At 8:46 AM, American Airlines Flight 11 slammed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. As if the world was blind, at 9:05 AM United Flight 175 careened into the World Trade Centers South tower. At that time everyone knew these were not accidents, but acts of terror. At that time, President George W. Bush was in Sarasota, Florida, in an elementary school classroom reading books to the kids. Andrew Card, the President’s chief advisor came to tell him of the terrible news. At 9:37 AM, Flight 77 was on a collision course into the Pentagon. Many people were killed on impact. At 9:59 AM, the unthinkable happened, the South Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed. Nobody thought that that would happen. Thousands of people were killed from being crushed by debris. At 10:03 AM, Flight 93 crashed into the open field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The heroic actions taken by passengers on that plane saved countless lives, because that plane was probably headed to crash into the White House or the Capitol Building. At 10:28 AM, the North tower collapsed. Just like that, the World Trade Center was gone, and for days after, many firefighters searched for the dead, and for survivors. All in all that day, 2,819 people died that fateful day in September. Now, after 10 years, Ground Zero has left a permanent scar on American hearts.

2011-2012 Hannah Lozinski Editor-in-Chief

Jamie Keener Features Editor

Sarah Koenig Sports Editor

Drew Osumi Photo Editor

Alec Varsamis

Business Manager

WARRIOR STAFF Lindsey Allen Bethany Birondo Alexis Corini Brittany Creel Jordan Dawkins

Jamie Dequine Kara Hinton Eddie Saoud Kiley Stokes

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Anika Ahuja Nia Hayden Katelyn Dietz Olivia Chui Victoria Stafford Andre Huy Phan Samantha Chong Alicia Liu Jonathan Allen Nardin Sarkis Andrea Coopersmith Hugh Zhang Thao Nguyen Adora Choi Claire Karlsson Jayla Grant Shannon Tran Eugenia Park Nicole Kramer

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The 9/11 Memorial has created a museum, and two waterfalls that fall into an open void where the original towers once stood. Inscribed on the waterfalls, are the names of all the people who have lost their lives in these dastardly attacks. As we look back, we see that we have conquered the bump in the road, and our democracy is stronger than ever. We have defeated the terrorists by not changing our way of life that the terrorists hate so much.

Rebel Forces looking for Gaddafi By Alec Varsamis After months of fighting in Libya, rebel forces have pushed their leader Muammar Gaddafi into hiding somewhere outside of Tripoli, Libya’s capital city. Gaddafi has been in power for over 40 years, and the people wanted change. He has not treated his people very well, sometimes starving them. In February, the people started an uprising and started attacking Gaddafi and his loyalists. Over the past few months, the rebel forces have taken over almost all of Libya, and just now have taken over Tripoli. They are on the hunt for Gaddafi. U.N. officials have said they will help the Libyan rebels by sending in NATO air attacks, and sending in supplies such as water, food, and medical supplies. The news is unclear on what will happen next in this delicate time for the Libyan people. The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has issued a no travel warning on Libya, and has suspended its affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli. The Hungarian Embassy is serving to protect U.S. interests in Libya as of now. (

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NEWS - 2

New International Students Come to Valley By Jamie Keener Features Editor

Last school year, 55 international high school students attended Valley Christian. This year, however, a total of 81 international students have come to study at Valley from Burma, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, South Korea, and Panama. But why is this important? “Having students from all over the world at our school reminds us that we are a very small part of a much larger picture,” said Mrs. Kris Rapazzini, Valley’s International Student Coordinator. “Having International students here is a first hand way to learn much more about the world at large.” In coming to Valley, international students have to overcome many obstacles. “To come here, they have to be very brave because they are coming on their own,” says Mrs. Rapazzini. “They have to be very independent, and do many things for themselves that regular students who live here would not be able to do or even consider doing. The International students who are at Valley Christian School will go out into

the world and do unusual and unique things because of their experiences here.” Additionally, going to a Christian school is a strange thing for many new international students here. “I have spoken personally with people from China who did know even know what ‘God’ was, and they had never even heard of Jesus,” Mrs. Rapazzini said. “In America, we hear about God all the time. This is not the case in other countries. That is a very fascinating thing to talk to someone about.” As representatives of Christianity, we are called to show Christ’s love to international students by befriending them. “We should be very welcoming to the International students. They are guests in our country, and they bring their many talents to share with us,” said Mrs. Rapazzini. “International students are separated from their families and friends. It is difficult to adjust to another culture.” Interacting with international students not only benefits them; it also benefits those students who have lived in California their entire lives. “In learning about their

lives and their cultures and why they’re here, we will be doing ourselves a favor in the ways that our own lives will become enriched,” Mrs. Rapazzini said. “We live in a world that is much larger than just Silicon Valley, California. We tend to think of what we see and know about as being the most important things.” She also continues to point out that 20% of the world’s population is Chinese, while only 4% of the world’s population is American. By associating with international students, the rest of the student body has the opportunity to learn about different cultures and to see the world from more perspectives than just an American point of view. “I am extremely privileged to be able to work with International students,” Mrs. Rapazzini concluded. “Each one has a special story of why they are here and how they got here. I hope that regular high school non-international students recognize how amazing these students are, how lucky we are that they want to come to our school, and are able to get to know one or more of them personally.”

See You At the Pole September 28

This early morning event drew students and teachers to pray at the cross for the world, nation, San Jose and VCS. Prayers were also lifted for our leaders, both national and local.

18th Annual Valley Christian Golf Classic Monday, October 3, 2011 * Boulder Ridge Country Club 8:00 am Registration
 Driving Range opens
 Continental Breakfast
served until 10:00 am

 10:00 am Shotgun Start
Scramble Format
 Hot lunch provided on

3:00 pm Reception/Appetizers/
Silent Auction/Awards

 3:30 pm Head home after
a great day!!!

GOLF CLASSIC Valley Christian High School PTPF


NEWS - 3


Valley Welcomes New Clubs By Adora Choi

Contributing Writer

VCHS now has a total of 36 clubs, including returning and new clubs, which have been initiated by individual students. Mr. Nathan Smith, Club Administrative liaison, advised and educated students on how to coordinate clubs, and discussed club ideas with the administration. The returning clubs include Abolitionist Society with president Mandy Chin, Chinese Club with president Nathan Sun, Light House Club with president Laura Semkiw, Film Club with president James Reynov, Interact Club with president Samantha Chong, French Club with president Kimberly Kupbens, Latin Honors with president Jon Allen, Mu Alpha Theta Math Honors with president Karen Lu, National Art Honor Society with president Annie Pugliese, Spanish Club with president Taylor Martinez, STAK (Save The African Kids) with president Emily Heacock, Support Our Troops Club with president Joshua Joseph, With Love Club with president Carissa Lee, and The Examined Life Club with president Nardin Sarkis. Many of the new clubs this year are service-oriented, created by students with caring hearts to help their neighbors, community, and the world. Brief descriptions of the new clubs are below: Couponing with a Cause: led by Stephanie Torode, helps the poor by collecting coupons as a tool to raise funds. Food Facts: led by Andrew Lung, discusses healthy food and how food interacts with the body.

International Appreciation: led by Minnie Tu, teaches about cultures throughout the world. Healthy Ladies: led by Colby Carson is a club for girls. They discuss health issues, and the club members will work out together. S.A.G.E: (Students for the Advancement of Entrepreneurship) Business Club, led by Chansol Lim, is a club for learning about business and its role in modern job fields. SciFi Club: led by Tanya D’Silva, is open to anyone who enjoys science fiction. Stand-Up: led by Laraine Chen, plans to raise awareness for clean water for third world countries. Ultimate Frisbee: led by Jeff Korns, is a club for playing various games, learning about them, and bonding with friends. Valley Christian Medical Association: led by Emily Martey, discusses everything about pre-med. Strategic Gaming Club: led by Hieu Tran, provides opportunities for playing computer games among students. A Light in the Dark Club: led by Sarah Michelle Cruz, emphasizes placing our strength in God, not in ourselves, in our daily lives. Quidditch Club: led by Davis Gunter, brings the Harry Potter sport to Valley Baking Club: led by Lauren McCormick, is for everyone who loves baking, or wants to learn about baking. They are definitely planning to bake many delicious treats! Blue Crew: led by Kayla Ross, promotes school spirit and student involvement in

school events and activities. It will get VCHS on fire! Cartooning and Animation: led by Bryce Hall, is a place to share and learn about cartoons, animation characters, and cartoon drawings. EPCAT (Environmental Protection Agency of CA Teens): led by Shannon Tran, discusses teenager protections in the state of California and threats posed toward them. Fashion Club: led by AnnaLisa Lopez, provides everything about fashion, its impact, and role in the world. It is all about fashion and style! NanoTechnology Club: led by Monica Bod, encompasses the understanding of the fundamental physics, chemistry, biology and technology of nanometre-scale objects. R.A.D. (Raising Awareness of Diabetes): led by Daniel Alvarado, studies Diabetes, and discusses its seriousness in the everyday lives of people. S.O.C.K. (Support Our Cancer Kids): led by Mikalea Sprauve, raises awareness of kids who have cancer and their needs. Unicef: led by Nick Choi. VC Bike Club: led by Sean Ellam, is an open place for bikers and people who want to learn about biking. The next opportunity to submit clubs ideas will be on January 27, 2012. On September 23, a Club Fair was held in the Conservatory building deck for people to sign up and learn much more about individual clubs. Come check out VC’s great clubs!

Students and Families Benefit from New Counseling Center By Hannah Lozinski

A long welcoming hall separates the offices and the testing room.


On August 18, students flooded into the new, much anticipated Conservatory building on the first day of school. However, that was not the only new addition to Valley Christian: in the space occupied by the band rooms, the counseling center opened new offices. This new counseling center is open almost all day. Mr. Stephen Torode, Mr. Nathan Smith, and Mrs. Heidi Vals all have offices in this counseling center, and are always available to students who need help with schedules. The front room has been converted into a career and college research center, with a variety of pamphlets, books, and a waiting area to see the counselors. Down the hall are the three offices, and a testing center where students can retake tests under the supervision of a teacher. A teacher will always be in the testing center, so it is easier for students to make up tests. If you just need to ask a quick schedule question at lunch, there is no waiting list or papers to be filled out. Unlike the front office, the new counseling center does not require appointments to be made. “Our goal is to have students always be available to walk in, and have someone help them,” Mr. Torode said in his new office. The counseling area can be found in the gym building, in the old location of the music offices and the band room. Even if your counselor is not one specified above, you can come into the counseling center without an appointment to ask questions and get help.


Editor in Chief

One of the counselors’ offices inside the new counseling center.

We Are the “Life Preservers” By Jamie Dequine Staff Writer

“But whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm.” (Proverbs 1:33). Coming back down to earth from the previous “No Limits,” Valley Christian’s ASB class of 2012 kicks off the new year with a tall glass of fresh perspective. Inspired by the film, “To Save a Life,” the team wants to share their thoughts with the rest of their peers through the theme “lifeguard,” that will be incorporated into future rallies and events. Often times people take things in life for granted and don’t realize what is important until it is gone. Through the movie, “To Save a Life,” ASB realized that as Christians, it is a duty for everyone to be life preservers for those drowning in the illusion of the world. “If God is the lifeguard, then we are the life preservers,” said senior David Sanchez, ASB vice president. God calls us to save others and be life-lines by giving opportunities to have the greatest gift in the world, a relationship with the Father and eternal life. Along with the thought of living life to the fullest, the team is also looking forward to having several special events planned: the Homecoming Dance, followed by a basketball mixer, partying in pajamas. ASB has ideas about having a dollar dance that they are really excited about. With all the exciting themes, events, and speakers, ASB has planned a great year for Valley Christian students.

Valley Welcomes New Teachers By Nia Hayden

Contributing Writer

A new school year at Valley has also brought on the addition of more teachers and classes. Some of those teachers are brand new and some of them have previously taught at Valley and are returning this year. Mr. Reggie Coates is joining us this year and teaches Worship Choir & Music Technology. Ms. Michelle Hawkins is also joining this year and will be teaching in room 107. Mr. Nick Dalby and Ms. Kate Nees are joining us this year as well. Dalby teaches English 11(H) and English 10, Nees will teach English 10(H) this year and is returning again after previously having taught from 2007-2009. Mr. David Nees is returning to the Bible department this year and also previously taught from 2007-2009. In the Foreign Language, Science, and Social Sciences departments there is only one new teacher arriving this year. Ms. Tracy Georges is a Spanish I and II teacher who previously taught here at VCS from 20082009. Mr. Jim Harper is in the process of obtaining a B.S. in Biological Science from San Jose State University and currently teaches Physical Science and Biology. Mr. Arpedge Rolle is teaching Global Studies for the social sciences department in his first year at VCS. Many new classes have been added this year in an effort to offer Valley students the most diverse and stimulating curriculum possible. These new classes are as follows: Advanced Apologetics (online), A Christian Perspective of the Arts, AP Environmental Science, Mandarin III, Piano II and Piano III, Accelerated Algebra I, MultiVariable Calculus, Non-Linear Digital Editing, Engineering I, ITC Literacy and 3D Animation.


By Hannah Lozinski Editor in Chief

Graduation from high school and moving to college is a landmark event in the life of every student. However, before this can happen, seniors must first go through the tedious process of college admissions. On September 12-16, the counseling department at Valley Christian helped these students with their applications, hosting essay-writing and common-application workshops, as well as a Christian College Fair. Most of the senior class is applying to multiple colleges, so the guidance was needed. The week kicked off with Senior Retreat, and on Tuesday, the first writing workshop was held after school. Many students filled the classroom, while Mrs. Sonia Avilucea, Mr. Eric Ellefsen and Mrs. Diana Fairchild lectured on what makes a perfect college essay. Tuesday also held the Christian College Fair, where representatives from forty Christian colleges and universities visited Valley. Christian colleges are a popular choice for students at Valley. Another essay-writing session was held on Wednesday, September 14. The remaining two days of the week were devoted to the common application, known as the common-app, a website that allows students to apply to multiple colleges with one application, with supplements for each individual school. A workshop on financial aid was also hosted by Mrs. Heidi Vals during college week, to help parents and students navigate the world of student loans and FAFSA. Every senior enjoyed the help they received during college week from their counselors.

Keeping Valley Blue By Nardin Sarkis Contributing Writer

On September 24, Valley Christian had its first ever Homecoming Dance! The ASB’s decision to establish a Homecoming Dance proved to be very successful as over 600 students attended this memorable event. The dance was set to the theme “Keep Valley Blue” to get the student body pumped up and ready for the upcoming spirit week. Students from all classes came dressed in their best Warrior wear representing their blue and silver pride. Groups of students arrived with matching blue tiedye shirts, glow necklaces, and headbands ready to dance. The ASB spent all day decorating and preparing for the evenings festivities and was eager for the student body to arrive. The quad was transformed into a school-spirited dance floor with blue and white lights strung above, a balloon arch entryway, and VC jerseys on display. From 8:30 to 11:30pm, students danced to DJ Mr. Watson’s mix, which included dance favorites such as Firework, Party Rock Anthem, and Dynamite. The excitement among students was obvious as the majority danced until the music stopped. The dance was a definite success and was a great start to first dance of the year! The dance was scheduled to be the weekend leading up to Spirit Week to get the student body excited about spirit week and Homecoming. Judging by the face paint, T-shirts, and glow sticks seen at the dance, this will be one of the most spirited weeks yet. Valley’s first ever Homecoming dance had a great response from the student body and has paved the way for many more exciting Homecoming dances in the future!

Early Chapels Draw Student Interest By Bethany Birondo and Kiley Stokes Staff Writers

This year’s chapel kicked off with a phenomenal start. Beginning with a spectacular show, an update on Grace Public School stationed in India, and followed by Sue Thomas, a witness to this world, the chapel speakers all shared thought-provoking messages that encouraged the student body. Dazzled by thought provoking magic tricks performed by Harris III, the students were brought to an understanding of the world’s deception we encounter daily. He used his talents in magic to create a message that can be easily applied to every student’s decisions. This idea of “seeing is believing” was stated clearly to be false especially when applied to today’s culture and generation. The second week of chapel was based on the Grace Public School in Delhi, India. Dr. Cliff Daugherty and Valley Christian student, senior Claire Karlsson, poured out their hearts they have for this school Valley Christian supports. This year, Valley plans to raise enough money in order to add an 8th grade for the children that have no where to go after 7th. God has incredible plans for Grace Public School and every student in it. Not only did Claire pour out her passion to the students, but she also used real stories and images, including two videos, to capture people’s eyes. Claire talked about our

amazing opportunity to support children from a different world, who just might have the same dreams and ambitions we do. To continue the fantastic start to chapels, Sue Thomas highlighted the true meaning of life on this earth in her message. Through the various struggles she has faced throughout her lifetime, Sue has learned what is really important and what to keep in focus. Even when she had her own TV show and was famous, she never truly felt fulfilled. Her testimony was absolutely inspiring, especially to any student who was in a place of searching for happiness, and her sincere heart was beautifully profound. Sue Thomas is a witness to life --- she has been at the top of the hill and the bottom, but the place she finds true satisfaction is in our Lord Jesus Christ. Her desire to be able to communicate with people and just love them was made very clear. Even through she was deaf, she made her points successfully and powerfully during chapel. The understanding of what this world has to offer seems to be a consistent message throughout these first few chapels, and we are so blessed to have a God who wants to share His desires for this planet with us. God is doing something powerful and breath taking on this campus this year and we are all excited to experience it.


College Week Includes Christian College Fair


ASB members and other Valley students pose in blue outfits.


NEWS - 4

Valley students enjoying the dance!




Contributing Writer

Deep in the heart of the New Delhi slums is a three-story building crowned with a white cross that rises above the brown shacks and mud alleys of the city. Here children come to learn and grow in the hopes of escaping the cycle of poverty, which pervades the city. To this school, Valley Christian is irrefutably bound. The Grace Public School is located in a slum of 3 million people, many who live in makeshift huts along trash lined streets. Founded by Pastor Abraham Philip, the school is working to bring an education and a future to students trapped in poverty. One evening in 1999, Pastor Philip gave out a Christian pamphlet to a woman in an Indian village. Tears had come to her eyes as she accepted it. She told him that she could not read its message because she never had the chance to attend school but that her hope was for her three children to one day go to school and read it for her. With the help of his church, Pastor Philip realized that he had the ability to provide the education this woman so desperately wanted for her children. Since that evening, the dream that was the Grace Public School has slowly materialized. Before Valley Christian’s Skyway Campus was built, the school received

Big Love For Sizelove By Jayla Grant

Contributing Writer

Mr. John Sizelove has been a Valley Christian High School Faculty member since 2009. He is the Co-Chair of the Bible Department and the High School Chaplain. He teaches two bible classes: Ethics and Life Calling. He is a loved teacher by staff and students on campus. He shows tremendous joy and is strong in his faith. Mr. Sizelove is facing a serious illness. He has been diagnosed with a rare condition called aplastic anemia. When the student body found out about his condition, support and love was sent to him from all over the campus. Aplastic anemia is an illness that about 3 out of every 1 million people in the United States are diagnosed with. Aplastic anemia is a disease of the bone marrow. The bone marrow stops making enough red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets for the body. The reason why this occurs is unknown. This illness causes severe tiredness. Treatments include medications, blood and bone marrow transfusions or stem cell transplants. In honor of Mr. Sizelove, the Leadership Class dedicated a week to him. They decorated the campus with red hearts, posters and streamers to be a reminder to pray for Mr. Sizelove. The Leadership Class conducted bake sales, sold wristbands, and dedicated a football game to him and his family. Thirty paper hearts were distributed to each class so the students could write words of encouragement to Mr. Sizelove. A group of students generously gave their time so other students could leave Mr. Sizelove a video message. Lastly, the Leadership Class with help from Be The Match ran a drive to find a marrow donor who is a perfect match for Mr. Sizelove. Please pray for the Mr. Sizelove as he continues to fight this battle. Don’t be afraid to show BIG LOVE FOR SIZELOVE!

enormous support from outside donors relieving some of the financial burden for Valley Christian families. With humble beginnings, Dr. Cliff Daugherty described how he “felt strongly led to do for the children at GPS what God did for our students”. Five years ago, Valley Christian learned of Pastor Philip’s mission in New Delhi and starting in 2006, Valley Christian began to help fund the building of a new home for the Grace Public School, enabling many local children to leave their street jobs and receive an education. In an environment where education is the only escape from poverty, the Grace Public School students who had once worked as pickpockets and child laborers began to learn English, history, science, Hindi and mathematics. Bible lessons and prayer were integrated to the curriculum, bringing many of the children to Christ. Unfortunately the Grace Public School only goes up to 7th grade, putting many of this year’s graduating 7th graders back on the streets next school year with no further opportunity to continue their education. One of Pastor Philip’s primary goals is to add an 8th grade for next school year and to continue expanding in order to ensure no student is lost after graduating. To open an 8th grade, he needs to acquire a Christian schoolteacher from southern India and is in

desperate need of school supplies and uni- Operation aspires to strengthen the bond forms for the kids. between Valley Christian and the Grace Valley Christian High School’s Public School students in order to spread Community Outreach classes have estab- generosity and blessings to both campuses. lished the Grace Operation, an initiative devoted to making Pastor Philip’s goals a reality. Opportunities for students to give to the Grace Public School will be in every Bible class. Valley Christian students will also have the opportunity to befriend and support a New Delhi child by becoming a pen pal. Once a month, a table at lunch will have pictures of each of the kids at the Grace Public School and students can choose whom they would like to write to and continue to write letters to their pen pal throughout the year all in the hopes of building a personal connection between the two schools. Commu- Senior Claire Karlsson and Dr. Cliff Daugherty give a presentation nity Outreach’s Grace about the India school project during a recent chapel.

Abolitionist Society Pledges to Fight Modern Slavery By Eugenia Park Contributing Writer

On Wednesday, September 14, the Abolitionist Society Club held their first meeting in room 207, with Mrs. Lindsay Marshall as the club’s advisor. The room was filled with positive excitement and curiosity as students were coming in. It was a huge encouragement that about thirty students showed up and were eager to dive into fighting injustice! Mandy Chin, president of the club, introduced what the club was about and shared the basic facts about modern-day slavery. When Mandy talked about the club, one could easily tell that she has an infectious passion for this issue. When asked what her goal was for the club she responded with a wonderful confidence, “We want to learn together as much as we can about this real issue and

what we as students can do. We want to get everyone involved to spread awareness. That’s the biggest thing we can do to make a difference.” The Abolitionist Society Club may seem like a surprise to many students on campus. When the question is asked, “Did you know that there are 27 million slaves in the world today?” most students are unaware of this unfortunate fact. The reality is that this number is entirely factual in the aspects of sex trafficking, child labor, and forced labor. It may seem like slavery was something one learned about in a history textbook or in the classroom, but it is happening at this moment, even in the center of our communities. As a result of this abominable injustice, a coalition of students, teachers, organizations, leaders, consumers, athletes, and artists

have been working together in order to reabolish slavery and to join the powerful movement against human trafficking. At Valley Christian High School, students have pledged to fight modern-day slavery and have grouped in order to educate others on this matter and impact new initiatives. Last year, the club successfully sponsored the Seasons of Love concert in which all proceeds went to the Not For Sale campaign, a highly influential organization that equips people to fight against slavery. In addition, students were invited to go to Biola University to speak to college students on what the club was doing and how Biola could be involved. The main focus for the club this year is too expand the knowledge of this topic of human trafficking and influencing students on campus to make an initiative such as buying fair trade products. Some of the main events for this year would be to go to the Global Forum of Human Trafficking on October 21-22, partnering with other pre-existing abolitionist clubs, host movie viewings on the Dark Side of Chocolate and Candy Shop, connecting with Freedom House, a safe house in San Francisco that habilitates women who were previously trafficked,and motivating students to be involved. The upcoming school year may seem like a long road ahead, but for the Abolitionist Society Club, the school year is a huge opportunity to spread awareness on abolishing modern-day slavery! PHOTOGRAPH BY HANNAH LOZINSKI

By Claire Karlsson

The Abolitionist Society shows off their sign for Homecoming.


Valley Supports Grace Public School

AMSE - 6



VCHS Nanotechnology Tours the Berkeley Molecular Foundry

Math Club Foreseeing a Successful Year By Karen Lu


Contributing Writer

Pratik Reddy, Audrey Chang, Shelby Hetrick, Monica Bodd, and Karen Mac are the officers of this year’s Nanotechnology club.

By Christopher Chon Contributing Writer

On Monday, April 18 2011, a group of students and AMSE officials braved the gloomy weather and travelled to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in UC Berkeley in the name of nanotechnology. When they arrived at the lab, the group met their guide to the Molecular Foundry, Dr. Aditi Risbud. The tour was presented on three levels of the building where each floor of the institution was dedicated to a specific branch of nanotechnology. On one such floor, the students were shown a unique machine named WANDA (Workstation for Automated Nanomaterial Discovery and Analysis), a machine that creates nanocrystals very precisely and quickly.

Sophomore Shelby Hetrick, a member of the nanotechnology club, stated that WANDA “can make 96 different colloidal nanocrystals with custom-made properties for electronics, biological labeling, and luminescent devices in just 12 hours instead of a full year.” In addition, Dr. Risbud taught about the basic features of the institution such as the different classes of clean rooms. Dr. Risbud also introduced the group to a fellow researcher at the institution who taught about nanolithography and atomic force microscopes. The tour of the Molecular Foundry program was truly, as sophomore nanotechnology club member Evan Borras states, “… an eye opening

experience into the world of nanotechnology.” When asked about the tour, Mason Ivy, president of the Science Research Club, wrote, “I enjoyed the visit to the Berkeley Nanotechnology Lab this week. I am not a member of the Nanotechnology Club, however I am a member of the Science Research Club and thought this visit was most informative. I was fascinated with WANDA, the robot and the fact that she can produce numerous samples in 24 hours. It would take several months for humans to do this work.” Without a doubt, the students and AMSE officials left Berkeley with full heads and excitement for one of the greatest fields in science, nanotechnology.

For years, Math Club has been one of the largest clubs at Valley Christian High School, and it’s not hard to see why. Students from across the school enjoy having the opportunity to learn more about the exciting field of mathematics while also exercising their brains through critical thinking and collaboration. The club meets Thursdays at lunch and holds a number of additional on-campus and off-campus competitions in which members bring all of their math skills to the table to compete against other high school students all around the country. “Almost every Thursday, I’m eating lunch in Mrs. Smith’s math room,” said senior Jonathan Allen. “Some days we’re rushing to compete in timed math competitions, and others we’re learning and reviewing math concepts in preparation for future math competitions. But it’s always fun!” VCHS students are provided this opportunity through their membership in Mu Alpha Theta, a National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society with over 88,000 student members. The aim of Mu Alpha Theta and of Valley Christian’s math club is to inspire in students a keen interest in mathematics while also promoting and developing strong scholarship in the subject. So far this year, the math club has had its first few meetings and has already taken part in two national math competitions, the qualifying round of “Who Wants to Be a Mathematician?” and the Fall Startup Event. The next couple of major events coming up will be the Team Scramble competition on November 3rd and the ARML competition on November 19th. The idea of math competitions may seem distant from serving God and making a positive impact, but math club equips students with great academic potential to step up and become leaders within their school and community.

Robotics Prepares for New Season

AMSE Teams Push Past the Limits

By Lindsey Allen

By Kelsey Jiang

Staff Writer

The AMSE robotics program has begun their FIRST Tech Challenge season this fall in their new robotics room. The team has a great deal of work to do if they want to make a successful robot for their competitions. In order to build a robot, they must assess this year’s challenge, design prototypes using 3-D Computer Aided Design programs, build and program the robot, and finally test the robot for any unexpected mechanical or software issues. The whole process of producing an FTC robot is tedious, but the team enjoys the work and the final product that they create. Second-year team member and junior Karen Lu says that her “favorite part of leading the FTC team is getting to learn robotics on a small-scale while serving her team members and being part of her school community.” She and the other FTC team members greatly enjoy both the competitive and teambuilding aspects of being a

part of the robotics family. What is different this year is that the robotics team gets to work in their new robotics room, where the band room was previously located. Over the summer, the robotics team, along with the help of many other volunteers, moved all of their supplies, parts, and equipment to their new room. What made the laborious work bearable was the promise of nachos, pizza, half-melted ice cream, and other goodies that the team loves to eat. Along with organizing their new room, the robotics team is currently purchasing the equipment for a new machine shop, in which they will be able to use several more advanced power tools during their second semester season. The robotics team is determined to build an excellent robot this season and to do their best in the competitions. The team knows that they will put in many hours of hard work, but they treat every hour working on the robot as a fun experience.

Contributing Writer

“The sky is no longer the limit.” On January 20, 2011, the ISS team from Valley Christian High School proved this to be true when they made history by creating and launching a fully automated CubeLab experiment aboard the International Space Station. The ISS program was created to be an exciting space project in which students could apply their math, science, and engineering skills. The program provides an environment where students learn to exercise useful work habits, leadership skills, and teamwork responsibilities. According to junior Tanya D’Silva, who participated in the ISS team last year, “The ISS team is a wonderful place for aspiring students to discover their passions, build new relationships, and experience opportunities unlike any other high school.” The ISS program this year has collaborated with three different schools, Fremont Christian, Coalinga, and Whit-

tier High School. The project plans to launch eight different experiments in the spring of 2012, five of them conducted by Valley Christian. Five groups have been meeting regularly to discuss and prepare for those five experiments, which range from bacteria growth to electroplating. These experiments are designed, built, and programmed by the groups of students. The mentors, including Mr. Dan Saldana, Mr. George Sousa, and Mr. Howell Ivy, have guided the ISS students while challenging them to reflect upon the problems that may arise in space. Another team of students is building the AMSE Satellite Tracking Station in anticipation of the AMSE Institute launching its own satellite next school year, with he help of Mr. Saldana, Mr. Sousa, Mr. Ivy and Mr. Warner Vavken. As the ISS team members continue on their journey for this year, they will meet many new challenges but plan to meet them as a team.


Hall of Fame Pages 8-14

Radonich Family Page 14

A Message From VCS Vice President

Eric Scharrenberg On behalf of Valley Christian Schools and our athletic department, it is my honor to extend a warm welcome to all our guests joining us throughout this Homecoming weekend on the Skyway campus. School spirit will certainly be evident as current students get involved with time honored Homecoming festivities such as float building, powder puff, coronations and (of course) Warrior football. However, it is also our hope that current Valley Christian students get a glimpse of the rich tradition of athletics at Valley Christian.

We are hopeful that our Hall of Fame will serve to inspire current Valley Christian athletes and families to achieve excellence during their time here. In early September I got goose bumps as I listened to brand new wrestling coach Braumon Creighton detail his vision for rebuilding our wrestling program and his desire to fill that beautiful room with wrestlers. I remembered my early days at Valley Christian watching the Saltray brothers, Peter Ullman, Tim Helfry, Heath Ferreira and others battle on the wrestling mat and hearing the stories about the effort and passion required to start wrestling at our I can recall clearly my early years as a part school. We are blessed to have a piece of maximizing their human potential and of the Valley Christian family as a newly the rich Valley Christian wrestling tradition brand new training facilities for our girls are married and still (somewhat) young man. I honored tonight. not far away. We will continue to seek and remember my anxiousness and excitement solicit the very best for our students. during my initial meetings with Mr. Willson Our athletic program at Valley Christian and Mr. Nardi on the Branham campus in continues to grow. Our girls golf team did not However, most importantly, the focus of our the spring of 1997. Even in those early exist three years ago and finds themselves athletic program has never changed. Our meetings, there was the unmistakable sense atop of the standings in WCAL play after coaches are men and women of the highest that God was going to do big things at Valley their first three matches. A decade ago Valley Christian character intent on teaching Christian Christian became the first school in the area life lessons through athletic competition. to put artificial surface on its fields, but now Student-athletes are prayed for and prayed This Hall of Fame weekend is extra special a brand new state of the art surface graces with regularly and are encouraged to for me because for the first time, we will be our soccer field. I can remember clearly the understand that all their gifts and abilities inducting athletes who I shared time with on countless hours spent with Ron Radonich are gifts from God and should be used to the Valley Christian campus. I can remember planning, praying, drawing, designing and bring honor and glory to the name of Jesus. clearly Casey’s dominating run in the CCS dreaming about a softball complex for our play-offs, Nate’s clutch catches versus Oak girls. We are so proud of the rich history of Valley Grove, and Cameron trying to engage me Christian Schools and are so excited to in conversation to avoid lifting weights for Now that building exists. Our girls softball welcome our distinguished alumni and their football. Perhaps even more significant was team has won WCAL and CCS titles and families to our campus this weekend. Please the opportunity to have relationships with has girls playing at Division I colleges all continue to visit often and know our sincere former students like Cameron and Jessica in over the country, but the dreaming has not appreciation to all our families for their their roles as Valley Christian coaches after slowed down. We are diligently pursuing support of our school over the years. their graduation. the best for our young people in terms of

“The purpose of the Valley Christian Schools Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor outstanding athletes, coaches, fans, and teams at Valley Christian High School, to give motivation to current and future athletes, coaches and fans of VCHS, and to make the current and future student body and constituency aware of the history and tradition of Valley Christian High School. The criteria for entry into the Hall of Fame is to have given an outstanding contribution to VCHS sports programs, and to have a character representing of the Valley Christian Schools mission statement.”

Follow VCHS Athletics

VCHSAthletics 1. Build community between our alumni, coaches, student-athletes, and parent community. 2. Gain exciting up to date information on other Warrior sport teams. 3. Build a base of followers for VCHSAthletics that encourages our athletes, parents, and alumni to join. 4. Create a sense of pride amongst our followers that builds school spirit for our athletic program. Sign-up on

Donate... Since its earliest days, Valley Christian Schools’ role in Christian education has been strengthened by the supporters who share an abiding interest in the mission of our school: To provide a nurturing environment offering quality instruction supported by a strong foundation of Christian Values in partnership with parents, equipping students to become leaders to serve God, their families, and to positively impact their communities and the world. Tonight’s dinner and recognition is made possible by the tireless support of the Valley Christian Sports Parent Association (VSPA). VSPA exists to provide physical, emotional, financial and spiritual support to the athletes, coaches and athletic administration at Valley Christian Schools. Donations to the group are accepted with grateful hearts and allow us to continue to pursue excellence in all our endeavors. Such gifts are a wonderful way to express appreciation for Valley Christian’s past legacy and to participate in our shared vision of the promise that lies ahead. Eric Scharrenberg Vice President Athletics & Physical Education, Valley Christian Schools




2001 CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM Jon Carter, Ronnie Rosales, Nathan Corrick, Casey Neale, Edward Espinoza, Jim Garcia, Andrew Simon, Jack Galante, Dustin Realini, Jon Poure, Jordan Novak, Mike Williams, Cheyne Hann, Dusty Furtado, Evan Rodenberg, Josh Niel, Shawn Carroll, Sean Fitzmaurice, Patrick Ames, Chris Gengl Coach: John Diatte


‘01 Baseball Team



Mark Saltray ‘99 I. Dates Attended VCHS • 1995 - 1999 II. Sports Played • Wrestling • Varsity – 4 years III. Athletic Achievements Wrestling:

• First Place League Finals (125 lbs, BVAL, 1996)

• League Champion (132 lbs,

BVAL, 1998) CCS 5th Place (132 lbs, 1998) CCS 5th Place (140 lbs, 1999) Most Valuable Player (1999) Team League Champions (1996, 1998, 1999) • Santa Clara County Champion – Freestyle (1997, 1998, 1999) • Santa Clara County Champion – Greco Roman (1997, 1998)

• • • •

IV. Favorite VCS Athletic Memories • Defeating Oak Grove High School 35 – 33 at home with a packed gymnasium our junior year (1998)



V. Post High School Accomplishments • Graduated for San Francisco State University in 2007, with BS in Kinesiology (Emphasis in Physical Education) and a minor in Athletic Coaching VI. What I’m Doing Now • I am a certified Sommelier and work for Ruth Chris Steakhouse, as well as the Elk’s Lodge #3 in San Francisco VII. Other • Favorite Bible Verse – 1st Peter 5:10 • Favorite Coach – Coach Ferreira, for all of the non – sport related coaching and teaching that he taught and instilled in me • Message to Current VCS students – Have fun and that the bonds and friendships that you are starting to form are going to last the rest of your lives

Daniel Saltray ‘99 I. Dates Attended VCHS • 1995 - 1999

IV. Favorite VCS Athletic Memories • Favorite Bible Verse – Genesis 32:22 – 32 II. Sports Played • Favorite Coach – Coach Ferreira, • Wrestling because of the dedication and • Varsity – 4 years time spent building a successful Wrestling Program III. Athletic Achievements • Message to Current VCS Wrestling: Students – My advice to current VCHS athletes, I recommend • 3rd Place Santa Clara going to Florida State University, Tournament (135 lbs, 1997) their sports programs are up and • 1st Place Santa Clara Tournament coming (135 lbs, 1998) • Most Outstanding Wrestler in Tournament (135 lbs, 1998) • League Finals – 2nd Place (135 lbs, 1998) • CCS Finals – 5th Place (135 lbs, 1998) • CCS Finals – 3rd Place (145 lbs, 1999) • State Finals – won one match • Scholar Athlete (1999) • Team League Champions (1996, 1998, 1999)





Casey Neale Sport Played: Baseball

“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.” 1 Corinthians 9:24

Nathan Corrick Sports Played: Baseball, Football Bible Verse: Philippians 3:12-14

Mark & Daniel Saltray Sport Played: Wrestling Bible Verse: “And the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.” 1 Peter 5:10

ATHLETES: Becky Dyroen-Lancer 1985 - 1989 Brian Diatte 1987 - 1991 Brian Krenzin 1981 - 1985 Devin Scruggs 1983 - 1987 Greg Miller: 1985 - 1988 James Sullivan 1982 - 1986 Laura Dequine 1981 - 1984 Lyn Averill 1979 - 1982 Josh Castellanos 1987 - 1991 Mark Averill 1977 - 1980 Pablo Dillon 1978 - 1982 Rob Wylie 1986 - 1990 Ronnie Harris 1984 - 1988 Rosanna Dillon 1980 - 1984 Suzannah Bianco 1987 - 1991

TEAMS: Tamara Charon 1980 - 1983 Bill Ramirez 1985 - 1989 Carmen Lindsay 1984 - 1988 David Meester 1991 - 1994 Scott Reeves 1991 - 1995 Mya Mashayekh Williams 1993 - 1997 Kristen St. Clair 1993 -1997 Mike Rouse 1996 - 1998 Dan Vander Baan 1994 - 1998

1987 Girls Volleyball

COACHES: Damon Gilliland Larry Nardi Steve Niedrauer

FANS: Bill Best Jon & Kellee Mockabee Henry Meester Don Lee Don Springer Judy Kellner Lou Miller

Hall of Fame



2001 Baseball


HALL OF FAME Cameron Radonich Sports Played: Baseball, Football Bible Verse: “Consequently, just as the result of one trespass was condemnation for all men, so also the result of one act of righteousness was justification that brings life for all men.” Romans 5:18

Jessica Newman Sport Played: Diving Bible Verse: Philippians 4:4-7

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

Radonich Family

Past Inductees “The purpose of the Valley Christian Schools Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor outstanding athletes, coaches, fans, and teams at Valley Christian High School, to give motivation to current and future athletes, coaches and fans of VCHS, and to make the current and future student body and constituency aware of the history and tradition of Valley Christian High School.

The criteria for entry into the Hall of Fame is to have given an outstanding contribution to VCHS sports programs, and have character representing of the Valley Christian Schools mission statement.”



HALL OF FAME Casey Neale ‘01 I. Dates Attended VCHS: •


II. Sports Played: • Baseball III. Athletic Achievements • All-League (‘00,’01) • All-CCS (‘00, ‘01) • San Jose Mercury News Athlete of the Week • CCS Player of the Year (‘01)

IV. Favorite VCS Athletic Memories: • Three home runs in first three at bats as a Warrior V. Post High School Accomplishments • West Valley, Mission CC, Oklahoma City University VI. What I’m Doing Now • Coaching baseball at Los Gatos HS and working in the family business of Neale and Sons

Cameron Radonich ‘98 I. Dates Attended VCHS • 1995 – 1998 • Athlete of the Year (1998) • Unselfish Athlete Award (1998)

• I played for Coach Diatte for parts

II. Sports Played • Baseball • Football • JV Basketball (1 year) III. Athletic Achievements Baseball: • All League (1996, 1997, 1998) • Second Team All CCS (1998) • Coaches Award (1997) • John P. Diatte Sr. Award (1998) IV. Favorite VCS Athletic Memories • Taking infield our senior year. We had it down to a science, even choreographed the music. Our team had complete confidence before a game and from center field I was able to watch the whole thing, everybody making their throws while I could see the opposing team lose confidence watching. In practice we were working hard and during the game competing. Warm up was that one opportunity to sit back and enjoy how good our team was. V. Post High School Accomplishments Played Baseball at Azusa Pacific University, one year Football • Captain of the Baseball team (2003, 2004) • All League (2004) • All Region (2004) • Honorable Mention All American (2004) • Received BA in Business Administration and MA in Organizational Leadership VI. What I’m Doing Now • Work at family business – Los Gatos Roofing • Member of the San Jose Leadership Council. VII. Other • Favorite Bible Verse – Romans 5:18

of four years and then three years later I returned to coach with him for a year. I then went on two trips to the Dominican Republic with him with the group Meeting God in Baseball. My relationship has turned from a player/coach to a friend, throughout the years. I have as many good memories off the field as I do good memories on the field in high school. Message to current VCS students – Work hard, have fun and take advantage of opportunities when they are presented. Keep your grades up and go to college! Take time to build strong relationships, high school friends are often the best friends you will ever have.




Nate Corrick ‘01 I. Dates Attended VCHS • 1997 – 2001 II. Sports Played • Baseball • Football III. Athletic Achievements Baseball: • Junior of the Year (2000, BVAL) • Most Valuable Player (2001, BVAL) • First Team All CCS (2001) IV. Favorite VCS Athletic Memories • Winning CCS Baseball Championship



Played Baseball at San Jose State • Four year starter • Honorable Mention Freshman All American • Two Time All-Conference Team (WAC) • Lloyd Christopher Scholarship Grant Award (2002) VI. What I’m Doing Now • Deputy Sheriff, Santa Clara County VII. Other

• Favorite Bible Verse – Philippians 3:12 – 14

• Favorite Coach – Coach

V. Post High School Accomplishments

Diatte, a great baseball coach and motivator. He also taught me life lessons outside of sports.

Jessica Newman ‘00 I. Dates Attended VCHS • 1996 – 2000 • Joseph Award (1999) II. Sports Played • Diving III. Athletic Achievements Diving: • League Champion (1997, 1999, 2000, BVAL) • CCS Champion (1997, 1999, 2000) • 2nd Place League (1998, BVAL) • CCS 2nd Place (1998) • First Team All American (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000) • Academic All American (2000) • Top Five Athletes Award (2000) • Top GPA and Athletic Performance Award (2000) IV. Favorite VCS Athletic Memories • The close competition at CCS my senior year. I was neck and neck with another diver the entire competition until the last dive. It was a rush and a memorable event.

• • • • •

V. Post High School Accomplishments • Crimson and Blue Geographical Scholarship (University of Kansas) • KU Whittaker Leadership Award (2001) • Conference Finals Diving Champion (1 meter and 3 meter) for Junior College (2002) • State Diving Champion (1 meter and 3 meter, 2002) • Graduated with BS in Nursing from University of Toronto (2005) VI. What I’m Doing Now • Registered Nurse at Stanford Hospital in the ICU • Just celebrated seven years of marriage, 3 children VII. Other

• Favorite Bible Verse – Philippians 4: 4 – 7

• Message to students –

God can change your circumstances, but it won’t change the lessons He needs to teach you. • Favorite Coach – Bob Colyar for always helping video tape and gather information in order for me to receive All American status. Hillary Estes for being a Spiritual mentor during trying times.




The Radonich Family

For the latest results, schedules, directions to away events, rosters, and stories go to Log-on to follow your favorite Valley Christian program or VCS alumni.



Warriors Hungry for Win

By Anika Ahuja Contributing Writer

By Eddie Saoud

Although the JV team has not had an ideal start to their season, the boys continue to battle and improve their game. In their first game, sophomore John Wilkonson scored the first touchdown and sophomore Kody Kroenig successfully kicked the extra point, but it wasn’t enough against Bullard High School as they came up short, 25-7. Sophomore Danny Ginther called the first game “a good learning experience to build off of.” He also shared that they were not disheartened by the loss and that they will continue to work harder. Ginther concluded, “We are now a closer and better team.” The boys brought their best to their second game as well but came short and lost 28-14 against Cardinal Newman High School. Sophomore Trent Dexhiemer ran for two touchdowns for VC and Kroenig kicked both times to put two more points on the board. The Warriors traveled to Vacaville on September 23, ready to take the win. The Bulldogs were no match for Valley Christian. The Warriors arose victorious as they stomped the Bulldogs with an astounding 17-7 win. Tensions will be high as VC marches onto the field to play the Crusaders, on their Homecoming weekend.

Staff Writer

The Warriors are a team with a legacy. Every year, they have fielded winning teams, championship contenders, and conference powerhouses. Now, a whole new group of Warriors has been brought together to live up to that legacy; to add to what has been deemed a traditional power in California, and what broke every offensive WCAL record the year before. From that team, the Warriors have returned five starters: Tackle/defensive lineman Theodore King, guard Cameron Wiershauser, junior linebacker/running back Ryan Severson, linebacker/running back Jarrod Lawson, and most notorious corner/running back, Byron Marshall. Marshall in particular has been esteemed as one of the country’s top high school prospects, leading the Warrior offense in what many media pundits have dubbed “The Marshall Plan.” Along side the proven talent returning, the Warriors have numerous less experienced pieces they’ve put into play, including four sophomores that have been pulled up to bring their respective talents to the varsity squad: starting center Charlie Nelson, starting defensive tackle Tim Ryan, starting quarterback Jay MacIntyre, and key backup offensive and defensive lineman, Adam Vasquez. Regardless of the youth and inexperience, the team is anything but fazed. “We are kind of young,” senior running back Jarrod Lawson remarked. “Guys have yet to play on the varsity level and we haven’t had long to gel as a team.” Yet, he still pointed out the team’s lofty goals this season. “We, just as always, aim to win the WCAL and to win CCS,” Lawson stated. However, on September 10, the inexperience of this new Warriors squad was apparent as they walked on the field on a scorching hot Fresno night against a Bullard team thirsty for revenge after a 49-0 thrashing the year before. On the first drive of the game, Bullard marched down the field on the Warriors defense to gain a 7-point lead. Yet, while the Warriors allowed no more scores that half, they failed to put up any points on the board as well. It goes without saying that they were disappointed with the result. Reenergized at the half, the Warriors came out ready to play. As the 2nd half began, Byron Marshall answered the call with an 85-yard punt return for a touchdown. Bullard came back to score another touchdown, and missed a field goal after an interception, but that was the closest the Knights would come to scoring the rest of the game. The offense then drove down the field, beginning what was to be a 21-0, 4th quarter for the Warriors. Quarterback Jay MacIntyre, running back Jarrod Lawson, and running back Byron Marshall all rushed for over 75 yards apiece, Byron in particular eclipsing 100 yards on

FOOTBALL: Frosh The new freshman team left it all

out in the field during their first game as a team and tied the game against the Bullard High School Knights 22-22. Freshmen Kirk Johnson scored the first touchdown and kicker Cody Buchanan added the extra point. Dan Dunham, Jesse Osuna, Andrew Arnold, and Tre McCloud all highlighted VC’s stout defense with hits and tackles. McCloud was also the all-around performer on defense, special teams, and offense. Bullard scored on the next drive and was able to successfully make a twopoint conversion. On the Knights’ next drive they fumbled and Valley Christian was able to recover. On the Warriors’ drive, Yusuf Haddad juked his way for a Warriors touchdown. The Knights were able to score on the next drive due to Warrior penalties and an injury to star linebaker Blair Ewers. However, Johnson was able to stop the twopoint conversion. The Warriors led at the half 15-14. The third quarter was a hardhitting defensive battle and the Warriors forced another Knights fumble. The next drive the Warriors got yardage by Haddad rushing and Victor Lopez passing. Johnson finished the drive by galloping to another touchdown. Bullard gained momentum in the fourth quarter when they intercepted a Lopez pass. They were later able to score, because of more Warrior penalties. They made their two-point conversion to tie the game 22-22. The Warriors were not able to retake the lead, even though there was a strong effort by Johnson to pitch the ball to Lopez on fourth down, but the Warriors were not able to get a first down. On the last play of the game, Valley Christian made one last defensive stand when a swarm of Warriors were able to sack Bullard’s quarterback for a loss of over 20 yards. “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be

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the ground, and the trio combined for all four of the Warriors’ touchdowns in the 2814 win. The next week, the Warriors went toe to toe with another familiar opponent, whom they also blew out last year 34-0; a team that went on to win the Division 3 State Championship and has returned a bulk of their starters. The Warriors were the first to put points on the board off of a long touchdown run by the night’s star, Jarrod Lawson. But unfortunately for the Warriors, Cardinal Newman came back strong, battling all night with the Bay Area squad who bullied them the year before. Perhaps the biggest blow the Cardinals dealt to the Warriors was the one that knocked Byron Marshall out of the Sophomore QB, Jay MacIntyre looks down field to make the throw. game, placing VC’s do-it-all back on the sidelines. Marshall would once again face a familiar foe, not only is a colossal part of the offense, Vacaville, whom they also blew out the but is also instrumental as both a defensive year before. Without having to face the back and a special teams standout, a threat electrifying Marshall, Vacaville had an to take kicks and punts back to the house atypical Warrior backfield to defend. “The every time the ball is in his hands. Luckily, overall scheme of things is changed. Teams Marshall isn’t the only weapon in VC’s usually scheme around Byron, now they arsenal, as his replacement, speedy junior have a whole new animal to face with Ryan Severson, dashed for 72 yards on me and Ryan,” the similarly electrifying just 6 carries and a touchdown. The game Lawson stated. standout, however, was the electrifying Determined, the Warriors walked Jarrod Lawson. Lawson stole the show out of their locker room wrapped in red rushing for nearly 215 yards and a pair of apparel, the occasional few with “Big Love touchdowns. for Sizelove” written on themselves. This Neither team could pull away was a whole new game, a whole new battle from the other, as Valley continued to stay for the Warriors; a battle dedicated to a man in the game. The score never surpassed with an even tougher one ahead of him, a one possession until the 4th quarter, when battle for his very life. the Cardinals distanced themselves with a The Warriors found the lead early, 14-point lead. Yet, the offense effectively fueled by a Ryan Severson kickoff return blew past the Cardinal defense, keeping TD and a recovery by the kickoff team hope alive for the Warriors. Play after in Bulldog territory, which the offense play the offense continued to work down would convert to a touchdown. The legs the field, finally capping off a beautiful of Severson and Lawson, as well as dualdrive with a dazzling connection between threat quarterback Jay MacIntyre, would MacIntyre, and skilled junior receiver keep Valley in the game as the Bulldogs Bryce Novak diving as the ball fell into attempted to stage an early comeback effort. his hands. Unfortunately, there was little Rather than Lawson, Severson would do clock left, and a Cardinal first down would the show stealing this week, leading the seal the game. The Warriors played hard all Warriors in rushing and putting up two night, fighting through sweat and blood, but scores, the aforementioned kick return and regrettably the Cardinals were heralded as a 65 yard touchdown pass from MacIntyre. the victor, 35-28, and the Warriors walked Yet, Vacaville proved to have just as many off the field this night, in defeat. See Football - cont’d on page 16 On September 23, the Warriors




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Time: 3:15-5:00 pm

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Continued from page 15 play makers, specifically Melvin Mason, who ran for five touchdowns and over 200 yards, and Curtis Goins who racked up another 149 yards and a touchdown. The game was a shoot out, the score reading 34-27 before a late Vacaville touchdown, eerily similar to the week before. After the hard fought battle, the Warriors were disappointed with a heartrending déjà vu of the week before. Once again they were defeated by a team whom they ran over the year before. Once again they fell short of victory. However, the Warriors are far from done. The Warriors are ready to return with flare and intensity from their 1-2 non-league record. “We’re more focused,” senior Jarrod Lawson stated with a stern fire pouring out through his eyes. “The physicality has jumped, and we’re all working harder.” There have only been three games for this brand new team of Warriors. There are still leaps to be taken, valuable experiences to be had, and progress to be made for the youthful Warriors, who expect big things come December. In the words of senior Jarrod Lawson, the Warriors always aim to win their league, and win CCS. And now, they will work to chase those aspirations. So far they’ve faced some injuries, most notably, Byron Marshall. But as the season continues, the Warriors will do what the Warriors do best, and bring a whole new game to the WCAL. And hopefully, that will lead to another championship for VC’s vast trophy case this December.

Boys Water Polo Shows Skills By Nicole Kramer Contributing Writer

In past years, the boys water polo program has flourished under coach Caleb Carlson’s advisement, and this year was no different. The varsity team, led by captains Cameron Martino and Danny Buzzetta, were 7-5 after the month of September. In the home opener, the Valley Christian Warriors defeated the Aptos Mariners in a close 14-12 victory. Valley Christian played a great game for all four quarters, never surrendering the lead. Seniors Nick Brugioni and Cameron Martino played phenomenal games, scoring four goals each. Valley’s first league game was a win against rival Archbishop Mitty High School. Senior Zach von Szeremy scored two early goals to give his team the lead. Mitty took the lead 3-2 in the third quarter. Even without captain and star player Danny Buzzetta, the Warriors were able to bring home a league win. The junior varsity is led by returning coach Shea Coleman. They

opened the season strong with a 6-3 record through the month of September. The boys participated in two tournaments, both hosted by Bellarmine. The first tournament the boys beat St. Ignatius, Archbishop Mitty, and Monta Vista, taking first in the whole tournament. In the second tournament at Bellarmine, the boys played without their number one goalie, and were still able to come out with one win. Up to this point in the season the boys have only played one league game against Archbishop Mitty and

lost 4-5. The boys definitely have the skills to compete in the tough West Catholic League, already beating league-rival Mitty in a tournament. The freshman team also looks promising, ending September with a 4-3-1 record. Led by new coach Glenn Reichard, the freshman boys all have immense skill and will continue to grow into a dominating team in the West Catholic League in the future.







A Valley water polo player works toward the goal. The Warriors fight to gain control of the ball




Girls Water Polo Starts Season Strong Staff Writer

This year, the girls’ water polo teams are determine. Determined to win. Determined to persevere. Determined to do better than last year. Last year, the varsity water polo team finished with a record of 3-13. There are seven girls returning from last year’s varsity team and four that have moved up from last year’s junior varsity team. In addition, Ross Morrill has taken over as head coach. Jordan Jensen will be the assistant coach. The girls have been practicing hard six days a week and early morning conditioning for varsity from 5:30am – 7am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are guaranteed to be tired, but they stick with it and the team is looking good. This year’s varsity team boasts two spectacular goalies --- Kendra Summers, a junior returning for her second year of water polo, and senior Julia Thompson. The team is comprised of twelve other girls, eight of which are also seniors. The only freshman to make the varsity team is Natalie Picone, also recently voted Freshman Class President. The junior varsity team, coached by Liz Fenwick, is introducing a team almost entirely made up of freshmen and girls that are new to water polo. They are looking forward to a great season anyway and plan to improve upon their previous record, which was 5-6. They are led by sophomore team captain, Claudia Macedo and also have two hard-working goalies --freshman Sammy Baker, and junior Mona Batmani, who is new to water polo. There are only six girls on the team that are not freshman. Two are juniors and the other four are sophomores. Both teams, however, are working harder than ever. At practice, they swim swimsets and do drills. As the season progresses, they have begun to scrimmage in order to learn more about the game and each other. The junior varsity team played their first game against Mitty on September 21. It was the first game for the majority of the team, and they did very well. They scored six goals and outscored the other girls in the second half. The final score was 13-6.

The varsity team scrimmaged against Lynbrook High School on September 9, which finished with an unofficial winning score of 18-6. The Lynbrook scrimmage was followed immediately by a bonding dinner, where both the varsity and junior varsity teams headed over to Natalie Picone’s house. Their first real games were played in a tournament in Carmel on September 17. They came home as champions of their first tournament, with an impressive 4-0 record to show for their hard work and effort. After driving down to Carmel on Friday afternoon in a van, they stayed overnight in Pacific Grove. They were up early the next morning for a 9:15 AM game against Monterey High School; they came out victorious with a score of 12-5. They easily took their next game against Carmel High School 10-1. After a short break, the team faced Notre Dame High School Salinas and once again came out with a

winning score of 15-5. They then moved on the championship against Santa Catalina High School. They were once again victorious with a 14-4 final score. Natalie Picone, freshman, who scored 9 goals over the weekend, led the team. After taking a victory picture, they all headed home. Their next game was on September 21 against Mitty. After a wellplayed, hard-fought battle, they lost 16-6. Paige Douglas, senior, led the team with two goals. Nicole Kramer, Stephanie Scannell, Kate Staskus, and Shelby Seabaugh also scored. The Girl will begin to compete in the WCAL with top teams in Northern California. The preparation they have put into all their practices is vital to success in this league. So with a few well-played games behind them, the girls’ water polo teams are determined to win as they look forward to the rest of the season.

Junior Kendra Summers gets ready to pass the ball.


By Alexis Corini

Junior Sarah Ellingson egg-beaters up out of the water to pass the ball.




Cross Country Runs to Victory Contributing Writer

As they embark on a new season our Valley Christian Cross Country teams have many hopes and aspirations. Both the boys and girls varsity teams have set their sights on State and are especially eager to succeed after a disappointing loss last season. They plan to ensure their chances of winning by running extremely hard and pushing each other to perform at their full potential. The JV teams are equally ambitious but cannot compete past the WCAL league championships. For the runners on JV their goals are more personal and range from having faster mile times to increasing their maximum distance. Many JV runners say their goal is to PR, meaning to obtain a new personal record. Even though they are two very different teams both the JV and Varsity spend a lot of time together and have evolved in to an extremely close family unit. With this bond the environment is also extremely friendly. While they are competing against each other for the seven spots on Varsity, the overarching goal is a team win. Every runner believes to achieve such a win every individual has to be internally motivated. At every turn, every mile, every repeat, running is a battle that’s won by whoever wants it more. That statement was something everyone on the crosscountry team said in his or her own way. It is perhaps most importantly conveyed through Seniors Dustin Laucella, Morgan Lira, and Isabel Garcia. Laucella is the captain of the boy’s varsity team. Lira and Garcia serve as co-captains for the girl’s varsity team. The less experienced athletes on the cross country teams depend on the leadership and guidance of these captains during the chaotic times throughout the season. These senior runners are continullay working hard in their final VC season. Even though they have a pretty solid variety of returnees the teams are also depending on a few newcomers to step up and affirm their rightful position on the

team in hopes of accomplishing the teams short-term season goals, as well as building up a program to challenge the variety of runners and assist them in reaching their full potential. One runner expected to make an immediate impact is senior Sean Davis. He had an exceptional spring track season during which he broke a two school records he now currently holds. Even though this is his first cross-country season he hopes to use the skills he has obtained through track & field to make an impact on the cross-country team. He worked hard in the off-season to increase his mileage and it appears he was successful as a result of his excellent performance at the Early Bird invitational, where he placed 5th against numerous talented runners from over 40 schools. Davis will only compete for a year but four of five upperclassmen on the Boys Varsity team are first year cross country runners. Lira lead her Varsity team at the 3-mile Early Bird invitational with a time of 18:31, which put her in first place and placed her 24th all time. Freshman Ashley Lara ran the course in mere twenty minutes, thirty seconds, which allowed her to pace 8th at such a competitive race. To many people, her results were a bit surprising, seeing that this was her first

high school race. For more information on the Early Bird results are posted on the cross country team’s website, One event the Varsity Cross Country teams had looked forward to for a long time was their meet in Oregon. The teams left the Thursday, September 22, just before the meet, on Saturday. Those results are also on the cross country website and most of the runner’s were able to PR despite individual difficulties some of them faced. Cross Country can be a simple sport. You go out and run. It becomes more elaborate and the difficulties arise when you recognize the strenuous environment the runners work in. A lot of hard work and time goes into running at an elite level and it can be equally as challenging to run at even a beginning level. In anticipation of such difficulties the teams did have coordinated workouts throughout the summer. These workouts took place during most days of the week. The mileage and difficulty was relatively low at the start but progressed to become steadily longer and equally more intense. If you feel Cross Country is a sport you would like to participate in anyone can join at any point of the season. For those who are interested in learning more about Valley Christian Cross Country visit their website at


By Nia Hayden

Swinging Into the Season Undefeated

The boys varsity cross country team hundles in prayer before they begin the Early Bird Invitational.

By Hannah Lozinski Editor in Chief

On September 7, the Varsity Girls Golf team kicked off their season with a 210-260 victory against Sacred Heart Cathedral. They continued their winning streak in the following few weeks, and ended the month with a 5-0 record. This year marks the third season of the girls golf program at Valley Christian, and the second with both a JV and Varsity team. The JV team is made of both returning players, and those who have never played the game before. They started off the season with a narrow loss to Presentation, but quickly recovered, beating Sacred Heart Cathedral in San Francisco with a score of 265-293. Although Saint Ignatius narrowly won the next match, everyone on the JV team is becoming better golfers. The first match for the Varsity team was held at one of Valley’s home courses, Santa Teresa. They beat Sacred Heart by a fifty-stroke margin.Junior Kalmina Wu was the match medalist, with a score of 39. The next Monday, they again played at Santa Teresa, but this time against Saint Francis, whom they handily beat with a score of 210-236. On Wednesday, September 14, they played an away match against Notre Dame Belmont at Poplar Creek Golf Course. Again, they beat their opponents, with a score of 208 to 271. The next match was quite possibly one of the toughest team matches they played. The Lady Warriors faced off against Presentation at Silver Creek, a course regularly used by both of the teams. Presentation had team scores extremely close to Valley in their previous matches. Both teams scored their lowest rounds yet at the match, but it was Valley who pulled through, shooting a 204 to Presentations 208. Freshman Cristina Glebova shot her lowest round this season, a 36, making her the match medalist. The Lady Warriors also beat Saint Francis at Shoreline the next week. Despite just starting the program two years ago, Valley has emerged as the top WCA L women’s golf team this season.




Girls Tennis Start Season in Fresno By Kara Hinton and Samantha Chong Staff Writers

The school bell rang as always at 2:25 p.m. on September 8, signaling the end of a new school day. Students scurried all over the campus, going to their various after school activities-- the only difference about that day was the Varsity tennis team with Coach Cuong Duong arrived in the parking lot ready to head to Fresno for the California High School Girls Tennis Championship. This was the first time that the team had ever participated in a tennis tournament that was outside of their usual league schedule, and as such, the girls were extremely excited to participate.            The tournament, which featured over 100 schools from all over California, consisted of several divisions. Valley Christian was sorted into Division Four along with fifteen other schools. The first day, the teams, led by team captains, Daniella Holm and Samantha Chong, faced Bakersfield Christian High, Johansen High School from Modesto, and Monache

High School from Porterville. Valley notched victories over Johansen (6-0) and Monache (5-1) and finished second in their group. Freshmen Tina Phan and Kara Hinton proved that age is no barrier as they put up impressive displays against their more experienced opponents. On the second day, Valley arrived at Sanger High ready to maintain their winning streak, and maintain they did- with a close win over Oakmont High from Roseville in the first knockout match. Both teams tied at 3-3, thanks to victories by Hinton, Phan, and the doubles pair of Olivia Chui and Holm. However, Valley won the most games, thus allowing them to move on to the final match against Sanger High. At the end of the day, however, it was Valley Christian who won the final match, thus topping the group and finishing fifth in the overall division. Holm talked about what a great time and experience they had. She said, “It was awesome; really great!” The girls learned a lot from competing against different schools from California and are now looking forward to their new season, and next year’s California Classic; maybe even bringing home first place.

JV Girls

If you want to attend some of their home matches, some upcoming ones are against Saint Francis (10/4), Saint Ignatius By Kara Hinton Staff Writer (10/11), and Sacred Heart Cathedral The JV girls tennis team has (10/18). Come and cheer on the JV girl’s officially begun their season with Coach tennis team as they begin their 2011-2012 Niles Parungao. The team consists of season! three freshmen, nine sophomores, and four juniors. All of the girls are thrilled to start their season with many more teammates in addition to the rest. The JV team started their training back in the beginning of August and worked hard before their first match against Saint Ignatius. In a daily practice, the girls warm up with serves, and drill the rest of the time to really establish the fundamentals, and end with a few sprints for conditioning. Coach Parungao has been very encouraging during practices and sometimes enjoying a few laughs with the girl’s. He said, “I feel excited to start the new season and look at the growth from people I coached previously. I am also looking forward to meeting new talent and new faces. Even with the summer heat, all of them have been working hard to bring some wins for Junior Samira Davallou winds up for her killer serve. Valley.” PHOTOGRAPH BY CECILIA OROZCO

Varsity Girls

Freshman Girls Volleyball Up and Running

Staff Writer

The frosh volleyball team is always a great learning experience for new athletes. They believe hard work will get you anywhere. During tryouts, coaches allowed the girls to scrimmage while they looked for a specific set of skills that encompasses bumping setting and hitting. They would then find where the the new team would need the most improvement. The girls bonded rather quickly and even organized their own team activities. They realized the importance of spending time with one another so that their chemistry would transfer on the court and play as a team. Roughly half of the team has never

played volleyball before and the girls are training earbestly to developo the basic fundamentals of volleyball. So far the coaches see progression with the players. The frosh started off playing several difficult teams. They opened against Sacred Heart Prep, but unfortunately lost in two games. It was a difficult lost, but they showed they had heart for the game. In the Aptos Tournament, they defeated Milpitas High and Harbor High in just two games. However, their mommentum slowed down when they faced tough matches against Presentation and Menlo School. The girls lost their away game to Salinas, but came back with a win at their home game against Notre Dame. The frosh girls will continue to learn more as the season continues.

By Brittany Creel

Staff Writer

The Valley Christian gym was filled with new faces and anticipation of the upcoming season as it begins to take off. Many girls are anxious to get out on the court and impress the coaches. Tensions rise as the girls are moved from one court to another, already planning teams in their heads. After 11 days of vigorous tryouts, the teams have been chosen and three solid volleyball teams make up our Warriors Volleyball with a Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity team. The girls are ready to capture that desired CCS title that is rightfully theirs. With new Coach Sheri Hess from West Valley College, their goals are well in reach. After three weeks of intense practice the Warriors start their season off with a 4-1 lead. The Lady Warriors went on to play Leland, Sacred Heart, Silver Creek, Salinas, and Notre Dame San Jose in which they played hard and pulled out wins against all but Sacred Heart. The stands were packed with new fans and energy as the Warriors arrived at Salinas High School Tuesday night. The girls came ready to play and to seek revenge on the Cowboys from last years devasting loss. The gym was filled with Warrior and Cowboy spirit as the most intense game of the season began. With both teams neck

and neck, it was determination that would take home the win. The Warriors fought hard and did not let up as they took the first game 25-21. The Salinas Cowboys came back the second game ready to fight and take that win. The Warriors played hard but lost the second game 22-25. However, the Warriors were not defeated. Warriors came back with fury as they took the Cowboys to five games and pulled out a win. Tensions were high and the crowd was going wild. The final score was, 18-16 in the fifth game. The Warriors then went on to play Notre Dame San Jose in Wednesday night’s game. With Cal-High sports in the stands, the girls were determined to stomp Notre Dame on Nor-Cal television. The Lady Warriors took Notre Dame to four games in which they pulled out a significant win. The Lady Warriors are prepared to battle any team that comes their way. The Warriors finished 2nd in the Westmont tournament in which they played Mountain View for the championship. The Warriors and took the Spartans to a third game, but to no avail. The Spartans pulled out the win in the last game of the day. The Warriors now continue their journey, fighting for the gold and work immesly hard as they begin to play in the West Catholic Athletic League considered to be one of the toughest leagues in the Northen California.


By Jordan Dawkins

Warriors Volleyball Show Promising Future Battling Their Way to CCS

The Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball team pumps each other up before the start of a new game.




BUILDING LIVES To Reflect and Continue God’s Creative Works DR. CLIFFORD DAUGHERTY 2011-2012 KEYNOTE ADDRESS

By Olivia Chui

Contributing Writer

On August 18, 2011, as students and parents wound up the familiar path to school, they saw a spectacular new sight: the new Conservatory of the Arts and Student Life building, shining like a glass diamond crowning the crest of the Valley hill. Over the opening weeks of school, the new home of Valley Christian School’s Conservatory of the Arts program has been a bustling hub of activity, functioning as a creative, educational, and social center. Before even stepping into the building, many were awed at first sight by the Conservatory of the Arts and Student Life Center. Further exploration into the structure generated many “oohs” and “ahs” as mesmerized students, faculty members, and parents meandered around the glossy halls. The building is quickly becoming a familiar and popular venue for students, but it will never cease to please and amaze its visitors. The state-of-the-art building features a multitude of aesthetic and functional aspects. The building’s characteristic glass panels, designed to symbolize the radiant light of God’s work, invite people in to explore and experience the new structure. Stateof-the-art audio systems and wall-to-wall whiteboards are just a few of the modern installations. The Student Life Center, furnished with comfortable sofas and tall bar tables, also functions as a foyer for special events. Venturing past the lobby area, there is, among other rooms, a beautiful chapel, a keyboard lab, and an assembly hall. On Friday, September 30, 2011, all were welcome to witness the dedication of this magnificent building. A bevy of activities, shows, and performances were planned, designed to showcase the incredible God-given talents that are being nurtured by the Conservatory of the Arts program. Tours of the new building were given from 4 to 7 PM. At the same time, a special school wide gala dinner was held. Lively student performances took place from 6:30 to 7:15 PM, featuring groups from the Junior High and the High School. Also at 6:30, the official dedication of the Conservatory Building commenced, with ribbon-cutting and celebrating galore. To cap off a wonderful night, there was an alumni concert and dessert reception at 8 PM. The Conservatory Building Dedication was one of the many events that will be hosted in this lovely building that both figuratively and literally radiates light. And light will continue to emit from the Conservatory of the Arts and Student Life Center as the students and works it influences continue to shine. Such illumination will truly help to make Valley a “city on a hill” and a “light in the world” for now and years to come.

Jazz Ensemble Back in Full Swing By Katelynn Dietz Contributing Writer

As the new school year begins, Valley Christian Jazz Department gets back into the swing of things, literally. Already, the Valley Christian Jazz Ensemble is busy rehearsing and preparing for the upcoming jazz season. On Saturday, September 3, the Jazz Ensemble had an all day rehearsal from ten in the morning to ten at night. Many talented senior band members have graduated, but junior Howard Dietz, who plays lead alto saxophone commented, “The band this year has an even spread of talent throughout the players and they all are contributing to make this year successful.” The Jazz Ensemble also added a new element to their group. Sophomore Rebecca Cunningham is now Jazz Ensemble’s vocalist. Cunningham participated in the jazz choir, Room 107, last year and competed in jazz festivals as well. The Jazz Ensemble has already participated in several school functions. On

Back to School Night the band performed for parents. The Jazz Ensemble was also seen at the home football game against Cardinal Newman. In between passes and throws the band plays anything from spirit songs to the Jackson 5. The Jazz Ensemble plans to perform at many more home football games along with a variety of jazz festivals in Santa Cruz, Folsom, and Monterey. Junior Howard Dietz also said, “Our goal is to play music in a professional way, but also dig into the meaning of the music and understand it.” The VCHS Jazz Ensemble not only performs and makes music but also learns about jazz history and music theory along the way. The Valley Christian Jazz Ensemble is ready for a fun, musical year full of camaraderie and musical understanding with their talented director, Mr. Dave Gregoric. Come what may, the jazz ensemble is sure to give many swinging performances in the upcoming year.

Marching Band Begins Season By Adora Choi

Contributing Writer

Ninety one Marching Band members have started the year of 2011-2012 with vigorous practices. Over September 16-17, they camped out at Gonzalez for bonding and mainly hard core practice. Their sock tans tell you that! Marching band opens up their first performance for school with Homecoming on October 1. But their very first performance, which Valley Christian hosts happens on October 15. Fifteen bands in the state of California will be competing at Chabot College in Hayward. The theme of this year’s show is Into the Woods, composed by Steven Sondheim. Marching Band is planning ten performances throughout the year. There is something really special and different about this year’s show. They will have actors and singers, most of them from marching band, some from choir and theater classes, in the performance. They

are adapting Into the Woods, and it is a groundbreaking concept because it is very uncommon to have vocalists and actors on the show. A senior in Marching band and the color guard captain, Katherine Young said, “This field show has been different from any I have done in the past because it is a happy, skippy show for the most part, and introduces great singing.” During the last three years, the Marching Band’s themes were Ghost Train, From the Ashes, and Soul of the Tango. Mr. Troy Gunter and Mr. Jeff Wilson, VC band directors are enthusiastic about this new change and Mrs. Maribeth Wiens and Mrs. Sheldon Templeton provide administrative support. The entire Conservatory staff, as well as Conservatory students are definitely excited for the unique opportunity before them this year.

The Warrior September 2011  

The Valley Christian High School Warrior student newspaper