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Our Innovation Management Framework facilitates and builds an innovation culture leading to the creation of new knowledge and the implementation of resulting intelligent ideas while involving the stakeholders.

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Innovation is essential •  Competition, innovative leadership and consumers’ increasing demands are

some of the challenges facing business today •  Innovation culture induces curiosity, open mindedness, collaboration, trust, agility and a unifying sense of purpose in a company •  It is essential to adapt to the rapid technological change and ‘invent for the future’ in order to achieve business growth and success •  Inventing for the future requires creative ”out of the box thinking”. Using this approach to develop and implement new ideas ensures business innovation to maintain growth and competitiveness. “Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” (Theodore Levitt)

Our proven Innovation Management Framework will enable your organization to create the conditions and infrastructure for innovation.

BluChip - Innovation Management - 1.40



Is innovation part of your business plan?

How much expected revenue will be generated specifically from innovation next year?

How many new products and services were launched during the last two years?

How many resources (people, time, money, etc.) are allocated for innovation today?

BluChip - Innovation Management - 1.40



What is your innovation targets? Innovation Types

Innovation Benefits

•  Product Innovations

  Increase turnover & market share   Maintain product continuity & customer aspiration   Ensure business continuity

•  Operational Innovations

  Optimize processes & reduce costs   Increase productivity   Increase quality & security

•  Social Innovations

  Attract competent employees   Share innovation culture & values with employees   Demonstrate a sense of social responsibility and organization unity

BluChip - Innovation Management - 1.40



Innovation must be driven and organized Classical approach to innovation New and innovative ideas are randomly collected from isolated areas of the business and sometime rarely pursued.

Our approach to innovation We apply a holistic innovation management approach and systematically identify, pursue and implement innovations.


your company Marketing





BluChip - Innovation Management - 1.40



Our Innovation Management Framework idea – innovation circle™ A proven methodology to develop, implement and manage ideas & innovations

idea – innovation toolkit™ Templates for mapping the innovation management processes including tools for documentations, ownership, cost, security, analysis, etc.

idea – innovation platform™ A platform to scout, collect, evaluate and manage ideas & innovations (search, discover, select, resource)

BluChip - Innovation Management - 1.40



idea – innovation circle TM Driven by peopleà a continuing cycle of structured business processes initiate

i assess


develop people




BluChip - Innovation Management - 1.40



idea – innovation circle TM

i d e a

initiate define innovation strategy

define governance

define innovation goals & objectives

define innovation roadmap

develop innovation „cockpit“

develop concept to foster climate for innovation

develop communication strategy & plan

deploy innovation management

evaluate ideas

develop & test ideas

implement & commercialize ideas/innovations

protect /patent innovations

assess implemented ideas/innovations

Plan for the next improvement

assess innovation strategy

develop develop processes, tools & templates

execute collect ideas

assess assess innovation management

BluChip - Innovation Management - 1.40



idea – innovation toolkit TM

BluChip - Innovation Management - 1.40



idea – innovation platformTM

BluChip - Innovation Management - 1.40



Why BluChip? We have developed a complete Innovation Management Framework to ensure the successful implementation of a new product, service or process. Our portfolio includes:

•  A set of templates for process mapping, management, •  • 

documentations & tools A platform to support the framework BluChip collaborative community of experienced professionals

BluChip - Innovation Management - 1.40



Experience is our value proposition Who we are

•  a global network of experienced associated partners What we do

•  We match customer demand and independent qualified professionals. •  Our expertise spans the following competence areas: •  Innovation Management •  Project- & Interimsmanagement •  Business Development What we offer

•  More than 1’000 years of practical experience and innovative power •  Entrepreneurial personalities perfectly skilled to match your demand •  Fast and efficient access to our global network of qualified professionals

BluChip - Innovation Management - 1.40



Identify your innovation capacity We invite you for an introductory workshop for your management team:

Introduction of the Innovation Management Framework™ Discussion of case studies of past projects Definition of your innovation priorities and targets Assessment of your current innovation plan High Level design for your “Innovation Roadmap”

We offer

         

Your Investment

  3 hours

Your benefits

       

BluChip - Innovation Management - 1.40

Hands-on experience of the Innovation Management Framework Proof of concept Definition of your company “Innovation Roadmap” Understand the necessity for an end-to-end model to make innovation intentional, disciplined, repeatable and reliable.



“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.� Thomas Edison, inventor (1847-1931)

BluChip - Innovation Management - 1.40



Contacts BluChip Switzerland

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BluChip Asia-Pacific Ltd liab. Co Block 49, Kim Pong Road #02-47 160049 Singapore


+41 55 410 61 21



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BluChip - Innovation Management - 1.40



idea – innovation circle™ (English) - 1.40  

idea – innovation circle™ (English) - 1.40

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