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FROM THE BACK PORCH by David Sadler, President Vermilion County Farm Bureau

I belong to a couple other boards, both horse related. One is a small local club and the other is the national governing body for Combined Driving (the equivalent of three-day eventing only in a carriage) in North America. Besides serving on that board, I’m also on their rules subcommittee. For the longest time following the Society’s inception in 1974, the body of rules told competitors what they could or could not do and, sometimes, how it was to be done. Accompanying the body of rules were written Competition Guidelines: procedures and requirements for competitors and organizers alike. So far, so good. However, an unwritten set of dos and don’ts, the tradition of the sport, if you will, was also ‘out there’.

Everything went well for several decades until the competitive monster in some took over and began to blur the line between requirement and suggestion. These “I-want-tocut-as-many-corners-as-I-canand-still-participate” drivers questioned the relevance of those traditional values and the necessity to follow, as law, that which was not written down. Certain aspects of a Combined Driving event are inherent in nature and should be respected and adhered to as within the spirit of the rules even if not covered by any specific rule. Common sense, you’d think; a no-brainer, even. But therein lays the problem. The competitive demon in us questions the decisionmaking process for every rule, constantly asking “Why must

Vermilion County Has Another Great Membership Year Following last year’s Number One ranking in farming member growth, Vermilion County Farm Bureau ended the 2012 membership year in second place, with a 105.34% gain, at a total of 1,441 farming members. “It’s nearly impossible for a county to be in the Top Five in farmer membership growth two years in a row – especially for a county our size,” said Vermilion County Farm Bureau Executive Director Kerry Wienke. “It took the hard work of a lot of volunteers and others that enable our Farm Bureau to show a large gain again in 2012.” Special recognition goes to the volunteers that signed new members this past year: Mark Willard (6); Alan Chesnut (5); Dave Heckerson (4); Dennis Smith (3); Rick James, Rick Knight and Steve Lane (2 each); John Corbin and Matt Willard (1 each). We also thank our Country Financial agency staff for their hard work in membership year-round. Thanks goes to the Illini FS staff as well, who held a membership drive this summer. And we thank all of you for your continued membership with and support of Vermilion County Farm Bureau. 2

I do it that way?” and “Where does it say that in the rules?” It’s both commonplace and heart-breaking. The answer is “It’s NOT always in the rules”. You should do it because that’s the way the game is meant to be played. You do certain things a particular way to follow the spirit of the law. The same philosophy should apply when conducting our daily lives. That’s the way I remember things happening way back when. We actually made decisions based on our own variety of risk management knowing full well WE, alone, were on the hook for the damages if something went wrong. No one else was responsible for our screw-ups. No one else was to blame and no one else was called upon to bail us out financially.

The point I’m taking so long to reach is that today’s society has completely lost sight of personal responsibility and accountability for one’s actions. It’s so rare a commodity these days that we’re awe-struck in

its presence. We’ve forgotten how to play by the rules, to not live above our income even if it means doing without those little extras, to look out for our friends and neighbors, to admit our mistakes, to sincerely apologize for hurtful words and deeds, and to not look to others as an excuse for our screw-ups. Nobody owes us anything even though the prevailing attitude indicates otherwise. Way back when dirt was new, falling off a ladder or a swing set didn’t automatically mean attaching blame or looking for someone to sue. Our actions were by our choice. Nobody else was to blame for our misfortune or stupidity. We made those decisions consciously and suffered the consequences when things went wrong. We knew the difference between right and wrong, what was a good idea and what wasn’t. We owned up to our mistakes and took responsibility for our actions. Do you remember it that way? What a concept.

Calendar of Events

October 25.......................................................Candidates Forum November 4.................................... Daylight Savings Time Ends November 6...................................... Election Day – GO VOTE! November 15.................................................. Board of Directors November 19........................... Deadline to order Holiday Foods November 20...........................Illinois Commodities Conference November 21.................... Deadline for Annual Meeting Tickets November 22-23..................OFFICE CLOSED – Thanksgiving November 27................................. VCFB ANNUAL MEETING & SILENT AUCTION December 1-4..............................................IFB Annual Meeting December 10......................................... Holiday Foods Delivery December 20.................................................. Board of Directors January 4-6................................................Illini Farm Toy Show January 13-16.......................................... AFBF Annual Meeting For further information on any of these activities, contact the Vermilion County Farm Bureau office at (217) 442-8713 or visit us on the web at BOOSTER

On the Cover ... Agriculture is people, now and in the past. Farmers take pride in their work, and their farms. The cover photo shows a farmer standing in front of a crib. Unfortunately, as with many of our old pictures, we don’t know who he is. If you can identify this person, please contact the Farm Bureau office at 217-442-8713. And as harvest activities wrap up, we urge everyone to stay safe in the fields and on the roads.

Vermilion County Farm Bureau

94th Annual Meeting & Silent Auction

TUESDAY, November 27, 2012 Beef House Banquet Center

6:00 pm – Registration & Silent Auction Come early and bid on many great items!

6:30 pm – Dinner

Enjoy the bountiful Beef House buffet.

7:30 pm – Business Meeting & Speaker (All times IL Time)

BOOSTER Published Bi-monthly by the VERMILION COUNTY FARM BUREAU Kerry Wienke, Editor 1905-C U.S. Route 150 Danville, Illinois 61832 Phone (217) 442-8713 OFFICE HOURS Monday–Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. OFFICERS President................................David Sadler Vice-President........................ Mark Willard Secretary...................................Bruce Darr Treasurer...............................Dennis Smith STAFF Executive Director..................Kerry Wienke Director of Information...............Tom Fricke Office Secretary...................Nancy Duncan Ag Literacy Coordinator............................. DIRECTORS District 1 Garrett Douglass David Heckerson Matt Willard

Rick James Mark Willard

District 2 Mark Crawford Doug Cunningham Greg Cunningham

Kevin Kemna Steve Lane

Alan Chesnut Bryan Darr Dennis Smith

District 3

Bruce Darr Stewart Sheets

Periodical postage paid at Danville, IL Publication No. 061080

Traveling where very few are allowed, Kevin Green, a farmer from Fithian, had the unique opportunity to visit Cuba this summer with the Illinois Farm Bureau Market Study Tour. He will tell us about his trip – meeting Cuban officials, the culture, and marketing opportunities that this island nation just 90 miles from the U.S. could provide to Illinois farmers.

Farming “M” Members – $10 per ticket Associate “A” Members – $20 per ticket Reservation Deadline – Wednesday, November 21 Purchase tickets at the Farm Bureau office

Postmaster - Send address changes to: Vermilion County Farm Bureau 1905-C U.S. Route 150 Danville, IL 61832

Proxy – Please return to Vermilion County Farm Bureau

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I, _______________________________, the undersigned hereby designate the President of the Vermilion County Farm Bureau, or failing him the Secretary, to be my true and lawful proxy to vote at the Vermilion County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting on any matter as I could myself.

if you can’t attend the meeting.

Signed _______________________________________ Date ______________



CANDIDATES’ SURVEY November 6, 2012 General Election

Vermilion County Farm Bureau Legislative & Local Affairs Committee conducted a survey of candidates running for the contested races listed below. Each candidate was asked to “list the most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County.” The survey responses are reprinted below and continued on Page 6. Candidates in each race appear in alphabetical order.



John Bambenek (R)

Chad Hayes (R)

Michael Frerichs (D)

Occupation: School Social Worker Previous offices held: None Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: Helping Vermilion County to develop good paying jobs… jobs that will help people to earn a “decent” living.

Occupation: Small Business Owner, Computer Security Previous offices held: None Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: The most pressing issues facing voters in Vermillion County is the budget mess coupled with excessive income and property taxes. Illinois taxes too much, borrows too much and spends too much. We need real leadership in Springfield instead of Chicago politicians and their allies driving businesses over the border to Indiana while raising our taxes. We need to cut spending and get the budget under control.

Occupation: State Representative (2 yrs) Previous offices held: Catlin Mayor (8 yrs) Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: The issue of a competitive business climate is critical. As a district bordering Indiana, our tax structure, workman’s compensation laws and the fiscal stability of our state have tremendous impact on our ability to attract and retain investment in jobs. The raising of the estate/death tax ceiling is important to protect our agricultural landowners from oppressive taxation.

Michael Langendorf (D)

Occupation: State Senator (6 yrs) Previous offices held: Champaign Co. Auditor; Champaign Co. Board Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: The most pressing issues facing my office in Vermilion County are the same issues families are facing across Illinois. By working with organizations like the Farm Bureau, I’m fighting to create more small businesses in the state, create good paying jobs for our citizens and protect those businesses we already have like our local and family farms. Through this work, we can put Illinois and all of its citizens back on a track to prosperity.

Uncontested State Legislative Races 51st Senate – Chapin Rose (R) 53rd Senate – Jason Barickman (R) 102nd House – Adam Brown (R) 106th House – Josh Harms (R)


Nikki Bogart (D)

Occupation: Financial Resources Director of Vermilion County Previous offices held: County Board Member (1998-2007) Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: Recent property fraud issues demand that this office be the first line of protection for Vermilion County property owners. Additionally, the County continues to face economic challenges.  The Recorder’s office produces revenue, which must be maximized while expenses are minimized.  Achieving this requires full time management and budgeting expertise. 4

Thomas M. O’Shaughnessy (R)

Occupation: Attorney Previous offices held: Catlin School Board, Precinct Committeeman Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: The Recorder must meet the public’s demand for technological updates (such as e-filing) with resources that are limited during these tough economic times. The Office must balance the task of ensuring the accessibility of vital public records with the need to enhance anti-fraud measures protecting property rights. BOOSTER


Kevin Green (R)

Occupation: Farmer Previous offices held: Currently on County Board (8 yrs) Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: Issues facing the next county board include: maintaining a balanced budget with no tax increases; protecting landowner’s rights; environmental concerns (coal mining, fly ash disposal, wind farms, preserving the quality of rivers and streams); providing public health services; funding the nursing home; animal control; maintaining county roads and bridges; and drinking water quality and quantity.

Mike Marron (R)

Occupation: Farmer Previous offices held: Currently on County Board (1 yr); Pilot Townships Supervisor Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: We must have transparency in government and integrity in our leadership. Tough circumstances have been handed to us by the Chicago politicians that run Illinois. To overcome these circumstances will require the very best of leaders who are there for the right reasons.

Charles “Chuck” Mockbee III (R)

Occupation: Lawyer Previous offices held: Bismarck-Henning Board of Education Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: Policy wise, utilizing more board member participation in decision making, thereby opening up the issue solving process; Operations wise, instituting a longrange planning model, providing more and better options for performing board functions; Specific Issue: Determining the future of Vermilion Manor, the County nursing home.

Terry Thomas (D)

Occupation: Retired, Teepak Quality Control Lab Tech Previous offices held: None Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: To find solutions to keep the Vermilion Manor Nursing Home open, both for the jobs it provides and the vital need it fills for many of our senior citizens. I will also support any opportunity to create or retain jobs and look forward to serving all the residents of Vermilion County.


Edwin Barney (D) - No Response to Survey Cathy Jenkins (R)

Occupation: Retired Senior Manager at Blue Cross Previous offices held: Georgetown Alderman (26½ yrs); Georgetown Fire District Secretary Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: – Working to bring business opportunities and growth to rural area south of Danville; – more transparency and accountability; – maintaining fiscal responsibility to taxpayers

Terry Stal (D) - No Response to Survey Joe Tamalunis (D) - No Response to Survey COUNTY BOARD - DISTRICT #5 (Elect 3)

John Criswell (D) - No Response to Survey Orick “Corky” Nightlinger (D)

Occupation: Retired, Press Tech, U of I Printing Services Previous offices held: Currently on County Board (9 yrs); Westville-Belgium Sanitary District Trustee Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: The future of Vermilion Manor. If the State of Illinois would step to the plate we would be OK. We are pressing forward for the sixth straight year without a County Board tax increase. There is still a real need for development (retail) in the southern area, Route 1 and Tilton.

Andrew Terry Wilkus (D)

Occupation: Retired, Bunge Previous offices held: Currently on County Board (5 yrs) Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: Our most pressing issues are the nursing home and the courthouse repairs, which we must do by law. We must spend our money wisely, we cannot raise taxes. The elected officials have really helped the Board in doing this.

Continued on next page 

See additional Election Information on page 13.





Bill Wright (R)

Occupation: Marketing Executive Previous offices held: None Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: Unemployment. Continued economic development along South IL Route 1 and the Village of Tilton will bring more jobs. I believe my district can rise to the challenges and start a wave of entrepreneurship not seen in a long time. I will help get rid of any “red tape” and see to it that no new laws get in their way.


John Alexander (R)

Occupation: Executive Director, Danville Family YMCA Previous offices held: Currently on County Board (11 yrs); Potomac School Board; Precinct Committeeman Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: Our challenges include adjusting and prioritizing the county’s services as our revenues lag due to state payment delays and declining tax base values. Also on the list is the encouragement of business development and job creation, as well as the increasing difficulty of operating a nursing home.

Robert “Bob” Fox (R)

Occupation: Retired, ATT Previous offices held: currently on County Board (35 yrs); Vermilion County Clerk (8 years) Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: The failure of the State to pay its share ($1.6 million) to Vermilion County Nursing Home, along with owed reimbursements to other county offices. This shortfall comes from the county’s general fund – your tax dollars. Hoping the Vermilion County voters will vote yes to give the County Board the option to sell the Nursing Home.

Michael Puhr (D)

Occupation: Retired, Management Team Greenwood, Inc., Sunset Previous offices held: Currently Danville Ward 5 Alderman (11 yrs) Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: District 6, and every district, faces the uncertainty of state funding. It previously had a dramatic impact on the Vermilion County Health Department and now threatens the Vermilion County nursing home. Schools, especially rural, are also struggling with cuts in transportation funding, which ultimately will be shifted to the property tax payers.


Neal Boyd (R)

Occupation: Full-time student Previous offices held: currently Student Trustee at Danville Area Community College Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: It’s time to make Government local again. The malfeasance in Springfield and Washington is boiling over. It will take innovative leadership to keep Vermilion County self-sufficient in a climate of crippling State debt and ever increasing Federal entitlements. I will provide that leadership as a member of the County Board.

Michael Dodge (D) - No Response to Survey John E. Dreher (D) - No Response to Survey Craig Golden (R)

Occupation: Retired, Vermilion County Sheriff’s Department Previous offices held: currently on County Board (2 yrs) Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: Economy and jobs – which would spur growth and bring new revenue which would help to not raise taxes on our citizens.

Larry Mills (D) - No Response to Survey

Dennis Miller (R)

Occupation: Transportation Supervisor, Sygma Illinois Previous offices held: None Most pressing issue(s) facing your office in Vermilion County: The focus in County Board Dist. 6 is how to increase the efficiency of government without raising taxes. With the State of Illinois behind on payments, for example to the County nursing home, the greatest challenge will come from figuring out how to maintain current services with a shortfall of state capital. 6

Vermilion County Electric Service Referendum

Shall Vermilion County, Illinois have the authority to arrange for the supply of electricity for its residential and small commercial retail customers who have not opted out of such a program?

Illinois Constitutional Amendment

Should the Illinois Constitution be amended to require a 3/5 majority of the IL General Assembly and other government bodies in order to increase a public pension or retirement benefit? BOOSTER

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Thanking the Livestock Farmer By Marsha Purcell Some days are suited for reflection and today is one of those. I am thinking of how grateful I am to members of the surgical team who replaced my husband’s aortic heart valve earlier this year. It is amazing to think that such an intricate surgery is considered commonplace, with about 80,000 adults in the U.S. having this procedure each year. I am also thinking of how grateful I am to the livestock farmer who raised the animal from which the valve came. Livestock production is under a constant barrage of criticism from those who oppose eating meat. The farmers and ranchers who face that criticism – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

– and continue to do their jobs have my greatest admiration. I have had opportunities to visit farms and ranches and to talk about livestock production with those who do it every day. They are caring, dedicated people who want their animals to be healthy. They spend countless hours and dollars determining the proper care for their animals. They spend many sleepless nights helping a cow, ewe or sow through difficult deliveries or feeding baby animals when their mothers are unable to do so. They work with nutritionists to determine the best feed for the animals and with veterinarians who determine the best health care practices. They teach their children the value of

producing an animal that will provide nutritious food and many other valuable products. Initially, we did not know if my husband had a porcine (pig), ovine (sheep) or bovine (cow) valve. We joked about whether he would begin to oink, baa or

moo. We later found that he has a bovine valve and we do know that his heart is stronger. We know that his long-term prognosis is very positive. And we Continued on next page

Getting Ready for Illini Basketball

New University of Illinois men’s head basketball coach John Groce was the guest speaker at the Illinois Farm Bureau District 12 meeting held at the Beef House in August. Above, Coach Groce (seated with his son Conner) visits with Vermilion County members (l to r) Bryan Darr, Dane Darr and David Sadler. United States Postal Service

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Farm-City Gathering Held

Thanking the Livestock Farmer Continued from previous page

Vermilion County Farm Bureau and Vermilion Advantage’s AgriBusiness Council hosted the annual Farm-City Gathering on Thursday, August 23. The event was held at the Laury Barn in Kennekuk County Park. Trolley tours of the park included the location for the new. Local growers and makers sold tomatoes, wine, jellies, breads, honey and more. A brief program included the naming of this year’s award winners (l


Notice is hereby given that the regular meeting of the members of the Vermilion County Farm Bureau will be held at the Beef House Banquet Center, corner of Indiana 63 and Interstate 74, Covington, IN on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 beginning with dinner at 6:30 p.m. CST for the purpose of considering and acting upon reports of the Board of Directors and Officers for the preceding year; for the election of directors to serve a term of three years from District I (elect 1), District II (elect 2) and District III (elect 2); and for the transaction of such other business as may come before the meeting.

to r): Educator - Gary Wilford, Vermilion County Conservation District; Leader - Jerry Askren, First National Bank in Georgetown; Business - Strawberry Acres, Frank and Janet Butler. The Farm-City Event is a chance for those from town to meet with farmers and learn about each others businesses.

know that in addition to thanking God and the surgical team, we owe a debt of gratitude to the livestock producer. There are probably thousands of people today who are alive and well because of a tissue valve from an animal. I am hopeful those recipients are appreciative of

livestock production, than critical.


As for my family, we will always support animal agriculture, not only when we eat meat, but also when we enjoy many more years together thanks to a new heart valve. Marsha Purcell is director, membership and program development, at American Farm Bureau Federation.

Candidate Forum Thursday, October 25 Village Mall Center Court Candidates for Congress and IL General Assembly have been invited to participate.

Foundation to Raffle Rustic Outdoor Bench Vermilion County Farm Bureau Foundation is conducting a raffle for the chance to win this Rustic Outdoor Bench. The bench is another creation by Brian Andrews, and uses parts from old planters, harness collars, and other antique farm equipment. It is currently on display in the Vermilion County Farm Bureau office. Tickets for the bench are $1 each, or six tickets for $5. They are available at the Farm Bureau office or from any Foundation Trustee.

The drawing for the winner will take place at the Vermilion County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting on Tuesday, November 27. You need not be present to win. All proceeds from the bench raffle will go to support the Ag in the Classroom program.

Dated: October 18, 2012 Vermilion County Farm Bureau By: Bruce Darr, Secretary



Vote “Yes” on Nursing Home Referendum

By Mike Marron

As many of you are aware, the county is facing a difficult situation in regards to Vermilion Manor Nursing Home. This issue is highly charged and emotional and a tough, unpleasant one to deal with. When faced with such a situation it is incumbent for elected leaders to be up front and honest with the voting public about the situation, even though it may not be politically expedient to do so. Vermilion Manor is a well run facility and a great option for the senior citizens of Vermilion County. Everyone wants to see the home open and thriving and taking care of our senior citizens. That is why the county board voted last summer to put a referendum on the ballot in November, asking for the authority to sell Vermilion Manor to a private company. This authority would only be used as an option of last resort when all other avenues to keep Vermilion Manor open had failed. Unfortunately, events have been conspiring against the county, and we may be nearing the time when we need that option. Roughly seventy-five percent of the patients at Vermilion Manor are public aid patients. These patients rely on Medicaid reimbursement payments from the State of Illinois to pay for their long term care. The State has been habitually late on making these payments to local providers like our county nursing home. This was actually done on purpose to push liabilities off into future pay periods to make the State look like it was in better fiscal shape than it actually was. This has created a cash flow crisis for the nursing home. The State currently owes the home around $1.5 million. At one point last year the home had less than $20,000 on hand – not enough to meet its payroll. In effect 75% of Vermilion Manor’s revenue stream comes from Springfield, which makes it highly unreliable. A business that can’t count on 75% of its revenue will not stay open very long. The amount of real estate taxes that may be levied to raise funds for the home is close to being maxed out, and the enormity of the nursing home’s budget makes it impractical to borrow from the county’s general fund. If

“Shall Vermilion County, Illinois be authorized to sell the county nursing home known as Vermilion Manor Nursing Home?”

the State doesn’t get things together quickly, selling Vermilion Manor may be the only option we have to keep it open. With around 40% of the state’s budget being Medicaid it is unlikely this will happen anytime soon. Private companies are better equipped to handle the situation at Vermilion Manor. They can spread risk over multiple entities, keeping the higher number of public aid patients while the state gets its act together. A private company also would have access to a legal team put together to deal with litigation that has become common place in the medical industry. A new owner would also be able to make the needed capital investments in the home to enhance the quality of life of the residents. Single entity, public owed health care facilities are becoming a thing of the past. Counties who haven’t been proactive in finding solutions have been faced with shutting down their facilities and displacing their residents. Vermilion Manor is a great facility. The staff and management have done their best under trying circumstances. Our county is proud, and should be, of our nursing home and the way we have taken care of our under privileged seniors. No one wants to

Vermilion County Farm Bureau Board of Directors supports a “Yes” vote on the Nursing Home referendum. We feel that this will give the County Board an alternative to be able to see that the nursing home stays open. If it becomes too costly for the county to run, the home could close. And that won’t help anyone, especially the current residents. Having the option to sell the home gives the County Board a way to see that the home continues to serve our citizens.

see Vermilion Manor closed or our seniors displaced. That is why we need a yes vote to pass the ballot referendum on the county nursing home. When faced with the circumstances we are, it may be the only option we have left. No one wants to contemplate the alternative. Mike Marron is a farmer from rural Fithian, and a member of the Vermilion County Board. He serves as chairman of the Vermilion County Farm Bureau Legislative & Local Affairs Committee.

Additional Races on the November 6 Ballot OFFICE DEMOCRAT REPUBLICAN U.S. President............................ Barack Obama....................... Mitt Romney 15th Congress........................... Angela Michael..................... John Shimkus Circuit Clerk................................. - No Candidate.................... Dennis R. Gardner State’s Attorney........................... - No Candidate...................... Randy Brinegar Auditor....................................Linda Lucas Anstey................... - No Candidate Coroner........................................ - No Candidate...................... Peggy Johnson

Vermilion County Board – Each District Elects Three

District #1................................... - No Candidate................ Garold “Gary” Weinard Christopher Leigh Todd A.Johnson District #3................................... - No Candidate ................... Charles D. Nesbitt W. David Stone Rick Knight District #8................................... Ivadale Foster....................... - No Candidate Daniel Walls Sr. Robert Boyd District #9.........................James “Mouse” McMahon............. - No Candidate Bruce Stark Larry Davis



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