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This Weekend at VC theater... By Lindsey Allen Staff Writer

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Math Club calculates victory. See page 6

A Christmas Carol

Ebenezer Scrooge has come to Valley in the performance of A Christmas Carol. Jessey Oxford, Jensen Chambers, Wade Laucella, Mitchell Mayes, Jarren Jones, Ryan Orlando, Volk Jensiriwanich, Frankie Nicoletta, Sammie Olson, Andrea Wiggington, Emily Bainbridge, Sophia McCann, Brooke Tomsula, Laura Scurti, Chrissy Martino, Kristina Hollstrom, Kiera Richardson, and Sarah Von Raesfeld are all part of the vast cast making this story by Charles Dickens and adapted by Paul DeMeritt come alive. They have all worked hard to make this play a memorable one for all who come to see it, sometimes staying until 10:00pm to rehearse everything and perfect it. Thanks for all of your hard work guys! And thanks to the production staff for their hard work too: assistant stage manager Kijana Gilcrest, Vorteck operator Gabe Davis, photographers Drew Osumi and Mrs. Cindy Torode, poster designer Mr. Matt DeMeritt, program designer Ms. Judi Fuller, hair and makeup crew, led by Eliana Schoenberg, and running crew Nick Bedard, Chris Bonte, Taylor Sezen, and Tyler Valdez have helped keep the shows running smoothly every performance. Scrooge’s life changing encounters with the Spirit of Christmas Past, the Spirit of Christmas Present, and the Ghost of Christmas yet to come. After his pennypinching ways, he is surely in for a rude awakening that will help him to be a better person. Because of ruining his and others’ Christmas spirits, he gets the opportunity to redeem himself and make a poor family’s Christmases bright. Come tonight and this Saturday to see what happens to Scrooge at 7:30pm, or at the matinee on Saturday at 2:00pm. Buy your tickets online and enjoy the show!



Friday, December 16, 2011

Audiences are enjoying A Christmas Carol this weekend at the VCS theater.

Christmas Spirit Week 2011 By Kara Hinton Staff Writer

Students weren’t alarmed to see some ugly Christmas sweaters or Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, or elves on the Valley Christian campus last week. It just meant they had entered Valley’s Christmas Spirit Week of 2011. Halls were decorated with gingerbread houses, Bible verses, doors wrapped as presents, and an approximately 25-foot tree out in the quad that was strapped to the pillar. Kicking off the week was whatyou-would-be-wearing-on-Christmasmorning, or in other words, pajama day. Many people brought stuffed animals, fuzzy slippers, or blankets to stay nice and cozy on the cold day. On Tuesday, ugly Christmas sweaters with reindeer and bows were worn by many students. It was safe to agree that no one would wear those sweaters in their daily lifestyle. Wednesday was Santa’s workshop, where people wore Santa hats, antlers, or hats with elf ears. Thursday was Snow day. A lot of people dressed in their beanies, heavy snow jackets, and of course,

snowboarding goggles. It would have been even better if it really did snow! On Thursday, there was also the annual Christmas Spirit Week Rally. Games such as Christmas Charades and trying to shake out as many jingle bells from a tissue box. Aside from all the fun activities, gifts to recognize the teachers were handed out. One touching gift was $450 for a plane ride to Mississippi for Mr. Harper, whose grandfather had valve replacement surgery. Vivid Dance, Jazz II Dance, and Cheer also did spectacular performances. All in all, the Christmas Spirit Week was very successful, and everyone was

“Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.” Ephesians 6:10

of how quickly Christmas break was approaching. Freshman Lindsey Allen said, “Spirit Week was a great way to show our enthusiasm for Christmas. I really enjoyed it!” Even the teachers had a good time dressing up along with the students.

At the rally, the juniors showed off their snow day outfits.

Valley Christian High School 100 Skyway Drive, San Jose CA 95111


Volume 29 Number 3

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by Alec Varsamis

The Protestors in Oakland

Google Image Google Image

Occupy Oakland has moved to the Port of Oakland to stop commercial shipping. These protests are expected to affect the following ports: San Diego, Los Angeles/Long Beach, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver B.C. among others. Between 7,000 and 10,000 people marched to the Port of Oakland last month, and the operators at the port do not want to have that type of disruption again. This shutdown hurts low-paid truck drivers, as well as the many blue-collared workers. The Port of Oakland containerizes about 99% of the goods throughout Northern California, so this could be a big setback for gifts this Christmas season.

Record Turnout for Black Friday 2011

Millions of people, this Black Friday, marched out to get great deals on everything under the sun. Retail sales have gone up to 9.1% above last year’s percentage, which is a sign of recovery for the down economy. Not everyone is going for the $200 flat screen TV’s, but for deals on everyday items, like $1.28 towels and $4. 47 baby clothes. Like every other Black Friday, there are fights. One YouTube sensation is two people fighting over a waffle maker and towels. The low prices, and Americans buying items are great, so to all of you shoppers out there - keep shopping!

2011-2012 Hannah Lozinski Editor-in-Chief

Jamie Keener Features Editor

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Drew Osumi Photo Editor

Alec Varsamis

Business Manager

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Recently, Iranian officials have said they shot down an advanced RQ-170 unmanned U.S. drone when it violated their airspace. This drone had stealth technology, which could pose a great risk for the U.S, since there is valuable technology that most countries do not have, and should not. Supposed drones have been shot down, but there have not been any pictures of those drones, like the one now. In recent news, the Iranians are supposedly extracting data from the downed drone. Iran claims they brought the drone down by an electronic ambush, but U.S. officials say they neither shot it down, nor electronically ambushed it, that the drone just malfunctioned.

The RQ-170 Sentinel in Iran

THE Forum By W. Mark Felt Anonymous Writer

In the midst of the greatest economic recession that the United States has faced since the Great Depression, the economy is the biggest concern for voters this presidential election. So what exactly are the economic views of our presidential candidates? We all remember Herman Cain and his “99-9” plan, a hilarious sound byte that launched him to the front of the polls before he dropped out of the race due to personal issues that launched him to the front of the tabloids. Rick Perry also has his form of a “9-9-9” plan, in which he advocates a 20% flat tax for everyone and reducing governmental regulations to open up markets and create jobs. The problem, however, is under Perry’s plan, a majority of lower and middle-class Americans would have to pay more taxes than they are already paying. Mitt Romney, a former busi-

nessman and governor of Massachusetts, also supports a flat tax, although he also supports maintaining the current progressive taxation system. Romney also supports reversing decisions taken by President Barack Obama and curtailing the political free speech and power of unions, although they are not as powerful as the corporations funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars into his own campaign. Newt Gingrich, who is currently experiencing a strong but unlikely last surge in the polls, supports dramatically reducing the corporate tax to 12.5 percent and getting rid of, what he believes to be, harmful government regulation. The catch is that he benefitted in the form of millions of dollars from Fannie Mae before the big corporation collapsed during the recession. Ron Paul, who is slowly gaining a presence in the campaign race, supports auditing the Federal Reserve, which handed out trillions of dollars to

foreign banks without Congress’s approval during the recession. His ambitious “Plan to Restore America” would cut $1 trillion and balance the budget, eliminating inefficient agencies. Barack Obama, the sitting president, has supported Keynesianstyle reforms in the form of bailouts for banks and car companies and stimulus for local communities. Those who praise Obama claim that his economic policies have been vital in preventing America from going into another Great Depression, while opponents claim that Obama’s plan has slowed America’s growth and ballooned the deficit trillions of dollars. Each candidate comes with his unique plan, and each plan comes with its benefits and harms. In the end, it will be up to the American voters to choose which candidate can best carry out a plan to help regain it’s competitive economic edge in the world while promoting job growth on American soil.

Want to advertise in The Warrior? Contact Diann Fugate at dfugate for information. Note: The Warrior is a nonprofit publication which is published throughout the school year by the associated student body of Valley Christian High School. Views expressed in The Warrior are those of the student writers and do not necessarily represent the views of the school, staff, and/or its students. All type and layouts are created in The Warrior newsroom, Room 215. The Warrior is printed at Fricke-Parks Press, Union City, California.

Google Image

Iran Shoots Down Unmanned U.S. Drone

Occupy Movement in West Coast Ports



Note: THE FORUM is a platform for VCHS AP Government students to anonymously express their views.



NEWS - 3

Soccer Alumni Return to Valley By Andrea Coopersmith

After a long game, members of the current Valley soccer teams ate and caught up with their older teammates


It was that time of the year again! With brilliant goals, ecstatic cheers, and strong teamwork (not to mention defending a CCS Championship!), the Valley Christian varsity soccer players know how to get the ball rolling. On November 26, 2011, Valley Christian’s Athletic department and director, Jolene Fugate, hosted the 7th annual Alumni Soccer Game. With familiar faces and even some new ones, both the boys and girls games were highly competitive, yet served as a great and exciting event for family and friends to enjoy. “It was a really great experience. The game enabled us to play together as a team after a long break,” commented current sophomore, Justine Gonzales. It was a difficult battle between alumni and current players as each one poured their hearts out on to the field. With each goal accounted for, came a creative way to celebrate, whether it was dancing “The Bernie,” or jumping in the air for high fives. After each team played two, thirty minute halves, it was time to sit down, and chow down! Everyone moved to the softball field for a barbeque and fun-filled lunch. Conversations lit up the tables as alumni told stories about college experiences and caught up with old teammates. “The Alumni Game was such a great way to spend my first time back from school. Being able to play on the other side of the game was exciting as well as nostalgic. It was really awesome to re-enter the Valley Christian field off of a CCS Championship and seeing the girls we all accomplished it with,” said alumni Christina Lopez. Overall, it was a much celebrated event for players, family, friends, coaches, and alumni.


Contributing Writer

The brand new turf of the soccer field now has the VC logo.

Brown Bag Plays Entertain at Valley By Lindsey Allen Staff Writer

Who wouldn’t want to have dinner and a show on a beautiful Saturday evening? Well, we cannot do that for you during the school week, but the next best thing is being able to watch a performance while you eat your lunch on any regular day. The Brown Bags this year can certainly brighten up your mood when they are playing! The first Brown Bag that was presented this year, Fast Food Fiasco, was a comedy on the frustration of ordering at a fast food restaurant. A very frustrated customer demanded that he have animal fries made for him at what he thought was

a local In-n-Out. After explaining several times that animal fries are in fact made out of potatoes and interrupting the manager’s chocolate milk time, he leaves in frustration believing that the fast food business is losing all of its smart employees. He throws one of the restaurant’s tables on his way out to demonstrate his anger at the food chain. On the last showing of Fast Food Fiasco, the table took the anger of the customer as it snapped in two pieces. It is revealed after he leaves and breaks the table that he was actually trying to order animal fries at McDonalds. Once the McDonalds was empty, the employees were able to kick

back and enjoy some animal fries on their break. Everyone has asked or heard the question 'Why did the chicken cross the road?' But have they ever wondered where this phrase came about? The second Brown Bag explored the origins of this wacky phrase. A hard working and un-cared for employee decided to ask the very same question, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” as the featured riddle in the magazine she writes for. So many people had different theories as to why the chicken would, but only one man gave an acceptable answer: to get to the other side. She had to ex-

plain her riddle to a skeptical editor before he finally accepted the riddle as genius and put it under his name. This wacky musical Brown Bag amused many and explained a theory to the beginning of the age old question. All in all, the Brown Bags are great ways to add in some laughs to the regular lunchtime. These entertaining plays have been a blast for the cast to perform at lunchtime, and for students to enjoy whilst eating. More student-directed Brown Bags are to come throughout the year, so be sure to have a buck ready when the next one comes around!

NEWS - 4



APES Goes Into the Wild Big Love For Sizelove By Claire Karlsson Contributing Writer


On a cold, overcast day, the AP Environmental Science classes piled onto buses headed for the San Francisco Zoo. The field trip was a chance for students to study specie habitats and adaptions, and ended as a day many would not forget. In class, AP Environmental Science students learn about different biomes such as savannas and tundras, in order to understand how plants and animals have specific adaptions to thrive in their environments. On a quiet Tuesday morning, these students got the chance to see such adaptions first hand at the San Francisco Zoo. At one exhibit, a snow leopard arched her back after a long nap, allowing students to observe how her thick tail allowed her to balance on the wooden perch. Students took notes on meerkat desert communities, while watching them run in and out of their network of tunnels. At the monkey exhibits, baboon families groomed each other and the lemurs swung in the canopy of the trees, illuminating animal behavior for the students. Just down the path from the monkeys, students observed rare black swans, enriching their studies on endangered animals. Although the day was cold, the AP Environmental Science students had a great time at the zoo, because it brought to life many of the topics studied in the classroom. After lunch and a trip to the gift shop, the kids filed onto the buses to head back home. The science field trip was to con-

clude without a hitch, until a strange accident on the way home from the zoo altered the calm. While heading home on Interstate 280, one of the school buses was shaken by a loud, booming sound. One of the bus’s tires had blown out, and it vibrated as it pulled off the freeway and stopped on the side of a country road. The students on the damaged bus waited in their seats as the other bus that had gone to the zoo doubled back to join them. When the other bus arrived, it became clear that it was unable to hold all the students and chaperones from the stranded bus. For the next fifteen minutes, the students waited on the side of the road for a new bus to arrive from the bus company to pick them up. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the accident, and the sun shined for the first time that day as they waited outside, talking and playing games to pass the time. As the new bus turned the corner, cheers erupted from the students, and they traveled back to Valley Christian in safety. The AP Environmental Science students had a day filled with excitement. Their time at the zoo had enhanced their understanding of animal adaptions and endangered species, while their trip home had been full of unexpected surprises. Senior Lexi Romanchuk said, “This was a great trip to the zoo but also a really exciting trip home.” Agreeing, Maya Davenport said that the day was “a great way to end senior year field trips.” Surely, the students’ day at the zoo and on the bus is one day they will never forget.

APES students look at an African exhibit in the zoo

By Brittany Creel Staff Writer

About six months ago, Valley Christian’s beloved Ethics teacher Mr. John Sizelove was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia, a disease in which his bone marrow is not producing a sufficient amount new blood cells to replace the old cells that die off. While the average person holds a normal platelet count of 100,000, Mr. Sizelove’s was only 4,000, making his blood so dangerously thin that it was not flowing properly and causing astronomical amounts of danger to his health and seeping into his skin. While his body continues to fight this disease, he does not have a sufficient amount of cells to account for a normal blood count. Hearts are heavy as our beloved Mr. Sizelove continues to be burdened with this terrible disease, and many efforts have been made in order to shed some light onto a happy ending for the Valley Christian society and the Sizelove family. Mr. Sizelove is only 43 years old, and is a loving husband to Laura Sizelove, a children’s pastor at Calvary Church in Los Gatos. John and Laura are the beloved parents of three beautiful children, Mark (7), Rachel (5) and Andrew (2). In efforts to rid Mr. Sizelove of this burden, a bone marrow drive was held at Valley Christian in the Conservatory, three months ago. About one hundred people walked through the Conservatory doors ready to give what ever was asked of them, in hopes that it would be a beneficial donation for Mr. Sizelove. Thankfully through this blood drive, three donors were found to potentially help Mr. Sizelove, and begin the road to solving the crisis of his life threatening illness. Al-

though these matches are an answer to hundreds of prayers, the road to rehabilitation will be very dangerous for Mr. Sizelove, and potentially life threatening. The next several months will be a constant journey for the Sizelove family, and the close friends and relatives to the Sizeloves. While the Sizeloves continue to battle this disease, there are many organizations dedicated to finding a match for not only, Mr. Sizelove, but other families and people burdened with Aplastic Anemia and other life threatening illnesses. Team Be The Match, is an organization dedicated to finding recruits and possible donors nationwide. Be The Match has made significant advances in the field of science supporting better matches for bone marrow transplants, and cord blood transplants, making the risk of this operation less frightening and making recovery safer and faster. While the battle to save Mr. Sizelove is emotionally draining, one can only imagine the drain on the Sizelove family, both physically and mentally. Team Be The Match is accepting donations for the Sizelove family, and is hoping to reach the goal of $5,000. The goal is only 5% achieved, and any donation, big or small would be exorbitantly beneficial for Mr. Sizelove and his loving family.



NEWS - 5


French Club Celebrates Noël By Hannah Lozinski Editor-in-Chief

In the past month, the French club has been busy decorating their tree for Christmas in the Park. On December 6, the club also successfully organized a fund raiser for Médecins Sans Frontières, the French equivalent of Doctors Without Borders. At the beginning of this year, president Kimberly Kupbens announced that the club was going to have a tree put up in Christmas in the Park. For a month, the club members and officers created ornaments from scratch, painting them by hand to hang up on the tree when it was placed in the park at the end of November. Barely a week later, the club officers planned the next event, crêpe day. Crêpe day was a fund raiser for Médecins Sans Frontières, or Doctors Without Borders. Held on Friday, December 2, the club baked crêpes and brought toppings and fruit in a twist on the traditional bake sale. This day was wildly popular, with many students coming back for seconds, making the crêpes sell out within an hour. The club earned more than seventy dollars for MSF. Independent of the club, the French classes also gathered to sing Christmas carols in different classes on Wednesday, December 7. They visited about fifteen different classrooms and the office, singing French Christmas carols. This was not the only Christmas-themed event the classes had. Two weeks previously, each class period decorated a bulletin board with the theme of French Christmas

Valley’s First College Day By Kiley Stokes Staff Writer

College Day took place this month for the first time in Valley Christian history. Instead of attending regular scheduled classes, students attended seminars according to their interests regarding colleges and careers. Several colleges, successful careers men and women, and Valley Christian alumni came to inform current Valley Christian students on the important details of what to expect for their college experiences and the highs and lows of their career choices. Students left College Day filled with useful information about colleges and how many options they have the opportunity to explore in their college years. College Day was not only a nice way to begin Thanksgiving break, but also helpful for the preparation of VC students for their future college experiences.

carols. The French room was filled with images of the nativity scene and angels as each class tried to outdo the others for a prize from teacher Mrs. Judy Marc. Each board was extremely creative: French IV even substituted the heads of the angels and shepherds with pictures of the members of the class and faculty. However, they were beaten by a French II class that created a giant book made out of wrapping paper to present “Noel Nouvelet”, an extremely traditional Christmas carol French club is open to everyone, regardless of second language spoken. It is to enjoy all aspects of French culture, from the food to the music. If you want to join, come to room 116 G at lunch at Tuesday for French themed fun.


Mon., Dec. 19

Tues., Dec. 20

Wed., Dec. 21

Thurs., Dec. 22













11:00 – 12:30




Make Up Finals

1:00 – 2:30



9:00 – 10:30 10:30 – 10:55

NEWS - 6



By Hannah Lozinski Editor-in-Chief

On December 10, three Valley Christian seniors participated in the Santa Clara Valley Math Olympiad, competing against sixty other high schools in the Bay Area. Despite this competition, two of the seniors captured spots in the top ten. Held at Mission College in Santa Clara, this event required seniors Jonathan Allen. Brian Hu, and Subi Qian to solve approximately thirty challenging problems in ninety minutes. They were not allowed to use a calculator, or any other machine. However, they rose to the challenge, taking two of the top ten trophies. Jonathan earned 2nd place, while Subi won 8th. “I felt great,” Subi said after she received her trophy. “It was a really amazing day.” Last month, the math team also placed 17th in the nation for the Fall Startup competition, which was administered by the National Assesment and Testing. In this even, several individual Valley students also placed nationally. They followed this event up with The 2011 Team Scramble on November 11, and the Ciphering Time Trials on December 8. Valley Christian is proud of the math team for all they have accomplished so far this year.

The seniors collect their trophies after the succesful math competition.

Robotics at Year’s First Qualifier By Philip Melville Contributing Writer

On December 3, the Valley Christian High School FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics team drove up to Sequoia High School in Redwood City for their first competition of the year. After months of hard work and preparation, the team was finally able test their creation on the game field. The competition started off with a judging session where team representatives presented the robot and explained the design process behind it. Afterwards, the team started to compete in the actual qualifying rounds of the competition. The FTC robot itself is approximately 18”x18”x18” and has several manipulators designed to complete tasks on

the game field. The first is a belt system on the front that sucks up racquetballs to be sorted into magnetic and nonmagnetic chute systems. The nonmagnetic racquetballs are put into a crate that the robot’s multi-jointed arm lifts overhead for points. Even with the tight space constraints, the robot also contains a manipulator that encloses a bowling ball and is able to push the ball up a ramp. The team won the PTC Design Award, which “recognizes design elements of the robot that are both functional and aesthetic,” for their mechanical and electrical design. Without enough time for all the programming to get done, some of the robot’s many manipulators were unfortunately not fully functional, but its remaining

components were still able to score some points. Even with the setbacks faced, the team pushed through and ended up ranked third for the prestigious Inspire Award and was nominated for two other awards. All of the team members learned a lot through the experience and are excited to work on the robot before the next qualifier. Freshman builder and programmer Akhilesh Aji spoke about his experience, saying, “The competition was great. I had so much fun working on the robot; I cannot wait until the next competition.” The robot is now completed, but there is much work to be done before the team participates in the Folsom and Daly City competitions coming up in mid-January. Go WarriorBorgs!


Math Club Calculates a Victory

The Valley Christian robotics team works on their robot after school.

ISS is Shooting for the Stars Contributing Writer

This year's 2011 - 2012 International Space Station (ISS) Project began with a great start. VCS led the way, developing the second generation of computer controlled, space science experiments while also recruiting and mentoring three high schools to join us. These advanced experiments are all designed and built by high school students. Nick Shing, a member of the electroplating experiment group, said, “These experiments were one of the greatest opportunities I have had as a high school student and I can’t wait to see all our hard work pay off in the end.” The units will travel to the ISS on March 7, 2012 from French Guiana in South America on the ATV-3European ATV-3 Space Cargo Vehicle and be resident on the ISS for one month while data is collected. Two units will be sent to the ISS and one will be returned to earth via the Russian Soyuz return capsule. The following four experiments are being conducted by groups of the ISS Team: Electroplating Experiment – The electroplating experiment will study the effects of electroplating gold and bronze in microgravity aboard the ISS. It will also compare these results to an identical electroplating

experiment on earth. Samples of electroplating in space and on the ground will be analyzed with Valley Christian's Atomic Force Microscope. Ferro-Magnetic Fluid Experiment: We all know that ferrous metal particles will attract to a magnet. In this experiment, students will analyze the effects of microgravity on liquid metal particles in the presence of electromagnetic fields. Metal particles in this experiment will be suspended in a special fluid so that the results can be photographed in space, signaled to earth, and analyzed daily. Biological Bacteria Growth Experiment: The bacteria growth group will take samples of bacteria and put them into hibernation mode. They will then revive the bacteria from the hibernation mode, and the growth will be studied to determine the effects of microgravity. Results will be compared with the growth of samples on earth. Plant Growth Experiment: The growth of three different plants will be studied to determine the influence of microgravity. Results will be compared with growth of samples on earth. Lighting of plants will be done via with light emitting diodes, and photos of plant growth will then be collected and studied daily.


By Eyobed Mesfun

Students work on their experiments that will be put on the ISS.


By Samantha Chong Contributing Writer

On the 19th and the 20th of November, Valley Christian’s marching band headed down to Santa Barbara to compete in the annual high school marching band championships. The marching band with their show “Into the Woods” had previously enjoyed success in all their previous competitions, winning the top Sweepstakes award and placing at the top in previous Western Band Association championships. When the morning of the 19th dawned, the members of the marching band headed to Thousand Oaks High School in order to compete in the preliminary round of the marching band championships. Out of 15 AAA bands, Valley Christian finished 4th with a score of 85.85, allowing them to move on to the next day of championships to compete against the other four schools who also made it to the finals. Unfortunately, the next day yielded a stormy morning for the bands. Band members pulled up to Santa Barbara City College to be greeted by a torrential downpour. The rain did not let up, and before noon eleven schools in the A/AA/AAA division chose not to compete in that competition. Yet Valley Christian chose to battle through the rain in order to put on a memorable last performance for their twenty-four seniors, with the troupe members even changing the original lyrics into “Into the rain, it’s time to go, it may be all in vain we know, into the rain, it’s time and so, we have to make the journey…” in order to reflect their joy in performing despite the rain. Their effort paid off, as Valley took the third place trophy in the competition with their highest score in four years- 89.20. Not only was that score higher than their previous day’s score, it was a score Valley attained without any real rehearsal or a runthrough prior to their performance. It was a memorable end to their highly successful marching band season, but in the end, it was not the multiple awards that the members held dear to their hearts. Senior Emily Templeton put their sentiments into words when she mused, “The trophies are nice, but the best thing about marching band is being part of such a close family so dedicated to God. Every competition was all about performing our best to glorify God, not ourselves.” She added, “Winning was great, but knowing we glorified God in everything we did was so much more satisfying.” Congratulations, marching band on having such a wonderful season!


Christmas at the California By Emily Martey Contributing Writer

On December 6-9, the Valley Christian Conservatory of the Arts performed at the beautiful California Theatre in downtown San Jose for the annual Christmas at the California. At the event, elementary and junior high in the Kidservatory and Junior Conservatory programs gave heart-warming performances in three concerts, “A Christmas Celebration,” “The Carols of Christmas,” and “The Christmas Gift.” On the last two days, the High

School Conservatory performed in two amazing concerts, “The Sounds of Christmas” and “Conservatory Christmas.” The high school performers showcased their talents in various ensembles such as Strings, Jazz, Winds, Early Music, Chorus, and Women’s Ensemble. The soloists and duets were equally astounding. The cast and orchestra of the 2012 VCHS production of Titanic also gave an impressive sneak peek of next year’s show. The hard work, time, and dedication of the Conservatory students and fac-


Marching to Victory


ulty shined through the wonderful display of their God-given musical talents. For senior Danielle Peterson, who performed as a soloist and violinist, the Concert “was bittersweet” because this was her last Christmas concert at the theater. “I feel that we worked really hard and it showed through our performances,” commented Peterson. The Christmas concerts were a perfect way to welcome in the Christmas season and each musical instrument and voice was channeled toward the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.




Valley’ s Favorite Christmas Songs By Alec Varsamis

By a large margin, All I want for Christmas is You got almost 75% of the votes! This song was released on November 1, 1994 on Mariah Carey’s Christmas album. It peaked at #6 on the Billboard Contemporary chart. Carey co-wrote this song with Walter Afanasieff.

All I Want for Christmas is You (Mariah Carey)- 75% Feliz Navidad (Jose Feliciano)-16% Holly Jolly Christmas (Burl Ives)-5% Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree (Brenda Lee)-4%

Gingerbread Cookie Recipe By Jamie Dequine

Ingredients: • • • • • • • • • • • •

6 cups all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 tablespoon ground ginger 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg 1 teaspoon ground cloves 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 cup shortening, melted and cooled slightly 1 cup molasses 1 cup packed brown sugar 1/2 cup water 1 egg 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


1. Sift together the flour, baking powder, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon; set aside. 2. In a medium bowl, mix together the shortening, molasses, brown sugar, water, egg, and vanilla until smooth. Gradually stir in the dry ingredients, until they are completely absorbed. Divide dough into 3 pieces, pat down to 1 1/2 inch thickness, wrap in plastic wrap, and refrigerate for at least 3 hours. 3. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). On a lightly floured surface, roll the dough out to 1/4-inch thickness. Cut into desired shapes with cookie cutters. Place cookies 1 inch apart onto an ungreased cookie sheet. 4. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes in the preheated oven. When the cookies are done, they will look dry, but still be soft to the touch. Remove from the baking sheet to cool on wire racks. When cool, the cookies can be frosted with the icing of your choice. Merry baking Valley students, hope you enjoy your Christmas!!!


By Bethany Birondo



The Perfect Wish List

It’s that time again, folks! Christmas! I ventured through the vicious imaginary snow of Valley Christian High School to see what everyone wants for Christmas. Just hope you’re on Santa’s Nice List!

Popular gifts are the new iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. It’s an iPod, game device, radio, and computer all in one! Prices have been going up for these electronics, so you’d better buy it quickly! Video games, believe it or not, are pretty popular amongst teenagers, nerdy or not. Christmas break is fun and all, but if you’re not going anywhere, it can get pretty boring. So people need something interesting to entertain themselves… and that’s where video games come in. Games for portables like a Nintendo DS or PSP can be a good idea, especially when the family is traveling for Christmas. Ew, clothes? Not exactly. Lots of teenagers these days love shopping for clothes… especially if they’re very fashionable: Coats and scarves, especially. As the cold weather increases, people would appreciate it if someone gets them a nice coat and scarf. Trust me, I know. As it gets colder and colder by the day, people would much rather go to Starbucks rather than Jamba Juice. A gift card to a coffee places would be nice! And don’t forget to get one for me! Gift cards are also pretty good. You can buy things of your choice, but only to a certain extent and from a certain store. It’s like money, but make sure you guy a gift card from the right place. Money is always a popular gift. After all, you can use it for anything. People can use money to buy whatever they fancy, as long as it’s in their budget. Even better, you can use money to buy Christmas gifts for others if you get it early! As Christmas approaches, keep these suggestions in mind. It’ll help you buy some pretty good gifts! Have a great break, and Merry Christmas!

Black Friday By Kiley Stokes

This year’s late night shopping spree was successful once again filled with thousands of participants in stores all around the country. Big retail stores such as Target and Best Buy’s became increasingly popular due to their great steal of a deal prices. Shoppers grew with anticipation while waiting outside the doors of their favorite stores. These devoted shoppers, stuffed like sardines, spent several hours searching for all their top favorite items for purchase. Thousands of people running in and out of stores at the break of dawn is of course is an adrenaline rush to all its involved participants. People who get really into Black Friday shopping do just about anything in order to receive their competition based rewards.




The VCHS Jazz Ensemble Keeps Busy during the Season Contributing Writer

As the holiday season comes and goes the Valley Christian Jazz Ensemble is busy with festivals, concerts, and fund raising. Before Thanksgiving break, the ensemble traveled to the San Mateo Jazz Festival on Friday, November 18. There the band played with other well-known bay area high schools such as Saint Francis, Northgate High School, and Homestead High School. The band earned high marks from the judges while some student were honored with soloist awards. Sophomore Rebecca Cunningham, juniors Alex Popoff and Howard Dietz, and seniors Brandon Mausler, Bria Alexander, and Ben Thompson all received well-deserved awards. December rolled around and on the fourth Valley Christian Jazz Ensemble held their annual Barnes and Nobles fund raiser. The ensemble played for an hour following the Valley Christian Junior High Studio Band and the Valley Christian High School Lab Band. Vouchers were given to Valley Christian students, teachers, and parents who came to help support the jazz department. The vouchers allowed a percentage of whatever items bought to be given to the jazz department. The band set up between book shelves in the Barnes and Nobles and serenaded lucky Christmas shoppers with tunes like “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and “A Child is Born.” Across the street from Barnes and Nobles is a Chevys where vouchers were also available for fund raising. Once shoppers were tired from all their book buying, they headed over the Chevy’s for not only a great meal, but also the chance to help out the Jazz Ensemble. Jazz director Mr. Dave Gregoric said, “Thank you to all who came out and helped support our program. We really are blessed to have hardworking parents and dedicated students.” The jazz fund raiser was a good

practice for the concert jazz ensemble went to on December 8. After school, the band traveled to Walnut Creek for a joint concert with Northgate High School. Valley Christian Jazz Ensemble was invited to play with the award winning Northgate Jazz Band at their fund raiser concert. The band kicked off the concert with students and parents from Northgate watching in the audience. Once the band finished, they swapped places and watched Northgate

student take the stage. Both bands were impressed and were able to meet each other after the concert at a small dessert reception. Both bands had a fun time playing for each other and bonding over their same love for jazz. The Valley Christian Jazz Ensemble also gave a stunning performance at the California Theatre on December 9. The bands left school at noon and rehearsed all day at the theater, a total of five hours

waiting and sound checking. At the last day of the Christmas concerts, the jazz ensemble got to open the show with a bang. As the night progressed each group and soloist gave a breathtaking performance creating a memorable concert. As the jazz ensemble closes its Christmas season, it prepares for the upcoming new year, filled with competitions and festivals. As always, the band is sure to give a swinging’ performance.


By Katelyn Dietz

The award-winning VCHS Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of Mr. Dave Gregoric.

Emotions: Captivating Samantha Chong Contributing Writer

There was a buzz of anticipation in the theater as the audience filed into their seats. The lights dimmed, the audience hushed, and the show began- what show, you ask? On the 9th to the 12th of November, the dancers and choreographers of Valley Christian put on a dance show entitled “Emotions: Captivating”. This was the fall dance show of the school semester, and it highlighted the many talents that the dancers in Valley’s dance department had to offer. The director of the show and also the dance department’s head, Autumn Mortenson asked in her introduction, “Have you found yourself drawn inexplicably to someone, mesmerized by their charm, experience, being so much so that you would hang on every word?” And indeed the audience was mesmerized by the dancers as they performed

on the stage. Dances ranged from jazz, tap, lyrical and hip-hop and featured choreography by multiple dancers from all different grade levels. The show began with a group effort choreographed by Mrs. Mortenson entitled “Enveloped and Released”. With the song “Captivating” by the artist Neilio, Mrs. Mortenson chronicled how we are able to actually achieve freedom from sin by being captivated by God’s presence and love. The dancers followed their impressive opening number with fast-paced performances that showcased their incredible talents as well as softer numbers that were more thought-provoking. The audience also enjoyed special performances that were held near and dear to the dancers’ hearts, like the dance “True” which was choreographed by senior Haley Jessup and performed by Jessup and Jackie Caine. Jessup explained in the program that the dance was

about two friends who had met in Valley and had been best friends for three years. At the end of the night, the audience was duly impressed by the many talents that the dancers and choreographers displayed throughout the entire show. The dancers themselves were appreciative of the effort that they put in throughout the entire period of rehearsals. Junior Karen Lu stated, “I feel that it was a great show and everyone worked really hard. The choreography was very original and I felt like both the dancers and the audience really enjoyed it.” Senior Eugenia Park echoed the sentiment, adding, “I thought it was one of the best shows I’ve seen so far! You can tell the dancers worked hard and their passion for dance genuinely showed.” There already is much anticipation for the next dance show in the spring, and the audience certainly cannot wait to be “captivated” again.




Girls Soccer Starts Season Strong

By Hannah Lozinski Editor in Chief

On November 29, the varsity girls soccer team began their season with a 4-2 victory over Monta Vista High School. They followed up this win with two others against Salinas High School and rivals Saint Ignatius to start their season undefeated. The girls soccer program is one of the most successful in the school, with last year’s team winning CCS. This year, the girls are looking to continue their tradition of excellence. “It’s going really well this year,” senior player Olivia Bettaglio stated after a win. The team is composed of both returning players and some new talent: three new freshmen helped the team score their victories in the first few matches. After their first win against Monta Vista, the girls soccer team faced off against Salinas on December 9. The match

Photos by Victoria Stafford Contibuting Photographer

went into overtime, with the score as 0-0. In the 68th minute of the game though, junior Colby Carson assisted sophomore Brianna Visalli to score the winning goal. The Lady Warriors next match was against rival Saint Ignatius. The girls soccer team had not won a victory against them in two years, but this year’s team did not let this faze them. In an extremely tense game, they defeated Saint Ignatius with a score of 3-2. The JV team is also starting the year strong. They easily won their game against Salinas on December 7 with a score of 4-0, reflecting the hard work all the girls have been putting in at their practices. Both girls soccer teams are looking forward to continuing this season as strong as they started it.

Freshman Football Celebrates WCAL Championship windy day, perfect weather for football. The Padres won the toss and deferred to the second half. Keenan Brigman caught the opening kickoff and had a nice return and took it just past midfield. On the opening drive for the Warriors, Serra recovered a fumble and then marched down the field

and scored. Jason Tate, Trevor Thomas, Colby The date was 11-11-11. There was one Laubach, Chris Lopez, Blair Murphy, game left in the season; two undefeated and Dan Dunham opened up huge holes teams. It was the Valley Christian Warriors for the Warrior running backs on the next vs. the Serra Padres playing for the WCAL drive. Then Tre McCloud powered through Frosh Championship. It was an cold and with a 9-yard touchdown run. On the next Serra drive, Sean Harris, Jesse Osuna, and Haddad made nice tackles and forced the Padres to punt. Blair Ewers got a carry and sprinted for 91 yards until he was in the end zone. The next quarter Serra drove down for 6 points, but Valley Christian denied the 2 point attempt. On the next drive, McCloud carried a Padre on his back all the way for a touchdown. Andrew Arnold picked off a Padre pass to end an exciting first half. In the third quarter Serra fumbled and the Warriors jumped on it. Haddad, Osuna, and McCloud had nice runs. To end the drive, Osuna ran for a 20 yard touchdown. On the kickoff, the Padre kick returner had a seam, but Richard Gerrafo made a The freshman Warriors celebrate their WCAL championship after a win over the Serra Padres. touchdown saving tackle. VC By Eddie Ronco Condributing Writer

penalties helped Serra to score a touchdown on the next drive. On the next kickoff Serra kicked an on-side kick and a jailbreak of Padres hit Christ Hawkins, Eddie Ronco, and Tate hard. Hawkins tipped the ball, but hit in mid air and the Padres recovered the ball. Sadly, Hawkins was out for the rest of the game. With good field position, Serra scored another touchdown and went for two. Now it was the 4th quarter, all tied up, 28-28. On the next drive, McCloud arguably had the play of the year. A Padre tried to swing McCloud around like a rag doll; he was able to throw him back 5 yards, but McCloud kept his balance, juked out one more defender and rushed to the end zone. The game was pretty much even the rest of the game. Haddad had an 80 yard punt and pinned the Padres all the way to their own one yard line. A few Serra drives later the Padres had a first and goal on the 7-yard line. On first down, they had a 6 yard rush. The next 3 plays the Warriors had an amazing goal line stand and they kept the Padres out of the end zone. On the next Warrior drive, Victor Lopez was able to draw the Padres off-sides. This allowed the Warriors to get into the victory formation and finish off an undefeated season. Go Warriors!




Warriors Devastated in the Playoffs By Eddie Saoud Staff Writer

Accustomed to Open Division berths and WCAL titles, the Division Three CCS playoffs wasn’t what the Warriors envisioned at the season’s beginning. Still, the Warriors aimed for a ring, another championship to lock away in Valley’s vast trophy case. In the first round, the Warriors faced an unfamiliar foe in Burlingame. However, the Warriors asserted their dominance by scoring three touchdowns in the first quarter, as senior Byron Marshall continually gashed the Panther defense. The Warriors would continue their offensive dominance, as Jarrod Lawson scored two more touchdowns putting the score at 35-6, and the Warriors would have two 100-yard rushers in a game for the fourth time of the season. The Panthers would continue to fight, scoring 15 points on Valley’s backups, but Valley had already proven themselves the decisive victors. The next challenge for the Warriors came in a familiar foe from the WCAL, St. Ignatius. Coming back with an unseen ferocity, it was obvious the Wildcats were a different team than they were in the past. The game was a shoot out from the very beginning, as each team did not punt for the entire first half. However, despite the lack of defensive stops on both sides, the Warriors trailed by 14 at the half due to turnovers, as both a MacIntyre interception and a Severson fumble killed promising drives for the Warriors. Yet, the Warriors high-octane offense kept fighting. As they have all season, long runs fueled the Warriors, who boasted their second consecutive game having two 100-yard

rushers. Down 21-35 in the 4th quarter, 21 consecutive points gave the Warriors the lead that had eluded them all game. However, as it had all night, Jack Stinn and the SI passing attack marched down the field, and with a 2 point-conversion took the lead leaving only 30 seconds on the clock. After failing to stop SI all night, the Warriors gave up 328 yards through the air and another 143 on the ground to the Wildcats. The Warriors experienced defeat yet again, as the scoreboard read 43-42. The Warriors walked off the field, for the last time, in heart-wrenching defeat. Division 3 may have been new territory to the Warriors, but being knocked out of those playoffs was even newer to the Bay Area power. It was certainly clear the Warriors expected greater heights for their

season than they achieved as semifinalists in Division 3, and they certainly appeared to have superior potential. It is hard to place the exact reason for the Warriors’ relative lack of success, given their strong history. Perhaps the Warriors’ youth caught up with them, or maybe the Warriors’ inability to establish an aerial attack was their undoing. Maybe the WCAL’s overall strength was just too enormous this year, as 7 the WCAL’s 8 teams not only made the playoffs but also won in the first round, and four of those teams advanced to their divisional championship games. Three won their division, and two of those three (Bellarmine and Serra) are strong contenders to play in state championship games. But one thing is for certain; Valley is still a championship team. They

won’t settle for .500 records, or mediocrity in general. Since their acceptance into the WCAL, no one has won more league championships or played for as many titles; they have earned a tradition of success. The season may be over, and a class of Warriors will be gone next year, but a new class will take their place. Rather than the Marshall Plan, perhaps it’ll be the Severson Show or MacIntyre Madness. The five sophomores who played on the varsity level, including three starters, have shown much promise. On top of that, the freshman team has been astounding this year, going undefeated and dealing a 9-1 Serra team its only loss. The point is, the slate has been wiped clean, this season is over and done, and the future looks extremely bright for the Warriors.

Friday, December 16, 2011



Warriors End Season at Quarter Finals By Brittany Creel Guest Writer


As the bleachers were filled with screaming fans and high aspirations, the crowd watched intently as the Warriors battled Sacred Heart Cathedral on November 17. Lady Warriors Volleyball met with a heart wrenching loss to the Sacred Heart Gators as they watched their dreams of state shatter before their eyes. With a 0-3 loss to Sacred Heart, the Warriors wrapped up their season, and shook hands with the team that had just stolen their so desired title of state champions. The Ladies fought hard against the Gators, however, came up short with a score of 25-20, 25-7, 25-10. As the ladies came off the court, tears were shed as some of the players had just lost their final high school game, and hearts were heavy as the team said goodbye to their beloved seniors, Kristin Sato, Maddie Burke, and Brittany Creel. Although the season is over for some, for others it is just beginning. For freshmen, Ella Lajos and Jessica Hess, and sophomores, Kirsten Mead, Maddie Dilfer, Stephanie Cucchiara, Kayla Stubblefield, Andi Turnlund, Samantha Nydam, Audrey Keaney, and Georgia Lomax, the season has just begun. The Warriors will head into a promising future with thirteen returning players. Hopefully next year their dreams of state champions will come true.

Girls Varsity Water Polo Wraps Up a Great Season By Alexis


Guest Writer

With the majority of the team made up of seniors, this year’s varsity girls’ water polo team had to make an impact. And they did. After a spectacular 12-10 regular season record, the girls were excited for WCAL playoffs and CCS. They practiced hard to prepare for their tournament games and invited freshman Marcella Kay, sophomores Wynne Stagnaro and Claudia Macedo, and juniors Jessica Carbonell and Mona Batmani to join the varsity

Rita Saoud

team. The first playoff game was played on Monday, October 31, against Notre Dame High School Belmont. After a hardfought game, they came out victorious 6-4. Their next game was played against Mitty on November 1, which they lost 3-13. After a few days of anxious anticipation regarding their CCS games, the team learned that they would play at Los Gatos High School against Sobrato High School on Tuesday, November 8 at 4:00pm.

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They won 11-7, marking the first time any Valley Christian girls’ water polo team had won a game in CCS. Seniors Kate Staskus, Shelby Seabaugh, and junior Stephanie Scannell each scored three goals. Staskus also had two assists and four steals in the game. The girls moved on to their next game on Saturday, November 12, at Independence High School at 10:00am. After a tough game against Los Altos High School, they lost 12-3.

At the end of the season, the team as a whole had scored a total of 198 goals. This year, Kate Staskus, Nicole Kramer, and Julia Thompson were all named to the All-CCS Girls Water Polo team. Staskus made the first team, while Kramer and Thompson made Honorable Mention. So if you see any of the girls’ water polo players in the hallways, congratulate them on a great season.


VCHS Gets Ready to Wrestle By Sarah Koenig Contributing Writer

Boys wrestling is making a new name for themselves this winter season under guidance of cutting-edge coach Braumon Creighton. This is his first year coaching at Valley and he has implemented a new program that has the boys being pushed to their physical and mental limits. Assistant coaches, Jon Kibler and Matt Thomas not only guide the athletes with technique, but challenge them as opponents. Assistant coach Arpedge Rolle focuses primarily on the boys’ weight lifting because as a wrestler strength is just as important as technique.

At the 45th Peninsula invitational JV tournament the boys placed second. Some of the boys had been training the previous months, while others had only trained for a week coming out of football season. Sophomore Andrew Nguyen had an exceptional performance, weighing in Friday morning at 79 pounds, but competing in the lowest weight class of 106. He placed sixth overall and won his first two matches. Freshman Andrew Bristol won his weight class at 113 pounds and had two pins. Juniors Cody Roth, Jordan Furiosi, and Nick Havstad only had a week of wrestling practice after finishing up their varsity football season. The coach wanted to start them off slower

and had them compete in the JV tournament. Furiosi pinned all three of his opponents and Havstad and Roth turned in solid performances that contributed to the teams’ victory. It was the first time boys wrestling had placed as a team at a tournament. After receiving their rewards the boys were ready to gear up for the next tournament in San Francisco, known as the Golden Gate Invitational. Keep an eye on the Varsity boys wrestling this year as they compete in tournaments and the WCAL, one of the most competitive leagues in northern California. The future remains bright for the boys as they enter league and continue learning from the new coaching.

X Country Wraps Impressive Season By Nia Hayden

Contributing Writer



didn’t compete at the State Championship forward to next season and its new Cross Country wrapped up the but both teams are optimistically looking opportunities. season in an impressive manner. The girls team, which placed second at CCS, was able to qualify for State where the top runner Morgan Lira came in 15th. Lira, who started in 35th, rallied in the last mile and moved up 20 spots to finish the race in 18:39 that, of course, put her in 15th. The next two runners to finish were Ashley Lara and Karen Mac. Lara ran a solid time of 20:59 that put her in the 149th place. Mac finished the race in 21:13 and in the 155th place. Shannon Luu ran her best time by 36 seconds, which put her time at 21:40. Kellianne Connolly was the last runner who was considered for scoring and she finished 182nd with a time of 22:09. Jessica Xu came into the race with a pain in her knee that drastically slowed her down. She finished in 22 minutes but she now can also say she’s finished a State Championship, which is something many others never accomplish. Isabel Garcia was another runner with an unfortunate injury; she also finished in 22 minutes. The boys team

JV Basketball By Kiley Stokes & Jamie Dequine Staff Writers

This year’s boys JV basketball season is coming together once again with a superb start. The boys are looking forward to working together as a team, making this new season a successful one. Anticipation for the intense court time they are all working for is building, as the team is heading into a brand new season. The season began with a series of tournaments located at Ygnacio High School, which they won 46-42 on December 8, then lost 71-108 on December 9, and 64-70 on December 10. Although they may not have won the overall tournament this time, there were several highlight moments in each game and their team’s great potential was brought to light. The first official JV Boys Basketball game was an away game at Monterey High School, Valley with a successful win at 60-45. These JV boys have begun their season with a new intensity and excitement to be returning on the court. This season has several returning players, such as Byron Baker and Kyle Gurrola. Both Baker and Gurrola have been playing since their elementary years and look forward to playing for Valley’s JV team this year. Kyle Gurrola states the team’s main goals this season are to play with toughness, passion and trust with one another and maintaining a positive attitude no matter what the outcome may end up to be. Byron Baker believes this season will consist of constant relying on every member of the team in order to become successful and to grow as not only players, but also as individuals. Much like Gurrola and Baker, the rest of the team feel confident and eager to put all their passion out on the court. Valley’s JV Boys Basketball team is determined and prepared to do anything in their power for both their Coach and their teammates. This season is expected to be more aggressive and developed in skills than ever, so please support these hard working boys throughout this thrilling new Basketball season. Starting the pre season debut with a 2-1 win, the Valley Christian Girls JV Basketball team looks forward to their upcoming season.




Varsity Boys Basketball Kicks Off Season By Kara Hinton Staff Writer

The varsity boys basketball team is hungry for a winning 2011-2012 season. Coach Marcus Martinez, who is also the Econ/Government teacher, is very excited to begin the season. Long before the tryouts began, the boys were doing tough conditioning each and every day in any possible place, whether in the large gym or out on the track. Tryouts lasted for a few weeks, looking for the best of the best players this school offers. The final team consists of one sophomore, four juniors, and six seniors. Three returning players are junior Anthoni Rueca and seniors, Joseph Lampkin and David Sanchez. Coming off of last year’s 8-19 record, they want to work harder than ever to change those numbers. Assistant athletic director, Ryan Realini said, “We’re expecting great improvement from the basketball program. Coach Martinez has them going in the right direction. They started out well in their pre-season tournament; they look strong and poised to

have a great season.” Valley Christian has a history of producing outstanding basketball players that are recruited by colleges. Last year, alumni Zayn Kirkendoll committed to Canada College in order to pursue his dreams in basketball. The Westmont tournament went well for the boys. They came out with a 2-1 record, beating both Willow Glen and Evergreen. In their final game, they came up short against Palo Alto, losing 52-53. Their next game was against Monte Vista Christian School, which they won 65-55. They followed this victory up with a score of 65-64 against Monterey, narrowly winning the game. The upcoming home games in 2011 are versus Westmoor on December 17, against Archbishop Riordan on January 6, against Bellarmine on the December 10, and many more. Listen to the announcements to hear the schedules, and come and cheer the boys on, as they are kicking off to a great 2011-2012 season.

The Warriors play in the Westmont tournament.

Varsity Girls Basketball Begins With Tournament Win Staff Writer

Do you feel the tension and the rising excitement that makes the room dense and hot with the perspiration of ambition? The high-pitched squeals of shoes scraping the ground in a rhythmic dance to the beat of the ball and the smell of concession stand hot dogs, candy, and nachos loaded with cheese and the promise of sticky fingers. This is the smell of basketball season; where the Valley Christian girls basketball teams start the new season “playing in the present” and striving for the team’s best scores. The theme only shows a partial amount of the girl’s dedication, however. The meaning behind these short and sweet words is to let go of the past and keep moving forward. Practicing diligently for up to three hours daily, the varsity team consistently pushes themselves, looking forward to showing their skills as

the season progresses. On the varsity team, the returning players, Taylor Martinez, Jessica Mitz, Taylor Reyes, Tanner Reyes, Tiyana Rodgers, Jourclyn Patterson, and Sarah Koenig welcome new players moving up from JV with high hopes and expectations. They include Anclena Harris, Sarah Ellingson, Kendra Summers, Mary Ellen Bradley, Marissa Brenmer, Natalie Khounely, Monica Bodd, and Kayla Posada. “Were going to win it all this year; CCS, state, everything,” Taylor Martinez claimed after the team’s victory at a tournament. The group is kicking the season into high gear with a 2-1 record. They had two wins with a score of 46-41 and 4632 and a narrow loss of 60-61 all against the brutal Pioneer High School. The team beat Aragon with a score of 53-42. They are a team to watch this year!


By Jamie Dequine

Members of the varsity team receive their trophies after winning the Los Altos tournament

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The Warrior December 2011  

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