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January January 2011: Welcome Hello all,

Welcome to the first issue of the Vice City Explorer - a new community project, reporting on news and activities from the Argonath RPG VC:MP server. Being the first instalment of the project, here’s a taster of what it is all about. Feel free to read at your own leisure, and I hope it is interesting for both server regulars and perhaps even those that are not VC:MP players at all. You can use the links provided at the bottom to visit one of the other areas related to this project.

Enjoy reading!

Regards, Legend

With special thanks to: *TCL+DellStorm, Gandalf/*Rstar+Ronnel, *EAF+Klaus, SugarD, Frodo/*Rstar+Tai

Also, a callout goes to BlackEagle and the old Vice City News (VCN) team for their previous work.

Š 2011 Vice City Explorer


Live video—courtesy of Klaus

With the passing of another year and the beginning of a new one, Argonath’s residents were treated to a special fireworks display, set up by VC:MP’s Scripter *VU+aXXo. The main part of the display and event took place at the Fort Baxter Air Base military compound, which had been redecorated for the celebrations. As the server time marked midnight, welcoming the 1st of January 2011, attendees were witness to an extraordinary spectacle of flames, explosions and flying bikes soaring through the city night. Regulars and guests were equally astonished, as they watched the sky burst into flames with the arrival of 2011. Following the display, which lasted several minutes, other smaller events took place, including a LMS (last man standing). A truly great way to begin the new year!

Catch a glimpse of the testing that took place beforehand!

- Special thanks to aXXo

© 2011 Vice City Explorer

Argonath RPG


The voting/nominations period for the 2010 Argonath Oscar Awards has begun! Recently, GiacJr announced the 2010 nominating procedure, along with the year’s categories and guidelines, to apply all across Argonath RPG.

As in previous years, players have the opportunity to vote for individuals in each of Argonath’s major

A collection of Argonath RPG awards

communities, although a number of categories have been newly added and others adjusted to fall in line with new procedures. This time round, VC:MP’s range extends from the yearly Administration awards to the Miscellaneous, including ‘The Best Stunter’ and ‘The Best Medic’ awards. The voting shall last for a number of weeks.

Vote now!

© 2011 Vice City Explorer

January During the past few weeks, it has been noticed that Vice City has been facing uneven patterns of weather, unlike what forecasts have been indicating. At certain times in the day, as well as night, it has been reported that the general weather seems to change without warning, and spontaneously in some cases. Citizens have picked up that the weather changes occur abruptly, and the majority of the spells are not long lasting - lifting within a matter of minutes. The “odd” weather, while unlike any experienced in Vice in recent years, seems to lack any form of consistency, and it has been suggested that it is merely a physical change, rather than anything of concern. These patterns also seem to take up different forms, and meteorologists are still carrying out research to determine the cause. - Dexter

No additional long term effects have been noticed, although fishermen reported that some marine animals, such as dolphins were acting “rowdily”. Over the last few days, these weather changes seem to be subsiding, however the Vice City scientific offices have issued several weather warnings, as well as transport cautions. Some have suggested that this could be caused by the extravagant new year’s celebrations earlier this month, while others believe these could have some kind of extra-terrestrial link. © 2011 Vice City Explorer

Swirls of black descent upon the city

Clan/Group/Family HQ Map

- Clan

- Group (Including Gang, Criminal Organisation)

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- Family

January 2011  

VCE's first instalment

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