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March March 2011: Welcome Hello all,

One of my aims in setting up the Vice City Explorer was to highlight the diversity that we enjoy in VC:MP, which is often missed by those that are just passing by, or viewing us from afar. So on that note, this one has no set theme and is a bit of a mixture.

Included in this issue is a personal interview with an Argonath veteran, a high profile robbery, and some examples of the weird and wonderful businesses/services that exist in Vice.

The very best, Legend

With special thanks to: [TCL]Dexter The VC:MP Community As ever, a huge call out goes to all those that support and encourage the VCE project!

Š 2011 Vice City Explorer

March VCPD: Two men requested a First Information Report (FIR) from the police station in Washington Beach, early morning, following a possible robbery. Detectives from the Vice City Investigation Department (VCID) were rushed to the location—the popular Ocean View hotel, a common area for holidaymakers. It is believed that on arriving at the scene, the detectives conducted a number of searches and checks. During this time, little to no information reached from within the building, which had soon been closed and put under tight lock from both police and private security personnel. Inside sources suggest that the police stayed at the location for extended periods of time, and many vehicles as well as people were seen going to and from the hotel. It is thought that the robbery was carried out in the early hours of the morning, but there seems to be little tell-tale signs of any damage being caused to property. Only a number of security devices were found to be dysfunctional following the robbery. The owner, SpiralRock, and members of staff at the hotel have been aiding the police in the investigation, although the current progress is not known. A spokesperson hinted that the police were working on a number of confirmed leads, and the culprit(s) may already have been brought into custody. A very large sum of money was said to have been stolen—estimations reaching into the millions. In more recent days, the ownership as well as management of the hotel has changed.

Still have no idea what ‘B00n’ is or what ‘Trolololol’ means? Look it up on the official Argonath Dictionary! © 2011 Vice City Explorer

Interview: Dexter


The Vice City Explorer catches up with an Argonath veteran, better known by some as one of the founders of The Crimson Legacy and of course, as an ex-Manager of VC:MP.

[Editor’s Note] Here’s the first ‘official’ interview, aside to general snippets. Argonath has become pretty vast over the years, and I thought it would be important to gather personal viewpoints from a variety of individuals that have contributed in one way or another to the community. As far as these articles are going - as we are working back to cover past months of 2011 - this is quite appropriate. A special thanks goes out to Dexter. Enjoy. :) - Legend

Legend: What brought you to Argonath and more so, VC:MP? Where did it all begin for you? Dexter: Well I have been huge fan of GTA games for many years and I was once wondering if there is any multiplayer option for it. And I heard from my nephew that there is actually. I quickly started to look for it and found out VCMP. I installed game and VCMP client and started to check on servers. I saw a lot DM servers and after playing like few mins in those I came to result that I dislike DM servers in this type of game. There is war games for that so go there to kill others thank you, was what I thought. Then I think first RP server what I tried was Argonath. And I simply loved it. From that moment I started to play there mostly. This was back in March 2008.

L: How did you end up as one of the Argonath RPG Managers, and did you have any particular goals/ aims that you wanted to accomplish? D: Well as I started to play in VCMP I realized that I might do good job as admin. Not long when I got my chance as moderator. Server managers back then were !ceboy and Mex. I started to work on my vision how this server should be. Place for roleplaying with good players and atmosphere. Hacker free server. Impossible goal as there will always be hackers but doing it atleast as free from them as possible. In somepoint Klaus and solidje got promoted to managers and not long after I did too. L: What was your highlight(s) of your time with the community? D: There is so many of those that I can't even remember them all :) But well in someones eyes I could say that my highest position was when I was part of Rstar and VCMP manager. And that time I was MTA SA admin too. That would be highlight if looking for power. For roleplay experiences my highlights would be mine two and half wives ingame :D © 2011 Vice City Explorer

Interview: Dexter


L: Would you say a lot has changed over the time? How different is the server now to what it had been a few years ago? D: Well of course times changes and people with it. When I started I was whole different person myself too. I do feel different about VCMP server nowadays and I think it's not a secret what I think about it now. I do not like the way it was going just before I left my position as VCMP manager. I tried to make a difference but as I thought that owners were not looking for the situation I did walk away. Still hoping that there would be change on some people’s attitudes as I know that they can be good on what they do.

L: Did you ever run into trouble in your time at Argonath? :P D: Well in my first days in Argonath I was actually money cheating :) Somehow I managed to avoid ban for it but they did caught me doing that. After that I have not been rulebreaking at all. L: For you, what’s one thing that defines VC:MP as a whole?

L: Some people have been wondering; what significance does the name ‘Dexter’ have for you?

D: Size. That's definitely the thing what makes it whole. There is not that much players which means that everyone knows eachother there. Regulars who stays there and those who gives warm welcome to new players.

D: Well I started with name Deadline. Guess I do like killing but I have always been upto hitman kind of killing. Planning my kills carefully. And name Dexter came from this tv show about serial killer cop from Miami. I thought it fits more than good in Vice City which pretty much looks like Miami. That with my twisted mind of roleplaying is the reason why I chose name Dexter.

L: Aside from the VC:MP community, have you taken part in any other areas of Argonath?

D: Many areas actually. I have been moderator in MTA VC and SAMP. Admin in MTA SA and IVMP. Also worked as Judge in Vice City law system. Been leader of few clans and part of few families too. In the end I realized I was taking part of bit too many jobs so that is why I have been inactive time to times. Now I have come back as IVMP moderator and my focus will be there in future. IVMP reminds me somehow about VCMP so obviously I like to be there :) L: Oh, and would you ever consider returning in the future? D: Well I am still around Argonath. Mostly in IVMP nowdays but I do have VCMP installed also. To be honest I do not see myself coming back to VCMP as I used to be but sure thing I will show my face there time to times. Can't just leave it all behind. After all it is where I started. Like those who played in MTA VC back in 2007 are proud of being MTA VC originals, I am proud to be original VCMP player :)

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