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For whatever is born of God is VICTORIOUS over the world; and that is the victory that conquers the world, even our faith. 5 Who is it that is VICTORIOUS over [that conquers] the world but he who believes that Jesus is the son of God [who adheres to, trusts in, and relies on that fact]? I John 5:4, 5 [AMP.]





of age; when speaking in refer-

ence to the King James scripture Psalm 74:17 Thou hast set all the borders of the earth; thou hast made summer and winter.

There is a season created for every purpose in our lives and it is of crucial importance that we explore these borders. In the Amplified version we see Psalm 74:17 You have fixed all the borders of the earth [the division of land and sea and of the nations]; You have made summer and winter. [Acts 17:26-31]

Please take a look inside and see why this is one of the most important seasons of our lives as we live for Christ! Your Name


2424 Your Street Your City, YC 22442

Happy New Year to all Partners and Friends of VCM!


e want to Congratulate you on a superb year! You did most that was requested of you. You made this portion of the ministry a huge success. If we didn’t know The Father there is no way we could have hoped to accomplish as much as we did. But you made it happen. Yes, you, your financial contributions, your seed offerings, your $10 monthly fee! Yes you, you invited to the prayer line causing us to have numbers like never before! WOW!!! Look at you V. L . Mag readers you caused the distribution of this family publication to become great in the homes of it’s participants. You did that! And all of us thank you from every place in our hearts! We tell you all the time that you are certainly the greatest partners and friends a ministry could hope to have! We say Thanks. We are, an ever evolving ministry with family being our focus. You have pushed us to our great potential and we are determined to continue with our Holy Spirit empowered press towards the mark of the High Calling. What does that mean exactly, it means that no matter what our goal is to present a publication that The Holy Father would want you to receive, and we believe this is our High Calling. We have been called to present a unique ministry with the greatest level of excellence that we know and once that has been achieved search for even greater. We of the VLM publication submit to you that we will continue to offer you a uniquely special publication that you will be pleased to say you are a partner and friend of! Please keep praying for your special place of ministry with VCM and come and volunteer your time as a seed unto the Lord! May God richly bless you and yours in this prosperous New & Exciting Year of 2011!!! Sincerely, Victoria Lynn Clark

Address Change Alert! Can't remember if I told You, but I have moved out from Beggars Alley , located at 2 Poverty Lane at the corner of Down and Out Circle. As of today, I have a brand new home .. My new address is Living Well on 231 Abundance Terrace Located at the corner of Blessings Drive and Prosperity Peak. It's in the God Can neighborhood.

No longer will I allow myself to travel to the other side of town on Begging Peter to pay Paul Route, Located at a dead end

I no longer hang out at Failure's Place, Near Excuses Avenue, Next to Procrastination Point.

Intersection called I Don't Have,

I've moved to an upscale community called Higher Heights with unlimited potential and

Which connects with Borrowers Junction!

opportunities for me to succeed. Life is good because God is good! Care to change your address?

There are many vacancies! GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS OH LORD!

Our Welcome remains the same listen below:

Welcome meaning literally “well + come”

(“May you have fared well in coming here!”) We love this old definition and we mean it. “Welcome!” It is sincerely our prayer that you made it to the partnership of VC Ministries safe and sound. We look forward to this being one of the greatest experiences of your lifetime. In the times of sharing we have a wonderful and exciting plan in store.

Chief Editor Victoria L. Clark Our wonderful publication is coming to it’s own and we are so thankful to our readers that you are here to share this journey with us. We are growing in leaps and bounds. We are conquering and overcoming the vast amount of challenges we face daily in our attempt to bring you quality. If you are a regular reader or subscriber of Victorious Living then you know that we changed the name, as well as adding some things and removing others. It is our intent to move with the tide of change that comes around to push us to a better performance. We embrace our future to become greater. We are now Victorious Living Mag. Doesn’t that sound exciting and fresh, well we thought so and pray you do as well. We promise to continue to bring you the kind of publication that the entire family can sit down together and enjoy, as well as articles to encourage, and uplift often times bringing a smile to your face. What ever your favorite place, come in, relax and begin reading anywhere you like. Be sure and enjoy the whole publication! We are all about growth. Take a look inside and view some of the changes and let us know what you think. We would love to hear from you. Write us and tell us what you would like to see more of. Attention: Victoria Clark

TABLE of CONTENTS Prophet’spost The Greatest Word ……………………………………………………… 10

Family Mattersmag Winter Storm Watch …………………………………………………… 12 Defining Family …………………………………………………………. 13 Movie Magic ……………………………………………………………… 14 Family Night 1 ………………………………………………………….. 15 Family Night 2 ………………………………………………………….. 17 Couples Devotional …………………………………………………….. 18 I

Was Married Once ……………………………………………………. 20

Spiritual Livingmag Enemy Watch …………………………………………………………… 22 God Help the Church Please ………………………………………… 23

Golden Lifemag Knee Relief ………………………………………………………………. 27 Vacation ………………………………………………………………….. 28 Health Bee ……………………………………………………………….. 29 Wash Your Shoes Please ……………………………………………… 42

V L place Chatter @ Nosy Park ………………………………………………….. 32 Nosy Park ……………………………………………………………….. 38 Cross Word Puzzle ……………………………………………………. 39-40

Herbal Livingmag Who’s Listening ……………………………………………………….. 44 Tea with V ………………………………………………………………. 45

Sugar Babiesmag Bedside …………………………………………………………………. 46 Baby Cares & Prayers ………………………………………………. 47

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“His intention was the perfecting and the full equipping of the saints (His consecrated people), [that they should do] the work of ministering toward building up Christ’s body (the church),” Amplified Version Ephesians 4:12


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Prophetess General,


Victoria L. Clark

Chelsey L. Simms, II

[Family Mattersmag]

By Victoria Clark



he Hebrew translation says ripeness of age is winter. I find that to be truly amazing, don’t

word that we take for granite every single day. Oh, some of us, excuse me. For the remainder of us, winter is not always a welcoming experience. But just like anything else we find it all about a mind set. All about exposure to knowledge, which makes us think of Hosea, when he said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”, [Hosea 4:6].

So here I go. When I think of the words presented to me such as ripe in relation to another word so you? unrelated in my mind to the subject of Winter. I will Watching the ripeness of one’s age. I believe for men never see Winter the same. and women every where it is mankind at the most Now I think of it as the fullness or maturity of a suitable stage of preparation or development to process and this is what brings me to winter. And ourselves, The Father, family, friends, and others. the fact that winter comes around each and every Until this stage occurs in our lives we are just year that I live. mulling around trying to get things done. “Winter Storm Watch”; I will look for of the fullness Unfortunately, we spend way too much time not of the process I am presently in and I will embrace it, allowing life’s journey of process to take us and to accept it, and even welcome it. I have found a new make us. meaning to a season in my life that in past times I For the remainder of the time I want to remember to completely missed for whatever the reason or excuse watch, you know, be aware in my being. I want to I want to give. At the end of the day I slept through be aware of my progress in my life’s journey no some winter storms that I should have been matter what page of life I may be on. gathering fire wood for the fire place, taking in water WOW! What a blessing it is to, “keep living,” as my and saving it, gathering my favorite books with my Bible being on the top of my list. I will be strong grandmother used to tell us all the time. With age comes many things and unfortunately if you are like and weather every storm sent my way because I me you have failed to embrace the joys of a long life have come to a place of maturity and fullness of a life that is definitely worth living! Thank you Lord for and especially a long life in Christ. “Winter Storm Watches in my Life!” I believe that wisdom is one of those attributes that In this season of my life I pray now to accept the doesn’t just come with longevity of life, but with or out of a fruitful relationship with Christ. Other wise process that will make me the woman that I could never complete with out the ripeness of age. what do we do with the saying, “ain’t no fool like and old fool?” One dictionary states that ripeness is, “the state of By Victoria Clark being full.” I find that again to be wonderfully gratifying. Well here is my interpretation of this

Defining Family


ears ago when I first thought of the “Family Matters” concept, I hadn’t read it before neither had I thought about it in depth. But as time progressed in the pastorate family focus it became a necessary tool for our ministry.

Here’s what I realized, that family consist of many essential components and possibilities more than ever before. When I was growing up and you spoke of your family generally you meant, Mother and Dad with a few kids. However, at this junction in life family consist of far more than the simple Ma and Pa with the 2 maybe 3 children. In 2011, family looks very different. Family is no longer viewed in the traditional sense only. Now included with, husband and a wife [a male and a female] with children, but also husband and husband [two males] with children, also wife and wife [two females] with children, aunts and uncles raising children, you get what I’m saying, and forever grandparents raising their children’s children. It doesn’t matter if you agree with what’s going on in the world or not the fact of the matter is it is going on! There are so many different definitions of the word family. The word that we could back in the day define without thought is no longer so. Embracing the times is not necessary but awareness with thought is very needful for us as the Body of Christ. Well, readers of “Family Matters”, the thing about new family defined is it should be embraced without judgment and prejudice. We should embrace the key point which is love or have you forgotten? We are truly amazing in our thinking, thinking that it is better for a child to be raised by heterosexual parents that are drunks, crack attics, abusive; sexually and physically, than to have them in a homosexual loving household. Whatever you think at the end of the day all “Family Matters” and God will judge the quick and the dead!

Prayerfully enough we will leave the judging to Our God and Remember “Family Matters!”

Fitness Myth #1: No pain, no gain. If you haven’t worked out in a while—or you're trying a new kind of exercise—you’ll probably be sore the next day. Believe it or not, that’s a good thing.

Top Fitness Myths Exposed By Jennifer Gruenemay, Special to Lifescript

These aches are called “delayed onset muscle soreness,” says Wendy Repovich, Ph.D., a fellow member of the American College of Sports Medicine and Director of Exercise Science at Eastern Washington University. It means that the workout created “good” micro-tears in the muscles, which heal on their own and make you stronger. But how can you tell the difference between soreness and muscle damage? “If soreness lasts more than 48 hours, you’ve overdone it,” she says. “This level of muscle damage can take six weeks to heal.”

Movie Magic By Chelsey Simms, II


oday we introduce a new article to you in the VC Mag! It is Movie Magic. Here we give you movie reviews from the Christian perspective in hope that it will improve your movie experience. Let's start with the blockbuster hits we enjoyed and why you will too: The Dilemma, The Mechanic, The Green Hornet, and The Rite. Now depending on what you are going to the movies to experience you may or may not find these titles enjoyable. I will tell you what you should be looking for in these movies and whether you will find it or not. The Dilemma is a comedy about two friends with one in a peculiar situation. Vince Vaughn plays a friend who discovers his friend's wife's cheating on him. While life is hitting them with many different turns, Vaughn has to decide whether or not to tell, and more importantly when and how much to divulge. Without a shadow of a doubt this movie delivers. If you are looking for a funny, feel good movie with a slight philosophical edge then look no further. The

Dilemma features Queen Latifah and is a laughing matter throughout. Very light and enjoyable movie. Go see this if you want something funny and you're looking for a compromise between the ever continuing love story/ action movie battle. The Mechanic. This movie is an action film with a gory touch to it. Look at this film if you want manly action and a sure fire twist before the end of this film. I enjoyed the militaristic strategist view that this film takes, and it's star John Statham is turning out to be quite the Arnold Schwarzenegger of this generation. The Green Hornet. Though I love movies and can endure most with no problem I still have to give a review from the perspective of the average movie goer. With that said the classic T.V. show turned movie sadly disappoints. Even with the addition of the Bruce Lee look alike in Jay Chou the movie is a bore to watch. Riddled with special effects and an ode to the Chinese version of the T.V. show with Kato as the hero it still fails to take an angle and is only mildly funny. The first VC Mag Review that is an epic fail. Sorry Green Hornet better luck next time. Finally The Rite. As our final review of the month it makes sense that we would end with the spiritual, thought provoking,

and jarring emotional thriller slash horror film. What can I say about this film? Anthony Hopkins (no surprise here) does not disappoint with a riveting performance that is as scary and inspiring as Hannibal Lectur of old. Indeed, Hopkins is back with avengeance and his co star Colin O'Donoghue does a great job as well. Set predominantly in the Vatican this story takes you on a real ride with no slow points in between. I loved this film although I must say I'm not much for scary movies. For a Christian this is my epic pick of the month. This film gives a great perspective on demonology and approaches from the "Satan is real" view point, and that is a welcome change for movies from Hollywood. All in all this month's movies are sure to be great as long as you don't see the Green Hornet. Until next time enjoy movie goers!!


Orange-Kissed Tomato Salsa By George Geary from FamilyFunMagazine

Great for the family to create together, plus no cooking it delicious over quesadillas. Ingredients 

3 medium-size Roma tomatoes

1/2 medium-size red onion

1/4 cup cilantro or parsley leaves

1 tablespoon orange juice

1 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon salt

Instructions 

Choose an ethnic theme and go with it. I mean choose the theme and let every body choose, perhaps you can make a game out of it. Looking on the map and finding a country or culture you all would like to adopt for the night and make it the theme for your movies, food, fun, and games. Remember it is always “family night” include your entire family. The more consistent you will be with your family and interesting and involving the more excited the family will be. Even your teens if you include them. Spring will be here before you know it don’t forget to plan some of your family nights for being outside in the sun or even under the stars!

Using a small knife, halve each tomato. Cut away the stem area, then cut the two halves in half. Over the sink or a small bowl, squeeze the tomato pieces as you would a sponge to force out the seeds and water. Use a knife or hand-powered food chopper to dice the tomatoes. Transfer the fruit to a medium-size bowl.

 Dice the red onion and add it to the bowl. Finely chop the cilantro or parsley and add it to the bowl as well. Note: If you’re using a food chopper, the onion and herbs can be chopped together. Depending on the age of your children this may be something Mom or Dad will have to do. 

Stir in the orange juice, sugar, and salt and combine them well. Cover and refrigerate the salsa for 1 hour to allow the flavors to mingle. Makes 2 -1/2 cups.


o let’s continue our night/weekend of family and fun! A challenging game of Scrabble can include everyone.

Double Lime Coolers 1/2 pint (1 cup) lime sherbet Stir in bowl to soften 1 can (6 ounces) frozen limeade Concentrate 2 bottles (7 ounces each ) ginger ale, chilled

Stir in

2 cups water

Pour into glasses

Simms Hoagies

This was one of the kids favorites for our Friday night Family gathering.

Each child really liked this because they had the choice of what to put on their own sandwich. So Mom, Dad, you purchase the meat, bread, veggies, and all the condiments they want. Wash the veggies [lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions] pickles, chips, and whatever they like. They will love you forever. Buy hoagie bread for the sandwiches, it makes it more authentic.

Sea Shells Con Broccoli PREP TIME: 10 MIN BAKE TIME: 10 MIN SERVES: 4

16 OZ Mueller’s Sea shells

Cook Sea Shells according to package directions, adding broccoli the last 2 minutes of cooking time.

Drain, cover and set aside.

Heat olive oil in a large skillet; add garlic, basil, rosemary and sun dried tomatoes.

Cook 1 minute.

Add wine and reduce by 1/2. Add broth.

Toss in broccoli and shells; stir until heated through.

Add cheese and season to taste with salt and pepper.

4 Cups fresh broccoli florets, uncooked 1/4

cup extra virgin olive oil

4 cloves garlic, minced 1 tsp dried basil 1/2 tbsp. dried rosemary 1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes, chopped fine 1/4 cup white wine (optional) 1 cup chicken or vegetable broth 1 cup Parmesan Cheese Salt and pepper to taste

Prepare the above with a salad, a fruit cup and you have created a great sit down meal for you and yours. Because remember “Family Matters”

Couples Devotional

1. What is my own relationship with money? Does money make me feel anxious, guilty, loved, responsible, secure? What assumptions and values about money did I develop while growing up? 2. Do I ever label my spouse’s money attitudes as right or wrong? How can I listen closely to pick up on his or her hurts, fears and hopes that get channeled into money? How can I begin to focus on empathizing rather than criticizing? 3. What I can learn from my spouse? How can I temporarily suspend my own biases and see what my spouse can teach me? 4. Whom could we ask for advice? Since some money conflicts are caused by not being aware of the options, who can refer us to a qualified financial advisor who will respect our priorities?

Learning to respect a mate’s money perspective is a great way to invest in marriage. Discuss your answers to these questions:

-Beverly J. Burch



I Was Married Once By Victoria Clark


hen you take the occasion to reflect on a time in your life that seemed both good and bad you find yourself in the midst of truth. Very interesting, the truth! It has a way of freeing one’s Soul. It has a way of bringing one back to ground zero. And the cost of freedom is and was very expensive to obtain. In this portion of my life journey if I were to be successful I would need to embrace it! Instantly I knew where in my soul I needed freedom. The soul is comprised of 3 parts [intellect, emotions, will/desire. Of the 3 places those emotions would need to be free the most.

healthy cleansing and freeing. I could not wait on those places of speculation, I had to keep it moving. Now did I have all the answers? Of course not? Did I have everything perfectly planned? Again, no. But I had faith in God that no matter how bad this hurt I must get free emotionally. It would happen, not over night. After all it had taken at least 20 years to live in and create some of these emotions. But I would do it because my very existence depended on it. I learned how to take my time and let maturity and patience have there perfect work in me. It would take years to put it all together after being torn apart. However, it could and would work for me.

change because we have a lack of desire for real change” both parties must want to accept the challenge of change, embrace it, and then walk in it. Two plus two stopped equaling 4 and a lack of forward motion stopped being ok. So, from what I could tell there must be a better way and that way had to be freedom. Freedom from my intellect meant just letting it go and stop concentrating on the facts. I would have to change the facts and rearranging would no longer be a choice.

It is so difficult to explain to you as you look at the facts set before you, you ask yourself a question. Is there any other way to look at this if admittance of fault and wrong doing are the answer? What I had need to understand that about the fact that no one is freedom didn’t always mean Being freed from my emotions willing to accept the challenge of would mean letting go of the hurt, disposal, often it meant learning to change?! disappointment, rejection, and any define the emotions, categorizing and all other pain contracted from them, and filing some away for Freedom from these facts would they were good times. mean creating a new slate of facts. this marriage. But guess what? Facts that would override what This would not only be freeing of Because good times must return was then facing me. I would hold pain, but what about the great and return they shall because on with tears in my eyes and pain times? What would I do with freedom often means having in my heart to the reason God those. The fun, the laughter, the clarity. And clarity did free my hadn’t fixed these facts for me? giggles, the smiles, the joy, and emotions! Where was the changing supposed last but in no way least the Some many years later another to take place? children? place in my soul had taken on the But in order for me to obtain joy of freedom! “Free at last, free at success within the confines of my last, thank God Almighty free at emotions, whether good or bad, I last.” would need freedom! It did not My intellect was the first place I matter how my emotions were to accepted freedom, for you see be freed, or the method, they had intellectually I could explain why to go. divorce was necessary. Perhaps they would appear after a All of the facts say, “this won’t

I was married once continued from previous page.


finally heard The Holy Spirit speak to me on a non related subject. I had a vision of me walking through an extremely large door. I won’t give you the details because that is private and too much information can often lead to being judged and this is a place of freedom. However, success would be obtained through the embracing of change. Change would result in many things over the next few years, months, and days. It happened but not without a price of course. Freedom, gave me a different set of facts and along with that new place came new decisions. I had to decide if I really wanted a whole new set of facts facing me daily. Did I want to do the sensible thing like, paying bills, caring for the needs of myself and my children beyond providing a meal? I had to decide if I would be dependent on an outside resource for support for the remainder of my life? What would I embrace for me? I chose freedom! I would become free to choose a whole new set of circumstances to live with and these would be livable. Another place that freedom would need to take place was my will or desire. I didn’t know exactly what I desired but I knew this place no

longer satisfied any of the important parts of me. My desire for peace of mind out weighed any other desire or will I had. I knew that whatever the decision made, consequences would follow. But most importantly I knew God would see us through. My will and desire for peace would not only motivate me but push me until I found it. Well, I found peace in a new location able to think more clearly and watch God move on my behalf. Still time and relocation worked together to assure me of the gift of peace. No matter how close I got to peace divorce was inevitable. Never the less, peace found me 1 year prior to the divorce. And when peace presented itself I grabbed it and rode it to this very day. Even though I was not completely free I found my place of peace and now I have a, “DO NOT DISTURB MY PEACE SIGN ON THE DOOR POST OF MY FOREHEAD! So if you are out there and you must divorce don’t forget to find yourself again. This may be the most challenging place of your journey, however, it will be the most rewarding only if you don’t give up on yourself and life. If you were ever in love leaving or being left is no bed of roses. But you will remember that roses are beautiful, colorful, fragrant, and thorny.




an d








[Spiritual Livingmag]

By Chelsey Simms, II




Dep ano Fath

Wh pow forg we

So w san pow

We bat gra sing wer of t

Don I lo deli


Running for my life… Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now… What’s the matter Zion you don’t…


Well I'm running for my life I'm running for my life I'm running for my life Verse. 1 anybody asks you what's the matter with me tell then I've been saved, sanctified I ‘ve been to the waters I’ve been baptized now I got Jesus on the inside and now I'm running for my life Repeat Chorus. Verse 2 ave you been saved, sanctified?...have you been to the waters? have you been baptized?....have you got Jesus on the inside then start running for your life.


iving honor to God who is the head of my life. I want to thank the Lord for being here. I want to thank HIM for my life, health, and strength.

pending on which church background the first few other variation. But at the end of the day, it all her with acknowledgement by verbal testimony.

words of your testimony could have had meant the same openly giving thanks to the

hat happened to us? Was it the preachers, the songs, wer in the church? Were we so eager to sound and got that sister Sally down the street was delivered forget the testimonies give us power to overcome?

the devil? Just what made us loose the imitate another race in worship that we from drugs and won her children back. Did

we replaced, “devotional service” with “praise & worship,” WOW! Really? And we replaced the saved and living nctified with singers who have the ability to entertain us. The “power” has left the church, and my friend without the wer we are just recreating foolishness in our churches.

e have come so far to get better in some things and worse in others. We messed up and threw out the baby with the th water. Help us today! Some songs perhaps we should have gotten rid of but certainly not all. I can remember my andmother singing in the choir but most importantly at home. Man did she love those old Doctor Watts! She didn’t g them often in the morning worship service but when she did the church would go up every single time. Those songs re sung in crucial times...when the pastor knew he had to hear from God or the church would have problems. So, some those old songs we threw away we threw away the power, the strength, and the encouragement.

n't’ get me wrong, I love praise that is truly offered unto God and not the fanciest foot work. ove to see the praises that go forth in the church out of a thankful heart. Out of a true praise iverance will come.

here are we with our God the head of the Church or individuals?

Con’t from page 21 God please Help the Church! Perhaps it was the moaning, not sure, or the lyrics, but for sure it was never the baby grand that sounded so sweet when the other choirs sang. But I promise it was the absence of musical accompaniment and the presence of a song devoted to the honor and glory of a loving Father. In those services no one looked around to see what another was doing (at least for the most part), because the congregation was invoked in there own individual devotion provoked by the devotional ministry of a old song sang out of a grateful heart. Maybe, just maybe that’s it, we’ve misplaced our gratitude to the Father. Lost it to a place of need and greed. “Help us Lord Jesus if you please!” Spoken by my Grand-Daddy, Pastor (Rev.) W. H. Clark. See he was an old Baptist preacher that they say could preach the drunk sober. “What you say?” Not a perfect man but a man devoted to the work of the Kingdom. Well, you know, a song out of a devoted heart or a praise out of gratitude, or a worshipful place out of a God manifested experience through a life style of devotion, praise, and worship! The great thing about it is we shouldn’t have to choose we should include all in our assembly to the Father! Are we afraid of the Power of God? Are we afraid because we don’t want to be exposed? Why won’t we allow some old to mix in with the new and allow the heavens above us to open up and fill the temple in which we call ourselves worshipping? I beseech you to step back in time for just a moment as you wash those dishes, clean that kitchen, wash that car, shovel that snow, take that shower, just once a week to allow Grandpa’s favorite song of devotion to bubble up in your spirit and see what happens to you...or Big Momma’s song of devotion that she hummed while cooking your dinner. Will you do it? Why don’t you try it this Saturday evening. Just sing yourself right on in the presence of the Father and the see the effect that your Saturday evening songs of devotion will have on your Sunday morning worship experience. Tell us about your experience. I dare you to break out in just one of your people’s favorite song of devotion. I know there will be an immediate change in the atmosphere of your home, the attitude of your co-workers, and much, much more. Remember, worship is out of a consistent experience with God. (Relationship) and devotion come out of a life’s dedication to HIM! Can you say Life Change? Sure you can! Will you?

A favorite of mine; sang by my Grand-mother Frances E. White: Perhaps it was just the words! Nah, it was the anointing that brought power to heal the sick and raise the dead!!! Oh Yea, now that’s having church with a Kingdom perspective.

A charge to keep I have, A God to glorify, A never-dying soul to save, And fit it for the sky. To serve the present age, My calling to fulfill: O may it all my powers engage To do my Mater’s will! Arm me with jealous care, As in Thy sight to live; And O Thy servant, Lord, prepare A strict account to give! Help me to watch and pray, And on Thyself rely, Assured, if I my trust betray, I shall for ever die. *This song she sang and others like it for a time of High Power in the services such as revival’s!

God’s Financial Plan When we take a close look at God’s financial plan we seem to think at first glance that there is no plan.

Golden Lifemag

Wells Fargo won’t settle dispute with Fannie Mae, I however, beg the differ. We live in a society that has taken almost every single Freddie Mac principle from the scriptures and perfected Charlotte Business Journal—by Mark Calvey, San Francisco Business Times it. Take for instance Mr. Rockefeller,

Date: Thursday, January 20, 2011, 9:53am EST

He raised his children in an era when Wells Fargo & Co. won’t follow Bank of America Corp. in reaching settlements with money was tight and getting tighter every day. He never panicked nor did he come to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac on disputed mortgages sold to the secondary markets. a place of complaint. What are you saying? I’m saying that he as a man and as a believer never allowed himself to get caught up in considering the times in which he lived. He didn’t consider like many of us, if he had or would have enough to make it, not to mention facing a country wide struggle with finances. Well, you may ask yourself as I did. What was his secret when great men and women of God were suffering? The questioning was not in what was happening to most but how he maintained during the unfortunate financial problems facing our country.

Wells Chief Financial Officer Howard Atkins says such settlements as those reached by BofA might not be as generous as thought. BofA reached agreements with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that prompted one analyst to describe as gifts and a California congressional representative to dub a “backdoor bailout.” Early this month, Charlotte-based BofA (NESE:BAC) paid $2.6 billion to the federal mortgage giants to settle their claims. The agencies wanted BofA to buy back thousands of loans BofA’s Countrywide Financial Corp.. Had sold them that may have contained false or improper documentation. BofA agreed to pay the $2.6 billion to cap its liability. BofA bought Countrywide in 2008 for $ 2.5 billion. Wells said in its fourth-quarter financial report issued Wednesday that demands for repurchases from Fannie Mae (OTCBB:FNMA) and Freddie Mac (OTCBB:FMCC fell for the second consecutive quarter, and now stand at $1.5 billion. Fannie Me and Freddie Mac demanded Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) buy 6,501 loans in December, down from 9,887 at the end of the third quarter and 12,536 in June.

San Francisco-based Wells Fargo faced total repurchase demands, which includes those See I believe that the Bible is Truth. However, I also believe because many don’t coming from private investors and mortgage insurers, on more than 12,600 loans for read if [the Bible] with life application in almost $3 billion in face value. mind they fail to see the forest for the trees.

The Father never intended for us to not make it through a storm. He made provisions throughout His Word for our financial prosperity. Consider: Num. 18:26; Deut. 12:11; Neh. 10:8 Malachi 3:8-10; Luke 18:12 Tithing so you may reap financial increase in a dry land!

“The quality of our securitizations was of a much higher caliber than all of the other large bank peers,” Atkins told Bloomberg News on Wednesday. “It doesn’t make sense for us to pay up to get rid of the remaining small amount of problems we have.” Wells Fargo bought Charlotte-based Wachovia Corp. in late 2008

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KNEE PAIN: H0BBLE NO MORE It’s the prime spot for all kinds of painful dislocations, sprains, bursitis, fractures, arthritis and just plain pain. The knee is so overworked from kneeling, running and walking that about 50 million Americans hobble to the doctor in pain every year, say experts. But you may not have to suffer if you take these steps recommended by practitioners. Muscle Up with Exercise Build up strength in your quadriceps (the front thigh muscles) and your hamstrings at the backs of the thighs, says Owen Anderson, Ph.D., exercise physiologist and editor of Running Research News in Lansing, Michigan. By strengthening those muscles, you’ll take the load off over worked knees, he advises. Start with five squats. When you can do these comfortably, move on to doing another five while holding hand weights down at your sides. The weights can be anywhere from 1 1/2 to 5 pounds each. Another method that you can try is to work your way up to doing the squats with a barbell balanced on the back of your shoulders, Dr. Anderson says.

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How I Healed Myself Naturally Herbs for Knee Pain Jeanne Rose, a practicing herbalist and aromatherapist in San Francisco, relieves knee pain with herbs and exercise. “Ever since a bad skiing accident 40 years ago, I’ve had bad knees,” says Rose. “I tried taking aspirin and prescription medicines for the pain, but mediations didn’t help very much. When I got involved in herbalism in 1967, I wondered if herbs could help my knees. “I started weight training and decided to mix one drop of basil and one drop of sage with eight drops of carrier oil and rub them on my knees as a anesthetic. It works. I don’t feel the pain at all. So now I can lift weights to help make my knees stronger, and I have no pain. It’s really amazing.”

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Red wine, berries and pomegranates are good sources of antioxidants. What are some lesser-known ones?

Can I overdose on antioxidants? Too much of a good thing can be bad, and some scientists believe excessive amounts of antioxidants can overtax the immune system, hurting the body’s ability to repair itself. But if you’re following the recommended supplements doses, that risk is probably low. Loading up on a single antioxidant or a select few can cause an imbalance in your system and reduce the potency of other antioxidants.

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Love & Affection

Living Life What Kids



Still Enjoying Each Other

Like It’s Love Never Felt so Good


up. Man up and maybe you wouldn’t have such problems. So Mr. Noledge came across said note last week after his 5th period class, turned in midterm papers. He took the note to Ms. Wizdum who suggested they take the note to Principal Spirit and together they decided we need a “Challenge Day”. So today during lunch Principal Spirit announced over the loudspeaker the impending “Challenge Day”.

Chatter @ Nosey Park

My school is like any other high school in America, I guess. We have cliques, and gangs, bullies, and the bullied, cheerleaders, jocks, So Friday we are having “Challenge Day” at our school kind of like a watered down version the arts, and all that jazz. So why do adults feel the need to interfere? We are not of MTV’s “If you Really Knew Me”, Like they breaking the law and we are not hurting can really pull that off. So you ask “what is anybody. challenge day” well all I know is my friend Ashley from Starting Something High said that After I deduced why “Challenge Day” was the big tough and fine football jock at her ordered, it was time to figure out what it was. school broke down and cried in front of all Everyone at school guessed but no one really those people. Well I’m not a punk about mine. knew. I mean with all the facebook, twitter So I did some digging. and myspace who has time to do research besides journalists and English majors. So I First I needed to know why this stupid went at it again… “Challenge Day” thing was happening in the Monday

first place so being the journalist I am, I made it a project and started interviewing. Here’s what I found so far: Johnathan (my high school number 1 Football pro) threw a New Year’s Party at his house. No his parents weren’t home.

posted a YouTube video talking about her son’s death to raise awareness and hopefully end bullying of teens gay or straight. Tehachapi, CA” Friday Challenge Day @ Nosey High: “Welcome students, friends, faculty, parents, and volunteers. This session was called because Mr. Noledge received a most displeasing, and despairing note from one of his students. The note is written anonymously and it will stay that way. I and my trusted staff feel not only is the note a cry of help but we need to dig deep and get down into some of the issues going on right here in our own school. Then after hearing the news on Wednesday about Seth Walsh, as I am sure most if not all of you heard about, this session was not only justified but the important necessity therein was blinding and urgent. Thus here we are. Today we are taking off the labels and what classifies our differences. We are changing our perspective of ourselves and those around us.

To help us, utilizing a few custom therapeutic practices are two of our community's most th th It’s a program for 7 – 12 grade students influential people. To my left Dr. Straight, who where we discuss what is going on at school. has PhD in behavioral sciences, is certified Like a group therapy session for us teens. Who therapist and a doctor of sorts, and to my needs it? These are the common issues they right Pastor Narrow who many of you know. are supposed to address and cure us of… They are the only to people who will be “cliques, gossip, rumors, negative judgments, addressed as such in this room today. teasing, harassment, isolation, stereotypes, intolerance, racism, sexism, bullying, violence, Everyone including myself has no titles, just names and adjectives to describe us. So homophobia, hopelessness, apathy, and hidden pressures to create an image, achieve without further or do I give you Dr. Straight and Pastor Narrow.” or live up to the expectations of others” but all that exist in the real world. I don’t get it A stuttered applause full of apprehension and adults can be such hypocrites. displaced enthusiasm broke out. When the

Rumor has it that some kid in glasses got picked on, roughed up and decided to write a suicide note. But that kid with glasses has a girlfriend and she’s not half bad so that has to be a rumor, right? Well then it turns out that some kid in like punk clothes came to Johnathan’s party and Johnathan’s best friend Derek and this punked out kid got into a real Well our Challenge Day doesn’t include or big brawl over somebody’s girlfriend. Or was it involve the real people who invented the boyfriend? program. It doesn’t even involve MTV or anybody cool like that. It’s just us, our faculty Anyway, apparently someone wrote a naughty and a few good Samaritans from our church note that involved either killing themselves or like my Dad. someone else because they were tired of getting picked on. I mean come on its high Wednesday school and when you are on the bottom of the On the News: “Seth Walsh committed suicide totem pole it’s your own stupid fault. Grow after being harassed for being gay. His mother

crowd silenced Dr. Straight spoke. “Thank you Principal Spirit for that introduction, my name is Dr. D. Straight. You will address me as either Dr. D. or Dr. Straight. Now students as you came in you saw 2 tables by the front entrance, if you look around the gymnasium you will see 2 great circles divided by a big bold black line on one side of the room and 3 interconnecting circles on the other side of the room.

Now Principal Spirit has given Pastor Narrow and I permission to speak blunt, bold, and daring using whatever gets the point across. I am not going to shoot the bull with you. I am not going to lie and I am not going to play with you. I am here to give you facts and offer you an alternative healthier lifestyle. I honestly at this point do not care about any of your feelings. I don’t know you and for all I know you don’t care about yourself enough to respect your fellow man, which is partially why we are here. S o some of you will earn my respect and care but most of you won’t because in a few days, weeks, months, or years more than likely you will subconsciously decide that change is too hard and revert back to your pre-Challenge Day self and pretend this day never happened. But some of you will change forever for the better and those people are the reason I am here.

please, file into the hallway in a single file line, enter 5 at a time, stop at the first table, grab your nametag, and 3 tags with words describing dreams of what you aspire to become, and please take your time.

whether friend or foe was standing with you because that person’s image of you could be as different as an afternoon with a wild gorilla and an afternoon with your worst human enemy.

At the second table the person who is behind you will pick 5 words to describe the person you are or how they see you, after and only after they picked those five and handed them to you will you pick up 3 words that you feel that person should have used.

Both may have ill intent but one is far more dangerous and hardly understood thus impossible to communicate with. With that it began, five by five they piled into the gym full of wonder and fear, some shaking, some confident but they all were there.

The 2 circles in the front half of the gym separated by a line were labeled popular and unpopular. The first student into one of the circles was a girl, short long neck, long legs, a cheerleader, wearing a yellow and blue tennis skirt the same shade as the school colors with a yellow half sweater covering a solid blue The parent volunteer will literally judge a book baby tee. by its cover so to speak, they will look you over once or twice and then write a word on a label At first should stood at the dividing line and hand it to you. First impressions last a dumbfounded by the labels she held in her Here’s the best way I can put it I am the lifetime as I am sure you heard. So a complete hand. She believed they were completely off vinegar, disgusting, distinguished, with many and total stranger’s opinion of you based on based and didn’t understand the glaring different viable uses of this session and Pastor your appearance and demeanor say more contrast. How was she a cheerleader and Narrow who is one of my best friends… since about you than you think. insecure, which by her teacher’s stand point high school… is the sugar, sweet, soft, with made her popular an obvious deduction Your home room teachers and the parent many delectable uses of this session. (cheerleader), and by the parent volunteer she volunteers label will tell you which circle to Pastor…” with that Pastor Narrow deeply was insecure, her of all people insecure. stand in. Now in the event that you get one of concentrated said “Good morning students, each then you may choose where to stand as While she stared bewildered Dr. Straight Dr. Straight may exaggerate our differences in you see yourself. It may seem like a long walked up to her… problem?” he asked in his demeanor and approach. Just because I am a process but if you follow instructions then deep concentrated serious tone. Startled she Pastor now doesn’t mean I was born a Pastor. I everything will go smoothly. looked up and didn’t know what to say “um… literally worked at this title. It is not just a title no Doctor D, I am… just I don’t know how she and position but it is an occupation much like Oh, no talking once you reenter the room until saw me as insecure.” Stern and straight doctor asked to.” The students of Nosey Park High Dr. Straights. Straight, “you have a decision to make so filed into hall some grudgingly, some We both have confidentiality laws to abide by, make it quick.” disgruntled, some bewildered, some excited, our integrity and character are always up for some, absolutely aloof but all were nervous. With that she did, she beside herself with interrogation anytime we are alone with a total un-intent she walked over to the person be it man, woman, boy, or girl, because Thoughts clamored around their heads like a unpopular circle. Everyone looked shockingly no one knows what goes on once the door sea of baseballs out of a batting cage random at her and followed suit shuffling right and left closes. However with God’s help and the help and untimed. Whispering among themselves between unpopular and popular as they so of good friends you maintain and grow. That is everyone tried to get behind a friend or a pleased and displeased. all I have to say about that. friend of a friend or someone they knew in Now teachers if you will take your places, and as Dr. Straight pointed out the layout of the room earlier, I bet many of you just noticed at his mention. Nevertheless, many of you probably failed to see the details so if you will

As you round the tables your home room teacher and one of the parent volunteers awaits you. Your home room teacher will hand you a label according to an activity that you participate in or an activity they feel will benefit you.

some form or fashion. Some even stood nearby enemies of their enemies, feeling they had a better chance of receiving favorable comments. To their later realization it mattered not

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January 2011 Sun

































Birthday Elder Chelsey


24 Happy Birthday Prophet Nicole





MY SON, SEEK WISDOM’S DISCIPLINE while you are young, and when your hair is white, you will find her still.

Ecclesiasticus 6.32; 7.2,3 32

If it is your wish, my son, you can be trained;

If you give your mind to it, you can become clever; 33

If you enjoy listening, you will learn;

If you are attentive, you will grow wise. 34

When you stand among your elders,

Decide who is wise and join him. 35

Listen gladly to every godly argument

And see that no wise proverb escapes you. 36

If you discover a wise man, rise early to visit him;

Let your feet wear out his doorstep. 37

Ponder the decrees of the Lord

And study his commandments at all times. He will strengthen your mind And grant your desire for wisdom. 1

Do no evil, and evil will not come upon you;


Turn away from wrong, and it will avoid you.


Do not sow in the furrows of injustice

For fear of reaping a sevenfold crop.

The ways of wisdom: THE NEW ENGLISH BIBLE

[1970] The Apocrypha

An African parable: Every morning in Africa, gazelle wakes up. Zit knows that it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows that it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle When the sun comes up you had better be running.

If you have always had a hard time failing forward, then you have to get yourself moving. It doesn’t matter what has stopped you or how long you have been inactive. The only way to break the cycle is to face your fear and take action, even though it may seem small or insignificant.


Continued from page 26

STUDY HALL Matthew 15:17-20 This scripture aptly applies to the madness at Nosey Park High. Aside from the fiction, most can relate. This scripture reminds us that it is our words that make us unclean or Think before you speak. wrong. Because our words come from the heart, it is not the practice If you slip up through this week, ask God to first forgive you, try to of our faith that makes us “holy” or “unholy”. apologize, and move forward. Remember its about you not the Throughout the BIBLE lie countless scriptures about our speech other person. If you have nothing nice to say then try not saying toward our fellow men and women. “Don’t be that guy or girl”, you anything at all. know the one, who always has something nasty to say about any Also when adversity comes (because it will come) pray, sing, listen situation or any person. to something positive or mentally stimulating or do something “Don’t be that guy or girl”, who doesn’t care about the crass harsh positive. venom they spit out daily. Don’t be that person, because you are better than that. We are better than that. As the drama unfolds at Nosey Park High if you see yourself reflected in one of the characters and it is not the person you want to be then change it. Don’t wait for a challenge day to challenge your-self. Talk to your peers, family, religious leaders, and everyone around you. Get a grip on who you are today but know who you want to be tomorrow and aspire. TODAY’S CHALLENGE “WATCH WHAT YOU SAY TO ME” Rapper Clifford Harris *bka+ TI says this in one of his songs. This week’s challenge is to watch what you say to others as well as what you say about yourself and what others say to you. Apply the scripture from Study Hall to everyday life by saying only what you mean, and don’t let anyone say anything mean to you. Don’t allow anybody to speak negatively into you. Don’t think or speak negatively about yourself or of others.


ACROSS: According To Matthew 15:17-20 (2 Answers from Story) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Words come from the ___ Not These but ____ Jesus was talking to ____ (see Matt 15:15) ____ into the stomach. Number of things listed that come from the heart. Synonyms: Recognize, realize, identify with. _____ that goes into the mouth. The narrator of the story is into _____ “I mean with all the FaceBook, twitter and MySpace who has time to do research besides journalists and English replace the ‘t’) Three strikes and you’re ____ Eat with ____ hands. Synonyms: Sully besmirches, despoil, corrupt, pollute, and tarnish. First Book of New Testament. Antonym: retained, preserved, kept, maintained, and saved. For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, theft, false witness, and _____.

DOWN: According to Chatter @ Nosey Park (All answers from Story) “Adults can be such _____” Synonyms: Well liked, accepted, all the rage, well known. Synonyms: Viewpoint, and stand point, outlook. “Don’t _____ a book by it’s cover.” Antonyms: Well liked, accepted, all the rage, well known, and popular. “Derek and this punked out kid got into a real big _____ over somebody’s girlfriend.” First __________ last a lifetime. Negative often untrue gossip. A judgment the cheerleader received. The number of circles on the first half of the gymnasium. The boy who committed suicide in Tehachapi, CA 2010.

majors.” (hint:









































































































































Wash Your Shoes, Please! By


Evangelist Trish Russell

ometimes in my life, I have done things that did not line up with the word of God and God’s plan for me. I walked in disobedience and tried to operate in the authority of an Evangelist and Prophet. I would get into situations with men and people that would cause me to sin. I would justify my sin by saying, “There is no measure of sin!” I would say, “This sin is the same as a “little white lie” or “having an impure thought about a man or woman of God”. As I sank deeper into sin, I noticed that with a little repentance before going into a prayer service, bible study, speaking or singing engagement, God would still bless my efforts. I soon noticed that the power wasn’t there. I also noticed that I was ministering my life’s trash into a congregation of people that God had placed in my hands. Shame on me! When a man or woman of God operates in his or her office in the kingdom with sin in his or her life, God will only bless you so much. It’s like stepping in dog poop and trying to get it off of your shoe. No matter how hard you try to get the poop off of your shoe, its essence still lingers. The sin that you are operating in is still there. After you wipe your feet several times the sight of the poop goes away but the smell is still there until you put those bad boys in the washing machine and wash that “mess” off of them. I was still ministering and acting in the office of a psalmist and a prophetess but I couldn’t minister to my fullest capacity. Even after I repented, so that God would bless me to minister, I still had the essence of crap on my feet. I still had that sin in my life. I had not allowed myself to be delivered from that sin. I just asked for forgiveness so I could have a clear conscience long enough to minister. I never had the intention of completely ridding myself of sin. I was comfortable in my sin, remember I had justified it! So, to rid myself of the smell of crap, I had to sincerely go to God and accept deliverance. I had to want to be purged in the blood. I had to want to be made clean and whole. It wasn’t until then that I could effectively minister to the people. I had to wash my shoes not just wipe my feet. If we as children of God would wash all the dirt off, I mean get the dirt even out of the cracks of our shoes, we would be able to minister, live and serve God with pure spirits. We would not have to worry about our efforts being acceptable in God’s sight. We would know that our hearts were pure and covered in the blood of Jesus. Serving God would be a precious work and not a convicted one. Just allow God to fix you right up by repenting even of the little things in your life that could be purified. Let God work in you. Give it all to him. Desire to please him by cleaning up your mind and your spirit. God loves it when we ask for a clean heart. So when we make it our desire to correct our sin and our lives, we please God. So in the future just ask yourself in your daily actions if what you are doing is pleasing to God. Ask yourself if what you do in your daily life can really build the kingdom the way He wants it to be built. So remember, don’t just wipe your feet, wash your shoes. God bless.

Victoria L. Clark

Fax 704-567-0811

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hile in your twenties married or single you will or have experienced things with no real answers. Trying to figure out life. And whatever that may mean to you in your own set of circumstances. It is imperative that we find someone who will help us through this crazed [at times] journey we call life. Well, here we are. You say who are we and why should you even begin to share your issues with us? Because we have been where you are trying to go. Just in need of someone to talk to. Write to us and we will surely get back to you with an answer. You don’t even have to let us know who’s writing. Just let us help you along the way in our new advice column. I have been in my twenties and married. I have for wonderful adult children, the eldest being 32 and the youngest being 26. The older 2 are married with children of their own and the latter are neither married nor have any children. Now that does not make me an expert but it should ease the troubled mind a little bit. This is how this column will work. You send in whether through US mail, email, or our web site, we respond to you in the column if we feel it is a situation that is common to most in your age bracket.

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Tea with V: A responsive Column; send to us your life questions, your joys, your concerns, your troubles ,and more. You may even comment on previous columns, be sure and qualify the volume and issue, column title and date. Tea with V will respond. You tell us how you want us to respond. Some of the things that you write about or have question concerns someone else may have those same concerns. So why not allow us to publish your comment in an issue? We can’t wait to hear from you. Or just tell us how you think we are doing. All publishing is up to our discretion and will be up for editing to fit our column. Please send us your originals in type written copy. We will not read hand written submissions due to time. Your comments will not be returned to you.

Please Address all columns in herbal living to: Attention: Tea with V 7209-J East W.T. Harris Blvd. Suite #301 Charlotte, NC 28227 Or


but he didn’t care. Still he gave us some yucky red med-i- sin. We spit out eve-

Bedside after Bath A little protection


rywhere the moment it hit our tongues. So then, he gave it to us in a shot

and man did it hurt, we

cried out.

At home again we another bath, a warm bottle and then bedside after bath shortly began. Finally bed time, before day was a very busy day for baby. First we woke up

they tucked us in, they held us up and offered a prayer.

with a little holler. Because mommy and daddy were still in bed, we made that little holler a bit louder. Now that we had their attention they put us in this thing full of water. We splashed and played and sprayed and we really wanted to stay but mommy and daddy came to take us away. Now we smell all funny and our hair is slick but when they put us on the bed we almost fell off with a thick click! Whew! We would’ve screamed and whined but daddy turned around just in time. Man was that close, thanks

Prayer of Protection “Holy Father, we give them [our little ones/name] back to you for your love and your protection.

We give them back to you and the host of heaven, that the Angels may cooed and we felt better in time, what a scare. have our permission to play faithfully and watch over them that our little ones may be safe and full of joy. Then we played peek-a-boo, and we giggled and It is our prayer that happiness, joy and contentment, sniggled but then daddy looked away and we almost fell flat would plague their lives as if it were embedded in their on our faces! Again thanks angels, parents are having a few skin!” problems today, they coerced and they hushed and sang a lullaby for by now it was time for our nap. We nodded and wrestled To sleep again. angels for helping daddy. Mommy and daddy

with my

-In Jesus’ Name, So Be It!”

eyes, rubbing and nestling all the while. Soon fast asleep we were in our cribs with our teddies by our side. Written by Nicole Simms

Grammy came by but


we woke up quickly when we heard her

voice. Oh boy! Oh boy! What a lovely surprise, we are Grammy’s sugar babies and she’s sort of a goody supply too. Today she gave us pistachio ice cream and it was cold and yummy but it made us itchy all over and sick in our tummy.

We went to

the doctor and what did he say, the ice

cream Grammy gave us made us sick today. “No way” we gasped

BABY CARES & PRAYERS There are so many wonderful things to be said regarding parenting, and this section is dedicated to you Mom & Dad. We want to make this job easier for you. We look at having Sugar Babies in the home as one sweet thang. So take these stories and read them ending with the prayers written just for your little ones.

This is an excep-

tional time in your lives please! Take advantage of those moments and look to make the best of them. Enjoy those bundle/s of joy forever. This time passes so quickly! We are praying with you and for you. May God Richly Bless

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