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Volume 18 Issue 1 April 30, 2019 A message from the Director, Bette Heins “I cannot thank you and the Hollis Institute enough for this amazing opportunity to attend the Ron Clark Academy! I walked in and it took my breath away—I left with a full heart and mind. There truly aren’t enough words to articulate my gratitude! I am so inspired and I have so many wonderful ideas to share with my school! I’m so excited to be part of the “revolution” in education!” Nicole Grebosz Citrus Grove Elementary Volusia County Teacher of the Year 2019

Nina B. Hollis Institute for Educational Reform Steering Council

Nina B. Hollis Institute for Education Reform Newsletter It has been another amazing year for the Nina B. Hollis Institute for Educational Reform. Presently we have seven impact awards, which include two previous awards: the Hollis Leadership Center and the Community Education Project. Both of these previous awards will conclude this year. The Leadership Center is now self-sustaining in large part due to the Restorative Practices professional development provided by colleagues; CEP becomes our first impact awardee who has received outside external funding through the Laughing Gull Foundation. There are five new project initiatives: McGinnis Garden Project, Instruments of Healing, foster care/law school project, Stetson Ethics Education Development, and a cybersecurity pre-college computer technology camp. We are especially pleased by the diversity of these projects and that they span all Stetson University colleges. Our school partnerships continue to thrive. Blue Lake Elementary has embraced strategies from the Ron Clark Academy, Citrus Grove continues to support our preservice students, and Woodward Elementary remains our star for single-gender pedagogy. We could not have educational reform without our schools and their commitment to our programs. We are also honored to support the Volusia County Teacher of the Year with a trip to the Ron Clark Academy. Many report it is transformative. The Voices of Reform journal published its first issue last fall with both an on-line and print copy. The journal has been well-received and reflects the hard work of the editor, Dr. Lou Sabina, and the journal board. To close out our year, the Hollis Leadership Center will host the first annual symposium on “Security and Safety” in our schools. This event is targeted to school leaders and will feature Supreme Court Justice James C. Perry, Dr. Glen Epley and Attorney Mercy Roberg. We expect this annual event to be especially well-attended due to the culture and climate in schools across our nation.

Executive Committee Members Elizabeth Heins, Ph.D., Nina B. Hollis Endowed Chair, Education Department Christopher Colwell, Ed.D., Chair of the Education Department Leila F. Roach, Ph.D., Chair, Counseling Department Steering Council Camille Tessitore King, Ph.D., College of Arts and Sciences, Psychology Department Jason Palmer, J.D., College of Law Douglas Phillips, D.M.A, School of Music Kathy Jo Piechura-Couture, Ph.D., Education Department Rajni Shankar-Brown, Ph.D., Jessie Ball DuPont Chair of Social Justice Education, Education Department Mercedes Tichenor, Ed.D., Education Department John Tichenor, Ph.D., School of Business Debra Touchton, Ph.D., Education Department


Voices of Reform

Voices of Reform: Educational Research to Inform and Reform On Oct. 1, 2018, the Nina B. Hollis Institute, in conjunction with the Department of Education at Stetson University, launched the inaugural Issue of Voices of Reform: Educational Research to Inform and Reform. This first issue featured seven articles from education scholars and practitioners across the United States, discussing topics such as teacher recruitment in rural schools, leadership mentoring, international outreach, and policy implications for shifting demographics. Since its launch, articles in the journal have been downloaded over 1500 times, and articles are currently being submitted for the next issue. Advertising for the journal has taken place at both state-level and national conferences, with additional marketing and promotion planned in the next three months. Editor-in-Chief Dr. Lou Sabina, faculty at Stetson University, is currently soliciting submissions for Issue #2, with a projected launch in late Summer/early Fall 2019. The next issue is not themed to a specific topic, and all articles relating to educational reform will be considered for submission. All submissions go through a double-blind peer review process. If you are interested in contributing, please contact Lou at for additional information.

Leadership Center

First Annual Leadership Symposium On June 17, 2019, the Stetson University Nina B. Hollis Institute for Educational Reform will host its first annual Leadership Symposium. This year’s topic Safety, Security, and the Law in Today’s Schools is being held for superintendents, district and school-based educational leaders from Flagler, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Volusia counties. The purpose of the symposium is to engage in dialog about safety and the legal implications facing schools. The inaugural Symposium will feature The Honorable James E. C. Perry who will address “Search and Seizure.” Justice Perry was appointed as the 85th Justice to the Florida Supreme Court by Governor Charlie Crist and took office there on March 11, 2009. He The Honorable was the first African-American appointed to the Eighteenth Judicial James E. C. Perry Circuit. Before his appointment, he served as a Circuit judge of Florida's Eighteenth Judicial Circuit upon his appointment by Governor Jeb Bush. Justice Perry retired from the Florida Supreme Court on December 30, 2016. In addition, speakers will include Stetson University Professor, Dr. B. Glen Epley. Dr. Epley’s presentation “Reaching Beyond the Schoolhouse Gate: Legal Implications of School Regulation of Off-Campus Social Media” will address the legal repercussions of school leaders’ actions or inactions when students engage in inappropriate social media expression away from school. As an active working Attorney at Law, Mercy Roberg is also the Director of the Office of Professional Education at Stetson University College of Law. Attorney Roberg’s topic “Guns on Campus: Are they Helping or Hurting” is certainly an alternative schools are considering. All three speakers come with a plethora of knowledge on these topics that appear in the media every day. This symposium with give participants an opportunity to ask questions they face all too often during a question and answer session with each speaker following the general session.


Professional Development Schools PDS Update

Blue Lake Elementary 282 N. Blue Lake Avenue, DeLand Stetson University is a proud professional development school partner with Blue Lake Elementary students, teachers, and staff as they implement exciting new practices to build their positive school culture! Blue Lake is proud to share that 100% of their staff have had the opportunity to attend the Ron Clark Academy training along with Stetson Hollis team members! Celebrating the exciting things happening at school is key to the positive atmosphere on campus! Every student belongs to a house, a special school family, and they compete against each other to earn the most points, and then be recognized as the pride of the school! Staff and students recently celebrated the house of Conquistar at the Third Quarter House Winner Parade for having the most points during the third quarter. Students, teachers and staff in the house of Conquistar are the focus of the parade while the rest of the BLE family cheer them on for their victory! House flags then fly proudly with Conquistar at the top of the flag pole in first place, Soberba in second, Fidelta in third, and Crede in fourth. The suspense is building to see who will be the top house winner for our final fourth quarter! Celebrating the outstanding work of the teachers and staff as well as the students is also key to the positive school culture you want to be a part of when you visit the campus! Photos show the enthusiasm of the teachers on full display as they hosted a Ron Clark Recharge Celebration with strobe lights, drums, and music!

Ron Clark Academy techniques in action. Faculty House Celebration

Citrus Grove Elementary 729 Hazen Road, DeLand Citrus Grove Elementary hosted Family Science Night, Tuesday, March 12th. This event would not have been possible without Stetson University students from Dr. Duvall's class. During this annual event, Citrus Grove has been blessed to partner with Stetson University and the Museum of Arts and Sciences to provide a night of family fun and inquiry, all centered around science. The cafeteria has a huge planetarium and several hands on activities for students to participate. All education students are assigned an experiment, lab or activity, who are then trained by the Museum of Arts and Sciences on how to use the experiment with students. At this event, future educators are able to learn the importance of providing these types of educational opportunities for students and families. In addition, kindergarten -5th grade class projects are on display

4 so families can learn about the different science experiences children are having while at The Grove. At the end of the evening, all of our Stetson students who volunteered were invited to go inside the Planetarium exhibit and enjoy some science firsthand as a thank you for all of their hard work. We could not have done this event without the assistance of Dr. Duvall, Stetson University and her students. We look forward to continued partnerships in the future.

Woodward Avenue Elementary 1201 South Woodward Avenue, DeLand Woodward Avenue Elementary collaborates with Stetson University to improve instructional practices using researched-based strategies to support students’ learning styles while building relationships and a love for reading. After collaborative discussions with Principal Carlos Scott, training opportunities for Woodward’s faculty were identified. In Spring 2018, Stetson professors Drs. Kathy Piechura-Couture, Mercedes Tichenor, Bette Heins, and Ms. Barbara Head facilitated a single gender open discussion with K-3 teachers to share current research and common strategies to use when teaching single gender students. Dr. PiechuraPrincipal Carlos Scott during girls reading Couture followed this session by facilitating a single-gender training for interested Woodward teachers prior to scheduled pre-planning. Teachers learned the importance of differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all children. Teachers shared strategies learned with their colleagues resulting in a request for more training for all teachers. Dr. Piechura-Couture agreed and facilitated three Single-Gender Strategies for all student trainings during Early Release Professional Learning days at Woodward. A love for reading is the focus of weekly Lunch Bunch meetings with students. Stetson students continue to read with Woodward students on Wednesday to promote reading for fun. This form of mentorship has helped to foster relationships with students while providing designated time for students to do what they love. Woodward’s faculty, students, and administrators are grateful for Stetson’s contributions this school year.

DaVinci and DaVinci Club Jr. By: Weston W. Millett

DaVinci Club is a very enjoyable and educational club that encourages us to read more. The club is centered on doing projects about books that we are reading currently. Projects can be anything from a Model Magic sculpture of an object in a fictional book, to a PowerPoint based on a non-fictional book. Really, we can do whatever we imagine, as long as the idea is realistic with our materials. Working on projects is very engaging and we are provided with all the help we need to complete our projects because teachers/ volunteers are evenly distributed among our three rooms. Before we can start our projects, we must do a project proposal for approval. We write what we want our project to be, the materials we need to make it, and the time it should take us to complete it on the sheet of paper. When we are finished with the project, we go back to the proposal sheet and reflect on what was hard and what our favorite part of the project was. I enjoy DaVinci Club because it encourages creativity along with literature and education. Many educators try to make kids tolerate learning in different ways, but as an elementary school student, I can conclude most of these tactics don’t end up working. However, I can honestly say, that DaVinci Club is the best learning experience I have ever been a part of.


Community Education Project

In 2015, Stetson professors created the Community Education Project (CEP), a higher education in prison program operating in the Tomoka Correctional Institution located in Daytona, Florida. In 2018, the Laughing Gull Foundation awarded CEP a $210,000 grant. The award has been utilized to create a computer lab at Tomoka CI, hire a part time on-site coordinator, and offer credit-bearing courses. CEP students took their first credit-bearing course, “U.S. History since 1877” with Dr. Andy Eisen in Fall 2018. They are currently enrolled in a credit-bearing course, “Approaches to World Cultural Studies” with Dr. Pamela Cappas-Toro. This summer Dr. Sarah Cramer will teach “Introduction to Food Studies”. In total, more than 35 Stetson University faculty and staff members have taught a course, workshop, or given a guest lecture at the prison. CEP has also had a number of wonderful undergraduate students support the project as interns this past year, including: Estefany Arenas, Colin Barnes, Mira Saad, and Matt Brogan. In addition to their coursework, CEP students have been developing their scholarship thanks to the generosity of the Nina B. Hollis Institute for Educational Reform. In January 2018, students began working with Dr. Eisen on a public history project concerning local histories of slavery and Indian removal in East Florida. Two students will be publishing their first piece in Process, the blog of the Journal of American History. Dr. Cappas-Toro is also currently working with two students on a publication that has been accepted for the Modern Language Association on co-teaching Spanish in prison. In Spring 2019, CEP co-directors will share CEP students’ emerging scholarship at a keynote address for the Colloquium on Teaching and Learning Innovation. Conference attendees will have an opportunity to learn more about CEP students’ work that has been supported over the past two years by the Nina B. Hollis Institute for Educational Reform.

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Nina B. Hollis Institute for Education Newsletter  

Volume 18, Issue 1

Nina B. Hollis Institute for Education Newsletter  

Volume 18, Issue 1