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Friday, April 30, 2010


Editor-in-Chief What seemed to be an average rally, quickly took a turn for the extraordinary. While students waited to hear from the multiple candidates for the 4 elected ASB positions, the candidates themselves had a few tricks up their sleeves. Many of the candidates prepared videos and speeches, but none ASB President more surprising than the Caitlin Brenton Drake-Kesha­ battle, that took place between junior Treasurer nominees, Andrew Smith and Danielle Furr. Both Furr and Smith’s performances were regarded as top notch. ASB Vice President After the votes were talBryan Houp lied, winners were finalized. Running mates Caitlin Brenton and Bryan Houp were elected as ASB President, and Vice President, as was Brandon Hecke, for the position of Secretary, and Smith, after his Eminem-like performance.

Musicians Go Global Drake Bloom

Photo from VPA Department

Staff Writer The old age of the places visited was new to Valley Christian choir members as they walked the streets of Vienna and a few major cities of Italy. The air was even different. Souvenir shops ranged from kiosks in the streets, to hole in the wall shops. The students went to multiple churches and cathedrals to perform for the locals. Student Aaron Ross ecstatically said, “The performance halls were really cool, after we performed for them, they performed for us. It was an amazing experience.” Many moments of the majesty of history will be forever branded in the minds of the vocal choir students, including the new friendships made during the trip.

The Conservatory students sang in multiple churches and cathedrals.

A Night Under City Lights Tarah Duarte

Features Editor J-S-B. The three letter acronym that brings more excitement to any junior and senior than for example, SAT and GPA. But it’s not like those can be compared anyway. Excitement for the JSB has been building since before Spring Break as the girls began looking for a dress, the guys for a date. Held at the 4th Street Summit Center in downtown San Jose, this year’s JSB provided much fun and entertainment. The theme for this year was “A Black and White City Night” and the junior class decorated the location with black and white photos of destinations such as the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge as well as other black and white decorations. As students arrived, they walked into the decorated lobby where they could take pictures or just talk with their friends for the first hour. At eight, the doors to the main room were opened as guests began to find their tables. For dinner, the students were treated to a three-course meal with salad, chicken stuffed with pesto, steamed vegetables and mousse for dessert. While they ate, the attendees were able to chat

Seniors celebrate their last chance to dance the night away at JSB. Jordan Sisson, Janna Oswald, Kellen Power, Ian Stephenson, Brian Reilly, Ainsley Laven, Dan Gillooley, David Mignea, and Jamie Walitsch reminisce about past times at dances during their high school careers.

and enjoy their dinner with their dates and friends. After dinner, the fun began. Tables were moved to clear the dance floor and quickly tunes filled to room. The students danced the night away to songs by Taylor Swift, Jay Sean and many others. The location also featured two balconies

where students could step out and enjoy the brisk San Jose night and view the city lights from above. As the night wound down, students started to gather their bags, shoes and cameras. One thing was for sure, the night was a night for the students to always remember.

Students Eagerly Await Cirque de VC Shanti Reddi

Staff Writer On Thursday May 6, at 7:07 PM, the talented students of Valley Christian High School will perform to the best of their ability to show off their God-given talents. The ASB class of 2009-2010 planned, organized, coordinated, and will host the annual talent show. Many talents

As students prepare for the talent show, dubbed “Cirque de VC,” unknown talents are being unvailed.

will be displayed that night, and anyone from the student body, whether freshman or senior, may audition to come join the “circus.” This year, many contestants are eagerly looking forward to competing and demonstrating their abilities such as dancing and singing. Rami Campbell shared his opinion about competing at Valley Christian and said, “Well, I’ve competed in talent shows since I was in 7th grade. It’s an exciting time to show off your talents, and witness the amazing God-given talents of others. It will be a great, memorable experience for all of us seniors!” Campbell plans to utilize his outstanding vocal talents. Speaking about last experiences, many seniors decided to perform in the show to come together for a last performance on stage. Bri Melnychuk, another senior, plans to use this talent show as a last wonderful memory of Valley Christian High School. She and her friends are deciding whether or not to do a musical number. “I think it will be an exciting experience to end my senior year,” Melnychuk reiterated her desire for participating in the show. The casual atmosphere of the show adds to the sincerity and willingness of the performers to perform to the best

of their abilities. Since this talent show is also a competition, there are prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. The team or any single member who victoriously takes the stage by winning 1st place, wins $100, followed by $50, and $25. Some students decided to participate in the show for the experience and excitement; but others are enthusiastically participating for the cash! The Valley Christian ASB devotes their time and effort each year to have students from any grade display their special abilities. In addition, the ASB members encourage anyone and everyone to participate for an amazing school and social experience. Auditions were held on April 22, and this show will be put together very soon so that the student body can enjoy it. The ASB, as well as the school is still deciding whether or not there should be an entry fee, but most likely just as last year, there won’t be one. Even so, “the show is extremely exciting; please come and see it,” noted Campbell. Every year, the high school, displays an amazing talent show filled with excitement, enthusiasm, and amazing and sometimes unknown talent. Come be a part of this annual event, and witness the many great passions and talents of the various students throughout Valley Christian High School.

Students Dazzle During Junior Senior Ball See Pages 8-9

Dan Tan-Fleming Combo Still Unstoppable See Page 11

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“Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.” Ephesians 6:10

Number 7

Photo by Cindy Torode

Jon Lampkin

JSB 2010

Poster By David Ko

Election Speeches Full of Surprises



The Warrior

April 30, 2010

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Torode Accepts New Position Dr. Joel Torode, VCS Associate Superintendent has accepted a new administrative position beginning July 12. Dr. Torode, along with his wife Sue, will be moving to the Cleveland, Ohio area. Mrs. Torode will be the principal of the elementary school, and Dr. Torode, principal for the middle school of which Jonathan Burton is superintendent. Dr. Torode believes this is their new assignment from God and looks forward to all God has in store for them.

A volcanic eruption in Iceland paralyzed the entire world as planes were grounded because of the thick drifts of volcanic ash. Hundreds of thousands of travelers were sent in search of hotel rooms, train tickets or rental cars as flights were cancelled world-wide. The Air Transport Association reported that the volcano cost the industry at least $200 million a day. The ripple effect of the ash cloud is still being felt far beyond Europe’s borders.

Mississippi Tornado

Plane Crash Kills Polish Leaders

Violent weather churned through a half-dozen Southern U.S. states leaving at least 10 dead in a tornado in rural Mississippi and two dead in neighboring Alabama. Hundreds of homes also were damaged in the tornado, which carved a 30mile path of destruction from the Louisiana line to east-central Mississippi, and at least three dozen people were hurt. National Weather Service reported the tornado had winds of up to 160 miles an hour.

President Lech Kaczynski and members of his country’s military, political and church elites crashed in thick fog on April 10. On board were the national bank president, deputy foreign minister, army chaplain, head of the National Security Office, deputy parliament speaker, Olympic Committee head, civil rights commissioner and at least two presidential aides and three lawmakers, the Polish foreign ministry said. There were 96 people on board.

AP Testing Approaches Quickly Tommy Zellner

an AP test for $86, they can potentially be saving hundreds of dollars that might be spent on college classes. This year, students across the board plan to take AP tests. Junior Tatiana Braun noted, “AP classes are always a lot of work, but the pay off in the end can be worth it.” Braun is currently taking three AP classes, which ballooned her schedule compared to one AP class last year. “It’s a tough load, but I am hoping to pass a few AP tests this year. Honors Physics has also been a solid challenge for me as well,” Braun added. The AP testing will begin nationally on Monday, May 3, and conclude on Friday, May 14. After the AP tests are scored, students will be notified of the results during mid-summer.

Assistant Features Editor As the school year begins to wind down, many upperclassmen are preparing for AP tests. Sophomores, juniors and seniors alike all had the opportunity to take college level classes during the school year, and test their knowledge during May. When a student passes with a 3 or higher, which is considered a passing grade on a scale of 1-5, the student receives college credit and sometimes has the ability to skip general education classes. AP testing is an excellent opportunity for students, because it helps to give them a leg up in the competitive world of college admissions and also is an extremely cost-effective investment. When a student chooses to take

2010-2011 Cheer Squads are Chosen Taylor Fine

Assistant News Editor During the week of April 12, over 50 girls, ranging from freshmen to seniors eagerly showed up after school for cheer leading tryouts. By the end of the week, the results were posted. The new VCHS cheer coaches are head coach, Heidi Hanson and assistant coach Bonnie Glick. Coach Hanson is a former cheerleader and alumni of Valley Christian and was varsity captain during her junior year of high school. She is also a recent graduate of USD. Assistant coach Glick is

a former Santa Teresa High School, Azusa and USC alumni. She also has a cheer background in competitive Azusa cheer for three years. The new JV squad has twelve girls, and the varsity squad has twenty seven girls, totaling 39 cheerleaders for next year. JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD: Captain, Shelby LaDeRoute Tiana DeLeon Ashley Nguyen Caitlin Hernandez Brittany Zamora Emily Heacock Whitney Clement Kaitlin Iruegas Sarah von Raesfeld Amanda Hodges Jessica Burres Payton Locatelli

VARSITY SQUAD: Captain, Brianna Ahmed Danielle Rubino Krysten Henerfauth Taylor Odom Tiffany Grilli Ronnie Stone Cassidy Zimmerman Nicole Hernandez Theresa Feuling Rachel Robichaux Jocelyn Horsager Natalie Tomasello Madison Cardoza Alex Venegas

Amber Garman Taylor James Rebeka Rice Becca Singley Andrea Stickel Nikki Clarke Mikaela Harn Amber Knop Sammy Olson Brooke Rhoades Alexa Cabrera Shaye Locatelli Shelah Larson

Come and Enjoy Tea in Tuscany Katherine Zhao Staff Writer

On Saturday, May 1, 2010 the Skyway gym will be filled with moms, grandmas, little girls, sisters and friends, along with the occasional brave man. That’s right, the 13th Annual Ladies’ Tea is here again. In honor of the vocal department’s trip to Italy and Austria, this year’s Tuscany-themed tea, hosted by the Valley Christian Band Boosters and Conservatory of the Arts, will take place between the hours of 2 and 4 in the afternoon.

Valley students will be helping out during the event in order for it to run smoothly. Student performers will be serenading all the guests as tea hostesses preside over the tables, time. Tickets can be purchased at the Box Office or online at www. Tickets are $22.50 per guest along with a Princess Plate option for those young ladies under age 10. Volunteers to help serve the luncheon are needed and community service hours will be given. Please contact the band office to sign up.

The Warrior

April 30, 2010

Static Dance Team Goes to Nationals Arazue M. Zadeh

Junior Sports Editor After a successful competition at the beginning of March, Valley Christian’s competitive dance team, Static, left for the National competition near Disneyland on March 25. This group of hardworking girls traveled to Anaheim, California, to compete in this highly popular event. Practicing three times weekly, Static prepared for weeks on end for this special event. When they finally boarded a van with Mrs. Borg on Wednesday, March 24, junior Taneisha Woodard explained, “You could feel the excitement and nervousness at the same time.” The lengthy car trip finally ended and the girls arrived at their hotel. After a relaxing night of sleep, the girls woke up eager to check out the competition and show what Valley Christian Static was made of. After applying their makeup and styling their hair, Static entered the competition near Disneyland with a dance showing their strengths. Junior Danielle Loera explained that the competition was difficult, but the girls tried their best. They exceeded in accomplishing the team’s personal goals, even if they did not come home with the victory. Overall, the trip to Anaheim to compete in Nationals may not have been victorious in the literal sense, but the excitement of traveling will always stay with them. It was a great experience for the girls to bond and spend time together, growing in strength to prepare for the next competition.

“I Left Mi Corazon in Mexico”

Arman M. Zadeh

Assistant Photo Editor “I left mi corazon in Mexico,” Bri Melynchuck explained with a hint of remorse in her voice. This remorse represents the wonderful time she spent in Mexico as a missionary and how much she misses the excursion she experienced. Mr. Myron Falkowski took 13 students and seven adults on a missionary trip to Mexico, leaving a significant impact on both the students who traveled and the young kids they visited. For an entire semester the students of Mr. Falkowski’s missions class had been preparing for their trip to Mexico. How did they prepare for such a trip in such a short period of time? The students ran fundraisers after school, spread the word amongst the business world to get sponsored to raise more money to fund the trip, received generous donations, and spent days of doing groundwork. Additionally, the students needed to do their homework by renewing their passports, signing several release forms, convincing their parents, and raising their own cost of approximately $400. Convincing their parents was one of the hardest tasks for the students. A lot of the students who had originally signed up to go on the missions trip were forced to drop out because of the troubles going on in Mexico at the time. Parents did not want to put their sons and daughters in danger. Finally the preparation was over. Most of the Valley Christian student body was looking forward to a spring break of relaxation and fun while these 13 students were looking forward to work, work, and more work. But who says you can’t have fun while helping others? Certainly not Bri Melynchuck as she exclaimed, “I had

high expectations going on the trip and the memories I made surpassed these expectations. The pleasure I received by helping these less fortunate kids was more than I would have ever received from spending my break sitting at home.” The work they did changed many lives in Mexico. They were able to build a house for a less fortunate family. The house cost a total of $4,000 to build. They painted the house with vibrant colors to make sure that they had the most colorful house on the entire street. The color of the house was bright blue and the color of the doghouse was pink. The ride back was sad for these


Valley students. Each and every one of them wanted an extended trip to be of more help in Mexico. The lives of the people in Mexico had become more vibrant after the missionaries left, just like the house they now lived in. Mr. Falkowski, in high spirits due to the trip, exclaimed, “This was one of the best trips ever. A small group did big things. It was a blessing for the family who had just lost their daughter to now have a wonderful house to live in.” Thirteen hearts all returned to California, but each and everyone of them left a chunk of it back in Mexico.

Photo by Cindy Torode


Senior Bri Melynchuck enjoyed her time in Mexico, working hard and forging bonds that she will never forget.

College Trip Very Illuminating Zayn Kirkendoll A&E Writer

Most students spent their entire spring break enjoying various activities; from hanging out with friends to being with family, and some even just stayed at home and did nothing and just relaxed to gain energy for the remainder of school. But 50 lucky students got the opportunity to take a bus to southern California on a college road trip to get some insights into what college life is all about before they make their final college choice. The students had the privilege to visit 10 different colleges in different areas of southern California. These schools included UCLA, UCSB, Chapman, Biola, Westmont, Pepperdine, Cal Poly, Concordia, UC Irvine and Azusa Pacific. This was the first year that the school took students on a road trip and all of the students and chaperones had a great time. Here is an overview of all the days on the road trip.

Day 1: • The students departed bright and early at 8 o’clock sharp. • Students stopped at Cal Poly for their first tour. • Students went to lunch and to the beach for some fun. • They finally ended the day with a movie and dinner. Day 2: • Students woke up and traveled to UCSB for a self-tour. • Students then left UCSB and drove to Westmont for another student-guided tour. • Students checked into a hotel and spent the night at Santa Monica Pier. • Finally, they turned in for the night.

Day 3: • Students drove to Pepperdine for their first guided tour of the day. • Students ate lunch on the bus while driving to UCLA. • Students had a self-tour of the UCLA campus. • Finally, the students left, checked into a hotel, and left for Disneyland for the night. Day 4: • Students visited Chapman and Biola University for guided tours. • Students ate lunch on the bus and headed for the hotel. • Students then spent the rest of the day and night at Disneyland.

Day 5: • Students had their last round of visits. • They toured Concordia, UC Irvine, and Azusa Pacific Universities. • They ended the day with a visit to Universal Studios City Walk attraction. Overall, all of the students had a blast. They learned much about the colleges they visited, as well as were able to rate their favorites. The college road trip was a complete success and all considering college should consider taking the trip next year.


The Warrior


April 30, 2010

New Year, New Classes, New Opportunities Parul Jandir

Staff Writer As the year comes to an end, students are picking their classes for the rapidly approaching 2010-2011 school year. Valley Christian High School offers a diverse selection of classes and students are presented with numerous opportunities to pursue their interests. Next year, Valley is offering a new array of classes ranging from the Math Department to the Communications Department.              Mrs. Diana Shak is introducing Honors Multi-Variable Calculus to the Math Department. This advanced, second year college-level class is meant of AP Calculus BC students who have the desire to further pursue their interests in the subject. Multi-Variable Calculus is not offered at the advanced placement level as of next year, as it is not a College Board approved “AP” class, but includes the “cream of the crop” mathematics students. The typical work load consists of approximately five hours of homework per week. Furthermore, Accelerated Algebra I is also being integrated into the Math curriculum and is an excellent choice for students who want a solid Algebra foundation coming in from junior high Algebra courses. The course load is about three hours per week.               Mandarin Chinese III is being introduced into the Foreign Language

department. This course intends to build on the skills that are developed in the second level Mandarin class. An emphasis is placed on auditory and verbal communication and students typically have about two hours of homework per week. Junior Shalmalee Pandit is “looking forward to another intense, but exciting year looking into the Chinese language and culture.” The VPA looks forward to welcoming Piano II and Piano III, two more advanced music classes focusing on further developing tonality, music theory and history of prominent pianists and their compositions. While Piano II gives students the opportunity to study pianists and develop an understanding of the piano’s role in society, Piano III offers them the chance to master technicality and grow in creativity. Environmental Science will be established as another advanced placement science class at Valley. This class, to be taught by Mr. Cadiente, is exciting many students as it will allow VC’s “environmentalists-at -heart” to study and delve deep into ecological, social, and political aspects of Environmental Science. APES will look at subjects such as the earth’s systems, human population dynamics, natural resources and global changes. Online Advanced Apologetics and Christian Perspective on the Arts will

be the two brand new Bible courses being offered in the coming year. The former offers a more easily accessible class that essentially tries to equip students with more objective evidence toward biblical doctrine and legitimacy of Christianity. The course typically requires three hours of homework and approximately thirty pages of reading per week. The latter is an exciting class offered which requires enrollment in the Conservatory. Basically, the class intends to analyze the church’s influence on the arts. The Technology department will be launching three new applied tech classes including Engineering I, ITC Literacy and 3D Animation. Engineering I requires the completion of Algebra II and Chemistry or Physics. This class will allow for exploration of various engineering fields, such as electrical, mechanical and civil. Students will take on coherent and applicable projects. ITC Literacy, or Information Technology and Communications, is another new tech class directed toward students who hope to “accept citizenship into the Digital Century.” This class trains students in the use of Valley’s web applications such as Naviance and Elluminate. 3D Animation attempts to challenge creative ability through development of skill in 2D and 3D design. The Communications Department

A Weekend of Jazz on the Monterey Bay Claire Karlsson

Staff Writer On April 9, the top young jazz students in the nation traveled to Monterey to compete in the Next Generation Jazz Festival and for the chance to win prestigious recognition. By the end of the festival, Valley Christian had achieved great success at the largest jazz festival in Northern California. In the three-day event, middle school kids to college students participated in the festival from April 9-11. Over sixtythree big bands, combos, vocal ensembles, and special guests performed from 14 states across the country. From Valley Christian High School’s jazz band, Benjamin Adams won the Outstanding Soloist for the trombone. He also was the winner of a $300 scholarship to the University of the Pacific Summer Jazz Program. Another winner was Johanne Ramirez who won for Outstanding Soloist on the drums. Over this exciting weekend, the Next Generation Jazz Festival achieved its goal of educating and inciting passion

in young jazz musicians. Their Artist-inResidence this year was Dianne Reeves. The four-time Grammy winner performed at the kick-off concert on April 9 and she also led the Vocal Soloist Workshop for young jazz singers. On Saturday April 10, students crowded into the Serra Ballroom, waiting breathlessly for the results of the day. In an array of categories, the top jazz groups won the chance to play at the esteemed 53rd Annual Monterey Jazz Festival in September 2010. For the third year running, Folsom High School from Folsom, CA won the top High School Vocal Ensemble Award. The weekend was an exciting event for Valley Christian students including Cho Tran, a freshman musician in the Valley Christian High School Band. Summing up the weekend, Tran said, “The Jazz Festival was a chance for amazing musicians to come together in the spirit of great jazz music.” For Valley Christian jazz musicians, the Next Generation Jazz Festival was a stirring success.

is also offering three new classes; namely Sports Journalism, Advanced Film Criticism and Non-Linear Digital Editing. While Sports Journalism will cover the techniques necessary to communicate athletic news and sports coverage, students will do TV and radio shows, learn to edit both audio and video and also have the opportunity to contribute to The Warrior newspaper, the Daily News and webcasts. Advanced Film Criticism allows for students to explore great filmmakers and films from India, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia and Latin America. Students interested in this course are expected to spend about two lab hours a week. Students interested in Non-Linear Digital Editing will spend class learning Final Cut Studio and will take the FCP level 2 test which will identify them as professional editors certified on Apples’ websites. This class also requires about two lab hours. The aforementioned classes are going to be an excellent extension of Valley Christian High School’s academic program. Each class is directed toward specific individual interests so that students are able to survey their prospective fields of study. Just like the new school year, these new classes are going to bring vivacity to the already lively, diverse atmosphere that surrounds Valley.

Wizard of Oz Makes a Trip to Valley

Ben Adams won the Outstanding Trombone Award that includes a $300 scholarship to the 2010 Brubeck Institute Jazz Camp.

Johanne Ramirez received the Drum Solo Award.

Hannah Lozinski

Staff Writer Valley Christian is known to have an excellent theater program, but the productions in the school year are not the only shows. This summer, the Valley Christian theater program is continuing the summer theater tradition and performing The Wizard of Oz. The summer theater program runs from June 21- July 17. All people ages 7–16 are welcome to participate, regardless of skill level. “The experience level ranges,” freshman Tyler Valdez said, “I personally started theater in the summer program, for last year’s Beauty and the Beast.” While admission to the program is decided on a first-come-first-servebasis, mandatory auditions are required on May 22 to cast specific parts. Some of those who are older than 16, but part of the theater program will serve as counselors. Mr. Matthew DeMerrit, Tim Mendolia, Lauren Mayfield and Cathy McFall lead the summer theatre program. Valley Christian summer theater is sure to do it justice, so sign up for the program if you are interested.

“C2 helped me to succeed.” Allie W. - 11th grade

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and arts entertainment

VPA Updates & Concerts

VPA Annual Festival of the Arts

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See Page 6

Movie Reviews Melody Makfhi A&E Editor


April 9 marked the release of the highly anticipated Christian film Letters to God. The movie is nothing short of extraordinary and tugs at the hearts of all viewers. It is about an 8 year old boy named Tyler who has many great talents and abilities. He soon learns that he has cancer, which surprises his family and everyone around them greatly. But Tyler, armed with his faith in God, takes his battle with cancer head on. During his treatment, he writes letters to God in hopes that God will fulfill his requests and heal him from his cancer. Will God listen to this incredible young boys plea for recovery? Go and see the movie for yourself. This is a movie you will not want to miss and will bring you closer in your walk with God.

THE LAST SONG: Veronica ‘Ronnie’ Miller’s year took a turn for the worse when she was forced to spend the summer with her father on the beach. Nicholas Sparks took audiences by surprise when a formal punishment resulted in a future love. Ronnie starts off her summer with a negative attitude until the day she meets Will at a volleyball match on the beach when love at first sight strikes again. Eventually the two begin to spend more and more time together and fall helplessly in love. Ronnie begins to love spending time at her father’s house when the story takes a turn and audiences learn about the disease taking away his life. Despite the loss of her father and the heartbreak she once had, in the end they shared a love that would never die.

Spotlight on Screenwriter Blake Kirchick

Melody Makhfi A&E Editor

Over the past year, there have been many inspiring artists presenting their work around the VC campus. Throughout the previous issues of The Warrior, interviews have been conducted with many extremely talented dancers, singer, actors, and screenwriters. As the year is coming to a close, take a look at the extreme talent of another VC student. Senior Blake Kirchick has demonstrated true commitment in his passion for film throughout his years at VC. Kirchick’s love for film was sparked at a very young age when he received a video camera at age 11 and quickly began making movies. Kirchick mentioned how he enjoys being actively involved with every aspect of film, particularly in the writing process. A good screen-writer is versatile in all aspects of the production. Throughout the film making process, Kirchick enjoys writing and directing and has one goal in mind while following his passion and that is to “keep an audience entertained and make them think at the same time.” Writing a film is telling a story, and those with a story to tell, should try screenwriting; that is how Kirchick began working on his first few projects, and

eventually followed through to release the self written and directed film, Haphazard, two years ago. As important as shooting the film, scriptwriting skills in a movie have to be strongly developed. Film teacher and mentor to Kirchick, Mr. Nate Marshall stated, “Blake has surprised me in his ability at something only professionals can usually do, writing with speed, writing with quality, and making

simple moments magical and memorable.” After VC, Kirchick plans to attend Chapman University’s screenwriting program and is excited for what lies ahead for him. Chapman University has a great reputation in regards to film which provides a great future for its students. Chapman students build many different connections with fellow film makers and experience many different aspects

of the communication field. Kirchick plans to continue with his passion to make as many films as possible. The process should be very exciting and a fulfilling quest. While waiting on a future in film, Kirchick knows that he will follow wherever God leads him and he has been grateful for his experience at VC.

Student Talent on Display Tarah Duarte

Features Editor Valley Christian High School excels at many things, one being the arts. The Conservatory, an elite VC department, is home to dancers, musicians, singers, photographers and artists. The photographers and artists had a chance to shine at the VCS Conservatory Student Art Show held on April 19, 20 and 21. The annual show was held in downtown San Jose in Japantown. Every student in the art and photo department had a chance to submit something they would like to be in the show. Students in Mrs. Leighton Isaacs’ art class all had work on display, while most of the photo students’ work was selected by Mrs. Cindy Torode. In addition to the se-

lected photos, each student in the photo classes had a poster they designed with their head shot and other pictures they took that described themselves. Those who were able to attend the art show all agreed that the talent on display was exceptional. Freshman Amanda Hodges said that the show was very good and that she enjoyed it. She continued by explaining that the talent was overwhelming and that she appreciated going to a school full of such talent. The Conservatory at Valley Christian has many talented students and artists who outdo themselves daily and show how gifted they really Overall, the art show was a chance for the students’ year-long hard work to be displayed for all to see.

Ian Stephenson


The Warrior

April 30, 2010


Valley Conservatory Updates and Concerts Taylor Tanton

Staff Writer The Conservatory at Valley Christian is one of Valley’s most popular departments. Some students attend Valley just to be a part of the visual and performing arts program. There are many recent events as well as many coming events in this exciting area of the school. Art students who worked hard at Valley all year, were able to show off their art in San Jose’s Japantown, at the recent

3 day VPA Annual Art Show. A reception was held for the special event. On April 24, Valley jazz students performed in the Reno Jazz festival. All three VC jazz bands and the jazz ensemble will also compete at the University of Nevada. The jazz team is one of Valley’s most competitive groups. They are known for their wonderful music and are known as one of the best jazz teams in California. On Thursday, April 29, the Valley Christian choir performed a Spring Vocal

Concert at Church on the Hill. This was the final concert of the year, and the farewell concert for the seniors. This year there have been many highlights and accomplishment in Valley’s Conservatory. In the last year alone, 90 new students have entered the VPA program. There have also been ten student music recitals. Valley also participated in the Visual and Performing Arts Fair in San Francisco. Recently, ten photo students traveled to Yosemite National Park. Photo teacher Mrs. Cindy Torode, along with Conservatory Associate Director of Visual Arts, Mr. Stephen Torode, guided students to various locations of interest throughout the park. Students spent two hours in a meadow in the moonlight, learning how to properly expose night photographs. The students came away with hundreds of stunning images and memories.

Valley is also putting on a Spring Dance Show, where dancer can show their

colors. Students who have seen the dance show are in awe. Along with these events there are countless more. Students and parents interested can look at Valley’s Conservatory website. The website has a complete calendar and ticket box, for those interested in attending shows.

Festival of the Arts: A Weekend of Events!

Friday, May 14 Mr. Peter Buffett Skyway Theatre 1:00 to 2:30pm

Son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, Mr. Peter Buffet will perform and speak to the Conservatory honors students on Friday May 14. Buffett is an Emmy award-winning musician, most famous for composing the music for the movie “Dances With Wolves.”

Friday, May 14

Conservatory Senior Music Recital Santa Clara University Recital Hall 7:00pm Admission is free, and there will be a reception following the performances.

Saturday, May 15

The Annual Festival of the Arts Skyway campus 10:00am Admission is free. Snacks, pizza and drinks will be available for purchase.

FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE: 10:00am Elementary Choral, Kingdom Kids, Hand Chimes: Skyway Gym 10:30am Junior High Cadet Band/Quest Band: Skyway Theatre 11:00am Junior Conservatory Choir:Wrestling Room 11:15am Junior High Studio Band: Jazz Band Room 11:15am Junior High/High School Dance and Color Guard: Skyway Gym 11:45am Elementary Piano Recital: Skyway Theatre 11:45am High School Lab Band: Jazz Band Room 12:15pm Junior High/High School Percussion: Skyway Gym 12:45pm High School Worship Band/ Room 107/ Women’s Ensemble: Skyway Theatre 12:45pm High School Jazz Ensemble: Jazz Band Room 1:00pm Elementary Strings: Skyway Gym

1:00pm Junior High Theatre/Quest Choir: Skyway Theatre 1:30pm Junior Conservatory Strings: Skyway Gym 1:45pm High School Symphonic Band: Skyway Theatre 2:00pm Junior High Cadet Strings: Skyway Theatre 2:00pm Elementary 4th & 5th Grade Band:Skyway Gym 2:15pm Junior High Advanced Strings: Skyway Theatre 2:30pm Junior Conservatory Band: Skyway Gym 2:30pm High School Early Music Ensemble: Skyway Theatre 2:45 pm Junior High Alpha Band: Skyway Gym 3:00pm Junior High Advanced Band: Skyway Gym 3:00pm High School String Ensemble: Skyway Theatre

3:15pm High School Conservatory Wind Ensemble: Skyway Theatre 3:45pm High School Symphony Orchestra: Skyway Theatre 7:30pm High School Theatre Experiments: Skyway Theatre Face Painting: 11:00am–1:00pm - Library Lobby

Inflatables: 10 am-3:00pm - Field Photo Booth & Sports Games: 11:00am-3:00 pm - Mall All Day Art Exhibits in the Auxiliary Gym, Lobby and Superintendent’s Gallery. Exhibits include Junior High and High School Art Exhibits, Junior High and High School Photography and Junior High Textiles.


Black and White City Lights

Feature On: The Foreigner

See Page 8&9

See Page 10

Jessica Huse

One Step at a Time

Valley Christian Alumni Jessica Huse is recovering from a serious accident one step at a time interview a few of her friends and teach- lowing her to stay in the Rehab unit, to more funds. The concert also raised awareers for the first article written about Jessica coming home back in February. ness for Jessica’s cause. Features Editor for the Valley Christian Warrior. During While at home, Jessica’s family Jessica’s mom, Lisa Huse, has I found out on Facebook. As I this time, I gained insight on the type of has been focusing on receiving funds for been trying to find anyway possible to not clicked on my news feed I would see posts person she is. Mr. Myron Falkowski said therapy equipment. The Jessica Huse Benonly gain more awareness for Jessica, but from my friends saying, “Pray for Jessica” that during high school Jessica had “the efit Concert that was held back in March also to receive access to therapy and excelor “Keep fighting, Jess.” I wondered who personality that would draw people to her” helped raised funds for equipment such as lent doctors who specialize in brain injuthis Jessica is and what happened to her, and that she was very serious about putting a standing frame and other medical necesries. but nonetheless I prayed. It didn’t matter her faith into action. Her love for others is sities. T h e that I didn’t know what was wrong, God obvious as so many people have rallied toThe conF a c e b ook gether to support her. Her Facebook group cert was held knew. group has been The next day I joined the group has almost 5,000 members many of whom, on March 19 used to not “Jessica Huse :)” on Facebook and read like me, have never met Jessica. and featured only update updates JJ Heller, the supporters but KRON Taxi Project, from her to rally togethNews Sta- Samuel Dafriends. er for support. tion has vidson S l o w l y, and The Jessica also learned many I began other Huse Team, about Jes- bands piecing and as Lisa Huse sica’s story singers who the decalls us , in her and has were there to tails toupdates, have c o v e r e d support Jessigether. I signed petimany of ca. Along with learned tions, voted her accom- great music, a that 2009 for Jessica, plishments silent auction graduate For their senior trip, Jessica (second left) and friends Trish, and have even the was organized Kayleigh Ocampo, Sarah and Kristyn took a drive down to J e s s i c a Jessica Huse (far right) poses on graduation day with friends Kristyn Dilley, from written to Elhospital al- that brought in Huse was Sarah Brant and Trish Taylor- Perryman. Southern California. len Degeneres involved trying to get Jessica’s name out there. in a car accident on August 2 leaving her The past months have been a critically injured and fighting for her life. challenging time for Jessica’s family and Jessica suffered from a brain injury and friends. But Jessica’s sweet spirit and broken bones. beautiful personality continue to speak Fast-forward to today, the last for Jessica even while she is incapable of day of April. For the last 9 months I’ve doing so. watched Jessica prove the doctors wrong That love for God has drawn peoas she’s not only lived but has steadily ple to support Jessica from all over the improved. She’s gone from being close to world. People just like me who have nevdeath to relearning how to follow simple er met Jessica but pray daily for a miracle. commands, respond to yes or no questions A miracle that, one step at a time, heals and is beginning to express herself. Jessica. While I have never met Jessica, I had the opportunity last September to Jessica Huse (middle) along with friends Melissa Helder, Trish, Kristyn and Codie Sawyer spent a lot of time Photo by Huse Family

Photo by Huse Family

Photo by Huse Family

Tarah Duarte

at the beach during their summers.

Spring Fever or Spring Fashion? Co- A&E Editor This year Spring Fever has arrived at Valley Christian. Students everywhere are showing off their floral waist skirts and khaki shorts. As the sun shines out doors, so do the students with their spring apparel. New fashions have risen to the surface for 2010, and are inviting students across San Jose to join in on the trendy clothes. Leggings have become an epidemic, with their different colors, being accompanied by boots. Giant headbands and boyfriend blazers are on the rise, and shawls with Miss Me jeans are all the rage. The in style jeans of 2010 remain the same, and become newer as a part of Valley Christian fashion. As usual, True Religion jeans can be seen across campus, and continue to be the number one designer brand. In second, Rock Revival jeans become the new brand that is seen, represented by a unique symbol called an iris. Lastly, Miss Me jeans arrive and girls across Valley are coming to school with white seamed, rhinestone jeans that have a cross on the back pockets. In 1982 Olivia Newton John

told us, “let’s get physical.” And though the all be looking to American football for an 1980s fashion revival has been and gone, injection of youthful tomboy cool into our Olivia’s words will still ring true among wardrobes come spring. But while football 2010’s fashion trends. No, we’re not talk- is key, it’s not the only sportswear inspiing fitness-induced sweat stain or hideous ration: we’ll also be looking to sports like headbands. Instead sportswear becomes baseball, hockey, tennis, scuba-diving, and street wear in Spring 2010 - in all its svelte dance. and effortless glory. Along with spring The boyfriend blazer has yet to sports, the fashion reach the same levels trends accompany of popularity as the them, as girls are two fashion trends seen wearing sweat which influenced it: suits, particularly boyfriend jeans and Juicy Couture, a the boyfriend shirt. well known brand Which, for it, is a that includes outragood thing. While the geous winter fashboyfriend shirt and ion, and are known denim trends have for their warm and reached commonality stylish track suits. and, thus, aren’t con Alexansidered trends anyder Wang’s inmore, the boyfriend imitable cool facblazer has found new tor puts him at the sophistication and forefront of this will be with us as a trend. The young, part of 2010 fashion fresh interpretation trends. he sent down the Along with runway for Spring Spring fasion for girls includes skirts, cropped pants clothes, new hairand high heeled shoes. 2010 means we’ll styles have arrived Google Images

Erica Parker

in 2010 to accommodate these highly regarded styles. The Side-braided hairstyle includes slicked back hair, and a long thick braid. From the sports perspective, this is the ideal hairstyle for girls who want to make a statement. The 1940s wave hairstyle, particularly worn by actress Scarlet Johansson, has taken a seventy year trip to 2010 and is now being worn by girls across the country. The 70s inspired long hairstyle, seen on models such as Kim Kardashian and singer Jordan Sparks have given girls the courage to change up the generic front bangs style, and split the hair down the middle. Other hairstyles include, the slicked-side hair style, masculine hair, textured chignon hairstyle, and the rope braid. A famous hairstyle is Rihanna’s evolution of the half-head shaved haircut: an undercut come fauxhawk. As part of hairstyles, girls are now changing the color of their hair, and as of Spring 2010, blond is back. These new and stylish colors include, peroxide blond, golden blond, red hair, and bleached eyebrows. These are the fashion trends that are soaring across America and Valley Christian. It is getting hotter, and everyone seems to have the Spring Fever!


The Warrior

April 30, 2010

Features JSB

Black &White

Yvonne Yang Top 2% Agent. President Elite Recipient, ASP SRES Realtor

Direct: (408) 674-4418 10105 S. De Anza Blvd., Cupertino CA 95014


April 30, 2010

The Warrior

City Lights




The Warrior

April 30, 2010


The Foreigner Excites Blake Kirchick

Guest Writer Here it is! Valley Christian theater’s 2010 Experiments play. Once a year, the Honors Theatre 2 students put on a full-length play, directed, cast, and performed by students at the school. This year, senior Amber Coney directs Larry Shue’s, The Foreigner. This is a witty, engaging comedy full of laughs, cries, Englishmen, small-town sheriffs, southern belles, dim witted red necks, and so much more. The humorous plot is based on two English men who are staying in a fishing lodge in rural Tilghman County, Georgia. One of the men, Charlie, is incredibly shy and the other man, Froggy, claims that Charlie doesn’t understand English because he is from another country. Due to the supposed lack of ability to

understand English, Charlie soon learns about scandals among residents staying at the lodge. Cast member Corey Martin commented on the play by saying, “I find it so amazing how quickly and efficiently a group of high school students can put together a play on such a professional level. And Melina Rapazzini is just so phenomenal playing the role of an old woman.� In regards to the play, Rapazzini, who is playing the role of Betty said, “You see, I’m not a very witty person, and so anything I say now will sound really stupid once it gets published!� The actors involved in this play will obviously keep you laughing on and off the stage. Blake Kirchick, another cast member’s only comment on the play was, “I love Sammy Olsen.�

Sophomore Sammy Olsen

Senior Blake Kirchick

Catherine Simms

Charlie Baker

“I am so impressed with the amount of effort, commitment, and dedication that each and every student has put into this show,� said Coney. “So much goes into the production of a play from both on and off the stage, and I can’t wait for [everyone to see the]hard work come together in such an amazing way!� “I’m really looking forward to seeing the cast that was chosen to preform in the show!� said an anonymous student. The Foreigner is just another outlet Valley Christian High School provides for student talent to shine. Go see The Foreigner, showing May 13, 14, and 15 at 7:30 PM at the Valley Christian Theatre. You won’t be sorry, in fact, you’ll be begging for more!

Senior Nicky Slavich

Froggy LeSeur

Sophomore Melina Rapazzini

Betty Meeks

Senior Corey Martin

Rev. David M. Lee

Senior Amber Coney


Prep Courses for the )TSABOUT

Caring, Life, You

!$5!,02)6!4%02!#4)#% 30%#)!,):).').



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SAT PSAT SAT II • Math Level II • Biology • Chemistry • Physics •


“I absolutely loved the program. The instructor gave me the individual attention I needed both inside and outside the classroom to excel. The methods taught me little tricks for the SAT that I used for school as well. No other program offers that.�


- Arjun Naskar ’05, MIT

#!,,&/2!&2%%!%34(%4)#3#/.35,4!4)/. !.$50/.6)3)42%#%)6%!#/-0,)-%.4!293+).!.!,93)3


E x c e l Te s t P r e p

7/-%.3#!2% &/2



Phone: (510) 490-7000 * * email:


VC Baseball See Page 14

NHL Playoffs See Page 12

Crunch Time Approaches Lines for Boys Swimming Draft Day Inside the

First-round draft picks Anthony Davis (below left) and Mike Iupati (below right) were introduced as San Francisco 49ers early Friday afternoon. I really like these picks by Coach Mike Singletary. The 49ers main problem last year was the offensive line and giving quarterback Alex Smith enough time to throw the ball. However, Smith does not seem like the long-term answer. He will never be an elite quarterback, but he will improve given the new and developing weapons forming around him. The 49ers also got a great deal in drafting USC safety Taylor Mays. Also, they traded a pick for Ted Ginn Jr, a lightning fast return man that should help the 49ers special teams. Overall the 49ers had a good draft and watch out for this team out of the Warnerless NFC West.

Oakland Raiders

A The Raiders finally got it right. They drafted the centerpiece of their defense for many years to come with the pick of Alabama’s Rolando McClain. There has been no doubt that owner Al Davis has made the final decision on draft day the last several years. He took combine stars Fabian Washington, Michael Huff, JaMarcus Russell, Darren McFadden and Darrious Heyward-Bey as his top picks since 2005. Then, the Raiders admitted they made a mistake with Russell and traded for Jason Campbell who signed an extension until 2011 and the money will be less than half of what Russell is due. It was the best 3-day period for the Raiders organization in franchise history. They addressed many of their problems and have some hope for the first since their last visit to the Superbowl.

The varsity swim team relaxes after a succesful tournament.

will face some of their toughest WCAL opponents in hopes of making a playoff run. Bellarmine, Sacred Heart Prep, and both the WCAL and CCS playoffs are fast approaching. As a whole, the team has rapidly fed off of not only Fleming’s exposure, but also the winning record the group as produced so far. Junior Mike Lomio noted that, “This swim year has been really fun. It has been great to be successful in beating many teams we never thought we could.” The team has truly discovered that

Photo by Yearbook Staff


Across the country, the sport of swimming has been rapidly gaining exposure. In January, VCHS senior Shayne Fleming was featured on the cover of the Bay Area edition of ESPN’s Rise Magazine. Rise Magazine spotlights the best of high school athletics across the nation. Fleming noted that he was a bit surprised that Rise chose to feature a swimmer on the cover, but was happy with the decision. As a sport, swimming has rocketed off the blocks since the ’08 Bejing Olympics. Twenty four year-old Michael Phelps won six gold medals during the Bejing Olympics, adding to his 6 medals from Athens in ’04. Since Phelps’ performance, youth swimming across the nation has exploded. Children and teens alike aspire to be just “Like Mike,” paralleling the explosion of youth basketball when the other Mike, Michael Jordan was at his peak. The varsity boys swimming team has fed off the positive energy so far moving to 5-0-1. Highlights during the season have come from beating Junipero Serra, Archbishop Mitty, and tying Saint Ignatius. During league play, the Warriors are 3-0-1 and hope to maintain their undefeated record. Not only Shayne Fleming, but also brother junior Casey Fleming has helped push the team to victory throughout the year. Over the next few weeks, the team

by targeting big dreams, big results can be reached. Shayne Fleming has reached numerous big goals so far this year, and hopes to continue to break records, while leading the charge for the team. A Facebook group, in support of both the boys and girls swim team, has been made by girls’ varsity swimmer, junior Britney Tomisula. Tomisula along with the boys’ team hopes to continue to promote the team throughout the year, and increase crowds at the meets.

Softball Hits Stride in Season Austin Davis Staff Writer

The varsity Valley Christian softball team has been doing an outstanding job this year. They come in at 17-3 and have only lost to Leland, Hillsdale and Notre Dame so far. Junior Tyler Walker said one of their best games was when they beat Presentation 4-1. This was one of the first times they have beaten the Panthers in a while. She said, “This year we have been hitting better, and also became closer as a team and can depend on each other.” Walker also said, “When one of us are having a bad game, there are fourteen others who pick us up.” The catcher for the team, senior Taylor Batey, complimented the team on how well the team

has shown discipline. Her best experience this year was beating Notre Dame because they were CCS champions last year. Batey commented, “We don’t let our success get

ahead from playing the game.” The Warriors played 6 games in the past week and finished 5-1 as well as placing 3rd at the Steinbeck Classic Tournament in Salinas. Four of those wins were shutouts. The Warriors are on a roll and have won 8 out of their past 9 games including 2 double digit wins and 4 wins by at least 8 runs. Junior Mahria Gutierrez hit 2 doubles and 2 RBIs in the last week. Freshman Lizz Hawkins has hit two singles, a double, and 3 RBIs in the past week. Junior Janell LaRont added 7 singles, a double, a triple, and 10 RBIs also.

Tyler Walker fields a fly ball on the run.

Athletic Signings, April 27: From Left to Right Jasmine Dickenson- University of Hawaii at Hilo Jenna Davis- Cal Poly Hannah Goranson- Duke University Kyle Gerrans- Pepperdine University James Yoder- Menlo College

Photo by Jon Lampkin

San Francisco 49ers

Editor in Chief

Photo by Yearbook Staff


Jon Lampkin

Sports Sharks Look To Answer Post-Season Doubts April 30, 2010

The Warrior

VC Track Team Sprints to the Finish Staff Writer

Sports Editor

This track season has featured many potential and current scholarship athletes that have made a very strong all around team. Hard work and dedication has the track team looking for a potential WCAL and CCS championship. Sophomore Byron Marshall is ranked 1st in track in CCS for the 100m and long jump and ranked 2nd in the long jump. Sophomore Sean Davis is ranked 5th in CCS for the 1600m. Duke-bound senior Hannah Goranson is ranked 1st in CCS for the 100m hurdles. Senior Jenna Davis, who is going to Cal- Poly on a track scholarship is ranked 2nd in both the 800m and 400m races. The Warriors had several successful races at CCS Top 8, which has the best runners in the Central Coast Division. Marshall finished first in the 100m with a time of 10.85 seconds and 4th in the 200m finishing with a time of 22.20 seconds. Davis ran a 2:15.54 in the 800m and finished second while sophomore Isabel Garcia finished 8th with a time of 2:21.11 in the same race. Sean Davis ran a 1:55.78 in the men’s 800 race. Goranson ran a time of 25.37 in the 200m and finished 3rd. Sophomore Morgan Lira finished the 1600m with a time of 5:12.90 and finished 6th. The Warriors competed against Saint Ignatius on April 28 then to follow that on May 1, they will compete at the Meet of Champions at Sacramento City

College. League trials start on May 11-12. Editor’s Note: In last month’s issue, the track photo that accompanied the story was misidentified as sophomore Sean Davis, but the picture was of junior Jeremy Thompson. Thompson competes in the high jump, 100m sprint, and his best event, the triple jump. Thompson’s triple jump stats has been remarkably notable throughout the season.

Acacia Walls throws the shotput during a track meet.

Photo By Joyce Chen

Danny Davis & Joe Garcia

Danny Hittler

Assistant Sports Editor For the second year in a row, the San Jose Sharks finished atop the Pacific Division and the Western Conference. For the Sharks that means nothing. The issue that remains is if they can win in the playoffs and make a run for the prized possession of the NHL, The Stanley Cup. Pressure is on this year. In the first round they face the Colorado Avalanche. During the regular season the Sharks split the season series with the Avs 2-2. Every game was close so the series was anticipated to be close. On April 14, the San Jose Sharks Post Season began at HP Pavilion. They came out of the gates looking invincible, littering the goal with 7 shots in the first three minutes of the game, not including a shot by Dany Heatley that hit the crossbar. The tide quickly changed, as the Avs took over the pace of the game, slowing it down to play into their strengths. The Avs took the lead on an early 2nd period power play on a laser shot by their defenseman John Michael-Liles. In the third period the Sharks played like the desperate team that they were. Forward Ryan Clowe broke through for the Sharks half way through the period when he struck a puck near post past the Avs’ goalie Craig Anderson. The game changed when the Avs’ Chris Stewart scored the game winner with 41 seconds remaining on the clock. The Sharks bounced back in game

two. In a thriller, they won 6-5 in overtime. Joe Pavelski scored in the last minute of regulating to force overtime where Devin Setoguchi scored his second goal of the game and tied the series up at one game apiece. The puck bounced the Avs’ way in game three. The Sharks littered the net with 51 shots but could not get it past Anderson. In overtime Dan Boyle attempted to pass the puck behind the goal and it deflected off Avs’ forward Ryan O’Reilly’s stick past Evgeni Nabokov. Despite being unlucky in game 3, the Sharks dominated the Avalanche so badly that the Avs were never the same the rest of the series. The Sharks won the next three straight games, advancing to round two. Joe Pavelski emerged as the star playoff performer that the Sharks were in dire need of. He scored 5 goals in the series and 4 in their last three games. In game 6 he scored the game tieing, and game winning goal.

Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/


Joe Pavelski celebrates after scoring in the 3rd.


The Warrior

April 30, 2010


Diggin’ Varsity Volleyball supposed to get kills, I just was not sure what they were killing or how they were doing it. Turns out to get a kill, you usually have to hit first, and having a high killing percentage is a good thing. You can either hit a cut shot, a tip, a floater and you have to attack. This is a tough sport. If you are not careful, you’ll end up with a six pack in the face while the ball is flying down the line. It all seems so violent! But as the VC Warriors can tell you, volleyball is a game of skill. To win

Photo by Drew Osumi

The varsity volleyball team does their pregame by returning serves.

a point, the team must recognize decoys, while trying to roof and avoid the ace. If they play poorly, then they are playing garbage ball, not volleyball, and certainly not Mintonette, which is the original name of the game. The guys learn how to pass, dive and every-so-often they have to pancake to keep the ball off the floor. They may joust and swipe, using both the strong and the weak side to set up the isolation play so they can do what they are supposed to; hit and kill. The Valley Christian Warriors have rallied from Bryan Fobbs who constantly gives the team solid hitting and Alex Hodges who provides stifling defense and energy to lift the group. Through April 20, the team had a 13-12 record. The team was concerned with the loss of Daniel Tietze who left to pursue other opportunities. Also, the Warriors are looking to rebuild after the loss of their superstar setter, Tyler Riggs to a broken hand. But in the words of Brit Abrahamson, “Come on Valley, you got this.” Confused? So was I. I always thought the guys were just hitting a ball over the net! But with an 11-6 record, the boys are executing on blocking, running trick plays with the libero using a forearm

pass to set up an “x” in a multiple offensive scheme. It takes guts too; after taking a hit to the face, and then getting back to the business of passing, blocking, hitting and getting kills. And geez, they seem like such nice guys in class! Make plans now to support the VCHS Warriors at the next game.

Photo by Drew Osumi

Ryan Lowe

Assistant Sports Editor As this reporter began to write an article on the varsity volleyball team, I realized that I did not really understand the game; sure, I knew the basics that the ball hitting the ground on your side was bad, on their side good and I knew it was a game that could not be played without gravity. I did not understand the skills that made the difference between winning and losing for the 11-man Warrior roster. I knew it was another one of those sports that you were

The varsity squad spikes the balls to each other.

VCHS Tennis Plays Strong JV Softball Perseveres Ryan Lowe

Nathan Farrokhian

Assistan Sports Editor As the season quickly comes to an end, the Valley Christian High School tennis Warriors are still working hard and continuing to win. They continue to go to practice, play their hardest at matches, and work out even outside of school practices. On March 29, The Warriors played against Saint Francis at home and ended with a close 4-3 win. The win against Saint Francis showed great improvements for the team. Earlier in the season, the Warriors lost to Saint Francis 5-2, so they have been working hard to come on top. On March 31, they pulled out another great win against Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. Valley Christian beat Sacred Heart, who didn’t stand a chance against the Warriors. They once again won, 4-3 and were happy with their performances. On April 13, the varsity team traveled to Elks Club, which are Serra’s tennis courts, to play an intense match against Junipero Serra High School. Unfortunately, they were not able to pull out a win, and

Photo by Ian Stephenson

Assistant News Editor

Photo by Ian Stephenson

Freshman Bryce Mckelvie prepares for his match.

Freshman Bryce Mckelvie returns the serve.

ended with a loss of 5-2. Two days later on April 15, the boys traveled to the Decathlon Club and met the Bellarmine College Prep players there. At the club, they once again played their hardest but were not able to overcome the Bells. On Tuesday, April 20, the Warriors once again had an away game. This time they traveled to Archbishop Riordan High School where they won easily, 5-0 and gathered some newfound courage to bring to their next matches. On the other hand, the junior varsity tennis team hasn’t been having as much success as the varsity squad. Their first four matches were against 3 elite tennis teams, including Saint Francis, Bellarmine College Preperatory, and Archbishop Mitty, which resulted in losses. This was then followed by a win against Archbishop Riordan. Their season was tough but still fun.

MJR ELECTRIC 10521 KORN LANE, GILROY (408) 846-6300

The JV softball team has been playing hard since the beginning of the season. They have high hopes and have been keeping their eyes on the prize. Their determination is what has been keeping them strong during practice and the games. Their first home game of the season was against Ann Sobrato High School. The girls did a great job of holding a lead throughout the game and ended with a dominating score of 14-7. On March 23 they faced Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. They had a close game and the winner was not clear until the end. However, Valley pulled ahead in the last inning winning the game 13-12. This victory gave the team confidence paving the road for the future. On April 10 they competed in

a tournament at Salinas and went 1-1, winning one of the games 14-2, however losing the second 4-7. Although they dominated the first game, they seemed to be wiped out by the time the second game came around and they ended up playing a team that had not played another game that day. Although the team feels they have not been able to prove themselves on the field so far, they look to finish out the season strong. The team believes that this struggle and perseverance will lead to their success. The girls noted that they have the team community and fellowship to continue through the season. Junior Amber Garman said, “Without my teammates, we would be nothing. They are the heart and soul of the team and whether we win or lose we do it together and that is all that matters.”

JV Volleyball Improving Ryan Lowe

Assistant Sports Editor The JV boys volleyball season is well underway and the wins are proving hard to come by, but the Warriors are showing solid improvement. The team received their first victory over St. Francis on March 10, a 2-1 victory.                                            Coach Scott Nystrom has led this team to a 5-12 record. Valley put a competitive team on the court throughout the season and had success versus the West Catholic league, and victories over Riordon and Sacred Heart.                                                     The team’s roster is made up of 2

middle blockers, Rohit Tigga and Trevor Del Rosario. The team’s hitters include Michael White, Trenton McNelly, and Drew Osumi. Wyatt Schott and Daniel Pense shine as the team’s back row. Diego Nocedal is the team’s libero, Daniel Kleinsmith is the middle, and Ray Chen is the setter for the team.                                                    The Warriors have been playing tough and close in every game.  Rohit Tigga said, “Diego [Nocedal] is good at digging, and Trevor [Del Rosario] gets lots of blocks.”  He also said that the team has been getting along because they have great chemistry. 


April 30, 2010

The Warrior


Varsity Baseball Playing Like JV Baseball Turns on the Switch True Warriors Dominic Taguinod his wonderful coaching staff. Although they have lost a few games, they are starting to hit stride with a big win over St. Ignatius on April 15 with a score of 8-1. Other notable victories includes a win at De La Salle 8-0, a win at St. Mary’s of Stockton 6-4, a win versus Bellarmine 3-2, and at Riordan 6-2. Junior Matt Jackson said, “ I think we have a lot of potential and are going to make some noise in the playoffs this year.” Juniors Matthew Jackson and Shawan Dunston led the team in batting averages with a percentage of .417 and .409 respectively. Dunston also leads the league in triples. Senior Trevin Craig and Matt Jackson are tied for third in the league in runs with 7. Junior Nick McFarland leads the team with RBIs.

Freshmen Team Moves to 7-9 The freshmen have capitalized on

Photo by 2010 yearbook

a 12-0 victory over Archbishop Riordan and a 16-2 victory over Los Gatos High. The Warriors will close off their league season against Saint Ignatius and Mitty.

Junior Jerrick Morales warms-up before gametime.

Assistant A&E Writer

The JV squad is working hard throughout the season. The fact that JV teams aren’t predicted to do so well didn’t phase them at all; instead, they brushed the prediction off their shoulders, and have dominated so far this season with a 7-3-1 record. The team has been practicing since February and working hard every day to become better than every other school in each position. Several JV players were brought up in order to use their talents on the varsity squad. After rigorous months of practice, the elite JV team has shown their true potential through their record. Those who stayed on the team worked their hardest to prepare for the upcoming season and to represent the baseball program of Valley Christian. Despite the horrible terrain that comes with the practice fields of Los Arboles, the team uses it to their advantage. Because it is a public park, the field isn’t as well groomed as the tier one field on campus, but it isn’t such a bad thing. The teams use the ungroomed surfaces of the field to their advantage by practicing taking bad hops and when game time comes around, they have the upper hand on opponents. For years, the freshmen and JV teams have grown to love and learn from this field. The squad followed a tie against De La Salle in a rigorous 9-9 game with three losses, the first of which was against a tough Saint Mary’s JV squad. Even though they were tough opponents, they scrapped

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Sports Editor The Warriors have their sites set on another CCS championship, but the road ahead of them is tough. Competing in one of the most feared leagues in the state of California, the varsity baseball squad should be prepared for any team in CCS. They have come into this season with a 13-6 record (4-3 WCAL) and are currently ranked 4th in CCS and 26th in the state. The team is led by seniors Matt Carroll, Trevin Craig, and Danny Davis, all of whom are going to San Jose State to play baseball at the college level. Senior Thomas Reynolds will attend Cornell in the fall and senior Ryan Reese will be going to Menlo University, and both will play baseball for their respective schools. Reese said, “I am excited to be playing at the next level, but I am also excited to see how our team does in league.” Reynolds also added, “I am excited for the rest of this season and I am looking to compete in college.” All this talent has formed into a great team led by Coach John Diatte and

out 3 runs as opposed to Saint Mary’s 6 runs. In the following game, the team was less fortunate as they scored 0 runs against a decent 5 runs for Saint Francis. This year, Saint Francis is among the Sophomore Morgen Newby takes b a s e b a l l a rip at a low and inside fastball. teams who make up the top elite squads, including Valley Christian. To wrap up their streak they lost to Sacred Heart Cathedral in a 5-2 game. This didn’t even come close to keeping the JV Warriors down. Instead, they kept their heads up high and continued the season by winning 6 straight games, one of which resulted in a 12-0 loss in the Wilcox Tournament. Varsity pitcher, Thomas Reynolds stated, “I’ve been watching the team recently and they’ve shown so much potential. I wish I could be here to see how good they will be in the future.” Probably the most memorable win of those games was a tough battle against Valley Christian’s arch rivals, the Bellarmine Bells. The Warriors showed up that day and left their words on the field as they beat Bellarmine College Prep 6 runs to a mere 2. Their next opponent is Archbishop Mitty on May 5 where the Warriors look to continue their winning streak.


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April 30, 2010


Varsity Girls Go for Gold in WCAL Sonya Shin Staff Writer

The girls work hard during both the preseason and season, in hopes that it will payoff at the end of the season

Walitsch in the 100 back. At the exciting St. Ignatius meet, the girls traveled to San Francisco on Thursday, April 15. This meet proved to be exciting as the girls came out victorious in

Photo by Yearbook Staff

Photo by Yearbook Staff

The Valley Christian girls varsity and JV swimming teams have been swimming hard the last few weeks. Head coach and VC Director of Aquatics Cathy Manthey pilots the varsity squad. The girls JV coach, Jen O’Connell, saw the need for improvement and made the practices tougher. Under the skilled direction and training of both Manthey and O’Connell, the girls were encouraged. “O’Connell helps us individually to improve our time and technique with each lap,” stated sophomore Caroline Levan. On Thursday, March 31, the girls competed against Archbishop Mitty, the defending CCS champions. The meet began at 3:00p.m and the girls came out strong. After many close races, the girls came out with a victory in the 200 Free Relay. Also defeating the Monarchs in an individual event was senior Jamie

Valley Christian girls warm up with the backstroke before as swim meet. The team always trys to compete to the best of their potential during meets.

many events. Leading the squad was senior Kellen Power, who won both the 200 free and 500 free, as well as getting personal best times. Freshman Stephanie Scannell came out with a win in the 200 individual

Medley Relay, as well as Walitsch in the 100 back. The girls finished the meet with a win in the 400 free relay composed of seniors Power and Walitsch, and sophomores Julia Thompson and Julie Nguyen. For the JV team, Annie Pugliese won first place in 500 free, and Linda Trinh took first place in 100 IM. The Valley Christian hosted St. Francis on Thursday, April 22. The Lady Warriors pushed to surpass their personal goals. Jessica Tencati beat St. Francis and took first place in the breastroke. The last meet of April was against Presentation on Thursday, April 29. All of the Valley Christian students are in full support of the swimming team and hope that the varsity Warriors will finish strong in the WCAL finals and CCS, and that the JV team will continue to improve on their season next year. Visit the pool deck before the spring sports season ends, and encourage Valley’s talented aquatic Warriors!

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Lincecum heats it up for the SF Giants.

Assistant News Editor With April quickly fading away and May fast approaching, baseball season has started with many interesting twists and turns. It is not surprising that the two teams that played in the World Series last year, the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies, are doing well and look like they could potentially meet again in October. The Phillies added ace pitcher Roy Halladay and the Yankees got younger and improved their own pitching rotation. Meanwhile, there are some teams that have thus far surprised everyone. The San Francisco Giants, behind an upstart offense and a good pitching rotation, are playing well and are currently leading their division. Two time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum has started the season

strong and appears headed for a potential third one. On the other end of the spectrum are the Boston Red Sox, who had high expectations coming into the season but have struggled in the early part of the season. This season promises to be an interesting one, with young, upcoming teams like the Tampa Bay Rays competing in the same division as perennial powerhouses such as the St. Louis Cardinals and the aforementioned Yankees. Over the next few months, teams will compete to appear in the playoffs. Even the Oakland A’s have started the season leading their division, much to the surprise of many experts. Some pretenders will fall short in the coming months whereas some contenders will shine. It is the unpredictable nature of the season that makes baseball fascinating and fun to watch for the entire season.

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Baseball Season Starts Strong

Pablo Sandoval winds up and aims for the stands.

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Justen Torres delicately aims for the flag.

This year, the varsity golf team has learned valuable lessons on and off the course. Although they have lost more of their matches than they have won, almost all of their matches have been close. Coached by Ken Shamanski and featuring talented players such as Andrew Robbins and Will Clark, the golf team has played very well down the stretch, even winning a recent match by twentysix strokes. Senior Tommy Higgins said, “Golf has been really been fun this season and we have all stepped up our game a lot.”

The season has been a great experience for all the players and they have all become better golfers. The JV team, on the other hand, is doing fairly well. Although they have quite a few freshmen on their team, they have actually fared well against more experienced teams. They have already won several of their matches and have played well even in losses. Junior Matt Ross said, “Golf is an important life skill all men should have. Golf has been fun and I look forward to next season.” They are coached by Greg Staszko and are learning the game and preparing for varsity golf somewhere down the road.

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Boys Golf Grows Through Adversity

Blake Kirchick beautifully sets up for the putt.

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My Coat of Arms

April 30, 2010 Earlier this year, Mrs. Cheryl Sizemore’s VCES fourth grade class created these projects symbolizing each individual student’s Coat of Arms, in addition to a description of its significance.


My Coat of Arms symbolizes my life. This lion is like God scaring off the things that I should never see. I chose darkness because I can remember that God can beat darkness easily. 1 Peter 2:17 “But you are the chosen people of royal and holy nation, and the people now belong to God.” The darkness is weak but God is strong. I chose the crown because it shows that I serve my God. 1 Peter 5:4 “And when the chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the unfading crown of glory.” I chose the crown because God is the everlasting King. Jesus put on the crown of thorns to show us that He loves us. To me the cross stands for peace, kindness, and goodness. 1 Peter 2:24 “He himself bore our sins in His body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By His wounds you have been healed.” He is my King in all ways. The cross is the sacrifice that Jesus died on.






My Coat of Arms tells of four important things in my life. The picture on the top left corner represents me when in hard times. If I pray and follow God, He will help me grow. “So neither he who plants nor he who waters in anything, but only God, who makes things grow” 1 Corinthians 3:6. The second picture shows a pathway. This pathway represents God directing my path. “Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight” Psalm 119:35. The next picture shows that we should always love one another. “A new command I give you; love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” John 13:3435. My last picture shows the light of a rainbow leading to Heaven. “As soon as Jesus was baptized, He went up out of the water. At that moment Heaven was opened, and He saw the spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting on Him” Matthew 3:6.









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