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when you’re not interrupted. End digression.

FROM THE BACK PORCH by David Sadler, President Vermilion County Farm Bureau

Ever wonder what we did before modern communication equipment? Back in the day we started out with CB radios like a lot of people. They were new to farmers and brought us in touch with the outside world. We could talk to the semi drivers on the interstate, even report a crime or moving violation on the unofficial police channel. “ Breaker one nine. There’s a Smokey eastbound at 205.” We picked out our own channel and went with that for several years. But as technology improved, something new and better came along-VHF radios – or was it UHF, I always get those two mixed up. These new-fangled gadgets were fine for short distances but if you wanted to cover your operation well, you needed a repeater mounted on the tallest structure you could find because it all worked off of line-of-sight technology. This all involved an FCC license complete with training on proper usage etiquette, the whole nine yards. As long as they worked, they were great. Begin digression: Many of you knew my father, the WWII bombardier turned farmer turned lawyer. He graduated from UI law school at the ripe old age of 45. A fellow classmate and he were named co-presidents of their class because they were the shortest and the oldest. Even though Dad retired

from farming, he never retired from the farm. He always wanted to know what was going on, what we did each day and what we were going to do the next day. At a time when I was trying to make my way in the world going it alone, this constant ‘interference’ drove me bonkers. It was many years later that I finally understood what that dynamic was all about. It wasn’t about me but rather his just wanting to be kept in the loop. I had a reliable and trusted hired man and, with Linda’s help, we did well. We developed a series of signals for communicating and since we were always working in the same field together, things ran smoothly except when the radio would squawk, particularly on weekends. It was Dad calling about one thing or another. Sometimes I committed the most egregious of sins. I would simple turn the darn thing off. It was HEAVENLY to just be in the quiet, to not have any distractions, to not have to explain myself to anyone, to just sit there and calculate the value of pi in my head. All kinds of things are possible


Where was I? Oh, yeah. Anyway, the repeater radios were replaced by the “bag phone”. Remember those? Bulky by today’s standard but functional nonetheless. It plugged into your cigarette lighter (finally those things became useful for something). Little did we know what that bag phone would evolve into one day. Now we have cell phones, s o m e smaller than a pack of cigarettes, with screens big enough to watch movies on and all with a boatload of apps. Find a good Italian restaurant, scan a bar code or calculate the interest

payment on your next tractor purchase. I think there’s even an app for toilet paper. Communication is almost instantaneous IF the person on the other end would only answer instead of talking to someone else, getting the latest market report or checking their email. When that happens, frequently enough, you’re on your own pretty much like in the old days when there WAS no way to talk to anyone else. It’s nice to have ‘down’ time even when combining corn. Time to remember where life has taken you while contemplating your next move. Time to realize what your priorities are and in what order. Time to reflect on your dreams. You can do all kinds of things when you’re not interrupted. Even calculate the value of pi.

Calendar of Events November 6...................................Daylight Savings Time Ends November 11......................OFFICE CLOSED – Veterans’ Day

November 17.................................................Board of Directors

November 22......................... Illinois Commodities Conference

November 23 ................. Deadline for Annual Meeting Tickets Deadline to order Citrus/Nuts/Cheese November 24-25................ OFFICE CLOSED – Thanksgiving

November 29................................VCFB ANNUAL MEETING . & SILENT AUCTION December 3-6............................................IAA Annual Meeting

December 12................................ Citrus/Nuts/Cheese Delivery December 15.................................................Board of Directors

December 23-26............ OFFICE CLOSED – Merry Christmas January 2.......................OFFICE CLOSED – Happy New Year January 6-8 . ............................................ Illini Farm Toy Show January 8-11...........................................AFBF Annual Meeting

For further information on any of these activities, contact the Vermilion County Farm Bureau office at (217) 442-8713 or visit us on the web at BOOSTER

Vermilion Tops State in Membership Gains Vermilion County Farm Bureau wrapped up a successful membership year in August. The growth in membership numbers also garnered statewide recognition. Illinois is comprised of 96 county Farm Bureau organizations. Of these, 58 counties attained Voting Member goals and 14 attained Total Member objectives. Vermilion reached both targets and was one of only nine to attain Triple Honor County status, a recognition for recruiting and retention achievements. Vermilion also placed in

the Top 5 for both Voting and Total Member gains; finishing #1 in Voting and #3 in Total. 2011 Top 5 Voting Member Gains #1 – Vermilion (104.91%) #2 – Marion (103.31%) #3 – Hamilton (103.16%) #4 – Calhoun (102.40%) #5 – Greene (101.41%) 2011 Top 5 Total Member Gains #1 – Hamilton (103.99%) #2 – Whiteside (103.16%) #3 – Vermilion (102.62%) #4 – Peoria (102.47%) #5 – Rock Island (102.32%)

Members of the Vermilion County Farm Bureau Board of Directors celebrate the organization’s membership success at the September board meeting. Vermilion County finished the 2011 membership year #1 gain in Voting Members and #3 gain in Total Membership.

Special thanks to these Farm Bureau volunteers who signed new members through the year. 16 Members Steve Huls – tied for 2nd top recruiter in the state 4 Members Bruce Darr

1 Member Alan Chesnut Greg Cunningham Bryan Darr Chris Elliott Jon Fourez Steve Fourez Kevin Kemna Rick Kentner David Sadler Stewart Sheets

OFFICERS President................................David Sadler Vice-President........................ Mark Willard Secretary...................................Bruce Darr Treasurer...............................Dennis Smith

A lot of work went into achieving this year’s membership success. Affiliate Company employees, volunteers and Farm Bureau staff worked hand-in-hand to promote the benefits of Farm Bureau membership, made prospect contacts and worked to sign the new members.

STAFF Executive Director..................Kerry Wienke Director of Information...............Tom Fricke Office Secretary...................Nancy Duncan Ag Literacy Coordinator.......... Staci Walker

Giving to VCFB Foundation a Way to Support Agriculture

BOOSTER Published Bi-monthly by the VERMILION COUNTY FARM BUREAU Kerry Wienke, Editor 1905-C U.S. Route 150 Danville, Illinois 61832 Phone (217) 442-8713 OFFICE HOURS Monday–Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

DIRECTORS District 1 Garrett Douglass David Heckerson Mark Willard

Jon Fourez Rick James

District 2 Doug Cunningham Greg Cunningham Jarrod Dice

Kevin Kemna Steve Lane

District 3 Alan Chesnut Bryan Darr Dennis Smith

Bruce Darr Stewart Sheets

Periodical postage paid at Danville, IL Publication No. 061080 Postmaster - Send address changes to: Vermilion County Farm Bureau 1905-C U.S. Route 150 Danville, IL 61832 Subscription Price, $2.00 per year Display advertising - Apply for rates

7 Members Rick James 5 Members Garrett Douglass Dennis Smith Mark Willard

3 Members Steve Lane 2 Members Doug Cunningham David Heckerson

Those signing five or more will receive special recognition at the IAA Annual Meeting in December.

Vermilion County Farm Bureau continues to be a vehicle for members and others to show their support for agriculture in Vermilion County.

One of the biggest programs supported through the Vermilion County Farm Bureau Foundation is Ag in the Classroom. Reaching over 68% of the students in our county, Ag in the Classroom gives students information about where their food comes from and the work farmers and food processors do to provide that food. We are also available to facilitate scholarships. Currently, the Foundation administers the Andrews-Brumett Scholarship for a student attending Danville Area Community College. The activities of the Foundation are supported with donations from members, our Silent Auction held during the Vermilion County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting and the Barn Door Open golf outing.

New this year is the Acres for Agriculture Education – a grain program that allows farmers to give a portion of their crop yields as a charitable donation. The Foundation can also accept bequests from estates, memorial donations, and financial planning benefits. We hope that members would also consider a gift to the Foundation during their year-end tax planning. It’s important that those of us in agriculture promote ourselves by supporting the efforts of the Vermilion County Farm Bureau Foundation.

Sowing the seeds of agricultural education today for tomorrow.



Active Summer for Farm Bureau Young Leaders Local Member Wins Ag Excellence Award, Finalist in Achievement Award

Team Participates in Agri-Quiz Bowl

Alan Chesnut, Ridge Farm, was named the winner of the Illinois Farm Bureau’s Young Leaders Ag Excellence Award at this year’s Illinois State Fair. The Ag Excellence Award recognizes county Farm Bureau Young Leaders who may not be full-time farmers, or who derive a majority of their income from off-farm activities, for their efforts in agriculture and leadership achievement. Chesnut is a sixthgeneration farmer who grows corn and soybeans with his father, Morris, in the Ridge Farm area. He also owns a die-cast manufacturing company that provides detailed replicas of farm and specialty toys.

Alan Chestnut, winner of the IFB Young Leaders’ Ag Excellence Award, is shown following the ceremony with his wife Leesa, and sons (l to r) Colin, Gavin and Blake.

Chesnut will represent Illinois at the American Farm Bureau Ag Excellence competition in Honolulu, HI in January. He’ll also receive $1,000, an iPad, and an expensepaid trip to the GROWMARK annual meeting in Chicago.

Vermilion County Young Leaders once again had a team take part in the IFB Young Leaders Agri-Quiz Bowl at the Illinois State Fair. The scholastic bowl-like competition tests participants’ knowledge in a variety of farm categories, from livestock to crops, machinery to finances, and much more. The team of (l to r) Steve Huls, Alan Chesnut, Lynn Rohrscheib, and Steve Ludwig made it to the semi-final round before being eliminated after double-overtime. Achievement Award Steve and Dawn Huls were named finalists in the Young Leaders Achievement Award competition. The couple farm in the Fithian/Armstrong area, and Dawn teaches fifth grade at St. Joseph Middle School. Huls raises corn and soybeans. His custom hay business, that he started when he first got into farming, continues to grow. They’re also completing construction of an on-farm storage facility capable of holding 220,000 bushels of grain.

Young Leaders in Discussion Meet Four Vermilion County Farm Bureau Young Leaders were among the eight participants in the District 12 Discussion Meet in August. The Discussion Meet takes current farming or political topics and have participants discuss the issue and look at the possible impact on agriculture. Those from Vermilion County included, (clockwise from top left) Mike Marron, Alan Chesnut, Doug Kirk and Curt Elmore. Marron and Kirk are two of three that will advance to the state meet which will be held during the IAA Annual Meeting in December. 4

Congratulations to Chesnut and the Huls for their outstanding achievements and the recognition they receive through the IFB Young Leaders award competitions!

Dawn & Steve Huls were finalists in the IFB Young Leaders’ Achievement Award program. They’re shown with daughters Morgan and Madison. BOOSTER

FFA Alumni Selling Cookbook The Illinois FFA Alumni Association is happy to announce that they are currently selling their cookbook, “Feeding the Future.” “The cookbook is compiled of recipes from Illinois FFA members and alumni members from across the state of Illinois,” says Lynn Rohrscheib, of Fairmount, who is involved with the FFA Alumni Association.

“It’s filled with lots of great tasting recipes that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters,” Rohrscheib notes. “Also, with the holidays just around the corner, it will make a great Christmas present for the cook in your home.” The cookbook sells for $15. To purchase one, please send your name, address and a check for $15 to: Lynn Rohrscheib 11914 N 250 East Rd Fairmount IL 61841

Please write “Cookbook” on the memo line. You can also contact her at 217-369-1965 or email farmin_83@

Vermilion County Farm Bureau

93rd Annual Meeting & Silent Auction

TUESDAY, November 29, 2011 Beef House Banquet Center 6:00 pm – Registration & Silent Auction Come early and bid on many great items!

6:30 pm – Dinner

Enjoy the bountiful Beef House buffet.

7:30 pm – Business Meeting & Entertainment (All times IL Time)

Wabash College Glee Club

Rohrscheib adds that “proceeds from the cookbook will go towards scholarships for FFA members across the state, and for general expenses that are occurred during the year.”

Coming Soon ...

This group of men from all academic disciplines infuse dedication and spirit into their performances. The music brings joy and inspiration to the lives of its members and to the Wabash College community by “spreading the fame of her honored name.”

Farming “M” Members – $10 per ticket Associate “A” Members – $20 per ticket Reservation Deadline – Wednesday, November 23 Purchase tickets at the Farm Bureau office Proxy – Please return to Vermilion County Farm Bureau 2012 Vermilion County Plat Book Available mid-November

if you can’t attend the meeting.

I, _______________________________, the undersigned hereby designate the President of the Vermilion County Farm Bureau, or failing him the Secretary, to be my true and lawful proxy to vote at the Vermilion County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting on any matter as I could myself. Signed _______________________________________ Date ______________



Keep It for the Crop by 2025

New nutrient management program introduced It has long been known that farmers are among the best stewards of the land. Farmers’ livelihood depends on protecting water quality and reducing nutrient losses. Thanks to research, agriculture is constantly finding ways to enhance stewardship and best management practices. Recently the Illinois Council on Best Management Practices (CBMP), along with Illinois Farm Bureau and other agricultural groups, developed a new nutrient stewardship program entitled “Keep it for the Crop (KIC) by 2025.” It establishes goals for reducing nutrient losses from agriculture through adoption of the 4R’s of nutrient use: right source, right rate, right time, right place. KIC will include a strong educational component, unifying educational efforts within the ag community and providing answers and information through research efforts on the farm. Farmers will be encouraged to participate in watershed programs throughout the state. KIC acknowledges

that no two watersheds or farms are the same; they have different soil types, field slopes and other variables. This means that practices good for one area of the state may not be realistic or effective for another. As harvest progresses, what are the implications of KIC for fall? They go back to the 4R’s mentioned earlier: • Right time: Under the best scenario, fall nitrogen applications should be delayed until soil temperatures at the 4 inch depth reach 50 degrees. The KIC program recommends that a stabilizer be used for fall applications. • Right source: Soil testing will help determine which nutrient sources are needed in which fields.

Local watersheds initially in the KIC 2025 program include the Lake Vermilion watershed and the Salt Fork Vermilion River watershed.

• Right rate: Use a rate calculator to determine the economically optimal nitrogen rate at various corn and nitrogen prices. • Right place: Nitrogen is not recommended for application south of Illinois Route 16 – with or without an inhibitor – due to temperature considerations. It should also not be applied to soil that is prone to leaching. Questions about KIC may be directed to CBMP Coordinator Mike Plumer at (618) 3642219 or to Jean Payne, Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association at (309) 827-2774.

Farm Bureau Hosts FFA Tour at Dairy Farm Vermilion County Farm Bureau hosted its annual FFA Acquaintance program in September. The program involves the six Vermilion County FFA chapters bringing students on a tour of a Vermilion County ag facility. Participants learn about the operation and jobs in agriculture available in our county. This year’s tour was held at Ludwig Farmstead and Creamery near Oakwood. The tour included a trip through the milking parlor during milking time, and a visit to the creamery where the farm turns their milk into cheese. As a side note, gift boxes of Ludwig Farmstead Creamery cheese for the holidays can be ordered through Farm Bureau. See the order form on the back cover of this issue of the Booster. Left: Mandi, one of the herd managers, prepares one of the cows for milking during the FFA Acquaintance Program Tour at Ludwing Farmstead. Top Right: Cheese samples available in the creamery are enjoyed by a FFA student and new Georgetown – Ridge Farm FFA Advisor Justin Howard. 6


Farm Bureau Discount Program

PROCEDURE TO OBTAIN DISCOUNT: Simply show your paid up Vermilion County Farm Bureau Membership card at each visit at the time payment is required. Vermilion County Farm Bureau does not intend this as an endorsement of any of the professionals, businesses or products on which discounts have been obtained for our members and the Vermilion County Farm Bureau does not assume any liability for services rendered under this service. VERMILION COUNTY FARM BUREAU WILL CONSIDER REQUESTS FROM OTHER PROFESSIONALS AND BUSINESSES WHO MIGHT WISH TO PROVIDE DISCOUNTS TO OUR MEMBERS. FOR DETAILS PLEASE CALL 442-8713.

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Food Safety, Commodity Prices and Your Policy Farmers know that foodborne illnesses can impact commodity prices just as much as the weather can. During a recent E. coli outbreak, Germany blamed Spanish cucumbers for 50 deaths. Even though accusations were false, Spain suffered from a $200 million a week loss in vegetable exports. We’ve seen this impact in the U.S., too. During a 2006 E. coli outbreak in California, spinach caused an $11 million loss in sales for Texas farmers. These cases exemplify how export policies, consumer awareness, and commodity prices are intertwined with food safety measures. That’s why Illinois farmers have found it important to create Illinois Farm Bureau Policy #97 Food Safety. It reads in part:

– Food safety issues in the United States are becoming increasingly involved in foreign and domestic policy. It is important that the state and national Farm Bureaus continue to actively implement a communications strategy on food safety issues to provide accurate information to the media, to educate the public, and to raise public awareness of the actions farmers are taking to produce a plentiful, high quality supply of food at fair prices. We will monitor initiatives to

improve and streamline food safety to ensure that the policies and procedures are in place that build trust and reliability in U.S. agriculture. We support:

1. Measures to improve food inspection and safety through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Inspection Service to assure consumers of a safe food supply. These measures should reinforce consumer confidence while being cost effective. 2. Protection of our food supply by requiring that imported food products be subjected to the same high safety standards and testing as food produced in the United States. 3. Consumer education through labeling regarding safe cooking and storage procedures.

During an outbreak, the uncertainty about which foods are contaminated add to the negative impact of the situation. Illinois Farm Bureau members strive to combat confusion about their roles in food safety by creating this policy. To read the entire policy, visit


Notice is hereby given that the regular meeting of the members of the Vermilion County Farm Bureau will be held at the Beef House Banquet Center, corner of Indiana 63 and Interstate 74, Covington, IN on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 beginning with dinner at 6:30 p.m. CST for the purpose of considering and acting upon reports of the Board of Directors and Officers for the preceding year; for the election of directors to serve a term of three years from District I (elect 2), District II (elect 1) and District III (elect 2); and for the transaction of such other business as may come before the meeting. Vermilion County Farm Bureau By: Bruce Darr, Secretary

Dated: October 20, 2011

FDA Questions & Answers: Apple Juice and Arsenic What is arsenic? Arsenic is present in the environment as a naturally occurring substance or as a result of contamination from human activity. It is found in water, air, food and soil in organic and inorganic forms. There are two types of arsenic: organic and inorganic. Inorganic forms of arsenic are the harmful forms, while the organic forms of arsenic are essentially harmless. Because both forms of arsenic have been found in soil and ground water, small amounts may be found in certain food and beverage products, including fruit juices and juice concentrates. Is one type of arsenic more harmful than the other? Yes. The inorganic forms of arsenic are the harmful forms, while the organic forms of arsenic are essentially harmless. Are apple and other fruit juices safe to drink? Yes. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been testing for arsenic in apple juice and other fruit juices for several years as part of FDA programs that look for harmful substances in food. There is currently no evidence to suggest a public health risk from fruit juices, including apple juice. Does organic apple juice have less arsenic than non-organic apple juice? The FDA is unaware of any data that shows that organic juice tends to have less arsenic than non-organic apple juice. Even organic apples come from trees that grow in soil that may contain arsenic. The FDA is not aware of any data on arsenic in organic juice vs. non-organic juice. Does the FDA have a response to the information recently reported on the Dr. Oz Show? The FDA is aware of the episode of the Dr. Oz Show that aired on September 14, 2011, where test results for arsenic in apple juice were discussed. The FDA has reviewed the test results performed by EMSL Analytical, Inc., on behalf of the Dr. Oz Show, and we can confirm that the results that were revealed are for total arsenic. The results do not distinguish between the essentially harmless organic forms of arsenic and the harmful inorganic forms of arsenic. Therefore, these results cannot be used to determine whether there is an unsafe amount of arsenic in the juice tested by the Dr. Oz Show. Did the FDA test any of the samples tested by the Dr. Oz Show? On September 10-11, 2011, the FDA completed laboratory analysis of the same lot of Gerber apple juice that was tested by the Dr. Oz. Show, as well as several other lots produced in the same facility. The FDA’s testing detected very low levels of total arsenic in all samples tested. These new results were consistent with the FDA’s results obtained in the FDA’s routine monitoring program and are well below the results reported by the Dr. Oz Show. The FDA has concluded that the very low levels detected during our analysis are not a public health risk and the juice products are safe for consumption. Where can I go to get more information?



New Website Celebrates America’s Century Farms

A lot can change in a hundred years. For a farmer, crop prices go up and down. So do land values. Technology makes farm work a little easier or more efficient, but it tends to be hitched to higher farming costs. Hundred-year floods can wipe out in a day or two what a farm family has built up over generations. Historical droughts can do the same, just over a longer time. Looking back across the decades, such milestones stand out and, within the context of America’s broad history, can take on even greater significance than they had when they happened. Also, with all the changes and challenges that farmers face, sticking it out for a century or more is really something worth celebrating. That’s why the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture has launched “Agriculture’s Lasting Heritage,” a website to celebrate Century Farms – those that the same family has farmed continuously for more than 100 years.

The website also focuses on farmers’ sustainability, from the perspective of both conserving natural resources and managing the farm in a way that ensures it can prosper and be passed down

from one generation to the next.

“Farms that have been in the same family and supporting family members and local communities for generations stand as testament to the true sustainable character of American agriculture today,” said American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman, who is also president of the Foundation. “Farmers, by nature, are always committed to leaving the land in better condition for the next generation. We are proud to help raise awareness of that through this new website.” “Agriculture’s Lasting Heritage” features an interactive map that visitors can click on to see written and video profiles on farm families who operate Century Farms around the country. The profiled farmers clearly enjoy talking about the changes they’ve seen, whether it’s world wars, good times and bad times, the old homeplace or barn that has been lost to time or the increasing use of computers and GPS on the farm.

in the words of the matriarch of McGlone Family Farm in Grayson, Ky., that children who grow up on farms just know what life is about.

Curt Norton runs a Century Farm dairy in upstate New York with his extended family. Curt talks about the grit and determination it takes to keep a farm going, the “not giving up when a lot of other people would.” The website also features an “American history and agriculture” tab that takes visitors to a timeline of major developments in agriculture, such as the 1858 invention of the Mason jar for home canning, the formation of the American Farm Bureau Federation in 1919 and agriculture’s own industrial revolution from the invention of the cotton gin to today’s modern technologies such biotech and GPS. The time-

line ties in to American history educational standards that teachers and students need to meet.

There are lesson plans and other free educator resources on the site that can be used to teach students about the progress in agriculture and associated changes in American culture and history.

Tell Your Century Farm Story… Farm Bureau invites Century Farm families to submit their own profiles for the “Agriculture’s Lasting Heritage” website. Century Farm operators should visit, click “Profiles” and then click “Submit your own profile.” Then just answer a few short questions and perhaps even uploading news articles or

photos of your farms.

They seem to equally enjoy talking about the things that haven’t changed – the pride of carrying on what another generation started, the joy of seeing “Mother Nature at work” and,

Members Have a “Peachy” Summer Farm Bureau members once again ordered more than 200 boxes of fresh peaches that were delivered from Rendleman Orchards in southern Illinois. Board members helping unload the truck included (l to r) Greg Cunningham (in truck) Steve Lane, Bruce Darr and Mark Willard. Members can now order fresh Florida citrus that will be delivered December 12. See the back cover for an order form.



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