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FROM THE BACK PORCH by David Sadler, President Vermilion County Farm Bureau

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I’m not a political person. I don’t care for the “politics” involved (that’s really a descriptive word with a bad connotation), the deal brokering that takes place or the shady tactics often employed. But just because I don’t like politics doesn’t mean I’m not interested in politicians. Contradiction in terms you say. Perhaps, but only if you give up your right to vote. If you don’t vote or haven’t voted in some time, then, it’s true; you’re part of the problem not part of the solution. When you give up your right to choose the people to represent you, whether it’s in your home town or in the White House, you’re in effect saying “I don’t care.” It’s one thing to say “I hate all politicians. Throw the bums out” but sometimes it IS a matter of the lesser of two evils and wouldn’t you rather have the lesser of the evils making decisions for you? Sometimes doing less harm can bring about comforting results. Our fathers and grandfathers, and theirs before them, fought many bloody battles on many distant battlefields to preserve the freedoms created for us by our founding fathers. Not the least of these freedoms is the right to vote. We don’t experience gunfire in the streets on our way to the polling places. We don’t face reprisals against our families if we vote. We don’t need to dip our fingers in dye to prove we voted and we won’t end up in a mass grave if we choose an unpopular candidate. If all this is happening in faraway countries, then why don’t more of us, American citizens 2

all, exercise our right to vote for the candidates of our choosing? Could it be we don’t have time? No, because employers are supposed to give employees time off to vote. Could it be we don’t have transportation to get to our polling places? Surely not since we could take the bus, call a friend or call a candidate’s office for assistance. Could it be we’re self-employed and work during polling hours or will be away from home on Election Day? No, because we can always use an absentee ballot in any election for any reason. These are all poor excuses not to vote. Those who wish to vote will find a way to make it happen. Should we debate possible changes to the voting process, say changing from a weekday to weekend or voting electronically somehow? These methods have and will be talked about as long as the process continues. The problem is not the method of voting but the motivation to do so. Without boring you with statistics, I will tell you that more people voted in a recent Pepsi Fresh ad campaign than voted in the most-recent election for the U.S. President. People, this is SAD no matter how you slice it. I know demographics are driving this particular phenomenon; millions of teens are texting Pepsi Fresh to 81818, whatever that means. But come on. Everyone gets to share this great nation and if we want to share the benefits, we must all share the responsibilities. Paramount in the responsibility column is “GO VOTE.” So, take it from our big-city brethren - “vote early and vote often.” You can thank me later.

David Sadler, president of the Vermilion County Farm Bureau, received the Ag Leader of the Year award at the 2010 Vermilion Advantage Farm-City Gathering. The program, sponsored by the AgriBusiness-Natural Resources Council, annually brings together urban and farm communities to meet and discuss issues. David’s shown on the right with Chris Poggendorf of Bunge, the award sponsor. Sadler has served as president of Farm Bureau since December, 2006. He and his wife Linda live on the family farm northwest of Fithian. He is representing District 12 on the IFB Resolutions Committee this year. He is also president of the Indiana Whips and Wheels horse carriage driving club. Other awards presented include: Ag Educator - David Brown,  owner and  general  manager of WITY; Ag Business - Bryant Industries; Special Award - given in memory of DL VanBuskirk, a longtime supporter of Georgetown Fair.

Calendar of Events October 21.......................Candidates Forum on State Budget Board of Directors November 7...............................Daylight Savings Time Ends November 11.................. OFFICE CLOSED – Veterans’ Day November 18.............................................Board of Directors Deadline for Annual Meeting Tickets November 22..........FARM BUREAU ANNUAL MEETING & SILENT AUCTION November 23..................... Illinois Commodities Conference November 24.......................... Citrus & Nuts Order Deadline November 25-26............. OFFICE CLOSED - Thanksgiving December 4-7........................................IAA Annual Meeting December 13..............................Citrus & Nuts Delivery Day December 16.............................................Board of Directors December 24-27........ OFFICE CLOSED – Merry Christmas December 31............. OFFICE CLOSED – Happy New Year January 7-9........................................... Illini Farm Toy Show January 9-12.......................................AFBF Annual Meeting For further information on any of these activities, contact the Vermilion County Farm Bureau office at (217) 442-8713 or visit us on the web at BOOSTER

On the cover ...

Farming has a tradition of being as much about family as it is about growing corn and soybeans. Featured on this issue’s cover is Michael J. Tighe and granddaughter Betsy (Tighe) Torbit. The photo was taken in 1942 or 1943 on the family farm in rural Fairmount. Also involved in the farming operation were sons, Joe & Michael E. Tighe, and later, grandson Tim Tighe. Michael J. Tighe was an early member of Vermilion County Farm Bureau. Thanks to the Tighe family for providing this month’s Booster cover picture. BOOSTER Published Bi-monthly by the VERMILION COUNTY FARM BUREAU Kerry Wienke, Editor 1905-C U.S. Route 150 Danville, Illinois 61832 Phone (217) 442-8713 OFFICE HOURS Monday–Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. OFFICERS President..............................David Sadler Vice-President.......................Mark Willard Secretary.................................Bruce Darr Treasurer.............................. Dennis Smith STAFF Executive Director............... Kerry Wienke Director of Information............. Tom Fricke Office Secretary................ Nancy Duncan Ag Literacy Coordinator........Staci Walker

Ag in the Classroom Coordinator Honored at State Fair Staci Disney-Walker, Ag Literacy coordinator with the Vermilion County Farm Bureau, was honored at the 2010 Illinois State Fair during the Agriculture Day lunch on the Director’s Lawn. Walker was presented the Perry Schneider Award of Special Recognition sponsored by Illinois Leadership Council for Agricultural Education. Through Staci’s efforts, Ag in the Classroom reaches over 67% of the students in Vermilion County. As the Vermilion County Farm Bureau Ag Literacy Coordinator for the past six years, Staci incorporates her farm background and creativity to develop fun lessons for the students and teachers in Vermilion County. Last year, Staci gave 235 classroom presentations on various agricultural commodities and delivered 164 educational units to schools throughout Vermilion County. She also planned and led Vermilion County’s 5th annual summer Ag Institute, a week-long training program for teachers where they learn more about agriculture in Vermilion County, and the lesson plans available through Ag

Staci Disney-Walker receives the Perry Schneider Award at this year’s Illinois State Fair. Shown in the photo are: WGN farm broadcaster Orion Samuelson, emcee for the awards program; 2010 Miss Illinois County Fair Queen Haley Freeman; Walker; and Illinois Director of Agriculture Tom Jennings. in the Classroom. Nearly 75 teachers have gone through the Summer Ag Institute in Vermilion County the last five years. In 2006, Staci received the Ag Educator of the Year award given by Vermilion Advantage Agri-Business Council. Staci was also selected to present at the National Ag In The Classroom Conference in 2009 and 2010, receiving top reviews from participants both years. Staci grew up on a farm in Vermilion County, where her family raised show and market

DIRECTORS District 1 Garrett Douglass David Heckerson Mark Willard

Jon Fourez Rick James

District 2 Doug Cunningham Kevin Kemna Greg Cunningham Steve Lane Jarrod Dice Alan Chesnut Bryan Darr Dennis Smith

District 3

Bruce Darr Stewart Sheets

Periodical postage paid at Danville, IL Publication No. 061080 Postmaster - Send address changes to: Vermilion County Farm Bureau 1905-C U.S. Route 150 Danville, IL 61832 Subscription Price, $2.00 per year Display advertising - Apply for rates


Young Leaders Compete in Agri-Quiz Bowl – Vermilion County Farm Bureau’s Young Leaders Committee again fielded a team in the Agri-Quiz Bowl contest held during the Illinois State Fair. The scholastic-bowl type competition tests members knowledge on a variety of farm issues: livestock, equipment, crop production, buildings and more. This year’s team made it to the semi-finals, and included (l to r): Steve Ludwig, Lynn Rohrscheib, Steve Huls, and Gabe Shepherd.

hogs along with corn and soybeans. She currently lives on a farm with her husband Jim and their two sons, Clayton and Riley. They manage a small herd of Polled Herefords and a flock of exhibition-quality Orpington chickens.

Farm Bureau Adds Specialty Crops Page to Website There’s more than corn, soybeans, hogs and cattle growing on Vermilion County Farms. And the Vermilion County Farm Bureau wants to help promote the diversity of our local agriculture. A page is being developed for the Farm Bureau’s website – – that will list Vermilion County members who are specialty growers. Everything from strawberries and sweet corn to Christmas trees to eggs and honey will be highlighted on this webpage. If you’re a Vermilion County Farm Bureau member and you’d like to have your specialty operation included, contact the Farm Bureau office at 217-442-8713 or use the “Contact Us” page on the website. 3

Join Me at the Voting Polls

they address the fiscal challenges facing all of us?

Mike Marron, Vermilion County Farm Bureau Legislative & Local Affairs Committee Chairman

I urge you to sign up – if you’re not already registered, you can late-register and then vote until October 26. Then tune in — become well informed about the

For the past ten general elections in Illinois, voter turnout has averaged about 62%. The turnout for the past ten primary elections has been much lower – just over 30%. It’s a sad commentary when only three in ten registered voters view the election as being important enough to go to the polls.

budget has its challenges, too. Rural Illinois is a major stakeholder in deciding the state’s future direction. Eighty percent of the state’s land is involved in production agriculture. The market value of commodities produced here totals about $13 billion. Millions more flow into the state from agrelated industries like farm equipment manufacturers and agricultural real estate.


There’s a “perfect storm” that exists in Illinois, as increased spending and decreased tax revenue threaten critical services at the state and local levels, including education and infrastructure. The state’s deficit is about $13 billion; that’s a debt of $1000 for every man, woman and child. The state’s bond rating has been decreased by two Wall Street rating agencies. They cite Illinois’ lack of progress in solving the ongoing fiscal crisis as the reason. And as you are well aware, the federal


The way in which our elected officials address the fiscal crisis and agricultural issues at all levels of government will have an impact on all of us. As you consider which candidates to vote for, we urge you to understand how they would address those issues important to you and to agriculture. What will the candidates do to support agriculture? How will they address some of the challenges facing agriculture? How will

candidates and the issues. I think you’ll find the Candidate’s Survey on pages 5-6 in this Booster helpful in getting to know candidates. Finally, turn out — be sure to vote on Election Day. It’s more important this year than ever.

Additional Races on the November 2 Ballot OFFICE DEMOCRAT U.S. Senator Alexi Giannoulias Governor Pat Quinn IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan IL Sec’y of State Jesse White IL Comptroller David E Miller IL Treasurer Robin Kelly 15th Congressional District David Gill County Treasurer - No Candidate - No Candidate Reg Supt of School Board of Review Dist 1 Amanda Shepherd Board of Review Dist 2 - No Candidate Board of Review Dist 3 Robert McMurray Vermilion County Board District #3 – Elect 2 - No Candidate

REPUBLICAN Mark Kirk Bill Brady Steve Kim Robert Enriquez Judy Baar Topinka Dan Rutherford Tim Johnson Sue Stine Cheryl Reifsteck - No Candidate

Robert Huffman - No Candidate

Steven Fourez W. David Stone

District #4 – Elect 1 District #5 – Elect 2

Edwin Barney, Jr. John Criswell “Corky” Nightlinger

- No Candidate - No Candidate

District #6 – Elect 1 District #8 – Elect 1 District #9 – Elect 2

- No Candidate

Russell Pollitt

Robert Boyd Larry Davis James “Mouse” McMahon

- No Candidate - No Candidate

A Candidates Forum on Rural Issues for Illinois General Assembly Candidates was held in the Farm Bureau Auditorium last month. Those attending and the office they’re seeking were (l to r): Al Reynolds, 52nd Senate; Vince LaMie, 105th House; Chad Hayes, 104th House; Kerry Wienke, Farm Bureau Executive Director and moderator; Mike Puhr, 104th House; and Mike Frerichs, 52nd Senate. The forum was the first in a series of three that are cosponsored by Vermilion County Farm Bureau, Vermilion Advantage, and Neuhoff Media. A forum focused on education issues was held on October 7. The last forum will be held October 21, 7:00 pm at Old National Bank in downtown Danville with finances and the state budget as the topic. All the forums are being broadcast on WDAN and, with archives of the past forums there as well. You can also link to the archive broadcasts through our website – 4


CANDIDATES’ SURVEY November November2,2,2010 2010General GeneralElection Election

The TheVermilion VermilionCounty CountyFarm FarmBureau BureauLegislative LegislativeCommittee Committeeconducted conducteda asurvey surveyofofcandidates candidatesrunrunning ningfor forthe thecontested contestedraces raceslisted listedbelow. below. Each Eachcandidate candidatewas wasasked askedtoto“list “listthe themost mostpressing pressingissue(s) issue(s) facing facingVermilion VermilionCounty.” County.”The Thesurvey surveyresponses responsesare arereprinted reprintedbelow, below,ininalphabetical alphabeticalorder. order.Additional Additional surveys surveysappear appearononPage Page6.6.


Michael MichaelFrerichs Frerichs(D) (D)

Occupation: Occupation:State StateSenator Senator Previous offices Previous officesheld: held: Champaign ChampaignCo. Co. Auditor, Champaign Co. Board Auditor, Champaign Co. Board Most Mostpressing pressingissue(s) issue(s)facing facingVermilion Vermilion County: County:I’m I’mcommitted committedtotohelping helping people peoplekeep keeptheir theirjobs, jobs,putting puttingthe theununemployed employedback backtotowork, work,and andspurring spurring economic economicdevelopment developmentthat thatwill willresult result ininwell wellpaid paidjobs jobsfor forthe thefuture. future.We We need needtotoinvest investininindustries industriesthat thatbuild buildonon Illinois’ Illinois’natural naturalresources resourcesand andgreen greentechnology technologyand andtotocontinue continue efforts effortstotoreform reformgovernment. government.

AlAlReynolds Reynolds(R) (R)– –No NoResponse ResponsetotoSurvey Survey th 104 104thSTATE STATEREPRESENTATIVE REPRESENTATIVE

Chad ChadHayes Hayes(R) (R)

ofofdollars dollarsbehind behindininpayments paymentstotoall, all,from frommunicipal municipalgoverngovernment menttotoour oureducational educationalfacilities. facilities. This Thissituation situationcould couldforce force these theseentities entitiestotoincrease increaseproperty propertytaxes taxestotomeet meetthe theshortage, shortage, which whichnone noneofofususwant wanttotosee. see.It's It'stime timefor forour ourlegislators legislatorstoto make the necessary cuts and generate revenue. make the necessary cuts and generate revenue. th 105 105 thSTATE STATEREPRESENTATIVE REPRESENTATIVE

Shane ShaneCultra Cultra(R) (R)– –No NoResponse ResponsetotoSurvey Survey Vince VinceLaMie LaMie(G) (G)

No No Photo Photo PrProvided ovided

Occupation: Occupation:Truck TruckDriver Driver Previous Previousoffices officesheld: held:None None Most Mostpressing pressingissue(s) issue(s)facing facingVermilion VermilionCounty: County: The Themost most pressing pressingissue issuefacing facingallallcounties countiesininIllinois Illinoisisisconsumption consumptioninin our ourstate stategovernment. government.We Wecannot cannotadequately adequatelyaddress addressany anyother other issues issuesthrough througha asystem systemthat thathas hasbeen beensosocorrupted corruptedbybymoney. money.


Lynn LynnFoster Foster(D) (D)

Occupation: Occupation: Vice VicePresident President– –Provena Provena Unted UntedSamaritans SamaritansMedical MedicalCenter Center Previous Previousoffices officesheld: held: Catlin CatlinMayor Mayor(8(8 years) years) Most Mostpressing pressingissue(s) issue(s)facing facingVermilion Vermilion County: High unemployment County: High unemploymentand andlack lack ofofjobs are the most pressing issues. jobs are the most pressing issues.We We must must categorically categorically reform reform workman’s workman’s compensation compensationlaws, laws,enact enacttort tortreform reform and streamline regulatory guidelines and streamline regulatory guidelinestotorender renderour ourstate statecompetcompetitive with Indiana and surrounding states. Education itive with Indiana and surrounding states. Education&&timely timely payments paymentstotoour ourschools schoolsare arealso alsoa aTier TierI Ipriority. priority.

Occupation: Occupation: Vermilion VermilionCounty CountyClerk Clerk (20 years) (20 years) Previous Previousoffices officesheld: held:Twp TwpTrustee Trustee Most pressing issue(s) facing Most pressing issue(s) facingVermilion Vermilion County: County: The Thestate’s state’sfinances, finances,a atoxic toxic political politicalclimate, climate,and andthe thelack lackofofgood good jobs jobsare arechallenges challengeswe weface facetoday. today.Our Our county county team team has has not not raised raised property property taxes taxesfor for4 4years, years,totohelp helpcreate createa ataxtaxfriendly friendlycommunity communityfor forproperty propertyowners ownersand andbusiness. business.Our Ourfair fair elections electionsempower empowervoters voterstototake takeananactive activerole roleiningovernment. government.

Mike MikePuhr Puhr(D) (D)

Occupation: Occupation:ITITSupport SupportatatGenpact Genpact Previous Previousoffices officesheld: held:None None Most Mostpressing pressingissue(s) issue(s)facing facingVermilion Vermilion County: County:The Themost mostpressing pressingissues issuesfacfacing ingVermilion VermilionCounty Countyare areunemployunemployment mentand andthe theunderfunding underfundingthat thatour ourmumunicipalities nicipalitiesand andother otherentities entitiesare arefacing facing from fromthe theState StateofofIllinois. Illinois.This Thishas hasa a large largeimpact impactononallallaspects aspectsofofour ourlives livesincluding includingEducation, Education, Roads Roadsand andInfrastructure, Infrastructure,Social SocialServices, Services,and andLocal LocalTax TaxRates. Rates.

Occupation: Occupation:Greenwood, Greenwood,Inc. Inc.ManageManagement mentTeam Team– –Sunset SunsetMemorial MemorialPark, Park,3737 years years Previous Previousoffices officesheld: held: Alderman, Alderman,City City rd ofofDanville term),Precinct PrecinctComComDanville(3(3rdterm), mitteeman mitteeman Most Mostpressing pressingissue(s) issue(s)facing facingVermilion Vermilion County: County:The TheState Stateruns runsa astructural structuraland and ananaccumulated accumulateddeficit, deficit,and andisismillions millions

Dennis DennisMiller Miller(R) (R)

Other OtherReferenda Referenda- (Actual - (Actualwording wordingisisabbreviated abbreviatedbecause becauseofofspace spacelimitations) limitations) Sidell SidellFire Fire&&Rescue Rescue– –Shall ShallSidell SidellFire Fire&&Rescue Rescueacquire, acquire,construct constructand andinstall installa anew newfire firestation, station,including includingequipment equipmentand andexistexisting ingindebtedness, indebtedness,and andissue issuebonds bondsininthe theamount amountofof$360,000? $360,000? Illinois Amendingthe theIllinois IllinoisConstitution Constitutiontotoprovide providefor fora aspecial specialelection electiontotorecall recalla aGovernor Governor IllinoisConstitutional ConstitutionalAmendment Amendment– –Amending and for a special election to elect a successor Governor. and for a special election to elect a successor Governor. BOOSTER


VERMILION COUNTY SHERIFF Pat Hartshorn (R) – No Response to Survey Steve Swisher (I) Occupation: Retired Police Command Previous offices held: None Most pressing issue(s) facing Vermilion County: The most pressing issue in the Sheriff's Office right now is crime in rural areas. We need to organize more crime watch areas in the small towns and rural areas. By utilizing crime watch and Crimestoppers we can have more eyes watching our homes. The few Deputies working cannot cover the hundreds of square miles of Vermilion County.


William “Bill” Kizer (D) Occupation: Vermilion County Supervisor of Assessments (1/2 year) Previous office held: Danville Township Assessor (20 years) Most pressing issue(s) facing Vermilion County: The creation of jobs. The Supervisor of Assessments office plays an important role in the promotion of our County through the explanation of benefits such as TIF and Enterprise Zone areas open to potential business contacts. We must get assessments in line and taxes as low as possible to create business expansion.

Matthew Long (R) – No Response to Survey COUNTY BOARD – DISTRICT #1 (Elect 2)

Danny Lee Danner (D) – No Response to Survey Todd Johnson (R) – No Response to Survey Travis Taylor (D) – No Response to Survey Gary R Weinard (R) Occupation: Farmer Previous offices held: County Board member (16 years); Grant Township Road Commissioner Most pressing issue(s) facing Vermilion County: Many revenue sources are uncertain and will impact budgets! - Continued cost containment for county government. - Economic growth – wind farm development. - State reimbursement of salaries (State’s Attorney, Probation, Juvenile Detention, Public Defender). - State and Federal grants for Health Department. Nursing Home (Medicaid reimbursement). - Several labor contracts open. I believe my experience will be helpful. 6

COUNTY BOARD – DISTRICT #2 (Elect 1) Charles “Chip” Mattis (R) Occupation: Account Manager Previous Office Held: None Most pressing issue(s) facing Vermilion County: My managerial experience coupled with my farm family roots have taught me the importance of agriculture to this area. A shrinking tax base threatens property owners with higher taxes. To curtail taxes it is necessary for all levels of government to work with leaders in agriculture. If elected, I will exert every effort to create that partnership.

Susan Ponder Miller (D) Occupation: Retired from Vermilion County Circuit Clerk’s office Previous offices held: Vermilion County Circuit Clerk (8 years), County Board (1/2 year) Most pressing issue(s) facing Vermilion County: Various issues affect individuals differently. For some it may be health care, others it may be unemployment, the rising cost of living, or our children’s education. It is not an easy task to pinpoint. I am very proud that our present County Board has not raised taxes for the last three years. I will continue to provide and support positive leadership.


Michael Dodge (D) – No Response to Survey Craig Golden (R) – No Response to Survey Stephen Green (R) – No Response to Survey Scott Kair (D) Occupation: Retired from City of Danville Public Works Dept. Previous offices held: County Board member (1 ½ years) Most Pressing Issue(s) Facing Vermilion County: The next Vermilion County Board is already bound by the state’s fiscal crisis. Illinois requires counties to provide certain services. Vermilion County provides additional services such as public health and emergency management departments. The challenge will be determining how to retain which services without adding to the tax burden.


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EPA’s Oil Storage Rules for Farms New federal rules will require plans from farms with capacity to store more than 1,320 gallons of fuel above ground or more than 42,000 gallons of completely buried storage capacity. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finalized the Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) rule. The compliance date for farms is November 10, 2010. Facilities that exceed the thresholds must prepare and implement a SPCC plan and have a secondary containment structure around their tanks. For smaller facilities that have an aggregate storage capacity of 10,000 or less, and no history of spills into navigable bodies of water, there are two tiers: – Tier I facilities that have aggregate capacity of 10,000 gallons or less that have no storage tank larger than 5,000 gallons can self-certify a plan and

use EPA’s plan template. – Tier II facilities that have aggregate capacity of 10,000 gallons or less with a single storage tank larger than 5,000 gallons can self-certify a plan, but can’t use EPA’s plan template. Facilities with greater than 10,000 gallon storage capacity need oversight or plan approval by a professional engineer. We have a list of engineers available in the Farm Bureau office. Nancy Erickson, Illinois Farm Bureau’s director of natural and environmental resources, adds that Farm Bureau interprets the rule to mean that a farm does not have to add together the fuel storage capacity at separate sites. You can get more information on the General SPCC website – contents/spcc.index.htm. You can also go to the University of Illinois Extension’s EZRegs website – web.extension. and click on the FAQ’s for more information. Illinois has rules governing fuel storage overseen by the state fire marshal, but those rules have different gallon storage thresholds.

FFA Tours Local Ag Plant – Vermilion County Farm Bureau hosted its annual FFA Acquaintance program with a tour of Hartung Brothers seed corn processing plant at Muncie. The plant and its employees – including Jerry Bird, shown describing a bagging machine at the plant – are responsible for nearly 4,000 acres of seed corn production, from planting through detasseling to harvest, processing and bagging. BOOSTER


An Experience That Changed My Life Amie Burke, Fithian native and 2009 graduate of Oakwood High School, recently completed a year as the 81st president of the Illinois Association FFA. The following is her review of the past year.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

It was my honor to serve as the 2009-2010 Illinois Association FFA State President. To summarize one tremendous year into a column is a challenge. The pages of my travel were filled with people and experiences that have forever changed my life. I was not alone in my journey. Caroline Bremer from the Vienna Chapter served as the State FFA Vice President. Serving as the State FFA Reporter was Ellen Reeder from the United Chapter. The Charleston Chapter was home to the State FFA Secretary Kiersten Kasey. The lone boy on our team was Adam Herwig from the Ashton-Franklin Center Chapter and he served as the State FFA Treasurer. Upon being elected, my teammates and I hit the ground running. I tapped the gavel and brought the 81st State FFA Convention to a close. We began our year of service with three straight weeks of training. During this time we also gave testimonies to the Illinois State Board of Education on behalf of agricultural education. Our first adventure was the Heritage and Cooperative tour with the Illinois Farm Bureau and Affiliate companies. This trip took us with FFA members from across the state to Gettysburg, Knouse Foods, the USDA research center, the Holocaust museum, our nation’s monuments, and many more. Upon returning home I had 36 hours before the first flight in my life. My destination was again Washington, D.C. for the State President’s Conference. I had never before visited D.C. and here I was going two weeks in a row. Before coming home, Caroline and I had a behind the scenes tour of the White House by a secret service agent from her home town. The end of July brought State FFA Leadership Camp in Monticello. Camp consisted of 300 FFA members from all across the state joining together for a week packed full of fun. The Illinois State Fair was our next adventure. We as officers were responsible for the FFA Petting Barn near the Grandstand. It was an opportunity to educate the public about agriculture. September brought the Farm Progress Show in Decatur and the GROWMARK Annual meeting in Chicago. During the fall we embarked on a five week streak of Chapter Visits. Chapter Visits are truly an adventure because we were escorted by the Section President. I had the opportunity to see my first field of sunflowers and milo, I drank from an artesian well, looked off of hills that me being a flatlander did not know existed in Illinois, and really got to know the FFA members of which I was serving. A Chapter Visit is an interactive workshop where we target Greenhands – first year FFA members – and encourage them to become active in their chapter by showing the endless possibilities in this organization. National FFA Convention was held in Indianapolis where 55,000 12

FFA members from all fifty states, Puerto Rico, and Guam were in attendance. We served on committees, voted on delegate issues, and networked with other FFA Associations facing the same challenges as our own Association. We had a special invitation to attend the Illinois Association of School Boards annual conference in Chicago. My teammates and I were able to speak on behalf of agricultural education to a diverse audience of schools – those with and without agriculture departments. The Illinois Farm Bureau Annual meeting in Chicago was held in December. The Annual Meeting allowed me to gain insight to an organization that has similar missions to educate society about the agricultural industry. After a very short break and much needed time with my family, I flew out to Pasadena, CA! I walked alongside the FFA Today float sponsored by RFD-TV in the Tournament of Roses Parade representing the state of Illinois. The parade route was a six mile walk, not including the line-up. We were all in full official dress and that included heels for girls. The crowds on the sidewalks were awesome! They cheered from mile one to mile six and the enthusiasm never decreased! After a long walk, RFD-TV surprised our group with tickets to the Rose Bowl game. Following the parade, my teammates and 41 other State Officers from across the country geared up for a journey that would take us a world away to the People’s Republic of China. We visited four cities while in China: Beijing, Suzhou, Xi’an, and Shanghai. While in China we had the opportunity to experience the agriculture, history, and culture of the ancient country. I climbed the Great Wall, saw the Terracota Warriors, and many ancient structures. The agricultural industry we saw included a beef farm that provides 70% of the meat for Beijing, a dairy, goose, tea, and off-season vegetable farm. We also saw fruit, vegetable, and meat markets that were the wholesale place for hotels, restaurants and families to buy their goods. There were many stops along our journey and we were able to see multiple sides of China including the Olympic Bird’s Nest and Water Cube, a jade and pearl market, and a silk factory. After a short recovery we were back to Springfield to continue state convention planning. Between meetings and State Career Development Events spring finally sprung! With the change of weather came banquet season. The five of us began traveling to all corners of the state providing words of motivation to chapters and sections. My how fast a year can go and June was right in front of me with a countdown to convention. The 82nd annual Illinois Association FFA State Convention was kicked off and 3,500 FFA members, advisors, and guests came into Springfield to celebrate the members’ accomplishments! As I reflect on the past 365 days, I begin another chapter in my life. I will be attending Illinois State University in the fall, majoring in Agricultural Communication/Leadership. It was a whirlwind of a year. I could tell stories for days and the experiences lived last year were eye opening and life changing. After over 30,000 miles in the state of Illinois and thousands abroad, I have a great respect for the diversity of an industry that I hold dear to my heart. It would not have been possible without the support of the agricultural industry and of course my family and friends! Thank you! BOOSTER

Adopted Senator Visits Vermilion County Farms Vermilion County Farm Bureau hosted their adopted legislator, Sen. Dan Kotowski (D-Park Ridge) and his sons Nate (10) and Cooper (7), in a farm visit on Friday, August 13. The day began at Farm Bureau President David & Linda Sadler’s farm. They toured their horse barns, and Linda talked about the care of the horses. After a stop by a corn field, the senator and sons got a ride in Steve Huls’ combine. Steve told the senator about how GPS is used to track yields, and then apply the needed inputs to maximize yields while protecting the environment. Following lunch, the group went to the Bohlen hog farm. The senator went through the barn where Dwight, Eddie and Jake Bohlen were able to talk about the care of the animals – food, water, ventilation and cooling systems. The group also had the opportunity to visit with the senator and ask about concerns in his district. He talked about some of the issues that he was involved with in the General Assembly this past year. In all, fourteen Vermilion County Farm Bureau members had the opportunity to interact with Sen. Kotowski and his family that day. Also joining them was Senator Mike Frerichs, who serves as Chairman of the Senate Ag Committee, and came into the Senate with Sen. Kotowski in 2007. The Illinois Farm Bureau’s Adopt A L eg i s l a t o r Program pairs urban legislators with county Farm Bureaus to facilitate an exchange program that allows the lawmakers to learn more about the state’s number one industry. The first-hand knowledge the legislators gain helps them when considering bills in the General Assembly.

ANNUAL MEETING NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the regular meeting of the members of the Vermilion County Farm Bureau will be held at the Beef House Banquet Center, corner of Indiana 63 and Interstate 74, Covington, IN on Monday, November 22, 2010 beginning with dinner at 6:30 p.m. CST for the purpose of considering and acting upon reports of the Board of Directors and Officers for the preceding year; for the election of directors to serve a term of three years from District I (elect 2), District II (elect 2) and District III (elect 1); and for the transaction of such other business as may come before the meeting. Dated: October 14, 2010 Vermilion County Farm Bureau By: Bruce Darr, Secretary BOOSTER



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R.J. O’Brien & Associates Inc.

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Farm News, Markets, Weather, and Information Program Schedule 5:20am -5:21am -5:25am -5:36am -6:15am -6:50am -6:51am -6:54am --

Local Grain Prices RFD Morning Market Summary RFD Livestock Report RFD Illinois RFD Inside Ag Local Grain Prices RFD Morning Market Summary Farm Progress America with Max Armstrong 7:50am -- RFD Market Watch 8:50am -- RFD Inside Agriculture 9:50am -- Opening Markets with Bates Commodities 10:19am – Mid-Morning Market Update with Bruce Lindahl 10:50am – RFD Market Update 11:06am – “Illiana Extension Today” 11:19am – RFD Mid-Day Market Update 11:30am – RFD Livestock Report 11:35am – RFD Agrivisor Report 11:50am – Mid-Day Market Update with Bates Commodities 12:25pm – Afternoon Markets with Bruce Lindahl 12:27pm – RFD Mid-Day Summary 12:31pm – “Down on the Farm” 12:40pm – Midwest Digest with Max Armstrong 12:45pm – RFD Inside Agriculture 12:47pm – RFD Ag Weather Update 12:50pm – Bunge Milling Market Report 1:50pm -- Closing Markets with Bates Commodities 2:50pm -- Sidewalk Talk with EHedger SATURDAYS: 5:36am – RFD Illinois

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PREPAID ORDERS ONLY – Orders must be received by Wed., November 24, 2010 Name ________________________________ Address ______________________________ Daytime Phone ________________________

Fruit Must Be Picked Up Monday, Dec. 13 at The Vermilion County Center For Agriculture 1905 U.S. Route 150 - Danville

VERMILION COUNTY FARM BUREAU ANNUAL MEETING 6:00 pm – Registration & Silent Auction 6:30 pm – Dinner 7:30 pm – Business Meeting

Monday, November 22, 2010 Beef House Banquet Center – Covington Farming “M” Members - $ 10 per ticket Associate “A” Members - $ 20 per ticket Program – Twenty-five Years in Springfield State Rep. Bill Black is retiring after a quarter-century in the Illinois General Assembly. Bill will give us some insight into the historic, hilarious, and touching moments during his tenure representing Vermilion County.

(All Times IL Time)

Reservation Deadline is November 18, 2010 Purchase tickets at the Farm Bureau office 

PROXY - Please Return to Vermilion County Farm Bureau if you can’t attend the meeting.

I, _______________________, the undersigned hereby designate the President of the Vermilion County Farm Bureau, or failing him the Secretary, to be my true and lawful proxy to vote at the Vermilion County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting on any matter as I could myself. Signed ______________________ Date _________

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