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Friday, May 28, 2010

Arman Zadeh

Assistant Features Editor V a l l e y Christian Economics teacher, Ninos Malek recently received his Ph.D. in Economics from George Mason University. In addition to teaching two college Dr. Ninos Malek Economics Teacher classes, Dr. Ninos Malek teaches AP and regular Economics at Valley. It is fitting that Dr. Malek received his Ph.D. from George Mason University since he started teaching Introduction to Economics classes at that school. Dr. Malek never dreamed of receiving a Ph.D. in Economics. “At first, I wanted to be a stockbroker after watching the movie Wall Street,” Malek remembered. After receiving his Ph.D., Dr. Malek came back to school with a smile on his face. He will continue to teach at Valley Christian High School but now has an abundance of options, with his new found title. The demand for Dr. Malek has skyrocketed, but the supply stays the same. Malek hopes to use his extensive education to continue to better his eager students.


Graduation and Senior Awards

Farewell Class of 2010 Jon Lampkin Editor-in-Chief

It just so happens that all good things have to eventually come to an end. So as the Class of 2010 prepares for May 29, or the first day of the rest of their lives, as some refer to it, good times are remembered, bad times are forgotten, and the dedication and hard work of many seniors is now being commemorated, including valedictorian Jessica Terry, and salutatorians Iryna Butsky Iryna Butsky and Patricia Lundy. Salutatorian Brown bound Terry, was announced as the Class of 2010’s single valedictorian, and was escorted to center stage by a cascade of applause by fellow peers. Terry’s impressive Patricia Lundy body of work, including Salutatorian her 4.60+ GPA, was acknowledged by Valley Christian Counselor Mrs. Diana Fairchild, in a few brief seconds, as she discussed the criteria for being selected as valedictorian.

Senior Jessica Terry was announced as the Class of 2010’s valedictorian. Terry was awarded for her 37 A+’s, and 16 5’s on AP Exams.

The two salutatorians were also announced, both of which will be attending premier universities in the fall. Butsky was accepted into the prestigious Caltech University in Pasadena, California, and Lundy also plans to head south, but for the

Photo by Cindy Torode

Malek Receives Ph.D. from George Mason University


University of California Los Angeles. Other various awards were also dulled out during the awards chapel, as Valley Christian High School said goodbye and good luck to the most memorable Class of 2010.

JJ Heller Takes Center Stage During A Chapel to Remember Claire Karlsson

Staff Writer A Kindergartner next to a senior, a fourth grader next to a sophomore: the K-12 picture on May 5 was more than a commemoration of Valley Christian’s 50th Anniversary. It was a chance for all Valley Christian students to come together without divisions. The gathering had an extremely nostalgic vibe, as students of all ages banded together for some quality time. On a special chapel day, students from Valley Christian Elementary School, Junior High, and High School filed into the football stadium bleachers on VC’s Skyway campus. Instructed to wear Valley’s colors

of blue and white, the students appeared as a cohesive school. After the teachers and staff members on the hill corralled all of the students into the football stadium, the pictures were ready to be taken. Students filed into the rows of bleachers by class, and sat as the cameramen prepared for the panoramic shot. The photographers took multiple pictures and merged them together to create a single picture; a slightly symbolic action, paralleling the fashion in which each of the campuses merged together for a single day. After the pictures were taken, students were ready for a special treat. But

just before the concert was to begin, Dr. Cliff Daugherty had a special message for the students. He prayed for the many students in attendance, and introduced a former Valley Christian alumni. Renowned recording artist, JJ Heller (class of ‘98) took the stage with her husband David, and was greeted by a tidal wave of applause and stomping. Heller discussed her trials and tribulations throughout her younger years, and discussed her journey as a basketball player. The singer, songwriter has had multiple hit songs, including a hit track that was showcased as an audition tune on the national television show So You Think You Can Dance.

After the song “Love Me” was spotlighted on the show, Heller’s career as a musician took a quick upturn as the track began to draw attention and plays from radio stations across the nation, most prominently Christian radio stations. Heller has been in for interviews with Bay Area radio stations including nationally syndicated K-LOVE. Heller’s music included a few of her hit songs, but she also mixed in a few of her more entertaining songs for the younger children in the audience. Heller ended her concert by encouraging students to persevere through hard times, and always listen to God’s voice.

Students gathered from the junior high, high school, and elementary to take a school picture. After the picture, the students were treated to a concert, and Churros in honor of Cinco de Mayo.

Softball Team Hits Full Stride in CCS See Page 11

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“Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.” Ephesians 6:10

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May 28, 2010

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by Darelle Jones


What’s Going On!

Oil Spill in the Gulf

Accusation have been flying between the President, oil company executives and BP or Beyond Petroleum over the oil spill off of the Gulf coast. The result of the spill has caused spheres of tar to fill the Gulf waters and threatens to wash up on adjacent beaches and shorelines. The structure to siphon the oil off-shore went awry and millions of gallons of pure oil are pouring in the sea daily, destroying sea life and bringing off-shore fishing to a halt. Various methods to stop the spill have been attempted, but the oil is still flowing.

American Boy Climbs Everest A 13-year-old American became the youngest climber to ever summit Mount Everest. Jordan Romero’s journey was tracked through GPS, logging his team’s ascent up Everest, which is 29,028 feet above sea level. Romero, of Big Bear, California, said he wanted to climb Everest to inspire more young people to get outdoors. Jordan now has climbed six of the seven highest peaks known as the Seven Summits.

Super Bowl Debate

North and South Korea Tension The tension between North and South Korea has heightened due the recent torpedo attack on one of South Korea’s warships. The ship was initially hit on March 26 2010. As a result of several tests, the investigation team traced the torpedo shell back to North Korea. The United States and South Korea will conduct antisubmarine exercises as well as maritime exercises in the future, said Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman. Whitman would not discuss further details or timelines on the exercises.

New talk of the location of Super Bowl XLV has been debated around the league, whether or not to host it in a cold weather environment like New England as opposed to the warm weather arenas, like Miami. The debate comes down to the fact that owners complain that cold weather based teams would have an advantage playing in a cold environment. So when Pittsburgh or Denver make it to the big dance, it’s believed they’d have an unfair advantage.

Students Travel to Great America Joyce Chen Photo Editor

The roaring of roller coasters, the screams of unsuspecting visitors, and the sweet scent of the famous buckets overflowing with sugary cotton candy filled Valley Christian High School students’ senses: The AP Calculus AB, Calculus BC, as well as AP Physics students arrived at California’s Great America. As a reward for working so hard, Valley Christian decided to allow this select group of students attend the annual Science and Math day at Great America. There are always a couple select days every year that Great America opens its doors for students who are participating in a math day of calculating the acceleration of roller coasters and such. This year, the dates were Friday May 7, May 14, and May 21. Valley Christian students went on May 14 and had a blast zooming around on the various roller coasters ranging from the heart pounding Top Gun to the soaking log rides. Due to the many schools attending this event, the lines were filled with students from other schools trying to fill out various packets with many devices. But Valley Christian High School students only had to worry about having fun.

who bought the meal tickets ate lunch. The Usually when Valley Christian lunch consisted of an unlimited amount of participates in this physics, science, and hot dogs, chili, potato chips, soda, push math day at Great America, the students are pops, and ice cream sandwiches. After told to complete a packet regarding whatever students’ hunger was satisfied, students then subject they are involved in. But this year, returned to the roller coasters and had fun students were told to just have fun. They until 2pm when they were called to meet were not given anything to do aside from again to return to Valley Christian. the instructions of taking care of each other This trip was a great time for the and to enjoy the reward for working so hard students to bond with each other and to throughout the year. enjoy a fun time together because of all the Students were told to arrive in front of the hard work that they put in to do so well in football stadium at 8am where they met with their classes. their teachers. A couple of parent chaperones were also there to give the students extra care. By 8:30am, everyone was loaded onto a school bus and were all driven to California’s Great America. Upon arrival, students were given an admission ticket and were allowed to purchase an all-you-can-eat meal ticket for $5 only. The students were then free to go on whatever ride they wanted until 12pm when they were told to meet up with their chaperones and to check in. Then they were allowed to go to the closed off picnic area where the people People enjoy Top Gun which recently changed its name to Flight Deck.

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Celebrating the Last Chapel in Style Drake Bloom

Staff Writer The last senior chapel; speak now or forever hold your peace! This was the last chance that students and administration would have to give one last message or words of wisdom to the graduating senior class. Senior students sat directing their full

attention at speakers like Mr. Mario Blauman, as well as some student speakers like seniors Blake Kirchick, Steven Melonovic, and Daniel Gillooley. Students told anecdotes and other morals and principles while the rest of the senior class sat in chairs on the floor cherishing the moment as they remembered all of the other seniors they saw sitting on the that same floor in previous years. Mr. Blauman, who was chosen by the se-

nior class weeks previously to speak at the chapel, had one basic principle to present; don’t forget who made you. This profound principle is what students need to keep in mind. It was a perfect principle to be the christening of the departing seniors. The point of senior chapel is to “loose” the seniors unto the world. It is their last heave before the ship sets sail. The only question is, are you prepared?

The Warrior

May 28, 2010

International Students Going Home Sonya Shin Staff Writer Over the long summer break, Valley Christian international students are planning to go back to their homes. Most of them will fly back to Korea, Vietnam, China, or Taiwan as soon as finals end. Junior Sophie Xu said that she would go back to her home in China, and eat every Chinese food that she has missed. Unlike others, sophomore Oscar Lee will stay at Valley longer for summer school. Since it is the end of the year, many changes will be occurred for the next year, 2010-2011. Although most of the students will be staying longer, some might not come back. It is sad for both them and their friends and acquaintances; however, they are pleased with their decision. “I cannot wait for graduation day!” said senior Donna Kang, who has been at VC for two years. Her talents in arts made a big role in deciding college. She said she will become an interior designer and is thankful for every opportunity that she could have in the school. Besides her, there are a total of nine senior international students graduating, including David Lee, Ning Li, Chan Choi, Edison Bui, Jeho Hong, Mingeun Koh, Danny Kim, and Kevin Chen. Since Mr. Scott Wessling has been interviewing the international students, he would travel to China and Vietnam for the interview this year, too. It is certain that there will be new faces for the next year, even though no one knows whom. Valley Christians always welcome international students to stay in VCS, and in the U.S. Get closer and be nice to them for the next year!


Valley Alumni Ryan Eshoff Wins Journalist Award Jon Lampkin Editor-in-Chief

2008 Valley Christian graduate and current UCLA Bruin, Ryan Eshoff has been recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists. He received Ryan Eshoff a first place award as Sports Column Writer, (among 3600 entries), for his columns written for the UCLA Bruin newspaper. As a secondyear staff member, Eshoff has made an incredible impact as a young writer on this award-winning newspaper. Eshoff was accepted to The Bruin staff as a freshman, which is unheard of at UCLA. Recognizing his incredible writing skills, this year as a sophomore, he was promoted to a sports editor position. Ryan has received his new assignments for next year, which he is very excited about: Bruin football and basketball. Eshoff is also looking forward to this summer. Seth Davis, Sports Illustrated writer and lead college basketball analyst on CBS, is moving to LA for a few months to work on a biography of UCLA coaching legend, John Wooden. Ryan will be one of two assistants working with Davis, which is a very exclusive and unique opportunity. Eshoff said, “It’s going to be a lot of researching articles, document scavenging, a lot of typing, interviewing, transcribing,

etc. Davis sent out an email to a lot of groups/people and was impressed with my resume/cover letter, so we started exchanging emails. He was out here a few weeks back, so we met face-to-face... Really nice guy that I think will be fun to work with.” Ryan Eshoff was a 4-year writer for The Valley Christian Warrior student newspaper. He was a tremendous asset to the VCHS Communications Department as a writer, sports editor, as well as editor

in chief. He was the voice of Valley during many of the sports webcasts and teamed up with Adam Hill on The VC Sports Fanatix radio shows. He was also a member of the VCHS basketball team and maintained academic excellence. Ryan is certainly one of Valley Christian’s best and is using his excellent skills to influence his world. Eshoff’s articles can be read at

Photo by D Fugate


Eshoff is seen here with former Sports Fanatix co-host Adam Hill filming their VCHS radio show.

VCS Preps for New Warriors, Gold Rush, and a Good Time! AMSE Program Arazue M. Zadeh

Junior Sports Editor New to the 2010-2011 school year will be the Applied Math, Science and Engineering Institute at Valley Christian Schools. Creating a more centralized focus on these topics, this department will allow students to major or minor in AMSE. The goal of this department is to select a number of students, determined to improve their innate mathematics and science skills, and put them firmly on the path for professional and academic success. Similar to the VPA, which is the Visual and Performing Arts, AMSE will allow certain students to follow a specific academic plan to expand their knowledge in these specific academic areas. Students will be involved in many exciting projects like how to apply techniques learned in specific classes to build a satellite to fly on the International Space Station. This unprecedented project consists of hours of work by two teams of students; the designers, and the ones who will physically fix the satellite together. Initially, over 150 students signed up to construct Valley Christian’s very own satellite. Students will work well into the summer and after school to complete the project as well as other projects involving nanotechnology. Jim Oliphant, one of the trigonometry and statistics teachers at Valley, has several years of experience

working with astronomical vehicles. With a burning passion for his work, Oliphant strongly encourages students to join as applications are still open, but for a short time only. Graduation from the Program: Upon completion of the AMSE Institute, students will be recognized at graduation, receive a AMSE Institute silver seal on their diploma, and receive the AMSE Institute designation for recommendations and applications for colleges and scholarships. Check out the AMSE program at index.aspx.

Taylor Fine

Assistant News Editor On Sunday June 6, 2010 the Valley Christian Cheer team of 2010-2011, will be holding its first End of the Year School Bash. With tryouts under their belt as of last month, the new squad members have already started practices and are very enthusiastic about raising the bar on school spirit for the coming year. “I am very excited about the Valley Christian Cheer Team’s upcoming event. It will be a great opportunity for students and families to get involved and it’s definitely going to be a lot of fun!   I simply want our Valley Christian families to come to Viva Restaurant and celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of a fantastic summer!” said Coach Heidi Hanson. From 6:00pm until 9:00pm at Viva Restaurant in Los Gatos, 10% of the proceeds of all meals purchased from patrons of Valley Christian will go to the Valley Christian Cheer Team. For those who attend the event, all they need to do is tell Viva that they are from Valley Christian, easily giving 10% of all meals to cheerleading funds. During the event, the VCHS Cheer Squad will also be holding a raffle and giving away great prizes such as restaurant gift cards, spa certificates, a one month gym membership to the Almaden Valley Athletic Club, and two auto express

detailing packages worth $110.00 each from Auto Image. There will also be a live auction, which includes auctioned goods such as a 49er throwback jersey from Dwight Clark as well as an autographed football, a portrait package from JP Impressions worth $800.00, a round of golf for four at the Silver Creek Country Club, and an Exotic Car Experience package from Club Sportiva valued at $1,000! Enjoy a complimentary breakfast with Club Sportiva, and then spend the day driving six different exotic cars through 115 miles of Bay Area back roads! On top of these prizes, there will be appearances by 49er Gold Rush Cheerleaders! From 6:30-7:30pm, guests will have the opportunity to take professional photos with 49er Gold Rush Cheerleaders and Valley’s very own Warrior Cheer Team members! Come, mingle with professional cheerleaders as you support a great cause! Viva Restaurant is located in Los Gatos at 15970 Los Gatos Blvd, Los Gatos, CA 95030. For more information email Head Coach Heidi at HeidiHanson_08@yahoo. com!


The Warrior


May 28, 2010

VC Continues to Support India School Jon Lampkin

Editor-in-Chief As the school funded by donations in India improves, Valley Christian continues to support its distant sister school. Superintendent Dr. Cliff Daugherty still encourages students, teachers, parents, and outsiders alike to continue to fund the young school in New Delhi, India. Recently, school leader Abraham Phillip sent the following message to Daugherty regarding current events at the school: Dear Dr. Cliff Daugherty, Thanks for the prayers and support for the Grace Public Schools. I just came back from India. I am sending  some of the  pictures of the buildings and school children, and

class rooms with new furniture.  This is all the Lord’s doing. Praise God, and all of what God is doing. We have $40,000 still unpaid for this  entire  project. $32000 is loan and $8000 is due to the contractor. After one week, school will be closing for summer vacation then it will be reopen in July’s first week. We are still working to get new teachers. We need prayers to find good, Christian teachers and we need to pay for them. More than 100 children now need school books and uniforms.   Every  day, we see parents bring more children. This  school will fill with children very soon. I will be coming to the San Jose area next week, and will be there for two weeks.

I will come and meet you and share more. Once again THANK YOU  for  help, Your Brother in Christ, Abraham As a whole, Valley Christian Schools will continue to support Grace Public School and help to provide both education and the gospel to underprivileged youth in India.

Is Hitting the Easy Button, Really that Easy? Bryan Treiu

Assistant Sports Editor This school year, the AP physics class participated in the Rube Goldberg competition. The primary goal of the competition is to complete a simple task in the most complicated way possible. Mr. Adams’ advanced placement physics class was given the job to create a mechanism that utilized the fundamentals of physics. The task was to simply create an apparatus that was able to consistently hit the widely known Staple’s “Easy button;” however, the creative aspect of this device was to prolong the process as long as possible. Some of the concepts that the project covered were: Conservation of energy, torque, projectile motion, conservation of momentum, rotational

motion, and centripetal force. The AP Physics class consisted of many bright students that had taken advanced placement classes in the past. Senior, Alan Truong, is going to attend UCLA this fall with emphasis in the science department. He has taken AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and all the other rigorous classes at Valley Christian High School. Truong said, “Even though I’ve had a lot of experience with AP classes, AP physics was probably the hardest. For the Rube Goldberg competition, our class must use what we have learned and create a mechanism that can hit an “easy” button in the longest time possible. I’ve never done anything so challenging before; my heart was beating so fast when I was being judged. Mr. Adams has taught us well and my group’s

contraption was a success.” On May 20, 2010, the groups’ contraptions were analyzed and judged from all aspects. Adams wanted to see all his students participate in the project; he wanted his students to experience the Rube

Students were required to hit the “infamous” Staples Easy Button, in some of the most complicated ways possible.

Goldberg competition. One of the Adams’ students, senior Samuel Lee, said, “This was the best thing that I had ever done during my time at Valley Christian High School. It started out to be really hard and annoying; nothing would fall into place and it seemed impossible. But Adams’ told us to continue trying different things because it will not always work the first time. So after several months, we finally finished at 6:00 in the morning, the day it was due. My partners and I were terrified and extremely nervous when we were up to being judged. The moment I heard the Staple’s “Easy button,” I was relieved! It was one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever had. I am glad I took this class and accomplished this assignment.”

Warriorborgs Dominate the Competition Hannah Lozinski

Staff Writer Team 3256, or the FRC Warriorborgs, defied expectations and rose to become a formidable threat in robotics competitions. They started as a first time rookie team with only fifteen members, but

soon rose to become one of the top teams, placing in the top ten at the FRC World Championship in Atlanta. The FIRST Warriorborgs robot was designed to shoot soccer goals. In competitions, the robots from opposing teams would be playing against each other to earn points. Their robot was able to win two awards in the Silicon Valley regional against thirty-seven other teams, and marched on to the San Jose State competition, which is one of the most competitive regional tournaments in the country. There they pitted their robot against fifty other teams and made it to the quarterfinals, receiving two awards once. The judges gave them the Quality

Award, saying, “From the layout of their pit to the operation of their robot, this team builds excellence in everything they do.” Their other reward was for Industrial Safety because they followed the safety fundamentals necessary to excel. UC Davis was the next stop on the 115-pound robots unstoppable tour. Here, they won the regional winners trophy, sharing it with the much more experienced teams from Leland and Clovis High School. Another award was added to their collection: the Rookie All Star award. “We are so proud of Coach Annette Lane and the entire team,” Dr. Daugherty said, “They went against the best with their robot and took the championship trophy.” Because of their accomplishments, they were even nominated to the FRC World Festival in Atlanta, to compete against

more than three hundred teams who also excelled in their respective regional tournaments. “Atlanta was amazing - especially going in as the underdogs,” sophomore Jonathan Allen, a programmer said. He and eleven teammates became the second highest ranked rookie team at this tournament, and ranked ninth out of the eighty-six teams in their division. Even though they were eliminated in quarterfinals, it was a close call. Although the robotics season may be over for this year, the FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) Warriorborgs are setting their sights to the Cal games in October. They also have a summer camp to look forward to hosting, and participating in community outreach. The Warriorborgs are definitely a robotics team to keep an eye on in the upcoming years.

“C2 helped me to succeed.” Allie W. - 11th grade

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and arts entertainment

Conservatory Updates

Dance Show “Snap Shots”

See Page 6

See Page 6

A Review of The Foreigner Kaleb Tuttle

Assistant News Editor

Valley Christian’s entirely student produced play, The Foreigner, was well liked and appreciated by virtually everyone that saw it. It played on May 13, 14, and 15, and was directed by senior Amber Coney and starred Blake Kirchick, Melina Rapazzini, Corey Martin, and Sammy Olsen. The story of the play is about a shy man, played by Kirchick, visiting a lodge. In order to avoid having to make conversations, Kirchick’s character pretends to be a foreigner that does not speak English. Slowly, he begins to come out of his shell and even pretends to start to learn English. By the end of the play, he has even saved the lodge from sure doom by defeating the Ku Klux Clan. The play, written originally by Larry Shue, was performed rather excellently on the VCHS stage in the high school theater. Thanks to Coney’s excellent direction and fantastic acting from an all-around great cast, the show was well done from start to finish. In addition to a great performance by the lead actors, Marko Gluhich and Nicky Slavich were fantastic despite not having as big of roles. Gluhich played a mentally slow but kind hearted man who tries to help Kirchick’s character learn English. Slavich, on the other hand, plays Kirchick’s friend and the

one who actually comes up with the idea to convince the members of the lodge that Kirchick does not speak English. The performances in the play are engaging and well done. Kirchick got the entire crowd to laugh hysterically on several memorable occasions and the rest of the cast nailed their parts so well it made the show one of the best in recent years. The show mixed comedy with some surprisingly serious moments to create the perfect combination. “I really enjoyed working on The Foreigner and I couldn’t have asked to spend my last Valley performance with anyone else,” said Kirchick. Since it only cost five dollars a ticket, it was an inexpensive way to spend an enjoyable evening while watching a great show. For many of the actors in the show, it was their last performance at Valley Christian. They will be graduating after years of hard work and dedication to their crafts. Some will go on to pursue careers in theater, but regardless of their career choices, they will all have learned from the great experiences that they had in the theater and use the skills they learned in the future. With the amount of talent that these students possess, a bright future surely awaits.

VPA Hosts the Festival of the Arts

Kaleb Tuttle

Assistant News Editor On Saturday, May 15, the Festival of the Arts took place. With free admission and a day full of events, the festival was fun and enjoyable for everyone who attended. With performances by the vocal and instrumental classes, the day was filled with quality music and fun. Games, food, and even several bounce houses were featured throughout the day for the guests who were in attendance. It was a great day to celebrate and appreciate the arts at Valley Christian Schools. “It’s amazing how many different and talented groups we have on campus,” said senior Iryna Butsky, who herself is both a member of the Valley Christian wind ensemble and marching band. She

got to see the talent of the students from behind the scenes and was amazed by their unique abilities. The Festival of the Arts serves, once again, as an appreciation event, celebrating the hard work of the students for the school year and countless hours of practice outside of school.

SHREK: The Final Chapter Forever After Melody Makhfi A & E Editor

As many know, Shrek and friends are awaiting a new adventure with the release of Shrek Forever After which was released May 21, 2010. This year, the adventure continues in 3-D and IMAX 3-D. Like the previous Shrek films, the movie will

be following the ideas of fairy tales that many have come to love and enjoy. The trailers for the upcoming movie have been compared to top selling movies, such as Avatar and How to Train Your Dragon. In the new movie, the story takes a twist when Shrek realizes he misses his old oger days when he was young, so he agrees to make a deal with Rumpelstilskin

who says that in order to reverse his past, Shrek would need to give up one day from his childhood. The only problem for Shrek is, he accidently agreed to giving up the day he was born. Be sure to catch the final chapter to see what happens to Shrek and friends!


The Warrior

May 28, 2010


Dance Show: “Snap Shots”

Erica Parker A&E Editor

This year Valley Christian hosted a dance show called Snap Shots. Snap

year, the students in the dance classes nervously awaited the arrival of Snap Shots. A must see production, it was said to be the best performance of the year!

One junior dancer, Taneisha Woodard, the new captain on the Static dance team, was one of the leaders in Snap Shots as she conducted her own routine for the other dancers to enjoy. Very talented, Woodard has been in many shows this year and continues to shine in her talent as she once again was a dancer in Snap Shots. This was the last high school dance show of the year, and one of the most popular on campus. It was a show that was specifically made for students, and all routines were by the students. Each dancer equally contributed their amazing talent to the show by including their own choreography. The dancers practiced for weeks prior to the show, working hard in order to achieve the best performance possible. As the last performance of the

Shots was a performance that promoted the choreography of the students, and the dancers made the routines. The show featured all dancers in hip hop, and jazz. On May 22, 25, 26, 2010, Snap Shots, premiered at the Valley Christian High School theater from 7:30-9:30pm.

Conservatory Spotlight: Peter Buffett In May, Peter Buffett, son of billionaire investor, Warren Buffett came, performed and spoke to Valley’s Conservatory students. The theater was full! Buffett was not given any inheritance by his rich father. He had to make it on his own. He decided he wanted to be a musician. He began by learning the piano and writing music. His “style” evolved in the 1980s with the emergence of the “New Age,” genre. He said he hates the name of that music, but loved the sounds being created. He evolved into writing for clients companies who wanted to sell a product, such as Levi’s, Lexus, the “Milk Does A Body Good” campaign, among others. He showed film clips of commercials he’s written percussionheavy music for, including the very first MTV theme song. Buffett also wrote music for the Academy-Award winning film, “Dances With Wolves,” starring Kevin

Costner. Also





involved with a benefit concert for Jamie and Robert Redford. Buffett performed with Hawk Pope, chief of the United Remnant Band of the Shawnee Nation. Buffett and Pope decided to collaborate, and began touring together in a live version of the PBS Pledge Special “Spirit.” In 2004, an updated version of the Buffett-created and composed “Spirit” was performed on the National Mall during the opening of the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. He had an incredible and wildly-expressive cellist playing with him. He talked to the students about how he is inspired to compose songs, how he got his start in music and in composing for tv and film, and his philosophies about giving back what you earn to society. Buffett and his siblings have created a foundation that supports efforts to stop human trafficking around the world. Mr. Buffett is on a tour to promote

his latest book, “Life Is What You Make It.”


Senior Section Senior Connectivity Advice from Seniors Seniors & Colleges Knowing You’re a Senior

See Inside

Up, Up and Away!

Parul Jandir and Shanti Reddy

Photo by Yearbook

Photo by Tarah Duarte

from the staff and students. Natasha will influence on his life. Rami said, “In these miss “the feeling of be- past four years he has not only helped me ing really comfortable” grow as a musician, but also as a Christian Staff Writers the most, as she makes man.” In a single word, he would describe For the Valley Christian senior her way to Davis. While Valley to be “inspiring” and holds firmly to class of 2010, the finish line is rapidly apshe is hesitant to sepa- his view that, as a Valley Christian graduproaching. As one race ends, another berate from the friends she ate, he will surely reach the goals he has gins for them. Needless to say, each and has grown so close to, already worked so hard for. Ten years from every one of these excellent students is she realizes that this is now, Rami sees himself settled in Los Anwell on his or her way to an exceptional all a small part of God’s geles with a wife and two children, leadfuture. With a Valley Christian diploma huge plan for her life. ing worship at a church. His message to his in hand and endless possibilities, talents The president of Valley’s underclassmen is that “. . . coconut curry is and aspirations, these graduates are set to Humanitarian Society, the best food in the world” and he would finish strongly only to begin again in colNatasha definitely plans also like to say that “.. . a great musician lege. While all the members of the senior to continue her efforts with no ambition shall fail!” class benefit from a varied range of artisWhile these three shining stuagainst human traffick- tic, athletic and academic gifts, all of them dents serve as a mere sampling of the diing in college. Ultimateeagerly look forward to a phenomenal colverse talents that the senior class possesses, ly, her goal is to pursue a lege experience, while they are sentimental they also epitomize the excellence that the career in Law, but even about leaving the Valley Christian family. entire class of 2010 contains. As they break ten years Senior Blake Kirchick is excited through from now, to attend Chapman University in the fall. their finish she sees He noted that Natasha Jha served as President of the VC line, these Abolitionist Society during her time at Valley. herself as a the one thing alumni-tostudent. This that he will be leave the University of enthusiastic scholar is undoubtmiss most behind a California at Davis edly headed for a great future. about Valley legacy of As a senior planning in the fall, looks is the “support footprints to double major in Vocal Perforward to possibly from all areas” on the fourdouble-majoring in formance and Commercial Muincluding that year track Political Science sic, Rami Campbell is thrilled from teachers, that is betand English. She to attend Azusa Pacific Unipeers and stuter known to stated that if she versity in September. The exdents which be their high were to describe cellent and renowned vocalist has really Rami Campbell is heading for Azusa Pacific school exin the fall. her experience at will miss the “at-home” feeling helped him to pedition. As Christian that the teachers and students excel. He also Blake Kirchick can often be found in the film room and is Valley this track ends, they all readily look toward known around campus for his sense of humor. High School in one at Valley provide him with. He stated that mentioned a whole new track, prepare for a whole new that he will miss Valley’s environment and word, she would have to go with “insight- Mr. Dave Hook is the one person from race and embark on a whole new journey. the warmth and happiness to which he has ful” because she has just learned so much Valley Christian who has had the greatest become accustomed. Ten years from now, Blake sees himself “. . . on the moon!” On a more serious note he said that he is not sure where he will be in ten years from now, but he will follow the route that life and God direct him toward, “even if it’s to the moon.” Blake stated that Mr. Marshall is the teacher who has impacted him the most at Valley because he served not only as a teacher, but also as a mentor from whom Blake will continually seek advice. Natasha Jha, a senior who will attend

The Senior Escape

Also, a good destination for seNathan Farrokhian niors is Hawaii, although it is a bit pricey. Assistant News Editor Hawaii offers a safe environment during With end of the seniors’ last year the day and even at night. During the day, at Valley coming to a close, students are students can hang out by the water and enstarting to think about what they want to joy the beautiful weather. Also, they can do with their friends before they go off to enjoy a hike in the mountains or even go college. Many students hope to go on a trip dirt biking through the lush forest. During with each other before the majority of them the night, there are many places to go and go their separate ways, however many par- shop and eat and simply just have a great ents are scared about where it is safe to let time. Senior Claudette Diaz emphasized, “the importance of making the trip memotheir kids travel alone. Many parents shun the idea of rable and making sure that all your close their kids going to Mexico, or anywhere friends can go.” Another destination is Lake Taout of the country for that matter, so many hoe. It is a of them try great place and find alterto visit that native places is very acthat will still cessible to be a blast. everyone. Los AnStudents geles is the can go and number one camp or place that sestay at the niors enjoy many hoto go. With tels around many things the lake. to do and a People destination think that so close, they are able to do These seniors have made many memories throughout high school and plan Lake Tahoe only more for the to continue doing so during the summer and through college. has things money. With to do during the winter, however this is Disneyland and Universal Studios as prime untrue. During the summer, students can destinations, students have an abundance relax by the lake and go on hiking trips of fun waiting for them. Once they are done exploring the theme parks, they can through the lush forest that extends for go hang out at the many different beaches miles in every direction. Lake Tahoe is great all-around trip idea. that are located in the LA area.

College Checklist Tarah Duarte

Features Editor When you’re headed on a trip, there always seems to be something you forget. But you don’t want that to happen in college. Along with the bed sheets, pillows and food recommends you add these random items to your must-have list.

Kitchen Needs Coffee Cup Can/ Bottle Opener Chip Clips Room Needs Storage Cubes Mounting Tape Dry Erase Wall Board Toolkit Hangers Drying Rack Bulletin Board Push Pins Electronics Phone Cord Surge Protector Extension Cords 3-2 Prong Adapters Linens Headrest Pillow Lint Brush Sewing Kit

Toiletries Aspirin Vitamin C Neosporin Band-Aid Cough Drops Office Supplies Memory Stick Phone Book Heavy-duty Stapler Staples Pocket Folders Labels of Various Sizes 3x5 Cards Post-it Notes Rubber Bands Dictionary Thesaurus Light bulbs Other Ziploc Bags Laundry Detergent Fabric Softener Wet Wipes


The Warrior

May 28, 2010


Senior Words of Wisdom

Katherine Zhao

Staff Writer The 2009-2010 school year is winding down and the 2010 senior class is ready to leave the home and sanctuary that Valley Christian has provided for so long. Before this class leaves, there are some things that should be passed on to the rest of the student body. 1. Senior year is no picnic. It is just as challenging and stress filled as the years past, so enjoy summer vacation.

2. Do not try to take too many AP classes; getting the college credit is nice, but sometimes it may be better just to retake the class again in college. 3. If you want to take an online class make sure you know the homework and test deadlines. 4. To avoid traffic on the hill get out to the parking lot either really early, or fifteen minutes after.

5. Don’t just buy textbooks from Check out the other sites for cheaper prices. 6. Our theater productions are some of the best in the area. Take the time and go to one; it is worth it. 7. If you are an incoming senior, make sure you pay attention to locker sign ups or you’ll probably end up with no locker at all or one of the fourth floor.

8. Rule of Thumb about college applications: Start early submit early. 9. If you need teacher recommendations, make sure you tell the teachers ahead of time and hand them a resume with the form. 10. High School happens only once enjoy it.

Taylor Fine

Assistant News Editor During the month of April 2010, Fox’s hit show Glee held open auditions over the popular social network Myspace, where eager 16 to 26 year olds could leave videos of themselves spewing out their vocal adrenalines. With over 28,000 auditions submitted it would be the least to say that it was a huge success. Glee, a new show on Fox which premiered its season one debut in 2009 has become extremely popular over night and continues to grow as a pop culture phenomenon with the current generation. VCHS Senior Tim Davis, who is considered an excellent singer, actor and dancer has been involved in an extraordinary amount of Valley Christian show cases, both involving musicals and singing competitions. “For my audition, I had to video tape myself on Myspace on the Glee Myspace page,” said Davis. “When I went to register,

they told me that I could only choose one song from a list of 10 songs that they had sung on the show before. And that was hard because I wasn’t comfortable with any of those songs. Only 3 of the songs were for guys so I ended up singing “True Colors” which is a Cyndi Lauper song.” During the audition process, although not held on live television, screenings of everyone’s audition videos were open to whomever wished to view them on the audition site. “It was interesting watching fellow competitors to see who was better than me or a possible threat. Some were really good and others were completely new to singing. I saw another guy named Tim who was very good and he had 8,000 gold stars and that was a personal thing because we had the same name; I had to beat the other Tim. So I got my mom, my aunt and my grandma, my own personal sweat shop: I had them voting over and over again for days and for a week, me and that other Tim were head to head with each

other and we both ended up with 30,000 stars.” Along with a tape of each contestant singing was a required second video with an explanation of who they were, experience they’ve had singing and the reason why they wanted to become an additional member to the cast for season two. Davis said, “I’ve been obsessed with that show since it began. That’s how I wish life was, in times of happiness or sadness or just high school drama I just wish we could break out in song and dance just to deal with it. Just the writing is so good and it focuses on a new group of people; not the jocks but the Gleeks!”

Tim Davis receives his 2010 Outstanding Vocal Performer Award from choral director, Dave Hook.

Photo by Cindy Torode

Senior Tim Davis Auditions for Fox’s Glee


May 28, 2010

The Warrior

Meet Your New 2010-2011 ASB

Lorette Le Sr. Secretary Sports Commissioners David Gerhardt & Julianne Kendrick

Outreach & Inreach Coordinators Cathryn Mulvihill & Vanessa Arneson

Video Commissioners Amy Brant & Matt Ross

Jr. President - Sarah Michelle Cruz Sr. Vice President- Joyce Chen Sr. President - Michaela Maley Sr. Treasurer- Ty Mauro

Rally Coordinators Jack Murphy & June Yoo

Event Coordinators Tati Braun & Bri Ahmed

Public Relations Kristin Sato & Marc Rauschnot

Internal Affairs Tarah Duarte

Conservatory Rep and Chapel Coordinator Taylor Hix & Megan Fairchild

ASB President Caitlin Brenton ASB Vice President Bryan Houp ASB Secretary Brandon Hecke ASB Treasurer Andrew Smith

Cheer Rep and Music Coordinator Lauren Trevino & Becca Singley


2010-2011 ASB!!!

To the Class of 2010... Taylor Fine

Assistant News Editor I honestly can’t believe how fast high school has gone by. I still remember my first day of freshmen year; I had English with Mrs. Anderson in the gym building. Freshman year we thought we were so cool; officially teenagers ready for the world. I can’t but stop to reminisce on the past four years, now that high school is over, and all those things that make high school, high school. The dances, sleep-overs with your friends, procrastinating on your projects, getting a locker freshmen year, boyfriends and girlfriends, Friday Night Lights, the


jocks, the cheerleaders rooting on the Big Blue, the clubs, the thespians, and the child hood innocence we had. The more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve realized that once we graduate, it’s all over. We have to face the big mean world; we’re no longer considered children, but young adults. Men and women of the future. For the past month I’ve been thinking a lot about how our society makes such a big deal about high school, and asking myself the question why? We have shows like Degrassi, 90210, High School Reunion, and hundreds of motion pictures depicting students in high school; High School Musical, Clueless, Grease, Mean Girls. All of these outlets of film have one thing in com-

mon; they all take place in high school. But why? Why does our society obsess over high school? Always asking questions like, if you could go back to high school what would you have done differently? What were you like in high school? Our society tells us that our four years of high school are suppose to be some of the best years of our lives. And to some degree I believe this to be true. We’re young and naive, trying to figure out who we are and what we’re supposed to do with our lives. Just like I said before in the recent senior chapel, I know that although I’m going to miss high school very much, it is time to move on. High school was so much fun and I made so many memories I will al-

ways cherish, especially all those I made on the cheer team with my best friends. Seniors, the future is broad and prosperous. God has amazing plans for our lives. This past month I’ve consistently found myself thinking about what God is going to do in my life. And let me tell you seniors, I’m so excited! And you should be too because He has amazing plans for each and everyone of us. Bitter sweetly, it’s time to let go. Look back on the past four years and learn from mistakes. A wise woman once said, “Live life, take adventures, and guard your heart.” Just remember seniors, “As we go on, we remember all the times we had together, and as our lives change from whatever, we will still be friends forever.”


The Warrior

May 28, 2010


David Moore wears Blueblocker sunglasses like Ford Merrick who runs Cross Country like Kendra Higgins who likes cats like Brian Troung who has an older brother who graduated from VC like Jamie Walitsch who was in Miss Way’s geometry class freshmen year with Melanie Hanlon who was involved with the “Every 15 Minutes” program like Shane Biglarderi who has a younger sibling in the junior class like Kyle Fong who is in the vocal department at VC like Amber Coney whose parent teaches at VC like Kiley Gunter who is in ASB with Jasmine Choing who is actively involved in film club like Spencer Moran who did the turkey gram commercial junior year with Blake Kirchick who starred in the Romeo and Juliet Brown Bag this year with Corey Martin who has been playing guitar for many years like Melody Makhfi who has been best friends for four years with Mercedes Fernandez who swam sophomore year on JV swim team with Kelsey Roland who attends Evergreen Valley Church like Aaron Hook who has red hair like Janna Oswald who played tennis during high school like Katherine Sanine who is a yearbook editor like Chelsea Tamura who works in Morgan Hill like Madison Gonzales who tap dances like Alexa Riddle who went to Valley for elementary school with Megan Hollenbeck who was in algebra with Aly Young who is friends with Danielle LaDeRoute who is a Warrior cheerleader like Taylor Fine who is actively involved in Christian Club like Giancarlo Antonelli who is a musician like Claire Templeton who had anatomy 5th period with Marcus Hidalgo who traveled to India like Natasha Jha who is a president of a club like Jessica Terry who went to Winter Ball with Kaleb Tuttle who lives on the same street as Jacob Burridge who plays hockey like Marco Gagliardi who was a TA for Mrs. Hori’s class like Hannah Wiley who works at Pizza My Heart with Moriah Larson who drives a black Mercedes like Taylor Ulmer who played volleyball like Rachel Alvey who received an athletic scholarship like Shayne Fleming who is over 6 feet tall like David Mignea who has curly brown hair like Jesse Rodriguez who coached girls powderpuff this year with James Yoder who played varsity football with David Hegler who gave his football jersey to Taylor Batey who plays softball with Jasmine Dickinson who has trig 3rd period with Rana Ghafari who is Persian like Arman M. Zadeh who lives on the same street as Bryan Trieu who is cousins with Alan Truong who drives a BMW like Morgan Nilmeyer who works at Hollister Co. like Camille Tucker who has a Chihuahua like Dominic Taguinod who drives a car with turbo like Jake Kapp who swam freshmen year with Mike Olson who works at Safeway down the hill like Justin Boman who is in statistics 4th period with Jimmy Bustamante who lives in Willow Glen like Chelsea Chiappe who is on Charis Dance Team with Julia Shikashio who is in AP Physics 8th period with Samuel Lee who is on the debate team with Alex Joe whose older sister graduated from Valley like Nathan Farrokhian who never gets called by his first name like Ian Karlsson who drives a bright red car like Andrew Robbins who transferred from outside of California like Ainsley Laven who is close friends with Adrianna Boursalian who lives at the bottom of the hill like Lauren Reiling whose older brother played baseball with Trevin Craig who is signed to San Jose State like Matt Carroll who played on varsity basketball with Kyle Travis who won homecoming court with


AJ Sprauve who has a little sister in the freshmen class like Nick George who has a German shepherd like Greg Freitas who loves the San Francisco Giants like Danny Kim who played Yu-Gi-Oh like Daniel Chiu who is in theater tech with Jeff Mayfield who is in Community Outreach with Jamie Orozco who participated in Singing in the Rain with Tim Davis who sings in chapel with Jasmine Butler who managed football with Melissa Hughes who carpools with Marissa Earles who is really close to Mrs. Torode like Tyler Flippo who went on the Mexico missions trip with Acacia Walls who participated on the track team with Jenna Davis who is best friends with Hannah Goranson who is in 7th period AP Economics with Kevin Chen who enjoys Physics class like Katherine Zhao who is in Journalism 1 like Drake Bloom who shares the same last name as Laura Bloom who went to Chaboya with Steven Milunovic who is involved in the “Emerge” club with Steven Howard who is a Dodgers fan like Alex Coleman who is attending Azusa Pacific University like Marisa San Miguel who has been cheering for years like Bri Melnychuk who does the daily announcements like Caitlyn Blackstone who is new to Valley this year like Michael Duncan who manages a sports team this year like Rochelle Stryker who likes snowboarding in Tahoe like Ian Blair who dirt bikes like Autumn Becerra who has been close friends with Nicole Brown who for over 5 years has known Emelie Hertz who used to play volleyball with Samantha Boulware who is in yearbook like Eric Williamson who is in 7th period Leadership with David Lee who is an exchange student like Ning Li who is in Spiritual Disciplines with Aaron Ross who went to Europe over spring break like Michelle Hermadi who is involved with the Conservatory like Canyon Read who is in AP English with Laura Maxwell who carpools with Tiffiany DeLaCerda who went to Africa with Rami Campbell who loves singing during his free time like Caitlin Monteverde who was in Les Miserables with Gabe Weitzman who plays in the band like Juiliana Wallace who plays goalie on the soccer team like Kendra Gillio who is going to attend Monterey State University with Joanna Condos whose older brother graduated from VC like Brooke Silvetti who went on a trip to Arizona during spring break with Claudette Diaz who ran cross-country like Joe Garcia who got accepted to UCLA like Patricia Lundy who came to VC last year like Rebecca Mitz who drives a Mazda like Ernesto Contreras who has played varsity basketball for VC like Ajhanai Newton who was involved in the “Every 15 Minutes” program like Priscillia Bui who is close friends with David Ko who won a title in “best and most” like Nicky Slavich who is going to Azusa Pacific University like Jordan Kuschel who has been best friends throughout all of high school with Sam Mathison who plays soccer with Spencer Ramsey who plays guitar like Nick Sutton who drives a Lexus like Andrew Robicaux who has a younger sister who goes to VC like Ryan Scripps who lives in Evergreen like Shar Hosseinipoor who speaks fluent Spanish like Vu Tran who was in Singing in the Rain with Ashley Kubiniec who is in Leadership with Tyler Morrone who played basketball this year with Ben O’Harra who was in Apologetics last year with Haliee Stanton who is an office aid like Daniel Moore who shares the same first name as Daniel Tietze who plays World of Warcraft with Thomas Curry who in Spiritual Disciplines with Kyle Williams who drives a Scion like


May 28, 2010

The Warrior



Kelly Marine who went to JSB with Stevie Thompson who played in the Morgan Hill Pony Baseball League like Thomas Reynolds who played football freshmen year like Brandon Farris who drives a Ford like Nathan Campeau who skateboards like David Yoshida who is best friends with Andrew Rolen who lives in Almaden like Rachel Hatcher who has two older sisters like Kellen Power who was friends in elementary school with Kayla Carroll who sings in the worship band with Lexi Hausmann who was on homecoming court like Victoria Evans who has the same last name as Chantee Evans who sang in the choir like Kirstina Heid who is in band like Megan Jasso who is in AP Economics 7th period with Danny Hernandez who plays hockey like Tommy Higgins who lives in the Silver Creek Country Club like Katrina Sanders who is an instrumentalist like Jeho Hong who is an exchange student like Mingeun Kho who is in AP Economics 7th period with Daniel Lampe who plays Halo with Brandon Jacques who is a Sharks fan like Casey Staub who is actively involved on ASB like Steven Flowers who has tons of school spirit like Britt Abrahamson who is going to Cal Berkeley like Andrew Luu who swam on the swim team like Melissa Tencati who works at a restaurant like Thomas Connolly who drives a white car like Lindsay Pund who loves to snowboard like Cody Leal who plays Xbox Live like Marcus Parker who has a younger brother at VC like Eric Champlin who works in the lunch lines with Mitchell Bettencourt who drives a German car like Bri Garrison who played varsity soccer with Dana Gambello whose mom works at VC like Matthew Schmidt who lives in Willow Glen like Mackenzie Beveridge who played volleyball with Chelsea Shears who was in a car accident like Derek Post who plays guitar like Andrew Baker who is in Comedy Sports like Jason Orozco who was in the dance show with Edison Bui who is a foreign exchange student like Chan Choi who is in 3rd period Calculus with David Bissett who had a crazy growth spurt like Kyle Gerrans who received an athletic scholarship like Alex de Leon who went to a public middle school like Danny Hittler who plays soccer like Austin Mansker who is in ASB with Leslie Nguyen who went to middle school in Milpitas with Michelle Vaquilar who is in AP Art Design with Adella Andre who is an officer in National Art Honors Society with Brian Reilly who cooks breakfast for Jordan Sisson who went to preschool with William Wilson who had sophomore Bible with Ian Stephenson who went to Los Gatos Christian with Kevin Avanes who loves Mr. Oliphant like Ben Adams who has blonde hair like Kimberlie Anderson who dyed her hair this year like Christine Cabrera whose first name and last name begins with ‘C’ like Cari Cronquist who plays soccer like Kyle Grayson who loves drawing like Paul Jolly who likes shooting films like Cody LaRont who drives a Mustang like Jason Marengo who returned kicks freshman year like Will Pitman who drives a truck like Matt Rando who has dark brown hair like Tyler Garland who loves dancing like Kristina Speidel who is in leadership like Dan Gillooley who likes biking like Sioeli Pulu-Katoa who has a hyphenated last name like Jennifer Mudd-Walker who was in 7th period AP English like Tiffany Ting who is an artist like Stefan Saldana who hangs out with

Nico Willis who is multi-cultural like Corina Avilla-Weston who is involved with band and color guard like Iryna Butsky who took French like Edward Decker who is actively involved in theatre like Olivia Norman who has an older brother who is an alumnus like Courtney Rypstra who is a Teacher’s Assistant like Jasmine Safar who is Middle Eastern like Rawan Khoury who is attending college in San Francisco like Omar Iturriaga who is taking trigonometry with Donna Kang who was on JV soccer like Nicole Lord who has a younger brother attending VC like Danny Davis who plays baseball with Ryan Reese who shares his first name with Ryan Lowe who has English with Dean Barron who ran Cross-Country like Elizabeth Wallace who has a sister who attends VC like Alanna Bautista who is in the vocal department like Megan Madsen who used to cheer with Kelsey Kroening who drives a Toyota like Mckenna Fairey who is taking a photo class like Spencer Rapp who is in 7th period Economics with Nick Parsons who shares his first name with Nick Ramirez who had AP English junior year with Jay Barker who has a 3 letter first name like Liz Sprague who is tall like Taylor Robertson who plays basketball with Melanie Lara who has been friends for many years with Brenna Holloway who is brunette like Victoria Smith who is on ASB with Amari Collins who dances like Bianca Khishaveh who is close friends with Trisha Macaraeg who is in AP Econ like Nick Connet who had freshmen year honors English with Nicole Parker who was in choir with Kayla Empson who has been involved in theater productions like Soraya Davallou who is in Scrabble Club with Kelly Tanimura who has red hair like Merissa Roffey who was in Algebra 2 last year with Aaron Cobb who went to San Jose Christian School with Candace White who has been friends since first grade with Ariel Lecky who has forensics class with Daphne Deitchman who cut her hair this year like Leslie Nguyen who shares the same last name with Jonathan Nguyen who got into UCSD like Mingee Do who shares the same last name with Vanessa Do who is friends with Dan Tan who received Division 1 scholarships for athletics like Kyle Gerrens who went to junior high with Lynnea Palazzolo who played a sport for VC like Matthew Muller who is brunette like Danielle Simmonds who had an older sibling graduate from VC like Ryan Hoffmeister who has been involved in the athletics at VC like Joey Riggs who was on the football team with Mike Gradillas who is leaving the state of California for college like Austin Yao who play World of Warcraft like Vince Zhang who has 4th period Economics with Kirsten Grondlund who was involved with the VC theater production Singin’ in the Rain like Buck Harris who has 8th period statistics with Kevin Walker who has the same first letter of his last name as Rebecca Wall who dances at VC with Kayla Massa who shares the same first name as Kayla Hanes who has green eyes like Steele Jankowsky who is on the same page in the yearbook as Evan Garcia who is friends with Alex Tong whose last name starts with the same letter as Jason Thai who had English 6th period like Amanda Speedy. And…Tommy Zellner, does he even go here?

12 The Warrior

Abilene Christian Kayla Carroll Janna Oswald Jordan Sisson

May 28, 2010

MOVING Brown University

De La Salle University

Oakland University

Jessica Terry

Nikolai Lapena

Alexander deLeon

Delta Comm. College

Oklahoma Christian

Joey Riggs

Steven Flowers

Cal Baptist Taylor Robertson

Academy of Art University Cal Poly SLO Adella Andre

Arizona State Univ. Mercedes Fernandez Brooke Silvetti

Art Inst. of NV Las Vegas William Wilson

Azusa Pacific Andrew Baker Dean Barron Ian Blair Jacob Burridge Rami Campbell Alex Coleman Timothy Davis Ian Karlsson David Ko Jordan Kuschel Moriah Larson Nicole Lord Corey Martin Jeffrey Mayfield Tyler Morrone Alexa Riddle Andrew Robbins Marisa San Miguel Nicholas Slavich Kaleb Tuttle Acacia Walls Eric Williamson

Belmont University

Jenna Davis Daphne Deitchman Melanie Hanlon William Pitman Katherine Sanine Liz Sprague

Cal State Northridge Caltech Iryna Butsky




Columbia University Daniel Tan

Concordia University Mackenzie Beveridge

Cornell Thomas Reynolds

Berklee College of Music

Joanna Condos Tyler Garland Kendra Gillio

Benjamin Adams Nick Sutton

CSU Sacramento

Daniel Chiu Thomas Connolly Kirsten Gronlund Lexi Hausmann Derek Post Elizabeth Wallace

Boise State University Hannah Wiley

Boston University

Samantha Boulware

Megan Hollenbeck Alexandra Young Melissa Tencati

Madison Gonzalez

Kellen Power

Biola University

Fashion Inst. Of Design

Chico State Colorado State Univ.

Justin Boman Brandon Farris Brenna Holloway Spencer Ramsey

CU Boulder Daniel Hittler

Cuesta Jr. College

Dong Geun Lee

Grossmount Comm. Hampton Univ. Jasmine Butler

Humboldt State Tiffany DeLaCerda Alexander Joe Laura Maxwell

Lewis & Clark State Chelsea Shears

Loyola Marymount Jasmine Chiong Daniel Tietze

Menlo College Ryan Reese James Yoder

Middlebury College Tiffany Ting

Mission College Marissa Earles

Modesto Jr. College Ernesto Contreras

Matthew Schmidt

Neumann University

De Anza

New Mexico St.

Hsin-Fu Chen Danny Hernandez Marcus Parker Sioeli Pulu-Katoa Jason Thai

Jennifer Mudd-Walker

Penn State Jeho Hong

Briana Garrison

Georgia Inst. Of Tech.

CSU Monterey Bay

Rebecca Wall

Emory University

Blake Kirchick Ashley Kubiniec A. J. Sprauve

Kelly Marine

Pace Univ.

Hannah Goranson

Foothill Jr. College

Bentley University

Bethany University

Duke University

Kelsey Kroening

Nicole Parker

Kyle Fong Katherine Zhao


Marco Gagliardi David Bissett

North Park University Melissa Hughes

Northern Arizona Univ. Claire Templeton

Pensacola Christian College Michael Duncan

Pepperdine University Kyle Gerrans

Point Loma Nickolas Connet

Purdue Nicholas Parsons

Saint Martin’s Univ. Evan Tristan Garcia

SF City College Edison Dung Bui

San Francisco State Soraya Davallou Taylor Fine Omar Iturriaga Melody Makhfi Ford Merrick Rebecca Mitz Brian Truong

San Jose City Taylor Batey

San Jose State Kevin Avanes Alanna Bautista Shane Biglarderi Drake Bloom Mathew Carroll Amari Collins Trevin Craig Daniel Davis Ryan Eager Chantee Evans Tyler Flippo Russell Gutierrez Kyla Hanes Buck Harris Kirstina Heid Thomas Higgins Shar Hosseinipoor Brandon Jacques Megan Jasso Cody Leal Stevan Milunovic


The Warrior

May 28, 2010


Daniel Moore Lucas Moreno Ajhanai Newton Benjamin O’Harra Michael Olson Jamie Orozco Jason Orozco Paul Quinby Matthew Rando Andrew Rolen Aaron Ross Katrina Sander Hailee Stanton Erica Villarreal Kevin Walker Candace White

Santa Barbara City Taylor Ulmer

Santa Barbara Comm. Dana Gambello Jacob Kapp Morgan Nilmeyer

UC Berkeley

James Abrahamson Shayne Fleming Andrew Luu Bryan Trieu Gabe Weitzman Tommy Zellner Ainsley Laven

Univ. of San Francisco

UC Davis

Ning Li

Jimmy Bustamante Natasha Jha

UC Irvine Venessa Do Nathan Farrokhian Mingeun Koh Trisha Macaraeg Samuel Mathison Arman Moghtaderi-Zadeh Leslie Nguyen Ian Stephenson

UC Merced Jay Barker

Santa Clara Univ. Corina Avilla-Weston Bianca Khishaveh Melanie Lara Nicholas Ramirez Victoria Smith

School of Art Inst. Of Chicago

UC Riverside Kayla Massa

UC San Diego Mingee Do Min Gon Kim Jonathan Nguyen

Ga Hee Kang

UC Santa Cruz

Seatle Pacific Univ.

Autumn Becerra Danny Lampe Amanda Speedy

Kacie Campbell Kendra Higgins

Sierra Alex Tong

Sonoma State Chelsea Chiappe Claudette Diaz Megan Madsen Spencer Moran Merissa Roffey Rochelle Stryker

Spelman College


Rana Ghafari

University of Michigan Priscillia Bui

University of Oregon Nathan Campeau Edward Decker McKenna Fairey Michael Gradillas Marcus Hidalgo Kristina Speidel Casey Staub

Univ. of Hawaii Jasmine Dickenson

Univ. of Laverne Christine Cabrera

Laura Bloom Rachel Hatcher Danielle LaDeRoute

Wheaton Jamie Walitsch

Whittier College

Lindsay Pund

Ryan Hoffmeister Matthew Muller Andrew Robichaux Vu Tran

Whitworth Xavier University Steven Howard

USC Amber Coney Kyle Grayson Michelle Hermadi

West Valley

Cody LaRont David Yoshida

Westmont College


Austin Mansker

Univ. of Colorado

Caitlin Monteverde

Rachel Alvey

UCSB Univ. of Arizona

Westminster of Rider Univ.

Lynnea Palazzolo

University of San Diego

Canyon Read

U.S. Army Vince Zhang

University of Miami

Vangaurd University

Chan Choi

State Univ. of New York

University of Mass. Amherst

Joe Garcia Kiley Gunter Samuel Lee Patricia Lundy David Mignea Olivia Norman Alan Truong

Tori Evans Greg Freitas Dominic Taguinod Austin Yao

Ariel Lecky

Adrianna Boursalian Carisse Cronquist Rawan Khoury Stefan Saldana

David Moore Spencer Rapp Lauren Reiling Brian Reilly Jesse Rodriguez Kelsey Roland Courtney Rypstra Julia Shikashio Danielle Simmonds Kyle Williams Walter Willis Nick George

Camille Tucker

Wake Forest University Chelsea Tamura

Washington State Univ.

Giancarlo Antonelli Mitchell Bettencourt Caitlyn Blackstone Nicole Brown Thomas Curry Kayla Empson Daniel Gillooley David Hegler Emelie Hertz Aaron Hook Steele Jankowsky Paul Jolly Ryan Lowe Jason Marengo Brianna Melnychuk

Class of 2






The Warrior

May 28, 2010


You Know You’re A Senior When… Steps to Gaining Financial Aid Arazue M. Zadeh


Assistant Sports Editor &

Dominic Taguinod Assistant A&E Editor

As the 2009-2010 school year winds down, there are a few characteristics that have surfaced in the 2010 senior class at Valley Christian! Does this sound like you? - You casually forget your backpack at home. - You typically have a high GPA but are struggling to keep a 3.0 second semester. - Your tardies and absences have skyrocketed since freshmen year. - You haven’t stepped foot on the fourth floor since freshmen year. - You get frustrated when juniors park up in your lot. - You’re not afraid of Machado anymore! - You get up fifteen times during one period to “sanitize your hands” with Purell.

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Your handwriting has gotten progressively worse over the years. You wake up twenty minutes after class starts. You always ask to borrow basic school supplies (ie. paper, pens, pencils) during class. You’re willing to spend your whole summer working just to make a few extra bucks. You coincidentally get ill whenever you have a major test. Your curfew consistently gets pushed back later and later as the year progresses. You’ve been counting down the days until college since the start of second semester. You’re a walking advertisement for your future college. You constantly forget if it is an A or B day on Mondays. You only put in just enough effort to get by, always. You completely and wholly, rule the school.

A group of Valley Christian seniors do the “disco” during a senior retreat. Each of the seniors are ready for their graduation on May 29.

Tarah Duarte Features Editor

It seems college is filled with independence, good times and a whole lot of learning. But unfortunately, the fun and knowledge of college comes with a price, and not too cheap either. Thankfully, resources are available to students that allow the cost of college to be cut down to a more reasonable cost. And it’s not too late! The internet provides many options for students to gain financial aid. Web sites such as scholarships. com, and are used for students to find scholarships. compiles all of your academic achievements and preferences to find scholarships that will fit your profile. emails scholarships that you might be interested each with a different value. With the motto “I am more than a test score,” hosts competitions that you can enter to win scholarship money. Senior Kiley Gunter recently won the site’s March Madness twenty thousand dollar competition. Another option for financial aid is to receive money from the college you will attend in the fall. Many college counselors will help you find options to help your family pay for schooling. Most assume that private scholarships are the biggest source of free college cash but since 2004, merit scholarships that colleges award students has risen by 50%. can help you find merit scholarships at individual schools. Also make sure to visit your school’s website to see requirements for scholarships. Also investigate talent scholarships via your future school.

Many schools offer talent scholarships to students with special abilities in areas such as art, music, volunteering, environmentalism, science, leadership and writing. Visit your college’s website for more info. Local scholarships are also another option. Make sure to check with your VC counselor who will help you gain info on local and regional scholarship opportunities. Those are usually easier to win than private scholarships. Lastly, when filling out scholarship applications don’t hesitate to think outside of the box and not to follow the crowd. Lynn O’Shaugnessy recently wrote an article talking about Lesley Wainwright who won the highly competitive CocaCola Scholar scholarship many years ago. The question Wainwright had to answer was: If you could go back in history, what one thing would you change. Wainwright later commented that she figured people would say they wanted to abolish slavery, or save Martin Luther King Jr. but she said she wanted to stop the burning of the library in ancient Alexandria. Make sure you are yourself but also just don’t put an answer down because you think it’s what the scholarship committee wants to hear. Usually, thousands of other applicants write something similar because they had the same thought. Other websites also are available to gain advice. Check out websites like,, and mycollegeguide. com for more helpful information. Though many students aren’t always on the lookout for financial aid, parents are always thoroughly appreciative of any kind of financial aid.

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“I absolutely loved the program. The instructor gave me the individual attention I needed both inside and outside the classroom to excel. The methods taught me little tricks for the SAT that I used for school as well. No other program offers that.” - Arjun Naskar ’05, MIT

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Track Team Sprints to the Finish See Page 19

Baseball Team Wraps-Up Season See Page 17

Inside the

Fugate Named Rookie Lines Athletic Director of the Year Spotlight on: Kaleb Tuttle

Assistant News Editor

The Valley Christian varsity golf team played hard this season under the leadership of Coach Ken Shamanski. Shamanski had a large number of students try out for the golf team, and he was forced to whittle the number down to a manageable one. With the team in place, they went to work, practicing hard and competing in grueling matches. The team ended up winning four matches in league and playing hard to the end, even when they lost. After a long and exhausting season that began in February and ended early in May, the team was able to savor a long and enjoyable season. Though the season was tough, grueling, and hard fought at times, the players agreed that the journey was worth it. With key team leaders like senior Andrew Robbins and junior Will Clark, the team grew together and improved overall. “It was just a great year playing with the guys and getting to know everyone,” noted Robbins, who had another great year as a multi-sport athlete. Robbins also starred on the basketball team, and made a swift transition from one sport to the other. Clark, on the other hand, enjoys spending his time focused on his one true love of golf. Clark ventured deep in CCS play where he was stiffled in the CCS finals. With the golf program quickly improving every year under the leadership of Shamanski, next year is sure to be even better.

Editor in Chief

On Saturday April 24, Valley Christian High School Athletic Director, Jolene Fugate was honored as the Norm Mackenzie “Rookie” Athletic Director of the Year for the Central Coast Section. This award is given to recognize excellence in achievement by athletic directors in their first 3 years of service. As the Central Coast section representative, Fugate was chosen from the population of the section’s 139 public and private high schools. The awards ceremony was the culmination of the California State Athletic Directors Association’s week-long annual convention. Fugate, a certified athletic administrator also taught several courses to athletic administrators from around the state of California. On Saturday, Fugate took part in an awards reception and photo shoot with keynote speaker and legendary poker play-

er Doyle Brunson. Fugate was honored to share the podium with fellow WCAL administrator Terry Ward of Bellarmine College Prep, who was honored as the section’s athletic director of the year. In her seventh year at Valley Christian High School and second as athletic director, Fugate continues to make her mark both at Valley Christian, and in state’s athletic communities.

Jolene Fugate is pictured with Bellarmine’s Terry Ward, who was awarded Central Coast Section Athletic Director of the Year.

Swinging For the Stars Joe Garcia Sports Editor

The Valley Christian girls softball team has emerged as one of the premier programs in Valley Christian athletics and one of the top teams in the WCAL and the CCS. Their changed attitude and togetherness as a team has the team on the road to a CCS championship. They have an outstanding record of 23-6 only losing 1 game at home and winning 13. On their last home game of the regular season on May 6, senior day, they played well and beat Saint Ignatius 7-0. Sophomore Mary Hall said, “We were happy to dedicate the game to Jessica and we played well. We all have kept her in our prayers.” Jessica Huse was struck by an oncoming car last year and is still under intensive health care. Although only getting 3rd in WCAL losing to Presentation and San Benito in their final two games with a score of 6-7 and 2-4 respectively, they are keeping their heads up and are ready to capture a CCS title. Hall also said “It has been a great season and we have grown as a team and as people and we are excited to start

Photo by yearbook staff

Varsity Golf Team

Jon Lampkin

The Varsity Girls Softball team poses for a picture during their very succesful 23-6 season.

playoffs. The team had a bye in the first round of the CCS playoffs. Sophomore Krystal Rock has an outstanding fielding percentage of 1.00. Leading the team in Win-Loss percentage is junior Janell Laront. Laront has pitched every game and has an ERA of .98 with a

total of 161 strikeouts with only 19 walks and giving up only 3 home runs all year. The team defeated Castilleja High School 2-1, in the first round of CCS play, and faced Hillsdale HS in the second, whom they have an 0-1 record against.

May 28, 2010

The Warrior

JV Tennis Aims to Set New Standard of Excellence Bryan Trieu

Assistant Sports Editor

End of the year parties, graduation, and warm weather all signal the arrival of summer. With summer, the high school tennis season officially ends. This season, the team members worked hard to improve their skills and the amount of work that they put forth was definitely reflected in the teams play as individuals, and as a whole. The team has come a long way. Although the team went through a couple tough losses, when they beat Archbishop Riordan High School with a dominating score of 6-1, everything was worth it.


The scores continued to improve throughout the season. The Valley Christian junior varsity boys tennis team was mostly freshmen and sophomores with two juniors, who led the team. This upcoming year, these players hope to play on the varsity boys tennis team and will condition, practice, and work hard during the summer for this common goal. Many of the players will take up intense practice routines in hopes of improving their strength, speed, and overall athletic ability. Although the season is over, the Warriors continue to practice in hopes of making next year the best one yet. As with everything else, including tennis, practice makes perfect.

Photo by 2010 Yearbook


JV Warriors Bat onto 13-8-1 As the JV Warriors cap off their season, the team looks forward to future prospective games at the varsity level. The Warriors finished with an overall record of 13-8-1, an impressive record considering the schedule the team faced. With an 8-6 finish in league, the boys placed just behind the Round Robin Co-Champions Junipero Serra, and St. Francis in the overall league ranking. Though the team finished behind the Junipero Serra Padres, the Warriors stifled the team with a 13-0 victory during March. The Warriors were less fortunate

Both the freshmen team and the JV team practice together creating a competitive dynamic on the practice field.

JV Volleyball Caps Off Productive Season Zayn Kirkendoll A&E Writer

As the boys’ JV volleyball season drew to a close, they came away with having a successful season this year on the volleyball court. They finished with an overall record of 8-14 and worked hard for everything. Many of the boys greatly honed their skills and became better overall athletes and, in general, better young men thanks to their great coaching staff. In addition to winning some games, they gained friendship that will stay with them throughout high school. The boys gave all their effort in every game they played this year and fought like true Warriors. The team’s last wins were 2-0 in the Aptos tournament in both matches, or clean sweeps.

league finish, and their 2 game win streak to cap off league play. The JV Warriors look to take their success to the varsity level.

The boys’ final loss came to the Padres of Serra in a 1-2 match, a valiant effort by the boys. Each of them poured their heart and soul into the game but just came up just short. Two outstanding players, Drew Osumi and Treavor Del Rosario, were moved up to varsity for CCS playoffs as back ups and to continue improving their skills and help out the varsity squad in their own unique ways. Overall this year for the boys was very successful and entertaining for all the fans and players. They had a great season and many of them look to continue their volleyball careers here at Valley next year as members of the varsity team. Though the team’s record was not what was wholly intended, the young players made progress and a few were valuable assets to the varsity volleyball team as they ventured into the CCS post-season.

Photo by 2010 Yearbook

Assistant Features Editor

the second time around, as they ventured to San Mateo for a 5-11 loss. Head coach, Seth Martinez helped lead the Warriors to their excellent

Photo by 2010 Yearbook

Tommy Zellner

The JV Baseball team prides themselves on their hitting abilities, and ended the season 8-6 in league.

Freshmen Players Go Out Swinging Tommy Zellner

Assistant Features Editor As they struggled through a grueling WCAL schedule, the freshmen boys baseball team was faced with both success and many challenges. It is a given that the Warriors always schedule an extremely stuff line up, as a walk in the park never produces talent. But, the freshmen Warriors were still able to struggle through the WCAL and brutal preseason and came out with an overall record of 9-12. Though the season started out with a tough 1-2 loss to San Benito, the Warriors came through on the back end of the season with a 9-4 win over Elk Grove High School. The team came out with 4 tough

earned victories in WCAL league play, as they beat Archbishop Mitty, Archbishop Riordan and Sacred Heart Catherdral. The Warriors are led by Head coach Andrew Simon. Simon helped to take each of the players skills to the next level as their talents were bettered and honed. One of the main goals of the freshmen team is to put the players in place to make an impact on the JV and varsity team as they move up. Simon has perpetually been a part of the Warrior family. His brother Austin Simon attended Valley Christian, and now plays basketball for Concordia University. While Simon played basketball for the Warriors, his father announced the basketball games. Coach Simon is an excellent role model and great coach for the young freshmen in their journey.

May 28, 2010

Swimmers Capatalize in CCS, Fleming Shatters Spitz’s Record

Editor-in-Chief As the swim season began to come to a close, senior Shayne Fleming was still chasing a notorious record in the world of high school swimming. In the year 1968, Mark Spitz capped off his high school swimming career by winning his 7th CCS title. While many great swimmers have passed through the area, none have rivaled Spitz, nor his record. But this year was different. Fleming was on course to break the record, as he had 6 CCS Championships under his belt. Fleming had won both the 50m and the 100m since his freshmen year and was poised to do it again, accept

this time, he would be making history. As Fleming finished off the day, he walked away with his 8th CCS championship, a Central Coast record. But not only did Fleming pull through in the individual events, he also led the 200yd and 400yd freestyle relays to CCS Championships. The team was ecSenior Shayne Fleming recently broke Olympic swimmer Mark static with the day’s results, Spitz’s record by becoming the first swimmer to win 8 CCS Championships. and bystanders froze in their tracks as they watched Fleming make history. As a whole, the team for any team. But the Warriors aren’t done took 2nd place in CCS, an amazing finish yet, as they are already ready for next year.

Varsity Baseball Hits the Playoffs Danny Hittler

Assistant Sports Editor Overall, no one can dispute that the varsity boys had a great season. They competed in every game and finished with an impressive 8-6 record in one of the nations toughest leagues, the WCAL. Heading into the CCS playoffs they hold a 1711 record. The Warriors are lead by Senior Matt Carroll. He finished the season with


JV Tees Off Ryan Lowe

Assistant Sports Editor

Photo by Nhat Meyer

Jon Lampkin

The Warrior

a .442 batting average, a .442 on base percentage, a .721 slugging percentage, leading the team in all of these categories. Senior Trevin Craig said, “This years season has been an interesting year. Any team in the WCAL had the ability to beat their opponent on any given day. We are excited and ready to make some noise in the CCS playoffs.” In the first round of the CCS playoffs, the Warriors defeated Wilcox 3-0. Senior Stevie Thompson pitched a complete game shut out. Craig hit a home run and the

Warriors are one step closer to winning 3 out of the last 4 CCS championships. Last Saturday, #7 ranked Valley Christian took on #2 San Benito. The Warriors defeated San Benito 4-2, and then moved onto Bellarmine in the third round. Shawn Dunston Jr. is pumped from the team’s success thus far in the playoffs and says that “ We are playing for the seniors right now. One game at a time, .”

Photo by Drew Osumi


The J.V. team focuses in before one of their matches.

It has been said that Golf is a reflection of life. You work hard, practice, achieve and you are able to continue to improve. Along that road you earn victories and also you learn how hard it is to suffer defeats. In both golf and life you win some and you lose some, and you are able to learn from them of both. The Warrior’s JV Golf team is about winning and learning. A minority of the team’s players are freshmen this year. The roster also includes 3 juniors and 2 sophomores and they were all able to secure a record that had a total of 3 wins and 9 tough losses. Valley Christian is a team of Warriors. Always working to do better and better seems to be the target of this JV team. The team has so far got through this season, beating teams like Sacred Heart (245-260) and beat Archbishop Riordan High School twice #1(249-256) #2(205211). It was a good season and is a building block of confidence the team need ed for a successful season next year at varsity. Maybe the team’s biggest win of the season is not in the number of victories, but rather in the individual development of the players as they get ready to compete in the varsity West Catholic Athletic League.

Varsity Tennis Serves It Up Photo Editor As the season comes to a close, the Valley Christian Warriors look back upon a season of great wins, trials, and improvements. The season officially started the beginning of March with a tough match

The varsity tennis team works hard to make each of their practices intense, and challenging.

against Saint Francis High School at Cuesta Park in Mountain View, and ended with the WCAL Tournament, which was held at the same place where the season began. This season, the team’s record was 6-10, which was hard earned. The tough daily practices, and workouts definitely paid off for the Warriors because they grew physically stronger as well as stronger as a family in general. The Warriors, under the guidance of Coach Donny Allen, have come a long way. They are now all fit and agile tennis players who are going to practice for the next upcoming season. On April 22 the varsity boys celebrated senior day in which three seniors were honored. Seniors Marcus Hidalgo, Matthew Muller, and Spencer Rapp have all played with the Warriors before and the rest of the team was sad to see them go but have all loved every second that they played together. Junior tennis player Evan Loo reminisces saying “ It was a great season in which we had a lot of fun and grew closer and better together. I’m going to miss the seniors a lot but I’m sure that if

we practice and focus during this summer, the next season we will be even better than this one.” Although the season came to a close, the boys are still going to work hard throughout the summer and upcoming school year so that when the time comes to play as Valley Christian Warriors again, they will play even better than they have ever played before. But until then, the Warriors will continue to practice hard.

Photo by Drew Osumi

Joyce Chen

In the game of golf, the drive off the tee is one of the most important parts of a players skill set.


The Warrior

May 28, 2010



Legacy of the Pa st

Promi se of the Future


15th ANNIVERSARY 1995-2010



The Warrior

May 28, 2010


Varsity Volleyball Wraps up the 2010 Season Danny Hittler

Assistant Sports Editor The boys volleyball team has had a season to build upon. They received great play from many underclassmen, and played most of the season without their junior phenom Tyler Rigg. Rigg missed most of the season due to a fractured hand. Juniors Brian Fobbs and Alex Hodges had their first seasons this year. Both having eye boggling verticals and long, lanky frames, they could make the varsity volleyball team a force to be reckoned with next year. Senior Kyle Gerrans was the team leader and he received so much deserved notice in the WCAL and nationally. Recently, he was one of three boys from Northern California named to Volleyball Magazine’s Fab 50. This list shows the top 50 high school volleyball players nation-

ally, and shows where they are going to school next year. When asked about this incredible accomplishment the modest Gerrans replied, “It is nice to get this recognition. However, this was more of a tribute to all of the sacrifices my parents and coaches made for me to help get me to where I am today. I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without the constant rides to and from practices and tournaments. I was also blessed to have the best coaches imaginable. They really enabled my game to reach the next level.” The Warriors finished the season 14-19. They struggled in the WCAL but that is not something to hang their head about. As it is known, the WCAL is one the nation’s toughest conferences, and is always a dandy to compete in. The boys look to improve during the off-season and take revenge in the

The team huddles around team leaders, as they talk game plan before the third game of a playoff match-up.

Seniors’ Last Run as Warriors Darelle Jones

Assistant Sports Editor The Valley Christian High School track team must say many farewells to their graduating seniors. There are many senior Warriors who are continuing their track careers at their colleges. Many earned scholarships to compete with the highest level of division one schools. Each of the track athletes that are advancing hope to perform to the best of their abilities, and give all of the glory to God. Joe Garcia has been running for Valley Christian for his entire high school career. He was a distance runner and he set and broke many records for the Warriors. Garcia has a very bright future ahead of him; his athletic abilities are clearly shown during his track season. He also strives in the academic department. Garcia is ranked in the top five percent of the senior class.

This fall, Garcia will be attending the University of California, Los Angeles, where he will continue his journey with the Lord. Jenna Davis will be attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, this fall. She earned a scholarship to run for the Mustangs after her four years at Valley Christian. She has been a big help for the Warriors, but she will continue her success at Cal Poly SLO running the 400 and 800m. Davis also stands out in academics. She challenges her academic abilities by taking Valley’s most rigorous classes. Hannah Goranson is also an amazing student athlete; she has stacked up her schedule with AP courses and runs hurdles, sprints, and jumps for the Valley Christian Warriors. From her hard work throughout her four years at Valley, she will be attending one of the top ten schools in the nation, Duke University.

The sprinters fire off the blocks during a race, staying low and powerful.

WCAL next year. With a number of returning starters, the Warriors have a promising future

Building tomorrow

Senior David Mignea spikes the ball.

Pepperdine bound Kyle Gerrans spikes the ball during a key game point.

JV Softball Builds a Promising Family Nathan Farrokhian Assistant News Editor

The JV Softball team has wrapped up another season and have high hopes for the seasons to come. Although they may have not performed as well as they wanted to, they know they tried their best and had fun in the process. Throughout the season the girls have learned a lot about friendship and

teamwork. Their sense of community has built and they have built a bond with each other that will last a lifetime. Their practice and handwork will not go to waste as they continue playing softball through their high school career. They have built a foundation for the varsity season that will help them succeed in the years to come, as they continue to showcase their athletic abilities.

20 The Warrior

May 28, 2010

Congratulations Class of 2010!



Editor the

Though the year has been quite the wild ride as Editor-in-Chief of your newspaper, I’m happy to say that I have made it through the year. Through the nights up at Valley ‘til 10, and the mornings where I’m up there at 7:30 on a late day, I made it. Believe me, pulling a 12+ hour day is not fun. It has been fun none the less, but a few “Thank You’s” are due to the hard workers on my staff. First of all, my teacher, Mrs. Fugate, deserves a thank you, or more like many thank you’s, more than any one else. She has put in hundreds of hours this year, as well as every year, and basically lives in the Communications Department, and at her church. Without her, the KVCH wheels would stop spinning, the yearbook would cease to exist, and The Warrior would be no where to be found. Imagining me completely at the helm of The Warrior is an interesting thought. Thank you, Mrs. Fugate! Next, are my lovely editors. Tarah, you were the heart and soul of each issue this year, thank you for every single bit of your hard work and dedication. Melody and Erica, its been a long road, but A&E would be much different without you, much much different. Thank you for the times that you spent extra hours working. Joe, way to step up to the plate. It seemed like every once in a while, me and you would strike out in the Sports section, but overall, we are batting like a solid .350. Thanks for the fresh takes on everything, and the hard work. Bryan, Dom, Tommy, Nathan, Danny, and Arman, you guys are a bunch of clowns. Your motto this year was basically, “Try to get by with the least work done possible, and hope Lamp doesn’t notice.” Well, when push came to shove, you guys were left with usually more work than you wanted, which I definitely heard about from you for at least a solid 4 issues. “But I wrote two WHOLE stories last month!” was a usual response I heard when I would ask who wanted to write JV or freshmen whatever. But when you guys applied yourselves, quality work was ALWAYS the result. One last thing to remember boys, the difference between Journalism I and Journ II is only a title, but the difference between Journ II and Journ III is strictly demeanor. “We don’t throw Purell,” is probably the best way to sum it up. Class just won’t be the same without you guys though. Arazue, Tutts, Ryan, and Taylor, you guys were the ones that really got things done. When I needed something done, I could always turn to one of you guys, To Ryan for sports, to Tutts for just about anything, to Taylor for cheer or fashion, and to Arazue for anything to do with Trey Songz or a page layout. You guys are amazing! Lastly, Zayne and Darelle, I don’t even know where to start. Good job on World News Darelle, your work was always appreciated, and Zayne, the movie reviews were clutch. Both of you are Photoshop masters too, so I thank you for that. Lastly, to our devoted reader base, which is comprised by my mom and half of her book club (the other half isn’t huge on reading), I thank each and everyone of you. Without our readers and dedicated advertisers, we would be in quite a rut, so I thank all of you, and hope that you continue to read our publication. If you have any comments, questions, or complaints, send them to The last few nights we have put in countless hours on this senior issue, so we hope you enjoy it. To be honest, it feels a bit like a Drake song right now, as with all of the studying for finals and hours of connecting seniors, and numerous proofs, and crazy amount of pictures to be captioned etc..... Well, it feels like I have been everywhere and back, except I can remember it all, unfortunately. One last thing, make sure you pick up a copy of The Warrior next year, and expect big things out of it. Trust me. Thanks again, Jon Lampkin Editor-in-Chief

The Warrior May 2010  
The Warrior May 2010  

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