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welcome to earth: where nothing is new and everything is


After completing the preliminary course and passing all of the exams, 0094652 is prepared for his shitty journey. At the cost of previous generations destroying itself over and over again, it is now 3055 CE and earth lays bare and naked. Luckily, scientists discovered a possible solution: one that may not include new technology altogether, but rather a machine that can help Earth stabilize itself using multiple elements. Rather than segregate and conquer, 0094652's mission includes synthesizing resources together in order to create a new and flourishing environment on Earth.

written and illustrated by

Vanessa Culver

It's 2:34am.

I am looking at the rusted ceiling at the number four; switching simultaneously to the letters A and M. Outside my window, I see indications of a scab being peeled off.

On the floor, my handbook is glistening against the battle sky.

Clouds form like ink blots under the words"material" and "gather."

I see a fish dancing in between letters while spider crabs clap frantically.

Or it’s a penis...

...hanging from a scrotum.

It is now 2:37AM.

I have approximately two hours and twenty-two minutes before I place my hand on my apartment door and leave for six months.

To where?

I don’t know and frankly I don’t care.

The streets are always trashed.

Covered in filth, rotting into the sewers.

You wonder why the fluids are always red and grimy, but you know it’s far more than just chemicals.

5 AM looks horrible.


beep static beep

That way.

Welcome to the invasion team.

You have been chosen per your career and lifestyles.

Many of you have shitty jobs and live alone.

Enjoy the next six months finally doing something worthwhile.

Something with meaning.

We are giving you a fucking purpose.

While you walked those outside streets for what will probably be the last time, you’ve noticed that Earth is desolate. The resources we need to survive are made in labs and they eventually deplete themselves. Most of what we eat, drink, and breathe are man-made.

What the fuck is nature? We think we found it -But it’s not here. We fucking wasted it and now our generation has to fix it.

The mission is quite simple in context, really.

After rigorous exploration expeditions through various galaxies, we were able to find a peculiar solar system: 606 . This system contains five planets that seems to be overflowing in resources needed to create a machine that will help our planet: Project Earth . You will be sent to each world in order to collect the materials.

While exploring, be careful. The worlds are home to very hostile aliens that will attack you on sight. We have tried to communicate with them on multiple occasions -The order of planets you will be visiting are:


-- but it seems as though they don’t respond to reason.





I won’t lie to you. This won’t be easy. Hell, some of you won’t even make it back -- but that’s why you were chosen.

You want the meaning of life? Well, here it is:

You are a nomad. Travelling from planet to planet so you can gather shit to live.


...and good luck. Meaning of life?

Sounds like just another game waiting to be played and beaten.



Minera Petrole


icy water intense heat fortress slimy sludge light gas environment environment environment environment environment

Water Whip

Fire Whip

Rock Whip

Slime Whip

Crystal Whip

Coiled with Tipped with Absorbs all Super sticky Lethal touch water vapor fire spurs grease on contact Ultimate: Use on Anima Use on Minera Use on Petrole Use on Aria Use anywhere

Outlined above is the order of planets and underneath is the weapon that the materials can build. You will also find the most effective way to use each weapon. Flip over to view the machine and information regarding the equipment you will be using for the mission.

PROJECT: EARTH MACHINE To the right is the completed machine including all the constructed parts. Your part of the machine is to collect at least 100 material from each planet. Once 100 is gathered, the scientists on your ship will be able to build a machine part, as seen below. You will be notified when you reach 100.

Operating your equipment

In order to effectively gather material at a quick pace, your gear operates via key commands. Movement ← → Using ladders ↓ ↑ Whip Attack X Throw gravity bomb C

FINISH / Invader_0094652

Invader 0094652  

A pixel art comic that preludes to a flash web game.