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the west, before the myths were born.

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Video Gazette Summer 2012 • Issue 40

WHAT IS WHERE? ••••••• From the Editor -



As I write this note, summer is almost upon us -- though it has already felt like summer around these parts for weeks! Therefore, in the spirit of the season, we have added a crop of hot new movies, with a little something for everyone.









Starting with the movie featured on the cover – EAGLE’S WING -- this rugged western is making its first appearance on DVD and stars Martin Sheen (Apocalypse Now), Harvey Keitel (Reservoir Dogs) and Sam Waterston (The Killing Fields, Law & Order). Billy Williams won a “Best Cinematography Award” for his incredible skill in showing off the savage landscape of canyons and plains of New Mexico, and the film has received praise for the realistic portrayal of the West, the way it really was… before the myths were born. You will find a lot more cowboy heroes in the Westerns section.













Documentary/ Special Interest




With Father’s Day approaching fast, skip the boring tie gift this year and be sure to check out our selection of action films, sure to please any guy, including some great new titles -MORNING DEPARTURE, THE SILVER FLEET, THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY and FLAME OVER INDIA -- are just a few to be found in the Action/Adventure section. From the “Something for Everyone” Department, we have begun to roll out the hugely popular “Carry On” series of British comedies. The first 10 movies in the series are available now on 5 – Double-Feature DVDs. For those with romantic leanings, we offer the classic LOVE STORY starring Stewart Granger and the beautiful Margaret Lockwood. For the cliffhanger buff, do not miss the newly restored, PERILS OF PAULINE! In closing, our suggestion on how to stay cool this hot summer; just stay indoors and watch plenty of DVDs with the air conditioner on high! Happy Viewing!

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om, Held For Rans ter’s Hand, as Touch of the M hin lp Do n de ol G The SALE $5.00 #8486 $29.99


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S Western ROY ROGER VOL 1 Feature Double

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Western SPAGHETTI VOL 2 Feature ble Dou al

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Feature AS Double TERRY THOM Mine Mink ooks & Make

Too Many Cr SALE $5.00 #8651 $14.99



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FAMILY/ANIMATION ALICE IN CARTOONLAND The 35mm Collection Rare cartoons produced by Walt Disney owing success to both the use of clever special effects cartoon characters interacting with a live young girl - and breezy humor. BONUS: Alice in Hollywood, Walt in Wonderland: The Silent Films of Walt Disney, 3 cartoons from the seldom seen Life Cartoon Comedy series 1925, 1927, 92 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #KPF562 $14.99 SALE $8.99 BERNADETTE OF LOURDES Daniele Ajoret, Nadine Alari, Robert Arnoux A religious drama based on the life of Saint Bernadette Soubirous, the young woman who had a total of eighteen visions of the Virgin Mary. BONUS: Text Features: Information about the 67 cures at Lourdes recognized as miracles by the Church; The Prayer of Bernadette; Making Bernadette a Saint 1961, 97 min, B&W, NR, 1.85:1 / 16x9 Anamorphic - Widescreen #8519 $14.99 SALE $8.99 BLACK ARROW The Complete Series Simon Cuff, Dorothea Phillips The Black Arrow rides forth, delivering swift and certain justice in these four swashbuckling 1970s ITV Children’s adventures. 1972, 500 min, Color, NR, 1.85:1 #8491 $19.99 SALE $11.99 the bRAVE ONE Michel Ray, Rodolfo Hoyos A simple but touching story about a boy’s love for his pet bull. This family film won the Academy Award for Best Motion Picture Story and features a score by Victor Young. BONUS: Theatrical Trailer, Actor Bios 1956, 100 min, Color, NR, 2.35:1 #8238 $9.99 SALE $5.99 CHILDREN’S HEROES OF THE BIBLE This scripturally sensitive series of 13 animated films celebrating our Old and New Testament Biblical heroes is the FILM ADVISORY BOARD Winner for the Award of Excellence. BONUS: The Very First Easter animated short for children. 1978, 283 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8368 $9.99 SALE $5.99 CHRISTIANA Liam Neeson, Tina Heath, Maurice O’Callaghan John Bunyan’s immortal classic is completed with Christiana, Part 2 of the world-famous book, Pilgrim’s Progress. 1979, 80 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8421 $14.99 SALE $8.99 CLUTCH CARGO CARTOON COLLECTION VOL 1 Clutch Cargo, Spinner Early TV adventure cartoons featuring the SynchroVox system of superimposing real actors’ lips over the cartoon character’s heads. 1959, 180 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8379 $14.99 SALE $8.99


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FAIRY TALES Double Feature Once Upon A Brothers Grimm & Pinocchio Dean Jones, Danny Kaye BONUS: Trailers, Includes over 30 minutes of Classic Cartoons 1977, 1976, 181 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #6331 $9.99 SALE $5.99 FAMILY MOVIE 4 PACK George!, Frasier the Loveable Lion, Mule Feathers, Zindy, The Swamp Boy Marshall Thompson, Jack Mullaney, Michael Callan, Katherine Justice, Rory Calhoun, Richard Webb, René Cardona, Lindy Fields 1972, 1973, 1977, 1972, 360 min, Color, PG, NR, 1.33:1/ 1.85:1 #8465 $14.99 SALE $8.99 GHOST OF GREVILLE LODGE George Cole, Prunella Scales Since the death of his parents, young James Greville has lived the life of an orphan, until one day when he is invited to live with a distant Uncle in Greville Lodge. 2000, 90 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8566 $14.99 SALE $8.99 HOME FOR CHRISTMAS Mickey Rooney, Simon Richards Meet Elmer, a homeless old man with the precious secret that will reunite a dream that is his family. 1990, 96 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 / 4x3 #8564 $14.99 SALE $8.99 I LOVE YOU ROSA Zivi Avramson, Naomi Bachar A superbly crafted, gentle love story with Jewish history and law at its core. BONUS: Actor Bios 1972, 72 min, Color, 1.85:1/16x9 Anamorphic #8544 $14.99 SALE $8.99 JIM’S GIFT Robert Llewellyn, Chris Jury, Jennifer Calvert A mysterious stranger presents a boy with a VCR that can “play” the future! 1996, 96 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 / Full Frame

#8675 $14.99 SALE $8.99 KEN ANDERSON CHILDREN’S CLASSICS COLLECTION Danger on the Pioneer Express, Badrock Valley Gang, Tale of the Comet, Secrets of Sinbad 1987, 1986, 1986, 1988, 114 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8487 $14.99 SALE $8.99 KEN ANDERSON FAMILY COLLECTION

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FAMILY/ANIMATION THE LIVING BIBLE COLLECTION Nelson Leigh This inspiring DVD compilation brings the written page to life, as many characters and important events from the Bible are recreated in beautiful color and sound. Includes: The Old Testament, Jesus, the Christ and The Acts of the Apostles. BONUS: Bible Story Selection Menus, Power of the Resurrection, starring Richard Kiley 1980s, 800 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8370 $29.99 SALE $17.99 LORETTA YOUNG’S THE ROAD TO LOURDES & OTHER MIRACLES OF FAITH The Road • Three, and Two Please •Sister Ann • Faith, Hope and Mr. Flaherty Loretta Young, Rachel Ames, Claude Akins BONUS: Text Features: Information about the 67 cures at Lourdes recognized as miracles by the Church; The Prayer of Bernadette, Christopher Lewis, Loretta Young’s son. 1956-1960, 200 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8518 $14.99 SALE $8.99 MARTIN LUTHER Niall MacGinnis, John Ruddock “Martin Luther” provides the first motion picture portrayal of the incendiary beginnings of the Protestant Reformation. BONUS: Trailers, Martin Luther’s 95 Theses 1953, 103 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8434 $14.99 SALE $8.99 MIRACLE OF MARCELINO Restored 1955 Version Pablito Calvo, Rafael Rivelles Winner of the Grand Prize at the International Film Festival at Cannes, this is the amazing story of a young boy’s innocence and the miracle he created. English language. BONUS: Bios & Filmographies, Sneak Peak of the New 1992 Color Re-make, Original Trailer in Spanish 1955, 90 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 / 4x3 #8391 $14.99 SALE $8.99 MIRACLE OF MARCELLINO Didier Bénureau, Sergioi Bini Bustric Experience the miracle that will warm your heart in this tale of an orphaned child who yearns for his deceased mother and asks his special friend on the crucifix for help. BONUS: Original Trailer, Special Making of Video Documentary, English & Spanish Language Tracks, English Subtitles 1991, 92 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8318 $9.99 SALE $5.99 PILGRIM’S PROGRESS Liam Neeson, Maurice O’Callaghan Journey with Pilgrim as John Bunyan’s famous allegory leaps from its pages to a movie. BONUS: Actor Bios, Trailers 1979, 72 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8420 $14.99 SALE $8.99 POPEYE 75th Anniversary Popeye, Olive Oyl, Bluto 34 digitally restored and remastered Popeye cartoons from the classic Fleischer Brothers and Famous Studios animation period. BONUS: Commentary, Popeye Classic Movie Poster Gallery 1936-57, 258 min, Color/B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8375 $14.99 SALE $8.99

SANTA CLAUS Collector’s Edition José Elías Moreno, Cesáreo Quezadas Contains the American K. Gordon Murray version with English and Spanish soundtracks and English subtitles BONUS: Commentary by Daniel Griffith (K. Gordon Murray Historian), Making of Featurette, Stills Gallery, Original Santa Claus Theatrical Trailer, TV and Radio Spots 1959, 85 / 94, Color, NR, 2.35:1 / 16x9 Anamorphic #8498 $14.99 SALE 8.99 SANTA CLAUS Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray) 1959, 85 / 94, Color, NR, 2.35:1 / 16x9 Widescreen #9012 $19.99 SALE 11.99 SAUL & DAVID Norman Wooland, Gianni Garko David of Bethlehem slays the giant and becomes a rival to King Saul. BONUS: Actor Bios, Bible Character Bios, Digitally Re-mastered, Previews 1965, 113 min, Color, NR, 1.85:1 #8423 $14.99 SALE $8.99 SCARF JACK - The Complete Series Roy Boyd, Simon Cuff Its action and adventure as the infamous Captain Jack seeks revenge against the vicious magistrate Hunter Gowan and his hired thugs. 1981, 150 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 / 4x3 #8384 $24.99 SALE $14.99 SOMEWHERE IN DREAMLAND

This collection of Max Fleischer cartoon masterpieces presents over 30 rarely seen Technicolor animated shorts, produced during the golden age of animation. BONUS: Commentary, Rare production artwork still frame gallery, Fleischer studio documentary

1934-41, 270 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #KPF524 $14.99 SALE $8.99

SPACE ANGEL COLLECTION VOLUME 1 9 Episodes Ned Lefebver, Margaret Kerry Scott McCloud is the Space Angel, a secret agent for EBI who together with his friends travel far and wide on board the spaceship Starduster. BONUS: Interview with Margaret ‘Tinker Bell’ Kerry 1962, 225 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8533 $14.99 SALE $8.99 SUPERMAN: THE ULTIMATE MAX FLEISCHER CARTOON COLLECTION

Bud Collier, Joan Alexander

BONUS: Behind the Cape: A synopsis of each cartoon with fun facts, SNAFUPERMAN (1944 wartime parody of the Fleischer cartoons)

1941-1943, 150 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8451 $9.99 SALE $5.99

WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS II: The Classic Continues Wilford Brimley, Doug McKeon Where The Red Fern Grows II is a continuation of the classic novel. BONUS: Trailers, Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery 1992, 96 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #JMP201 $14.99 SALE $8.99

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TV SERIES ADVENTURES OF JIM BOWIE TV Collection - 13 Episodes Scott Forbes, William Schallert In this exciting western TV series, Scott Forbes filled the starring role of Jim Bowie, the nineteenthcentury American adventurer who invented the knife that bears his name. 1956-58, 300 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8286 $14.99 SALE $8.99 ADVENTURES OF KIT CARSON TV COLLECTION VOL 1 Badman of Briscoe, Danger Hill, Trouble in Tuscarora, & Road to Destiny Bill Williams, Don Diamond This thrilling volume with western adventurer Kit Carson contains four complete episodes. 1951-55, 110 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7232 $14.99 SALE $8.99 ANNIE OAKLEY TV Collection Gail Davis, Jimmy Hawkins Set in the days of the Old West, Gail Davis plays Annie Oakley, the sharpshooter who cleans up the west in this classic Saturday morning T.V. series from the fifties. 1954-56, 300 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8261 $14.99 SALE $8.99 BURKE’S LAW SEASON ONE, VOLUME ONE Gene Barry, Gary Conway, Leon Lontoc, Regis Toomey Burke’s Law was a detective series that ran on ABC from 1963 to 1965. Gene Barry starred as Amos Burke the suave millionaire Chief of Detectives for Los Angeles, who was chauffeured around to solve crimes in his Silver Cloud II Rolls-Royce. BONUS: Episode Selection, Vintage Commercials, Restoration Example of Who Killed Sweet Betsy. 1963-1964, 800 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8510 $29.99 SALE $17.99 BURKE’S LAW SEASON ONE, VOLUME TWO Gene Barry He’s BACK!!! This is the second volume of Burke’s Law which will complete the award-winning inaugural season. BONUS: Episode Selection, Vintage Television Commercials 1963-1964, 800 min, B&W, G, 1.33:1 #8530 $29.99 SALE $17.99 CAMP WILDERNESS VOL 1 It’s All Mine, Superwheels & Wilderness Boy Matt Boston, Ruthie Ingersoll Three episodes of the fun-loving, adventuresome teenagers! BONUS: Episode Selection, Trailers 1990, 78 min, Color, 1.33:1 #6205 $9.99 SALE $5.99


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CAMP WILDERNESS VOL 2 Hang Ten, Ship Shape & Balloon Adventure Matt Boston, Ruthie Ingersoll Three more episodes of the fun-loving, adventuresome teenagers! BONUS: Episode Selection, Trailers 1990, 78 min, Color, 1.33:1 #6206 $9.99 SALE $5.99 the cAPONE INVESTMENT British Mini Series Peter Sallis, Glyn Owen John Thaw stars in this 1974 ITV drama that centers on a murder investigation that becomes intertwined with the whereabouts of the notorious gangster’s ill-gotten gains. 1974, 149 min, Color, NR, 1.37:1 #8497 $19.99 SALE $11.99 CRAIG KENNEDY, CRIMINOLOGIST Donald Woods, Sydney Mason A brisk series of mysteries produced for TV. The series performed surprisingly well, in some markets actually besting competition such as I LOVE LUCY and YOUR SHOW OF SHOWS. BONUS: Craig Kennedy serial chapter from 1936, The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand, Photo Gallery, Craig Kennedy - The American ‘Sherlock Holmes (text), Craig Kennedy On Film (text) 1952, 332 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #KPF567 $19.99 SALE $11.99 DICK BARTON SPECIAL AGENT COLLECTION British TV Series 32 Episodes on 2 DVDs Tony Vogel, James Cosmo Dick Barton must overcome a plot to defeat the English when a Nazi fugitive decides to take revenge, with the help of a Swedish biologist. 1979, 335 min, Color, NR, 1.37:1 #8496 $29.99 SALE $17.99 FLOCKTON FLYER: Season 1 6 Episodes Patrick Mower, Gerald Harper The adventures of a family which takes over the running of a preservation steam railway. The Flockton Flyer is an old steam engine, the principal vehicle on the railways. Includes 6 - 30 minute TV episodes. 1976-1977, 180 min, Color, NR, 1.37:1 / 4x3 #8537 $19.99 SALE $11.99 FRACTURED FLICKERS The Complete Collection 26 Episodes Bill Scott, June Foray The complete collection of 26 episodes of the syndicated series, which paid an irreverent tribute to silent pictures, created by the comic geniuses behind Rocky & Bullwinkle. 1963, 676 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8374 $29.99 SALE $17.99 call 1-800-331-4077

TV SERIES FRONTIER DOCTOR Vol 1 Danger Valley, Flaming Gold, Drifting Sands, & Outlaw Legion Rex Allen Volume 1 contains four complete half-hour episodes. 1958, 100 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7230 $14.99 SALE $8.99 HONEY WEST COMPLETE SERIES Anne Francis, John Ericson, Irene Hervey, Bruce - the ocelot As television’s first female Private Eye, Honey West would take on any tough case. BONUS: Episode Selection, Vintage Commercials, Anne Francis Photo Gallery, Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery 1965-1966, 900 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8515 $29.99 SALE $17.99 I MARRIED JOAN Collection 1 Joan Davis, Jim Backus This special DVD collection on 2 discs, starring America’s Queen of Comedy, contains 12 complete episodes from the TV series. BONUS: Episode Selection, Actor Bios, Previews 1952/55, 318 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8278 $19.99 SALE $11.99 I MARRIED JOAN Collection 2 Joan Davis, Jim Backus See what takes place in the life of a domestic court judge married to a wacky but wellmeaning wife. BONUS: Bios, Digitally Re-Mastered, Classic TV Promo. 1952/55, 318 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8427 $19.99 SALE $11.99 LITTLEST HOBO TV SERIES, THE COLLECTION 1 Herb Vigran, Keenan Wynn Boundless warmth, humor and suspense combine to make this 12 episode TV collection involving a captivating canine’s adventures, a remarkably touching and memorable experience for the entire family. BONUS: The first three episodes in the series are available in color for the very first time!, As a bonus, the theme song from the series, Road Without End by Ronald Stein and sung by Randy Sparks, is available as a separate selection. 1963, 300 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8381 $29.99 SALE $17.99 MY LITTLE MARGIE Collection 1 Charles Farrell, Gale Storm Gale Storm and Charles Farrell play a father and daughter who are always getting into comical predicaments. BONUS: Contains a bonus color episode from the LUCY SHOW featuring John Wayne as the guest star. 1952-54, 345 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8266 $19.99 SALE $11.99

MY LITTLE MARGIE Collection 2 Charles Farrell, Gale Storm Vern and Margie Albright are at it again, in this second set of the hilarious Classic TV series. BONUS: Episode Selection, Actor Bios 1952-54, 345 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8267 $19.99 SALE $11.99 NEW LORETTA YOUNG SHOW - Christine’s Children The Complete TV Series Loretta Young, James Philbrook Miss Young plays a New York magazine writer trying to raise seven children. All twenty-six of the lost series episodes are included in this four DVD collection. BONUS: Photo Gallery, An interview with Sandy Schrier (fashion expert on Loretta Young), Interviews with some of the cast: Celia Kaye (Milius), Sandra Descher, Beverly Washburn, Special interview with Loretta Young’s 3 children. 1962, 676 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8453 $29.99 SALE $17.99 ONE STEP BEYOND Collection 1 Susanne Pleshette, David White From the late 50s, a series dealing with the supernatural and the fantastic. Director John Newland introduces each week’s drama dealing with the unbelievable - all based on actual events! 1959-60, 324 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8355 $14.99 SALE $8.99 SHOTGUN SLADE VOL 1 Killer’s Brand, A Flower on Boot Hill, Lost Gold, & Backtrack Scott Brady, Ruta Lee Scott Brady starred in the title role of this western TV series as a sort of nineteenth-century Peter Gunn. 1959-60, 107 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7231 $14.99 SALE $8.99 the stARLOST The Complete Series Keir Dullea, Gay Rowan In the year 2790 A.D., a giant Earthship, Ark, drifts through deep space, out of control, its crew having been killed five hundred years earlier. BONUS: Trailers, Booklet. 1976, 800 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8540 $29.99 SALE $17.99 ZANE GREY THEATRE COMPLETE SEASON ONE Dick Powell, Ida Lupino, David Niven Dick Powell hosted and occasionally starred in this popular western anthology series based on the short stories and novels of Zane Grey which presented wonderful tales of the Old West laden with history and adventure. BONUS: Episode Selection, Video Interview with Norman Powell (Dick Powell’s son) by Joel Blumberg, Audio Interview on the history of Four Star Productions with author Christine Becker by Joel Blumberg, Classic TV Commercials 1956-1957, 870 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8525 $29.99 SALE $17.99

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COMEDY 3 NUTS IN SEARCH OF A BOLT Mamie Van Doren, Tommy Noonan Mamie Van Doren plays a stripper who teams up with two other nuts seeking psychiatric help. BONUS: Special 2005 Interview with the Eternally Sexy Mamie Van Doren, Sizzling Photo Gallery, Anamorphic Widescreen Enhanced for 16x9 Monitors 1964, 78 min, B&W/Color, R, 1.78:1 #KPF538 $19.99 SALE $11.99

AGENT 8 3/4 Dirk Bogarde, Sylva Koscina, Robert Morley Dirk Bogarde stars in this satirical comedy-thriller set amidst the world of international espionage. BONUS: Photo Gallery, Original Trailer 1964, 97 min, Color, NR, 1.78:1 Video: 16x9 Anamorphic #8743 $14.99 SALE $8.99 AGENT 8 3/4 (Blu-ray) 1964, 97 min, Color, NR, 1.78:1 Video: 16x9 HD #9015 $24.99 SALE $14.99 ALL OVER TOWN Ole Olsen, Chic Johnson Join Olsen and Johnson as they pull out all the stops in this fantasy comedy duo performance. 1937, 63 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7210 $9.99 SALE $5.99 ANGEL ON MY SHOULDER Paul Muni, Claude Rains Paul Muni gives another classic performance in this wonderful fantasy about a notorious gangster who is murdered by a double-crossing partner. BONUS: Actor Bios, Bonus classic 1940 RKO comedy two-reeler starring Leon Errol 1946, 100 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8243 $9.99 SALE $5.99 BECOMING CHARLEY CHASE 4-DVDs Charley Chase Charley Chase, almost single-handedly, transformed the world of screen comedy from chaotic slapstick violence into a newly sophisticated comedy. BONUS: Audio commentaries by noted film historians, THE PARROTT CHASE 45 minute restrospective on the life and career of Charley Chase, THE SOUNDS OF SILENCE Behind the scenes 1915-1925, 460 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8562 $29.99 SALE $17.99 BEST OF BRITISH CLASSICS: HELL IS SOLD OUT Mai Zetterling, Herbert Lom A book is sent to the publishers under the name of a popular writer, long believed to be dead. The real author turns up and meets the writer using his name. BONUS: First time on DVD, Digitally Restored and Remastered 1951, 85 min, B&W, NR, 1.37:1 #8492 $19.99 SALE $11.99


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BEST OF BRITISH CLASSICS: THUNDER IN THE CITY Edward G. Robinson, Luli Deste An overly aggressive American salesman visiting family in England puts over a deal concerning a new metal and falls for a Duke’s daughter. 1937, 87 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 / 4x3 #8609 $14.99 SALE $8.99 BETTY HUTTON Double Feature Perils Of Pauline & The Stork Club Betty Hutton, John Lund, Barry Fitzgerald Perils of Pauline & The Stork Club BONUS: Bonus: The Stork Club: Original Theatrical Trailer, Color Nevelson Naughty But Mice 1947, 1945, 191 min, Color/B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #5014 $9.99 SALE $5.99 BRITISH CINEMA COLLECTION VOL 2 COMEDIES 5 Comedies on 2 DVDs Our Girl Friday, Dentist in the Chair, The Runaway Bus, Carry on Admiral & Time of His Life

Joan Collins, George Cole, Kenneth More, Bob Monkhouse, Kenneth Connor, Frankie Howerd, Margaret Rutherford, David Tomlinson, Peggy Cummins BONUS: Photo Gallery, Our Girl Friday has both an English & Spanish Soundtrack 1953, 1960, 1954, 1957, 1955, 407 min, B&W/Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8543 $29.99 SALE $17.99


Where There’s A Will, Down Among the Z Men, Love In Pawn, Those People Next Door, No Smoking, Not So Dusty George Cole, Leslie Dwyer, Dandy Nichols, Thelma Ruby, Kathleen Harrison, Harry Secombe

1955, 1952, 1953, 1953, 1955, 1956, 457 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8559 $29.99 SALE $17.99

DIANA DORS Double Feature An Alligator Named Daisy & Value For Money Donald Sinden, Diana Dors, John Gregson Songwriter Peter Weston becomes the unwilling recipient of a pet alligator named Daisy whose arrival disrupts his engagement with a millionaire’s daughter and leads him to choose between them. 1955, 1955, 182 min, Technicolor/VistaVision Color, NR, 1.33:1 / 4x3 & 1.85:1 / 16x9 - Anamorphic #8652 $19.99 SALE $11.99 DOCTOR AT LARGE Dirk Bogarde, Donald Sinden Dr. Sparrow learns to keep one step ahead of the opposite sex while learning the route to his becoming a surgeon. BONUS: Commentary with Muriel Pavlow and Donald Sinden, Photo Gallery 1957, 98 min, Color, NR, 1.85:1 - 16x9 / 4x3 LB #8662 $14.99 SALE $8.99 DOCTOR AT SEA Dirk Bogarde, Brigitte Bardot Dr. Sparrow (Dirk Bogarde) and Hélène Colbert (Brigitte Bardot) play hosts to love aboard a steamship on the high seas! BONUS: Photo Gallery 1955, 93 min, Color, NR, 1.78:1 / Anamorphic #8663 $14.99 SALE $8.99 call 1-800-331-4077

COMEDY DOCTOR IN CLOVER Leslie Phillips, James Robertson Justice, Shirley Anne Field Dr. Gaston Grimsdyke suffers from a keener interest in studying nurses than patients. BONUS: Commentary with Leslie Phillips and Shirley Anne Field; Photo Gallery 1966, 102 min, Color, NR, 1.78:1 - 16x9 / 4x3 LB #8623 $14.99 SALE $8.99

DOCTOR IN DISTRESS Dirk Bogarde, James Robertson Justice Dirk Bogarde plays Simon Sparrow called upon by blustery Lancelot to advise him on the art of love. BONUS: Photo Gallery 1963, 103 min, Color, NR, 1.78:1 - 16x9 / 4x3 LB #8664 $14.99 SALE $8.99

DOCTOR IN LOVE Michael Craig, Virginia Maskell Ailing patient Dr. Richard Hare and his attending Doctor both fall in love with the same enticing Night Nurse. BONUS: Commentary with Leslie Phillips and Liz Fraser; Photo Gallery 1960, 98 min, Color, NR, 1.78:1 - 16x9 / 4x3 LB #8625 $14.99 SALE $8.99

DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE Dirk Bogarde, Kenneth More The comical trials and tribulations of Simon Sparrow (Dirk Bogarde) from 1st year medical student to licensed doctor! Kenneth More won the BAFTA award for Best British Actor. The film set records as the most watched film in British cinema history. BONUS: Commentary with Muriel Pavlow and Donald Sinden, Photo Gallery 1954, 92 min, Color, NR, 1.37:1 / 4x3 #8665 $14.99 SALE $8.99

EAST SIDE KIDS Double Feature Ghosts on the Loose & Spooks Run Wild Bela Lugosi, Ava Gardner The East Side Kids team up with Bela Lugosi in a pair of comedy classics including Ghosts on the Loose and Spooks Run Wild. BONUS: Bonus: Chapter 1 from Return of Chandu. 1943, 1941, 133 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #5006 $9.99 SALE $5.99 GASOLINE ALLEY AND FRIENDS 6 features on 2 dvds! Gasoline Alley (1951), As You Were (1951) & Mr. Walkie Talkie (1952), Corky of Gasoline Alley (1951), Stop That Cab (1951) & Leave It To The Marines (1951) Scotty Beckett, Jimmy Lydon, William Tracy, Joe Sawyer, Sid Melton, Marjorie Lord, Mara Lynn BONUS: Photo Galleries 1951, 1952, 403 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #KPF585 $29.99 SALE $17.99

GENEVIEVE John Gregson, Dinah Sheridan A vintage car race between two friends turns into more than just comical disasters and friendly jabs about each other’s car. BONUS: Documentary - “A Profile of Genevieve”, includes interviews with Dinah Sheridan, Clive Donner, Christopher Challis and Larry Adler 1953, 86 min, Color, NR, 1.37:1 / 4x3 #8660 $19.99 SALE $11.99 GENEVIEVE (Blu-ray) 1953, 86 min, Color, NR, 1.37:1 / 16x9HD Pillar Boxed #9006 $24.99 SALE $14.99

DOCTOR IN TROUBLE Leslie Phillips, Harry Secombe Our hero, Dr. Burke, greatly resents the success of the heart-throb television doctor, Basil Beauchamp (alias Dr. Dare). BONUS: Commentary with Leslie Phillips, Photo Gallery 1970, 91 min, Color, NR, 1.78:1 / LB / 4x3 #8666 $14.99 SALE $8.99

HILLBILLY COMEDY COLLECTION Hillbillys in a Haunted House, Las Vegas Hillbillys, Private Snuffy Smith & L’il Abner Ferlin Huskey, Jayne Mansfield 1966, 1967, 1942, 1940, 310 min, Color / B&W, G, 1.33:1 #6309 $14.99 SALE $8.99

DOCTOR SERIES Box Set Includes ALL 7 “DOCTOR” movies: Doctor At Large, Doctor At Sea, Doctor In Clover, Doctor In Distress, Doctor In Love, Doctor In The House, Doctor In Trouble 1957, 1955, 1966, 1963, 1960, 1954, 1970, 677 min, Color, NR, #8667 $59.99 SALE $35.99


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COMEDY HOMEWORK Joan Collins, Lee Purcell Sex with your girlfriend’s mother? This school is full of after school indiscretions! BONUS: Interview with legendary producer Max Rosenberg 1982, 90 min, Color, R, 1.85:1 #8329 $9.99 SALE $5.99 JOE E. BROWN COMEDY Collector’s Set The Gladiator, Earthworm Tractors, Flirting with Fate, & Wide Open Faces Joe E. Brown, June Travis, Guy Kibbee 4 Joe E. Brown movies on 2 discs; a must have for all those who enjoy the light, slapstick comedy so popular in the 1930s depression era. 1936, 1938, 1938, 1936, 274 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8315 $19.99 SALE $11.99 MANHATTAN MERRY-GO-ROUND Phil Regan, Leo Carillo Tough-guy tactics are used on unwilling performers when gangsters take control of a record company. 1937, 87 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7263 $9.99 SALE $5.99

MIRANDA Glynis Johns, Griffith Jones, Googie Withers A doctor returns home from a fishing holiday in Cornwall with more than just an ordinary patient. 1948, 80 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8744 $14.99 SALE $8.99 NEW FACES: Widescreen Edition Eartha Kitt, Ronny Graham A producer finds himself in financial difficulties. But a wealthy Texan says he will put up the money, if his daughter is in the show. 1954, 98 min, Color, , 2.55:1 #8534 $14.99 SALE $8.99 OLD MOTHER RILEY - BRITISH CINEMA COLLECTION OMR In Paris • OMR M.P. • OMR’s New Venture • OMR Headmistress • OMR Jungle Treasure • MR Meets the Vampire Arthur Lucan, Kitty McShane, Bela Lugosi 1938, 1939, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 450 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 / 4X3 #8577 $29.99 SALE $17.99 PENNY PRINCESS Dirk Bogarde, Yolande Donlan, A.E. Matthews A young woman, Lindy Smith (Yolande Donlan), is surprised to discover she has inherited a vast fortune and a small European State from a distant relative. 1952, 94 min, Technicolor, NR, 1.33:1 / 4x3 #8745 $19.99 SALE $11.99


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the pICKWICK PAPERS James Hayter, Nigel Patrick In 1836 Charles Dickens wrote a series of humorous stories about the members of a fictional English social club, the Pickwick Club. Only this picture could capture the flavor of this literary classic so tellingly. BONUS: Trailers, Bonus Video Featurette “Original Dedication” by Charles Dickens. 1952, 109 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8546 $14.99 SALE $8.99 PROMISES! PROMISES! Jayne Mansfield, Tommy Noonan This sexy romp about two women who are pregnant but don’t know which of the husbands is the father. BONUS: Original Theatrical Trailer for hot version, Uncensored on the set Photo Shoot 1963, 75 min, B&W, NR, 1.85:1 #KPF537 $14.99 SALE $8.99 QUACKSER FORTUNE HAS A COUSIN IN THE BRONX Gene Wilder, Margot Kidder A comedy of the human spirit about a highly independent young Irishman who triumphs over conformity. 1970, 87 min, Color, R, 1.66:1 #8216 $9.99 SALE $5.99

ROCKIN’ ROAD TRIP Special Edition Margaret Currie, Steve Boles Insecure young people, insane rock musician, blind street philosopher, trigger happy motel owner and wild groupies! Packed with wall-to-wall alternative music, and toe dazzling live concerts, Rockin’ Road Trip is an adventure not to be missed. BONUS: Interview with director William Olsen, On set photo featurette. 1985, 101 min, Color, R, 1.33:1 #8501 $14.99 SALE $8.99 SHOWTIME USA Collector’s Pack Everybody’s Dancin’ & Varieties On Parade. Yes Sir, Mr. Bones! & Square Dance Jubilee. Hollywood Varieties & Holiday Rhythm. Kentucky Jubilee & The Kid From Gower Gulch. 1951, 1946, 1949, 1950, 515 min, Color/B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #KPF590 $29.99 SALE $17.99 SHOWTIME USA VOL 1 Everybody’s Dancin’ & Varieties On Parade Spade Cooley, Jackie Coogan, Richard Lane, Eddie Garr BONUS: Commentaries on Varieties on Parade, by film historians Richard Roberts, Brent Walker and Randy Skretvedt, Short subjects: “Foto Facts: Part 1” (1947) & “Vaudeville Home Movies” (1948). 1950, 1951, 122 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #KPF591 $14.99 SALE $8.99 call 1-800-331-4077

COMEDY SHOWTIME USA VOL 2 Yes Sir, Mr. Bones! & Square Dance Jubilee Cotton & Chick Watts, Ches Davis, Don “Red” Barry, Spade Cooley BONUS: Trailers, Yes Sir, Mr. Bones! and Square Dance Jubilee commentaries by film historians Richard Roberts, Brent Walker and Randy Sketvedt, Technicolor Featurette: The Shortest Way Home (1946), Square Dance Jubilee, Deleted Scenes 1951, 1949, 134 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #KPF592 $14.99 SALE $8.99 SHOWTIME USA VOL 3 Hollywood Varieties & Holiday Rhythm Robert Alda and the Hoosier Hot Spots, Mary Beth Hughes, Tex Ritter and The Cass Country Boys BONUS: Trailers, Advertising Gallery, Hollywood Varieties commentary by film historians Richard Roberts, Brent Walker and Randy Skretvedt, Foto Facts #2 (1947). 1950, 121 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #KPF593 $14.99 SALE $8.99 SHOWTIME USA VOL 4 Kentucky Jubilee & The Kid From Gower Gulch Jerry Colonna, Spade Cooley, Jean Porter, Bob Gilbert BONUS: Kid From Gower Gulch commentary by production assistant Arthur A. Jacobs, Behind the Scenes: The Kid From Gower Gulch, Short Subjects: “Foto Facts #2” (1947); ‘Hold’ em Cowboy” (1940s). 1951, 1946, 138 min, Color/B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #KPF594 $14.99 SALE $8.99

SIMON AND LAURA Peter Finch, Kay Kendall Sparky farce involving Finch and Kendall, a married acting couple whose TV image contradicts their violent offscreen battles. 1955, 91 min, Technicolor, NR, 1.85:1 / 16x9 #8632 $19.99 SALE $11.99

TERRY THOMAS Double Feature

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TIARA TAHITI James Mason, Sir John Mills, Claude Dauphin When suave Brett (James Mason) and “wantto-be just like him” Clifford (Sir John Mills) get together, it’s class envy and manipulation of personalities that sets the pace for this British comedy. BONUS: Alternate Bikini Scene 1962, 101 min, Color, NR, 1.66:1 / 16x9 #8653 $19.99 SALE $11.99 TO PARIS WITH LOVE Alec Guinness, Odile Versois Romantic comedy charting the amorous adventures of a father and son in Paris and how the plans they secretly make for each other’s dalliance go astray. 1954, 78 min, Technicolor, NR, 1.33:1 / 4x3 #8630 $14.99 SALE $8.99

UPSTAIRS AND DOWNSTAIRS Michael Craig, Anne Heywood On marrying the boss’s daughter, Richard takes his father-in-law’s advice to hire a live-in domestic. He soon finds good help is hard to come by. 1959, 102 min, Eastmancolor, NR, 1.78:1 / 16x9 Anamorphic #8619 $14.99 SALE $8.99

SLOWEST GUN IN THE WEST Phil Silvers, Jack Benny, Bruce Cabot Two of the West’s most prolific gunfighters who just can’t seem to be the one who draws first! 1960, 52 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7265 $9.99 SALE $5.99

WEISS-O-RAMA Ben Turpin, Snub Pollard Two-reel shorts of forgotten little gems of laughter. BONUS: Selected Commentaries by Richard M. Roberts, Piano Accompaniment by Philip C. Carli & David B. Drazin, Original account ledgers for selected comedies, Weiss Bros. Bonus Short Subjects 1925, 1927, 1928, 360 minutes, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #KPF569 $29.99 SALE $17.99

ST. BENNY THE DIP Dick Haymes, Nina Foch Three shady men are forced by circumstance to pose as priests tending to a slum mission. 1951, 81 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7206 $9.99 SALE $5.99

WESTERN DIVAS COMEDY Double Feature Groom Wore Spurs & Oklahoma Annie Ginger Rogers, Jack Carson, Judy Canova BONUS: Castle Films News on Parade 1951 1951, 171 min, Color/B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #5012 $9.99 SALE $5.99

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ACTORS AND SIN Actor’s Blood & Woman of Sin Edward G. Robinson, Eddie Albert Some of legendary writer Ben Hecht’s best work comes to the screen in a two-in-one show businessthemed comedy-drama that reveals what goes on when the greasepaint comes off. BONUS: Interview with Marsha Hunt by Joel Blumberg, Original Theatrical Trailer, Before and After Restoration Example 1951, 82 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #KPF605 $14.99 SALE $8.99

BEST OF BRITISH CLASSICS Double Feature VOL 1 Tomorrow We Live & Inquest John Clements, Elizabeth Allan 1943, 1939, 145 min, B&W, NR, 1.37:1 / 4x3 #8395 $14.99 SALE $8.99

BEST OF BRITISH CLASSICS: CHILD IN THE HOUSE Phyllis Calvert, Eric Portman With her mother in the hospital and her father on the run, 11-year-old Mandy Miller is sent to live with her uncaring aunt and uncle. Her presence has an unexpected effect on all concerned. BONUS: Before and After Restoration Example 1956, 90 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 / 4x3 #8613 $14.99 SALE $8.99

BEST OF BRITISH CLASSICS: FOUR IN THE MORNING Judi Dench, Norman Rodway A drama which follows parallel stories of two couples in crisis. First time on DVD, Digitally Remastered and Restored 1965, 90 min, B&W, NR, 1.78:1 / 16x9 #8493 $19.99 SALE $11.99

BEST OF BRITISH CLASSICS: THE GIRL-GETTERS Oliver Reed, Jane Merrow The Girl-Getters is set in a British seaside village where the local young men mingle among the summer’s tourists in search of sexual conquests. 1964, 87 min, B&W, PG, 16x9 #8489 $19.99 SALE $11.99


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BEYOND TOMORROW Richard Carlson, C. Aubrey Smith A real gem of a sentimental fantasy film, with definite CAPRA-esque qualities, concerning three lonely millionaires who play Santa Claus to two down-and-out lovers on Christmas Eve. 1940, 84 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8257 $9.99 SALE $5.99

the bIG GAME Gary Webster, Mark Williams The stakes are high as five men play big games for big money. 1995, 98 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 / 4x3 #8669 $14.99 SALE $8.99


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BRITISH CINEMA: THE RENOWN PICTURES LITERARY CLASSICS Collection The Pickwick Papers, Tom Brown’s Schooldays & Svengali James Hayter, Nigel Patrick, John Howard Davies, Robert Newton, Hildegard Neff BONUS: TOM BROWN’S SCHOOLDAYS: “Colorized” version of movie included Original Theatrical Trailer, Before and After Restoration Example; SVENGALI: Photo Gallery, 1931 version. 1952, 1951, 1954, 287 min, B&W/B&W/Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8512 $29.99 SALE $17.99

THE BRITISH WAR COLLECTION Sea Of Sand, Way To The Stars, Above Us The Waves, The Malta Story Richard Attenborough, Michael Craig, John Gregson, Michael Redgrave, John Mills, Donald Sinden, Alec Guinness 1958, 1945, 1955, 1953, 411 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1/4x3 #8950 $39.99 SALE $23.99 call 1-800-331-4077


BROKEN HARVEST Colin Lane, Marian Quinn Traces an old feud between two neighbors through seventy years of Irish history. BONUS: Original Theatrical Trailer, Commentary by director Maurice O’Callaghan 1994, 98 min, Color, PG, 1.77:1 #8239 $9.99 SALE $5.99

CHU CHIN CHOW Special Collector’s Edition Anna May Wong, George Robey Rare British classic, based on the original Oscar Asche stage production, a musical retelling of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. BONUS: Original Uncut British Production Commentary Track by Jay Fenton, Ali Baba Nights, Abdul the Damned 1934, 102 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8402 $19.99 SALE $11.99

DINAH EAST Jeremy Stockwell, Ultra Violet In 1950s Hollywood, a transvestite fools the world into believing he is a she - a glamorous movie diva. BONUS: Digitally Remastered & Restored 1971, 90 min, Color, X, 1.85:1 - 16x9 Enhanced #KPF615 $14.99 SALE $8.99

DIRK BOGARDE COLLECTION Agent 8 3/4, Campbell’s Kingdom, Penny Princess, Simba Dirk Bogarde, Sylva Koscina, Robert Morley, Stanley Baker, Michael Craig, Yolande Donlan, A.E. Matthews BONUS: Photo Gallery, Original Trailer 1964, 1957, 1952, 1955, 393 min, Color, Technicolor & Eastman Color, NR, 1.78:1; 1.66:1; 1.33:1; 1.33:1 #8952 $59.99 SALE $35.99

FIGHTING SULLIVANS, THE Anne Baxter, Thomas Mitchell This is the movie that inspired SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. It’s the true story of five brothers who fought and died together when their ship, the American cruiser Juneau, was sunk in the South Pacific during World War II. BONUS: Original Theatrical Trailer, New Digital Transfer, 2005 Interview with Frank Holmgren (last living survivor of the sinking), Video Inside the 5 Sullivan Brothers Veterans Museum, A message from Bob Neymeyer of the Grout Museum, Family Photos 1944, 112 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8440 $19.99 SALE $11.99

FIRST LOVE Dominique Sanda, Maximilian Schell

Based on Ivan Turgeyev’s novella, Erste Liebe is about two young lovers in czarist Russia. One is a 21-year-old woman, the other a young man of sixteen. Things take a tragic turn as the girl falls in love with the boy’s father.

BONUS: Original Theatrical Trailer, Uncut European Version

1970, 90 min, Color, R, 1.85:1 - Anamorphic #8702 $14.99 SALE $8.99

FLAME IN THE STREETS John Mills, Sylvia Syms, Brenda DeBanzie A liberal minded union leader battles against racial discrimination in the factory work place, and then must face a deeper test when forced to confront his own personal prejudices. 1961, 93 min, Color, NR, 2.35:1 / Letterboxed (Video - 16x9 Anamorphic) 1.33:1 / 4x3 #8739 $19.99 SALE $11.99

the gLASS MOUNTAIN Dulcie Gray, Michael Denison Young British composer is shot down over Italy during WWII and is inspired by a girl to write an opera. BONUS: Video Feature: Clair de Lune 1949, 98 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8485 $14.99 SALE $8.99

GLEN AND RANDA Steven Curry, Shelly Plimpton It begins where civilization ends-in an atomic apocalypse that has destroyed the world. BONUS: Video Interview with director Jim McBride, Original Theatrical Trailer, Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor 1970, 94 min, Color, R, 1.85:1 #8557 $14.99 SALE $8.99

GUYANA TRAGEDY: THE JIM JONES STORY Powers Boothe, Ned Beatty, James Earl Jones Life of cult figure, Jim Jones, from his early activism to the Jonestown mass suicide. 1980, 189 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8505 $14.99 SALE $8.99

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DRAMA HEDY LAMARR Double Feature The Strange Woman & Dishonored Lady Hedy Lamarr, George Sanders BONUS: Short Subject: “Made In USA” 1946, 1947, 182 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #5001 $9.99 SALE $5.99

I WAS HAPPY HERE Sarah Miles, Cyril Cusack, Sean Caffrey Unhappy in her life and marriage, Cassie returns home to her roots and discovers new meanings for happiness and a new set of values. 1966, 92 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 / 4x3 #8741 $19.99 SALE $11.99

JANE EYRE George C. Scott, Susannah York An acclaimed turn by George C. Scott as Mr. Rochester and moody English scenery highlight this made-for-TV rendition of the original Gothic romance tale that also stars Susannah York as Charlotte Bronte’s hard-life heroine. 1971, 108 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 - 4x3 #8429 $14.99 SALE $8.99

JULIUS CAESAR Charlton Heston, David Bradley An innovative approach to a Shakespearean classic and one of the two unofficial films (the other being Peer Gynt) Heston appeared in before his 1950 debut film, Dark City. BONUS: Beware the Ides of March an analysis of Marc Anthony’s Funeral Speech 1950, 106 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8394 $14.99 SALE $8.99

KING AND COUNTRY Dirk Bogarde, Tom Courtenay A tough British Army lawyer is forced to rethink his convictions during a desertion trial. BONUS: Original Theatrical Trailer 1964, 86 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8249 $14.99 SALE $8.99

MIDNIGHT IS A PLACE: Complete Series Simon Gipps-Kent, Maxine Gordon Two children learn the hard ways of life on the streets of London after their evil guardian dies in the house fire he started himself. 1977, 390 min, Color, PG, 1.33:1 / 4x3 #8649 $29.99 SALE $17.99

THE MOON AND SIXPENCE George Sanders, Herbert Marshall Loosely inspired from the life of French painter Paul Gauguin. BONUS: Contains 2 versions: The original theatrical version with tinted and full color scenes as well as the B&W version. 1943, 178 min, Color / B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8482 $14.99 SALE $8.99

NOAH’S CASTLE Complete Series Simon Gipps-Kent, David Neal Set in a bleak future, the Mortimer family fights to survive in a Britain teetering on the edge of apocalyptic collapse. 1979, 175 min, Color, NR, 1.37:1 / 4x3 #8610 $29.99 SALE $17.99

THE ONLY WAY Jane Seymour, Ebbe Rode In the tradition of: HOLOCAUST, THE HIDING PLACE, PLAYING FOR TIME, and SOPHIE’S CHOICE comes…THE ONLY WAY. BONUS: First time on video or DVD! Digitally Remastered & Restored 1970, 86 min, Color, G, 1.85:1 #8560 $14.99 SALE $8.99

PEER GYNT Charlton Heston, Betty Hanisee Henrik Ibsen’s famous play featuring 16-year-old Charlton Heston is adapted in this silent film which was part of a Northwestern University project. BONUS: Trailers, Bios, Photo Gallery, Enhanced Sound Track 1941, 100 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8390 $19.99 SALE $11.99


70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition

Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck Written by a discharged journalist as a publicity stunt, and as a parting shot at the paper’s new editor, the premise of the letter unexpectedly fires the imagination of the Bulletin’s readers and the wider American public. Loaded with BONUS FEATURES! 1941, 123 min, B&W, NR, 1.37:1 / 4x3 #8599 $14.99 SALE $8.99


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PIPPIN Ben Vereen, William Katt, Martha Raye Parable about a young man’s search for meaning and truth, based on the legend of Charlemagne. BONUS: Interview with Bob Fosse 1981, 112 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8245 $19.99 SALE $11.99 call 1-800-331-4077



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ROMEO & JULIET (Blu-Ray) Laurence Harvey, Susan Shentall Shakespeare’s timeless play brought to film in the telling of two star-crossed lovers from feuding families whose uncompromising love can not be halted even unto tragedy. BONUS: English Subtitles 1954, 140 min, Technicolor, NR, 1.37:1 #9003 $19.99 SALE $11.99

SERIOUS CHARGE Anthony Quayle, Cliff Richard Reverend Howard Phillips (Anthony Quayle) defends himself from slanderous remarks after accusing a local thug of responsibility in a young woman’s death. BONUS: Trailers, British Cinema Promo 1959, 95 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8705 $14.99 SALE $8.99

THE SOUTHERNER Zachary Scott, Betty Field Man copes with trying to survive against the problems of farming and a troublesome neighbor. BONUS: Two-Reeler Comedy Baby Daze with Edgar Kennedy 1945, 91 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8211 $9.99 SALE $5.99

SUMMER STORM Linda Darnell, George Sanders A tale of power and passions when a Russian siren who wants the finer things in life, sinks her hooks into a judge, a decadent aristocrat and an estate superintendent. BONUS: Original Theatrical Trailer, Interview with Author Bernard Dick on Director Douglas Sirk interviewed by Joel Blumberg 1944, 106 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #KPF607 $14.99 SALE $8.99 SURVIVE! Hugo Stiglitz, Norma Lazareno In 1972 a plane carrying forty-five passengers crashed in the Andes Mountains. What they did to stay alive is the most shocking episode in the history of human survival! BONUS: Original Uncut Mexican Version - “Supervivientes de los Andes” - 112 minutes

1976, 86 min, Color, R, English: 1.77:1 / 16x9 Anamorphic / Spanish: 1.37:1 / 4x3 #8658 $14.99 SALE $8.99

SUSAN HAYWARD Double Feature Smash-Up & Tulsa Susan Hayward, Robert Preston BONUS: Original Theatrical Trailer on SmashUp, Newsreel Parade of 1949 1947, 1949, 194 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #5007 $9.99 SALE $5.99

SVENGALI Hildegarde Neff, Donald Wolfit The name Svengali has become synonymous with any diabolical figure able, through mystical powers, to control the behavior of another human being. BONUS: Photo Gallery, Complete 1931 version of “Svengali” starring John Barrymore (80 minutes, B&W), Richard Gordon Remembers George Minter 1954, 82 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8548 $14.99 SALE $8.99

TOM BROWN’S SCHOOLDAYS John Howard Davies, Robert Newton Thomas Hughes’ novel of life in a boys’ boarding school in the 1800’s comes boldly to life on the screen. BONUS: ‘Colorized’ version of movie, Original Theatrical Trailer, Richard Gordon Remembers George Minter 1951, 96 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8547 $19.99 SALE $11.99

UNCLE VANYA & The Rebel Son Franchot Tone, Clarence Derwent Anton Chekhov’s classic drama of a country doctor’s unrequited love came to the New York stage in 1956, and then the play was filmed for a theatrical release. BONUS: Special Features: 1959 Theatre Guild Radio Performance, Featuring, co-adapted and directed by Robert Culp with Hyram Peckins 1957, 174 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #KPF619 $14.99 SALE $8.99

THE YOUNG CARUSO Ermanno Randi, Gina Lollobrigida A musical biography on operatic tenor Enrico Caruso. BONUS: Trailers, Narrative for the blind, 30 minutes of Original Music by Enrico Caruso with historical facts 1951, 77 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8532 $14.99 SALE $8.99

YOUTH RUN WILD Double Feature VOL 1 Unwed Mother & Too Soon To Love Robert Vaughn, Norma Moore, Richard Evans, Jack Nicholson BONUS: Original Theatrical Trailers, Photo Gallery, Commentary by Robert Justman, Original Advertising Material 1960, 1958, 159 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1/1.85:1 #KPF542 $14.99 SALE $8.99

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ACTION/ADVENTURE ABOVE US THE WAVES Sir John Mills, John Gregson, Donald Sinden

World War II adventures of the British Navy’s development of the Mini submarines in order to sink the German Battleship Terpitz. 100 minutes / B&W / 1955 Item #8642 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99


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CAMPBELL’S KINGDOM Dirk Bogarde, Stanley Baker, Michael Craig Dirk Bogarde stars as Bruce Campbell, a young Englishman who believes himself to be incurably ill. He travels to Canada to take over the land he has inherited, and intends to take up the dream of discovering oil in Campbell’s Kingdom before the valley is flooded. 102 min, Color, 1957 BONUS: Original Trailer Item #8742 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 CAMPBELL’S KINGDOM (Blu-ray) Item #9014 Retail $24.99 SALE $14.99 CARLOS THE TERRORIST


THE AUSTRALIAN STORY Maureen O’Hara, Peter Lawford

It’s a raw and wild adventure set down under in the continent time forgot - Australia c. 1910. 84 minutes / Color / 1952

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Item #8459 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS Fredric March, Florence Eldridge

BAD BLOOD Jack Thompson, Carol Burns

Bad Blood is a film set in the small West Coast town of Koiterangi, during World War II, and is based on the factual manhunt for mass-murderer Stanley Graham. 105 minutes / Color / 1983 Item #8475 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

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Fisherman Pepe Gamboa (Pedro Armendariz), wife Magdalena (Maria Felix), and son live a good life - until American Jim Gatsby (Jack Palance) appears on the scene. 114 minutes / Color / 1959 Item #8431 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

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COCKFIGHT Robert Knott, Alex Meneses

The only thing deadlier than the blood sport of cockfighting is the political intrigue surrounding it. 92 minutes / Color / 2002


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BONUS: Trailers, Actor Bios, History of Cockfighting, Cockfighting - A Ring of Controversy, Commentary by Director & Producer Item #8474 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

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THE DRAGON LIVES Bruce Li, Caryn White


Fictionalized biography of the great martial arts star. 88 minutes / Color / 1978

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BONUS: Original Bruce Lee Movie Trailers, Bruce Li Bio Item #8294 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

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After malicious gangsters capture Bruce Lee’s ex-girlfriend, a young martial artist attempts to rescue her - and the late master’s book containing lethal techniques for killing with one’s fingers. 92 minutes / Color / 1980

BONUS: Bonus Martial Arts Trailers, Anamorphic Widescreen Enhanced for 16x9 monitors Item #8352 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

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BONUS: Photo Gallery Item #8748 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 CRY OF THE BLACK WOLVES

BEYOND ALL LIMITS Jack Palance, Maria Felix, Pedro Armendariz


An historical adventure telling the story of the famous explorer Christopher Columbus and his quest to discover America. 99 minutes / Color / 1949


True story of a Brooklyn gang member’s assault against the establishment. 104 minutes / Color / 1974

BONUS: Theatrical Trailer, Biographies for Sonny Carson and Michael Campus, Commentary by Carson and Campus, Personal Photo Album, Click & See Pressbook Item #KPF529 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 call 1-800-331-4077

ACTION/ADVENTURE FERRY TO HONG KONG Orson Welles, Curt Jurgens, Sylvia Syms

Orson Welles (star and director of the critically acclaimed “Citizen Kane”) stars as Captain Hart in this seabound adventure. 104 minutes / Eastman Color / 1959 Item #8738 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

GEORGE MONTGOMERY ACTION PACK George Montgomery, Gilbert Roland

Guerillas in Pink Lace, Samar, Satan’s Harvest & Steel Claw! 398 minutes / Color / 1964, 1962, 1970, 1961 BONUS: Trailers, Bios, Trivia Item #6336 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99


Thunder in the Pines & Jungle Goddess 124 minutes / Sepiatone / B&W / 1948, 1948

BONUS: The Life and Legacy of George Reeves – a documentary by Capricorn Entertainment which features Thunder in the Pines & The Jungle Goddess by Jan Alan Henderson, George Reeves: His Life and Legacy by Carl Glass, and many more! Item #KPF570 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 GLADIATORS AND ANCIENT WARRIORS Gianna Maria Canale, Roland Carey, Steve Reeves, Sylvia Koscina

Giants of Thessaly, Sins of Rome, Hercules & Hercules Unchained 365 minutes / Color / B&W / 1952, 1959, 1960

BONUS: Photo & Poster Gallery, Trailers, Actor Bios #5526 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

GRINDHOUSE DRIVE-IN Farmer’s Other Daughter, Like It Is, Up Yours, Summer School Judy Pennebaker, William Michael, Cindy Morgan, Eddie Ryder, John McLaughlin 1979, 1965, 1968, 1979, 352 min, Color/B&W, R, NR, 1.85:1 #KPF610 $29.99 SALE $17.99 GUYANA: CRIME OF THE CENTURY & CARLOS THE TERRORIST Stuart Whitman, Gene Barry, Jennifer Ashley, Andrés García, René Cardona III

200 minutes / Color / 1979, 1979 BONUS: Trailers, Bios Item #6302 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99 HANNIBAL Victor Mature, Rita Gam

This is the epic story of Hannibal, the brilliant Carthaginian commander who led an elephant-borne army across the Alps 2,200 years ago to do battle with the Romans. 100 minutes / Color / 1960

BONUS: Original Theatrical Trailer, Bios, Photo & Poster Gallery, Anamorphic 16 x 9 Item #8398 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 HERCULES Double Feature Steve Reeves, Sylvia Koscina

Hercules & Hercules Unchained 208 minutes / Color / 1959, 1960 Item #8404 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

ISLAND OF DESIRE Linda Darnell, Tab Hunter

Shipwrecked on an uninhabited South Seas atoll, a Canadian nurse and a young Marine initially clash, but eventually begin to see each other through different eyes and give in to their natural impulses. 93 minutes / Color / 1951

#KPF603 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 GO FOR BROKE Van Johnson, Ana Maria Canale

The story of Japanese-Americans who had to battle prejudice as well as the Axis enemy. 92 minutes / B&W / 1951 BONUS: Original Theatrical Trailer Item #8279 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99


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GREYDON CLARK DRIVE-IN Double Feature Mel Ferrer, Stephen McNally, Greydon Clark, Tom Johnigarn

Hi-Riders & The Bad Bunch 171 minutes / Color / 1978, 1976

BONUS: Interview with Darby Hinton and Diane Peterson, Interview with Director - Greydon Clark, Director’s commentaries, Trailers Item #8553 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

ISLAND OF LOST SOULS Mario Almada, Erik Del Castillo

Based on the Best Seller by Jose Leon Sanchez, which relates the twenty years of imprisonment living on the island of Lost Souls. 95 minutes / Color / 1974 BONUS: Bios, Original Theatrical Trailer Item #8385 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

JOEL McCREA Double Feature Joel McCrea, Dolores Del Rio

Bird of Paradise & The Most Dangerous Game 142 minutes / B&W / 1932, 1932 BONUS: King Kong Trailer and Betty Boop Cartoon - Bamboo Isle Item #5003 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99 LEGEND OF BEARHEART & CRY OF THE BLACK WOLVES Marshall Reed, Denver Pyle, Ron Ely, Catherine Conti

173 minutes / Color / 1978, 1972 Item #6306 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

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Eight mystical samurai battle an evil clan to save the life of a young princess. 130 minutes / Color / 1983 Item #8354 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99 THE MALTA STORY Alec Guinness, Jack Hawkins, Anthony Steel, Muriel Pavlow

Alec Guinness stars as a World War II pilot photographer, who is forced to land in Malta. There he finds himself attached to the local regiment struggling to holdout against the Axis. 103 minutes / B&W / 1953 #8633 $19.99 SALE $11.99 MOVIE BAD GIRLS Double Feature Paulette Goddard, George Nader, Robert Lowery, Patricia Morrison

Sins of Jezebel & Queen of the Amazons 128 min / Color / B&W / 1953, 1951 BONUS: Advertising Gallery, Written Article by Robert L Lippert Jr, Trivia #KPF559 $14.99 SALE $8.99 NORTHVILLE CEMETERY MASSACRE: THE ULTIMATE BIKER FLICK 30th Anniversary Edition Scorpions Motorcycle Club

BONUS: Commentaries Item #8455 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

PEARL OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC Virginia Mayo, Dennis Morgan

When outsiders plan to steal a fortune in black pearls from island natives, they get more than they bargained for. 86 minutes / Color / 1955 Item #8290 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

POSITIVELY NO REFUNDS Double Feature VOL 2 Errol Flynn, Beverly Aadland, Mikel Conrad, Doris Merrick

Cuban Rebel Girls & Untamed Women 136 minutes / B&W / 1952, 1952 Item #KPF617 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

BONUS: Director & Actor Commentaries - Director Chris Grega, Actors Derek Simmons, Paul Wendell & R. Travis Estes, The Making Of Rhineland, Deleted Scenes, Bonus Short Film: “Capdance” Item #8586 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 THE RIDDLE OF THE SANDS

Michael York, Jenny Agutter In 1901, two young British subjects work together to foil a German plan to launch a deadly invasion on their country. 102 minutes / Color / 1978 #8740 $19.99 SALE $11.99 RKO ADVENTURE CLASSICS Double Feature

Glenn Ford, Ann Sheridan Appointment In Honduras & Escape to Burma 165 minutes / Color / 1953, 1955 / Anamorphic 16x9

ROBBERY UNDER ARMS Peter Finch, Ronald Lewis

Based on the classic adventure novel by Rolf Boldrewood, and set in the nineteenth century outback, this is the story of the biggest cattle-rustling coup in Australian history and the men who planned and executed it. 101 minutes / Eastman Color / 1957

BONUS: Before & After Restoration Sample Item #8643 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

ROBINSON CRUSOE 50th Anniversary Edition Dan O’Herlihy, Felipe de Alba

Based on Daniel Defoe’s immortal classic, Robinson Crusoe, a 17th century man survives a shipwreck and then must carve out a life for himself on a deserted island. 90 minutes / Color / 1952

BONUS: English & Spanish languages, English Subtitles, Audio Interview with Dan O’Herlihy by Film Critic David Del Valle Item #8350 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 SABU Double Feature Sabu: Jungle Hell & Savage Drums Sabu, K. T. Stevens, Lita Baron

PRECODE HOLLYWOOD Double Feature Lupe Velez, Anita Page

150 minutes / B&W / 1964, 1951

Hell Harbor & Jungle Bride 209 minutes / B&W / 1930, 1933 Item #KPF621 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

REACH FOR THE SKY Kenneth More, Muriel Pavlow A Winner of the BAFTA Film Award for Best Picture! This is the remarkable true story of Douglas Bader, a pilot in the RAF who overcomes every obstacle to prove his worth. 136 min / B&W / 1956 #8656 $19.99 SALE $11.99

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RHINELAND tells the story of a young replacement thrown into an under-strength mine platoon, and the struggles he faces to come to terms with the brutality of war. 93 minutes / Color / 2011

Item #8343 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

…it takes time and something special for a film to become an international motorcycle cult favorite. Freedom: R.I.P. 86 minutes / Color / 1976 Anamorphic 16x9


RHINELAND Derek Simmons, R. Tarvis Estes

BONUS: Interview with Margia Dean, Trailers Item #KPF613 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99


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ACTION/ADVENTURE SEA OF SAND Richard Attenborough, Michael Craig

A detachment of the British Long Range Desert Group must penetrate behind enemy lines in order to knock out a German fuel dump in North Africa and find a way to return to base under heavy combat pursuit. 99 minutes / B&W / 1958 #8615 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 THE SILVER FLEET Ralph Richardson, Googie Withers

Set during the occupation of Holland during World War II, the owner of a Dutch shipyard pretends to collaborate with the Nazis, while actually plotting to sabotage them in the name of the Dutch hero Piet Hein. 88 minutes / B&W / 1943 #8668 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 SIMBA Dirk Bogarde, Virginia McKenna

An English farmer who has settled in Kenya is forced to fight the Mau-Mau tribe as their terrorism and racial hatred threaten the lives of those he loves. 100 minutes / Eastman Color / 1955 #8746 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

THE STREET FIGHTER SAGA Sonny Chiba, Gerald Sonny Chiba, Bruce Li

The complete set of four STREET FIGHTER movies starring martial arts master Sonny Chiba. 335 minutes / Color / 1974-79 Item #8339 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 STRONGHOLD Zachary Scott, Veronica Lake

Lake’s character flees the U.S. and becomes embroiled in the Mexican Revolution. 72 minutes / B&W / 1951, 1952 Item #8432 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 SURRENDER - HELL! Keith Andes, Susan Cabot

The true-life WWII drama of Lt. Blackburn who avoided capture by the Japanese in the Philippines.

222 min / Color/B&W / 1959, 1951, 1945 BONUS: John Ford’s This Is Korea! (1951), John Huston’s The Battle of San Pietro (1945), The Stilwell Road (1945) narrated by Ronald Reagan Item #KPF579 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 SWORD AND SANDAL Double Feature: VOL 1 Gianna Maria Canale, Roland Carey

Giants of Thessaly & Sins of Rome 163 min / Color/B&W / 1960, 1952 BONUS: Photo & Poster Gallery, Trailers Item #8351 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99 THUNDER IN CAROLINA Rory Calhoun, Alan Hale

A legendary stock car racer is fast on the track and faster with the women in his life, leading to action on and off the speedway. 92 minutes / Color / 1960 BONUS: 50’s Chevy Shorts, Contains both Widescreen & Full Screen Versions #KPF614 $14.99 SALE $8.99

TO BUILD A FIRE Ian Hogg Narrator: Orson Welles

Jack London’s short story about a lone man traveling through the frozen Alaskan wilderness. 56 minutes / Color / 1969 BONUS: Previews, Jack London Bio Item #8226 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99 TREASURE OF THE AMAZON & ISLAND OF LOST SOULS Mario Almada, Stuart Whitman

In the depths of the lush, steamy Amazon jungle, rife with exotic life forms, a group of adventurers embark on a quest to discover a legendary river reportedly filled with diamonds “the size of your eyes”. 199 minutes / Color / 1985, 1974

Item #6300 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

A WALK IN THE SUN: Restored Collector’s Edition Dana Andrews, Richard Conte

American soldiers hit the beach at Salerno and begin their trek across the countryside toward the Nazi-occupied farmhouse they’ve been ordered to destroy. 117 minutes / B&W / 1943

BONUS: Interview with Norman Lloyd, Video featurette The Men of “A Walk in the Sun” Item #KPF606 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 THE WAY TO THE STARS Michael Redgrave, Sir John Mills, Rosamund John

This is the tale of a group of pilots as they go through their experiences of life, love and loss during WWII. 109 minutes / B&W / 1945 Item #8638 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 WE DIVE AT DAWN John Mills, Niall MacGinnis

The crews of the Sea Tiger are recalled from a well deserved leave in order to seek out and destroy the German Battleship Brandenburg. 97 minutes / B&W / 1943 Item #8661 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 THE WHITE WARRIOR Steve Reeves, Giorgia Moll

The White Warrior leads a small band of mountain warriors to victory over the superior Russian army. 88 minutes / Color / 1961 Item #8277 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99 WINDSPLITTER

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WORLD WAR II Double Feature Kristine Miller, Arthur Franz

Jungle Patrol & The Silent Raiders 137 minutes / B&W / 1948, 1954 BONUS: Original Trailers, Bonus Feature: Combat Bulletin Item #KPF608 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

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HORROR/SCI-FI 70s DRIVE-IN HORROR DOUBLE FEATURE: Ruby & Kiss of the Tarantula RUBY: Piper Laurie, Stuart Whitman KISS OF THE TARANTULA: Eric Mason, Suzanne Ling

RUBY: She’s sweet sixteen and her mama wants to send her away. The deaf-mute daughter retaliates by calling up the spirit of her murdered father. In one terrifying night of horror, he exacts his revenge. KISS OF THE TARANTULA: Susie makes good use of her father’s mortuary and her creepy little playmates to exact horrendous revenge! 170 minutes / Color / 1977, 1975 / Anamorphic 16x9 Item #8567 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

ALIEN OUTLAW: Double Feature Alien Outlaw & Dark Power, The ALIEN OUTLAW: Lash La Rue, Kari Anderson THE DARK POWER: Lash La Rue, Cynthia Bailey

ALIEN OUTLAW: Fashioned like an old comic book story, a legendary B-western film star is pitted against alien invaders! THE DARK POWER: A group of unsuspecting college coeds move into the house on Totem Hill, a cursed place where ancient demons arise to feed on the living. 171 minutes / Color / 1985, 1987 BONUS: ALIEN OUTLAW: Uncut and Available for the first time in the USA, Contains a New Widescreen (1.66:1 Anamorphic) and a screen version, Commentary track with both the Writer/Director (Phil Smoot) and the Editor (Sherwood Jones) Item #8676 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE Tony Musante, Suzy Kendall

An American writer (Tony Musante - Toma, TV series) traveling in Rome is the only witness to an attempted murder by a sinister man in a raincoat and black leather gloves, though he is powerless to do anything to stop him. 98 minutes / Color / 1970

BLOODY BIRTHDAY Elizabeth Hoy, Andy Freeman

Ten years after being born during the height of a total eclipse of Saturn, three seemingly innocent children become heartless killers. 85 minutes / Color / 1981

BONUS: Trailers, Director Bio, Anamorphic Widescreen Enhanced for 16x9 monitors, Interview with legendary producer Max Rossenberg Item #8328 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99 CHILDREN SHOULDN’T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS 35th Anniversary Exhumed Edition Alan Ormsby, Valerie Mamches

Made in 1972, this classic zombie movie is the first film of director Bob Clark, famous for later directing the films: Black Christmas, Turk 182, A Christmas Story and Porky’s. 87 minutes / Color / 1972

BONUS: All New Commentary with Alan Ormsby, Jane Daly and Anya Cronin, “Memories of Bob Clark” – A tribute to the late Director, Grindhouse Q&A, Confessions of a Grave Digger - Interview with Ken Goch Item #8583 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 THE CITY OF THE DEAD Christopher Lee, Dennis Lotis

THE (restored) CITY OF THE DEAD has finally found its definitive release at VCI. - David Del Valle, Films in Review. 78 minutes / B&W / 1960

BONUS: Original British Version with over 2 minutes of footage not found in the American HORROR HOTEL version, Feature length Commentary with actor Christopher Lee, 45-minute Interview with Christopher Lee, Interview with Venetia Stevenson Item #8274 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

BONUS: Interactive Menus, Biographies, Theatrical Trailer, Previews, New Dolby Stereo Surround Track, Enhanced 16x9 Transfer, Contains the complete Original Music Sound Track Item #8202 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 BLOOD AND BLACK LACE Widescream 2-Disc Special Edition Cameron Mitchell, Eva Bartok

DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW Charles Durning, Tonya Crowe

The black shadow of drug dealing falls upon a high-fashion salon when a beautiful model is murdered. Her boyfriend is suspected of the crime. He is an addict to whom the model was supplying dope, but is he guilty? 90 minutes / Color / 1963

BONUS: Commentary by Tim Lucas (Editor of the Video Watchdog), Interview with Mary Dawne Arden, Interview with Cameron Mitchell by David Del Valle, Bonus Music Tracks by composer Carlo Rustichelli, Original Theatrical Trailer, Photo Gallery, Biographies Item #8413 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99


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When young Marylee Williams (Tonya Crowe) is found viciously mauled, all hell breaks loose in her small rural town. A gang of bigots pursue a suspect: her mentally challenged friend Bubba Ritter (Larry Drake). 96 minutes / Color / 1981 BONUS: Director & Writer Commentary, Original World Premiere Trailer, English & Spanish Subtitles Item #8200 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW (BLU-RAY) BONUS: Director & Writer Commentary, Original World Premiere Trailer, English & Spanish Subtitles, Rebroadcast Trailer, Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery, “Bubba Didn’t Do it: 30 Years of the Scarecrow” Item #9007 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 call 1-800-331-4077


A story of four astronauts in deep space, whose mission is to destroy unstable planets in star systems that are to be colonized. 83 minutes / Color / 1974

BONUS: LET THERE BE LIGHT: THE ODYSSEY OF “DARK STAR” – An all new, feature-length documentary exploring the controversial making of the John Carpenter (HALLOWEEN) and Dan O’Bannon (ALIEN), Exclusive interviews with actor Brian Narelle, cinematographer Doug Knap Item #8550 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 THE DEMON Cameron Mitchell, Jennifer Holmes

Random people are terrorized by a malevolent man who brings their worst fears to life. 94 minutes / Color / 1979 Item #8255 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99


DON’T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT: Nurse Charlotte Beale arrives at the isolated Stephens Sanitorium to work, only to learn that Dr. Stephens was murdered by one of the patients and his successor, Dr. Geraldine Masters, is not very eager to take on new staff. DON’T OPEN THE DOOR: a dutiful granddaughter goes home to take care of her dying grandmother. Once there, she finds herself trapped inside the house with a homicidal maniac and all hell breaks loose. 185 minutes / Color / 1973, 1979 Item #8507 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99


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EURO-FANTASTICO Double Feature Maria Perschy, Robert Cunningham, Adrian Hoven, Ann Smyrner

No Survivors Please & The Black Cobra 187 minutes / B&W / 1964, 1965 Item #8573 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

FOREVER EVIL Red Mitchell, Tracey Huffman

A fun outing by a group of college graduates turns into a nightmare when a super-natural force comes for them in this deluxe 2-disc edition. 120 minutes / Color / 1987

BONUS: Director & Writer’s Commentary, Contains Two Versions - Restored Director’s Cut and Original Home Video Premier, Enhanced Dolby Digital 5.1 Item #8407 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

GORGO Bill Travers, William Sylvester

A salvage vessel is nearly sunk off the Irish coast by an undersea earthquake. A few nights later, a walking sea monster tangles with the fishing boats and enters the small town. 76 minutes / Color / 1961

BONUS: Original Theatrical Trailer, Photo Gallery, Digitally Remastered, Behind the Scenes Short, Animated Menus. Item #8364 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99


HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM: London is fear struck, and Scotland Yard is baffled by a series of strange murders that have plagued the city. Stories of the atrocities, by crime journalists Edmond Bancroft (Michael Gough). THE HEADLESS GHOST: Three foreign exchange students go on a daytrip to the supposedly haunted Ambrose Castle and spend the night to find out if it really is haunted. 156 minutes / Color / B&W / 1959, 1959 Item #8417 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99


Blood And Black Lace, Bird With the Crystal Plumage & Watch Me When I Kill 283 minutes / Color / 1964, 1970, 1981

BONUS: Commentary by Tim Lucas (Editor of the Video Watchdog), Interviews with Mary Dawne Arden and Cameron Mitchell, Bonus Music Track by composer Carlo Rustichelli; Bird With the Crystal Item #8513 Retail $29.99 SALE $17.99 KING DINOSAUR 50’s SCI-FI DOUBLE FEATURE VOL 1 Bill Bryant, Wanda Curtis, Rod Cameron, Cesar Romero

Two Sci-Fi adventures! KING DINOSAUR and THE JUNGLE. 132 minutes / B&W / Sepiatone / 1955, 1952

BONUS: Original theatrical trailers, Bios, Scenes censored from the British release, Sample pages from the original script, with director’s notes, Marie Windsor Remembers The Jungle as told to Tom Weaver, Trivia, Photo Gallery: Theatre Lobby Cards Item #KPF563 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

POSITIVELY NO REFUNDS DOUBLE FEATURE Bride and the Beast & White Gorilla Charlotte Austin, Lance Fuller, Ray “Crash” Corrigan, Lorraine Miller

A duo of drive-in features: Bride and the Beast starring Charlotte Austin and Lance Fuller & White Gorilla with Ray Corrigan. 142 minutes / B&W / 1958, 1945

BONUS: Advertising Galleries for both, Enhanced for 16x9, White Gorilla: Photo Gallery of Bob Burns, Bride and the Beast: “Ballyhoo”, Tom Weaver and his works, Bride and the Beast Commentary with Charlotte Austin, Bob Burns, Slick Slavin Item #KPF564 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

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Terror & Gore - the Blood Pack collection: The Ripper, Blood Cult & Revenge. 297 minutes / Color / 1986, 1985, 1986

BONUS: Musical Video for The Ripper, Original Trailer, Promotional Video, The Appointment by Bill Blair, Tribute to Bill Blair. Item #8457 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS John Ireland, Yvonne De Carlo

Satanic altar at a high school bodes ill will for the students! 93 minutes / Color / 1976 Item #8276 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

SCI-FI Double Feature Adam West, Gretchen Corbett

Two Sci-Fi features starring Adam West! Time Warp & Warp Speed. 182 minutes / Color / 1979, 1980 Item #6329 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

SCREAM THEATER: The Sadistic 70s Cheap Chills Horror Marathon Alice Sweet Alice (1977) Beast Of The Yellow Night (1971) Beyond Atlantis (1973) Death Game (1976) Don’t Open The Door (1975) House Of The Living Dead (1976) The Night Creature (1978) Scream Bloody Murder (1973) Sisters Of Death (1978) Twilight People (1972) The Vampire Happening (1971) Young Hanna: Queen of Vampires (1972) John Ashley, Pam Grier, Brooke Shields, Sondra Locke, Donald Pleasance

12 Movies on 4 DVDs! When the boogeyman won’t let you sleep, here are an even dozen horrifying tales on 4 DVDs to keep you company! Over 18 hours of prime 1970’s drive-in horror flicks. 1085 minutes / Color / 1970s Item #8591 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

THE STITCHER Scott Gaffen, Carmen Garrison

From the director who brought you TOE TAGS and BRANDED comes a new face of terror. Inspired by true events, a group of friends must survive the weekend in order to escape the terror that is beyond their imagination. 90 minutes / Color / 2007

BONUS: Commentary with Director, Cast and Crew, Music Videos, Digital Comic Book - Carthage, Bloopers Reel, Stitching it all together: Behind the Scenes Item #8520 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 YOUNG HANNAH QUEEN OF THE VAMPIRES Andrew Prine, Mark Damon

Released from her crypt after 700 years of entombment, a ravenous bloodsucker goes on a rampage. 87 minutes / Color / 1972 Item #8262 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99


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SUPERSONIC MAN & War of the Robots Cameron Mitchell, Antonio Sabato

SUPERSONIC MAN: An alien, “Supersonic Man,” is sent to Earth to thwart the plans of evil men who would destroy the galaxy itself with their weapons. 187 minutes / Color / 1979, 1978

Item #8587 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

THE SWAMP OF THE RAVENS with bonus: Zombie Ramiro Oliveros, William Joyce, Heather Hewitt

SWAMP OF THE RAVENS - Dr. Frosta has been dumping the dead rejects from his experiments into the swamp. Unfortunately, the dead are now undead, and the swamp water is infested with living corpses bent on a showdown with the mad doctor! ZOMBIE - a voodoo witch doctor plans to sacrifice a doctor’s lovely daughter. Filmed in 1964 as Voodoo Blood Bath this movie went unreleased until 1971 when it was retitled and placed on a double-bill with I Drink Your Blood. 176 minutes / Color/B&W / 1974, 1976 Item #8549 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

TWILIGHT PEOPLE John Ashley, Pat Woodell, Pam Grier

Maniacal doctor experiments with human beings and ends up with hideous creatures. 84 minutes / Color / 1972 BONUS: Actor Bios, 3-D Animated Motion Menus, Previews. Item #8241 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99 UNDERTAKER AND HIS PALS Warren Ott, Rad Fulton

Some restaurateurs kill people and use the body parts on their menu! 63 minutes / Color / 1966

BONUS: Original Theatrical Trailer, Actor Bios, Horror Previews. Item #8244 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99 VINCENT PRICE Double Feature Vincent Price, Carol Ohmart

Classic horror double feature includes two of Vincent Price’s best in their original widescreen format: House on Haunted Hill – a haunted mansion fright-fest and Last Man on Earth, a real zombie-thon! 161 minutes / B&W / 1958, 1964 Item #5002 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

WHIP & THE BODY Christopher Lee, Daliah Lavi

Sadistic 18th Century nobleman is killed, but his ghost returns, and he is even worse! 98 minutes / Color / 1963

BONUS: Commentary by Tim Lucas, Editor of Video Watchdog, Music Tracks by Carlo Rustichelli Item #8269 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 call 1-800-331-4077


When Richard Hannay (Kenneth More) picks up a baby’s rattle, that simple act sparks off a trail leading to espionage, intrigue and murder. 95 minutes / Eastman Color / 1959 BONUS: Photo Gallery, Trailers #8659 $14.99 SALE $8.99

AND THEN THERE WERE NONE Barry Fitzgerald, Walter Huston

Based on Agatha Christie’s bestseller, this delightful film features a top cast of veteran performers who bring the intricate plot twists to life. 97 minutes / B&W / 1945

BONUS: Bonus Classic Comedy TwoReeler starring Leon Errol, Narrative track for the blind Item #8209 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99


Gregson plays Kirby, ex-Army Intelligence, now an insurance salesman. Or is he? Returning from a trip to France, Kirby finds himself being shadowed by two agents. An innocent bystander, Laura helps him to escape. But is she really innocent and who can Kirby trust? 148 minutes / Color / 1976 Item #8383 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99


Peter Curtis (Ian McShane) has just been released from prison after serving four years for manslaughter. His victim’s mysterious last words were “High Tide’s at 9.52” - and now Peter wants to find out why. But he is not alone. 98 minutes / Color / 1980 Item #8490 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

BERMUDA TRIANGLE & CYCLONE John Huston, Andres Garcia, Carroll Baker

212 minutes / Color / 1978, 1978

BONUS: Bios, Trailers, Digitally Re-mastered, Bonus Exploitation Movie Previews #6303 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99


A British spy must risk his life in a German-held section of Algeria to retrieve a camera revealing pictures of the exact location of the Allied invasion, before the Nazis find it. 82 minutes / B&W / 1944

Item #8605 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99


After being found guilty of pilot error, veteran pilot George Gort (Bernard Lee) finds himself under suspicion again when he is accused of bringing an aircraft in too low at Calcutta. His daughter fights to clear George’s name. 91 minutes / B&W / 1960 Item #8488 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 BLONDE ICE Leslie Brooks, Robert Paige

Coldly stunning society reporter, Claire, keeps herself in the headlines as she leads unsuspecting men into disaster. 74 minutes / B&W / 1948

BONUS: Photo Gallery, Commentary by Jay Fenton, Film Restoration Consultant, Film Noir TV Episode - Into the Night, Video Interview with Jay Fenton on Film Restoration, Edgar Ulmer – A Fascinating Possibility Item #8358 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99 BRITISH CINEMA COLLECTION Siege of Sidney Street & The Frightened Man, Crimes at the Dark House & The Hooded Terror Girl in the News & Tread Softly Stranger Donald Sinden, Nicole Berger, Kieron Moore, Dermot Walsh, Tod Slaughter, George Curzon, Margaret Lockwood, Diana Dors, George Baker, Terence Morgan

465 min/ B&W / 1960, 1952, 1940, 1938, 1940, 1958 Item #8538 Retail $29.99 SALE $17.99

BRITISH CINEMA: RENOWN PICTURES CRIME & NOIR Blackout, Home To Danger, Meet Mr. Callaghan, Bond of Fear, No Trace, Recoil Maxwell Reed, Dermot Walsh, Guy Rolfe, Derrick DeMarney, Hugh Sinclair, Edward Underdown

Six outstanding British noir on 2 dvds! 453 minutes / B&W / 1950, 1951, 1954, 1956, 1950, 1953

Item #8558 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

BEST OF BRITISH CLASSICS Double Feature VOL 2 NAKED FURY: Reed de Rouen, Kenneth Cope COVER GIRL KILLER: Harry H. Corbett, Felicity Young

BRITISH NOIR DOUBLE FEATURE The Slasher (aka: Cosh Boy), Twilight Women (aka: Women of the Twilight) James Kenney, Joan Collins, René Ray, Lois Maxwell

Item #8593 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

#KPF612 $14.99 SALE $8.99

Naked Fury & Cover Girl Killer 118 minutes / B&W / 1959, 1960

164 minutes / B&W / 1952, 1953

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CLASSIC FILM NOIR DOUBLE FEATURE VOL 1 The Limping Man & The Scar Lloyd Bridges, Joan Bennett

Two classic Film Noirs for the price of one! 159 minutes / B&W / 1953, 1948

BONUS: Bonus Film Noir Trailers, Bonus Film Noir Poster Gallery, Bonus Film Noir TV Episode Dark Stranger starring Edmond O’Brien, Joanne Woodward. Item #8302 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

Dick Tracy Detective, Dick Tracy vs. Cueball, Dick Tracy’s Dilemma, Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome 250 minutes / B&W / 1945, 1947

BONUS: Chapter 1 of Dick Tracy Returns serial, Chapter 1 of Dick Tracy’s G-Men serial, RKO Lobby Cards, Intros by Max Allan Collins, Item #8528 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 EDMOND O’BRIEN FILM NOIR Double Feature Edmond O’Brien, Pamela Britton, William Talman

CLASSIC FILM NOIR DOUBLE FEATURE VOL 2 The Chase & Bury Me Dead Robert Cummings, Peter Lorre

153 minutes / B&W / 1946, 1947

BONUS: Film Noir Trailers, Bios & Filmographies, Film Noir Movie Poster Gallery, Commentaries by Jay Fenton, Film Restoration Consultant, Bonus: Noirish Superman Cartoon Showdown (1942) – the man of steel takes on gangsters. Item #8396 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

CLASSIC FILM NOIR DOUBLE FEATURE Vol 3 Amazing Mr. X & Reign of Terror Turhan Bey, Lynn Bari, Robert Cummings, Richard Basehart

165 minutes / B&W / 1948, 1949

BONUS: Episode selection, Trailers, The Amazing Mr. X Commentary by Jay Allan Fenton, Reign of Terror Commentary by Alan Rode and Arlene Dahl, Photo Gallery, Digitally Restored Item #8554 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

DEADLY DAMES FILM NOIR COLLECTOR’S SET Constance Towers, Michael Dante, Leslie Brookes, John Payne

Deadly Dames – a collection not to be missed by all Film Noir fans! Includes: Slightly Scarlet, Naked Kiss and Blonde Ice. 266 minutes / B&W / 1956, 1964, 1948

BONUS: Commentaries by Max Allan Collins and Jay Fenton, Film Noir TV Episodes, including - Into the Night, Bonus Soundie – Satan Wears a Satin Dress, Interview with Jay Fenton on Film Restoration, Edgar Ulmer – A Fascinating Possibility Item #8511 Retail $29.99 SALE $17.99

DEATH GAME & MURDER RAP Sondra Locke, Colleen Camp, John Hawkes, S. Kathleen Feigny

203 minutes / Color / 1976, 1988 Item #6308 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

DICK TRACY RKO CLASSIC COLLECTION Morgan Conway, Anne Jeffreys, Mike Mazurki, Ralph Byrd, Lyle Latell, Boris Karloff, Anne Gwynne

O’Brien gives two of his finest performances in D.O.A. and THE HITCH-HIKER. 155 minutes / B&W / 1947, 1953

BONUS: Univeral Newsreel 1949 in Review & Universal Newsreel 1953 - Year of Catastrophes Item #5013 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

EDWARD G. ROBINSON FILM NOIR Double Feature Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, Dan Duryea

Scarlet Street and The Red House 203 minutes / B&W / 1945, 1947 BONUS: Movietone Newsreel 1947 Item #5011 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

FORGOTTEN NOIR & CRIME Collection 4 Howard St. John, Amanda Blake, June Vincent, Ralph Byrd, Dennis O’Keefe, Peter Lorre, Robert Lowery, Steve Brodie, Margia Dean, Hugh Beaumont

Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard (1950), Radar Secret Service (1950), Motor Patrol (1950), Mr. District Attorney (1941), Western Pacific Agent (1950), Highway 13 (1948), Treasure of Monte Cristo (1949), Roaring City (1951), and Sky Liner (1941). 575 minutes / B&W / 1950, 1950, 1950, 1941, 1950, 1948, 1949, 1951, 1949 Item #KPF601 Retail $29.99 SALE $17.99

FORGOTTEN NOIR Collector’s Set VOL 1 Ed Binns, Frank Gorshin, Scott Brady, Raymond Burr, Gert Frobe, George Raft, Cesar Romero, Kay Kendall

From 1947 thru 1957 Portland Expose, They Were So Young, Loan Shark, Arson Inc, Shadow Man, Shoot to Kill. 428 minutes / B&W / 1957, 1954, 1952, 1949, 1953, 1947 contains movies from volumes 1 thru 3 and their bonus features Item #KPF550 Retail $29.99 SALE $17.99


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FORGOTTEN NOIR Collector’s Set VOL 2 George Raft, Gianna Maria Canale, Lyle Talbot, Cesar Romero, George Brent, Raymond Burr, Don “Red” Barry, Steve Brodie

From 1949 thru 1953, a six-pack of forgotten film noirs that you won’t want to miss. More dames, shame & deadly games…it’s all here! 415 minutes / B&W / 1952, 1951, 1949, 1953

contains movies from volumes 4 thru 6 and their bonus features Item #KPF558 Retail $29.99 SALE $17.99

FORGOTTEN NOIR COLLECTOR’S SET Vol 3 Willard Parker, Audrey Long, Hugh Beaumont, Edward Brophy, Glenn Langan, Lon Chaney Jr., Dennis O’Keefe, Adolph Menjou, Don “Red” Barry, Tom Brown, Jim Davis, Marsha Jones, Cesar Romero, Lois Maxwell, Tom Neal, Pamela Blake

Film noirs not to be missed: David Harding, Counterspy (1950), Danger Zone (1951), The Big Chase (1954), Mr. District Attorney (1947), Hi-Jacked (1950), Ringside (1949), Scotland Yard Inspector (1953), Pier 23 (1951) and The Case of the Baby-Sitter (1947). 554 minutes / B&W

contains movies from volumes 7 thru 9 and their bonus features Item #KPF600 Retail $29.99 SALE $17.99

FORGOTTEN NOIR Double Feature VOL 1 Ed Binns, Carolyn Craig, Scott Brady, Raymond Burr

Portland Exposé & They Were So Young 152 minutes / B&W / 1957, 1954

BONUS: Original Theatrical Trailers, Bios, Photo Gallery, Anamorphic Widescreen Enhanced for 16x9 Monitors, Commentary by Assistant Director Lindsley Parsons, Jr, Original Advertising Materials. Item #KPF543 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

FORGOTTEN NOIR Double Feature VOL 2 George Raft, Dorothy Hart, Robert Lowery, Anne Gwynne

Loan Shark & Arson Inc 137 minutes / B&W / 1952, 1949

BONUS: Bios, Original Theatrical Trailers, Inside Lippert (Part 1: 19071949) as told by Robert L, Lippert Jr, Loan Shark Audio Commentary by Richard M Roberts, Movie Trivia, Photo Gallery. Item #KPF548 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

FORGOTTEN NOIR Double Feature VOL 3 Cesar Romero, Kay Kendall, Russell Wade, Luana Walters

Shadow Man & Shoot To Kill 139 minutes / B&W / 1953, 1947

BONUS: Original Advertising Material Gallery, Bios, Inside Lippert (Part 2: 1950-1976) as told by Robert L, Lippert Jr., Shoot to Kill Schedule & Luana Walters Wardrobe Plot, Day Player & Stuntman Contracts (Shoot to Kill), Original Script - Sample pages with Director’s Notes (Shoot to Kill), Original Theatrical Trailers. Item #KPF549 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 FORGOTTEN NOIR Double Feature VOL 4 George Raft, Gianna Maria Canale, Richard Travis, Sheila Ryan

The Man from Cairo & Mask of the Dragon 137 minutes / B&W / 1953, 1951

BONUS: George Raft Biography by Stone Wallace, Man From Cairo Photo Gallery, Mask of the Dragon Advertisement Gallery, Sid Melton Video Biography by Joel Blumberg. Item #KPF555 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 FORGOTTEN NOIR Double Feature VOL 5 Cesar Romero, George Brent, Don “Red” Barry, Steve Brodie

F.B.I. Girl & Tough Assignment 143 minutes / B&W / 1951, 1949

BONUS: F.B.I. GIRL Commentary by Alan K. Rode, TOUGH ASSIGNMENT Commentary by Joel Blumberg, F.B.I. Girl Photo Gallery, Tough Assignment Advertising Gallery, Bios, Trailers, Don “Red” Barry Video Biography by Joel Blumberg Item #KPF556 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 FORGOTTEN NOIR Double Feature VOL 13 Ann Richards, William Bishop, Robert Montgomery, Felix Aylmer

Breakdown & Eye Witness 176 minutes / B&W / 1952, 1950 item #KPF611 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

FORGOTTEN NOIR Double Feature VOL 6 George Raft, Sally Gray, Richard Travis, Sheila Ryan

I’ll Get You & Fingerprints Don’t Lie 135 minutes / B&W / 1952, 1951

BONUS: Wallace Commentary, Blumberg Commentary, Photo and Advertising Gallery. Item #KPF557 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 FORGOTTEN NOIR Triple Feature VOL 7 Willard Parker, Audrey Long, Howard St. John, Hugh Beaumont, Edward Brophy, Glenn Langan, Lon Chaney Jr.

David Harding, Counterspy, Danger Zone & The Big Chase 188 minutes / B&W / 1950, 1951, 1954

BONUS: THE BIG CHASE: Robert L. Lippert Jr. interview with Tom Weaver (reenactment)., LORD OF THE RADIO Part 1 - Jean Greenlaw interview, with Richard Roberts Item #KPF587 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

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FORGOTTEN NOIR Triple Feature VOL 8 Dennis O’Keefe, Adolph Menjou, Don “Red” Barry, Tom Brown, Jim Davis, Marsha Jones

Mr. District Attorney, Ringside & Hi-Jacked 215 minutes / B&W / 1947, 1949, 1950

BONUS: LORD OF THE RADIO Part 2 Jean Lord Greenlaw interview, with Richard Roberts, Mr. District Attorney - Radio Program. Item #KPF588 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

FORGOTTEN NOIR Triple Feature VOL 9 Cesar Romero, Lois Maxwell, Hugh Beaumont, Edward Brophy, Tom Neal, Pamela Blake

Scotland Yard Inspector, Pier 23 & The Case of the Baby-sitter 169 minutes / B&W / 1953, 1951, 1947

BONUS: SCOTLAND YARD INSPECTOR - Featurette by Joel Blumberg, PAT NOVAK FOR HIRE Radio program and source for Pier 23. Item #KPF589 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

FOUR IN A JEEP Ralph Meeker, Viveka Lindfors

Intrigue and danger follow the International Police on their rounds in post-WWII Vienna in this suspenseful made-onlocation drama. 99 minutes / B&W / 1951

BONUS: “Your Job In Germany” - 1945 Item #KPF586 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

Trouble begins when two sisters move in together. 99 minutes / Color / 1956

BONUS: Original Theatrical Trailer, Anamorphic 16x9, Commentary by Award Winning mystery writer and filmmaker Max Allan Collins Item #8292 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

HAMMER FILM NOIR Collector’s Set VOL 1 Barbara Payton, Dane Clark, Alex Nicol, George Brett, Diana Dors, Paul Henreid, Lizabeth Scott

Bad Blonde, Man Bait; A Stolen Face, Blackout; The Gambler and the Lady & Heat Wave 457 minutes / B&W / 1952-1954

BONUS: Bios, Promo Trailer, Photo Gallery, Bonus Comments: The World Of Hammer Noir by Richard M Roberts Item #KPF554 Retail $29.99 SALE $17.99

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Terror Street, Wings of Danger,The Glass Tomb, Paid to Kill, The Black Glove, Deadly Game, The Unholy Four & A Race For Life 585 minutes / B&W / 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955 BONUS: Bios,Commentaries by Alan K Rode: Terror Street, Dan Duryea, Steve Fisher, Advertising & Photo Galleries, The Glass Tomb commentary by Richard Roberts, Audio interview with producer Richard Gordon and Tom Weaver, Original Theatrical Trailer for A Race For Life Item #KPF573 Retail $29.99 SALE $17.99 HAMMER FILM NOIR Double Feature VOL 1 Barbara Payton, John Slater, Frederick Valk, Tony Wright

Bad Blonde & Man Bait 158 minutes / B&W / 1953, 1952

BONUS: Commentary: The World of Hammer Noir by Richard M Roberts Item #KPF551 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 HAMMER FILM NOIR Double Feature VOL 2 Dane Clark, Paul Henreid

A Stolen Face & Blackout 159 minutes / B&W / 1952, 1954 BONUS: Commentary: The World of Hammer Noir by Richard M Roberts Item #KPF552 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

HAMMER FILM NOIR Double Feature VOL 3 Dane Clark, Naomi Chance, Meredith Edwards, Alex Nicol

Gambler and the Lady & Heat Wave 140 minutes / B&W / 1952, 1954

SLIGHTLY SCARLET John Payne, Rhonda Fleming, Arlene Dahl


HAMMER FILM NOIR Collector’s Set VOL 2 Dan Duryea, Dane Clark, Alex Nicol, Lloyd Bridges, Paulette Goddard, Richard Conte

BONUS: Commentary: The World of Hammer Noir by Richard M Roberts Item #KPF553 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

HAMMER FILM NOIR Double Feature VOL 4 Dan Duryea, Zachary Scott, Eisle Albin, Robert Beatty

Terror Street & Wings of Danger 157 minutes / B&W / 1953, 1952

BONUS: Commentaries by Alan K. Rode on Terror Street, Dan Duryea & Steve Fisher, Advertising Galleries. Item #KPF565 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

MAN IN THE ATTIC Jack Palance, Constance Smith

A Jack the Ripper type of psychological thriller adapted from the novel, The Lodger by writer Marie Belloc Lowndes. 82 minutes / B&W / 1953

BONUS: Chapter Selection, Photo Gallery, Animated Menus Item #8392 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99 call 1-800-331-4077


HAMMER FILM NOIR Double Feature VOL 5 Dane Clark, Paul Carpenter, John Ireland, Honor Blackman

The Glass Tomb & Paid to Kill 130 minutes / B&W / 1954, 1955

BONUS: Advertising & Photo Galleries, The Glass Tomb commentary by Richard Roberts Item #KPF566 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

HAMMER FILM NOIR Double Feature VOL 6 Alex Nicol, Lloyd Bridges

The Black Glove & The Deadly Game 149 minutes / B&W / 1953, 1954 Item #KPF571 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

HAMMER FILM NOIR Double Feature VOL 7 Paulette Goddard, Richard Conte

The Unholy Four & A Race For Life 149 minutes / B&W / 1954

BONUS: Audio interview with producer Richard Gordon and Tom Weaver, Original Theatrical Trailer for A Race for Life Item #KPF572 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

THE NIGHT VISITOR Max VonSydow, Liv Ullman, Trevor Howard

Man wrongly accused of murder, is committed to an asylum for the criminally insane. 106 minutes / Color / 1970

BONUS: Original Theatrical Trailer, Video Press Book Item #8228 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99


A pampered heiress is abducted on her wedding night by a group of cheap hoods during a robbery and it turns into a murder when one of them kills the groom. 104 minutes / B&W / 1948

BONUS: Video Interview with Richard Gordon and Richard Neilson by Joel Blumberg, Audio Interview with Richard Gordon by Tom Weaver, Original British and American Theatrical Trailers Item #8568 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99


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MR. WONG - DETECTIVE: The Complete Collection Boris Karloff, Grant Withers, Keye Luke

Mr. Wong Detective, Mystery of Mr. Wong, Mr. Wong in Chinatown, Doomed to Die, The Fatal Hour & Phantom of Chinatown 403 minutes / B&W / 1938-1940

BONUS: Bonus Serial Chapter: Red Barry (1938) - Chapter 1, Classic Boris Karloff Movie Trailers, Classic Cartoons of the Era (Date to Skate - Popeye (1938) & King For A Day - Gabby (1940) Item #8506 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

NEW YORK CONFIDENTIAL Broderick Crawford, Richard Conte

Broderick Crawford is the NYC mob boss dealing out death as the answer to every crisis-from a minor member of his own syndicate, to a Washington lobbyist, to his own hired killers! 87 minutes / B&W / 1955/ Anamorphic 16x9

BONUS: Digitally Remastered & Restored from the original negative, Audio commentary by film historian & author Alan K. Rode and film writer Kim Morgan, Advertising Gallery, Before and after restoration examples Item #KPF528 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

THE PROWLER Van Heflin, Evelyn Keyes

A nefarious cop stalks a lonely, repressed Los Angeles housewife and decides to win her in the traditional film noir fashion - by knocking off her husband! 92 minutes / B&W / 1951

BONUS: Packed full of Extras! Item #8589 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

RENOWN BRITISH MYSTERY Double Feature THE 20 QUESTIONS: Robert Beatty, Rona Anderson TREAD SOFTLY: Frances Day, John Bentley

The 20 Questions Murder Mystery & Tread Softly 165 minutes / B&W / 1950, 1952 Item #8611 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 UNDERGROUND Jeffrey Lynn, Phillip Dorn

A gripping tale of espionage dealing with the German underground movement of WWII. 95 minutes / B&W / 1943 Item #7234 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

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WESTERNS ANGEL AND THE BADMAN John Wayne, Gail Russell Gunfighter on the run finds refuge with a Quaker family. 1947, 100 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7228 $9.99 SALE $5.99

APACHE RIFLES Audie Murphy, Michael Dante Jeff Preston hates the Apaches and battles them until his attitude is softened by romance with part-Indian missionary (Linda Lawson). BONUS: Apache Rifles Still Gallery, Museum of Lone Pine Film History: A Retrospective - A discussion with Chris Langley regarding the museum’s history, Cut to the Chase: Remembering William Witney documentary. 1964, 92 min, Color, NR, 1.85:1 / 16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen #KPF620 $14.99 SALE $8.99 BELLS OF ROSARITA Roy Rogers, Dale Evans Dale Evans inherits a circus but must deal with her father’s crooked partner. 1945, 68 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7216 $9.99 SALE $5.99

BIG BOY WILLIAMS WESTERN DOUBLE FEATURE Cowboy Holiday & Big Boy Rides Again Guinn “Big Boy” Williams, Constance Bergen 1934-1935, 113 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1

#7247 $14.99 SALE $8.99

#7359 Vol 2 - Law of the 45’s & Thunder Over Texas #7395 Vol 3 - Lucky Boots & Danger Trails EACH VOLUME $14.99 SALE $8.99 EACH BIG IRON COLLECTION Crooked River, Colorado Ranger, Fast on the Draw, Hostile Country, Marshal of Heldorado, West of the Brazos Jimmy “Shamrock” Ellison, Russell “Lucky” Hayden BONUS: Interview with Director Thomas Carr, Photo Gallery of original advertising materials 1950, 330 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 / 4x3 #KPF604 $29.99 SALE $17.99 BILL CODY WESTERN Double Feature Six Gun Justice & Frontier Days Bill Cody, Donald Reed, Ada Ince A double dose of two-fisted action starring Bill Cody in Six Gun Justice (1935) and Frontier Days (1934). 1935, 1934, 118 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 / 4x3 #7401 $14.99 SALE $8.99


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BILL ELLIOTT WESTERN Double Feature Law Comes To Texas & In Early Arizona Bill Elliott, Veda Ann Borg, Dorothy Gulliver Its old style western justice when “Wild Bill” hits town. 1939, 1938, 114 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 / 4x3 #7396 $14.99 SALE $8.99 BOB BAKER CLASSIC WESTERNS - Four Feature Black Bandit, Border Wolves, Guilty Trails & The Last Stand Bob Baker, Fuzzy Knight BONUS: Movie Selection, Trailers 1938, 1938, 1938, 1938, 226 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #5522 $9.99 SALE $5.99

BOB STEELE Western Double Feature VOL 3 Arizona Gunfighter & Last of the Warrens Bob Steele, Jean Carmen Bob Steele stars in a pair of rousing cowboy sagas: Arizona Gunfighter (1937) and Last of the Warrens (1936). 1937, 1935, 118 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7261 $14.99 SALE $8.99 #7275 Vol 4 - Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin & Feud Maker #7311 Vol 5 - Border Phantom & A Demon for Trouble #7338 Vol 7 - The Red Rope & Paroled to Die #7340 Vol 8 - Smokey Smith & Sundown Saunders #7344 Vol 9 - Doomed at Sundown & The Law Rides #7347 Vol 10 - No Man’s Range & Rider of the Law #7360 Vol 11 - Durango Valley Raiders & Ridin’ the Lone Trail #7371 Vol 12 - Trail of Terror & Western Justice EACH VOLUME $14.99 SALE $8.99 EACH

BOB STEELE CLASSIC WESTERNS - Four Feature Border Phantom, A Demon For Trouble, Trusted Outlaw & Brand of Hate Bob Steele, George “Gabby” Hayes BONUS: Movie Selection, Trailers 1937, 1934, 1937, 1934, 236 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #5521 $9.99 SALE $5.99 BOSS

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WESTERNS BUCK JONES Western Double Feature VOL 3 The California Trail & Treason Buck Jones, Helen Mack, Shirley Grey 1933, 1933, 130 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7313 $14.99 SALE $8.99

#7314 Vol 4 - Dawn Trail & Ridin’ for Justice #7334 Vol 6 - Outlawed Guns & The Stranger from Arizona #7398 Vol 7 - Man Trailer & Sundown Rider EACH VOLUME $14.99 SALE $8.99 EACH

ROUGH RIDERS Western Double Feature VOL 2 Ghost Town Law & Below the Border Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Raymond Hatton 1942, 1942, 119 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7264 $14.99 SALE $8.99

ROUGH RIDERS Western Double Feature VOL 3 Forbidden Trails & Down Texas Way Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Raymond Hatton Forbidden Trails (1941) and Down Texas Way (1942) have the Rough Riders fighting for justice! 1941, 1942, 117 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7274 $14.99 SALE $8.99 SILVER SPURS Buck Jones, Muriel Evans Alibis, secrets, danger, and ambush! 1936, 61 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7249 $9.99 SALE $5.99

A BULLET FOR SANDOVAL Ernest Borgnine, George Hilton Raw, savage Western fare in the tradition of A Fistful Of Dollars, co-directed by Lucio Fulci, one of the masters of blood-soaked Italian horror fantasies and sexy thrillers. BONUS: Theatrical Trailer, Widescreen Anamorphic Transfer Enhanced for 16x9 monitors 1970, 91 min, Color, PG, 2.35:1 #8321 $9.99 SALE $5.99 BUSTER CRABBE CLASSIC WESTERNS - Four Feature Fugitive of the Plains, Wild Horse Phantom, Western Cyclone & Sheriff of Sage Valley Buster Crabbe BONUS: Movie Selection, Trailers 1943, 1944, 1943, 1942, 225 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #5524 $9.99 SALE $5.99 BUSTER CRABBE Western Double Feature VOL 3 Devil Riders & Ghost of Hidden Valley Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Jean Carlin, Patti McCarty 1943, 1946, 112 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7361 $14.99 SALE $8.99

CALIFORNIA Jock Mahoney, Faith Domergue The grand story of the fight for statehood in California. 1963, 87 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7202 $9.99 SALE $5.99


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BUD ‘N BEN Western Comedy Shorts Rainbow Riders, Girl Trouble & Romance Revier Jack Perrin, Ben Corbett 1934, 1933, 91 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7292 $14.99 SALE $8.99

BUDDY ROOSEVELT Western Double Feature Boss Cowboy & Circle Canyon Buddy Roosevelt, Francis Morris Former silent screen cowboy Buddy Roosevelt is back on the big screen in an exciting double feature including Boss Cowboy (1934) and Circle Canyon (1934). 1934, 1933, 99 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7248 $14.99 SALE $8.99

CISCO KID Western Collection The Gay Cavalier, Beauty and the Bandit, South of Monterey, Riding the California Trail, Robin Hood of Monterey & King of the Bandits Gilbert Roland, Martin Garralaga BONUS: Bios, Trailers 1946, 1946, 1946, 1947, 1947, 1947, 378 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8477 $29.99 SALE $17.99 COLE JUSTICE Carl Bartholomew, Keith Andrews College professor lives his western fantasies in today’s world doling out justice under the guise of a Killer Cowboy. 1988, 90 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #7341 $14.99 SALE $8.99

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WESTERNS COWBOY HEROES Western Double Feature VOL 1 Longhorn & Stampede William “Wild Bill” Elliott, Myron Healey, Charles Starrett, J. P. McGowan 1952, 1936, 131 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7357 $14.99 SALE $8.99 #7358 Vol 2 - The Omaha Trail & The Sombrero Kid $14.99 SALE $8.99

COWBOY, THE All American Cowboys This exciting film vividly portrays the life of the real working cowboy, a life that has virtually vanished since this motion picture was made. BONUS: Supplemental commentary by four of the legendary cowboys featured, Original theatrical trailer, Video booklet, Making of The Cowboy by Elmo Williams, Featurette-Ghost Towns of the Old West: The Deserts, featuring Rip Torn 1954, 69 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #KPF541 $14.99 SALE $8.99 DARN GOOD WESTERNS VOL 1 Hellgate, Fangs of the Wild, Train to Tombstone, Panhandle, Operation Haylift, Wildfire: The Story of a Horse Sterling Hayden, Joan Leslie, Charles Chaplin Jr., Onslow Stevens, Don “Red” Barry, Robert Lowery, Rod Cameron, Cathy Downs, Bill Williams, Ann Rutherford, Bob Steele, Sterling Holloway BONUS: Original Theatrical Trailers, Video Short: “Hold ‘Em Cowboy”, Rare Photos of Actual “Operation Haylift”, Video Feature: “Born in Freedom: The Story of Colonel Drake” starring Vincent Price. 1952, 1954, 1950, 1948, 1950, 1945, 435 min, B&W, Color, Sepiatone, NR, 1.33:1/ 1.66:1 #KPF602 $29.99 SALE $17.99 DARN GOOD WESTERNS VOL 2 Massacre, Three Desperate Men, Outlaw Women, Shotgun, Deputy Marshal, Four Fast Guns Dane Clark, James Craig, Preston Foster, Jim Davis, Marie Windsor, Richard Rober, Sterling Hayden, Yvonne DeCarlo, Jon Hall, Frances Langford, Martha Vickers BONUS: Trailers, Interview with Robert L. Lippert, Jr., producer of MASSACRE 1956, 1951, 1951, 1955, 1949, 1959, 448 min, Color/B&W, NR, 1.85:1 / 1.33:1 / 2.35:1 #KPF598 $29.99 SALE $17.99 FIND A PLACE TO DIE Jeffrey Hunter, Pascale Petit Woman enlists the aid of a vagabond gunfighter to return her gold and avenge her brother’s death. BONUS: Spaghetti Western Trailers 1968, 89 min, Color, R, 1.85:1 #8313 $9.99 SALE $5.99


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FRED SCOTT Western Double Feature VOL 1 Code of the Fearless & The Fighting Deputy. Fred Scott, Claire Rochelle, Al “Fuzzy” St. John 1939, 1937, 111 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7356 $14.99 SALE $8.99

GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY 100th ANNIVERSARY Special Edition Broncho Billy Anderson, George Barnes, William S. Hart This Special Edition DVD contains two versions of the historically significant western, The Great Train Robbery (1903) and more classic silent westerns: The Heart of Texas Ryan (1916), Tumbleweeds (1925) and The Battle of Elderbush Gulch (1913) BONUS: Video Prologues, Bonus Cowboy Poem by Will Hutchins, Movie Selection Menu, Western Previews, Bios, DVD Rom Content: Extended Bios, Weblinks to more information and biographical material. 2003, 184 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8297 $14.99 SALE $8.99 GUNS AND GUTS Jorge Rivero, Pedro Armendariz René Cardona Jr.’s bloody Mexi-Western is the story of a hired gun that wants to complete his last big job so he can retire with his prostitute. BONUS: Original Theatrical Trailers, Actors Bios, Anamorphic Widescreen Enhanced for 16x9 Monitors 1974, 98 min, Color, R, 2.35:1 #8446 $9.99 SALE $5.99 HARRY CAREY Western Double Feature VOL 1 Cavalier of the West & Ghost Town Harry Carey, Carmen Laroux Rustling horses, shooting Indians, killing and framing cowboys, stealing money, gang of bandits, six shooters! All this and more in Cavalier of the West and Ghost Town! 1931, 1936, 131 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7246 $14.99 SALE $8.99 #7255 Vol 2 - Last of the Clintons & Wagon Trail #7267 Vol 3 - Border Devils & Without Honor EACH VOLUME $14.99 SALE $8.99 EACH

HIGH LONESOME John Drew Barrymore, Chill Wills A young drifter new to the area is the prime suspect when a sudden outbreak of mysterious murders occur in the Texas Big Bend country. BONUS: Bios, Photo Gallery, Digitally Re-mastered from 35mm negative, VCI Western Promo, Bonus Episode from STORIES OF THE CENTURY TV Series. 1950, 81 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8365 $9.99 SALE $5.99 call 1-800-331-4077

WESTERNS HOME IN OKLAHOMA Roy Rogers, Dale Evans Roy helps a boy from being cheated out of his inheritance. 1946, 67 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7217 $9.99 SALE $5.99

HOOT GIBSON Western Double Feature VOL 1 The Boiling Point & Clearing the Range Hoot Gibson, Helen Foster, Sally Eilers Cool tempers must prevail in the first of these features, Boiling Point; in the second feature, Clearing the Range, methodical revenge against a brother’s killer is key. 1932, 1931, 132 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7296 $14.99 SALE $8.99 #7298 Vol 2 - Cavalcade of the West & Rainbow’s End #7351 Vol 3 - Wild Horse & Frontier Justice EACH VOLUME $14.99 SALE $8.99 EACH JACK HOXIE Western Double Feature VOL 1 Trouble Busters & Gun Law Jack Hoxie, Lane Chandler 1933, 110 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7268 $14.99 SALE $8.99

JOHNNY MACK BROWN Western Double Feature VOL 1 Bad Man From Red Butte & Rawhide Rangers Johnny Mack Brown, Fuzzy Knight Double feature includes Bad Man From Red Butte (1940), and Rawhide Rangers (1941), starring Johnny Mack Brown. BONUS: Bios, Bonus - Chapter #1 of Johnny Mack’s Universal serial Wild West Days (1937), Previews of other VCI Western Classics. 1940, 1941, 114 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8348 $14.99 SALE $8.99 JOHNNY MACK BROWN Western Double Feature VOL 2 Law of the Range & Raiders of San Joaquin Johnny Mack Brown, Tex Ritter, Fuzzy Knight 1941, 1943, 119 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 / 4x3 #7226 $14.99 SALE $8.99 #7238 Vol 3 - Pony Post & Ragtime Cowboy Joe #7244 Vol 4 - Branded a Coward & Rogue of the Range #7260 Vol 5 - Guns in the Dark & Partners of the Trail #7308 Vol 7 - Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie & Lone Star Trail #7309 Vol 8 - Crooked Trail & Boot Hill Brigade #7325 Vol 9 - Arizona Cyclone & Man from Montana #7327 Vol 10 - A Lawman is Born & The Gambling Terror #7329 Vol 11 - Chip of the Flying U & Oklahoma Frontier #7331 Vol 12 - Silver Bullet & Law and Order #7335 Vol 14 - Under Cover Man & Stagecoach Buckaroo #7362 Vol 15 - The Gentleman from Texas & Trail of Vengeance #7400 Vol 16 - Everyman’s Law & West of El Dorado EACH VOLUME $14.99 SALE $8.99 EACH

JOHNNY MACK BROWN CLASSIC WESTERNS - Four Feature Crooked Trail, Boot Hill Brigade, Bury Me Not On the Lone Prairie & Lone Star Trail Johnny Mack Brown, Tex Ritter BONUS: Movie Selection, Trailers 1936, 1937, 1941, 1943, 231 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #5520 $9.99 SALE $5.99 KEN MAYNARD Western Double Feature VOL 1 Phantom Thunderbolt & Lightning Strikes West Ken Maynard, Claire Rochelle, Frank Rice 1933, 1940, 118 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7240 $14.99 SALE $8.99

#7295 Vol 2 - Dynamite Ranch & Death Rides the Range #7307 Vol 5 - Western Courage & Whistlin’ Dan #7346 Vol 6 - In Old Santa Fe & Come on Tarzan #7348 Vol 7 - Boots of Destiny & Flamin’ Lead #7350 Vol 8 - Six Shootin’ Sheriff & Trailin’ Trouble #7363 Vol 9 - Fugitive Sheriff & Heir to Trouble EACH VOLUME $14.99 SALE $8.99 EACH

KERMIT MAYNARD Western Double Feature VOL 1 The Red Blood of Courage & Roaring Six Guns Kermit Maynard, Mary Hayes 1935, 1937, 115 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7242 $14.99 SALE $8.99

#7270 Vol 2 - Whistling Bullets & Fighting Texan #7345 Vol 3 - Valley of Terror & Galloping Dynamite EACH VOLUME $14.99 SALE $8.99 EACH

LEGENDARY OUTLAWS Double Feature VOL 1 Great Jesse James Raid & Renegade Girl Willard Parker, Barbara Payton, Alan Curtis BONUS: Promo Trailers, Audio Interview with Producer Robert L Lippert Jr. 1953, 1946, 138 min, B&W & Color, NR, 1.33:1 #KPF544 $14.99 SALE $8.99

LEGENDARY OUTLAWS Double Feature VOL 2 Return of Jesse James & Gunfire John Ireland, Ann Dvorak, Don “Red” Barry BONUS: Bios, Promo Trailers, Photo Gallery 1950, 124 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #KPF545 $14.99 SALE $8.99

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WESTERNS LEGENDARY OUTLAWS Double Feature VOL 3 Dalton Gang & I Shot Billy the Kid Don “Red” Barry, Robert Lowery, Byron Foulger, Wally Vernon, Tom Neal, Judith Allen BONUS: Bios, Promo Trailers, Photo Gallery 1949, 1950, 115 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #KPF546 $14.99 SALE $8.99

PASSION Cornel Wilde, Yvonne DeCarlo Young Vaquero, robbed of his land and with his family murdered, turns to an outlaw to exact revenge. BONUS: Original Theatrical Trailer, Actor Bios 1954, 84 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8289 $9.99 SALE $5.99

LOADED PISTOLS Gene Autry, Barbara Britton, Chill Wills Gene Autry rescues young hotheaded Larry Evans from certain death when in a turn of events he is wrongly accused of murder. 1948, 75 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7251 $9.99 SALE $5.99

RANGE BUSTERS Western Double Feature VOL 2 Fugitive Valley & The Kid’s Last Ride Ray “Crash” Corrigan, John “Dusty” King, Max “Alibi” Terhune 1941, 1941, 114 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7349 $14.99 SALE $8.99

LONE RIDER Western Double Feature VOL 1 Lone Rider Fights Back & Lone Rider in Ghost Town George Houston, Al “Fuzzy” St. John 1941, 1941, 128 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7227 $14.99 SALE $8.99

LONESOME TRAIL, Western Double Feature, The The Lonesome Trail & The Silver Star Wayne Morris, John Agar, Edgar Buchanan, Lon Chaney Jr. BONUS: Interview with Producer-Star Earle Lyon, Bios, Trivia, Trailers 1955, 146 min, B&W, NR, 1.85:1 #KPF561 $14.99 SALE $8.99 MINNESOTA CLAY Cameron Mitchell, Ethel Rojo Wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, Minnesota Clay seeks revenge on the man who withheld evidence at his trial. There is a problem unfortunately... he is going blind. BONUS: Optional Italian ending, Theatrical Trailer, Digitally Restored 1965, 89 min, Color, NR, 1.85:1 #KPF616 $14.99 SALE $8.99

OUTRIDE THE DEVIL A Morning With Doc Holliday Kit Hussey One man play presenting the highlights from the last fourteen years of Doc Holliday’s life. BONUS: Trailers, Bios 2005, 87 min, Color, NR, 1.85:1 #8472 $14.99 SALE $8.99


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#7352 Vol 3 - Arizona Stagecoach & Haunted Ranch #7353 Vol 4 - Bullets and Saddles & Trail of the Silver Spurs #7364 Vol 6 - Texas Trouble Shooters & Texas to Bataan EACH VOLUME $14.99 SALE $8.99 EACH

RED RYDER starring

William “Wild Bill” Elliott RED RYDER Western Double Feature VOL 1 San Antonio Kid & Cheyenne Wildcat William “Wild Bill” Elliott, Bobby Blake BONUS: Photo Gallery of Posters and Comic Book Art, Actor Bios, Original Adventures of Red Ryder Serial Trailer 1944, 1947, 108 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8330 $19.99 SALE $11.99 #8405 Vol 5 - Colorado Pioneers & Wagon Wheels Westward #8406 Vol 6 - Conquest of Cheyenne & Sun Valley Cyclone #8408 Vol 7 - Great Stagecoach Robbery & Phantom of the Plains #8410 Vol 9 - Marshal of Laredo & Tucson Raiders #8412 Vol 10 - Marshal of Reno & Sheriff of Redwood Valley #8468 Vol 11 - Vigilantes of Dodge City & Sheriff of Las Vegas EACH VOLUME $14.99 SALE $8.99 EACH

RED RYDER starring

Allan “Rocky” Lane RED RYDER Western Double Feature VOL 2 Stagecoach to Denver & Vigilantes of Boomtown Allan “Rocky” Lane, Bobby Blake Double-barreled action in this double feature, starring Allan “Rocky” Lane in Stagecoach To Denver and Vigilantes Of Boomtown. BONUS: Interview of Peggy Stewart from VCI archives, Photo Gallery of Posters and Comic Book Art 1947, 1946, 112 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8347 $19.99 SALE $11.99 #8356 Vol 4 - Marshal of Cripple Creek & Oregon Trail #8409 Vol 8 - Rustlers of Devil’s Canyon & Santa Fe Uprising EACH VOLUME $14.99 SALE $8.99 EACH call 1-800-331-4077


William “Wild Bill” Elliott & Allan “Rocky” Lane RED RYDER Western Triple Feature VOL 12 California Gold Rush, Lone Texas Ranger & Homesteaders of Paradise Valley William “Wild Bill” Elliott, Bobby Blake, Allan “Rocky” Lane BONUS: Trailers, Bios, Poster & Comic Book Gallery, Trailers 1946, 1945, 1947, 171 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #8470 $19.99 SALE $11.99

RIDERS OF THE WHISTLING PINES Gene Autry, Clayton Moore Ruthless gang of outlaws has falsely accused Autry of poisoning cattle. 1949, 72 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7223 $9.99 SALE $5.99

RIM OF THE CANYON Gene Autry, Nan Leslie Twenty years later, bad guys visit the spot where they buried stolen loot. 1949, 70 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7222 $9.99 SALE $5.99

RED RYDER starring

Jim Bannon

RED RYDER Western Double Feature VOL 3 The Fighting Redhead & Cowboy and the Prizefighter Jim Bannon, Don Kay Reynolds When Eagle-Lion took over production of the Red Ryder western series in 1949 from Republic Pictures, Jim Bannon lassoed the lead role, which was based on the comic book hero created by Fred Harmon. This double feature, produced in Cinecolor by Eagle-Lion BONUS: Actor Bios, Previews 1950, 1950, 115 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8353 $19.99 SALE $11.99 RENFREW OF THE ROYAL MOUNTED Double Feature Renfrew of the Royal Mounted & Fighting Mad James Newill, Carol Hughes, Sally Blane 1937, 1939, 114 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7372 $14.99 SALE $8.99

REX BELL Western Double Feature Idaho Kid & West of Nevada Rex Bell, Dave Sharpe, Marion Shelling, Joan Barclay 1937, 1936, 117 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7365 $14.99 SALE $8.99

REX LEASE Western Double Feature VOL 1 Cowboy and the Bandit & Fighting Caballero Rex Lease, Bobby Nelson, Dorothy Gulliver Former silent screen cowboy Buddy Roosevelt is back on the big screen in an exciting double feature including Boss Cowboy (1934) and Circle Canyon (1934). 1935, 1935, 123 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7253 $14.99 SALE $8.99

ROBERT LIVINGSTON Western Double Feature Raiders of Red Gap & Wolves of the Range Robert Livingston, Al “Fuzzy” St. John, Myrna Dell, Frances Gladwin 1943, 115 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7375 $14.99 SALE $8.99

ROY ROGERS Western Double Feature VOL 1

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ROY ROGERS Western Double Feature VOL 3 In Old Cheyenne & Robin Hood of the Pecos Roy Rogers, George “Gabby” Hayes 1941, 1941, 117 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7239 $14.99 SALE $8.99

ROY ROGERS Western Double Feature VOL 4 Far Frontier & Yellow Rose of Texas Roy Rogers, Andy Devine, Dale Evans These Singing Cowboy features include Far Frontier (1948) and Yellow Rose of Texas (1944). 1948, 1944, 109 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7258 $14.99 SALE $8.99 SANTA FE TRAIL Errol Flynn, Olivia DeHavilland, Ronald Reagan This lavish production depicts the fight for bloody Kansas in the days just prior to the Civil War. 1940, 110 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7229 $9.99 SALE $5.99

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WESTERNS SILVER LODE Special Edition John Payne, Lizabeth Scott, Dan Duryea Dan Ballard’s Fourth of July wedding to Rose is interrupted by the arrival of a US Marshal, who arrests Ballard for the murder of the Marshal’s brother, and the theft of $20,000. BONUS: A retrospective of John Payne; Allan Dwan - “A journey from Sherwood Forest to the Sands of Iwo Jima” 1954, 81 min, Color, NR, 1.37:1 / 4x3 #8584 $14.99 SALE $8.99 SINGING COWBOYS CLASSIC WESTERNS - Four Feature Colorado Sundown, The Big Show, Come On Rangers & Wild Country Rex Allen, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Eddie Dean BONUS: Movie Selection, Trailers 1951, 1936, 1938, 1947, 234 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #5525 $9.99 SALE $5.99 SMITH BALLEW Western Double Feature VOL 1 Panamint’s Bad Man & Western Gold Smith Ballew, Evelyn Daw, Noah Berry Panamint’s Bad Man & Western Gold 1938, 1937, 120 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7366 $14.99 SALE $8.99

SPAGHETTI Western Double Feature VOL 1 The Stranger’s Gundown & Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die! Anthony Steffen, Rada Rassimov, Montgomery Ford, Bud Spencer BONUS: THE STRANGERS GUNDOWN: Widescreen Transfer Enhanced for 16x9 monitors, Spaghetti Western Trailers TODAY WE KILL..TOMORROW WE DIE!: Anamorphic Widescreen Enhanced for 16x9 monitors, Spaghetti Western Trailers. 1974, 1968, 194 min, Color, PG, 1.85:1 #8578 $14.99 SALE $8.99 SPAGHETTI Western Double Feature VOL 2


SUNDOWNERS, THE Robert Preston, Robert Sterling In the old west, brother is pitted against brother in this tale of feuding ranchers. BONUS: Bios, Photo Gallery, Digitally Re-mastered from 35mm negative, VCI Western Promo, Bonus Episode from Stories of the Century TV Series 1950, 83 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8366 $9.99 SALE $5.99 The tALL TEXAN Lloyd Bridges, Lee J. Cobb Groups of desperate travelers journey together throughout the Southwest and soon find trouble when they all get gold fever. BONUS: Original theatrical trailer, Behind the scenes photo shoot, Video booklet The Making of The Tall Texan by Elmo Williams, Audio reminiscences by Ross May, horse wrangler for The Tall Texan, Chapter 1 of Secret Agent X-9. 1953, 82 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #KPF539 $14.99 SALE $8.99 TENNESSEE’S PARTNER Widescreen Edition John Payne, Ronald Reagan, Rhonda Fleming Friendship between a high-stakes gambler and a gun-slinger is endangered by a scheming gold-digger. BONUS: Original Theatrical Trailer 1955, 87 min, Technicolor, NR, 2.35:1 / 16x9 #8592 $14.99 SALE $8.99 TEX RITTER Western Double Feature VOL 3 Rollin’ Plains & Song of the Gringo Tex Ritter, Horace Murphy The Singing Cowboy, Tex Ritter, tries to bring cattlemen and sheep men together in Rollin’ Plains (1938). The second feature, Song of the Gringo (1936), has the deputy marshal mixed up with mining properties. 1938, 1936, 112 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7302 $14.99 SALE $8.99 #7367 Vol 4 - Sing, Cowboy, Sing & Take Me Back to Oklahoma EACH VOLUME $14.99 SALE $8.99 EACH

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STRANGER ON HORSEBACK Joel McCrea, Miroslava Joel McCrea brings law and order to the range in Stranger On Horseback. BONUS: Trailers, Radio Hour: Radio Shows: Tales of Texas Rangers, Audio biographies by Joel Blumberg: The Making of Stranger on Horseback, Original Theatrical Trailer 1955, 66/187 min, Color, NR, 1.66:1 #KPF578 $14.99 SALE $8.99


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TEX RITTER CLASSIC WESTERNS - Four Feature Marshal of Gunsmoke, Oklahoma Raiders, Arizona Days & Trouble In Texas Tex Ritter, Yakima Canutt BONUS: Movie Selection, Trailers 1944, 1944, 1937, 1937, 230 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #5523 $9.99 SALE $5.99 call 1-800-331-4077

WESTERNS THREE MESQUITEERS Western Double Feature VOL 3 The Three Mesquiteers & Roarin’ Lead Robert Livingston, Ray “Crash” Corrigan The Three Mesquiteers are comrades to the end in this exciting double feature which includes The Three Mesquiteers (1936) and Roarin’ Lead (1937). 1936, 1937, 109 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7254 $14.99 SALE $8.99 #7277 Vol 4 - Purple Vigilantes & Prairie Pioneers #7290 Vol 5 - Outlaws of Sonora & West of Cimarron #7310 Vol 6 - Call the Mesquiteers & Riders of the Whistling Skull #7321 Vol 7 - Gangs of Sonora & Pioneers of the West #7330 Vol 8 - Code of the Outlaw & Oklahoma Renegades #7332 Vol 9 - Gauchos of El Dorado & Outlaws of Cherokee Trail #7337 Vol 10 - Heroes of the Saddle & The Kansas Terrors #7339 Vol 11 - Riders of the Rio Grande & Shadows on the Sage #7368 Vol 12 - Come on, Cowboys & Riders of the Black Hills EACH VOLUME $14.99 SALE $8.99 EACH

TIM McCOY Western Double Feature VOL 2 Code Of The Cactus & Fighting Renegade Tim McCoy, Ben Corbett Both features have McCoy as Agent ‘Lightning Bill’ Carson. McCoy disguises himself as Miguel in Code of the Cactus to infiltrate a vicious gang. In Fighting Renegade ‘Lightning Bill’ goes undercover and impersonates a Mexican bandito. 1939, 1939, 109 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7269 $14.99 SALE $8.99 #7306 Vol 6 - Fighting Shadows & Justice of the Range #7317 Vol 7 - Cornered & Daring Danger #7319 Vol 9 - Riding Tornado & Riding Wild #7399 Vol 10 - The Westerner & West of the Rainbow’s End EACH VOLUME $14.99 SALE $8.99 EACH

TO THE LAST MAN Randolph Scott, Esther Ralston, Buster Crabbe Two families feud but the son of one marries the daughter of the other. 1933, 70 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7221 $9.99 SALE $5.99

TOM KEENE Western Double Feature VOL 1 Dynamite Canyon & Where Trails Divide Tom Keene, Evelyn Finley Dynamite Canyon & Where Trails Divide 1941, 1937, 119 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7281 $14.99 SALE $8.99

#7283 Vol 2 - Lone Star Law Men & Western Mail #7323 Vol 3 - Come on Danger & God’s Country and the Man EACH VOLUME $14.99 SALE $8.99 EACH

TOM TYLER Western Double Feature VOL 1 Coyote Trails & Feud of the Trail Tom Tyler, Ben Corbett, Harley Wood Tom Tyler finds the truth of cattle rustlers in Coyote Trails. In Feud of the Trail, Tyler assumes the identity of a dead outlaw to settle a feud over property. 1935, 1937, 113 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7259 $14.99 SALE $8.99 #7342 Vol 3 - Fighting Hero & The Forty-Niners #7369 Vol 4 - Orphan of the Pecos & Phantom of the Range #7355 Vol 5 - Terror of the Plains & Tracy Rides EACH VOLUME $14.99 SALE $8.99 EACH

WESTERN FILM NOIR Double Feature VOL 1 Little Big Horn & Rimfire Lloyd Bridges, John Ireland BONUS: Original theatrical trailer Little Big Horn, Bios, Robert L. Lippert Sr. biography & Filmography, Trailers, Rimfire liner notes by Sam Sherman, Trivia, Advertising Gallery, “Little Big Horn” Extensive Still Gallery. 1951, 1949, 150 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #KPF560 $14.99 SALE $8.99 WESTERN HEROES Western Double Feature VOL 1 Range Riders & Way Of The West Buddy Roosevelt, Wally Wales Range Riders pits an elderly rancher and his son against a bandit gang. In Way of the West a government agent goes undercover to investigate a ‘cattleman vs. sheepman’ war. 1935, 86 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 #7271 $14.99 SALE $8.99 #7272 Vol 2 - North of Arizona & Pals of the Range #7280 Vol 4 - Cheyenne Tornado & Rawhide Romance #7301 Vol 5 - Quick Trigger Lee & Western Terror #7305 Vol 6 - Boss of Boomtown & Rio Grande Ranger #7320 Vol 7 - Westward Bound & Pecos Kid EACH VOLUME $14.99 SALE $8.99 EACH

WILLIAM BOYD WESTERN Double Feature Three On A Trail & The Eagle’s Brood William Boyd, James Ellison, George ‘Gabby’ Hayes A pair of aces from ole Hoppy himself; Three on a Trail (1936) and The Eagle’s Brood (1935). 1936, 1935, 127 min, B&W, NR, 1.33:1 / 4x3 #7394 $14.99 SALE $8.99 YOUNG LAND, THE Patrick Wayne, Yvonne Craig, Dennis Hopper The system of justice in early California is tested when a sadistic man kills a young Mexican boy. BONUS: Movie Trailers 1959, 89 min, Color, NR, 1.33:1 #8324 $9.99 SALE $5.99

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A proverbial theme of good vs. evil as Red Ryder rounds up other ranchers like him to fight crooked banker Calvin Drake and his chief henchman Ace Hanlon. 205 minutes / B&W / 1940

BONUS: The Original Pilot for a TV Series, Original Theatrical Trailer, Lobby Card & Poster Photo Gallery, Biographies, Scene Access, Plus a special video taped interview with Don “Red” Barry Item #8256 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99


A gold strike is discovered and Buffalo Bill battles gambler Jim Rodney who is trying to scare off the townspeople so he can take possession of the strike. 217 minutes / B&W / 1931

BONUS: Trailers, Cowboy Montage Video Item #8522 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

CAPTAIN VIDEO Judd Holdren, Larry Stewart

CAPTAIN VIDEO, Master of Space! Hero of Science! Operating from his secret mountain headquarters on the planet Earth! Captain Video rallies men of good will and leads them against the forces of evil everywhere! 287 minutes / B&W / 1951

BONUS: Serial Trailers, Actor Bios, Sci-Fi Poster Gallery Item #8428 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 DICK TRACY RETURNS Ralph Byrd, Lynne Roberts, Charles Middleton

Ralph Byrd returns as the squarejawed hero, hot on the trail of Public Enemy Number One. 254 minutes / B&W / 1938 BONUS: Intro by Max Allan Collins Item #8503 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 DICK TRACY VS. CRIME INC. Ralph Byrd, Michael Owen

BRENDA STARR, REPORTER 13 Episodes Joan Woodbury, Kane Richmond

Reporter Brenda Starr and her photographer Chuck Allen get involved in a search for the loot from a payroll robbery. Cliffhanging action, adventure and a fair amount of comic relief follow them at every turn. 243 minutes / B&W / 1945

BONUS: Photo Gallery; Before & After Comparison of the Digital Restoration. Item #8575 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99


In the Year 2500 Buck Rogers finds the world under the despotic rule of Killer Kane. 241 minutes / B&W / 1939

BONUS: Photo Gallery, Liner Notes by author Hank Davis, “The History of Buck Rogers” by Clifford Weimer, Rare 1933 Buck Rogers Short – “Buck Rogers and the Tiger Men from Mars”, Buster Crabbe, the All-American Hero - movie clips and highlights from Buster’s Holl Item #8570 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT Dave O’Brien, Dorothy Short

In this exciting 15 chapter adventure, Ivan Shark is after a secret range finder that will enable his bombers to engage in a furious reign of terror and Captain Midnight is called upon to stop him. 270 minutes / B&W / 1942

BONUS: Bonus Original Serial Trailers Item #8376 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99


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The comic strip detective faces his greatest challenge, a foe that can become invisible and only Dick Tracy can stop him. 263 minutes / B&W / 1941 BONUS: Intro by Max Allan Collins #8526 $19.99 SALE $11.99

DICK TRACY’S G-MEN Ralph Byrd, Jennifer Jones, Irving Pichel

Zarnoff, international spy and saboteur, is out to steal America’s air defense secrets. The government calls on Dick Tracy to head an elite squad of agents and break up the ring. 263 minutes / B&W / 1939

BONUS: Intro by Max Allan Collins Item #8504 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

DRUMS OF FU MANCHU Henry Brandon, William Royle

Fu Manchu searches for the fabled scepter of Genghis Khan. 269 minutes / B&W / 1940

BONUS: Video Commentary by Scarlet Street Publisher, Richard Valley #8296 $19.99 SALE $11.99

FIGHTING WITH KIT CARSON Johnny Mack Brown, Betsy King Ross

Kit tackles the Mystery Riders, who have filched a shipment of government gold. 225 minutes / B&W / 1933 BONUS: Classic Serial Trailers Item #8419 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 call 1-800-331-4077

SERIALS FLAMING FRONTIERS Johnny Mack Brown, Eleanor Hansen

Tex wards off renegade Indians and rival outlaw gangs in order to save Mary and her brother’s gold. 305 minutes / B&W / 1938

BONUS: Digitally Remastered Item #8442 Retail $29.99 SALE $17.99


Flash blasts off in his rocket ship to search and destroy the source of the death dust rays. 237 minutes / B&W / 1940

BONUS: Interview with Buster Crabbe, Classic TV Commercials with Buster Crabbe, 1932 Olympic Footage Item #8240 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

THE GREEN ARCHER Victor Jory, Iris Meredith

Green Archer comes to the aid of a man imprisoned by his brother in his just inherited castle. 302 minutes / B&W / 1940 Item #8317 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

THE GREEN HORNET 75th Anniversary Original Serials Collector’s Set Gordon Jones, Keye Luke, Warren Hull

Green Hornet & Green Hornet Strikes Again! 551 minutes / B&W / 1940, 1941

BONUS: Two Radio Episodes of THE GREEN HORNET, “I AM…THE GREEN HORNET” Audio Piece by Clifford Weimer, Before and After Restoration Example, Green Hornet Facts and Trivia Item #8597 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

JUNGLE GIRL Francis Gifford, Tom Neal

Opposing sides fight from chapter to chapter for a fortune of hidden diamonds. 267 minutes / B&W / 1941 Item #8265 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

JUNGLE JIM Grant Withers, Betty Jane Rhodes, Raymond Hatton

Jungle Jim goes on safari to darkest Africa to find an heiress who disappeared in the jungle. 232 minutes / B&W / 1936 Item #8340 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 JUNGLE QUEEN 13 Chapters Ruth Roman, Edward Norris

Queen of the Jungle assists Americans in defeating Nazi terror. 240 minutes / B&W / 1945

Item #8531 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 JUNIOR G-MEN OF THE AIR Billy Halop, Huntz Hall

The Dead End Kids and Little Tough Guys. The Junior G-men foil an Axis plot to destroy America’s oil fields. 231 minutes / B&W / 1942 Item #8524 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

KING OF THE ROYAL MOUNTED Allan “Rocky” Lane, Robert Strange

King of the Royal Mounted blazes across two continents to bring a dangerous band of spies to justice! 211 minutes / B&W / 1940 Item #8312 Retail $29.99 SALE $17.99


LAST FRONTIER Lon Chaney Jr., Dorothy Gulliver

BONUS: Digitally Remastered Item #8411 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

BONUS: Digitally Remastered Item #8424 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

A better than average cliffhanger about a two-fisted G-man breaking up a counterfeit ring. 280 minutes / B&W / 1941

JACK ARMSTRONG John Hart, Rosemary La Planche

Scientist working on atom-powered motors is kidnapped and taken to a mysterious island. 270 minutes / B&W / 1947 Item #8323 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

Masked avenger breaks up a scheme to supply guns to Indians. 209 minutes / B&W / 1932

THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS Harry Carey, Edwina Booth

Hawkeye, a brave trapper-scout, and his blood-brother, Uncas, must battle savage Indians at every turn in this rip-roaring saga of life on the early American frontier. 224 minutes / B&W / 1932

Item #8288 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

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LOST CITY OF THE JUNGLE Russell Hayden, Keye Luke

In post-WWII, a war-monger sets the wheels in motion for WWIII. 247 minutes / B&W / 1946

Item #8469 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

OVERLAND MAIL Lon Chaney Jr., Helen Parrish

Jim Lane (Lon Chaney Jr.) is a western lawman who is commissioned by military officials to discover the reasons behind the delay of frontier mails, the destruction of pony-express equipment, and the killings of express riders and stage-men. 279 minutes / B&W / 1942

Item #8449 Retail $29.99 SALE $17.99 THE LOST CITY William Stage Boyd, Kane Richmond

Power-mad scientist is bent upon destroying the world. 265 minutes / B&W / 1935

Item #8471 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

MANDRAKE, THE MAGICIAN Warren Hill, Doris Weston

This colorful King Features newspaper comic strip was brought to the big screen by Columbia in 1939. 215 minutes / B&W / 1939

Item #8349 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

THE MASTER KEY Milburn Stone, Dennis Moore

In 13 exciting chapters, set in 1938, government agents are on the trail of Master Key and his Nazi agents after they kidnap scientist Professor Ellwood Henderson. 250 minutes / B&W / 1945

Item #8444 Retail $29.99 SALE $17.99

MIRACLE RIDER Tom Mix, Joan Gale

Texas Ranger fights to stop Indians from being terrorized and reclaims a mysterious explosive. 306 minutes / B&W / 1935 Item #8316 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

THE OREGON TRAIL Johnny Mack Brown, Louise Stanley

Frontier scout is hired to stop outlaw Indian raids on pioneer wagon trains. 296 minutes / B&W / 1939 BONUS: Digitally Remastered Item #8439 Retail $29.99 SALE $17.99


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THE PAINTED STALLION Ray “Crash” Corrigan, Hoot Gibson

An American agent is caught up in diabolical plots and political upheaval in the Mexican territory of Santa Fe. 213 minutes / B&W / 1937 Item #8377 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 THE PHANTOM CREEPS Bela Lugosi, Robert Kent

Mad scientist must be stopped from unleashing his many strange and powerful weapons. 240 minutes / B&W / 1939 BONUS: Bonus Cartoon Porky’s Midnight Matinee Item #8508 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 PHANTOM EMPIRE Gene Autry, Frankie Darro

Autry and his young friends find themselves up against an evil scientist who lives in an underground city. 240 minutes / B&W / 1935

BONUS: To the Rescue! The Story of the Phantom Empire featurette by Clifford Weimer - narrated by Jonathan Webb, VCI Serials Promo, Complete movie “Boots and Saddles” (1937) Item #8502 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 THE PHANTOM 15 chapters Tom Tyler, Kenneth MacDonald

The Phantom outwits the bad guys’ every move and escapes one death-trap after another. 254 minutes / B&W / 1943

BONUS: Commentary by Author Max Allan Collins Item #8268 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 RADIO PATROL Grant Withers, Adrian Morris

An international criminal gang is stymied by a young radio cop (Grant Withers) and his beautiful tag-along! 220 minutes / B&W / 1937 Item #8563 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 call 1-800-331-4077


The gold fields roar with wild adventures as secret agents crack down on smugglers, high-jackers and spies! 225 minutes / B&W / 1944 Item #8454 Retail $29.99 SALE $17.99

RED BARRY Buster Crabbe, Edna Sedgewick

RED BARRY is based on the comic strip by Will Gould, the serial followed the adventures of tough guy police detective “Red” Barry (Crabbe) in his quest to recover valuable stolen savings bonds. 256 minutes / B&W / 1938

BONUS: Digitally Remastered & Restored Item #8585 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

RETURN OF CHANDU Bela Lugosi, Maria Alba

Bela Lugosi, in a rare turn as the hero, plays Chandu, a mystic magician with supernatural powers. 208 minutes / B&W / 1934 Item #8386 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99


Captain Wayne Decker investigates a death perpetrated by claim jumpers, recovers the stolen gold and places the gang members in the custody of the Royal Mounted. 245 minutes / B&W / 1945

Item #8483 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

S.O.S. COASTGUARD Ralph Byrd, Bela Lugosi

Exciting Republic Serial starring Ralph Byrd as the hero and Bela Lugosi as the mad scientist. 230 minutes / B&W / 1937 Item #8373 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

SCOUTS TO THE RESCUE Jackie Cooper, Vondell Darr

A Boy Scout troop finds a buried treasure in a ghost town, but finds out later the money is counterfeit. 235 minutes / B&W / 1939 Item #8484 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

SECRET AGENT X-9 Scott Kolk, Jean Rogers

Secret agent goes after the gang that stole the crown jewels of a European monarchy. 240 minutes / B&W / 1937 Item #8341 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

SECRET AGENT X-9 Lloyd Bridges, Keye Luke

Chinese, Australian and American agents vs. Nazis are bent on stealing the formula for synthetic fuel. 252 minutes / B&W / 1945

BONUS: Interview with Beau Bridges and Max Allan Collins, Commentary by Max Allan Collins Item #8344 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 TAILSPIN TOMMY 12 Chapters Maurice Murphy, Noah Beery, Jr.

This thrilling serial faithfully re-creates all of the exciting non-stop action followed by millions in the comics. 220 minutes / B&W / 1934 Item #8527 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99


Tailspin Tommy is back in a second explosive serial. 220 minutes / B&W / 1935

Item #8529 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

TERRY AND THE PIRATES William Tracy, Granville Owen

Terry and his pals team up with the mysterious Dragon Lady to save his archeologist father from doom. 270 minutes / B&W / 1940

BONUS: Episode # 1 from the 1952 TV Series TERRY AND THE PIRATES, starring John Baer and guest star Keye Luke Item #8322 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 TIM TYLER’S LUCK Frankie Thomas, Frances Robinson

This was Universal’s 37th sound-era serial, in 12 thrilling chapters. 251 minutes / B&W / 1937

2005 Video Interview with Frankie Thomas Item #8438 Retail $29.99 SALE $17.99

for online purchases use coupon code: GAZETTE40



World War II was the greatest rampage of destruction in the history of humanity - or inhumanity. In The Big Battles you’ll see newsreel and combat footage combined with latter-day first hand interviews. 750 minutes / B&W / 1939-45 Item #8275 Retail $29.99 SALE $17.99

BEYOND BARBED WIRE Narrator: Noriyuki “Pat” Morita

Beyond Barbed Wire is an emotionally charged telling of a bizarre moment in America’s history. The stories, poignant and humorous, recount the struggle that the offspring of interned Japanese Americans faced when they fought for America in WWII, as the Army’s 442 Division. 225 minutes / Color & B/W / 1997

BONUS: Includes as bonus GO FOR BROKE! both the feature length and short subject. Item #8272 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 CARS ON ROUTE 66

As America’s Main Street turns 80, Route 66 author & traveler Michael Wallis salutes the magnificent cars of Route 66, the remarkable people who drive them, and the unique places they go. 320 minutes / Color / 2005

BONUS: Interview with Michael Wallis about the making of Disney/Pixar’s animated “Cars”, Interviews with actors Shirley Mills and Darryl Hickman about making the historic film on Route 66 Item #8467 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 CAVEMAN: V.T. HAMLIN & ALLEY OOP Max Allan Collins, Michael Cornelison, Will Eisner

Here’s the fascinating story of Vincent T. Hamlin, the innovative Iowa-born cartoonist who created the longrunning comic strip ALLEY OOP – now celebrating its 75th Year! 53 minutes / Color / 2005

BONUS: Will Eisner’s last lengthy on-camera interview! Panel Discussion with writer/director Collins, producer Mark Lambert and artists Jack and Carol Bender Item #8539 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 CHARIOTS OF THE GODS

Based on Erich Von Daniken’s book purporting to prove that throughout history aliens have visited earth. 90 minutes / Color / 1972 Item #8210 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

CIVIL WAR TALES Anne Cornaly, Roger Jacquet, Steve Cochran, Diane Brewster

Two Civil War period short films, featuring An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge based on the short story by Ambrose Bierce. 60 minutes / B&W / 1962, 1958

Item #7303 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99


more titles available at


This collector’s edition DVD features three highly regarded WWII documentaries available for the first time in special digitally restored editions, featuring pristine color and sound. Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress (1944), Thunderbolt (1944) At the Front (1943) 210 minutes / Color & B&W / 2001

BONUS: Short: Mission Accomplished, Commentaries by WWII veterans, Actual flight logs from Thunderbolt Ace Leslie Smith Item #KPF519 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99 COLORS OF WAR - THE PACIFIC

A special compilation of incredible un-cut war time combat films digitally restored and in full color. Raw footage with exclusive commentary by an actual WWll Gunner’s Mate! 130 minutes / Color / 2001

BONUS: Interview with Joe Rosenthal, photographer of the Iwo Jima flag raising, Commentaries by WWII Vets, Poster Gallery Item #KPF509 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99 DAYS OF THRILLS AND LAUGHTER Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel

From pratfalls to ladies in peril. Day’s of Thrills & Laughter takes a celebrated look at silent film comedies and thrillers from the early 20th century. 93 minutes / B&W / 1961 Item #8561 Retail

$14.99 SALE $8.99

DECEMBER 7TH: THE PEARL HARBOR STORY Walter Huston, Harry Davenport

This full-length version stars Walter Huston as Uncle Sam and is set in Honolulu on the day before the Japanese attack. 104 minutes / B&W / 2001

BONUS: Universal Newsreel: Pearl Harbor first films, Movietone News Extra! - First actual battle films. Item #KPF507 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

DOUBLE DOOM Double Feature Cameron Mitchell, William Schallert

Curiosity - Death & Doom! Two features: Death Ultimate Mystery & Doomsday Chronicles! 191 minutes / Color / 1979 Item #6335 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99 ELIOT NESS: AN UNTOUCHABLE LIFE Michael Cornelison

Max Allan Collins, whose graphic novel Road to Perdition became the Academy Award-winning Tom Hanks film, has brought his Edgar-nominated one-man show to the screen, in a stylish, stylistic fashion. 104 minutes / Color / 2007

BONUS: Award-winning short film that inspired the play and feature, Extended excerpts from live performance of the play, Commentary with director/writer Max Allan Collins, star Michael Cornelison and DP Phillip W. Dingeldein Item #8514 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 call 1-800-331-4077

DOCUMENTARY/SPECIAL INTEREST FOOTPRINTS ON THE MOON: Apollo 11 (1969) Wernher von Braun, Pierre Jalbert

The saga of Neil Armstrong, Col. Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and Col. Michael Collins and the events leading up to the historic week in July, 1969. 92 minutes / Color / 1969

Item #8574 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99


This special 3 disc collector’s edition DVD set uses a compilation of the best of Universal Newsreels, short subjects and movie trailers, which magically captures the essence of the decade of spins, fins and late night drive-ins. 480 minutes / Color & B&W / 2003

BONUS: Over 2-1/2 hours of short subjects and movie trailers from the fabulous 50’s Item #KPF530 Retail $29.99 SALE $17.99

FROM THE DEPTHS Double Feature Narrator: Arthur Franz

The legends live on! Two of the world’s great mysteries: Lost City of Atlantis & Legend of Loch Ness. 185 minutes / Color / 1977, 1976

Item #6334 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

FUNNY CAR SUMMER Jim Dunn and Family

Summer in the life of drag racer Jim Dunn and his family. 98 minutes / Color / 1974 Item #8247 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

THE GREATEST MIRACLES ON EARTH Complete Collection: Miracles of Time & Faith • Miracles of Love • Miracles of Healing Jane Wester Anderson, Ken Gaub

This is the complete collection of GREATEST MIRACLES inspirational stories packaged together. The perfect gift for both the skeptic and the believers among us. 147 minutes / Color / 1996 Item #8461 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99


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LAND OF CELTIC GHOSTS Narrator: Richard Basehart

Ireland possesses a history of supernatural phenomena and in fact, may be the most haunted country in the world. This documentary traces the ghostly paths of the spirits that have roamed the Emerald Isle since the beginning of man. 93 minutes / Color / 1980 Item #8551 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 LEGEND OF THE WITCHES

A cult film, once lost...a film of great historical importance to the world of witchcraft. Initiation rites undergone by the modern witch’ divination by birds and animals; Christianity’s absorption of pagan rites; revenge killing; the Black Mass. 72 minutes / B&W / 1969

Item #8581 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99

THE LOST YEARS OF JESUS Narrators: Rod Colen & William Marshall

Controversial theory that Jesus embarked upon a long pilgrimage between the ages of 13 and 30. 93 minutes / Color / 1976 Item #8480 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99 MEIN KAMPF Narrated by Claude Stephenson

Mein Kampf contains authentic WWII, German footage of the Warsaw horrors uncovered in the secret archives of the SS Elite guard. 117 minutes / B&W / 1961

BONUS: Second feature: Adolf Hitler, Historical Background. Item #8253 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99

ROUTE 66 THE ULTIMATE DVD COLLECTION A Journey Down Route 66, Route 66 Revisited, Route 66 Turns 75 A Special Celebration Hosted by Michael Wallis

In this 3 disc set, you’ll travel THE MOTHER ROAD with noted author and highway historian Michael Wallis (award-winning writer of the definitive guide to the nostalgic highway, ROUTE 66, The Mother Road) 190 minutes / Color / 1994, 1995, 2000

BONUS: Interview with Michael & Suzanne FitzgeraldWallis, Producer & Director Comments Item #8466 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 SECRETS OF THE MILLENNIUM Vol 1 In Quest of: Ancient Aliens

First in the series, In Quest of: Ancient Aliens, based on Erich von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods, explores all the possibilities and provides stunning visual proof that some form of life from outer space landed on Earth centuries ago. 44 minutes / Color / 1999

Item #8221 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

for online purchases use coupon code: GAZETTE40



For generations, science and religion have fought one another about the beginnings of man. 44 minutes / Color / 1999

Item #8222 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

SECRETS OF THE MILLENNIUM Vol 3 Man vs. Nature: Who Will Win?

Never one to be satisfied with his environment, man constantly challenges nature to a duel of wits. 44 minutes / Color / 1999 Item #8223 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

SEX & BUTTERED POPCORN Documentary Narrator: Ned Beatty

The hilarious true story of Hollywood’s underbelly...the exploitation films, as told in rare film clips and interviews with the original purveyors of passion! 155 minutes / Color & B/W / 1989 BONUS: Vintage Shorts: Striptease Revealed with Lili St. Cyr and Tempest Storm, They Wear No Clothes and a genuine Square Up Reel, Vintage Trailers. Item #KPF508 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

SILENT DISCOVERIES Double Feature After Six Days & Yesterday and Today AFTER SIX DAYS: Narrated by: Donald Douglas YESTERDAY AND TODAY: Narrated by: George Jessel

AFTER SIX DAYS: Touted at the time as a “$3,000,000 Entertainment for the Hundred Millions,” this Old Testament spectacle delivered what it promised…” from the creation of Adam and Eve to the parting of the Red Sea.” YESTERDAY AND TODAY: Veteran funnyman George Jessel is our host and narrates this light-hearted look-back at the early and often humorously primitive days of motion pictures circa pre-1910. BONUS: Commentary for Yesterday And Today by film historian Richard M. Roberts

119min 1.33:1 / B&W / 1920, 1953 / 4x3


Amazing real tornado footage from across the U.S., from Emmy Award winning photographer and professional storm chaser Jeff Piotrowski. 80 minutes / Color / 1996

BONUS: Bonus Tornado Damage Footage, Life-Saving Tips – How to Survive a Tornado. Item #8448 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

UNDERWATER WORLD Double Feature Killers of the Great Barrier Reef & King of the Underwater World Leslie Nielson, Dr. Walter Starck

Underwater phenomena! Killers of the Great Barrier Reef & King of the Underwater World - two great documentaries! 182 minutes / Color / 1980 Item #6333 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

WHEN UFOs ATTACK PACK UFOs: It Has Begun & UFO Syndrome Burgess Meredith, Rod Serling

A must for any UFO fanatic! 189 minutes / Color / 1976, 1979 Item #6332 Retail $9.99 SALE $5.99

WRESTLING GOLD COLLECTION VOL 1 Busted Open, The Maim Event, We Like To Hurt People, No More Mr. Nice Guy & Beat Me If You Can Commentators: Jim Cornette & Dave Meltzer

Boxed set of all 5 WRESTLING GOLD volumes. 564 minutes / Color / 2001

BONUS: Cornette and Meltzer’s uncensored insider commentary throughout each and every match Item #KPF506 Retail $29.99 SALE $17.99

Item #KPF618 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 STILL SWINGIN’ 100th BIRTHDAY SPECIAL EDITION Red Steagall, Billy Parker

This documentary traces the history of Western Swing music and legendary singer Bob Wills’ pivotal role in keeping this unique musical form alive. 303 minutes / Color/B&W / 2005 BONUS: Over Four Hours of Bonus Programming! Item #8367 Retail $14.99 SALE $8.99


more titles available at

WRESTLING GOLD COLLECTION VOL 2 Wrestling’s Future Stars, Before They Were Famous, Blood, Brawls & Grudges, Night of the Legends Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Terry Funk, Jim Cornette, Dave Meltzer

596 minutes / Color / 2002

BONUS: Insider Commentary by Jim Cornette and Dave Meltzer, Biographies by Bryan Alvarez, Music video Shakin’ the Devil’s Hand. Item #KPF575 Retail $19.99 SALE $11.99 call 1-800-331-4077

new releases AGENDA Robert Rusler, Eliana Alexander Whose lies will reveal the truth? Watch carefully, because everyone knows that the best trick is the one you don’t see coming. BONUS: Contains a second version of the movie, presented in Noir-Scope. (Movie plays in enhanced black & white, intended only

for ‘Film Noir’ fans.) 2012, 96 min, Color, NR, 1.78:1 / 16x9, Drama #8644 $24.99 SALE $14.99 coming soon!

THE ARSENAL STADIUM MYSTERY Leslie Banks, Greta Gynt A star player dies during a charity soccer match, and Inspector Slade of the Scotland Yard declares it a murder. There is more going on here than just a football game! 1938, 86 min, B&W, NR, 1.37:1 / 4x3, Drama #8770 $14.99 SALE $8.99 coming soon! CARRY ON Double Feature Vol 1 Follow That Camel & Don’t Lose Your Head Phil Silvers, Kenneth Williams, Sidney James FOLLOW THAT CAMEL: Phil Silvers joins the ‘Carry On’ team and gives a raucous performance as Sergeant Nocker of the Foreign Legion! DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD: The ‘Carry On’ team drops the guillotine on the French Revolution and hilarity ensues! 1966, 1967, 185 min, Color, NR, 1.75:1 / 1.78:1/16x9 Anamorphic, Comedy #8771 $14.99 SALE $8.99 CARRY ON Double Feature Vol 2 Carry On Up the Khyber & Carry On Doctor Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Frankie Howerd CARRY ON UP THE KHYBER: Perhaps one of the best from the ‘Carry On’ team, and an outrageous spoof of those good ole “Kiplingesque” movies that portrayed life in the British Empire! CARRY ON DOCTOR: Doctor Tinkle presides over the wards at Borough County Hospital, where patients, doctors and nurses alike all harbor hidden passions for each other and the gags and laughter fly in this raucous comedy. 1968, 1967, 182 min, Color, PG, NR, 1.75:1 / 4x3 Letterbox, Comedy #8772 $14.99 SALE $8.99

CARRY ON Double Feature Vol 3 Carry On Camping & Carry On Again Doctor Sidney James, Charles Hawtrey, Kenneth Williams CARRY ON CAMPING: The ‘Carry On’ crew is going on a camping holiday. No ordinary camping holiday, though, as unknown to the girls, they are heading for a nudist camp! CARRY ON AGAIN DOCTOR: Dr. Nookey makes an astonishing discovery - a slimming potion that works instantly! Sensing he has discovered a gold mine, he sets off to market it, much to the annoyance of the other doctors. 1969, 1969, 178 min, Color, R, NR, 1.78:1 / 16x9 Anamorphic, Comedy #8773 $14.99 SALE $8.99 CARRY ON Double Feature Vol 4 Carry On Up the Jungle & Carry On Loving Frankie Howerd, Sidney James, Kenneth Williams CARRY ON UP THE JUNGLE: The ‘Carry On’ team is on a jungle trek in search of the rare Oozulum bird, but nothing goes according to plan! CARRY ON LOVING: The ‘Carry On’ crew is running the Wedded Bliss dating agency and comes up with some of the strangest matches imaginable! BONUS: Audio Commentary with Jackie Piper, Valerie Leon & Richard O’Callaghan, Trailers, Stills Gallery, Carry On Trivia 1970, 1970, 182 min, Color, NR, 1.75:1 / 1.78:1/16x9 Anamorphic, Comedy #8774 $14.99 SALE $8.99 coming soon! CARRY ON Double Feature Vol 5 Carry On Henry VIII & Carry On At Your Convenience Sidney James, Kenneth Williams CARRY ON HENRY VIII: What could be a more suitable Carry On topic than Henry VIII and his notorious wife trouble? Sidney James plays the rounded monarch with a roving eye. CARRY ON AT YOUR CONVENIENCE: The fact that this is set in a toilet factory allows for countless bathroom jokes, innuendos and farces. BONUS: Audio Commentary with Alan Hume, Richard O’Callaghan & Jackie Piper, Trailers, Stills Gallery, Carry On Trivia, On Location Report Documentary 1971, 1971, 182 min, Color, NR, 1.75:1 / 4x3 Letterboxed, Comedy #8776 $14.99 SALE $8.99 coming soon!

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